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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  August 17, 2019 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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ktvu fox2: where the power of 2 comes from you. we walked into a classroom and sat by the door and think, what i be the first one to get shot? >> powerful words from a student at a gun safety rally in san francisco. why they say now may be the time common sense gun laws funds will be enacted. major delays this week and along a busy freeway and bart line. the track project behind the closing. this is ktvu fox2 news it 6:00. good evening. i'm andre senior. eliana has the night off pick we begin with a nationwide demonstration urging lawmakers to take action to curb gun violence. san francisco was part of the protest on the steps of city hall. the interaction has been going on for years but has grown more urgent after 3 mass shootings in the span of a week. greg lincoln's got the
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perspective of a student who joined today's protests in an effort to effect change. >> reporter: hundreds gathered on santa cisco's city hall to demand stricter gun laws because 17-year-old in a crowd so she was motivated to participate because students these days are not solely focused on learning while at school . >> students nowadays, we walked into the classroom and sit by the door and we think, what i be the first to get shot? we look around the room and we think, what would we use to throw at the shooter? >> the demonstrators are part of two groups, moms demand action and every town for gun safety. they want congress to reconvene and pass, the station gun legislation >> shootings can happen anywhere at any time. we are not safe in our country because people have easy weapons to firearms and not just real regular firearms. these are weapons of mass destruction . >> kimber been zealous says she
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came to demonstrate to protect her young daughter . >> i got involved because my own daughter was in kindergarten during sandy hook when sandy hook happened and not long after she started have lockdown drills at her school and that was the final straw for me . >> the groups most important demand, federal background checks for all gun sales and something referred to as a red flag law . >> we need to pass a federal red flag law that would limit the ability for people to -- who pose a danger to themselves or others who so show clear warning signs of not being able to handle a firearm . >> some say society seems to be at the tipping point and is right for change in the wake of the most recent wave of mass shootings . >> this is going to change. it has to change it just has to . >> in san francisco, greg wiggins, ktvu fox2 news. now to an update on what is being called the largest mass shooting of philadelphia police
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in decades. maurice hill appear to the court arraignment today where murder charges will officially filed against the shooter. he is accused of killing more than 6 officers during a 7 our standoff on wednesday. he had gone to a home to survey to serve a drug warned. since the incident, pennsylvania's governor wasted no time unveiling a new gun violence prevention plan. tom wolf has signed an executive order directing state and local agencies to focus more resources on preventing gun violence. the order calls for the creation of a special counsel to come up with a plan. state police are also being ordered to expand and support gun buyback programs as well as increased monitoring of hate groups and white nationalists. an update on the part pair work impacting drivers or 3
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east bay stations that is translating into delays for writers. take a look at the map of the affected areas. the transit agency is replacing track from orinda to walnut creek and using highway 24 to stage equipment and that means a bus bridge will be taking passengers between those stations. here's a live look at highway 24 right now, traffic does not look that bad right now. two of the 4 eastbound lanes are closed. we are now several hours into that work so ktvu sara zendehnam want to see how riders and drivers are being impacted by this. >> this is the first of 6 weekend closures and the goal is to get the work done by the end of october. when you come to walnut creek, lafayette or orinda bart stations, you will see signs like this set up and also bart officials out here to answer questions you might have . >> whether you were prepared >> if you have a map, you >> or got here --
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>> it's kind of a surprise . >> tracks of the walnut creek lafayette and orinda bart stations are shut down all weekend . >> there is no good time for a track closure. there just isn't. we are trying to find the least bad time possible and for that, that is a weekend. >> reporter: bart says the closures are necessary to replace 500 feet of equipment that dates back to 1972. measure rr approved $3.5 billion for the work. that means trains will not run this weekend through those stations and 5 other weekends over the next two months. two lanes of eastbound highway 24 will be closed between the lafayette bart station to oak hill road because of a big crane helping with the work . >> we know there will be delays because of this. we think it is worth a . >> delays on highway 24 could reach 30 minutes while bart could be but a bus bridge can free shuttles can take you >> it was actually kind of easy. just ride the bus from the drivers, no problem . >> both lanes of highway 24 are expected to open by 7 am on monday while bart was start running at 5 am monday, just in time for the work commute. for the most part, writers are staying positive. >> i don't want to be late but it's not like being late for
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work of the theater. in lafayette, sara zendehnam, ktvu fox2 news. we go now to a water main break in rachel in vallejo that caused problems. the 14 inch cast iron pipe on sonoma boulevard ruptured just before 3 am. when crews shut off water to begin repairs, a nearby regency hotel as well as two apartment buildings and homes, they were left without water. services expected to be restored bite 9 pm. this evening, the search continues for the man vallejo police say is having a proctor contact with young girls. they have released this image of the man in hopes that someone will recognize them. police say he is suspected of having 3 improper contacts with girls between the ages of eight and 14. he is described as 5 feet 10 inches tall with a distinct mall to the right of his nose and attach you tattoo on his
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right shoulder. he was seen driving a white or silver dodge or ckon top. anyone with information is asked to call vallejo police. protesters clashed today in downtown portland. this event was organized by several all right groups and promoted on social media. members of antifa showed up to hold counter protests. more than two dozen local, state and federal law enforcement agencies lined the streets, decked out in tactical gear. >> they think we are white supremacists. a lot of us is just false information being spewed by mainstream media and a lot of other organizations . >> we are just here, we want so >> we are able to hold our events, get everyone safely without any confrontations, conflicts or fights and ever
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but he got home today, no one went to jail . >> over a dozen protesters were arrested. the rally was expected to drop people from across the country. law enforcement says they had been preparing for this for weeks. >> sad story, a 7 month old baby was found dead at a northern california campground. authorities are trying to figure out why. the infant was found unresponsive thursday morning at the twin arrows campground south of siskiyou lake near mount shasta. the mother is suspected of neglect after she allegedly left the boy and his 2-year-old sibling in a car while she and her companions slept at a nearby tent. an autopsy was completed but the cause of death was inconclusive. the mother has since been released pending the results of the investigation. the babies 2-year-old sibling has been placed in protective services. the battle to stop out a wildfire in mariposa county continues this saturday evening. video of the gates fire yesterday which has consumed about 1300 acres of land so far, the flames are about 30% contained, we are told. cal fire is tackling the fire from ground and air.
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evacuation advisories have been issued for several areas. structures have not been damaged but we are told that at one point, 20 structures were threatened by flames. another victim of last year's devastating campfire has been identified now. the butte county sheriff's office positively id the remains of judith sipper of paradise pick the 68-year-old was one of 86 people who perished in the wildfire. 3 people have been tentatively identified but not yet named by the sheriff's office. two other victims remain unknown. in the aftermath of the campfire, authorities used dna testing to identify bone fragments and other remains which they say have been slow and arduous. >> not to the race for the white house, democratic candidate, elizabeth warren was one of several candidates who attended a gathering of african- american church leaders in atlanta. she touched on a number of topics from voter suppression to her plan for universal childcare . >> a two cent wealth tax on
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billionaire so we can make an investment in every single one of our babies, universal childcare for now all of them. we leave no one behind pickets about raising wages for every childcare worker and preschool teacher in america. >> bernie sanders that you see there was also at the event. he blasted resident trump for what he calls racist and xenophobic rhetoric that he says trump has been saying. he said it is time for healthcare to be considered a human right. workers at a shell manufacturing plant in pennsylvania were told by management that they had to attend president trump's rally last tuesday or take the the employees were alprotest during the event which was supposed to focus on energy but ended up being a campaign style rally. so far, no comment from shell or the white house. minnesota representative,
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rashida tlaib is coming under fire. more criticism for her decision not to visit her family in israel. she was granted permission to travel to see her grandmother on the west bank but called of her trip. garrett tenney has more from washington. president trump is not the only one questioning congressman rashida tlaib's motivation in the back and forth with israel. after her original trip was tonight, she made a humanitarian request to visit her 90-year-old grandmother in the west bank and agreed not to promote any agenda. she changed her mind and decided not to make the trip. she has not explain the reversal but said in a statement, visiting my grandmother under these oppressive conditions meant to humiliate me would break my grandmother's heart, silencing me to make me feel less than is not what she would wants for me . it would kill a piece of me that always stands against racism and injustice. israels interior minister quickly responded questioning her sincerity tweeting, i
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approved a request as a gesture of goodwill on a humanitarian basis but it was a provocative request aimed at bashing the state of israel. apparently her hate for israel overcomes her love for her grandmother. >> palestinians are -- to leaves family in the west bank is also backing her decision not to come . >> i didn't meet rashida for a long time. she didn't come. that her mother used to visit us. they didn't allow rashida to come. we are with rashida and rejecting the decision consider it a right decision . to leave and omar will try again to visit the reason region. we are not aware at this time of any plans to do that . >> in washington, garrett tenney. the 11th state weekend of
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program democracy protest in hong kong but this time for democracy activists faced off with government supporters. >> why united nations investigators are looking into the homeless problem in california. in bay area weather, you probably noticed a big change, big drop off in temperatures in your saturday weather. it looks like we will continue to cool off for the rest of the weekend. will have a look at the forecast, coming up.
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there are more mass protests in hong kong today as schoolteachers join the pro- democracy demonstrations. thace has more from hong kong.
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>> reporter: the 11th straight weekend of pro-democracy protest kicking off in hong kong saturday. thousands of schoolteachers joining the demonstration marching under rainfall and occasional thunderstorms. expressing their support to other activists, many of whom are students . >> it was peaceful -- we want them to withdraw the bill, extradition bill . >> other protesters pointed laser pointers at police after authorities deemed the pointers to be weapons. meantime, protesters and police supporters are holding a rally saturday, many waving a chinese flag, giving thumbs up to the police. the ongoing demonstrations highlighting the political divide in a semi autonomous chinese territory. chinese paramilitary sources are moving closer to hong kong,
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carrying out crowd control exercises across the board using shields, batons and other right control gear. their options are sparking fears of a violent crackdown which is now double as police and hong kong say there is still time to avoid military intervention . >> we conclude that we have the capability to main order in hong kong . >> american flags flying throughout the protest. president trump has remained reserve under tough trade negotiations with china. the president says he is hopeful the protests will remain nonviolent and is urgent the president to meet with the movements leadership . >> i'd be willing to bet if he sat down with protesters, a group of representative protesters, he could work it out in 15 minutes . >> another mass demonstration is scheduled for sunday. police have denied protesters permits but they say they will show up anyway. in hong kong, susan lee, foxbusiness. united nations
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investigators in california are looking into the treatment of the state homeless population. a lawyer from san diego invited lillian farhat to visit the state. she is a u.n. appointee of the u.n. rights council. she says homeless conditions are worth and anticipating but after leading with state and county officials, she is pleased to hear that state leaders agree state action needs to be taken. the unofficial trip is not expected to result in a u.n. call to action but could lead to a report of homelessness situation in san diego. an investigation was opened into housing policies in san francisco. according to the san francisco chronicle, the investigation is to determine if the city's affordable housing policies violate laws that protect people from discrimination. the report says the city received a letter from hud about the investigation and city attorneys are now reviewing it. starting monday, bart will stop selling paper tickets at
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the embarcadero station. instead, reloadable clipper cards will be available to purchase. this is the second station to make the change. next will be the powell street station and then downtown berkeley. passengers can still use paper tickets at the stations gates but only the corporate guard will be available for purchase. bart says the goal is to eliminate all paper tickets sometime next year. cops and the community came together in richmond today for the sixth annual chill with a cop ice cream social. the event took place at metro lock plaza and 16th street. organizers it is a chance for police to get to know the community and parents and build positive relationships. the interaction with our community is absolutely important. it gives us the time to get out have conversations wiso an oppo for them to let us know what is going on in their neighborhood. >> the ice cream supplies last and, of course. organizers say every year the
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event gets more popular. at least today, it wasn't so hot that the ice cream melted in your hand. you had a chance to eat it because the weather definitely cooled down from what we had during the week. meteorologist, mark tamayo is here with more on that. the cool weather we are now dealing with . >> that welcome relief. we needed it. just a little subtle change in temperatures, but an instant drop off. you noticed the change with those readings. yesterday, livermore, 1101 degrees, today, out of the triple digits and the 90s, just some 80s this afternoon so fairly pleasant for the inland hotspots for today. take a look at some of the highs from this afternoon. fairfield, 83. antioch, 84, oakland, 76 degrees. here's the satellite showing the main source of the cool down and that is the fog deck, low clouds and fog the immediate coastline. we still have a pretty on
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pretty good onshore breeze so it looks like sunday, no major heat in the forecast at all. you can see the clouds already pushing over portions of san francisco for saturday evening. current numbers, we will check on those. right now, 70s out toward concord and fairfield, santa rosa, 69, san francisco, 62 in oakland, 67 degrees. the main reason we cooled off today is you can see the fog, low clouds and fog and as you take a look here the depth of the cloud layer is the key impact with the cooling inland. that marine layer will deepen and that leads to a more cooling out there. overnight lows in the 50s to 60s, cooler than it has been over the past few mornings. speaking of the marine layer, it is one of those deals where it is below the deck of the golden gate bridge but what has been developing as you so with a live camera, the marine layer has been deepening, that is leading to the cool down across the entire bay area. this area of high pressure was in charge of the weather pattern earlier in the week. as you can see, morven onshore breeze and this guy has been
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settling and so with that, we are cooling off those readings into your sunday forecast. it does look like we are going to warm up those numbers into next week especially by tuesday and into wednesday. here we go, tomorrow morning, forecast model showing the low clouds and fog, 55 to 62 degrees. clouds clear back to near the coastline and temperatures, no more triple digits, no more 90s, warmest locations will be approaching lower 80s for tomorrow afternoon. the beaches could actually be on the cool side. deftly want to bundle up there. san francisco, 66. a few lower 80s towards fairfield, antioch and brentwood. a few more spots, san jose, 78 in half moon bay, 61 degrees. here's a look at the five day, temperatures will warm up into monday and once again, we are talking about sowe head toward's wednesday. at this point, it does not look like last week where we had 105 degrees. >> still, it is hot with the 96 degrees so if you are not a fan of the heat, enjoy it and make the most out of every second tomorrow .
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>> or head to another part of town . >> there you go. thanks so much. the oakland a's look to a third string win against the at astros. plus a touching moment at the little league world series. a mom battling cancer gets to see her son score a pivotal play. scott reef scott reiss with reaction after the break. one call 811 before you dig.ings you can do is to make sure you calling 811 can get your lines marked. it's free, it's easy, we come out and mark your lines. we provide you the information so you will dig safely.
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leave the structure, call 911, keep people away, and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe.
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ktvu fox2: where the power of 2 comes from you. scott reiss is here with sports. the oakland a's and astros are at it again. hopefully it will not go to 13 innings like yesterday . >> maybe not well rested this afternoon but they were right back at it. all of this talk about the a's on the wild card, maybe we are upsetting -- setting our sights to low. the way this weekend has gone, the american league west race might not be over after all. game 3 out of 4 against the astros and the o's is the a's. bases-loaded, matt holsen, a little bingo. 3-28, olson had two rbis. mark canha drives home matt chapman, with2-4 4. giant, diamondbacks underway in arizona. that is brandon bell. bases-loaded, down to-0. plus 4
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, 2, just like that. that was his second career grand slam, just adding an rbi single to the 6-2 giants in the third and they had 12 homers last night. it might not be quite over yet. the best thing about the little league world series is not the baseball. it is the stories. this one tugs at the heartstrings. yesterday, minnesota playing michigan, one of them is -- minnesota player, dylan blew. his mom is battling look area leukemia and was cleared to watch dylan play. during the interview, dylan got on base and scored a run. mom got a little bit emotional. >> this is why i'm here! this is why my husband became a single parent this weekend. this is why my husband cared for me every single day, calling me every night making sure i tooki flush my
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lines. this is why we do this! >> right? pretty cool moment and the kid makes a big play and mom is there to see it and it is just a great -- >> great, great story. and we have been watching that. 4 games sweep over the astros would be the thing. >> mark, whether looking good? still cooling down? >> i'm here. i'm just outside the shot. believe me. and yeah, a little cooler small, 60s, 70s and low 80s and the heat is what we have been dealing with and it is all history but it will heat up again. >> thanks. see you later. the nfl preseason sunday at 5:00 on ktvu fox 2.
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if we're going to be staying in this apartment, would you be interested in doing a little redecorating? oh, actually, i would. great, what'd you have in mind? let's take every single thing from the other apartment and put it in here. well, how about we start a little smaller? like moving the furniture around. you know, i have always thought that this couch would look fantastic on the curb in front of the building. look, we can't just throw away penny's stuff, but we can ask if she wants any of it back. you know, i wonder how she feels about all this artwork. well, i'm sure she misses this one. i mean, it's the greatest gift i've ever given anybody. it truly does capture the beauty of your friendship with penny.


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