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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  August 20, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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the owner says he moved to san francisco 30 years ago from the south of france and says the neighborhood is changing and in the last week, he has been attacked twice, once inside the store and went out. >> fresh coffee and homemade truffles, a simple menu here at sos truffles. they are among the best in the world. a steady flow of customers at the small shop in this neighborhood . >> the truffles are incredible. is a great the guy. >> reporter: customers were disappointed to find out the owner, john mark was attacked inside the store. he is seen here telling a man who appeared to be homeless to get out. he then forced the man to leave . >> he was outside and he turned around and i'm like, you need to go. i step forward for my place on the sidewalk and i fell to the ground. when i fell on the ground, he
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took advantage of me and put me in a chokehold like this . >> he says he was panicked and yelling for help. thankfully, his 13-year-old son, sebastian was with him and came to his rescue . >> it happened so fast and i was in the bathroom and i grabbed the bat and it was over. >> reporter: the video shows sebastian running toward the back of the store to grab the back. the customer told him to put it down but he feared for his dad's life . >> i was thinking to myself if this keeps him going on, if this guy keeps strangling my dad i'm going to hit him. if it had lasted a couple of more seconds i would have hit him. >> reporter: 61-year-old paul eagle onto was arrested that day. he has a previous arrest in oregon back in 2017 . >> i'm afraid of the bad guy gets out he will come back here. >> we started to call police. >> this is not the first incident like this. we are told on thursday
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homeless woman entered the business and grabbed something and tried to run out but the owner grabbed her and started to call police. when he started to describe her on the phone, he dropped the tip jar and messed things up in the store and randolph. -- ran out. the owner was not able to capture but these are happening more often and he's hoping something can be dumb up.about the situation. >> i'm impressed with his 13- year-old son. a man accused of attacking a woman at a san francisco condo building was ordered held without bail. 25-year-old austin vincent was back in court this afternoon on allegations that he threatened 4 people with a knife back in february. he has also been charged in the attack on august 11 which was captured by surveillance cameras in the condo lobby. there was a public outcry when he was released from jail because of concerns about public safety. then the new allegations came to light. the judge agreed today that
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vincent should remain in custody without bail. >> he was getting the help he needed. he was having the root causes of some of his issues being addressed and now he is in jail where he is not going to get help with those issues . >> there is always a down and a balance and we believe the balance merits keeping the defendant in to advance public safety. >> today, vincent pleaded not guilty to assault with a deadly weapon and criminal threats against 4 people in the incident on february 3. federal agents arrested a businessman in oakland today accusing him of one of the largest immigration scams in state history. they say 70-year-old thomas henderson and is coded codefendants defrauded more than 200 investors at more than $100 million. andre senior is in the newsroom with details on what federal prosecutors say was an intricate shell game.
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>> the indictment says henderson and 3 other men dangled the possibility of permanent u.s. residency to chinese investors. the money was supposed to be used for a specific purpose but authorities say henderson used the funds for other business ventures including the purchase of oakland landmark tribune tower. >> in this picture, published in the san francisco business journal in 2012, thomas henderson probably stands in front of the building he recently purchased, tribune tower in downtown oakland but authorities say he use ill- gotten gains to purchase the structure. according to the just-released -- peter who, a chinese national -- and lee, lied to foreign investors about the use of the funds. the made false statements in connection with the employment- based immigration reference category program visa program. henderson was the founder of san francisco regional center based out of the tribune building. the company said these investments could set your family on a path to american citizenship at the indictment
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said the company solicited and up solicited and obtained investors through the eb-5 visa program. it allows for nationals to obtain permanent u.s. residency by investing in qualifying american businesses and creating jobs for u.s. citizens. but the investigation says the money was used for other dealings including the purchase of the tower. until two weeks ago, henderson owned a home in this well manicured neighborhood in the upper lakeshore section of oakland. the new owner who did not want to appear on camera told me he purchased it from henderson and said the home was in receivership, apparently tied to a previous case. he made the purchase through the securities and exchange commission that had control of the property. >> -- >> reporter: henderson is charged with 12 counts of wire fraud, conspiracy to commit
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wire fraud, conspiracy to commit offenses against the united states among other charges. henderson was arrested this morning and made his appearance before a judge today. the scheduled court appearances it is set for october one. the newly assemblejury in the ghost ship warehouse case has had its first day of deliberations following yesterday's shakeup and we learned there could be more followed. tran wants henry lee tells us the judge says two of the three missed released jurors could be held in contempt. >> reporter: a day after 3 women were dismissed in the ghost ship trial as jurors, the judge says two of them might a to obtain attorneys for violating rules against improper medications. the judge said that two "offending jurors" could face charges. she still is waiting for information on the "non- offending juror". >> we have no idea what the misconduct was . >> william cole is a veteran
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defense attorney not involved in the case but he says the violations would have to be very serious to trigger a contempt of court case . >> if it was actually something serious like corruption, i believe whatever you have, that would be possible. i think it is unlikely that the county is going to start prosecuting jurors for who knows what. >> the attorneys involved in the trial are under a gag order because the judge wants to stabilize the new jury. one thing, though, is for certain. there is only 1 alternate left and the judge is trying to juggle requests for jurors for things like time up to take kids to college . >> it puts a serious crimp on the chart trial. it is now in jeopardy. >> reporter: the judge has been inundated with questions as to when the verdict will come down.
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her response has been, "this is not a c-section. it is a natural birth and the baby will arrive when it arrives." at the courthouse, henry lee, ktvu fox2 news. a doctor from santa rosa accused of killing patients with opioid prescriptions pleaded not guilty today. dr. thomas keller is charged with second-degree murder for the death of four patients. prosecutors say he wrote prescriptions for hundreds of high potency pills including oxycontin, percocet and vicodin. keller is in custody on $12 million bail. preliminary hearings are set for september 3 and four. berkeley police are looking for an attacker following an assault that left a man in critical condition just before 2 am this morning on channing wayne your telegraph avenue. officers arrived and found a man between 40 and 50 years old, unconscious with head injuries. so far, there is no description of the attacker. new at six 8:00, colin kaepernick says the 2015 police shooting of mario woods and separate cisco helped to spur him into political activism. woods was a suspect who was shot 25 times by police
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officers after he refused repeated requests to drop his knife. in an interview with paper magazine, he said after the shooting he and his partner came up with the idea for the know your rights campaign. about 10 months later, he says he started kneeling before games during the national anthem as a silent protest against what he calls police brutality and racial inequality. coming up, a neighborhood group encourages asian americans in the bay area to arm themselves. the controversial proposal by people concerned about crime. in the water bottle van at san francisco international airport went into effect today but we have now learned there is 1 major loophole. it is getting ready to warm up out there. you may notice it a little today but further warming in the next couple of days. how warm will it get? the 5 day forecast is next president trump is accused of promoting anti-semitic stereotypes after comments he made. taking a look at the
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a new study shows half of the guns used in crimes in alameda county last year were not registered in california. a study released by the county said of the 862 confiscated guns, received in court crimes, only 50% were registered here.
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the report also listed data on guns sales composition and theft. alameda county leader say the goal of the study is to understand how criminals get guns. they also looked at nationwide data and california had the most active shooter incidents. one group is encouraging asian american residents to consider can defending themselves against by buying a gun. rob roth tells us this comes as asians have been the targets in a number of violent crimes in the city. >> reporter: in a city that no longer has any gun stores, one grassroots san francisco neighborhood group says asian americans in the city should consider arming themselves for protection . >> i think that is a right thing for people who have been so scared and feel helpless. >> reporter: emily chow is a member of the coalition for good neighborhoods and she is an underdog candidate for mayor and also a gun owner . >> i have not seen such outrages
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crimes targeting asian people over and over. >> reporter: those crimes include beating a man beating and robbing a longtime business owner in china topic dash cam video shows the attacker punching another man who tried to help and even more disturbing, the brutal kidnapping and of a 74-year-old asian american woman who was held captive for hours . >> if asians feel vulnerable and asians have been targeted, they should get up and stand up for their own rights to own a gun and practice with a gun and know how to shoot and protect their own property. >> reporter: san francisco law prohibits people from carrying guns on the street but the organization said asian americans need to protect themselves in their homes. the group is encouraging their members to take gun safety and training classes . >> it is not normal for our culture to gary guns. the reason why it is around so much and arousing so much attention to the community lately is it is not normal for us to advocate to do self
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defense. >> reporter: many other asian organizations do not agree that guns are the answer to stop the violence in their communities . >> america really has too many guns and we have a lot of gun violence already. >> reporter: san francisco supervisor, gordon moore who represents the heavily asian sunset district says expanding police foot patrols and more security answers cameras are a better answer than morgans "putting more guns in our communities escalates victims of crime, children's in households with guns and innocent bystanders. >> a neighborhood group says a lot of people have expressed interest in going to a meeting next month. rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. now to contra costa county. a man from rodeo was arrested after holding guns and drugs inside a home. poly sci 3 pounds of meth, 3 pounds of marijuana and an
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under close amount of heroin and hash in rodeo. 33-year-old james russell was arrested at the scene and booked into jail. the fog is creeping in over cents to cisco right now. you can see on the live camera behind me. we will bring it up in a second. the fog is coming back in. not as prevalent as last night or the night before that. we will sea fog in the morning, not as much, a quicker burn off which will yield a higher temperature during the day tomorrow. warmer tomorrow is the plan but still it looks pretty good. there is the old -- what we call those towers in henryville, frank? the old? remember? >> the watergate? >> the ones across from -- >> oh, -- >> everybody knows the name but me and there the pyramids and there is the fog. temperatures tomorrow with less fog in the morning like this it will warm up quickly. temperatures back in the 80s and 90s in the warmest inland
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locations where is today we had spots like mountain view at just 70 degrees today. temperatures in the inland valleys will get to the 80s. tomorrow, temperatures in the warm spot like livermore and clayton and danville and danvers morgan hill in the red so upper 80s and low 90s so a warmer day tomorrow. fire danger comes up and takes a bit of a hit. the pattern becomes a little more firm. last few days have been a little bit of everything. last week was firm, heat, kind of wishy-washy. now we are getting into a significant high pressure event, not record-setting but just will stick around for a few days. with that, the temperature pattern i'm showing is something we will look at for probably through friday and saturday. when i get back we will get specific. that is a broadbrush. we will look at temperature specifics and the five day. president trump ratcheted up his feud with michigan congresswoman, rashida tlaib through a job at who defend her
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and the other democratic congressman known as the squall. >> i think any jewish people that vote for a democrat shows either a total lack of knowledge or great disloyalty. >> last week, israel block rashida tlaib and ilhan omar from entering israel. the proposed visit was organized by a palestinian group. both women have been critical of israel. jewish groups condemned the president's use of the word disloyal to describe jewish voters, calling that anti- semitic. ahead of the jewish democratic council of american said "at a time when anti-semitic incidents have increased due to the presidents emboldening of white nationalism, trump is repeating anti-semitic trope. the new tool being ruled out by facebook that lets users erase information with a click of a "clear history" button. a bay area company says it has a new use for your wisdom
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teeth. coming up, why dentist are not just throwing them away but now will save them for the future. as the 49ers get ready for the upcoming season, the 49ers foundation is repairing for a signature event. details on how you can one-and- done with players and help area children at the same time. plus the incredibly popular musical, "wicked" returns to the bay area. we sit down with two of the musicals actors. >> tomorrow at 10 am.
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facebook is rolling out a new feature designed to give users the power to better protect their privacy. users in ireland, south korea and spain will be able to use the new "clear history" feature. users will see a new section called off of facebook activity. when it is selected, users will see apps and websites tracking their activity and sending reports to facebook for ad targeting purposes. tapping the clear history but will erase the data from the facebook account. the future should be available to users in the united states by later this year. a bay area company is jumping into a new type of medical field as ktvu's maureen naylor reports it is harvesting stem cells from wisdom teeth. >> turned toward me? >> reporter: one wisdom teeth are extracted, most of the time the teeth are considered medical waste and thrown out. this menlo park surgeon says patients have a new option
6:23 pm
through h stemodontics after they harvest them. -- >> this is where we are able to harvest them and extract some styles themselves. >> reporter: dr. frost has -- after teeth are shipped out to the midwest . >> the patient's -- they mealy cracked open the teeth and remove the pulp which is the soft living part on the inside of the tooth and remove the stem cells. >> -- >> reporter: this redwood city mother heard about the option while researching wisdom teeth extraction for her oldest
6:24 pm
child. friday, her 13-year-old will have her wisdom teeth taken out and the teeth will also be harvested for stem cells . >> if she encounters any kind of medical issues, you know, i want her to have every fighting chance. >> reporter: stemodontics is fda approved and says it costs about $2000 for the stem cell extractions and about $22 per month for storage. the company is careful about what it promises say there is no evidence for stem cells to help with dental and bone repair but clinical trials show potential for more use in the future. some scientists discourage patients from storing stem cells because there is no known application and say while great for research there is no therapeutic use yet . >> i hope that you never ever has to use them. but i feel a lot better knowing that they are there. >> reporter: in menlo park, maureen naylor, fox 2 news.
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today is move in day for uc berkeley. school officials have been in contact with new students and offered advice to make sure things go smoothly. students were advised to bring a dolly if they need one because the university's carts were in such high demand. we talked with upperclassman and they said to get ready to wait for a long time and you will have to check into the orientation station which is the orientation program so i will start waiting for that and we will go out to lunch whenever we can. >> reporter: berkeley police were also telling drivers to be prepared for extra traffic. they say the campus area could be busy for the next couple of days. ktvu fox2 news at 6:30 is coming up next with another homeless encampment cleared out today. >> the city where from, the community we live in is not helping the problem by evicting us from point a to b and from point b to a. we will hear from the cleanup and how the city of oakland is responded. wide receiver antonio brown was back in prostic practice.
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not to our top stories. bay area visiting thomas hundred henderson who once on the tribune tower in oakland is under arrest, accused of raising millions of dollars in an immigration scheme to defraud chinese investors. money was supposed to be used for a specific purpose but he allegedly ended up using the money and said to find his own business ventures . >> there is more followed in the ghost ship warehouse trial. the judge said today two of the dismissed jurors could face contempt proceedings, standing accused of violating court orders stemming from unauthorized communication. the judge also issued a gag order in the case. the owner of a north beach chocolate store says his 13- year-old son probably saved his
6:30 pm
life when he scared off an attacker. the owner of the store says a homeless man put him in a choke hold yesterday. surveillance video shows the boy running to get a batch. the suspect was later arrested and charged with assault. you're watching mike mibach -- ktvu fox2 news at 6:30. the city of oakland called and heavy machinery today to clean up one of many of its homeless encampment's. >> this is located at union camp marina. >> reporter: with a temporary federal restraining order lifted, the state of oakland made good on its long sought promise to clean up union point park in an adjacent parking lot occupied by a growing homeless encampment since last december . >> we are getting complaints from the coastal commission, the bcdc, from the marina residents, because this is on a waterway. it has made the park unusable. infection control is complaining about the rat
6:31 pm
infestation that they will have to deal with. >> reporter: one woman who was recently evicted from the camp was here to make sure that those evicting them followed rules . >> i know from watching that the city has policies which they do not follow which is why many encampments putting this one and the one i was part of decided to sue the city. >> reporter: with a judge allowing the eviction to proceed, work began on trends of the group debris. once again after we have seen time after time, the next chapter of what homeless folks say is human walkable continued . >> the city is not helping the problem by evicting us from one place to another . >> there is no incident and they will not be any end until the city builds affordable housing for everybody. not just condos and luxury apartments that no one from oakland can afford. >> the city has spent a lot of affordable homes in the pipeline but they are not being
6:32 pm
built fast enough to keep up with demand. we need other cities to follow supak we can't have smaller cities refusing to build affordable housing expecting cities like oakland and san francisco to shoulder the entire burden for the region. for many, this is far more than just inconvenience . >> it is exhausting and it is hard work. >> reporter: the cleanup will take two days but there are many other homeless encampment here, there and everywhere across the bay area and beyond. tom baker, mike mibach -- ktvu fox2 news. the civics are our commission says this display is being torn down pick it is made of fiberglass. the our commission
6:33 pm
says it would take $96,000 to renovate them and about $8000 per year to maintain them. the sf mta is expected to propose some time tonight whether to name the new chinatown subway station after the late rose pack. the agency has been hearing public comment for several hours. demonstrators rallied against the idea, wanting the subway stop to be named chinatown station. rose pack died in 2018, strongly involved in getting the subway spot expended to chinatown but critics say she was also a divisive figure in the community . >> today san francisco international airport started to phase of the sale of single use plastic water bottles. the airport says it sells 10,000 water bottles every day. the goal is to get zero waste by 2021. vendors will be able to sell the remaining bottles on hand but will not be able to restock them. the airport is encouraging people to bring their own water bottles to fill up at the 100 water stations around the airport. >> you don't have to use a water fountain but there are oftentimes water bottle
6:34 pm
stations. >> i think it's a good idea to change at the possibilities like the kinds of bottles. >> reporter: there are also exceptions. you can still buy soda, tea, juice and other flavored drinks and pass plastic bottles and plastic water bottles larger than one liter are still for sale. you can also buy aluminum, glass or certified compostable water bottles. area lawmakers, residents and environmental groups gathered today to speak out about potential development of the wetlands in redwood city. a group says the cargo company and its real estate partner dnb want to develop 1400 acres of redwood city plots. the proposed project would include thousands of homes . >> cargo and their development partner, dmv made a public statement that they plan to explore development plans here.
6:35 pm
>> we can't build on the baby it is a practice we have been in a long time ago and should not be doing a. >> cargill issued a statement of ktvu singh in part, "nothing has been proposed for the site other than what it is now. our intent is to engage in a broad community conversation about potential future use. coming up, keeping tahoe blue. we will tell you about the annual lake tahoe summit that took place today and the big issues highlighted by senator feinstein and governor gavin newsom. plus president trump considering ways to stimulate the economy put one idea could impact the size of your paycheck. >> reporter:
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on wall street, stocks slumped on corporate earnings and another decline on bond yields. the dow spell 173, nasdaq down 54 and the s&p close to 23 points lower. concerned about economic growth and a trade dispute with china. president trump says he is considering more tax cuts. >> ray bogan tells us the president also repeated his criticism of this federal reserve and that they should cut interest rates again. >> >> reporter: president trump says the economy is incredible but a recent stock market stumble and investor jitters has been trying to reassure the public is still strong. president trump says the possibility of a payroll tax reduction is on the table . >> we would like to see that and it would very much affect
6:39 pm
the workers of our country. >> reporter: meanwhile the president is presenting ideas to help the economy but not afraid to criticize those he thinks are hurting it like the federal reserve chairman. >> at the federal reserve would do its job which has done poorly over the last year and a half, you would see a burst of growth like you have never seen before. >> reporter: president trump remained laser focus on an interest rate cut. he got what he wanted in july when the borrowing rate was loaded 0.25%. but the president wants another full 1% reduction . >> it would be great if the fed would do its job to do a substantial rate cut . >> china is a factor, ongoing talks with the country have stalled but the president says he is not concerned with the short impact of a tribe or. he says he is in it for the long haul. >> i do think the economy is
6:40 pm
slowing down and personally, i think the policy is damaging the u.s. directly and a lot of expectations about where the world economy and the u.s. economy are headed. >> reporter: president trump replaced president obama's choice, yellen. last week, he told that he things the u.s. economy has enough strength to avoid a recession. in washington ray bogan, fox news. prime minister, giuseppe conte said he stepped down during a fiery speech before parliament teach today in which he blasted the deputy prime minister who was seated right next to him. his deputy prime minister called for -- and election to form a new coalition government is expected in about two months. talking weather right now,
6:41 pm
temperatures are mild but we will warm up in the next couple days but i will see you back here with details. trent woods alex savidge joins us in the newsroom with a look at some of the stories we are looking at for the 7:00 news over on ktvu plus . >> free speech advocates are suing san francisco mayor london breed and the police department over the raid on freelance journalists home. the questions they want answered. also eight bill to crack down on team vaping in california is moving forward without one key provision. we will have those stories and more coming up tonight, live at 7:00 over on ktvu plus. first, after the break, soul train. heading to broadway. what you can expect and when you can expect the story on don cornelius and is in impact on a generation. a live look outside, remember the soul tame theme song? >> the soul train . >> here it is. >> ♪ ♪
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this person of ktvu news sponsored by mike's pizza. pizza the way it ought to be. new at 6:30, a state audit found employees of one of california's 54 district agricultural associations mixed back more than $300,000 in state money. the association, make credit card repurchases with no receipt and the ceo and supervisor allowed workers to drink alcohol. the report says the california department of food and alkyl culture which oversees the district failed to
6:45 pm
catch the violations four years. >> senator dianne feinstein hosted the annual lake tahoe summit today. the senate draws senators, governors and others from both sides of the lake in california and nevada. the emphasis this year as in years past is keeping the water in lake tahoe clean and pristine. there was a broader focus on climate change in general and specifically wildfire prevention. >> these fires are going to occur more frequently as temperatures continue to rise . >> i think it is self-evident. the huts are getting hotter. the wets are getting wetter. the drives are getting dryer. >> the senate summit has been held every year since 1997 was senators from california and nevada taking turns hosting . >> chief meteorologist, bill martin, looking at lake tahoe, >> can you imagine when people first came out here and saw that just went -- >> they used to call it like
6:46 pm
bigler. that was the first governor of the state and they named it, he named it after himself, he was kind of a jerk i think. it was a horrible name. i agree, mark twain sent spent time there and wrote a lot, there's been a lot written about it because back then, as you say, the water was even clearer and more amazing . >> there are a couple of things in my life, the brooklyn bridge and like tahoe. your breath gets taken away it doesn't matter how many times you saw it. it is amazing . >> we are so lucky to have a . >> so rain in the northern ohio valley. they had some severe weather out there basically the last couple of days. that will move on and we are going to start seeing more of these clouds filter into the bay area. a little bit tonight, a little tomorrow so with that, we are planning on forecasting a few high clouds as we go into the next couple of days. with that, i will get the graphic changed and it would be great would changes, i promise. sorry, i had a little bit of
6:47 pm
issues here but like tahoe is pretty nice. there it is. think we have something going. there are the low clouds and fog . the clouds will be creeping in the next few days just in and out but most, the real weather story is a well warming trend. today was mild, yesterday was mild, quality has been good. air quality will take a bit of a dive tomorrow in the next couple of days. there is the future tall and the fog. this is up another 700 feet so that is up over 1800 feet so you can see the inversion. it is just down a little ways off of the the top of the tower. a beautiful day again tomorrow but warmer. the fog forecast looks like that. not much fog. we wake up warm up, startup warmer, and up warm up. reds are 90s, oranges are 80s. the temperature footprint will last and work over the next few days with a little incremental warming on thursday, maybe
6:48 pm
another 3 degrees on top of that so the forecast is how the sky looks tomorrow and how the sky looks tomorrow for oakland, san jose, pretty much everybody. the model kind of shows another week weather system passing to the north, not close enough to us to really have much of an impact on the fog or anything. we just stay warm. fog looks like it constant player coast side. there is the five-day forecast and you can see that there. yosemite is one of those places, too. when you die that and you look up and think oh, my gosh, can anything be more spectacular but it is california. yosemite, golden gate bridge, what was the other thing? >> lake tahoe . >> tahoe. those are in our state and there all just a quick drive from here. that is what is amazing about a. those are 3 of those amazing things and we are so fortunate to live here that we can visit
6:49 pm
each one of those places in a couple of hours . >> absolutely, bill, thank you . >> following breaking news from san mateo county. the sheriff tells us a small plane crashed into the water off half moon bay and el granada pickett help happened about 6:15 tonight. two people in the water have been recovered. we don't know their condition. we have a crew on the way and will have an update as soon as we learn more information about the small plane that crashed of half moon bay. a soul train musical is in the works. according to deadline, the musical will tell the story of the late don cornelius, the host and creator of soul train. it will feature more than 20 hit songs from the era. so train ran from 1971 to 2006. the musical could hit broadway in 2021. just in time for the 50th anniversary of the start of the long-running series. >> john cornelius always had that look. -- >> he was great. >> seeing that old video. >> yes . >> coming up tonight, antonio brown was back at practice with
6:50 pm
the raiders today. he is now at the alameda facility. have his antics become a distraction for the team? we will tell you what the coach had to say about that coming up next in sports . >> i guess we will keep the music going . >> a look at the prime time line up starting with the resident at eight followed by a all new episode of first responders live in 9:00 followed by the 10:00 news and 11:00 news all right here on ktvu. packers, thursday ktvu fox 2.
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marcus here. how about if we do this. how about we just completely ignore antonio brown? >> can't be done. everybody wants to know, right? >> i guess so . >> i promise you though -- >> i promise you this. there will come a day when we don't bring up antonio brown and the raiders . >> i can't wait . >> and all of his stuff. it will not be today, however. some days those blistered feet, those shoes will make the sports cast but today as the team goes back to their basic training site in alameda, yes, we have antonio brown showing up and reportedly, he donned a certified nfl approved helmet
6:54 pm
with no issues at all. >> all the while we were there, and our camera was shooting, he never put a helmet on. i just don't think he likes it. he participated in various drills, no fuss, no muss and you listen to jon gruden who is good at selling you on ideas, he is not bothered at all by the shenanigans. >> -- >> is that a joke or what? yeah. he is here. he's all in, that's what he said . >> it has not been a distraction to me at all. i hate to break it to anybody but we have known what the statuses. he just showed up with frostbite. i have an a never had a guy show up with frostbite and it is no laughing matter. it is something really important to them. there is nothing wrong with supporting your players. and things they believe in. i am confident he is going to be a heckuva player for us and be ready to roll. >> that is a big time spin job
6:55 pm
by jon gruden but that is john gruden and the tv magnet pick meantime, san francisco 49ers, you would never know it by what everyone was talking about today but they actually won. a lot of impressive things to talk about, a lot of optimism with regard to their performance overall but all anyone wants to talk about is jimmy garoppolo. it was a brief but brutal stint against the broncos. he went 3 series, 1 for 6 passing, 0 ads, two deflections and one interception. he had a 0.00 quarterback rating. but, you know, take things into account, his first action coming back from the acl with which occurred in kansas city last september. a long way to go but kyle shanahan as coach has no worries. >> he is just getting back and getting comfortable. some guys don't come back from it as well. jimmy has been great, came back, no setbacks ended to go. jimmy hasn't played a lot of football, even this last year so getting him and reps and
6:56 pm
putting them in different situations and letting them play as much as possible . >> he will play in sick kansas city next weekend pick meantime, one of those goldstar on your oakland a's schedule calendar deals. when the yankees come to town it is always special and this year is no exception. aaron judge down on the central valley, yankee fans, get a, judge? >> here come the judge . >> a big crowd expected and they will see that guy probably, abe a.j. rookie lefty, one of the top prospects in the a's organization called up to the big leagues and he is coming back from tommy john's. he talked a little bit about that every today . >> a lot of hard work coming back from injury. a lot of, early on things like doubts so you bend your arm and it doesn't feel great and you start playing catch and it was like, thank god i can do this again to get off the mound and think everything like that was a little more complicated.
6:57 pm
i can do this . >> tell me he doesn't look like one of the young allman brothers? right? 78, things like that? >> meantime, a little time to check this out if you have ever had anything to do with little league, you know there is no sense coaching this gets. a couple of dads took their cameras up. check this out. >> mom, get it. >> -- throw the ball! what was that, dude? >> i guess i, there is no coaching them. the kids are having fun. right? that's all that matters. >> at that age? >> they had a great time. all worth checking out. we will have more tonight at 7:00, 10:00 and 11:00. >> that brings back a lot of memories . >> good memories, though, right? mac that kid was so serene in the outfield . >> he was playing in the sand
6:58 pm
pile . >> see later, everyone. mix see you, good night. thank you for watching ktvu fox 2 news where the power of 2 comes from you. . test trends at 20 to 60 percent off specialty store prices. at ross. yes for less.
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