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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  August 17, 2019 10:00pm-10:44pm PDT

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this is the 10:00 news on ktvu fox 2. >> calling for change, people at rally for gun control say now is the time for common sense gun reform. >> students nowadays, we walk into a classroom, we think, would i be the first to get shot? >> tonight the push for stricter gun laws growing louder. thank alyana is off tonight. san francisco taking part in
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nationwide protests on the steps of city hall. as ktvu's greg liggins tells us those who participated hope the recent rash of mass shootings will lead lawmakers to take action. if. >> reporter: hundreds gathered on the steps of san francisco's city hall to demand stricter gun laws. a 17-year-old in the crowd says she was motivated to participate because students these days are not solely focused on learning while s corps. >> students nowadays we walk into a classroom, we sit by the door, would i be the first to get shot? we look around the room and we think, what would we use to throw at the shooter? >> demonstrators are part of two groups, moms demand action and everytown for gun safety. they want congress to reconvene and pass gun legislation to reduce america's gun violence. >> shootings can happen we are not safe in our country because people have easy access to weapons. to firearms. not just regular firearms,
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these are weapons of mass destruction. >> reporter: jennifer gonzales says she came to demonstrate to protect her own daughter. >> when sandy hook happened. not long after she started to have lockdown drills at her school. and that was the final straw for me. >> reporter: the group's most important demands, federal background checks for all gun sales, and something referred to as a red flag law. >> we need to pass a federal red flag law that would limit the ability for people who pose a danger to themselves or to others. who show clear warning signs of not being able to handle a firearm. >> reporter: some say society seems to be at a tipping point and is ripe for change in the wake of the most recent wave of mass shootings. it. >> this is going to change. it has to change. it just has to. >> reporter: san francisco, greg liggins, ktvu fox 2 news. it looks like some members of congress will return from recess early to talk gun control. the house judiciary committee
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plans to return from its august recess early to consider gun control. jerry nadler says his panel will get together september 4. they will consider a series of bills including one banning high-capacity magazine of immunization. he says there will be a hearing to talk about military style assault weapons which many democrats want banta. an update on what's being called the largest mass shooting of philadelphia police in decades. maurice hill was arraigned today and that is where attempted murder charges were officially filed. he's accused of shooting six officers wednesday. authorities say the 36-year-old was armed with an ar-15 semi- automatic rifle. and a handgun. pennsylvania's governor wasting no time unveiling a new gun violence prevention plan. tom wolfe signed an executive order directing state and local agencies to focus more resources on preventing gun violence. that order calls for the creation of a special counsel to come up with a plan.
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police are being order to expand gun buyback programs as well as increased monitoring of hate groups and white nationalists. new details about clashing protests in portland today. authorities say at least 13 people were arrested during demonstrations. several far right groups organized the demonstration and that prompted members of antifa to show up to hold counterprotests. about 1200 people participated at the peak of the protest. they seized several weapons including chemical spray, metal poles, knives and a stun gun. reporter bryne kelly has more on the demonstrators. >> reporter: hundreds of demonstrators from far right groups made their way to the east esplanade in northeast portland saturday morning. >> not protesting, just here for a political march. to stand up for the president. >> reporter: flags and make ame again hats as the mass of protesters walked across the morzan bridge.
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and into waterfront park where they were met by antifascist counterprotesters. >> because i want freedom and i've been called a brown nazi. that's ridiculous. >> reporter: during one of the only occasions in which both groups came face-to-face, things stayed relatively calm and right-wing demonstrators -- >> this is my first time here. and i don't know what. >> reporter: patriot prayer leader joy gibson making an appearance as well. just one day after turning himself in to law enforcement for felony rioting charges. he later bailed himself out of the multnomah county jail. demonstrators marched to the hawthorne bridge and back to the east side where rally organizer joe bigs made the announcement it's time to go >> we pretended to be the big, bad boogeyman and kind of pass on that. it was all a big troll.
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>> reporter: in the middle of our interview, he ran to a clash between right-wing demonstrators and a counterprotester. that man was pulled from the chaos by police and later let go. demonstrators then dispersed and loaded into buses and personal cars telling me, they consider this a peaceful protest and a success. overseas now, pro-democracy protests in hong kong entered an 11th straight weekend. thousands of teachers joining the demonstrations marching through rainfall and occasional thunderstorms. the protesters aimed laser pointers at riot police. the pro-democracy group are demanding resignation of the cities' later calling for democratic elections and independent investigation into police use of force. >> we still want to use peace, to tell the government that we
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want them to secure the extradition bill. >> pro-government and police supporters also held a rally. many of the participants waived chinese flags as you see and were seen giving the thumbs up to the police. the ongoing demonstrations highlighted the political divide and the semi autonomous chinese territory. authorities are looking for a hiker who has been missing since sunday. the trinity county sheriff's office says 34-year-old daniel cummings, experienced hiker, has been missing. he was on a hike to the trinity alps which is about 75 miles northwest of reading but was reported missing on wednesday after he didn't return home. authorities say he has a cell phone and and other backpackers say they saw him on growing complaints over dirty and foul-smelling bart trains and stations has the new director pushing to hire more cleaning crews. ktvu's leigh martinez is outside of the orinda station
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with the aggressive hiring bart plans to do. >> reporter: the orinda station, several writers today, is actually ranking pretty high with them. they consider this to be one of the cleaners stations but they say the system overall seems to be getting dirtier and b.a.r.t. spokespeople even admitted they have received several complaints over the past year of hypodermic needles in the san francisco stations. they say in the past six months, those complaints have dropped off but still they want to improve the service so they are aggressively hiring more cleaning crews in the next six months. when b.a.r.t. trains through the station, riders moved to get out buthings behind. >> usually try to sit in the corner. that's where the garbage is. people just leave garbage and stuff. >> the bathrooms are really
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dirty. smell so bad. sometimes the elevators too. >> reporter: complaints are piling up with the trash. >> this agency has heard loud and clear from its riders that more needs to be done to improve the cleanliness of the system and that goes for stations and trains. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. wants to hire 15 additional cleaners within the next six months. some writers are skeptical that will help. >> i think that's not enough cleaners. >> reporter: the majority say san francisco's civic center station is the worst in the system. >> everything is dirty. everything kind of stinks. repo be working >> reporter: despite complaints, riders say bart still has the appeal being convenient and ecologically friendly transportation. >> you know, you wash your hands when you get home. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. says the new cleaners will start out at part-time before they are done.
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before they get promoted to full-time cleaners here. and they do have the applications up on b.a.r.t.'s website. in orinda, leigh martinez, ktvu fox 2 news. >> many riders happy to hear all that. thank you so much. bart will stop selling paper tickets at the embarcadero station. instead reloadable cards will be available to purchase. this is the second station to make that change. next will be the powell street station then downtown berkeley. passengers can still use paper tickets at the gates but only the clippard cards will be available for purchase. its goal is to eliminate all paper tickets sometime next year. coverage continues later tonight, the latest on the recent track work that's creating a lot of delays in east bay. a 21-year-old man is behind bars suspected of robbing an employee at the mall in san bruno. trinidad was taken into custody during a traffic stop. he entered a store in the mall at around 11:00 a.m., stole
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personal items, as well as merchandise from that store. officers say he left the scene and was arrested a short time later. he has been booked at the san mateo county jail on charges related to robbery. a san francisco court paved the way for tougher immigration policy. how the head of customs and border protection is reacting to this. the oakland a's look to make it three wins in a row against the houston astros. scott reiss has all the highlights later in sports. in weather, intense heat has moved out of town. lots of low clouds and fog in the picture tonight, we will let you know if that trend continues in your sunday forecast. we also have this, united nations is involved in california's homeless problem. why the investigator is looking into the situation. ♪
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♪ the next american chinese original is here. new sichuan hot chicken. for a heart breaking limited time only at panda express. a weekend of maintenance work at three b.a.r.t. stations translating into delays on b.a.r.t. and on the roads. 24 to stage equipment. a bus bridge has been taking passengers between stations. there's a look at a traffic the area right now. you can see highway 24 and lafayette is red, that indicates heavy traffic heading east. that back up is several miles long. we are now almost 24 hours into the work so ktvu's went to see how riders and drivers are
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being impact. >> reporter: this is the first of six weekend closures and the goal is to get the work done by the end of november. you'll see signs like this that are set up and they are also officials out here to answer any questions you might have. whether you were prepared -- >> it's easy to have a map online. you can check everything. >> reporter: or didn't know until you got here -- >> this is kind of a surprise. >> reporter: tracks at the walnut creek lafayette and orinda stations are shut down all weekend. >> there is no good time for a track closure. there just isn't. we are trying to find the least bad time possible and that's on the weekends. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. says the closures are necessary. the goal is to replace 5,000 feet of track equipment that dates back to 1972. measure or approved $3.5 billion for this kind of work. that means trains won't run this weekend through those stations and five other weekends over the next two months. two lanes of eastbound 24 will also be closed near the lafayette b.a.r.t. station to oak hill.
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that's because of a crane helping with the work. >> we know they are going to be delays becausereach 30 minutes can be delayed up to 40 minutes. but a bus bridge can help. free shuttles can take you between the three stations. >> it was kind of easy. ride the bus, friendly drivers, no problem. >> reporter: both lanes of highway 24 are expected to open by 7:00 a.m. while b.a.r.t. will start running at 5:00 a.m. monday. just in time for the work week commute. for the most part, riders are staying positive. >> i don't want to be late for what i'm going to but it's not like being late to work or being late for the theater. >> reporter: in lafayette, sara zendehnam, ktvu fox 2 news. to vallejo now where water service was restored about 45 minutes ago. here's what happened, 14-inch cast iron water main ruptured at 3:00 a.m. flooding cars and cutting off water. to a hotel and several homes.
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that happened east of sonoma boulevard. when crews shutoff water to begin those repairs, the nearby regency hotel as well as two apartment buildings and homes were left without power but again water has been restored in that area, we are told,. another victim of last year's devastating camp fire has been identified. butte county sheriff's office positively i.d.'d the remains of judith of paradise. the 68-year-old was one of 86 people who perished in a wildfire. three people have been tentatively identified but not yet named by the sheriff's office. two other victims remain unknown. in the aftermath, authorities used dna testing to identify bone fragments and to the remains of been slow and arduous. crews are battling a wildfire in mariposa county, this is video of the fire taken yesterday. at this point cal and cal fire is tackling the fire from the ground and air.
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people who live in that area have been told to prepare for evacuations but no structures have been damaged. but there are 20 structures threatened in that area at one point. meteorologist mark tamayo is here now with more on our cooler forecast. if you stay outside a little bit too long, you needed a jacket. >> i'm sure fire crews are really liking that cooler front. >> much better. >> much better, yes. temperatures, if you're not a fan of the heat, appreciate the cooler refreshing marine air that moved in. take a look at the numbers, no triple digits, some 70s and 80s across the good portion of the bay area. san jose maxed out 84, oakland 76, san francisco 69, morgan hill some of that cooler marine air moving in from the south in fact, having an impact on the temperatures for that portion of the bay area. satellite showing you this and still low clouds, a few days ago we had clear skies up and down our coastline but not the
10:18 pm
case this evening. low clouds hugging the bay area shoreline, steady onshore breeze that will transport the clouds back into the bay as we head into sunday morning. current numbers checking on those, santa rosa 57, oakland 63, livermore 62, san francisco right now 59 degrees. live camera looking out toward the bay bridge for saturday night, looking out towards san francisco, we have some patchy cloud cover making a comeback so it's going to be a factor first thing tomorrow. near the coast and near the bay, overnight lows a bit cooler than it has been, over the past few mornings starting out tomorrow morning in the 50s and low 60s so here we are in san francisco, low clouds, 56 degrees, patchy fog, 61. remember a few days ago san francisco in the mid-80s. tomorrow just in the mid-60s right around 65 degrees. tomorrow morning showing you the clouds clearing back near the coastline and temperatures no triple digits, not much in the way of 90s so extreme heat
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is out of the bay area forecast and sunday outlook, 60s, 70s and 80s. we warmed things back up in the five-day forecast, we'll have a look at that coming up in a little bit. a number of universities ranked in the top 10 of the best colleges by money magazine. you see irvine was number 1, ucla and you see davis at four and five. stanford was number 6 and you see san diego was number 9. uc berkeley just missed the top 10 coming in at number 11. the list weighed a number of factors including tuition, graduation rates and early career earnings. electric scooter companies available to people in some as francisco. "the l.a. times" reports scoot east preventing riders from dropping off its scooters in the tenderloin and parts of chinatown. those are two of seven neighborhoods deemed communities of concern that scoot promised to prioritize in an agreement with sf mta. the city allowed scoot to operate as part of a year-long pilot program. the mta and scoot tell the
10:20 pm
paper they are both working with one another to address this issue. the united nations investigator looking into the treatment of the state's homeless population. a lawyer from san diego invited this person to visit the state. the investigator is an unpaid independent expert appointed by the human rights council. the conditions are worse than she anticipated, still after meeting with state and county leaders she says she's pleased to hear that the state leaders agree aggressive action needs to be taken. the unofficial trip is not expected to result in call to action but could lead to a report about homeless conditions in san diego. department of housing and urban development has opened an investigation into housing policies in san francisco. according to "the san francisco chronicle" the investigation is to determine if the city's affordable housing policies violate laws that protect people from discrimination. the report says the city received a letter from hud about the investigation and city attorneys are now revealing it.
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a man freed after spending 20 years behind bars for a crime he did not commit. how a sacramento business is helping him adjust to life outside of prison. jeffrey epstein's defense lawyers are not satisfied with the results of his autopsy. i'm jacqui heinrich. i've got the details coming up. ♪
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chevy all-star open house. get 20% below msrp on all 2019 silverado double cab pickups that's over $9,750 on this silverado. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. as soon as that bomber blew himself up, the deadliest at least 63 people have died and dozens were wounded in the blast. an official death toll is not expected until tomorrow. about 1200 guests have been invited to the wedding and so far no one has claimed responsibility. minnesota representative rashidah tlaib -- rashida
10:24 pm
tlaib, officials say another -- she made a humanitarian request to visit her 90-year-old grandmother in the west bank and said she had agreed not to promote any boycotts against israel during the visit but once israel granted her request, she changed her mind and decided not to make the trip. the congresswoman saying, quote, visiting my grandmother under these oppressive conditions meant to humiliate me would break my grandmother's heart. now, israel's interior minister responded on social media saying this, quote, apparently her hate for israel overcomes her love for her grandmother. end quote. activists as well as tlaib's family are cheering her decision. >> translator: i didn't meet rashidah for a long time. she didn't come but her mother used to visit us. they didn't allow rashidah to come. we are with rashidah >> tlaib had previously voiced support for the pro-palestinian boycott divestment and
10:25 pm
sanctions movement known as -- passed two years ago anyone who supports that movement can be denied entry into israel. exactly one week since we learned about the mysterious death of convicted sex offender jeffrey epstein. now official autopsy results show epstein hanged himself and his death was ruled a suicide. as jacqui heinrich reports, his attorneys want to know more. >> reporter: jeffrey epstein's cause of death was suicide by hanging are not satisfied with the autopsy results coming directly from the chief medical examiner's office in new york city on friday. epstein's attorneys releasing a statement hours later reading in part, quote, the defense team fully intends to conduct its own independent and complete investigation into the circumstances and cause of mr. epstein's death. >> the credibility of the bureau is at stake and so we have to get to the bottom of it and find some real concrete answers to what happened there. >> reporter: epstein reportedly broke multiple bones in his neck including the bone which
10:26 pm
is commonly broken by strangulation. some experts have doubts that epstein killed himself. >> the nature of the hanging, no jumping and no falling through a floor like execution, no jumping from the top of a stepladder, there's no velocity. where's the force come from? >> reporter: the examiner's findings come almost a week after the 66-year-old was found unresponsive in his jail cell at the metropolitan correctional center. the multimillionaire financier was awaiting trial on federal charges accusing him of sexually abusing underage girls and running a sex trafficking ring. epstein the accused sex trafficker foll month. he was taken off suicide watch in late july after he was given daily psychological assessments. prompting authorities to put him in a special housing unit. epstein initially had a cellmate but that person was removed for unknown reasons. >> i'd like to see the tips.
10:27 pm
even though there's not individual cell cameras, there are range cameras. >> reporter: both the fbi and doj are investigating the circumstances around epstein's death. in new york, jacqui heinrich, fox news. sacramento man has a big reason to smile tonight. >> every day people are helping me put things together to where i would be a complete puzzle. >> coming up how a dentist is helping him and get back to his old life after a judge overturned his murder conviction. plus, a win for the trump administration, how a san francisco court may have cleared the way for tougher rules on
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we switched from ford. i switched from ram. i switched to chevy. we switched to chevy. we switched to chevy. for dependability. for these guys. and just look at it. we switched to chevy. see for yourself why people are switching at the chevy all-star open house. get 20% below msrp on all 2019 silverado double cab pickups that's over $9,750 on this silverado. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. a san francisco appeals court has sided with the trump administration clearing the way for the united states to
10:30 pm
restrict immigrants from seeking asylum at the border. now the acting head of customs and border protection touting that victory. gillian turner has the story. >> reporter: san francisco appeals court has for now sided with president trump and will allow his new policy to go forward. it's designed to limit asylum requests from immigrants in honduras, el salvador, and mexico. the san fran court yesterday afternoon blocked the nationwide injunction from a california judge that had ump's team from implementing their policy. that court order reads in part, the district court clearly aired by failing to consider why nationwide relief is necessary to remedy plaintiff alleged haarms. based on the limited records before us we do not believe a nationwide injunction is justified. the acting customs and were chief says this order will pave the way for the fulfillment of a top-tier priority.
10:31 pm
>> in those states, texas and new mexico, where we can institute this now, this will be a game changer. it will allow us to absolutely institute an initiative, what we truly believe will help stem the flow of illegal immigration. >> reporter: the white house has been tussling with individual judges who tried to fight the president's policies by imposing these nationwide injunctions. the california officials say the reality, though, is the trump administration doesn't like foreigners or immigrants. >> this trump will weaponizes nutrition, healthcare, and housing. it acts like a ticking time bomb. >> it's remarkable what this administration is up to. it's insidious beyond words. california will have none of it. >> reporter: next up on this ca hear oral arguments october 1st on the merits of the lawsuit filed by groups opposing the policies. they plan to make the case that trump we will hurt children the most. in washington, gillian turner,
10:32 pm
fox news. workers at a manufacturing plant reportedly were told by management they had to attend president trump's rally last tuesday or take the day off without pay. the employees were also reportedly told not to protest during the event which was supposed to focus on energy but ended up being a campaign style rally. so far no comment from shell or the white house. now to the race for the white house, elizabeth warren was one of several candidates who attended a gathering of african-american church leaders in atlanta. she touched on a number of topics from voter suppression to her plan for universal childcare. >> why it is that i say a 2 cents wealth tax on the brazilian bazillionaires, universal childcare for all of them. and we leave no one behind.
10:33 pm
it is about raising the wages for every childcare worker and every preschool teacher in america. >> bernie sanders was also at the event, he blasted president trump for what he calls his racist and xenophobic rhetoric. and said it's time for healthcare to be a considered human right. sanders by the way is set to return to california next week. he will stop in sacramento and san francisco. he will be in the state capitol on thursday where he will hold a campaign rally. on friday senator sanders will address the dnc at the summer meeting in san francisco. college afford ability, and student 10:00, a man who spent 20 years behind bars for a crime he didn't commit is getting help adjusting to life outside of prison. dentists spent the day giving that man free dental care. as jessica mench tells us, he has a lot to smile about tonight.
10:34 pm
>> reporter: for most, a trip to the dentist is enough to make you grit your teeth. >> the left side of my mouth and my lips is numb. >> reporter: this is giving him every reason to smile. >> giving me something in my life that's very meaningful and beautiful. >> reporter: a free visit to strawberry creek after years without proper care. >> you don't get this type of dental work. caldwell spent 20 years behind bars for a crime he didn't commit to there's no other feeling but anger. it left such an impact in my life to where i don't feel complete. >> reporter: he was convicted in 1991 for murder. based on eyewitness testimony. a judge overturned his conviction in 2011. after another man came forward and confessed to the crime. >> as i come back to society, i come back into society to where it's computers, there's technology, you know, a lot of stuff that i missed out on. >> reporter: adjusting to life
10:35 pm
on the outside hasn't been easy but the northern california innocence project has been by his side every step of the way. hooking him up with programs that coordinated this free dental visit. >> the day we get to pick the members of our community and clinicians come in, they donate their time and dentistry for them. >> reporter: a simple gesture that makes caldwell all smiles. >> i'm like 1,000 pieces of a puzzle. you know what i'm saying? every day people are helping me put things together. to where i will be a complete puzzle. >> jessica mench, fox news. so how much would you pay to feel like 007? coming up, we'll tell you how much someone spent for the aston martin like the one that appeared in some james bond films. the advertised cooldown remained, actually moved in right on course. lots of low clouds and fog in the picture for tonight. and we could be warming things back up in the five day, we'll have that coming up.
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we switched from ford. i switched from ram. i switched to chevy. we switched to chevy. we switched to chevy. for dependability. for these guys. and just look at it. we switched to chevy.
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see for yourself why people are switching at the chevy all-star open house. get 20% below msrp on all 2019 silverado double cab pickups that's over $9,750 on this silverado. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. ♪ ♪ ♪ the next american chines
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car made famous by those movies featuring bond, james bond, sold at auction this weekend in monterey. the 1965 aston martin db five complete with all the gadgets from the film. it sold for around $6.4 million. the car was created to promote the movie thunder ball but didn't actually appear in the film. the identity of the buyer was not revealed. here is mark tamayo. >> ready t bundle up if you're going to go for a car ride tomorrow in the bay area. temperatures in the 60s so the advertised cooldown moved right back in as you can see all those arrows pointing down from
10:39 pm
friday and into today. no more heat advisories, no excessive heat warnings and we are enjoying this cooler weather pattern i think. temperatures trending back up in the five day. satellite showing you this, low clouds hanging tough new portions of our coastline as we come in closer. cloud cover and pretty good onshore breeze that will transport the fog back into the bay. as we head into the overnight hours and into sunday morning. current numbers we have some 60s toward concord, 64 mountain view 66, san francisco 59, santa rosa in the upper 50s. live camera looking out toward san francisco checking out the bay bridge. a lot of traffic on the bay bridge for tonight as well. low clouds back into the bay for this evening into tomorrow morning. n and cloud mix, then warming things back up into next week especially by wednesday and thursday. at the overnight lows thinking 50s and 60s. cloud cover coast side and right around the bay, what has been developing this weekend is
10:40 pm
marine layer which was relatively shallow deepening so this not only has an impact on the coast and the bayside locations that's been stretched so it can move over the east bay hills and impacting inland spots so, no more triple digits. not much in the way of 90s for tomorrow. a's baseball, we are expecting this at the coliseum, partly sunny skies, temperatures around 70 degrees. wind picks up out of the southwest right around 15 miles per hour for sunday. we've been talking a lot about this guy, it was a source of the record heat and heat advisories. finally some changes setting up, onshore breeze developing throughout the day today, working with this guy, linked with this guy i should say. this area of low pressure moving in from there are so cooling trend kind of continuing into sunday forecast, not too much changing to monday but by tuesday to wednesday, warm up those numbers especially inland. as far as cloumorrow morning, 7:00, cloud coast side and right around the bay 55 to 62 degrees, clouds will clear back near the coast so once
10:41 pm
again tracking the fog back in the picture and you can see temperature range, no more triple digits, no more 90s. 60s all the way to the lower 80s. let's fly around the bay, santa rosa 79, st. helena 82, east bay neighborhoods danville 81, remember those spots up above 100 degrees yesterday and into thursday. a big change out there, oakland 73, if you were neighborhoods to the south bay, san jose and san francisco forecast high 66 degrees. a look ahead at your five-day forecast, as you can see here, kind of celebrating this cooler weather pattern, nice to get a break because look what's headed our way by wednesday into thursday. tracking more heat in portions of the bay area. before sending your complaint letter, it does not look like it will be hot as last week so it will be hot but not 105, 106. >> as we are watching what's happening in mariposa county where there is a wild fire, do we have anything in terms of red flag warnings in that heat does pick back up? >> there's a chance that could
10:42 pm
pick back up again. also the winds are the biggest factor but in terms of fire crews seeing the cooldown, take it vantage of that. >> thank you so much. that does it for us. "sports wrap" is next. the giants newest rookie debuts as san francisco goes for its sixth win in the last seven games. "sports wrap" with scott reiss is next. we switched from ford. i switched from ram. i switched to chevy. we switched to chevy. we switched to chevy. for dependability. for these guys. and just look at it. we switched to chevy. see for yourself why people are switching at the chevy all-star open house. get 20% below msrp on all 2019 silverado double cab pickups that's over $9,750 on this silverado. find new roads at your local chevy dealer.
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fox 2 "sports wrap" starts now. >> what's up everybody, i'm scott reiss. when we talk a's and playoffs, it's been all about the wild card because the division seemed like a lost cause. anything less than a sweep of the mighty astros this weekend would reinforce that notion. but oakland won the first two
10:45 pm
games and today another strong effort. three of four at the coliseum, the a's, second inning, jake marisnick right back at you. fighting it, winds up making the play. another look, should have been a routine comebacker, got the out and a little miffed at himself because he didn't field it cleanly but that's okay. bottom three, loaded for matt olson. that will play. marcus semien scores. the a's get five in the inning to take a 5-2 lead. also again, this off of chris devenski, robbie grossman scores, a couple of rbi giving him 60 on the year. and next . matt chapman scores. 2 for 4, three rbi and the a's win again 8-4. not a single one of those eight runs came via extra-base hit.


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