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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  August 14, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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we like to get wet. >> a heat advisory is in effect but some welcome the warmer weather. >> i don't mind it. i don't but i like it to be hot instead of cold. >> don't let the claps and smiles full you. >> let me say the rest of the world is in recession. they are in very bad shape and that does impact us . >> the dow dies. what is behind the worries on wall street and whether it will impact your bottom line. from ktvu news, this is the four. we begin this afternoon with breaking news. in philadelphia, 6 officers have been shot in a confrontation with possibly two gunmen. the shots broke out around 1:30 this afternoon. this was near temple university at a house where police were trying to serve a search warrant. authorities say at least two officers were trapped inside that home . >> sadly, one officer is in critical condition, shot in the head, we are told.
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5 other officers are being treated for less serious injuries. the university alerted the community telling people to avoid the area well a lockdown was in effect at the schools health sciences campus. we are working to get more information and will have more at the bottom of the hour. switching to the heat advisory across the bay area. welcome to the four on 2. >> people in the bay area working to beat the heat pick we will get right to it and bring in meteorologist, mark tamayo with some of the scorching temperatures today . >> inland spots of above 100 degrees and temperatures soaring across the mid-portions of the bay area. a heat advisory is in place and also spare the air alert once again. the heat advisories and in place for that north bay inland east bay and santa clara valley and the spare the air alert is extended into the thursday forecast. look at some of the preliminary numbers throughout the day, some of the unofficial highs,
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livermore, 102, walnut creek, 102, santa rosa, 100. this is not a heat event for the entire bay area. it is warm. san francisco, 83 and look at half moon bay, that looks pleasant, 72 so we went from 72 to 102 degrees. excessive heat warnings toward clear lake around lake county toward the fairfield area. heat advisory is a mention for areas closer to the east bay, north bay, santa clara valley. that is in place until 8 pm on thursday. taking a live look outside right now, live camera looking toward san francisco in the bay . a bit of some haze and sentences go warming up into the 80s this afternoon. as you can see in the satellite, we have some fought primarily to the south of the bay area. this bears watching as we head into tomorrow because that could impact the coastal temperatures and even some of the bayside communities for thursday. it is not only heat in the bay area, as you would expect to the north, for ukiah, reading, 106 degrees, sacramento, 100. checking out here, the satellite and we still have mostly clear skies out there for wednesday afternoon. current numbers, look at all the triple digits right now,
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105 and fairfield, 101 in walnut creek, livermore, 103, san jose has warmed up to 97. san francisco at last observation was closer to 81 or 82 so still warm in san francisco. just giving you an idea, a snapshot for concord with hazy sunshine, a heat advisory and the timeline, even by 10 am tomorrow, concord could be approaching the lower 80s on track to reach temperatures up above 100 degrees by tomorrow afternoon. another hot forecast for your thursday. then we will bring in some cooling, some welcome cooling by the weekend. we will have more on that coming up in a little bit. as mark was mentioning, some of the hottest areas today are in fact in the east bay . >> tran wants tom baker is live in the elements in antioch with much more. >> we are in eastern contra costa county which should which traditionally is very warm. today, antioch turned out to be one of the hottest of all the hotspots.
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>> morning forecasts had folks in antioch looking at 105 degrees heat by late afternoon. even in the normally windy montezuma hills just across the river, today's hot and virtually windless conditions left the giant wind turbines mostly motionless much of the day. at antioch's ace hardware store, large fans are working hard to keep this open door store cool enough for customers to come on in and by their own fans and other hot spell supplies. >> we do sell a lot of fans. we just started selling quite a few small room air conditioners as well. >> but heat ways also generate other known demands that this ace is ready to fulfill . >> we spell sell a ton of plastic kiddie pools, especially for dogs. people want to keep the dog school. i have two packs of chlorine on sale for $6.99. that goes out the door.
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the yeti coolers, keeping your food cool for the parties and a bunch of inflatable's as well . >> >> reporter: the workers of the affordable tire and carbon shop, it is the hardest work day so far this year. at noon it was 90 degrees inside and rapidly increasing. >> it is already hot enough and you open the hood of a vehicle, it is going to get even hotter to the point where we have fans in there but all that does is blow hot air from one end to of the shop to the other . >> normal folks not used to high heat waves will sweat as much as 1.5 quarts of liquid an hour. there judgment could be impaired while doing heavy work or complex tasks. >> we will tough it out from 2:00 to 4:00 and that's about it . >> we are in the heart of the heat. >> so what you see now is that the wind has picked up slightly out here. those other montezuma hills and very tall windmills are starting to spin. but not where you can see all of them spinning and that is because the winds are not great enough yet. reporting live, tom baker, ktvu fox2 news . >> remember to watch out and don't leave pets or children inside your car.
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talk , thank you for that live report. the city of brentwood is one of the few cities around the bay area offering places for you to cool off while the heat advisory is in effect. the community center downtown and the senior center of balfour road are available to those without air conditioning. both places are open when it is extremely hot and today is no different . >> we do understand the heat advisory goes until 8 pm this evening. so if people are here for the cooling center, we don't turn them away and we will stay open to the 8 pm time if we have people using the cooling center. >> the brentwood community center also has a water feature that people can also used to cool off. for a full list of cooling centers open around the bay area, you can find that information on our homepage, just head to >> on wall street, new concerns
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about recessions as we see and hear about stocks plunging, all 3 indices fell about 3%. the dow was down 800 points, the nasdaq fell to put that is 242 and the s&p was off by 5 points. >> the dow in a downward spiral with stocks sinking. investors say they're worried about global economic growth after the bond market threw up a red flag. the two in 10 year yield curve inverted this morning, a key indicator for investors who fear and may be trouble ahead. having more concern, china's jobless rate hitting a record high and germany's economy contracted. >> let me say the rest of the world is in recession. they are in very bad shape and that does impact us . >> the 10 year treasury bond yield falling below 1.6%. the last time this part of the yield curve inverted was in december, 2005, two years ahead of the financial crisis. that sparked anxiety on the floor. retail shares, folding sharply, shares of large technology
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companies also falling . >> we have been an artificial interest rate environment for many years, starting in 2008 when we had the global compact catastrophe . >> the economy remains strong overall. unemployment is historically low. consumer spending is booming. >> wages are good. oil prices, energy prices are low. interest rates are low so i think, and that is not surprising, consumer compass confidence is pretty high . >> the former head of the federal reserve, janet yellen says investors may want to think twice believing the inverted yield code is a indicator for a future recession. meanwhile the market remains a volatile place for investors. ashley webster, foxbusiness. traders appeared a little shaken. for we are joined by james mcbride, financial advisor for the mcbride group. thank you for joining us. we had the turn called inverted yield curve. for the layman, someone like me. what does inverted yield curve mean?
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>> it means the short-term rates for the two year treasury are higher than the 10 year. it should be, the normal yield curve the other way round in other words ub your being rewarded for holding money longer and when you see an inversion, high or low short- term and long-term rates, that is what that means and the difference between the two in the 10th is a red flag . >> for the regular investor, if you go into a bank and you want to buy a cd, the shorter-term would you more money, i guess? >> well, yeah . >> that is essentially what it comes down to but that is something unless you are financially in their you really would understand but let's get to the details. is this something only traders have to worry about because they are the ones dealing with the selling and buying of stocks? >> i think so. most of our viewers viewers are
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probably investors looking for the long-term planning for retirement. >> for the 401(k) and the type thing? >> yes and they are doing the right things, investing regularly on a monthly basis which is called dollar cost averaging. when the market goes down, that allows you to buy more shares for less money so it is not a bad thing that is going on right now . >> we are talking about a recession on a global scale. not just the united states, we are talking about countries all over, china, germany, the u.s. economy is doing well. in fact, the former federal reserve chairwoman said today she is not terribly concerned about the u.s. economy. is there really going to be a consumer negatively impacted by all of this? after all, when you have these recessions, interest rates come down for homes and cars. >> and lower interest rates are a good thing for a lot of people if you want to buy a house, you can get a mortgage at a lower rate. if you want to buy a car, you
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can get a better deal on the car loan to solo rates in and of themselves are good for consumers. one of the things that ms. yellen may have been referring to is that china and germany, for example, the first and third largest economies in the world are heavily dependent on exports so if the global economy is slowing down, that will affect their economies more than ours because again, she was saying, we are a consumer-based economy. we are a service-based economy. consumer spending is two thirds of our gep . >> right now, really quickly, there is an increasing wages right now so our economy is not doing badly right now. right now we are at historic lows for joblessness? not even if you look at what happened in the stock market, the s&p 500 is only off 6% from its all-time high in july and i looked at the year to date numbers, as of the close of business today, the got the dow year-to-date is up over 9%, s&p 500 up over 30% and nasdaq up over 17% . >> we can get around this word recession, we think about what happened back in 2008 when we hear this. we think about the first thing is the .com bubble. is it similar to that? >> i don't think so. the .com bubble, it was if you think about a, euphoria. companies were going through the ceiling at market price.
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the great recession was preceded by the housing euphoria and we don't have euphoria right now. bull markets don't die from old- age or fear. the die from euphoria . >> you talk about euphoria anybody says everything's going great and rapid pace, right now, things in our economy seem to be at a normal pace, nothing crazy? >> and people are more scared than they are euphoric . >> james mcbride with the mcbride group. thank you for your insight into what happened today . >> thank you very much, gentlemen. an overturned sewage truck continues to cards cause big problems on highway 101 in mountain view. the sanitation truck collided with another vehicle and flipped on its roof just before 12:30 this afternoon. as you can see,there has been spilled sewage all across the roadway. scott for w sky fox was overhead is highway patrol work
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to try to clear the scene. the chp tweeted it might be very smelly in this area for a while and encouraged people to avoid the area, maybe take an alternate route. the clock -- crash close 3 of the 4 southbound lanes of 101 in mountain view near san antonio road for much of the afternoon. the closure caused a major traffic backup and as you can see here, in these live pictures of the map we have, showing traffic in the area, quite a bit of red in that area, no estimate on when all of the lanes will be back open. >> all right, still no verdict in the ghost ship trial. we will tell you the about the important testimony the jury reviewed today . >> a shooting in a space city, 3 people hurt, next, an update on this morning shootings and other cases of violence in the same area. let's go. woahh! try my $4.99 bbq bacon double cheeseburger combo. only at jack in the box.
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♪ try my $4.99 barbeque bacon double cheeseburger combo. the chp honored fallen officer under maury junior with a belt told tribute today . >> in the watch, august 12, 2019. >> today's ceremony was held at the chp academy at west sacramento. today was meant to be a celebration of the 90th anniversary. and said, officers paid their respects to the 34-year-old slain officer. he was killed in riverside on monday when a suspect opened fire during a traffic stop. in riverside today, a procession asked carried the --
4:17 pm
escorted the hearse that carried his body to the mortuary. and officer is recovering after being hit by a car in the bay area. it happened just west of the bay bridge toll plaza at around 7:30. the chp officer was attempting to pull over car when the driver of another vehicle cut across two lanes and sideswiped the officer. the driver remained on the scene and was cooperating with the investigation. the officer was taken to the hospital, we are told, as a precaution . >> 3 people were hurt in a shooting this morning and modale. authorities say the gunfire was part of an uptick in violence in west contra costa county. crime reporter, henry lee joins us with the latest on this case. henry? >> andre, the troubleshooting and rodeo left bullet casings all over the neighborhood. the most serious incident yet in the region in recent weeks. >> 3 people were hurt when shots rang out at about 1:00 wednesday morning and rodeo.
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contra costa county sheriff's deputies found two women, ages 41 and 54 suffering from gunshot wounds. one was taken to the hospital by ambulance and the other by helicopter. a third victim, a 23-year-old man went to the hospital on his own. all are expected to survive. the gunfire left bullet holes in cars and homes, the street was littered with evidence markers. there is no word on any suspects or a motive. the shooting and rodeo is worrisome to leaders in the neighboring city of hercules which has seen an uptick in shots fired calls and the number of guns seized. two weeks ago, luis montevideo shot at a suspect. the suspect, reginald love was not hit and was arrested. police found the gun they say love tossed in the yard full of kids bikes . >> over the last two months, there has been an increase that has been noticeable in regards to firearms taken during traffic stops . >> 5 days before the, hercules police pulled over jesus villanueva and found this assault rifle hidden in his
4:19 pm
catalog. police found this vest and a high-capacity magazine loaded with hollowpoint ammunition . >> anytime we locate of firearm we like to think that possibly we prevented a future crime associate with that firearm . >> i have not seen this in 30 years . >> mayor dan romero says although it is not clear whether the rodeo shooting is linked to recent violence in hercules, officials throughout the region are concerned that >> i'm proud of our police department for being so proactive but with the shooting that has just occurred, we have to take a bigger step. >> the mayor tells me he wants chp officers and deputies to help out officers and have hercules and the chp work together during this morning's shooting so crime-fighting will be a regional effort . >> we will see other turns out, henry, thank you so much . >> the jury in the ghost of trial heard read backs of key testimony on the eighth day of
4:20 pm
deliberations today. the court clerk was in the jury room reading derek l manus testimony. 9 women and 3 men are deciding whether derek l meta and codefendant, max harris should be convicted or acquitted of 36 counts of manslaughter in the deadly fire in december 2016. derek coleman as attorney says he thinks the read back is a part is out of development . >> to have every word of my clients resonate in their minds, i'm talking about the jury, jury is on the eve of a decision. it could come back tomorrow! because i think this could be the final aspect of the case that they are considering. >> the jury also asked to hear the testimony of ghost ship cofounder, niko bouchard, also ryan o'keefe who worked the door the night of the deadly fire. >> marcus year with a look at the forecast and the heat
4:21 pm
advisory for our area right now. mark? >> you can see the live camera looking toward mount diablo. just remind everyone, we are not talking about red flag warnings with the forecast updates but fire danger is increasing across the bay area and a good portion of the state in northern california so heat, high fire danger, air quality will be a big concern. we actually really heated up today right around the bayside locations on temperatures in the 80s and 90s in the inland spots, once again topping 100 degrees. tomorrow we could be getting close to a few records. here are the records to beat in the thursday forecast. you can see what happens, i will put this in motion and for tomorrow, santa rosa in the upper 90s, san francisco, lower 80s, livermore, 105 degrees, that would be shy of the record to be 108 and san jose could be tied at 96 potentially for tomorrow. we have the heat setting up across a good portion of the desert southwest and that is developing out here in this portion of the country.
4:22 pm
as we come in closer, we may see some fog to talk about and that could impact temperatures for tomorrow new the coast and near portions of the bay. the key difference is we did not have an onshore wind, we would have temperatures soaring across the entire bay area. that is not the case with today's pattern. it is very hot towards sacramento and antioch. san francisco, instead of triple digits or 90s, we are talking about 80s and one site into disco showing you 75 degrees, santa rosa, 99, triple digits toward fairfield, walnut creek, livermore and san jose in the upper 90s, 97. a live camera looking out toward this estuary here and the spare the air alert has been extended to tomorrow. mostly clear overnight, another mild start for some parts of the bay area. starting tomorrow morning in the 60s. i'm showing you this towards santa rosa, sunshine and a heat advisory continues for the
4:23 pm
north bay. santa rosa starting out tomorrow morning in the 60s and recovering big time into the afternoon hours, at least 95, 96 degrees, i think the hotspots tomorrow could be in the upper 90s up toward santa rosa. the hottest locations once again approaching 105 degrees. that is the temperature range for tomorrow, warm at the coast, tracking patchy fog and very hot temperatures in land but look what is headed our way as we head toward the weekend. friday we will begin to cool things off but this guy really impact temperatures by saturday and sunday. some big-time changes headed our way but tomorrow plan on another hot forecast and we will take a look at the numbers coming up in just a little bit . >> with jeffrey douglas the death of jeffrey epstein behind bars is under a microscope. many wonder how it could have happened. new information about the guards who were supposed be watching over the accused sex trafficker. >> student a ktvu as contestants learn the art of unconventional plating at
4:24 pm
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we are learning more about the last lapses in security at the detention center housing suspected sex trafficker, jeffrey epstein . >> the two guards were reportedly asleep during the time that epstein died . >> a few days into the probe of jeffrey epstein's prison suicide and some deficiencies are already uncovered. the two guards tasked with watching his unit are suspected
4:27 pm
of falsifying log entries to show they were checking on epstein every 30 minutes but instead, the associated press reports the peer have fallen asleep, leaving him unattended for several hours. it was during that time epstein reportedly tied a bedsheet around his neck, committing suicide early saturday morning. both employees have been placed on minute administrative leave, a former prison guard says even those half-hour checks may not have stopped epstein from taking his own life. >> if somebody wants to harm themselves in a federal prison setting, our policies are clears. it can be accomplished in less than 10 minutes. >> meanwhile, a lawsuit was filed yesterday. jennifer rose says he her when she was 14 and 15. she named his a safe his estate as well as members of his staff whom she called enablers. maxwell is a british socialite accused of helping epstein recruit underage girls for his sex trafficking network. she is also facing similar allegations from other accuses . >> accurately accusations come out of the mouth on the alleged victims but the government has yet to formally accuse him . >> jeffrey epstein was awaiting charges and was temporarily placed on suicide watch which was lifted several days later. in new york, brian yunus, fox news. the debate over president
4:28 pm
trump's hard-line stance on immigration continues on the president is not backing down. we will tell you more about that coming up next . >> we are staying on top of developing news out of philadelphia where at least 6 officers have been wounded in a shoot up. the latest information after the break.
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we are following breaking news in philadelphia where 6 officers were shot not far from
4:31 pm
temple university. the shots broke out around 1:30 at a house where police were trying to serve a search warrant. now, police department spokesman says as of a few minutes ago, officers were trying to communicate with the shooter and convince him to surrender. authorities say at least 1 on man was firing shots from inside the home. that is where officers are trying to serve those servants warrant earlier today. two officers became trapped inside. one officer is in critical condition after being shot in the head. 5 other officers are reportedly being treated for less serious injuries. we will stay on top of this story and have an update coming up at 5:00. a top trump administration official is under fire for saying the credo on the statue of liberty only refers to people "coming from europe. it was also suggested the famous poem should be changed to "give you me your tired and your poor who can stand on their own two feet and will not become a public charge" as
4:32 pm
garrett tenney reports, this as the menstruation is pushing to deny green cards to immigrants on public assistance. >> president trump not backing down when it comes to his hard- line stance on immigration. democrats and advocacy groups are heavily criticizing the administration for a new rule that would make immigrants inadmissible for visas if they receive public benefits like food stamps or medicaid. last night, acting citizenship and immigration services director, and originally came under fire for saying the description on the statue of liberty is about "people coming from europe . >> we have always, as the poem expresses, sought those who yearn to be free as it says in the poem but they still need to be able to support themselves. >> critics of the new rule say it will create mass confusion among immigrants receiving benefits and also discourage those who are eligible from applying for public assistance in the future. democrats on capitol hill appeared to be united in their opposition, making the case for growing americans immigration programs, not shrinking them . >> our immigrants, their hopes and dreams and aspirations and courage and determination to make the future better for
4:33 pm
their families. those are american traits . >> most republicans are backing the president for now, arguing the so-called public charge rule is not a new invested invention by the trump administration . >> we should not be admitting those who cannot support themselves. they will go on welfare and take tax resources. that has been the law for over 100 years . >> the first challenge to the rule is underway with two counties filing lawsuits aimed at stopping it from taking effect. in washington, i'm garrett tenney, fox news. about 200 people were sworn in this morning at a ceremony at oakland's paramount theatre. eric caldwell was the keynote speaker . >> we are a nation of immigrants and also at a crossroads in our country about who we are. are we a country of bridges that is open to the world and welcome diversity and other perspectives or will we close ourselves off and build walls to insulate ourselves from the world? >> the new citizens come from 96 different countries and as we often see, the ceremony was at the -- some reactant harshly
4:34 pm
when president trump spoke on tape to the crowd . >> -- i welcome you. into the american family. -- >> this country is now your country . >> there were a few scattered boos. president trump's immigration rule changes coming under fire from the non-profit group, chinese for affirmative action. the group is denouncing a new public charge rule say they will increase hardships for working-class immigrants and unfairly restrict future family- based immigration. it also so the rules penalize immigrants and working-class families . >> asian-pacific islander and latin american communities will bear the brunt of the impact as it relates to future migration and the effect that the rule would pose on axis to public benefits . >> the group complains because of the public charge rule, 300
4:35 pm
people, due to fear are at risk of dropping out of assistance programs . >> pro-democracy activists are moving from the airport back to the street. today there were confrontations at a residential neighborhood. demonstrators gathered outside a police station where the skirmishes broke out. police in riot gear once again fired tear gas to per testers to try to break up the crowds. hong kong airport is back up and operational after hundreds of protests caused hundreds of flight cancellations early this week. reporter marianne rafferty has that part of the coverage. after two days of travel disruptions from protesters at hong kong's airport, flights resumed wednesday morning at the international travel hub. on tuesday, pro-democracy demonstrators swarmed the world's eighth busiest airport. the mob clashing with police, forcing more than 100 flight cancellations on top of
4:36 pm
hundreds of backlogged flights that were grounded due to monday's revolt. by wednesday, only a few remaining people camped out on arrival but left travelers around . >> they should not be here. they should be having their protests in hong kong. with the government, the police, however, not in the traveler area itself . >> the terminal comes weeks after escalating protests as hundreds of thousands fight for freedoms they were promised in 1997 170 was transferred from britain to china's communist party. protesters also calling for the islands leader, carry land to step down and for lawmakers to pull legislation that would allow criminals to be extradited to the mainland. authorities releasing a statement announcing the airport demonstrations saying in part, "the government severely condemns the violent acts which are outrageous and have overstepped the bottom line of the civilized society. the statement going on to say
4:37 pm
police will bring those involved to justice. more than 20 countries issuing travel warnings to call, to hong kong due to the violent protest. marianne rafferty, fox news. fertility rates continue to fall here in the u.s. coming up, what we talk with about with a bay area doctor about the continuing decline. lots of sunshine, record heat across portions of the bay area. the heat advisory continues in your thursday forecast. we will take a look at numbers coming up. ♪
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♪ new sichuan hot chicken. for a heart breaking limited time only at panda express.
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there has been a significant decline here at the u.s. in the number of children women are having. fertility rates have hit a record low. they have fallen by 2% between 2017 and 2018. to give us some perspective is
4:41 pm
dr. amy of us a day, every reproductive endocrinologist in san monroe. she calls herself the egg whisperer, a perfect person to talk with about this. so doctor, does the decline surprise you? >> hi, heather, thanks for having me on. the decline doesn't have surprise any of us in the bay area. the first birth around 12 years ago was around age 32 and now the number of people coming in around 39. a lot of people are starting their families at a time when they are running out of viable eggs and i'm not tying to scare people. my patients are extremely intelligent and our planners but we are seeing that our society is changing and timelines are shifting. they want to buy the first home, they are older and they want to wait, they want to plant, make sure they are financially stable, make sure they have paid off their school loans, moved out of their parents home so all of these things take time and because
4:42 pm
society is changing and shifting, people are starting their family when maybe they're not as fertile as they were so having a 30 family at 35, that sounds great because you're more financially stable, you have a job, a home, a partner, for a lot of people but at the same time, your fertility is something that does not see those same kinds of thing . >> the clock keeps ticking no matter how financially stable you are so you mentioned the financial aspect here, doctor, what are some of the other factors contributing to the current decline? >> it is a private w surprising what we are seeing from global warming to pollution. i was reading a study showing that even in dolls and dolphins, they are now noticing
4:43 pm
plastic in the urine of dolphins so if those things are in rc animals, imagine what we are seeing in human beings as far as what we are exposed to in our environment with warmer temperatures, we will see lower sperm counts and lower sperm count in men from generation to generation so it is definitely multifactorial and that is why i try to educate people about getting levels checked, sperm counts checked and things you can do to prevent infertility if possible. the last thing you want is for women to find out at a time when they are starting their families that they don't have any eggs left. that is ways important to see a fertility doctor and your ob/gyn and get those things checked before you try . >> one thing that stuck out to me is sort of the correlation between the price of a home and how likely you are to have a child or maybe have a second child and as we all know, here in the bay area, housing prices are literally through the roof and we are, in fact, seeing that have an impact on whether a woman is deciding to add another person to the family. >> and it is heartbreaking. i have patience to make the decision not to have a second baby because they can't afford it in the bay area and they
4:44 pm
also talked me about things related to their jobs and how unfriendly the workplace is for working mothers and how expensive childcare is so until we make childcare more affordable and create a better working environment for mothers, i think we are going to continue to see this and we have to do better as a society. >> all right, doctor, thanks so much for talking with us. i appreciated. >> of course, thanks for having me . >> from one topic to another, and alive look outside as we talk about the heat. meteorologist, mark tamayo has been tracking the highs and we have been dealing today's heat advisory that will last until at least tomorrow morning? >> or through tomorrow evening for the inland portions, north bay and santa clara valley. mount diablo and a lot of triple digits surrounding that mountaintop today. it will be the same story basically heading into thursday
4:45 pm
. still working on some of the records from today. here is kind of a quick early peak. we will probably add more to these records for today but king city, 101 degrees, canfield and marin county, 100, san jose, 97, as of oh 93 in oakland, downtown checking in at 90 degrees. all of the areas in the red, that is an excessive heat warning until 10 pm friday. a heat advisory in the areas in yellow until 8 pm thursday. temperatures run from 96 to 106 degrees, once again in your forecast for tomorrow. what we are watching is the fog bank. you can see out here in the pacific, the clouds mainly to the south and out to the west. the key difference, the key impact for today's weather pattern, at least we have an onshore breeze that is keeping temperatures in check in the coast and portions of the bay. if we did not have this, seven cisco could be easily approaching 100 degrees with this set up for today but the cooler marine air an onshore
4:46 pm
breeze kind of capping temperatures somewhat. san francisco right now, 75 degrees but had inland, extreme heat. toward fairfield, concord, livermore, 103 degrees. san jose, the new record for today, 97. live camera looking out toward the oakland estuary toward seven cisco, mostly clear skies, remember a spare the air alert is in place for tomorrow. for the coast tomorrow, temperatures in the 70s and temperature sensors warming up as you would expect. toward concord, walnut creek, those readings well above 100 once again, could be around 1032 106 degrees as we head into your thursday forecast. all because this guy, this area of high pressure building in. first i want to show you this fog, a factor near southern california so we will watch for that to see if a few patches made we develop for tomorrow. for the coast, lower 70s for the thursday, another round of warm to hot temperatures in land above 100 degrees. we will begin to cool things
4:47 pm
off on friday but still, friday, inland we could have a few spots in the upper 90s and more pronounced cooling, more of a refreshing seabreeze kicking in as we head toward the weekend for saturday into sunday. tomorrow, another day of dangerous heat so take it easy if you're going to be outside after 10 or 11 clock tomorrow morning. flew toward santa rosa, 99, fairfield, 105 degrees. oakland, 88, livermore, 105, and year, 105 degrees so it will heat up rapidly after 10:00 or 11:00 tomorrow. san jose, 96. that could tie a record for the thursday forecast. , 93 and in san francisco, 81 degrees, the coast mainly in the 70s. here is look ahead at the five- day forecast. with this hot pattern, fire danger is up, watching out for that, a spare the air alert for thursday, finally, changes for friday, 98. 98 still sounds hot even though the cooling has begun. we are going in the right direction and by the weekend it will be over and we should be
4:48 pm
into the -- >> we just have to get through the next few days . >> exactly . >> i just got back from florida . >> it is human . >> thanks . >> thousands of students at the san jose unified school district are back to school today. sara zendehnam was in the south bay as the school year kicked off. >> you can feel the first day of school excitement in the south bay pick either students and teachers rushed into classrooms this morning to kickoff san jose unified school districts 2019/2020 school year. a calm and quiet start to wednesday morning. the last few moments of summer before the bell at 8:50 am ring in the first day of school . >> i'm excited for the new teacher i'm going to have because every year i have to adjust to a new teacher . >> 30,000 students across 41 schools in the san jose unified school district kissed vacation and their parents goodbye and said hello to a new school year. >> the kids woke up early and they are excited. mad river glen school in san jose welcome back 500 students. tracy young, principal at the only k-8 and bilingual dual
4:49 pm
emerging school in the district had big plans for the year . >> they can expect lots of reading and math and a lot of science curriculum. a lot of schematic curriculum that draws the students and . >> before hitting the books, the first assignment is dealing with back-to-school jitters. a boo-hoo breakfast help kindergartners and parents adjust but some kids were still pretty shy . >> how do you feel? >> good . >> are you nervous? >> come on, you can say something . >> students aren't the only ones who feel nerves today . >> i still could not sleep last night. i'm going to crash and burn probably later today. i'm still, they are good jitters, happy jitters. i can't wait to see the kids come to school . >> in san jose, sara zendehnam, ktvu's fox 2 news. there is also this story. students and staff in the gilmore unified school district are back for the first day of school. many of the older students often volunteer at the gilroy
4:50 pm
garlic festival and somewhere there when the shooting happened. the district will have counselors at several schools for those who may need to talk to someone. she hopes getting back into a routine will also help. >> another potentially catastrophic ebola epidemic has gripped west africa . >> two promising new treatments doctors have found that they say could stop the deadly virus in its tracks.
4:51 pm
4:52 pm
a swedish court has found american rapper asap rocky
4:53 pm
guilty of assault. you left sweden earlier this month while awaiting the judges decision vicki along with two members of his entourage were taken into custody on july 3 after he was involved in a street brawl in the capital of stockholm. he pleaded not guilty, claiming self-defense but the judge did not agree. >> the district court has found there was no situation in which the defendants were entitled to use self-defense. >> the incident put a strain on american swedish relations after president trump lobbied the swedish prime minister for the raptors release. the judge ordered the 3 to pay $1300 in damages but did not sentence any of them to further jail time. >> the world health organization has announced a major new advancement in the treatment of ebola. new medication is being given to all patients in the congo where the current outbreak has now killed more than 1800 people
4:54 pm
in the last year. foxes amy kellogg has the latest. >> two new ebola treatments have proven effective enough that doctors will be offering them to all patients in the democratic republic of congo. the african country with the current outbreak is a second deadly as ever. the virus killed nearly 2000 people there since last summer . >> this will save lives and move us closer to finding an effective treatment for ebola . >> researchers wrapped up their trial monday that involve 4 different drugs . >> the trial enrolled 681 patients between november 21 and 2018. and august 9, 2019. >> science say after the four drugs, two treatments were deemed significantly more successful in combating the disease in patients than others . >> the parliamentary it was felt in 499 study participants indicated that those individual receiving regeneron all had a greater chance of survival compared to those participants with the other two. >> authorities say the two
4:55 pm
seemingly effective drugs could counteract the fear of dying from ebola and help convince local patients to seek treatment in hospitals. although this is an exciting is advancement, experts warned drugs alone will not stop evil up. proper surveillance, infection prevention and diagnosing early are all crucial in the fight against ebola. >> i tend to stay away from the word cure and say it is a major advance in the development of treatment of ebola. >> now, the world health organization will conduct an extended study looking at all of the patients in the drc using one of the two drugs to determine ultimately which of the two is more effective. in milan, italy, amy kellogg, fox news. ktvu fox news at five is
4:56 pm
coming up next. you may remember this video. we showed it to you yesterday. it shows a woman being attacked by a homeless man as she tries desperately to get inside her own building in san francisco and today, the man in the video wrestling with the woman that you see here is already back out on the street. us two cars, hundreds of cars, couches and even dead animals. someone is dumping all that junk at a northbay waterway and coming up new at 5:00, crews clear up the mess but they are not stopping there. how they hope to keep others from turning this spot into another trash heap. california phones offers free specialized phones... like cordless phones,
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ktvu fox 2 news at 5:00 starts now. >> here in the heart of the heat. >> temperatures topping 100 degrees over large parts of the bay area and that heat is having a big impact on people and businesses. good evening. i'm frank somerville . >> i'm julie haener. the heat is on especially in the inland locations. temperatures in the east bay are well over 100 degrees near mount diablo in walnut creek and surrounding cities . >> hot in downtown san jose as well where they were pushing 100 degrees this afternoon. in nearby cities and towns, in the south bay, did they hit the
5:00 pm
century mark? >> the bay area microclimates are not as severe as they can be. right now in chance sisco, temperatures having in the mid- 80s, beautiful but warm day in the city with clear views, almost clear views of the skyline from across the bay . >> at spring and chief meteorologist, bill martin. it is very hot out there . >> it really is especially if you go over the east bay hills into the livermore valley dunnage of the santa clara valley. anytime we have records in summer, that's how you know it is a hot day. king city, 101, canfield 100 degrees, a record. san jose, downtown did not hit 100 but 97 degrees would be a record. 93 at o d 90 at oakland, when you start popping records this time of year it is significant weather for sure. that is where we are with this weather pattern. it has also induced an excessive heat warning in the areas in red. that is a big deal. we talked about heat being the most dangerous of weather events, it is heat that messes with people the most it. that's why there are lots of issueswith the elderly and the young. lots of fluids is important and everyone is yellow except oakland and san francisco. the yellow is a


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