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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  August 15, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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effect for the next few hours. for most of the bay area, except right around the bay on the peninsula. extreme heat warnings are in effect, that is read, that goes through tomorrow. that is where we will continue to see one of three, 104, 105 temperatures. slightly cooler tomorrow, but it is toasty today, these are some of the records, santa rosa at 100, 94 at sfo. san jose 99, motts field opening those asterisks represent a tie, second straight day in a row, second straight day in a row san jose has broken a record. we have another spare the air day today. we have the heat advisories and things are just about as hot as they can get around here with temperatures continuing at this hour to get up there in the 90s and low 100s. official national weather service numbers, you get 103 or 105 or 106, those numbers are even just like what we were talking earlier, in hayward a
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lot of folks don't have air conditioning, believe it or not. more than you think. place like hayward, 90 degrees today, that is brutal on folks. with that said, here are the current temperatures, one or two in concord 102 in walnut you can see where the heat is, that is the excessive heat warning that stays in effect for 24 hours. the heat will stick around, though it will cool a little bit over the next 12 hours. we will see you back here with the weekend forecast. firefighters in the south bay are battling a grass fire this afternoon which started around 12:15 along santa teresa boulevard and bailey avenue, in south san jose. so far, the fire has burned 75 acres and about 15 homes have been evacuated. people in the surrounding area are being told to stay indoors, because of the heavy smoke. crewforward progress of the fir contained, but the extreme heat today is taking a toll. if >> it increases the workload on the firefighters, it also increases the rate and the spread of this fire, as fuel
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dries out the humidity dries out. >> it appears the fire started when a pickup truck hit a power pole knocking down the line, firefighters say that has not been confirmed as of yet. pg&e says 1700 customers are currently without power. santa teresa boulevard is also closed in both directions. firefighters and hayward made quick work of another grass fire this afternoon, you can see the flames burn up a hillside and move dangerously close to the fence line at several homes. those homes are on knoll way, just above foothill boulevard. at last check, the fire appeared to be out, but firefighters are expected to stay on the scene throughout the evening to watch for any possible flareups. >> the heat waves can be uncomfortable for students already back in school in classrooms that do not have fans or air conditioning. alyana gomez is at skyline heights tonight in oakland where students say it is tough to focus, when it gets this hot. alyana? >> yeah frank, students tell me they could barely get through their first week of school, with temperatures reaching 93
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degrees inside the classroom, and of course, no air conditioning in many classrooms are without fans. and editors here at skyline high school are saying they feel like the district did not properly prepare for this heatwave. >> back to school for these students at skyline high school in oakland has been a bit unbearable. >> it's getting hotter every day, being in the classrooms that don't have ac, it's hard to focus. >> i concentrate more on how hot i am then the assignments i have to do. >> reporter: 60 classrooms inside skyline high, we are told some have fans but many do not. history teacher harley little man says the students health is at risk. >> they are dehydrated, headaches and heads are down there on their phones more because they cannot focus point >> he reached out to ktvu after receiving these pictures of thermostat readings, showing classroom temperatures exceeding 90 degrees. >> i wanted to make sure that, the parents at home watching the news know that their kids are going to school, and excessively hot classrooms,
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that are on excitable conditions. >> we took the concerns to spokesman john ozaki, who said they received a request for at least 100 fans to be dispersed among eight schools, including skyline, oakland international, castle mod hi, light academy, and more. >> it's a question of how many we can get, how quickly can we get them into the classrooms, and which classrooms will go first. >> was laments as fans won't cut it. he plans to file this williams act complaint against the district demanding they address the root cause of conditions, by installing air conditioning point >> the only solution that i see is air conditioning and upgrading electrical systems. can we install central air conditioning in all of our stools right now and run it? no we cannot, that is impossible. we do not have the money to do that. but, we are going to do as much as we can as quickly as we can. >> right now students and staff are urged to develop their water bottles with the schools
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hydration stations until the district can come up with a long-term plan. >> spokesman john rosati told me today he had to go out and buy fence himself he would he said they had to fulfill the request for 100 fans to be dispersed among schools and i hope to have some of those fans inside of classrooms, starting tomorrow. at skyline high school tonight, i'm alyana gomez, ktvu f0x2 news. >> thank you. struck a reminder here, you can stay up-to-date with current conditions by using the ktvu weather app, just go to the app store and search for ktvu . struck a doctor in santa rosa is facing criminal charges for allegedly describing prescribing dangerously high levels of opioids. california's attorney general brought the case and says it led to the death of five patients. rob ross talk to an attorney who said his client did nothing wrong. >> reporter: doctor thomas keller had a pain management practice for decades, he ran that practice out of this office building on santa rosa's farmers lane.
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now, the 72-year-old neurosurgeon is in sonoma county jail, facing murder charges. state attorney general javier becerra's says keller prescribed dangerously high levels of addictive opioids, and is responsible for the death of five patients, leading to four counts of second-degree murders, and a fifth charge of elder abuse. in a statement, becerra said, quote, doctors take an oath to protect patients and not engage in behaviors that could risk their health and safety. >> he is devastated. >> that is keller's reaction to his attorney, john cox, who also blames the -- claims the charges are unfounded. >> he believes he treated these patients in a proper manner and that there is no basis for them to be charged with any crime. >> three of the patients in the murder charges committed suicide, one died of a methadone overdose and lung disease. >> i think he was trying to treat patients that either came to him, with an opioid addiction, but still needed to be treated somehow, he had a medical obligation to treat these patients for their severe
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pain. >> the attorney general says keller prescribed powerful drugs including vicodin, morphine, and oxycontin, as many as 300 pills at a time. all outside of accepted medical practices. ktvu legal analyst michael cardoza says it is rare for the attorney general's office to try criminal cases and that becerra is sending a message. his budget is going to be second-degree murder. if you overprescribed opioids or whatever they are prescribing, and one of your patients dies, we are going to look very closely. >> hillary is due back in court on tuesday if convicted he could face life in prison. in santa rosa, rob ross, ktvu f0x2 news. now to oakland where the police department is under fire. civil rights attorneys were monitoring opd's progress on years of reforms, and say the department is sliding backwards. they say it has especially been one step forward two steps back. to investigate candace when here with what prompted
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authorities. >> >> reporter: this all started in the early 2000, police brutality case resulted in the federal monitoring of the police department, opd agreed to comply with thousands of -- fast forward to january of this year, opd was only three taps away from full compliance, civil rights attorneys now say it is going backwards. >> reporter: in april, attorney jim tenant believes the police department was close to complying with federal mandate resulting from the 2003 writers case. wherefore officers were accused of lying and of brutalizing citizens point >> we are close, i think we are closer than we have been. >> now in august, shannon's tone has changed. >> because of the fact, that the monitor has found them out of compliance, or impartial compliance with so many tasks. >> reporter: thjohn burrows who sued oakland on behalf of
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the police saying the oakland police department is backsliding from full compliance especially in the past past year. >> in addition to fully complying with three tasks, opd now has to work to regain compliance with more reforms, they include speeding up their internal affairs investigations, and more accurately reporting use of force. like when an officer pulls out a gun. >> we can't leave with this job incomplete. i am 72 years old, sure i would like to get back. >> shooting death of the homeless man last year, and under reported incidents involving people of color. >> there are people dying, people getting arrested for no reason >> oakland officials declined an on camera interview. in court documents they said th compliance, seeking guidance on the metrics that are outstanding. while police stops of african-
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americans are down and there are fewer shootings, the police added honest self-analysis is the new norm within the department. >> there is too much at stake. >> oakland police just provided us another statement, they say they wholeheartedly disagree with the characterizations made by shannon and burris when it comes to their client and encourage the public to read the full federal documents, which they have posted on our website, today the jury in the ghost ship warehouse trial finished the ninth day of deliberations without a verdict. the jurors have now gone home for a three-day weekend and will resume deliberations on monday morning. today, they asked to hear a read back of testimony from this witness, carmen rito. she was a ghost ship warehouse tennis, tenet who described how she escaped the flames. defendants derek allman and max harris each phase 36 counts of manslaughter.
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coming up, new information about the man accused of shooting six police officers in philadelphia. what we are learning about his criminal record. also ahead, we look into how the suspect in the attack caught on surveillance video released back on the street 72 hours after the crime. on ktvu news at 6:30, what the police officers association is saying about the judge ordered that release point plus, the governor meets with schoolteachers and public safety employees to discuss how assistance programs can keep public servants from being priced out of the bay area's housing market. >> i was able to send my application in. taking alive look right now outside of thursday evening, traffic appears to be moving okay on 880, into the coliseum, right now it is taking 47 minutes to get from oakland to union city. ktvu news at 6:00 will be right back. (music throughout)
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new details tonight about the man accused of shooting six police officers in philadelphia. authorities say murrysville had an extensive criminal past, that should have prevented him from legally owning a gun. records show hill was convicted of crimes that include assault, perjury, and weapon offenses. he also served two stinin prison. today in philadelphia there was a sense of relief that no one died. >> reporter rick leventhal was in philadelphia where officials say the suspect should never have been on the streets. >> there should be charges of
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attempt at murder, that's pretty obvious, there should be charges of aggravated assault in the first degree. >> reporter: authorities in philadelphia say if convicted the man at the center of wednesday nights chaos may spend the rest of his life behind bars. 36-year-old maurice hill is accused of firing on police, who were serving a narcotics warrant, sparking a tense standoff lasting nearly 8 hours. video from the house across the street shows the moment the incident began. >> six officers were wounded, all of them treated and released from area hospitals. >> in the face of what could have been a horrific tragedy, the peaceful resolution of the incident marks one of the finest moments in the history of the police department. >> >> reporter: unknown felon with an offensive criminal history going back to the early 2000's. >> this was someone who needed to be off the streets. these are more than enough charges, so that mister maurice hill may never exit jail. despite philadelphia's police commissioner admits he didn't think the standoff would end the way it did. >> this man was not going to go
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back to prison, he had made that clear, and we knew he had the weaponry. >> reporter: authorities say it is incredible no one was killed or seriously injured, given how many bullets were flying through this neighborhood. in philadelphia, rick leventhal, fox news. today in seven cisco it was 84 degrees, the record in seven cisco on this day is 87, no record in seven cisco. livermore was 105, the record in livermore today is 108. so, it didn't happen. reno for the first time this year hit 100 degrees, which is the first time in 2019 they've been 100 degrees, real hot it will continue pretty hot tomorrow, there will be a slight cooling as you know. all this stays in effect, heat advisory which many of us are under, includes oakland, excuse me, concord, livermore, san jose, that could drop tonight, the red areas, that is the excessive heat warning, that stays in effect thug tomorrow night.
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records, we look at those before we had records yesterday, san jose broke a record for the second straight day in a row. current temperatures during daytime highs, way up there, certainly warmer than we have seen much of this summer it has been a cool summer, current temperatures reflecting the heat that is continuing with a lack of a seabreeze. so, as we head into tomorrow, more of the same, but slightly cooler, those arrows, when vectors will start to come ashore a little bit more. temperatures will gradually calm down, the fog will gradually come back down, 300 miles away along the coast, it will work its way back up the coast, producing some cooling for the bay and the coast by tomorrow night, and then by saturday and sunday, significant cooling. another warm one tomorrow, with the heat advisory that gets dropped tonight, and then an excessive heat warning in the l tomorrow. gavin newsom joins maryland and read in seven cisco today to discuss affordable housing for teachers. newsom and reed met with teachers and public safety employees that francis scott
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key elementary in the sunset. the group talks about special down payment assistance programs offered by the city. one teacher who grew up in seven cisco says she cannot afford to buy a home, and is still living with her parents to save money. >> i'm a teacher, and, i cannot -- i don't know if i can afford to live here. >> right. >> my mom wants me to save money and hopefully someday by something in the bay area, but realistically, i don't know if i can anymore. governor newsom says he has made affordable housing and homelessness a top priority. the state budget sign his name and includes $1.7 billion investment for housing. past gr the measure one allegedly of approval today and was offered by david pugh in sentences go, he says it is to help those identify as transgender or no gender. records can inadvertently
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reveal that the graduate is transgender when they have not otherwise made their transition public. the broadcast service known as california's version of c-span is going off the air in october. the channel has been providing news agencies and others with video of the state legislature, and other california agencies for the past 30 years. cal channels presidents as the service has become obsolete. among other things, the state legislature now has their own tv and radio services with politicians to send stories to their districts. coming up after the break, the culinary findings from jeffrey epstein autopsy, the broken bone he suffered in his neck and what medical experts are saying about that. plus, the reason why to members of congress have been barred from entering israel. and, what president trump is saying about all of this. .
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the u.s. stock market ended the day mixed after the massive selloff, the dow bounced back to gain 95 points after falling 800 and point yesterday for its worst day of the year.
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nasdaq was down seven today. the s&p was up seven. strong earnings from walmart lifted the dow, but a weak revenue forecast from cisco in san jose held back the tech heavy nasdaq. president trump suggested today that the way to ease, is to have the chinese leader meet with them to score things out. critics say the president's comments foreign policy approach focuses narrowly on a -- american valleys values point the president spoke about the two muslim congress women barred from entering israel at the last minute, a decision from israel was made following a tweet from president trump saying it would show great weakness of israel would allow the representative to visit. the president told reporters that democrat congresswomen
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omar and to live were very anti- jewish and anti-israel. but i think it is disgraceful, the things they have said, you have listened to them, a one line mistake with a said about israel, and jewish people is a horrible thing, and they have become the face of the democratic party. >> the president has singled out this woman before. they are among the democrats demanding -- preliminary findings from jeffrey epstein's autopsy found bones in his neck were broken. these injuries can occur in a suicide by hanging especially in older people. epstein was 66 years old. ey remain confident that he can remain suicide in his manhattan jail cell saturday, while facing sex trafficking charges, even though medical experts say that broken neck bones are also common in homicides by strangulation. the coroner listed the cause of
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death as pending. ktvu f0x2 news at 6:30 is next, with the judge under fire for releasing potentially violent criminal suspect. tonight we are learning more about that judge and hearing from the police officer association from the judge putting the suspect at risk. marcus cousins injured again in a pickup game. we have next in sports point bayview neighborhood, how the mayor hopes it will help not just small businesses, but also the community. ♪
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out to our top story. firefighters in south san jose are battling a fire along santa teresa boulevard. 15 homes have been evacuated. it is 50% contained. people in the surrounding area were being told to stay indoors because of all the smoke. classrooms are so hot at
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skyline high school and students say there getting nauseous and dehydrated. the school in oakland has no air conditioning. one teacher said fans are not enough. you can see how hot it is getting, over 90 degrees. tonight a formal complaint is on its way to the district. several other schools in auckland need some sort of relief in the heat. a doctor in santa rosa is facing criminal charges for allegedly prescribing tankersley high doses of opioids. they are charging dr. thomas keller with four counts of second-degree murder in the fifth count of elder abuse. the physician's attorney said dr. keller treated his patients in a proper manner and there is no basis to charge him with any crime. you are watching ktvu fox 2 at 6:30. we begin with new questions about the criminal justice system in san francisco. >> a woman was attacked last we can modify her apartment building. police arrested a suspect, but a judge released in 72 hours
6:30 pm
later. he really has the latest. >> reporter: austin james vincent was freed by a judge after being charged with this terrifying attack that caught on video. he has no local address. his whereabouts are now unknown. >> i can't stop thinking about the fact that this man is free after what he did to me. the back the woman who was attacked is on her last name used. she wants the judge who released him recalled. in a tweet, she wrote, i need answers and tasked former governor jerry brown then governor newson. she says the judge is not fit for the job and putting lives in danger. what are you waiting for? please, you have to do something. i stopped by the hall of justice and watch the judge at work. she is a former san francisco deputy city attorney who played a key role in cases involving
6:31 pm
marriage equality. the judge rejected a safety assessment that said vincent was unsuitable for release. funding was made after the group used a computer tool, plugging in factors like his age, criminal history, and whether he has a history of skipping court hearings. >> our main concern and what drives their work of public safety and making sure people show up for court. >> reporter: david, who heads the program, says benson is a client and therefore he could not go into details, including how often vincent must check in. she says he is not second- guessing the judge. >> you are asking me to get in the judge's go-ahead. that is not our position. i would never do that. they are on the bench. we respect their decisions. >> reporter: in a statement, vincent's attorney says he has no history of violent offenses. by all accounts this appears to have been a young man having a mental health crisis who is now been heavily charged in this
6:32 pm
incident. this is not the first time there has been controversy involving an inmate. and 2017 just five days after the judge least someone on a judge charge, he killed a san francisco photographer for his camera. henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. the san francisco police officers association released this statement. judge ben they can's release ran afoul of the lease recordation of the public safety assessment tool. this release of an individual who is in need of in a mental health intervention put everything franciscan who comes in contact with vincent in immediate danger. mayor london breed is also critical. she says the judge made the wrong decision. h businesses have been added to the san francisco legacy business registry. it recognizes long community standing is this is invaluable
6:33 pm
cultural assets. three of the businesses recognized are in japantown. this sweetshop that has been around for 40 years. this bakery on buchanan. the national japanese-american historical society. an ineffective public- private partnership is providing some small businesses a place to grow in san francisco's bay view district. it is centered around the food market. as greg wiggins reports, city and community leader says it will draw people to the neighborhood. >> reporter: nothing brings the community together like that. >> reporter: mayor london breed hopes that is true. at third and hudson you will find big dreams on the tiny plot of land. it is called bay view bistro, and it is giving local food entrepreneurs an opportunity to market and grow their businesses. >> this is a stepping off point
6:34 pm
for businesses who are participating. >> reporter: the idea is a public-private partnership. they have loaned the land free of charge to a public utilities commission program that aims to help noble neighborhoods. small businesses are getting free space and coaching to help them succeed. >> just to see somebody at this point, and a step up and say we notice your hard work and we are here to help you means something to me because i have done it by myself. i didn't think help was an option. >> reporter: for now, there are just three businesses, and the food is getting positive reviews. >> fantastic flavors. supple, tender ribs. >> a very flavorful potato salad. >> reporter: mayor breed hopes the concept helps the district drive. >> i am hoping these businesses get enough support, and we can hopefully help them transition into maybe one of the empty storefronts.
6:35 pm
>> reporter: attendance for people living in the neighborhood was sparse. the hope is once word and the aroma get out, that will change. >> we are hoping that people will come after the publicity from the mayor and support from the different companies around here. >> reporter: if you find yourself hungry in which is sample the, this place will be open each wednesday, thursday, and friday from 11-2 in the final friday of each month there will be a community night from 5-8. in the bay view, greg wiggins, ktvu fox 2 news. coming up, and emotional reunion as a north bay man gets the chance to personally thank the group of people who saved his life. >> i just can't thank you enough for saving my life. i am truly blessed to be here. also, job almost halfway done. we will show you work to clear dry brush in the east bay and how firefighters did it while coping with the heat.
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try my 2 for $4 breakfast biscuits and add 4 donut holes for just a buck. only at jack in the box. a man from moran who suffered a heart attack while he was running his own life into a group of strangers. it was a month ago today that the 59-year-old was running outside shadow cliffs when he suddenly went into arrest. a passing driver stopped and called 911 and started cpr. then two firefighter cadets noticed the commotion and pulled over to help. it did not stop there. the 911 call triggered an alert
6:39 pm
system called pulse point, which alerted nearby cpr-trained responders, one of which was a lifeguard working at shadow cliffs. now fully recovered, today albert and his wife trish got the chance to personally thank the strangers who did they now call heroes. >> to all of you who paused in your day to stop to help a stranger, thank you. >> you saved my life. he said my wife, life. it is so nice to be here. it is good to be alive. i promise, i won't have any more episodes. >> albert and his wife are avid runners. they say looking for l trained nearby. a pastor and homeless advocate is helping people on the streets deal with the process high temperatures. scott wagers is the pastor at
6:40 pm
cham ministries. they delivered water. they made stop that several in kimmons including one at roosevelt park. >> water is a lifesaver. let's be honest, the elderly, the vulnerable, the homeless are the most vulnerable people. >> the food, medicine. if somebody is sick, you need to do medicine. water, you can use it. >> wager says heat can be the dangerous fire weather. they are hoping the bottled water will save lives. the heat advisory up for a few more hours for most of the day area. and excessive heat warning through tomorrow. her records today. we have all the details when h
6:41 pm
newsroom with a look at more stories we are working on. >> we've been telling you about the growing backlash over the lease of a man days after an attack in san francisco that was caught on surveillance video. at 7 pm, we will talk live with the president of the san francisco police officers union about his frustrations with this case. also at 7, it is the first day of school for students at paradise high. since the camp fire, see why it is a bittersweet reunion. those stories and a lot more coming up live on ktvu plus. marking 50 years since the three days of peace and love that changed everything. a look back at woodstock. hot some in the summertime here in the bay area. we are here to discuss jessie's online time.
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sick, dry brush that firefighters have been fighting. >> they have been working to reduce the fire break. on a day like this, the heat is a big challenge. >> reporter: heat wave are not, a consortium of agencies is racing to clear dry brush and vegetation from under trees along a 17-mile corridor from berkeley to lafayette. today it was so hot it would have been dangerous for crews to work in additional firefighting gear.
6:45 pm
>> where still maintaining safety. we are having people work in longsleeved t-shirts to give them a little more ability to maintain the temperature. >> reporter: maintaining body temperature is crucial. heatstroke is a real danger. >> we go over work versus rest cycles. we want to increase our rest cycles when the heat goes up. comic there are places for cooling. air-conditioned trucks are standing by. the weather is measured hourly. >> we check y hour. we have planned activity levels when the relative humidity hits a certain level, stop work. >> reporter: during the intense heat, all-terrain vehicles standby. each crew has firefighting gear. this has already been treated,
6:46 pm
removing decades if not generations of low-lying debris, brush, and other things that could catch fire. could is still catch fire? yes. but it is not small and it is in the flames of into the trees were a real force fire can start, and the embers from those trees can be blown for miles and miles. on days like today when you are in the turnout gear, it is brutal. you are dripping sweat. your turnout boots filled with sweat. you are losing so much fluid. add to that physical activity a pulling hose lines in the heat of the fire, it increases tremendously. >> reporter: this massive project should be done before early fall. it is still hot in many inland locations. we will find out from bill when we will get -- >> it is 100 degrees.
6:47 pm
>> 103 in fairfield. it will cool off a little bit. a little bit more of an onshore flow. a little subtle cooling. you go between 105 and 106 down to 102. 100 to is still hot. around the bay it will cool a little more. you will get some relief. the bigger relief comes on saturday. these are some of the highs on saturday. concorde, 105. livermore, 106. we took a look at the records. tied in redwood city. a couple of days in a row of the heat. fires are starting to pop a little bit. the thing i will point out that is so important, this is fire weather for sure because it is summer and hot. this pattern, the red flag warning, it is not a red flag warning, the idea that we are not dealing with significant wind. the fire they got going
6:48 pm
today, they get going and squelched pretty quickly. without the wind to dry things, it is a different scenario for our friends at cal fire. they know that. as we get into september and october, that changes. we can get heat like this and the wind. the changes everything. right now just the heat and low humidity is manageable. it truly is. you are seeing that today with the good work that the men and women of cal fire were doing. air-quality looks pretty good. ground-level ozone, it comes from your car, the sun hits it, that is good up in the stratosphere. the ozone down here, three oxygen molecules together, not good. not healthy to breathe. tomorrow will be another spare the air day. as you go through the microclimate, it is okay. 86 in alameda. temperatures early heat as you go inland. you notice slightly cooler. not well inland.
6:49 pm
those numbers will move much at all. discovery bay in fresno will be 105-106. for our area, the heat will get bumped east a little bit. you will find it if you go east. you say around the bay in places like hayward and fremont and san jose and san rafael and oakland, you will notice it. the cooley begins tomorrow. it really accelerate on saturday and sunday. the air-conditioners can take a little bit of a break. air-quality gets better. as we mentioned before, when you look at the five day, it is dangerous. he just downright dang without air conditioning. it is hot. if you have neighbors without air conditioning and you are in san jose or morgan hill, check on them, see how they are doing. 50 years ago today, mo than 400,000 people gathered on a farm in upstate new york for the woodstock music festival. san francisco bands the
6:50 pm
grateful dead and santana performed. plans for a 50th anniversary concert in new york state fell apart. beginning tonight, the east bay city of concorde is hosting three free woodstock-themed concerts. >> i was not there, but i saw the movie. jimi hendrix doing the star- spangled banner on his electric guitar. incredible. >> 50 years ago. coming up next, we will hear from a warriors star as he weighs in on the injury of demarcus cousins. uh-oh, look still nervous about buying a new house. is it that obvious? yes it is. you know, maybe you'd worry less if you got geico to help with your homeowners insurance. i didn't know geico could helps with homeowners insurance. yep, they've been doing it for years.
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mark is here to tell us about demarcus cousins an update us on his injuries. >> it is unexplainable. demarcus cousins -- st celebrat birthday. you cannot attribute it to age. in the last year and a half, he tore an achilles tendon, a torn
6:54 pm
quad muscle sustained in the playoffs with the warriors this past spring. today it is revealed, a torn acl in his left left knee. monday in las vegas during a pickup game. it looks like a typical basketball play. he went down hard. it will require surgery. he will no doubt miss the entire season with his new team, the lakers. draymond green reacts. >> to have this injury, i expect a mike, what's next? it is tedious. it of those situations wherewant to call. i sent him a text. what do you say? at this point you send encouragement? nobody wants to hear that at this point. i don't know. like i said, i am at a loss for
6:55 pm
words. i don't know what to say. meanwhile, basketball without borders. that is what they are calling it. a tour through asia, spreading the sport throughout the globe. that is looming of the warriors in tokyo, japan at a camp for young students, teaching basketball during clinics. also promoting cultural understanding. >> just a learning experience, a different culture. some of the basketball, how big it is, and how it affects everybody the way does back home in america. basketball it is something that brings everybody together and unites you. meanwhile, tiger takes the course, everybody notices. all eyes on him this week at the bmw. he is at recent health problems. 11 poll, tiger woods, his second shots, and it will start onto the green, leading to a birdie. he will go on for a
6:56 pm
minus 2 on the day. this is part 5. a little trouble here. the t shot goes, they always say arrive. this time in a tree. the wooded area. he would, however, be able to save par after a bogey on 16. he will drain a par save on 17. 1 under 71 putting him tied for 50th place. here's what he had to say about his rounds. >> it is just not sharp. i'm trying to make changes in my swing. it is just not quite there yet. it is one of those things. i need reps. i haven't put in a lot of reps. i tried to change my playing a there. meantime, it harkens back to the day of john mcenroe,
6:57 pm
jimmy connor, the temper tantrums. we saw it last night. have a look and listen to what occurred at the cincinnati masters. check this out. >> head down. every single time play [ bleep ]. >> that is nick of australia. a little meltdown. after voicing his displeasure, he asked for a bathroom break, went down the hallway, did not go to the restroom, tortured a couple of rackets. he comes back. eventually lost the match. he is still heated. >> i haven't seen that since john mcenroe. >> he did it courtside, though.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
previously on the big bang theory... there's no point in dwelling on it. as the vulcans say, "kup-fun-tor ha'kiv na'ish du stau."
7:00 pm
do you know what that means? no. are you telling the truth? nersh. this is ridiculous-- being upset about amy all the time isn't accomplishing anything. if i want to resolve this situation, then i need to take action. what are you gonna do? i'm going to find her and ask her to marry me. and if she says yes, we can put this behind us and resume our relationship. and if she says no... well, then she can just ponfo miran. he didn't mean that.


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