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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  August 15, 2019 6:00am-6:58am PDT

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wildfire. and keeping san francisco housing affordable for teachers. what the governor and the mayor are doing about affordability problems in san francisco and other cities. from ktvu fox 2 news, this is mornings on 2. good morning. it's thursday, august 15th. i'm claudine wong, pam cook is off today. >> i'm dave cook. we're talking about the hot weather. it's real. mark tamayo is in for steve. >> by 10:00 or 11:00 you'll definitely notice the effects of the weather pattern. yesterday quite a few records to report. san jose, redwood city, oakland, salinas. i think we'll have more records for thursday. temperatures on the warm to very hot side. here's the plan for thursday. still a heat advisory and a spare the air alert. and when you're in a pattern this time of year, it's so hot
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and dry that fire danger is increasing. we do not have a red flag warning but the hillsides are dry. the excessive heat warning, all the areas in red until 10 p.m. on friday. and then the heat advisory for the north bay, the inland east bay, and the collar valley. santa clara valley. 96 to 106 degrees. san jose is 69 degrees right now. walnut creek, 67. santa rosa a bit cooler. and san francisco 61. here's the live camera at san francisco. mostly clear and fog free conditions looking out to the bay bridge this morning. the forecast highs, plan on a hot day. the beaches in the 70s. and the look at all the triple- digits once again for santa rosa, out to fairfield,
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antioch, and morgan hill. it will be a gradual process tomorrow. time now is 6:02 and let's check in with allie. and what are we starting with. >> there's a concern about fire danger when you have hot temperatures. and there's a report of a grass fire on the highway eastbound 80 in vallejo west of georgia street. and it's visible to drivers on the freeway. so it's not on the freeway but it's off the side of the road. be aware of that. and there's also the usual slowing westbound 37 getting over to sonoma county. in san francisco, we've been following problems that have plagued the commute for the last hour or so. it started with a broken down bus at southbound 101 north of south san francisco. it's in the process of getting towed. and we had another crash involving four vehicles. 101 at sierra point parkway.
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and if i zoom in, even in the northbound lanes you see a little bit of a slowdown. and people may be at the crash. the from the macarthur maze, 21 minutes. no specific problems or crashes on westbound 80 from richmond all the way to this point. san mateo bridge is very busy. and at the peninsula, no specific problems. just the usual crowding. there was a house fire in vallejo and a family of six needs a place to stay. this is scene. the fire was out by 1:00 and no one was hurt in the fire but the red cross is assisting the displaced family. it will be hot again today here in the bay area. and it will be, the efforts
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will continue to reduce the risk of wildfires. grass fires may occulatest happ near byron. >> reporter: good morning. firefighters are always on alert but especially days like today. we have the heat advisory. mark mentioned earlier that it poses a threat of a high fire danger. today could be one of those days where grass fires broke out. and the one that broke out most recently happened near byron and the brentwood area. the fire broke out around 10:30 at vas ceo and marsh creek road. it burned 10 to 20 acres. and firefighters from the east contra costa fire protection district quickly got a handle
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on it. cal fireto reduce the threat of fires by trying to clear out brush from the north orinda fuel break. >> after this is completed that we create an environment that citizens can evacuate safely if a fire is coming. and fire suppression personnel can be able to make a stand on the fire and hopefully, accomplish suppression activities. >> reporter: it's a project that cal fire has been working on for months. they are trying to clear out all of the debris. and they've been working on wildcat canyon road. they want to prevent wildfires from spreading. and they have prescribed burns to try to mitigate and prevent the threat of the wildfires. this project goes from berkeley to orinda and lafayette where we are.
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christina rendon, ktvu fox 2 news. to help residents deal with the heat, some cities are setting up cooling centers. one is at the downtown community center and the other is at the center enter. also in contra costa county, concert and most libraries and community senior centers will offer a place to get out of the sun. several centers in san jose are open. in gilroy, the compassion center is open. and morgan hill has opened up the centennial recreation center. in santa clara county, vta will offer free rides on regular bus and light rail routes. the service is free if you want to go to a cooling center. the offer is good from 11:00 to 8:00 tonight. and we have a list of the cooling centers operating in the bay area.
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go to and type the word cooling in the search bar. a woman attacked in san francisco seen on video as she was going into her condo complex. she told ktvu she's terrified, mad, and plans to move out of san francisco. the woman is recovering from the physical and psychological trauma of what happened to her. a man is seen attacking her as she went into the condo complex on beale street. the suspect was arrested on false imprisonment and battery. a public safety analysis recommended he stay in jail but a judge set him free. >> it's not easy being away from my parents and family. i've been living alone in this country for 12 years and have
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never felt so unsafe in my life. >> she's seen a rise in the number of homeless people in the area who she says are drug users and have mental illness problems. vincent was ordered to check in with his case manager but he's not required to wear a monitoring device. jurorrings in the ghost ship warehouse trial will again the ninth day of deliberations. 36 counts of manslaughter, one for each person who died. the jury could reach a decision soon based on the request of jurors to hear portions of testimony reread. and that included al men in a's testimony. >> the jury is on the eve of a decision. i think this could be the final
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spa aspect of the case that they're considering. >> the jury also asked to hear the testimony from two other witnesses. the prosecution has not commented on the case. today will be the first day of school in the forestville union school district despite the first teachers strike in sonoma county since 1980. they want a three year contract with a 5% pay raise for the first two years, retroactive to 2018, 2019 and a three year cost of living raise for the third year. the school district is offering a 2.5% pay raise in the third year. no word on when the talks will resume. governor gavin newsom and n breed will be talking about housing affordability for teachers. governor newsom introduced several efforts to deal with rising housing costs and homelessness. the san francisco board of
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supervisors put a $20 million bond for teacher housing on the november ballot. the governor and the mayor, they're meeting at 10:30 at francis scott key elementary school. crews in marin county are cleaning up an illegal dumping site that feeds into bodega bay. the conservation district says the debris field is a third of a mile long. some say the illegal dumping has been going on for years. officials are calling it disturbing. >> there's somebody that keeps throwing dead goats over the side. there's a few land owners here with large acreage of land that they own. it's really, really steep. and i think it's o think out of out of mind. >> the conservation district says the cleanup work is expected to last a week. and they are planning on
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installs surveillance cameras and a neighborhood watch group is organizing to try to stop whoever is responsible for the dumping. controversial plans in free month for a homeless navigation center. a big turnout for city meetings. when they'll make a decision. and a revised proposal to teach ethnic studies. how they'll introduce new curriculum. a look at the commute in the south bay. there are traffic troubles on 237 in milpitas in both directions. here's a look at the toll plaza at the bay bridge. you can see traffic is slow getting on the span. another round of triple- digit heat across portions of the bay area. and finally relief as we head to the weekend. we'll talk more about the cooling trend coming up.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. the time is 6:14. six philadelphia police officers recovering after they were shot during a long, terrifying standoff that ended when the suspect surrendered. it began when police tried to serve a drug warrant at a house and a man inside started shooting at police. >> shots fired. get me s.w.a.t.
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asap. long guns, asap. >> several police officers were in the house and did escape. five hours later, a s.w.a.t. team rescued two remaining officers. the suspect called a lawyer who says the man panicked. that's why he started shooting. >> he has a two day old daughter. a teenage son. he was concerned with the collateral conseqare his children and his wife. >> this morning, philadelphia's police commissioner says the gunman talked on the phone with police, trying to negotiate his surrender. we have no other information about the gunman. >> less than 20 minutes from the opening day on wall street. and it could be a volatile day after u.s. markets had the worst day of the year. european markets are trending downward. and futures have been up and down at various times. we saw the dow fall 800 points
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yesterday. the s&p 500 was down about 85 points. that's about 3% for each of them. there were several contributing factors and that includes germany's announcement of an economic slowdown. the ongoing trade away with mine. and the interest rate on a 10- year treasury rate was lower than for the two year note. it's called a-year-old inversion curve. there's not a recession following every inversion curve. it did catch investors' attention because of other concerns that include brexit and signs of a global economic shutdown. >> that makes it tougher for american businesses to compete both abroad and even here at home. >> other analysts point out that there are several signals that the u.s. economy remains
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strong including consumer confidence levels and historically low unemployment rates. today is the first official day on the job for the interim transportation direct. mcguire most recently led the sustainable streets division in san francisco. the outgoing director announced he was stepping down in april. he was pressured by the mayor. muni is facing several problems like ridership, reliability, and labor issues. and res kin begins his job in less than two weeks from now. a special meeting by the vta board of directors about labor negotiations. it will be a closed door session with the local 265 union. that meeting will be at the vta's river oak's campus.
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a resolution to expand the ethnic studies program. it calls for framework district wide across all grade levels. ethnic studies classes are only offered in the ninth grade as an elective. >> our time is 6:18. it's hot. we've got to get you out the door. allie rasmus watching the commute. >> we start in the south bay because there's a problem on westbound 237 at matilda avenue. we'll see on the map where this is. and there's a crash on eastbound 237 at lawrence expressway. that crash is not an injury collision but one in the westbound direction. just east of matilda, a motorcyclist is down. firefighters are on the scene and all lanes are blocked. we'll continue to keep an eye on it. and we want to keep an eye on
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the commute in eastern contra costa county. no specific problems to tell you about. and slow 880 in the hayward area. and low at the approach to the san mateo bridge. >> it's 6:19 and i'll send it to mark for a look at the hot weather. temperatures soaring once again. good morning to you with a few spots up above 100 degrees. we're talking about an excessive heat warning for all of the areas in orangish red. the heat advisory in the inland east bay and the santa clara valley. 96 to 106 degrees. yesterday we had quite a few records. santa rosa could tie a record. and san jose easily tying a
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record or going up above it. in concord, a steady warmup into the afternoon hours. this morning in the 70s. and temperatures soaring up to 100 degrees. current numbers, we'll check on those. concord, 66. san jose, 59. san francisco, 60 degrees. and in the north bay, 58. half moon bay is one of the cooler spots starting the day around 50 degrees. outside right now. the live camera looking above san francisco with mostly clear skies. and you can see a bit of haze in the sky. the spare the air continues with the weather pattern not changing too much. and evening for the a's temperatures in the upper 70s this evening. forecast highs. santa rosa, 100. triple-digits towards fairfield and vallejo. and around the bay, oakland 90.
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and brntwood, 106 degrees. and in the south bay we have the heat advisory in place for morgan hill and gilroy. this is last day of the heat advisory. and the beaches mainly in the 70s. what is nice with the weather pattern, we still have that on shore breeze. and that's keeping the temperatures in check for the coast. and the portions of bay. we're not talking about triple- digit temperatures over san francisco. but it's warm to hot across the entire bay area. tomorrow for the friday we continue to cool off. still a few spots could be close to 100 degrees. and we're heading in the right direction. i think you'll like the weekend forecast for both saturday and sunday. president trump and former vice president joe biden are both on the campaign trail today and in the same city. where the two presidential candidates are trying to rally support in key battleground
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states. and new information in the death of jeffrey epstein. how the autopsy is raising questions about his death in jail.
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♪herrrre come this hair is happenin'! they think normal pesticide treatments will stop us! nix ultra!!! ahhhh!!! kill super lice and eggs with nix ultra. more effective than the leading prescription. an autopsy on the body of jeffrey epstein is raising
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questions. according to the washington post, he had several broken bones in his neck. those types of found among people who hang themselves. but the injuries are more common in people who are strangled. he was found hanging in a cell at the manhattan correctional center. the cause of death is pending. rallies at walmarts are planned around the nation. gun safety organizations and the american federation of teachers are teaming up. planning to protest outside of walmart stores. after the repeat mass shootings. walmart removed violent video games from its stores but refused to stop selling weapons. and the owner of eightchan. >> a u.s. litary veteran
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living in the philippines. members say the site is linked to white supremacist and extremist violence. the man suspected in the el paso shooting posted on that site. a milestone for a charity, the gilroy, foundation, has topped a million dollars. donations have poured in following the july 28th attack. all funds go to survivors as well as the families of the three people killed. a north bay doctor is accused of elder abuse. how they are looking into his background and the events leading up to the opioid deaths of four patients. how soon city leaders may decide on a location for the homeless. and a live picture of oaklansun is just beginning to make an
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appearance. things are already heating up. you're catching mornings on 2 on ktvu.
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from ktvu fox 2 news, this is mornings on 2. >> all right. we're watching the opening bell of the new york stock exchange. lots of eyes on the markets today. global markets volatile as
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investors worry possibility of an economicdown is. we're watching to see if the markets rebound. we have from walmart. and we'll continue to monitor stocks along with business and tech news in today's dollars and cents. good morning and thank you for joining us on mornings on 2. thursday morning, august 15th. i'm dave clark. >> and i'm claudine wong. >> it's hot. this is where you can to be. you can see higher temperatures, public water attractions like this one in the south bay are really busy during the heat wave. and san around in the cold waters at cesar chavez plaza. san jose saw a high of it's hot different. i was expecting it to be colder
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out here. >> in san the giants, were leaving the game early because of the heat. some of the people moved up in the shaded areas of oracle park from the seats in the hot sun. hopefully, they stayed cool up there. 6:31 and it's hard to stay cool as mark knows. it was really hard yesterday. >> san francisco is warm in the 80s and that was the case yesterday. and that will be the case today. and we're talking about the extreme heat. and temperatures inland, above 100 degrees. and by 12:00 or 1:00 we'll have readings in the 90s. take a look at where we should land this afternoon from the 70s coastside. 80s, 90s, and approaching 105 or 106 degrees later on this afternoon. here we go with the headlines, we have the heat advisory in place until 8:00 this evening for portions of the r alert.
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and i should have a dry weather pattern this time of year. an excessive heat warning towards lake county and solano county. and a heat advisory for the north bay, the inland east bay. and the santa clara valley. the key difference, not as much relief overnight with the excessive heat warning. not as much cooling. that's why they target lake county and solano county. once again, that has been stepped, the warning, for the areas in the orange ing you the we had records yesterday. and today we could easily tie a
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lower 90s. and concord could top 100 degrees. out the door, it's off to a warm start. san francisco, 60, walnut creek, 66. san jose, 69. and here's the live camera looking above san francisco. and just by looking at the live camera. you have the idea or the feeling that it's going to be a warm to hot day just by looking at the colors and the haze and the forecast with concord the temperatures soaring this afternoon. san francisco, 81. triple-digits fairfield, livermore. and we bring in cooling for tomorrow. we'll talk more about that in a few minutes. and we'll check in with allie standing by with a quicys. >> we want to get to y. a sig-alert 237.
6:34 am
ma multiple vehicles inlvcreated f that. and eastbound 237 at lawrence expressway, that crash will be clear soon. the westbound lanes at matilda, at least two lanes are blocked because of the injury crash involving multiple vehicles. southbound 680 at sunol. and there's slowing on the southbound lanes of 680 through pleasanton. once you get to the sunol grade, things open up a little bit. the south bay commute is starting to liven up we could say as the morning goes on with the crash at 237 that we've been mentioning. the bay bridge toll plaza, you can see the sun about to rise over the east bay hills.  it's a good reminder to let
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people know. if you can cagood foarea prepares for another ve in concord with a look at the conditions. >> reporter: you heard mark talking about it. that's one of the reasons we're here in concord. we're at the senior citizens center. this is one of the cooling centers for folks who need relief from the heat. temperatures here right now about 66 degrees. the sun just now coming up. and is expected to get very close to or top out at 100 degrees. folks this morning are taking advantage of the relatively cool temperatures while they last. an important detail for dog owners. the hot temperatures can be brutal. the heat radiating up from the
6:36 am
ground. >> early in the morning, like right now. there's more people at the dog park and it's good for her to socialize with the other dogs. and if i have to get her out in the daytime i ha you can get them at the petco >> record breaking heat scorching the bay area. and parts 105 degrees in the antioch area. people start scrambling for ways to cool down. at the ace hardware there was a run on fans and other ways to keep cool. and kiddie pools are a big seller for children and four legged family members. this is not the only cooling center. thrrs a number of them in the south bay. some in brentwood. and in the areas where it's expected to get very hot. there are options and ways to
6:37 am
cool down. we'll continue monitoring around the bay area as the temperatures start to creep up. christien kafton, ktvu fox 2 news. the first day of school was supposed to be yesterday but it was postponed because the air- conditioning didn't work. a note sent to parents said the contractor did not replace the units on time. students will be back in the classroom when they are confident that the air- conditioning is working directly. the city of fremont has a tough decision on where to build the first navigation center. at a packed city meeting, two possible locations were presented. one on surplus city owned land on decoto road and the other behind city hall. it would be a 45 bed navigation center which supporters say the
6:38 am
needed. the homeless problem increased by 27% in two years. >> it will be modeled after the one in berkeley. >> they had navigators to work with the homeless to try to get them benefits and help them with mental health issues. >> fremont will have two more community meetings on august 24th and 26th. city leaders hope to make a final decision next month. police in two contra costa cities are working on, near rodeo. hercules police arrested a man after an ar-15 assault rifle was allegedly found hidden in
6:39 am
his car along with a ballistic vest and a magazine loaded with hollow point ammunition. >> there has been an increase that's been noticeable in regards to firearms taken during traffic stops. >> any time we locate a firearm within the vehicle or on the person. we like to think we've prevented a future crime with that firearm. >> the mayor wants the shall sheriff's department to help the police department. joe biden is holding a stand up to hate event right down the street while the president is holding a rally. president trump is due to speak at an arena in manchester at 7 p.m. joe biden's event is set for that the portland pie company restaurant. marrian williamson campaigns today in the bay
6:40 am
area. she's due to appear tonight at she hosted a town hall meeting last night. john hickenlooper is expected to announce that he is dropping out of the democratic presidential race. he struggled to raise money and gain traction, and there's speculation that he's going to run for senate, challenging republican senator cory gardner. the deadline to qualify for the next debate is august 28th. nine candidates have qualified for the debate in houston. candidates must register 2% of support in polls. and have 130,000 donors. a doctor is facing charges of second-degree murder and elder abuse. five of his patients died opioi
6:41 am
overprescribing nine patients. five of them died. authorities say he consistently increased the prescriptions despite warnings from pharmacies and insurance companies. the license is still current with the state of california. he's due in court on tuesday. a man in fresno died during a taco eating contest. he died at a minor league baseball game. police have not said how many tacos he ate before he collapsed and died. dozens of inmates were injured in a riot at the prison in coal dad.
6:42 am
prison officials say officers deployed chemical agents and fired warning shots. eight inmates were taken to an outside hospital. and 50 were treated by the prison medical staff. >> protesters in hong kong calling for international help in the political battle with mainland china. how a new report is suggesting that trade talks with china may prevent the white house from getting involved in the situation with hong kong. and leaving phones behind when you go on vacation. how people can benefit from digital detox. when i join you in minutes, a business chinatown is pushing back against plans to name the subway station after an influential community
6:43 am
leaders. we'll tell you about the action the group took and what they want to see instead. and student i.d. cards have something new. name, picture, and a phone number. we'll be right back.
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all right. let's take a look at the big board. any green we see is welcome this morning. and dow jones starting up in the green. s&p 500 is also up. we're keeping a close eye after a tough day on the markets yesterday. but stocks are rising today. it appears american consumers are to be credited. they continue to spend and online shopping, walmart's stock is up 5 1/2 points. that's better earnings for walmart which investors are definitely liking this morning. >> president trump is trying to dial down the tough trade talk against china. of course, china wants to make a deal. and he called china's president a great leader. the president is rejecting the
6:47 am
plea to back pro-democracy advocates in hong kong. it will anger beijing and eliminate the chances for a trade deal. new this morning, the united states is in court in gibraltar trying to stop the release of an iranian oil tanker seized. it was accused of violating eu sanctions by delivering oil from iran to syria. the united states has blamed iran for attacks on oil tankers in the strait of british govern trying to de-escalate tensions by releasing the tanker. after one of the deadliest seasons on mount everest, ruling may soon be changing. at least 11 died or went missing on mount everest. a government commission is
6:48 am
going over a list of safety recommendations, including only allows climbers who have previously climbed a peak of 21,000 feet. and they have to expire an experienced guide. crowds caused bottlenecks in an area with low oxygen levels put lives at risk. richard branson will give us the first glimpse of virgin galactic's mission control. it offers an area for pilots to prepare and lounge for paying customers atwo level building new mexico. it will offer space for two of virgin galactic's carrier planes and rocket ships. they still need to carry out test flights before they can
6:49 am
carry out the commercial flights. they have 600 reservations and each ticket costs a quarter million dollars. some people say taking a break from technology is not as relaxing as you might expect. people who go off the grid can experience withdrawal symptoms. researchers asked tourists to restrict their access to technology for 24 hours. at first they felt anxious and frustrated but eventually enjoyed the digital detox. let's see what's happening on the roads. is everybody behaving? >> people in the south bay may need a traffic detox because things are getting active. 237 east of matilda. there's a sig-alert. two lanes are completely shut county. a multi-vehicle accident involving a motorcycle.
6:50 am
and the backup extends almost the entire stretch of the freeway all the way back to milpitas. if you're taking this commute. if you take 237 to get from the east bay, i would suggest taking the dumbarton bridge. elsewhere, we have a lot of other crashes. northbound 85 south of fremont avenue. that's not an injury crash and it should be cleared quickly. and we have several crashes on highway 17 in the northbound and southbound directions. one at redwood estates. and northbound 17 north of bear creek. if you're driving in the south bay, give yourself extra time. in lafayette, the sun is streaming in on the picture. you can fic tell you that it's
6:51 am
highway 24 all the way to the caldicott tunnel. relatively empty on the golden gate bridge. and i like to show this picture when we have weather related stories. what's noticeably absent is the fog. you see the flag there. there's a little bit of a breeze. at least the air is moving sway. mark tamayo has been telling us it's a repeat of yesterday. temperatures back in the upper 90s. tops 100 degrees. we still have a little bit of a trickle of a sea breeze. 64degrees. kind of just a neat perspective. and you see the spare the a res great. the beaches will be in the 70s.
6:52 am
and on the creek, up above 100 degrees. we'll check on the current numbers. santa rosa 58. san francisco, 60. san jose, 69. and lots for livermore, walnut creek, and fairfield. looking out to san francisco, the bay, the bay bridge, and you can see all the haze. plan on very hot temperatures, especially away from the coastline. and a very warm evening with the a's playing. mostly clear skies, and temperatures by the 7:00 hour in the upper 70s. oakland will be close to 90 compressing. as a result, we have temperatures above 100 degrees. nearby and on shore
6:53 am
triple-digits, as far as the cooling, that moves in tomorrow. into the weekend we'll continue to bring in some relief. temperatures this afternoon, still some very hot readings. santa rosa, 100 degrees. fairfield, 105. and vacaville, 106 degrees. temperatures jump up as you work towards livermore, antioch, and brentwood. that's the serious heat. take it easy and drink lots of water and don't try to exert yourself. san jose, 96 and san francisco lower 80s, and yesterday, san francisco, 84. today, 81 degrees. we'll be warm in the city. hot inland for tomorrow. and you can see what we're thinking with temperatures. we begin to cool things off friday. time is 6:54. yet another big tech company admits human contractors were
6:54 am
listening to recordings of users without their knowledge. coming up in the next hour, what facebook used to do that and who was affected. and there's a lot that's lost or left behind after a music festival. what organizers are doing with hundreds of unclaimed phones, credit cards, and other items. first-- >> as the music plays, we want to take you live, a live picture of chi you case on the central coast. can't your just feel the water and the sand right now. yes, you can. you're watching mornings on 2 here's one you guys will like.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. it's 6:57. the raiders played the cardinals on the road. unlike last weekend's opener, against the l.a. rams, raiders will have most of their starters playing this time. star receiver antonio baseball, oakland a's posted the division- leading houston astros. while the giants are in phoenix to play the arizona diamondbacks. yesterday, they beat them in their bay bridge series. the a's scored in the first
6:58 am
eight innings. they led before the giants started making a late comeback. including a three-run homer by mike yestrem ski. solo homer from all-star. >> i think this is the hardest place to hit in the big leagues. and i think oakland is second. so if you're hitting in home runs in the bay area, you definitely gotta get them. because it's a pitcher's ballpark by far. >> he's right. two homers yeste here's one of them. the a's and the giants will pick up their bay bridge series next week at the coliseum. next weekend's outside lands music festival was the first time attendees could legally the chronicle, festival goers bought at least $1 million worth of marijuana product. the organizers haven't told us
6:59 am
the specific sales numbers. they only say the purchases amounted to seven figures. many people at the music festival left behind their credit card, their keys and their wallets. a virtual lost and found on the festival's website, shows more than 650 unclaimed items. that includes more than 300 credit cards and i.d.s. if you think you lost something, it may be listed on their website. there are photos of each item and a claim form to get back whatever you lost. we are getting ready for another round of heat as temperatures are expected to hit triple digits in some parts of the bay area. this morning, we're live in the east bay to show you how the heat is keeping firefighters on high alert. and in san francisco, three years after he died, tensions still very high on whether or not to name the central
7:00 am
station's chinatown station after rose pak. why some say she does not represent chinatown. this is mornings on 2. 7:00 on a hot thursday. august 15th. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> you're not a hot weather person. >> not a fan. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. it will be yet another hot day today. in fact, temperatures are already heating up around the bay area. here's a heat advisory in effect for the negotiate bay, the east bay, and the santa clara valley. temperatures stopped at 100 degrees yesterday. it will do it again today. further inland, there is an excessive heat warning for the central valley. from redding to modesto.


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