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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  August 20, 2019 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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the controversial vote to name the san francisco subway station after rose pack this afternoon. organizers are outside city hall ahead of the vote. three jurors removed and replaced. deliberations underway in the ghost ship warehouse trial in oakland what the judge is saying about the offending jurors. and credentials and issues he is ready to take action on following the appearance last night in san francisco. i'm mike mibach. >> i'm gas gas. happening now a protest outside of city hall against a proposed name for subway stop in china town. >> to name the station the china town rose pack station in honor of the late activist rose pack. >> reporter: a big turn out for organizers of the china town station, they have been opposed
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to adding late activist rose pack's name oh the stop for years. today they will find out what the decision is going the be. rally starting half an hour ago, protesters showing up armed with dozens of signs, some stating to name the stop china town rose pack station would divide that community. packs died in 2016 with a legacy in the chinese community. heavily involved in getting a subway stop added in china town and that's why those in favor say it should bare her name. in june, a vote by the board ended in a tie. we expect the new director to be the deciding vote. pack was a controversial figure that didn't always act on resident's behalf. 16,000 signatures have been collected in support of just naming the stop china town station, something leaders say is better for the community. >> this issue has caused division in our community.
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we want to name that would have 100% support from the community, not half. we want 100% support. >> s fm ta board of directors meeting will take place at city hall at 1:00 this afternoon. that's when we will know what the name, the board has decided on, we will follow this story and bring you that decision online and in the later news cast. berkley police are looking for an attacker that left a person seriously . hurt it happened before 2:00 this morning near telegraph. officers found a man unconscious with injuries to his head. he was taken to the hospital. he is in critical condition. there is not much information on the attack nor a description of the attacker. an amtrak train stuck and killed a pedestrian after 8:00 this morning, it happened between the richmond and berkley stations. the individual was trespassing
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on the tracks. there were no injuries. trains were delayed because of the crab. passengers are transferred to a connecting train service. a fresh start after three jurors were dismissed and replaced by three alternates. the judge dismissed the three women yesterday and this morning, two offending jurors could face contempt proceeding for allegedly violating the court orders pro hitting unah rised communications and reviewing outside material ax violation of the judge's repeated direction not to discuss the case with with anyone other than fellow yores. the third juror was a non offending juror. the judge also issued a gag order. family and friend are relieved there was not a mistrial. >> it's odd.
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>> the judge announced there are scheduling conflicts with five jurors which could mean the only remaining alternate could be asked to serve on the jury. legal analyst michael cardoza joined us and said going forward if more than one alternate jury is needed it could result this a mistrial. >> if something else goes wrong, you move the alternate in. i'm sure the nine are looking at the new three coming the, looking at them going, oh, lord, what are you thinking? are you guilty or not guilty or somewhere in between? what do you think? >> with three alternate jurors on the panel the jury is made up of 7 women and five men.
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a man accused of taking a woman at her san francisco condo billing is facing new charges in a second case and due this court today. 25 year old austin vincent faced a judge yesterday in connection with an attack on august 11th, he toned himself this on new allegations. after his arrest and release from custody, another woman came forward saying he threatened her with a knife in february. >> we monitored mr. vincent, we knew he was in a treatment program with a gps monitor and knew his hocation. we spoke with the public defender. there was an agreement to turn himself in. >> yesterday's hearing was postponed so the court can process the allegations. police are looking at two incidents that maybe connected to invent have not released details. safe embarcadero filed a
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lawsuit to try to stop a navigation center. saying the city must halt the embarcadero homeless shelter until the courts rule on our legal claims to stop it. this is a matter of public safety, not politics. >> navigation centers are the new model of homeless shelters, they can go to get shelter and food and medical care and there are six in the city. the city provided crime stattics for four of them. serious crimes, homicide, rape and robbery, have dropped surrounding three of the newest centers what police call incidents went up at one of the navigation instruct hersic creasing by 18. police did not provide specifics on the types of crimes or assailants involved. >> ist wonderful to have a roof over our head and get to eat 24/7, come and go as you please and they are end hing you get housing. noticed a difference, crime went up instantly.
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they are breaking the windows and living for the car. >> two navigation centers are being proposed including one along the balance sheet. a man accused of killing neil wilson won't be facing the death penalty. prosecutors made the announcement yesterday for john lee cowell. he is charged with murder in the death of wilson and attempted murder for an attack on her sister latifah. wilson's father reacted to the prosecution's decision against seeking the death penalty. >> based on the governor's decision, there is something we have to respect as far as no more death penalty. you have go to go for life without parole. >> cowell's hearing will happen october 11th. the trial will start in january. former lyft driver charged with kidnapping and sexually assaulting a woman what call
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for a ride is pleading not guilty to all charges. tonya kolokolo picked up the woman and her friend at a san mateo bar earlier this month. her friend was driven home first and she must have passed out in the backseat of the car. instead of driving her to her home, kolokolo took her to his house this tracy and sexually assaulted her there. a preliminary hearing is set for september 19th. a ctor accused of overprescribing opioids will be in court today. he is charged in the death of four patients. he wrote prescriptions for hundreds of hypotensey pills including oxycontin, percocet and vicodin. he is held in jail and today's hearing will determine if he can be released on bail. investigators are looking for the cause of a fire. this is what it looked like yesterday afternoon on scenic, south of santa rosa. officials said several vehicles were on fire forcing a shelter
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in place order for the surrounding neighborhoods on the southwest side of santa rosa. sky fox was overhead here as firefighters were getting things under control. this was the scene at 5:00 p.m. packed streets in berkley as freshmen start to move into the cal dorms. talking live with candidate and billionaire tom tier will join us from san francisco on his push to make it to the stage next month. subtle changes across the bay area this afternoon. i am tracking a warming trend. i will have details coming up. introducing my new spicy chicken strips combo. bigger, tastier strips of juicy chicken with crunchy batter. spice them up with hot sauce or cool them down with buttermilk ranch. try my 100% all-white meat spicy chicken strips combo today. only at jack in the box.
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♪ try my $4.99 barbeque bacon double cheeseburger combo. outside this afternoon, warmer temperatures happening around the bay area. we are still mostly cloudy along the coastline, inside the bay. a look into san francisco, we will continue to watch the clouds erode over the course of the afternoon, we will remain partly sunny to mostly cloudy, for the entire day over areas of the coastline. a look at sfo, still cloudy skies reported there as well. temperatures at this time, 62 degrees downtown san francisco, upper 60s oakland. low 70s livermore. another mild one, especially by august standards. upper 60s now in napa. we will warm into the afternoon and temperatures for today expected again to be a few degrees above what we had
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yesterdayel now, napa you are 6 degrees warmer and may notice oakland 4, livemore up by 2 as well as concord. this warming trend will continue for the next few days and eventually the heat will be on for inland cities. a look at storm tracker 2 and the time lapse showing you how the clouds eroded over the last few hours over areas of the east bay inside the bay and coastline, partly sunny,, santa cruz capitola enjoying sunshine. alameda hayward stuck under the gray sky. on shore breeze is five. fairfield 20. we are beginning to see changes. they are subtle for today. a look at the afternoon highs expected. sausalito, 69 degrees. 82 expected for navado. 3 santa rosa. for mid to upper 80s for the inner east bay. 86 brentwood. 83 areas of danville and closer to the shore, 72 for alameda
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today. our south bay hocation, a beautiful day for you here, low 80s los gatos, 81 in san jose. under mostly sunny sky, santa cruz 74. peninsula into the afternoon, upper 70s redwood city. along the coastline, mid-60s pacifica. 64 half-moon bay. into your extended forecast, notice the jump in temperatures tomorrow. a notable warm upcoming on wednesday, a today warmer on thursday. our bayside communities are expected to range in the low to mid-80s. low to mid-90s for our inland city. these are the warmest days. temperatures fall off, as we get into friday and saturday and sunday. still holding onto the heat, low 90s inland. low 80s around the bay. upper 60s to 70 for our coastline. coming up, pack your patience, flights maybe longer if you plan on using southwest airlines, why the airline is
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dropping a dozen non stop flights.
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candidate steyer is hitting the campaign trial with extra surgesey. he spoke this san francisco saying he is in the race to take action on health care and immigration. joining us live from san francisco is tom steyer. good afternoon.
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>> nice to talk to you guys. >> got word from your campaign you got called to jury duty. have you been summoned to appear? >> i have been calling in everyday to see if they want me to come down. they have not asked me to. >> big debate in texas next month, how confident are you that you are going to be on that stage with the other candidates. >> the rules are you need 130,000 individual donors which i have. you also need to get four polls as a certain level, three which i have and the other polls coming in have me substantially above the levels i need to be at but no one is running polls right now. we someone to run a poll this the early primary states and i will be in. >> if you are not on the stage do you continue your campaign? >> i will be on the stage. somebody will run a poll and we
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are substantially above it. >> you are not each thinking if that doesn't happen you will drop out? >> i'm not even thinking about. that i will be on the stage. >> let's talk about being on that stage. maybe you are not in the middle, towards the end, you are there and this from of the country and talking, how do you grab they tension of thation and democratic party and the energy that's out there? >> my basic thesis, mike, is we have a broken government. corporations fought the government and what is necessary to restore democracy of by and for the people. as somebody working in politics a an outsider, for 10 years, taking on corporations, at the ballot box, registering voters and toning them out, i think i'm the pep who actually, the you want to restore government to the people b i have been doing it success there any here this california and across the country for 10 years, i don't think that change is going to
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come from inside the beltway but the grass roots. >> we head the democratic candidates try to connect, especially with younger voters about their struggles in life, their schooling, how do you as a billionaire hedge fund manager connect with someone that might be young thinking what do i have this common with this guy? >> one thing you should know the organization i founded in 2018, last year, is the largest youth voter mobilization in american history. i think i have 10 years of working with young people and talking to them about the issues they most care about. having said that, i am the person who on day one has pledged to call a state of emergency on the climate issue who said i will use the emergency powers of of the presidency to deal with it on
12:21 pm
day one and if you talk to people unter the age of 30, that is their number one issue. they know that we have to deal with the climate crisis right now forcefully. i think that's a place in the election where i should be really strong. >> how do you draw people to your personal story? >> i think two things. as an outsider i have been organizing people at the grass roots successfully to take on the corporations who fought our government for 10 years. i think the real question here is, if the message is a broken government and the message is, we need to be back the strangle hold that the corporations have on our democracy, i am the pen that's been doing that for 10 years as an outsider.
12:22 pm
you can trust me. >> initially you didn't want to run and decided to get into the race, was there one specific thing that made you say, that's it, i'm in? >> mike, i really couldn't sleep watching those debates because i felt as if they were very intelligent, thoughtful policy conversations about the nuances of things that are tremendously important, nuances of health care and the green new deal and policy and immigration but no conversation about why none of those things were getting done or had been getting done for a really long time. i felt as if we are not going to discuss what is important which is not which policy is the best, even though that's incredibly important, that's step two. the question is how are we going to get anything done given that our government is broken and a hostile corporate takeover. i felt with regards to climate,
12:23 pm
it is urgent we break that corporate strangle hold and got the talk about what is facing americans today instead of talking about policy nuances which would be incredibly important if we could get them done. >> the passion is there. we can see that in this interview, one more poll to go. a pleasure chatting with you this afternoon, thank you very much. >> great to talk to you guys, the deadline to qualify, a week away, takes place at texas southern university in houston september 12th and 13th. candidates need to have the support of 2% of democratic voters to appear on that debate stage next month. straight to the markets, stocks have been lower for most of today bees session, weigh down by a mixed batch of company earnings and a decline in bonds yield. dow jones is losing over one- third of 1%. s&p is down by almost two- thirds of a percent, nasdaq
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lost one-half of one%. president trump maybe considering ideas to prevent our economy from slipping into recession. the white house reportedly considering tax cuts, perhaps to the payroll tax to keep the economy going. despite something of a rebound, investors are not sure about the road ahead. a survey shows continued concern from a majority of economists that a recession is likely in the next two years or so. >> consumer confidence seems to be pretty strong, consumer spending remaining strong and employment going up at a good clip. all of those i think are fragile and could turn around. >> there are a lot of danger signs in this economy. i'm very worried. >> democrats are taking notice trying to ham ter president over the possibility, even if the white house is dismissive. the next round of tariff on chinese goods could cost american households $1000 a year. another round will start before
12:25 pm
christmas. jp morgan says existing tariffs are costing the average american household $600 per year as the price of clothing, shoes and electronics are all going up. according to a survey, economists believe forgiving student loan debt would negatively affect the u.s. economy. 64% of economists do not support cancelling student debt while 1/5th says it would be helpful. it's a survey by the national association of business economics. the report comes a month after democratic presidential candidate elizabeth warren unveiled a plan to cancel $640 million of student debt. southwest airlines is eliminating routes, flights at major bay airports. orlando, dallas and columbus, ohio. you can get to the cities on southwest but they will have to stop or go through another airport. panhandling on bart.
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what a board member wants to do and how riders are reacting to the plan. water bottles phased out at sfo, the controversial ban that's now in effect.
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travelers flying in and out of san francisco international will have to find different
12:29 pm
ways to stay hydrated. >> plastic water bottles are being phased out. sara zendehnam is live and talks about the exception to the bottle ban. >> reporter: sfo sells 10,000 water bottles everydays there are a lot of unfilled water bottles across the airport. officials tell us that they are going to be able to sell the unsold water bottles but not going to restock them. they are easing their way into to the transition. comfortable clothes, check, reusable or compostable water bottle? >> i always take my own water bottle. >> reporter: whether you are running through the airport or get thirsty while flying, water on the list of travel essentials. you will notice a change, sfo is phase ing tut sale of single use plastic water bottles starting today. >> the goal here is to get to zero waste going the to
12:30 pm
landfill by 2021,. >> you can bring your own water bottle to fill up at the water bottle stations. or buy an aluminum glass or bpi certified compostable water bottle here. >> it's a good idea to change to other kinds of possibilities. >> reporter: this are exceptions, you can buy soda, tea, juice and flavored drinks in plastic bottles and plastic water bottles larger than one liter are still for sale. >> we want taupe shower our retailers have good alternatives. if we are going to require a policy, we want to set up retailers for success. >> percentages say they are on board with the change. >> ist an easy effective way to reduce the waste. >> you can't bring more than 3 ounceses of liquid through the check point. the you have a reusable water bottle this are stations set up
12:31 pm
to dutch out some of your water and you can go inside and refill it at all the watering station around the airport. sara zendehnam, ktvu fox2 news. it's move in day for stupes at uc beckly some started showing up first thing this morning to avoid the annual rush. the school is expecting 9000 students to start class which starts tomorrow. officials have been if contact with new stupes to make sure their are ready to move this rosays along telling them to bring a dolly and arrive early because there is an awful lot of waiting involved up. >> er classmen said get ready to wait for a long time and you will have to check in, the orientation program. i will start waiting for that and go out to lunch whenever we can. >> drivers need to be prepared for extra traffic in the area. officers expect the area to stay busy until at least 7 tonight. san francisco is offering
12:32 pm
financial help for teachers. a $10 million program that gives stippens to teachers at under served schools including those in mission trick and bay view neighborhoods. the teachers receive $2000 in addition to the base salaries and will receive $3000 this year and next fiscal year will reef $2500 for a total of $7500 in annual bonuses. tonight is the grand opening celebration of the new cherry land elementary school in hayward. the construction began in march of last year spended this past june. the school will sever more than 800 students from kind guard on the 6th grade. next monday is the first day of classes. tonight's grand opening starts at 5:00 and features leaders, hayward mayor and congressman eric swalwell. people worried about fire danger are blaming their neighbor, a winery for some of oh their fee. the vineyard is owned -- many
12:33 pm
of the senior citizens in creekside village next door say the vineyard has only done the minimum for clearing out dry brush. they fear it's not enough and dangerous particularly considering who lives nearby. >> we have in the afternoon on many days, the winds come up, 10 to 30 miles an hour which if there were embers or a small fire, it would fuel and come here into the complex of 313 seniors. >> all seniors. they are going to have a tough time getting out. >> the vineyard owners tell us they compliant with county and state fire regulations to ensure the property is safe and will monitor and clear grass as they deem appropriate. the mayoral campaign is under investigation for possible finance violations. the chronicle is reporting the allegations stem from small campaign donations made by 9 people. the to nors worked for
12:34 pm
companies that had one won contracts approved by breed when he was president of the board of supervisors and acting mayor. that could violate the ban on city officials accepting donations from people doing business with the city. the campaign attorney for the mayor told the chronicle they have not heard from at the time is commission about the investigation. 7 democratic presidential candidates will appear in a native american fornumber iowa. harris, sanders, castro and de blasio will be at the forum on native american issues in sioux city iowa. warren made a notable appearance and offered a pub luck apology over her past claims to triable heritage. >> i know that i have made mistakes. i am sorry for harm i have caused. >> warren's claim after a widely criticized release of a dna analysis. she did not get questions about her claims of native american
12:35 pm
ancestry. a school district is condemning offensive video showing high school students giving patsy salutes. it's in orange congressty, the video was recorded last november at pacifica high school. it became aware of it in mar and took action to address the situation at that time. the video was shade between a few students on snapchat but this week the video surfaced again. the district did not say whether the students were aloud toker are main on the team. the district reached out to community organizations to address issue of hate, bias and exclusion. two teenagers are in custody in fresno accused of robbing two middle schoolers at gun point for their snacks. cameras were rolling after teens stoped two 11 year olds as they were walking home friday afternoon. police say they pulled a gun on the boys and demanded the bags of cheetos and drinks and money. the boys madely ran home and told family members who called
12:36 pm
police. officers say they didn't have a hard time finding the teens. >> i pulled up and they were eating the cheetos. the officers said they had little to no remorse. >> police say the teens r were at a bus stop and find bb gun in one oh their begins. they can be prosecuted as if it were real. police in california are investigating the deadly stabbing of a retired cal state the fullertop administrator on the first day of classes. 57 year old stephen chan was killed yesterday at a campus parking lot as he was getting out of his car. investigate fors found a backpack with insendiary device under his vehicle. >> i hope they catch the killer. >> just to know this happened at my campus makes me more aware and more alert. >> so far no arrests have been made and no word of at motive. police believe chan was
12:37 pm
targeted. he retied the 2017 but came back elier this year as a cop sultant. california's reding that law is reducing the threat of mass shootings. lawmakers passed the bill three years ago, it seeks to remove guns testimony people seen as public dangers. they lacked at 2 cases where give ups were taken or purchases blocked because of court orders. board officials think 7 boys were molested at the hanna boys instruct her by follower executive director father john cruz and former clinical director kevin thorp now in state prison after pleading not guilty to charges related to rolonged sexual abuse of three former students at the hanna boys center. the school hopes to have affirm selected by october to contact former students that attended hanna going pack to 1983 when
12:38 pm
cruz started working at the facility. planned parenthood is pulling out of the federal planning program and abandoning $60 million in funding. i doesn't want to abide by a new rule prohibiting federally funded clinics. >> in the major decision, planned parenthood announced it is abandoning $60 million in federal funding, to astride a trump administration rule. it bars clinics from referring patients to abortion providers. >> it's been locked up in court system. saying they no longer allowing planned parenthood to refer patients for abortion. >> reporter: theysey the trump administration forced them out of the funding. the organization tweeting on monday quote, today the trump administration is forcing us out of the title 10 program,
12:39 pm
our nation's program focused on family planning, of which we serve 40% of patients. this is the direct attack on parenthood and rights and will not stand for it. 39% support losing funds. official as the department of health and human services says planned parenthood is abandoning patients releasing a statement saying hhs is greatel for the many grantees that continue to serve their patients under the title 10 program. we will work to ensure all patients continue to be served. >> they are not take away access to abortion but saying for you are going to refer to the services you are not going to be getting federal funds. >> reporter: legislators in maryland and massachusetts preemively adopted measures who opt out of title 10. the program dedicateed to
12:40 pm
providing birth control to low income women. the city of san francisco is following planned parenthood and withdrawing prom the federal family planning program. the city would not comply with the new trump administration rule as well. 10 clinics in san tran are expected to lose federal funding over the decision but leaders say they will look for other funding sources. >> we are looking at funding to do an abortion fund in the city. this is going to be a fight. we will still have the services for women. we are not going to let women down. we will make sure women have the right to choose. we will be there to help them. >> the new rule is challenged in the courts. several lawsuits have been filed by 20 states. protesters in hong kong, hundreds of people continue to gather against an extradition bill.
12:41 pm
twitter says the campaign was designed to cause discord under mine the legitimacy. twitter deleted more than 900 accounts. a hostage situation this brazil is over. a man armed with a knife and gun took 37 people hostage on a bus. passengers said he poured gas lean on the bus and threatened to set it on fire. the four hour stand off ended when he stepped off of the bus and threw an object resembling a bag and he was shot and killed. coming up plans for research and first of its kind research center about to open up in northern california. a pleasant day, mild temperatures around the region. we are slightly warmer and a bigger warm upcoming our way. the details are coming up.
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and realize you can get youeverything you need...oss oh, yeah. yep. yes! feel like a boss? that's yes for less. 20 to 60 percent off specialty store prices for every room and every budget. at ross. yes for less. side shows in contra costa county, chp is sending criminal cases to the da after three
12:45 pm
side shows last week. chp helicopter flew over side shows. five drives and three spectators have been sited and cars impounded. da is considering possible criminal charges. bart board director plans to help in the practice by introducing ordinance to ban all forms of panhandling. some people say they just say no or ignore pan handlers others say it's a major disturbance. >> panhandling is a component of the rider experience and my riders, my constituents tell me on a consistent basis they want it ended. >> everyday when i'm putting money on the card, someone will ask for change, a couple of dollars for the bart or the bus. >> the director plans to bring up the ordinance at barts next board meeting on thursday. pleasant hill approved an
12:46 pm
ordinance allowing medical marijuana delivery businesses to operate. the cannabis businesses will not be allowed to have store fronts but restricted to billings in areas zoned for industrial, commercial space or professional offices. the businesses will have to be 600 fete away from schools, daycares and youth centers and must be on the second familiar floor of the building or higher. a research center will focus on cannabis. called the center for caps by and heaven research. the chair of the schools plant sciences department says research is needed because the plant is complicated with different strains affecting people in different ways. >> we need to understand more about the chemistry of the plant to understand how we can lip that to making better link that to making better drugs to treat some of these medical conditions. >> uc davis says hit self as centralized resource to ensure compliance with laws and
12:47 pm
policies. a road repaving project that will last nearly a decade and resurface every street in the city. 140000 miles of roadways will be repaid by 2028. money from two measures and transportation funding will cover the cost of the repaving correct. crews will pay 28 miles of major residential streets this fiscal year. >> if you don't to that you lose the trust of people and their government. >> the current repaving will continue until the return of the rainy season this the fall and start up again next spring. the earth may give signals went we are about to have a strong earthquake. scientists believed half oh all magnitude 4 and stronger earthquakes were proceeded by smaller quakes. a study shows there were weaker
12:48 pm
tremors before stronger earthquakes. seismologists are look for evidence the earthquake faults change. % of all earthquakes are followedpy a bigger one. two bronze statutes, one on each end of a bridge near interstate 80 are coming down. the sculptures called the big people, could be gone before the end of november. they are being removed pause the art work is falling apart after 11 years of public display. they are made of fiberglas and painted with bronze paint. it could take $96,000 to renovate them and $8000 a year to maintain them. senator dianne feinstein is hosting the lake tahoe summit. it looks at successful restoration projects and a way to face new challenges. it started at 10:00 this morning in south lake tahoe. a key focus is fighting the
12:49 pm
address of climate change and wild fires. turning into a nice day in the bay area. >> lake tahoe, gorgeous this time of year in the 70s. areas over the bay and into san francisco, partly sunny skies as we look towards the west, mostly cloudy, at the coastline at this hour, ts in the low 60s for san francisco, upper 60s santa rosa, oak land checking in about 69. livermore and san jose enjoying low 70s. typically see a 10 degrees of warming this time of year by the end of the day. we will go 80s for the inland communities. this is nice for this time of year. we do have temperatures warmer than yesterday. by a few degrees in areas, up by 4 over oak land, napa reporting 6. this is the beginning of a warming trend that will cup into the next few days. a look at the chowd cover still
12:50 pm
out there. see north bays through san tran, san mateo county, coastline, capitola and santa cruz enjoying blue skies and south facing beach beaches, sitson beach, into the east bay covered from yeahs around berkley, emeryville, oak land, hayward free month with mostly gray skies. this will continue to erode. another late de laking for many. on shore breeze is 12 fairfield 20 this is going to callel down. see a tug-of-war -- this has been the ip flawns of the pattern over the past few days. the high pressure will make a come back and phone to try our temperatures up. by tomorrow, a notable jump if numbers, our inland cities ares pegged to warm into the 90s. along the coast, around the bay, ts are going to come up, mild to warm is what we are
12:51 pm
looking at. into the future cast, notice the clouds are with us into tomorrow morning, we will be with partly cloudy skies into the afternoon. 80 this petaluma. east bay, low 70s over oakland low 80s sand hill. south bay, san jose 81. 83 saratoga. peninsula, 79 palo alto, ed upper 60s san franciscoch there is a look at your extended forecast with the warmer weather moving in wednesday into thursday, low 80s for our bayside communities, 90s for inland cities thursday now looks like temperatures will peak and flag numbers slightly into the weekend with warm weather this the forecast, upper 60s to near 70 degrees along the coast. low 80s around the bay. low to mid-90s inland. 49ers quarterback, jimmy garoppolo needs a little more work.
12:52 pm
last night 49ers did beat the broncos, 24-15, the big story following the game was shaky play of jimmy and his first game in nearly a year, he completed one of six passes for zero yards along with one interception. garoppolo is happy to be playing after knee surgery but must now knock off the rust. 4ers offense picked it up in the second half. stephon curry loves golf and trying to bring diversity to the sport. he will fund the women and men's golf teams for the next six years. the washington dc school is one of the most prestigious black colleges in america. he became interested in bringing it back to the school and visited the campus during the screening of a documentary
12:53 pm
he produced. >> hopefully we can create opportunities for men and women who are going to be the first on the golf teams to make this an every year team where we are competing at a very high level. >> curry met a student, ferguson told curry he toned down an offer to play golf at other colleges because he wanted to attend howard. a close call involving a bear in truckee. two teenagers were inside this cabin when all of a sudden this bear came walking right in.
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a couple of minutes away rom the closing bell, down day for the major indexes. the dow jones down 135 plus points. nasdaq, s&p 500 are slightly this the negative. officials in oakland were allowed to evict residents from
12:56 pm
a homeless encampment. >> today at 4:00 we will take you there, massive under taking of cleaning up debris. how they are reacting to the move. dozens of air mattresses took flight in denver. video shows mattresses tumbling across the field as people tried to grab them. picked up by the wind. scary moms for two teenagers in truckee after a bear broke inside their cabin. the boys hid this a bedroom and had to hold the door close as the bear kept trying to get in. they called 911 and a deputy arrived and opened the door inside the garage which gave the bear a way to get out. he shot away. teenagers say they were grateful for the deputy after they hoped someone would help them. the deputy took a picture with
12:57 pm
the two teenagers to mark that occasion. not an occasion you want to get yourself into. thank you for joining us. have a great day, see you back here at 4:00. it's free, it's easy, we come out and mark your lines. we provide you the information so you will dig safely.
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leave the structure, call 911, keep people away, and call pg&e
1:00 pm
right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe. announcer: aaron hernandez's brother breaks his silence on the rumors you have seen in the headlines. >> and opening up about the situation was gripping. announcer: revealing a dark and painful past. dr. oz: do you think aaron was sexually abused? announcer: plus, natalee holloway's father makes an unexpected announcement about his missing daughter. coming up next. dr. oz: at 27 years old, aaron hernandez became the subject of controversy after hanging himself in his jail cell while serving a life sentence for the murder of his friend, odin lloyd. many have pointed the finger at


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