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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  August 20, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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>> weeks into deliberations and the jury started over on the ghost ship trial. at the new 3 coming in looking at them going, oh, lord, what are you thinking? are you guilty? are you not guilty? >> reporter: more on the 3 dismissed jurors and the charges they could face. the plastic water bottle ban begins at sfo. it is the first step in a much broader vision. the goal here is to get to 0 waste. from ktvu news, this is the four. >> after challenges from homeless advocates and a nearly year-long legal battle, oakland got the okay to close a large mp and today, crews cleared out tents and other items from the city-owned property. it has been the source of constant complaints about filth and crime. welcome, everyone to the four. i'm heather holmes . >> i'm alex savidge.
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the encampment is located on union point marina and oaklands embarcadero directly across from alameda . >> tom vacar was at the park earlier this morning during the eviction and joins us live in the newsroom. >> just to be clear, this is only 1 little section of a lot of other encampments that remained. it appears to be a problem that has neither any solution, resolution or end game. >> reporter: with a temporary federal restraining order lifted, the statement good in its long-sought promise to clean up union point park in an adjacent parking lot occupied by a grown was growing homeless encampment. >> we are getting complaint from the coastal commission because this is on a waterway near the park and that is unusual. there is a rat infestation that they will have to deal with. >> reporter: homeless advocates are in here to make sure the raptors follow the room rules.
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>> after being evicted last to come the city has promised me which they do not follow, which is why many encampments including this one and including the one i was part of decided to sue the city. >> reporter: with the judge allowing the eviction to proceed, work began on literally tons of debris. once again, as we have seen time after time, the next tragic chapter of what some homeless folks say is human rock a mole, continues. >> there is no incident and there is not going to be any end until the city starts building affordable housing for everybody. not just condos, luxury apartments that no one from oakland can afford. >> reporter: -- >> the city has a lot of affordable homes in the pipeline but they are not being built fast enough to meet demand. we need other cities to follow suit. we can now no longer have smaller cities to build affordable housing refuse it
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and have the larger cities have all the burden. >> reporter: this is far more than inconvenient . >> it is exhausting and it is hard work. >> the cleanup will take about 3 days but as i said, there are many other homeless encampment here, there and everywhere else across the bay area and far, far beyond. tom baker, ktvu fox2 news. there are other homeless encampment at that particular site. are there plans to clear those that as well? >> not officially announced but just on the road from there a few hundred feet is a very, very large encampment. i guess we should get over towards going towards alameda on the bridge but that one remains as do several others along that route. this is a very big problem and i don't think we have realized how to handle it yet. >> tom baker, in the newsroom. thank you. a man accused of attacking
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a woman at a san francisco condo building is being held without bail now on new criminal charges. 25-year-old austin vincent was in court on allegations that he threatened 4 people with a knife in february. yesterday he faced a judge in connection with the attack on august 11 which was captured by surveillance cameras in the condo lobby. there was a public outcry after he was released from jail following his arrest then the new allegations came to light. the judge today agreed that vincent should remain in custody without bail. >> he was getting the help that he needed. he was having the root cause of some of his issues being addressed and now he is in jail where he is not going to get help. >> there is a balance that is done and we believe the balance merits keeping the defendant in for public safety. >> today, vincent pleaded not guilty to assault with a deadly weapon and criminal threat charges against 4 people in the
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incident back on february 3. the district attorney's office is the two cases will be heard together going forward. the judge in the ghost ship case says two of the 3 jurors dismissed yesterday might need to consult a lawyer. judge trina thompson said "offending jurors could face contempt proceedings." she said she was still waiting for information from what she called the non-offending juror who was also removed yesterday. the attorneys involved are now under a gag order because the judge wants to stabilize the new jury. ktvu's henry lee will have a live update on proceedings coming up at 5:00 and you can follow his ghost ship log on our website, happening now, in san francisco, the sf mta is expected to vote this afternoon on weather not to name the chinatown subway station after the late rose pack. demonstrators rallied against the idea ahead of the meeting. they want to name the subway stop chinatown station. rose pack died in 2016, leaving behind a long levasy legacy of
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activity for the chinese community. she was long involved in getting the subway stop expanded for chinatown but opponents say pack was also a divisive your . >> she caused division in our community. we want to name it that can be 100% support from the community. not half. we want 100% support. >> right now the agency is hearing public comment in early june of double is a vote by the sf mta board ended and i try. today we expect the new director to be the deciding vote. several states along with new york city have joined california in filing a legal action against the trump administration. a lawsuit targets immigration rules on legal immigrants receiving public aid. ray bogan has more now on the litigation. >> reporter: 3 states joining
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together to take on the trump administration over the definition of a public charge. and what it could mean for immigrants in the country legally. new york announcing it is joining connecticut and vermont as well as new york city in a lawsuit against changes to the public charge rule which would deny green cards to legal immigrants who are dependent on public assistance. >> under this rule, more children will go hungry. more families will go without medical care. and more people will be living in the shadows and on the street. >> reporter: once in effect, the new interpretation can impact immigrants who rely on things like medicaid, food stamps and housing vouchers. refugees and those seeking asylum would be exempt from the rule . >> president trump's ministration is reinforcing the ideals of self-sufficiency and personal responsibility. ensuring that immigrants are able to support themselves and become successful here in america. >> reporter: more than a dozen other states are also
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challenging the new interpretation of the role. a lawsuit seeks a nationwide injunction blocking enforcement until these cases are fully litigated. >> this rule will cover, for u.s. dif, almost 400 thousand people per year whose applications to become legal permanent residents will include a meaningful analysis of whether they are likely to become a public charge or not. >> reporter: the public charge rule is set to go into effect in october. in washington, ray bogan, fox news. berkeley police are looking for a person behind an overnight attack that left a man in critical condition. police say this happened just before 2 am on channing way and telegraph avenue. when officers arrived, they found a man between 40 and 50 years old who was unconscious with head injuries. so far, there is no description of the attacker police are looking for. it is move in day for new students at uc berkeley.
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some showed up first thing this morning to avoid the rush. the school is expecting about 9000 new students to start class this semester which begins tomorrow. school officials have been in contact with new students make sure they are ready to move the process along. they are being asked to bring a dolly if they need one and arrive early since it will be a lot of waiting involved. >> i talked with upperclassman and they said just get ready to wait for a long time and you will have to check into the orientation program so i will start waiting for that and we will go out to lunch whenever we can. >> berkeley police are also telling drivers to be prepared for extra traffic in that area. offices expect the campus area to stay busy until at least 7 amã7 pm tonight. san francisco international airport is taking steps to help the environment. plastic water bottles are being phased out right now at the airport. sara zendehnam has more from sfo on the partial plastic bottle band.
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>> reporter: as of all cells about 10,000 water bottles each day so there are lot of what about is here and stores and across the airport. officials say they're going to be able to sell these unsold water bottles but they will not restock them. >> we are just easing their way into this transition. >> repoer: official status a to step in the right direction. comfortable close, check. reusable or compulsive a water bottle? >> i always take my own water bottle. >> reporter: whether you are running through the airport to catch a flight or thursday while flying, water is normally on the list of travel essentials but if you are traveling to san francisco international airport, you will notice a change. as of always phasing out the sale of single-use plastic water bottle starting today . >> the goal is to get 0 waste going in the landfills at my21 21 -- by 2121 pick >> you don't have to use the water fountains but oftentimes you can pour water bottles at
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stations. >> reporter: or by an aluminum, glass or certified water bottle here . >> it is a good idea to change the kind of possibilities like the kinds of bottles. >> reporter: there are some exceptions but you can buy soda, juice and other drinks in plastic bottles and plastic water bottles larger than one liter are still for sale. as of all explains why . >> we want to make sure retailers have good alternatives. if we are going to require a policy like this we want to make sure we are setting up a retailer for success in their are no good alternatives, we would be doing that. >> reporter: passengers are on board with the change . >> it is an easy, effective way to reduce waste. >> reporter: if you're carrying more than 3 ounces of liquid through the security checkpoint so if you have a resume as reusable water, there are stations where you can do about
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some of your water and refill it at the watering stations around the airport. at sfo, sara zendehnam, ktvu fox2 news. following a string of mass shootings including the one in our last month, president trump receive some backlash on gun ntrol. his warning. the bay area housing crisis has some politicians, environmentalists and community groups concerned that places like this could be targeted for development. and i stay around the bay area and a warming trend gets underway. we will check in on current conditions and show you what you can expect for tomorrow, coming up. ok everyone!
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the bay area's housing crisis is now living some politicians, residents and environmentalists where he that developments could doom areas off-limits . >> south bay reported jesse gary has one case in point in redwood city. >> the 1400 acre redwood city park, a reminder of how industrialization of what was once a bayfront. somewhere these areas could be eyed for housing and business development . >> development parker partners have made a statement that they plan to invest -- what a development plan could look like here . >> at a mid morning news conference tuesday, area politicians, residents and environmental groups gathered to sound an alarm . >> you cannot build on the bay. it is a practice practice we
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been a long time ago and we should not be doing it here . >> dating back to the 19th century, marshland surrounded the bay but developments converted marsh into either ponds or concrete structures that are staples of modern progress. >> 95% has been lost to development and we really need as much as possible. >> environmentalists such as ellis kaufman say the trump administration has rolled back some environmental protection. and its real estate partners, cmd associates are eyeing this site . >> we spent a decade trying to build 12,000 homes on this site and they were forced to withdraw the proposal in 2012. they apparently haven't learned their lesson . >> we reached out to dmv associates about the possibility of those companies looking to develop on this site. we did not hear back from the dmv but carville did respond. in an emailed statement, they
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said "nothing has been proposed for the site other than what it is now. our intent is to engage in a broad community conversation about the use . >> developing on this site puts people at risk. >> recent studies show much of the natural system has been lost in the surviving marshland would benefit nature and residents. and san mateo county, i'm jesse gary, ktvu fox2 news. >> let's take a look outside and right now, meteorologist rosemary orozco has an update on the forecast . >> it is going to be a warmer one at the end of the day. came up by a few degrees today so really nice out there with temperatures ranging in the low to mid 80s for inland cities. as a look across the bay, you can see mostly's cloudy along the coastline but an enjoyable day for most.
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really pretty. sfo has a partly cloudy sky, temperatures about 64 degrees. santa rosa, 80, low 70s in oakland, livermore, opler seven is, san jose, 75 so very present pleasant for tuesday afternoon. you can see here from the 24 hour temperature change that we are warmer than yesterday by 8 degrees over napa, 3 for oakland, five forsan carlos. temperatures will continue to climb inland and we are expected to be in land in the 90s by tomorrow. northern california is getting with the tail end of this system moving through and a little bit of cloudy skies right over the north edge of the sonoma county as you approach areas of santa rosa but for the rest, a partly cloudy day on the coastline, partly sunny. onshore breeze for fairfield right now is about 50 miles per hour, oakland reporting 13. evening hours, locale clouds will return back across the bay. here's a look at tomorrow morning, likely wake up with clouds as well as fog. not so much in the way of drizzle that we have seen over the last
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couple of days. as we get into the afternoon, mostly sunny away from the coastline. temperatures tomorrow barely budging from today, low 60s to start in antioch, upper 50s, oakland, 57, san francisco, clouds overhead. the second part of the day, temperatures again traveling up. 80s today, 90s from our for tomorrow, 94 in antioch, 94 santa rosa, 72, downtown san francisco. 70s to 80s expected around the bay. temperatures will remain warm as we roll into your bay area weekend. i will have a look at the extended forecast for your coming up. president trump seems to be backing off his apparent support for stronger background checks for gun sales. this according to a report by the washington post. right after mass shootings early this month in gilroy, el paso and dayton, the president said there was a great appetite for tightening background chips but in recent days, the president has focused more on keeping guns away from the mentally ill and the washington post reports that negotiations
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along among lawmakers for a bipartisan gun bill have gone nowhere. more on the all this, we are joined by both them and in studio political analyst at san francisco state university. always good for you to come in. why do you think we are seeing the precedent shift his stance on gun control and in particular, stronger background checks? >> i think the first is there is an election looming not too far off in the distance and he is mindful about that. the initial -- of this which is something he has done on other occasions including the las vegas shootings, we had someone who allegedly -- that was probably if the person who was -- >> we need to do something more . >> we have the bump stock band . >> and nothing else. why wasn't anybody paying attention that the fact that
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this guy was loading all these guns at the hotel room? >> do you think the president was ever serious or is still serious, let me put it that way. is he still serious about tightening background checks for gun sales in this country? >> that is a good question but before he was president, donald trump was a man about town in new york. he actually had a position that was different than the one he has right now. don't actually see, there has been enough time now since el paso, what happened in ohio in gilroy for -- to have talked to the president about what kind of support he's not going to get from the election. his appetite for that in the center, i doubt that the blessed is the president is behind it and even then i'm not sure he would allow that to happen so here's the other thing, -- when we
4:22 pm
talk about mitch mcconnell, there has been a lot of finger- pointing back and forth. the president says congress needs to take action and congresses, the president has got to push things forward. >> if he really wants tougher background checks on gun control but brothers the truth lie? is it somewhere in the middle? >> here's the reality. the reality is that if donald trump does not grow his base of voters somewhere in the lie hurt high 30s or low 40s, he will lose the election. no question about that and the only way he can do that at this point because he is very much beloved by republicans is the blessed get democrats to vote. >> right now, gun control and background checks, numbers in the 80s and low 90s -- >> and the polls also show -- mac and the polling also shows many republicans are becoming -- wanting the same thing . >> universal background checks so why do you think the
4:23 pm
president believes it is a risky strategy to push forward on gun control? >> i think you believe the other polls about his own personal approval with the public -- republican party thinking -- overall so i think he is betting on that but the point i'm trying to make is if he's going to win the reelection he has to get more than 50% of the vote and is not going to do that if he doesn't force something that most people in this country have asked for which is background checks in a whole range of things we have to do that are common sense measures -- don't do -- >> do we ever see gun control legislation like this go around? >> it is about as close as we are going to get at this point and maybe we won't get meaningful gun control but will get a change in the election. then we will see if the democratic candidates on the other side of the issue will
4:24 pm
control the senate perhaps next time around and we will push something through . >> that would change the dynamic of all of it. we appreciate your insight, joe thurman, political analyst and professor at san francisco state pick the search continues for two missing voters -- boaters for off the coast of florida picked the piece of evidence keeping hope alive pick be sure to tune in tonight for the residents at 8:00 followed by an all-new episode of first responders live coming up in 9:00 and we hope you stick around for the 10:00 and 11:00 news all right here on ktvu. we are here to discuss jessie's online time. and out of respect, we will let you make the first offer. thirty minutes. thirty minutes? objection! overruled. one hour. sweeten the deal by doing the dishes and i'll consider it. i wouldn't do it. i hate the dishes. one hour with the tablet, you walk the dog and do the dishes. if you insist. congratulations. only xfinity xfi lets you take control of your family's online time. that's simple, easy, awesome. xfinity xfi gives you the speed,
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and if i can get comfortable keeping this tookus safe and protected... can get comfortable doing the same with yours. preparationh. get comfortable with it. hundreds of officials and volunteers were out for a fourth day of searching for those two firefighters who are missing off the coast of florida. >> family members say they are staying optimistic as bill keating reports a lot of the optimism is resting on a single piece of evidence recovered in the ocean .
4:27 pm
>> mark crews take to the skies and the sea in the search for a pair of firefighters who did not return from a fishing trip. brian mccluney and justin walker have not been seen since leaving from cape canaveral friday morning. both men are said to be experienced vote boaters. the coast guard launched a large surfeit search effort in the waters. firefighters personal friends joined the mission . >> he would help you whether or not -- he was a good fireman . >> other volunteers have not even method pair . >> we know people would do it for us word so we are helping them out . >> search and rescue operations have covered 500 thousand square miles stretching to callow carolina. the clooney's tackle bag was recovered about 50 miles of the coast of state saint augustine. it is a significant difference distance for 24 foot boat but doable. his wife believes he tossed it overboard as a breadcrumb for search and rescue crews. >> i am so confident and hopeful. >> officials are relying heavily on the back to keep their confidence of flow . >> we found other piece pieces
4:28 pm
of trash that we cannot distinguish, pieces of plastic and things like that. we are limited to one bag at the moment and we remain optimistic but regardless -- >> reporter: about 200 volunteers on the coast and aircraft are searching the waters tuesday. >> reporter: other agencies involved in the navy and border protection. in miami, bill keenan, fox news. planned parenthood refusing federal funding. coming up here on the four, the reasoning behind their decision after a ruling by the trump administration. and wisdom teeth, should they be preserved or discarded? coming up next, a bay area oral surgeon joins us live to talk about 20 banking.
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for a lot of people, wisdom teeth are an annoyance that eventually need to be removed but a bay area oral surgeon sees something more. a valuable reservoir of stem cells. dr. scott joins us live. scott, you say it is important not to discard wisdom tooth? >> that is correct. wisdom teeth have a valuable source of stem tell cells. you can discard them as medical ways and some patients prefer to take them with them but we have another option where we could actually of the teeth saved cryogenically and the stem cells harvested for future use for their patients, for the
4:32 pm
patient in the future . >> so doctor, what might these stem cells be used for one day? >> i think the field is wide open. we are just kind of on the very cusp of what has become. stem cell third therapies will be useful for autoimmune processes to perhaps cancer therapies to a multitude of things. we are again just starting to see and unlock the stem cell possibilities for people and as we move forward into the future, we are going to see many things that are going be fantastic for our own health . >> a lot of people have their wisdom teeth pulled at a young age. explain why it is important to preserve stem cells especially in young patients? >> -- >> it seems as though we may have lost our connection. with dr. scott frost. we were discussing the
4:33 pm
importance of preserving send stem cells found in wisdom to you. perhaps we can continue the conversation later on in the newscast. will move along here, planned parenthood is putting its money where its mouth is. they are pulling out of federal family planning programs. as lauren green reports, the organization says they would rather lose the funding then abide by a new trump administration rule prohibiting participants from referring patients for abortions. >> reporter: in a major decision, planned parenthood announced it is abandoning $6 million in federal funding to avoid a new trump administration rule. the roll bars federally funded clinics from referring people to abortion providers. the 2019 role put forth by that trumpet ministration had been locked up in the court system but it just came forth essentially saying they are no longer allowing planned parenthood to direct directly refer pregnant patients for abortion . >> planned parenthood says the trump administration force them out of the funding.
4:34 pm
they reported, "" >> reporter: the trumpet ministration is forcing us out of the program. we focus on family planning of which we sort serve 40% of patients. this is a direct attack on planned parenthood and our health and life and we will not stand for. a poll shows" officials of the department of health and human services is planned parenthood is abandoning its patients, releasing a statement saying " hhs is grateful for the many grantees who continue to serve their patients under the program. we will work to ensure all patients continue to be served . >> they are taking way access to abortions but they are saying if you are going to directly refer the services you will not get your federal funds. >> planned parenthood is not alone. legislators in maryland and
4:35 pm
massachusetts preemptively adopted measures to opt out of title x. that is the federal program dedicated to providing birth control to low income women. lauren green, fox news. democratic presidential candidate, tom stier is in the area campaigning. we enjoyed an appearance earlier today on news at noon. the billionaire activist touched on a number of topics including truck climate change . >> i am a person who one day 1 has pledged to call a state of emergency on the climate issue, who said, i will use the emergency powers of the presidency to deal with it on day 1. >> last night, -- spoke at the, well club commonwealth club and says he wants to address immigration. he has yet to appear in any of the televised debates among
4:36 pm
democratic candidates. still to ce on the four, facebook rolls out a new program that lets users monitor who has access to their data. details on the program up next. outside our doors this afternoon, partly cloudy skies, temperatures warming up as we see a new trend into the picture. i will have a look at what you can expect for tomorrow and into the weekend, coming up. is the 49ers get ready for the upcoming season, the 49ers foundation is preparing for its signature event. he does details on how you can one and dine and help bay area children at the same time. plus "wicked" comes to the bay area.
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facebook snow clear history feature is being rolled out in 3 countries. users in ireland, south korea and spain will be able to use the new tool that aims to give users more control over there data privacy. users in those countries will see a new section called off of facebook activity when users click it they will see apps and websites tracking activity and send the reports back to facebook for ad targeting purposes. tapping the clear history but will erase the data from a facebook account. joining us to talk more about this is our check expert, brian eldridge. brian, always good to talk with you. this sounds a little scary.
4:40 pm
i'm going to see all of the data that has been passed along from apps and websites to facebook, my user history, what exactly am i going to see when i use this new feature? >> so when it is available to us in the u.s., hopefully later on this year, essentially you will see a list of apps and websites that have reported back to faceok yo activity while on the web. to start from the beginning, every website you go to, everywhere on the planet, is reporting information back to facebook if they have something called a facebook pixel installed on the website which almost all of them do. facebook knows inordinate amount of information about you. when you look at the feature you will see a list of things and you can turn them off and say i don't want to be associated with this tall content. whatever the reason is, you can turn them off and also block them from tracking you in the future which is kind of nice . >> okay, i was going to say
4:41 pm
this is not just deleting data from the past come you can also say you don't want these companies to do this in the future. can you put out a blanket statement that says i don't want to be tracked at all by any website? >> wouldn't that be nice? unfortunately, you cannot. they may come out with something in the future that allows you to do that but for now you have to pick and choose and interestingly they were a few research studies earlier this year that asked people how do you think of a privacy setting on statement and most of those people had no idea how to either navigate to the privacy settings, how to use them or what they were for. so facebook is essentially rolling this out and it is going to hurt their -- platform if people adopted in droves. most people will not know what is there. essentially they are just getting a pr win by coming up with this interesting feature
4:42 pm
but if facebook is going to be straight and honest with users and say, we are going to stop using you as a product, they would make an opt out or an opt in feature rather than an opt out feature so that would be that privacy was default . >> if you going click and use this clear history feature saying my data is taken care of, the data is not actually being deleted by facebook, is a? it? >> no, they are just disassociating it from your account and it can take up to 48 hours for that to happen. during that time, facebook will continue to use the data for whatever they want. after that 48 hours, they will still use it in their ad products and in the sense of like targeting females between 18 and 49 and targeting people of a certain demographic, things that you do with your on facebook rather than what you are on off facebook . >> and they hang onto the data in case they needed down the road. is there a downside, brian, to clear my data and disassociating
4:43 pm
my history with my facebook account? >> well, on the consumer side there is not really much of a downside. if you are a big fan of making sure the ads are more relevant to you so you have been on amazon and the last few weeks, looked at certain things and all the sudden you see that in your facebook feed and you kind of like those reminders and that personalized experience then don't do anything but if you think that is creepy, i was just talking about my friend about that weird pillow and all of a sudden it is showing up in my newsfeed. something is where. if that bothers you, turn it off . >> i say that all the time . >> and they can't crack that code. it doesn't mean it will be perfect. google still does this stuff. google just has a much larger, broader platform so people can still use the data from google rather than their own to do the exact same stuff . >> so there is always the potential work around. why the slow rollout? is this new feature only being rolled out now in 3 countries, why is facebook sort of doing this at such a slow pace?
4:44 pm
>> the department of engineering at the company posted a release saying that it is taking so long because it is a new product they have never had to do before and no other website in the world is doing it so they had no framework to work with. they had to build it from the ground up but ice i kind of suspect them doing a slower rollout so they can mitigate the amount of folks that take advantage of it. if you only rollout at 12%, they are not hurting their bank account in the u.s. and europe where their dominant . >> not necessarily a feature they want a whole lot of users to actually use and again, brian, how long do you think before users in the u.s. will be able to use the feature? >> there is no 100% guarantee that it will end up happening anytime this year but that would move i guess because i think they are going to wait for a nice slow new cycle probably sometime around christmas time and roll it out
4:45 pm
to the rest of us and they will use it as we will but i think it will change because it is it only in 3 countries i would consider this a beta test. there may be a lot of changes and facebook is known for hiding these kinds of features deep into the privacy menu so you may have trouble finding it once it comes out . >> brian eldridge from nerds on call. appreciate talking to you, thank you. >> you're welcome. all right, let's take a look outside as we take a look at the beautiful golden gate bridge and blue skies and clouds out there, rosemary? >> we have another beautiful day around the bay area. temperatures warming a little bit over yesterday and this is a trend we will see moving forward over the next couple of days. perhaps some of the warmest weather of the week. here's a look over the bay as we look at san francisco through the clouds there on the backside. we see a mostly cloudy sky along the coastline. we have a trough and low pressure that continue to maintain control of our weather
4:46 pm
but starting tomorrow, the high pressure begins to strengthen. we have a the tail end of some cloud cover over the bay area as well. present temperatures for today, 60s at the coast, a lot of 70s and 80s around the bay area. by tomorrow, a notable jump coming our way and inland cities expected to reach the 90s. the heat is returning for tomorrow. it looks like into thursday as well. it won't get much worse but temperatures only change ever so subtly as we get into the week. here's a look at storm tracker 2 and some of the cloud cover you can see over areas of the north break bay, petaluma, partly cloudy, mostly clear to the central and south bay and a lot of low cloud cover along the coastline. onshore breeze at sfo 30 miles per hour, livermore, 12, san jose and northrop, 16 and very pleasant. temperatures in concord 82, upper 70s in livermore, upper 70s in napa, 83 degrees in santa rosa. temperatures up a few degrees over yesterday afternoon.
4:47 pm
75 degrees in san jose. tomorrow morning, low clouds will be back around the coastline inside the day. partly cloudy for the afternoon away from the coast. during the second part of the day, notice those high-level clouds moving over northern california all the way down to about sonoma so we may see a little bit of high-level activity for the bay area. temperatures, 67 and san francisco, upper 60s in concord, 69 over san jose. afternoon highs for tomorrow, nice and mild in sausalito, 75. 9 degrees -- 90 degrees in novato. inland we will feel the warm- up. upper 70s for oakland, upper 80s for danville, 94 is the afternoon high for antioch. south bay, 84, san jose. upper 80s for saratoga. by the water, in santa cruz, 79. along the peninsula, mid 80s
4:48 pm
red to in redwood city, 80 in san mateo and 72 for san francisco. here's a look at the extended forecast. temperatures warming up a bit more as we get into thursday and then coming down just slightly. all in all a really nice forecast but warmer than will where we have been. scientists are using unconventional methods to try to measure the strength of future hurricanes. researchers are looking for answers underwater. >> reporter: months after hurricane michael bruised the florida panhandle and irma slammed look florida keys, the state is bracing for what comes next. we will go up to -- >> reporter: one scientist is digging for those answers underwater . >> it is a relatively new science. >> reporter: florida gulf coast university's jolynn miller and her team use long tubes to pull samples from the seafloor. >> we are looking for organic
4:49 pm
bottom. a lot of dark sediment, fluffy sediment that we can actually get a core through. >> reporter: the technique is called coring which involves digging in the dirt underwater to uncover information about hurricanes from thousands of years ago. that can predict how strong future hurricanes will be. by studying patterns in the sediment, mueller points to evidence that forecast more severe hurricanes. she matches upper hurricane records with sea surface temperatures to predict the chaos these massive storms will create as see temperatures continue to rise. >> at the moment we are projecting we will see more intense hurricanes in the future and the geologic records we are uncovering are showing the same thing. >> reporter: her predictions matchup with the latest national oceanic and atmospheric administration forecast. they warn of above normal
4:50 pm
hurricane activity with the possibility of 5 to 9 hurricanes at least two of those could be major. >> these cores tell a story and it is the thing i love so much about geology. there is so much history there. it is really important that we can understand them as best we can so we can make more accurate predictions going forward. >> reporter: hurricane season lasts until late november. people here can only prepare for the possibility. in bonita springs, florida, fox 2 news. italy's prime minister announces his plans to resign . >> coming up, is reason for the decision and what it means for the future of the eu, coming up next. ♪
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hong kong residents are reportedly moving money out as protests escalate. the wall street journal reports businesses and individuals have been taking their money out of the city amid concerns that china will and act restrictions on capital. also today, chinese government officials are sliming facebook and twitter for suspending accounts aimed at undermining the protests. almost 1 help 1000 accounts work band. >> -- will help to restore the order and in hong kong and we try to -- >> facebook also remove several
4:54 pm
pages and accounts including some by protesters. today, the prime minister of italy is handing in his resignation. the resignation sets the stage for a potential shakeup in italy's governor. >> -- >> ktvu trend wood 5:00 is coming up next. the bay area businessman who once owned an iconic building in the area was arrested and charged with an immigration scheme. investigators say he built investors over out of over $100 million. i think that is -- a people who have been so scared and hopeless. >> one group in san francisco says they are targets for crime
4:55 pm
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ktvu fox2 news a 5:00 starts now. >> ab area businessman who once owned the iconic tribune tower in downtown oakland has been arrested on charges that could land him in jail for years. federal authorities say thomas henderson ran an immigration scheme to defraud chinese investors. i'm julie haener . >> i'm frank somerville. the u.s. attorney's office says henderson raised more than $100 million with a promise of creating local jobs but ended up using the money to boost his other businesses. katie hughes andre senior is here with the case authorities have built against mr. henderson . >> yes, it involved henderson and two other men that dangled the possibility of jobs for chinese residents. the money was supposed to be used for specific purposes but henderson use the funds from for other


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