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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  August 21, 2019 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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crash this half-moon bay. this isn't the first time the pilot has been involved in a crash this year. a san jose state, racist flyers are found on campus. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> i'm mike mibach. san jose state officials reacting to what the described as racist and anti immigrant flyers found on campus. a nonprofit with links to white nationalism is claiming responsibility. >> jesse gary is live to bring us this developing story. >> reporter: good afternoon to you. university officials say the fliers were found nine days ago, university police immediately began investigations. students were not notified at the time because schowas not in session but sense, they were sent an email, 36,000-plus
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students alerting them to this situation. >> we want to really promote what our core values are on our campus rather than promote the message on those fliers. >> reporter: chief diversity officer dr. kathleen, confirms police and staffers found flyers august 12th. that's nine days before instruction started for the fall semester, from the american identity movement, a nonprofit activist fraternal organization. other campuses across the country also had similar fliers distributed on their grounds. it violated the time place and manner policy that regulates how information is distributed. we spoke with students who say the message and action of placing material on this campus is concerning. >> it really does cause alarm.
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there so much hate going on nowadays, you are always on your toes because you are scared something serious is going to happen. >> people find it easier to these things. i don't think anybody likes them. >> we are a campus that wants to stay engaged rather than brushing them under the table. >> reporter: the university says police are investigating who put the fliers on campus and when it was done. this is not an issue of trying to squelch free speech but violating university policy. jesse gary, ktvu fox2 news. petaluma district denounced hate crimes after incidents involving students there. the board of education passed the resolution at a meeting yesterday. it reaffirmed the district's right to cooperate with federal officials to boost protection for students on campus.
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this comes in the wake of two incidents in which students in the district appeared in photos featuring a hand signal, sometimes linked to white supremacy. a pilot and passenger rescued off of half-moon bay. >> a second plane was flying with them and the coast guard was in the area on a training mission. >> the pilot has a pretty interesting past when it comes to taking chances. cristina rendon joins us live in the studio with more on the story. >> the pilot and his passenger are alive after their single engine plane sank in the ocean. not the first time this pilot had a close call. this is video of a beach craft bonanza crashing off of half- moon bay around 5:00 p.m. tuesday. the pilot david lush, says he was flying his new plane while a friend was flying next to him, taking pictures of each other this the air when suddenly his beach craft lost power and went down. lush and his passengers grabbed floatation devices and cell
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phones before the plane sank into the ocean. he says they were floating for 30 minutes while his friend in the other plane called for help. >> the airplane started sinking and jelly fish everywhere, whales around us. we waited as long as we could on the wing. had been circling him the whole time from the time the airplane impacted the water until it submerged and i lost sight of him. i started drifting off. for 10 minutes i couldn't see him. >> reporter: a coast guard crew from san francisco was on a training mission and came to the rescue sending in a diver who helped pull the couple to safety in a basket. the swimmer says they got the man and woman out within 25 minutes before they were seriously hurt. the pilot was showing signs of hype hypothermia. >> we are happy they were able to walk home alive tonight. >> if the coast guard was not
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there to pluck us out of the water, i would be a pop sickle at the bottom of the ocean. >> reporter: he was arrested in 2014 for arson the boulder, colorado. this year he reportedly crashed in mexico and feared to be taken hostage by a drug cartel and pictures uploaded to social media caught the eye of the u.s. fore service snowmobiling on snow-free terrain. faa says ntsb is leading the investigation. it's up clear when the plane will be pulled prom the water. cristina rendon, ktvu fox2 news. police in oak land investigating a homicide near 20th and san pablo avenue. radio from citizen app shows the scene moments after it happened. saw responded to a shooting, a man with a gunshot wound was taken to the hospital and late
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died. no word on suspects or motive. firefighters are investigating a house fire. no one was home. it took crews 30 minutes to fete the flames under control. the cause is under investigation. to washington , the white house is rolling out a change to immigration policy. >> the rules could allow undockmented families to be held at federal detention facilities indefinitely. >> reporter: the driving factor for this crisis is weakness in our legal frame work if immigration. >> reporter: the department of homeland security says it is imposing new egg regulations to make it easier to detain families for longer periods of time. >> by eliminating the incentive, the rule would reduce the volume of family units a that are already limbed resource asks put children at risk. >> reporter: president trump has made boarder secure a major focus of his administration the
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null of migrants arrested at the border spiked to levels not seen this a decade. the rule which would need cow approval changes licensing requirements for family detention centers and removes the limit on children set to the agreement. democrats say that would allow ice to detain families indefinitely. >> this is completely unnecessary and cruel and that's one more republican we  need to change leadership to pursue immigration reform with common sense and compassion instead of this cruelty this administration continues to show. >> reporter: according to a 2018 government accountability report, immigration and customs enforcement maintains 3300 family detention beds that limited space aron with the florez rule meant families were released into the u.s. pending a court date. officials reported a dip in the legal border crossings during president trump's first year in office. the numbers later rebounded.
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a bay area tech company regnawed a contract with immigration and customs enforcement. this allows ice to use the company's software to profile and track immigrants. protesters held several demonstrations outside of the offices of pal entear, calling on the company to end the business relationship with ice. the cofounder has previously denied the extent of involvement with the federal agency. political website, the hill, reports that the new contract is worth $50 million expires in 2022. for a second time, a military drone has been shot down over yemen. military leaders say mq9 drone was shot down near the controlled capital. it was hit by a missile operated by iranian rebels. another shot in june by the
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same group. an official posted our skies are no longer open to violations as they once were and the coming days we will see great surprises. the jury in the ghost ship warehouse trial in deliberations. we are learning about the three people removed from the jury on monday. judge thompson says two dismissed jurors violated rules against improper communications and considering outside material. she says they could face contempt proceedings and she is waiting also for more information about that third juror. there is only one alternate left, the judge is trying to juggle requests by jurors asking for time off due to scheduling conflicts. stay with ktvu r if coverage of the trial, henry lee, our crime reporter has been at the courthouse and posting a blog at and there is a timeline to click through on the website. we will be there for the verdict. a man accused of attacking a woman t her condo building in
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san francisco is facing new charges from other crimes. 25-year-old austin vincent was in court. has been charged to the attack august 1st this the lobby of the building, there was a backlash after he was released from jail after three days behind bars. a judge agreed vincent should remain in custody. >> he was getting the help he needed. he was having the root causes of issues being addressed and in jail where he is not going to get help with those issues. >> there is a balance that's done. that merits keeping the defendant in to advance public safety. >> he pled not guilty in the incident on february 3rd. a homeless man accused of attacking the opener of a chocolate shop is expected to be in court. the owner was attacked monday
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afternoon. he told the man to leave the store and the man attacked him outside of the shop. his 13 yield son came to the rescue to stop that attack. >> when i stepped forward from my shop to the sidewalks i fell on the ground. when i fell on the ground, that's when he took advantage of me and put me this the choke hold. >> it happened super fast. i was in the bathroom and get out and see them fighting and grab the bat and go and then it's over. >> paul angle onte was arrested and will be arraigned tomorrow. a grouped a rokating free speech is suing police and london broad for the raid at a home of a freelance photo journalist. officers were investigating a leaked police report about the death of public defender. the raid involved officers using a sledge hammer and crowbar to enter car mody's home.
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an tist preparing to drive to the festival the in was injured during a carjacking. the biggest injury is the loss of the art work. he spent 10 months creating the two, 6-foot tall elephant sculptures. he saw someone getting into his truck. he grabbed the truck rack as the thief was driving away but was thrown to the ground when the driver slammed on the brakes. to word on arrests in the case. progress made on a project to transform. it create a new destination for visitors as well. if you are looking for something to do this weekend, we will tell you which california parks are offering free admission for one day only. this weather, lots of shall be across the entire bay area, and a warm up. we will look at the numbers coming up.
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28th. next phase in the watershed restoration project at the presidio this san francisco. dump trucks arrived with loads of dirt for a 14-acre park. that area is right on top of the new doyle drive tunnels and will include a new transit center and outpost and a youth campus. this area has been separated by the highway for 75 years. the park is expected to be finished by spring. wild fires continuing to ravage the amazon rain forest. scientists are warning about the disastrous implications to the fight against climate change. wild fires tote alrecord high of more than 72,000 this year with nearly 10,000 starting last week alone. the rain forest supplies 20% of the oxygen in the earth's atmosphere. the wildlife fund is warning if the fires continue, the rain forest could become uninhabitable dry savanna.
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activists are accusing brazil's president of endangering the rain foes by relaxing environmental controls and calling him to take action. my call leaders from california and nevada expressing concern about the impact of climate change. dianne feinstein hosted the lake tahoe summit attracting senators and governors and leaders from both states. yesterday's event focused keeping lake tahoe's water clear and preventing wild fires. >> these fires will occur more frequently as temperatures continue to rise. >> the hots are getting hotter and the wets are getting wetter. >> the summit has been held every year since 1997. a proposed development of the salt pond. the salt company and real estate partner want to develop a portion of 8000 acres. the federal ea ruled development was not allowed under the clean water act but the trump administration
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reversed that ruling in march. car gill is drawing up plans for thousands of homes. >> car gill and development partner, dmb, have made a public statement that they plan to explore what a development plan could look like here. >> we can't build on the bay. we shouldn't be doing it here. >> car gill and dmb appreciates the community's interest but say there is nothing be posed for the site other than what is there now and says it is an active salt harvesting facility that can operate indefinitely but they want to speak with the community about regional issues like housing and traffic congestion. a plan to reduce tailpipe missions below national targets. mercedes-benz and unnamed company are talking to officials about joining a voluntary deal announced last month and raises the fuel
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efficiency to 50 miles per gallon by the year 2026. the auto makers are making the move despite what he called the trump administration's attempts to pressure the industry not to get involved. breaking news in the east bay. pictures from sky fox, over livermore, we heard of trouble happening at the livermore airport. it's a small airport but used consistently. we have been seeing some reports there maybe an aircraft down. sky fox arrived and looking for hint if that might be the case and in communication with the faa. we see if the center of the screen, a plane is down. i can't tell what sort of landing it had and what condition what anyone might be inside the plane. i didn't see an awful lot of rescue crews. i don't know what is happening on the found or what caused the plane to land. this the airport you see if you are on 580s heading from
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oakland to livermore. off to the right hand side at the airway boulevard exit. it's a pretty busy airport. here are vehicles that welcome like they maybe this to help. rescue crews. it is rule. you can see grass lands and brush. as we try to figure out what is happening and working with sources other the phone and on the ground, you see one pepe peers to be being transported on a medical gurney. >> ambulance standing nearby. obvious hi going to transport this person to a nearby hospital. this person is hopefully alive. not sure if this was during a take off or landing. it was short of the runway. >> alameda county e ems helping
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out. we will let you know what happened as we get more information. let's get to mark. >> i was welcoming a the winds all morning, they were on the light side, 3 to 6 6 miles an hour. outside now, cheer skies towards the golden gate bridge. ing for for a few minutes this morning. quickly clearing out. a nice view of the golden gate bridge and south bay, sap jose, high clouds. key headlines today, it is a little bit warmer compared to yesterday. notice that change. more 90s inland around the bay approaching the 8 agree mark and beaches in the upper 60s to the lower 70s. sit a warmer day, even with the
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warmth, look to the north, we are seeing clouds and rain up along the north coast, approaching crescent city and portions of southern oregon. an interesting development there. for us, we have clear skies, still a bit of on shore breeze. that will keep our temperatures in check. not talking about major heat for today. current numbers, see the hot spots, the warm spots in the 80s. concord 84, livermore 81 degrees. fairfield 86. fairfield easily back up into the 90s this afternoon. san francisco into the 70s. this evening oakland expecting mostly clear skies ace they play the yankees. it should be nice as we head into the evening hours with the first pitch temperature around 70 degrees this evening. weather system to the north, producing the rainfall. you might think this would cool us off. it's the main action is up here. we have a warmer forecast for today. 6 30s all the way to the 90s.
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this area of high pressure wants to rebuild and if this high were working alone, this could bring in triple digit temperatures, 105 degrees. that will not be the case. we will see a southerly flow develop by friday, that will cap our temperatures as we head into the weekend. it will be hot inland, not talking about extreme heat in the bay area but low to mid- 90s, the hot spots maybe approaching 96 degrees as we head towards tomorrow and once again into the weekend. highs for this afternoon, still showing you a warm ups santa rosa 92. vacaville 95. oakland 80. a bake from the heat this week. temperatures rebounding today. san jose 85. tomorrow, warm to hot inland. not talking about 105, still sit hot at 96 for your thursday. into the weekend, cooler by
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friday. no big changes towards saturday. new lawsuit claims tesla is responsible for more than a dozen fires on one of its products and nothing to do with tesla's cars. we will explain. the weather's perfect... family is all together and we switched to geico; saved money on our boat insurance. how could it get any better than this? dad, i just caught a goldfish! there's no goldfish in this lake. whoa! it's pure gold. we're gonna be rich... we're gonna be rich! it only gets better when you switch and save with geico.
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sky fox is over the scene, one plane crashed near the livermore airport. we brought you a live picture as one person was being treated for injuries and taken into an
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ambulance to go to the hospital. we confirmed that person was the only person on board. there is a minor fuel leak as a result of this plane crash. no resulting fire. see how brown the grass is around. looks like the one person is getting the treatment he or she needs. as soon as we get more information we will bring it to you. wal-mart is suing tesla for breach of contract after solar panels caught fire at 7 wal- mart stores. they partnered in green engine for years and wal-mart installed them on 240 stores. wal-mart wants tesla to remove the panels and pay for the damage. the lawsuit alleges breech of contract and gross negligence and failure to live up to industry standards. stocks are moving higher today as investors welcome strong earnings reports including target and lowes. dow jones spent the session on the plus side of things and up
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by almost one full point. s&p up by 3 quarters of a percent and nasdaq up about the same. still ahead, back to school time in oakland for a second week. drives this week may notice additional police patrols around area schoolyards. san francisco, a chinatown muny station will be named after late bay area actitist. activist.
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rose pak has a new muny subway station named after her. >> the decision was a controversial one made by the mta board of directors. >> reporter: the new central subway station in chinatown isn't finished yet but finally has a name. season fran mta board of directors voted 4-3 at a meeting to name the station chinatown rose pak station after the late controversial activist. opponents held a rally before the vote. chinatown merchants association says they gotten 16,000 signatures from people against the name. they previously said they would submit a 2020 ballot anyboditive to let voters decide. hundreds of people signed up
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for the public comment period at the board of directors meeting which took about five hours. opponents say it should be named after the geographical location not rose pak that used her power and influence for personal gain. >> chinatown represents us, the community. we have a souland identity. it doesn't mean it's represented by one person. that takes away from the rest of us. that's why we feel so strongly about it. rose pak is controversial and caused division and that's not necessary. >> the board of directors was tied with their decision on the name during the vote this june. three said the station should be identified only by the chinatown location, three others said rose pak should be honored. there are 7 members on the board of directors and steve hemminger was the tie breaker. last night was a win for sufort porter whose say she fought for affordable housing and fought to bring the station to
12:33 pm
chinatown and should be recognized. >> rose pak put her life and commitment into creating opportunities and resources for us to enjoy the privilege and rights we have today. >> reporter: when construction wrappings up the central subway station will take riders to the city south market area expected to be finished in 2020. a mule has a new home in the east bay. eric swalwell was on hand at the ceremony the hayward. the mule is a replica that was previously on a building a couple of miles away op berry avenue. it reflects the diverse cultural heritage of the school's students and hayward community. >> your story in many ways is one of hope, diversity, adversity, opportunity and success. we are here to celebrate that.
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>> swalwell gave the school a certificate of special congressional recognition for commitment in dedication for supporting the arts this their community. recent crimes against members of san francisco's asian community are considering them to consider buying a gun to protect themselves. the group san tran coalition for good neighborhoods says members of the community have been targeted in a number of high profile claims. a business owner was attacked and robbed in broad daylight. in another case, a 74-year-old asian american woman was raped and held cap ty for hours. captive for hours. >> asians are feeling vulnerable and targeted, they should get up and stand up for their right to own a gun. >> san francisco law bans anyone from carrying a gun on the street but the group is encouraging people to protect themselves and homes and take
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gun safety and training classes. gordan mar who represents the asian sunset district, said he favors expanded police patrols and security cameras and sa bringing guns in to homes and communities increases the risk for jury and deaths for victim of crimes and for children and innocent bystanders. measures have stalled in washington. doug luzader has more from capitol hill. >> reporter: congress is on vacation here and the momentum behind new gun control measures maybe slipping away. recent mass shootings in el paso and dayton may be resonating for gun control advocates. many heard new hesitancy. >> they call it the slippery slope and everything gets taken away. >> reporter: the white house confirmed the president did have a conversation with national rifle association chief executive, the nra said universal background checks are off the table.
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out on the campaign trail, democrats accuse the president of a stunning reversal. >> when the president says he going to do something, about background checks, then word comes out he has consulted with his masters at the nra and told they told him sorry you can't do that. >> reporter: the president has been consistent he is against universal background checks but opened to tightening some controls this maybe why mitch mc connell efforts resisted bringing congress back early. >> he does want to do something on background checks but nervous about how that might go over with core elements of constituency. mc connell saying i'm glad i wait. >> the president says there are on going discussions with democrats on new gun measures but congress doesn't return to work for 2 and a half weeks.
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doug luzader, fox news. jewish leaders are upset over a statement by president trump. he said jewish people are disloyal if they vote for democrats. >> i think any jewish people, that vote for a democrat, i think it shows a total hack of knowledge or great disloyalty. >> the executive director of the jewish democratic council of america calls the remarks another example of president trump continuing to weaponniz and politicize antisemitism. chuck assumer weighed in tweeting trump is encouraging wittingly or unwittingly anti- semites throughout the country and would. a judge in mexico granted two people the right to use recreational cocaine. the court said it would allow them to possess and transport and use cocaine but cannot sell
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it. it's about taking wisdom teeth and using them for stem cells, that's coming up. they will block the judge's order, the group mexico united against crime applauded the decision as it seeks to end the war on drugs. a doctor accused of killing patient requests opioid prescriptions pleaded not guilty. kel ser charged with second degree murder for the deaths of four patients. he wrote prescriptions for hundreds of hypotensey pills, oxycontin, percocet and vicodin. keller remains in custody. a hearing is scheduled for next month. a news for wisdom teeth, a company getting into a new medical field by procuring stem cells from wisdom teeth. scientists procure teeth for stem cells and stored for research. it was cofound bade researcher at ucsf who says they are shipped to a lab in the midwest. >> this new option is we can
12:39 pm
send them and they can preserve them after they harvested the pulp from the teeth. >> stem cell storage is considered controversial by some scientists because they say there is no known application for using them. it's thousand dollars for a stem cell extraction. drivers may notice police patrols and several oakland schools today. >> allie rasmus explains how it's part of an efforts to focus on traffic safety. >> reporter: signs up, the student safety patrol got a little help this morning directing traffic and enforcing the rules. this was one of 20 oakland schools where alameda county sheriffs and police sent extra officers to focus on traffic safety. >> we have 580 students at our school. kids come from all over
12:40 pm
oakland. delivering them safely to school in the morning is a carefully coordinated effort. >> reporter: police gave the drive as wanting, parents and students were happy to see them here. >> everybody is trying to get to work. they are not always paying attention as much as they should. occasionally we have the problem. >> most of the drives i see here are completely safe. sometimes there is some drives that are always just like, going too fast or not stopping. >> unfortunately a few people think they can jump ahead of the line, rush, make illegal u- turns, a big problem with jaywalking and running of stop signs. >> reporter: the principal says the traffic issues aren't exclusive to here. >> we are not just in neighborhoods. we need everyone's help. >> reporter: the officer's presence, a friendly reminder
12:41 pm
school is back in session and zone rules are in effect. allie rasmus, ktvu fox2 news. effort is underway in a south bay for action against hate crimes to be taken at city and county levels. cindy chavez up vailed the proposal. this proposal call for a regional task force to recommend actions related to hate crime, crimes targeting women and schools and crimes involving guns. >> the task force will develop recommendations for investments in law enforcement intelligence to crackdown on the illegal trade. gun trade. >> s pasa delivered the proposal to the city clerk's office at city hall. facebook rolls out a new privacy tool for its users. we will tell you more about that. outside right now, we have lots of sunshine over the bay area. warming temperatures coming up, highlighting the hottest days
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of the week.
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after facebook agreed to pay a $5 billion fine after mishandling data. they are implementing a new feature to protect user's privacy. >> reporter: facebook rolling out a new tool allowing uses to limit the network from gathering information about themm outside apps and web sites. >> facebook has been under scrutiny from regulators in the u.s. and europe and elsewhere over how i handled user privacy. they are training to show they are taking privacy ceasely. >> reporter: your off facebook activity is one of the ways they can target ads. you can choose to turn off the information tracking by activating the feature in you settings, under the off facebook activity.
12:46 pm
>> it will take several steps and lots of reading to get to this setting. it's possible that a lot of people are not going to turn it on. >> reporter: facebook will gather data on your non facebook activities but will disconnect them from your profile is won't reduce the number of ads you see. >> they just won't be tarted to you. facebook it will also make you news feed possibly less personalized because it won't be tracking what news sites you go to. >> reporter: as for businesses, the number of people checking on their ad will be tracked but they won't know who checked it out. the feature isn't available in the us. it's tested in ireland, spain and soaks before it is rolled out to other markets. the mat form not saying exactly when they will expand the program to the u.s. only saying it will be this the coming months. dozens of celebrities taken in by a copyright hoax making
12:47 pm
the round on instagram. it claims instagram will have permission to take photos and messages and make them public and can be used against people in court. usher and julia roberts, the continue u.s. secretary of energy, rick perry reposted a ron statement that says instagram does not have permission and posting the messages is the only way to stop i. a necropsy is dope to find out what killed a rare hubs beak whale found monday washed up on drakes point at point rays national seashore. the 9-foot long what you will was found by participants in the greater fair lawn national marine sanctuary beach watch program. the decomposing carcass was scavaged by sharks t not much is known except they are the deepest diving whales and they can measure 43 feet in length. an effort to safe mountain
12:48 pm
lions is resulting in a wildlife crossing built over a freeway over highway 101, 35 miles north of la. it will give them a route to open space and better access to food. the project costs $87 million, mostly privately funded. transportation officials say this will be the largest project of its kind in the world. construction expected to be complete by 2023. >> back to mark tamayo we go. first thing you noticed when you step outside. it is sunny and warm across the entire bay area. a live camera look above san francisco. some patchy fog this morning. the clouds quickly clearing out, today we have an average high, warm up out theres that's the case for today. the live camera towards mount deablo, the hills are dry. we are in the middle of fire season. with this warming pat end, fire danger is elevated across
12:49 pm
northern california even towards central and southern california as well. the plan is warm to hot. temperatures in the 60s to the 80s to the 90s this afternoon. on the satellite with the warm up, it's strange to be talking about rainfall but that's happening in the northwest tip of california approaching oregon. approaching medford, oregon this afternoon. the cloud cover and the rain showers, for us, we have lots of sunshine, one thing we will keep an eye on for this eve increase in the wind speed, especially for the higher terrain in the north bay. we did not have red flag fire warnings. the winds will eventually change out of the northwest and could accelerate gusting to 25 to 30 miles app hour. fire danger the heat and the winds picking up this evening, it will remain elevated throughout today. especially for this evening. current numbers, walnut creek 86 degrees. san jose 78. san francisco 72. see this weather system to the north, remains up there, today, we have that warmer forecast,
12:50 pm
temperatures up a good to geez from yesterday's highs and this area of high pressure will stick around but not talking about extreme heat but definitely continuing to warm things up on your thursday forecast and temperatures held in check as we head into the weekend with the help of that southerly flow we showed you that sets up offshore. highs this afternoon, 74 san tran. livermore 91. fairfield 94. he is a look ahead. an eye on the winds this evening. especially this to the knot bay hill. warm to hot thursday thes steady pat end towards the weekend. rotesters in hongkong are prepaying to block public transportation in an attempt to um the of the to respond to political demand. the british consulate general says it conditioned about reports a member of the team is being detaped in hong kong.
12:51 pm
a cobs consulate missing for two weeks. has been put in detention for 15 days for allegedly violating a law. rotesters gathered wednesday calling for hang's release. the foreign ministry says it is extremely concerned about its staff member amount chinese foreign ministry spokesman says the case is not a diplomatic issue. we urge the uk to start making irresponsible remacks and stop meddling in hong kong affairs and interfering in china's internal affairs. protesters plan to block transport in an attempt to urge the government to respond to their political demands. they will stage a silent sit h in -in at a station.
12:52 pm
>> over the past two days, we successfully arrested the cup pretties involved in violent crime. >> more protests are planned for the coming weeking rallies organized by accounttants and students and transport workers and relatives of police officers. bekinds rewind. one of the last video rental stores in lows for good this weekend. how the owner says his shop held its own against all the streaming services.
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the market before the closing bells positive day for the dow jones. up more than 240 points. nasdaq is up 66 points.
12:55 pm
s&p 500, currently up 23 points. america's first farm to table cannabis cafe set to open this california. the cafe in west hollywood is elevating the dining experience. becoming the first restaurant with marijuana on the menu. diners over the age of 21, will be able to pair california inspired cuisine with locally grown cannabis from the flower menu. they are hiring a highly regarded chef known to compliment a dish's flavors with a strain of marijuana. lowell is expected to open in september. on the four, we will go in depth on changes to immigration policy. >> sitting down with immigration law expert to learn what is behind changes by the trump administration that could allow undocumented families to be held at detention facilities indefinitely. the legal ramifications and potential impact to
12:56 pm
undocumented immigrants today at 4:00. petaluma silver screen, is finally closing this week. we hope they would stay open forever. the business slow down because people have more options. he is selling videos at discounted prices, many are 10 for $20 from. >> there is so many options available. it's surprising we were able to last as long as we have. >> this is the best place to find movies you can't find anywhere else. most streaming you can find is more newer rather than things that are maybe 20-plus years ago. >> silver screen opened the first store 33 years ago and held its own against blockbuster. last day is sunday. remember going in into the local video store it was like a field trip. >> that was your friday night.
12:57 pm
>> then they had two-for-one deals. thank you for watching everyone. next news cast is at 4:00.
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dr. oz: award-winning actress and singer queen latifah opening up about stress and anxiety in her personal and professional life and revealing her latest mission, combating the stigma of mental health. plus, the dish on o this week, we are serving up healthy recipes. >> you marinate them for about the time it will take you to finish your first drink. dr. oz: coming up next. ♪ dr. oz: are you already for season 10? >> yeah! you, dr. oz. [applause] dr. oz:


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