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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  August 21, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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your own data. now you can share it between lines. mix with unlimited, and switch it up at anytime so you only pay for what you need. it's a different kind of wireless network designed to save you money. save up to $400 a year on your wireless bill. plus get $250 back when you pre-order a new samsung note. click, call or visit a store today. this is the 10:00 news on ktvu fox 2 news. >> protesters disrupt a dinner in san francisco honoring speaker of the house nancy pelosi with demands of impeachment now. >> let her speak. let her speak. >> we can't wait! we can't wait! >> a divide among democrats.
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i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. to impeach or not to impeach. the dinner was sponsored by democratic party, the theme of the night, heart of resistance. and it lived up to that billing. ktvu's jana katsuyama is at the intercontinental hotel where the fundraising banquet just wrapped up. jana? >> reporter: frank and julie, this room at the hotel was packed with top democratic officials and operatives here in san francisco and also the state. even the former dnc chairwoman donna brazile was here. speaker pelosi received a standing ovation but there were also protesters inside and outside who showed the party survived. longtime political power broker speaker of the house nancy pelosi took the stage to receive a lifetime achievement award wednesday night. the san francisco democratic party theme was the heart of the resistance.
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but it quickly became clear resistance exists within the party. protesters challenged pelosi waving signs and shouting upset she has not moved to impeach president trump. police led two women and one man out of the room. pelosi acknowledged their criticism with a note of caution. >> our unity is our power toe pelosi told the crowd the party needs to come together around democratic values, healthcare, gun legislation, immigration issues and the 2020 fight for the white house and senate. outside, protesters called for impeachment and single-payer healthcare showing a party energized but restless and fragmented. >> calling on speaker pelosi to take on that wall of courage and leadership and begin to initiate proceedings. >> reporter: san francisco will become the epicenter of democratic politics for three days as the national committee the core of the
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people who make things happen in the democratic party. >> reporter:they are planning to bring hundreds in for demonstration to voice their concerns. >> they are voting on thursday for a climate resolution which has been put forward and it would allow candidates to participate in or the dnc to host a climate debate. >> reporter: 13 of the democratic presidential candidates plan to come in pursuit of donations and endorsements, that includes the top-tier who have qualified for the september debate. noticeably absent is front- runner joe biden. >> i think when a candidate doesn't show up, i think it's a missed opportunity and it's something that could hurt them. >> reporter: starting tomorrow the democratic national committee meetings will begin. most are based at the hilton hotel at union square and there will be other venues around the city. really a fight for the heart of the party and what the party's platform will be moving into 2020. >> jana katsuyama in the city tonight, thank you. there is one fewer democrat in the race for president.
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washington governor jay inslee is dropping out. he made the announcement later today saying it was clear he was not going to win the nomination. the governor was on stage for falling short of the requirements for the upcoming debate that will be held in houston next month. he could still run for a third term as governor of washington but hasn't said yet whether he's going to do that. new at 10:00, sexual assault suspect under arrest for a second time after investigators say more victims came forward. 59-year-old randolph was arrested at his menlo park home. he faces multiple accounts. investigators say six victims have come forward since his first arrest last month. sheriff's department says the assaults date back as far as 1987 and the victims ages range from six to 16 years old. police in berkeley released photos of an auto burglary suspect. the man is accused of stealing laptops and electronics from two cars on august 12.
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the break-ins happened between noon and 1:00 near telegraphed and bancroft. the suspect was last seen driving away in a toyota solera with dealer plates. anyone with information is urged to call police. new jury in the ghost ship warehouse trial wrapped up  their second day of deliberations without reaching a verdict. ktvu's henry lee tells us the jury is now going on a break that will last until after labor day. >> still no verdict in the ghost ship trial. a new jury is starting all over after three women were booted from the panel for misconduct. so the waiting game continues. >> everybody at this point is together. >> reporter: attorneys say they're grateful the jury is soldiering on. >> every juror that was selected for this case both sitting and alternates whether they are on this jury or not anymore are heroes. >> reporter: those jurors might be there because others ignored their jury summons, scared of missing time from their families and work.
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>> it's a major sacrifice for the jury. these people are trying to do their public service but it's at a high cost. >> reporter: jurors are paid only $15 a day but 34 cents a mile to get to the courthouse. bylaw employers cannot fire or harass workers who serve on a jury but as veteran attorney david kevin notes, employers aren't required by law to pay their staff. >> some don't get paid at all. some get paid only for a certain number of days which this exceed. >> reporter: trina thompson who is overseeing the ghost ship trial is trying to accommodate jurors who have to take kids to college or have prepaid vacations. ny sierra, an attorn derick almena, says he thinks the jury can handle breaks in deliberations and not rush to judgment. >> if there's hiatus, i think they will absorb those. if some of them missed their vacation, i think they will absorb it. but that's speculation.
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>> reporter: speaking of days off, this jury won't be back to deliberate until tuesday september 3rd. at the courthouse in oakland, henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. a disturbing discovery of a rope in the shape of a noose at a school in oakland. the rope was found at showboat elementary off highway 24 in the rockledge area. ktvu's paul chambers spoke with parents who want to be sure their children are safe. >> reporter: at the end of the school day in oakland, most parents had no idea about this alarming image. early wednesday before school was in session a rope that some say resembles a noose rested on this fence. >> most nooses are ropes. so it looked like a rope but it also looks like it was used to send a message or some sort of intimidation. >> we hope that's not what it was. >> reporter: the school's principal addressed the incident in an e-mail stating, the way it was placed could have been a coincidence but it also could have been indicative of something more disturbing.
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it was easy to see the rope as a message that harkens back to some of our nation's darkest history. >> i feel like the e-mail is trying to not really acknowledge the issue. there are several points in the e-mail where she refers to it as a rope. if you look at the picture it is clearly not a rope. >> it is entirely possible that it was a noose. it's also possible it was not a noose. it was so haphazardly tossed on top of the fence that we don't know what it was. >> reporter: officials say they're not sure who placed the rope or why. however they did have additional staff on hand to discuss the incident with students who brought it to their attention. the school stressed the rope was removed well before students arrived. >> one thing i do hope is that this situation is addressed accordingly and that my daughters don't have to worry about being in danger. >> what i would like is for it to be not a real, some type of town hall for this to be addressed. >> reporter: they plan to discuss the incident at a meeting next week. they say oakland school police and oakland police are investigating.
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in oakland, paul chambers, ktvu fox 2 news. contra costa county sheriff's deputies are looking for a woman reported missing in discovery bay. 53-year-old chan was last seen 9:30 last night. her husband reported her missing. area surrounded by water. deputies are using a drone and a search dog in an effort to find her. 4'11", and weighs just under 90 pounds. anyone with information should call the contra costa county sheriff's department. wild gunfire on san francisco's market street, the search for the gunman and the outrage over his recklessness. several small fires on the shoulder of 101. how lanes of traffic filled with smoke during the evening commute. temperatures are coming up, fire is a concern as we get into the mid-90s tomorrow and
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beyond that, see you back here.
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developing news from southern california where in l.a. county sheriff's deputy was shot in the shoulder. authorities say the gunman opened fire from a considerable distance targeting several deputies outside the lancaster sheriff's station just before 3:00. the shots appear to have been
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fired from a building that provides housing for people with disabilities and mental illness. a s.w.a.t. team is now, they have that building contained, they think the gunman may still be inside. the deputy was taken to the hospital and is expected to survive. terrifying moments in san francisco when gunfire broke out on market street. it happened yesterday as a lot of people were getting off work. ktvu's rob roth talked to a woman who captured it all on video. >> reporter: 40 seconds of terror on market street tuesday captured on cell phone video. gunshots. people scrambling in fear. and gunman firing away while running. one person was injured. >> bang, bang, bang. there he is. oh, dear god. i better run right now. >> reporter: she shot that video. >> scared out of my mind.
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that's why i eventually ducked in cover and ran like everybody else. >> reporter: she says she shared her video with san francisco police. >> pretty much jars the senses to see someone with reckless abandon shooting a gun. >> reporter: police say an apparent altercation led up to the shooting on sixth andy barkett at 5:30 tuesday when the area is perhaps at its most crowded. >> it is a miracle that the shots that we saw in the video didn't strike anybody. >> reporter: police have not made an arrest. paramedics took one man to the hospital with injuries that were not caused by flying bullets. >> the victim was injured caused by blunt force trauma possibly. >> reporter: shao said she had been on her way to a social event. everything seemed to change quickly. >> then i started hearing popping sounds and then when i saw people start to run, i knew, it's not just firecrackers, it's not fireworks anymore. >> reporter: we spoke with her
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wednesday afternoon. she was still feeling the shock of what happened. >> a bit shaken. i don't have all of my appetite back. last night i was heavily shaken. >> i think somebody brandishing a weapon like that, a weapon of absolute fatality needs to be locked up behind bars. >> trying to gather as much evidence as possible. if anyone else out there has any pictures, please give them a call. in san francisco, rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. napa police are looking for a man with a save burglarized a home and then stayed in the house for three hours. the napa police department released these surveillance photos of the man. detectives say he broke into a home on big ranch road on friday august 16. he stuck around until the homeowners returned. then the suspect left and was last seen heading north on big branch road. anyone with information should call napa police. a grass fire broke out near tracy just west of interstate 580.
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the fire was first reported off midway. cal fire says warm and dry conditions helped the fire spread but crews were able to contain the flames about an hour later. the fire burned 140 acres. mop up efforts are expected to continue through the night. in sonoma county several grass fires broke out along highway 101. dispatchers began getting calls about 5:30, drivers reported flames alongside the southbound lanes near shiloh road. one fire official reported as many as seven spot fires. chp shut down one southbound lane as crews worked to put the fires out. in san francisco with the long-awaited park connecting the presidio main post at chrissy field is now one step closer to reality. dump trucks arrived this morning with loads of dirt for the site. the park will be built on top of the eastern tunnels of the presidio parkway. and will include a new transit center learning outpost and youth campus. the project is expected to be
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finished by next spring and have spectacular views of the bay. temperatures did warm up today and some areas as much as 10 or 12 or 13 degrees so a warmer day, noticeable inland. 94 in antioch, up about 10 degrees. yesterday in the and temperatures were in the low 80s if you can remember that far back. today it is a big turnaround. 93 in livermore, 84 in vallejo, 85 in san jose, tomorrow's temperatures follow suit, pretty warm like these temperatures in the inland valleys and around the bay 70s and 80s so a nice day tomorrow, fog at the coast now, pacifica as well. around tomorrow morning, and then burns off pretty quick. so look at right now, temperatures departure from last night so 17 degrees warmer in santa rosa, then it was last night so santa rosa is 79, 17 warmer. inland areas still running in the upper 70s, pretty darn warm day. shouldn't be record heat, not
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looking to spare the air but definitely warm. the warmest day of the week. a couple more degrees over today. we level off when i get back, look at that leveling off in the five-day forecast which includes the weekend. wildlife experts released the last of 1,000 california red legged frogs raised at the san francisco zoo. two frogs were released this week into yosemite national park. for the past three years the conservation team has raised the nearly extinct california red legged frogs from eggs and tadpoles as part of a collaboration with the national parks service, fish and wildlife and other groups. the species is california's state amphibian made famous in mark twain's short story the celebrated jumping frog of calaveras county. with the new school year starting one school district is sounding an alarm about teen vaping. coming up at 10:30, how the district addressed the issue with students and parents tonight.
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a plane crash and ocean rescue with some riveting video. now questions about the pilots past. was it an elaborate stunt?
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10 people aboard a jet escaped a fiery plane crash today at the airport in oroville and butte county. the eight passengers and two pilots managed to get out before a fire engulfed that plane. the faa says the pilot of the twin engine cessna aborted takeoff and ran off the runway. the crash sparked a vegetation fire that burned about two acres. the jet was heading to portland. here in the bay area the pilot of a single engine plane was injured when her plane crash landed after takeoff in livermore. the faa says the cessna 120 went down at the municipal airport just before noon. the faa says the pilot was the only person on board. authorities say she was taken to a local hospital in stable condition. there was also a minor fuel leak but no fire following that crash. airport official says the plan developed some kind of trouble
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right after takeoff. >> the aircraft had just departed and experienced some kind of difficulty and was able to put it down in the grass area behind us. >> you can see there was damage to the nose of the plane and the wings during the landing. the faa is now investigating. now to yesterday's dramatic plane crash and ocean rescue, all of it caught on video. but was it a stunt? that's the question being asked because the pilot of the plane that went down is a well-known daredevil and add vid instagrammer. live coverage from debora villalon in half moon bay where that plane went down. debora? >> reporter: we may never know exactly what happened. the single engine plane is at the bottom of the ocean. and it is staying there. the pilot insists his distress call >> i think if you look at the fact of it you will pretty quickly realize that it's not a stunt. >> reporter: david lesh did what few would do in a plane crash. whip out his cell phone.
10:23 pm
>> i put all aspects of my life on social media and kept my mind off of thinking about dying. >> reporter: lesh says the flight was a photo shoot. flying a second plane when lesh lost power and had to dig in the ocean. the coast guard training nearby plucked lesh and his passenger from the chilly water. >> when i saw the helicopter i was like all right, we are going to be good. >> reporter: recording his own rescue automatic for the 34- year-old founder of an outerwear company who has 40,000 instagram followers. >> just landed in the ocean. there's a jellyfish here. >> big red things and then the tentacles were 10 feet long. >> reporter: he's okay he says. >> pretty good. >> reporter: worn out from so many intviews. he stall his plane as a stunt? >> i love this airplane. i spent six months finding it. with all of the new stuff that i put on it. i have no intention of putting
10:24 pm
it into the ocean not to mention underinsured. >> reporter: not to mention it would be illegal to intentionally stage a may day. in colorado, lesh has a high profile in the ski community and some of his videos have backfired. this one got him ticketed for harassing wildlife. >> we make it look like it's a little bit reckless and loose and spur of the moment but it's pretty controlled stuff. >> reporter: shooting a promotional video, lesh was arrested for arson after some shopping carts burned up. he pled guilty to criminal mischief. this past april fools day lesh posted on facebook he had been kidnapped by a mexican drug cartel. >> stay safe out there. >> reporter: lighthearted now saying he's grateful for his pilot training and his love of photography. >> if i have a camera and i'm bobbing around in the ocean, you better believe i'm going to record it. >> reporter: he suspects bad fuel cost his engine failure. the ntsb will look into that and his history as part of its investigation. >> i've been told all press is
10:25 pm
good press. maybe people need some ski gear and they will go to vertical and get hooked up. >> reporter: his plan now a commercial flight back to colorado. where lesh says he will start looking immediately for a new $200,000 plane. just like the one that sunk here. >> do we know what potentially could happen to him if it was found that he did states that crash? >> reporter: i talked to the coast guard about it today. they are not investigating that possibility but that would be an ntsb question. it would remain to be seen if in fact this was staged in any way. we'll hear that from the ntsb in the future. >> debora villalon in half moon bay, thank you. she takes our money, and hotel, booked our airfare. >> travelers out thousands of
10:26 pm
dollars for hawaii trips never booked. new at 11:00, the travel agent accused of scamming a growing list of bay area customers. up first, a local chain of bakeries calling it quits. why three locations will close even as cake orders are pouring in. the oakland a's look to make it two in a row. a little later, mark with highlights from the coliseum where playoff hopes are very much alive. the east bay tonight, a special event for parents, teaching them how to protect their children against a dangerous trend.
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new at 10:00, a special class for parents as a bay area school district is trying to deter teen vaping. >> more and more teenagers are doing it and parents may not even know. ktvu's amber lee is live in walnut creek with how the mt. diablo school district is addressing the issue. >> reporter: it was parent education night here at northgate high school. the event was open to all families in the mt. diablo unified school district. the goal is to teach parents how to keep their children safe from the dangers of vaping. >> this is an ongoing problem across the board. >> reporter: amy rose is with recovery happens.
10:30 pm
a counseling service designed to help teens and young adults struggling with substance abuse. she is teaching parents about the dangers and signs of teen vaping at northgate high school in walnut creek. >> providing pictures of paraphernalia. >> reporter: and how teens are able to vape without their parents and teachers knowledge. >> slipping it inside their sleeve, this does not create a scent nor cloud and they are in class tired with their head down. puffing through their sleeves. >> reporter: one father tells me he learned from this presentation that suspicious items he found in one of his children's possession is considered paraphernalia. >> i can prove that they're doing something like that and i can talk to them and make them aware this is going to be bad for them in the future. >> reporter: experts say the products are readily available online. minors often use their parents' identification to buy the products. one teen said he's witnessed other students vaping.
10:31 pm
>> i saw a couple kids here and there around the school but i try not to get near that. i try to kick it with my friends. >> reporter: the principal says he's noticed an increase in vaping among students about two years ago. he's instituted what's called vape school where students along with a pare attend a presentation to learn about the dangers. >> we are all paying the price of big tobacco jumping back in to get another generation of addicts. >> reporter: the industry says it doesn't market to minors and welcomes education. parents say they'd like to see more regulations for vaping products. >> there's no smoke, no smell, so it's alarming. >> reporter: experts say students often start vaping in middle school. parents tell me they knew little about vaping before tonight's presentation. now they say they feel better equipped to talk to their children. julie? >> thank you.
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now to sacramento where an anti-vaxxing activist was arrested after allegedly shoving the author of controversial vaccine bill. >> a toxin? i pushed you. i pushed you. i pushed you. >> police arrested 54-year-old kenneth bennett for misdemeanor battery. live streaming when he confronted senator richard pan near the state capitol. pam says he has been routinely targeted since he first authored a bill for stricter vaccine requirements in school's four years ago. pain introduced another bill february that seeks to restrict vaccine exemptions. the trump administration announced a new rule that could allow immigrant families to be detained indefinitely. the rule displaces the 1997 court agreement known as the florez settlement. ray bogan tells us critics say this will make migrant children
10:33 pm
less safe. anging the settlement that's been in place for more than 20 yea the trump administration's override of the florez settlement means families who cross the border illegally can be held in facilities like this one in texas indefinitely. >> human smugglers advertise and migrants know well that even if they cross the border illegally arriving at our border with a child has meant they will be released. >> reporter: the florez settlement to set standards for migrants living conditions while in detention and places a 20 day limit on how long they can be held. the trump administration says their rule was made with two transpose, families remaining together at high standards for living conditions. >> i have the children on my mind. it bothers me very greatly, people make this horrible 2,000- mile journey. >> reporter: the white house describes florez as a loophole but top democrats say it's a protection. senate minority leader chuck
10:34 pm
schumer said this new rule is about letting president trump keep children in awful conditions for longer periods of time and continued the administration's horrid treatment of innocent migrant families. there are calls for court challenges. >> this wouldn't be the first time that something in the administration gets challenged in court and hopefully overturned because they are trying to be exploitive. >> reporter: during the conference president trump said he's also seriously considering an executive order to change the 14th amendment's birthright citizenship. he says it's ridiculous people can walk over the border, have a baby and the baby automatically becomes a u.s. citizen. in washington, ray bogan, ktvu fox 2 news. student loan debt held by disabled veterans will be forgiven under a new executive order. president trump signed the order at the national convention in louisville, kentucky today. it directs the department of education to eliminate every penny of federal student loan
10:35 pm
debt owed by american veterans who are permanently disabled. the president also says there will be no federal income tax on the forgiven debt and he will ask states to waive their taxes on the loans as well. how clean is bart? what the transit agency is saying about its latest efforts to keep trains and stations cleaner. we are going to warm up a little bit more, the warmest day of the week and then we kind of level off. new video from san francisco where firefighters rushed to pull two people from the waters of the bay tonight.
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new video, san francisco fire department pulled two people out of bay on the embarcadero tonight. sf fire says they were both adults. rescuers say one of the victims was taken to the hospital for observation. there is no indication why or how those two people ended up in the water. the ceo of pg&e was in sacramento to urge lawmakers to pass a bill that would allow the utility to borrow money without pataxes to pay wildfire victims. the bill would allow pg&e to use $20 billion in tax exempt bonds as part of its plan to reorganize out of bankruptcy. the bonds would raise money to pay claims from wildfire
10:39 pm
victims. the measure was filed late in the legislative calendar and the senate rules committee has not decided whether it will move forward. wall street ended on the plus side today after yesterday's slump. the dow gained 240 on strong earnings from target and lowe's, other retailers including gap also ended higher. the nasdaq rose 71 at s&p was up 23. bart says it's doing a better job of keeping its stations clean. writers scored the cleanliness of platforms, elevators and stairwells between april and june. bart says more than 58% of them gave cleanliness a good or excellent rating. that's up the same time last year. about were polled, elevator attendant program for improved cleanliness. writers also gave higher scores to restroom and platform cleanliness. a team of explorers has taken pictures of the wreck of the titanic for the first time in 14 years. the crewmate dived over eight
10:40 pm
months. the photos will be used to make 3-d models as part of augmented and virtual reality platforms. the titanic sank on its maiden voyage in 1912 after hitting an iceberg off the coast of newfoundland. a good excuse to head into the great outdoors, national parks including yosemite won't be charging entrance fee on sunday. all national and state parks will let people in free of charge in honor of the park systems 103rd birthday. however you may still have to pay a fee for things like camping or boating. if you can't make it this weekend the next time parks will be free is september 28. for national public lands day. woodrow wilson by the way signed the national park service act in 1916. longtime customers rush to patronize a chain of bakeries set to close after nearly 40 years. the wildfires that are coming through the huge amazon rain forest in brazil. why environmentalists are sounding the alarm about the impact. chief meteorologist bill
10:41 pm
martin is tracking warmer weather, back with the forecast through the weekend. ♪ well well well, what have we here? a magical place...that's lookin' to get scared! with bats...and ghouls...and cars in disguise. i've cast quite a spell now... you won't believe your eyes! the spell is cast. halloween time is back with spook-tacular experiences in disneyland and disney california adventure parks!...
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a federal agency in brazil says the country has seen a record number of wildfires this year and they are taking a serious toll on the amazon rain forest. researchers say fires are up
10:44 pm
84% compared to last year. the intense smoke plunged the city of sao paulo into darkness yesterday. the amazon rain forest is considered the lungs of the world for absorbing carbon dioxide and emitting oxygen. environmentalists say many of these are being set to clear land in a push for development under brazil's new president. students in the town of paradise were able to go back to their original schools today nine months after the massive campfire. governor gavin newsom visited paradise ridge elementary for the big day. nearly half of the schools in the district survived the fire that destroyed most of the town. they are now reopening after smoke damage was repaired. officials say fewer than half of the students have returned but they say that is still more than they expected. >> we expected about 1,000 kids and we are at 1600 so we had some very tearful moments that people came back, having to hire, and that's a great
10:45 pm
problem to have. >> in february of the governor approved more than $24 million to help butte county recover and reopen schools but moving forward the district says more help will be needed. a bakery with three locations in silicon valley is closing after nearly 40 years in business. the owners of prolific oven blame a staffing shortage at high cost of doing business. as ktvu's and ruben tells us, customers are now scrambling to get their favorite cakes one more time. >> reporter: to its loyal customers the prolific oven is more than just a bakery. it's been a constant in their lives present at birthdays and weddings for nearly 40 years. >> they baked my wedding cake in 1990. palo alto. and it was carrot. >> reporter: today donna stoner came to get one final carrot cake. before the prolific oven closes its doors. the chan family who took over the business in 1996 says they simply can't afford to go on. >> there's constant struggles
10:46 pm
and we've been struggling for quite some time, we've been pushing through because we are an institution, that's what people tell us. >> reporter: the prolific oven started in 1980. the chan's expanded attic locations in sunnyvale and santa clara among others. while there is still demand for their legendary chocolate on chocolate and carrot cakes they can't find enough people willing to bake them. a cake decorating position for example has been open for five months. >> a huge staff shortage that we haven't been able to find help let alone good help. it's just been accumulation of things and we don't see the situation getting better unfortunately. >> is it going to be at a later date. >> reporter: since they announced the closing the phone hasn't stopped ringing with people like barry bremmer stockpiling favorites. >> we've ordered three big chocolate cakes. we'll put them in the freezer and save them for special occasions. >> reporter: it's the cake he has used for birthdays and he's
10:47 pm
not alone. the chans have found people writing to tell them how they are part of the family. they had hoped to keep these traditions going for future generations. >> it's been really wonderful to be reminded and to have tangible proof that we actually affected their lives. again it's really sad we want to continue to do so. >> scrambling to fill the influx of cake orders they are getting. the prolific oven will close and santa clara locations on the 24th, sunnyvale and palo alto will shut their doors for good on the 31st. in sunnyvale, ann rubin, ktvu fox 2 news. we'll take a glance at the temperatures from today, they were warmer than yesterday, 10 to 13 degrees, a little warmer than that. a big jump today. temperatures tomorrow you could add a couple degrees to these but the jump up won't be so noticeable. from 89 in fairfield and places
10:48 pm
like that to 96, temperatures popped up, bigger jump than that. temperatures tomorrow in those inland valleys instead of 96, maybe you go 98 so we are going to add a couple degrees. warmer tomorrow, for all intents and purposes tomorrow is going to be a lot like today with kind of a minimal fog intrusion and quick burn off and temperatures around the bay in the 70s and 80s and in and in the mid-90s, maybe just maybe fairfield out there in clayton you may go 97 or something like that. that's tomorrow, the warmest day of the week. as you look outside and look at the current temperatures you can see right now 17 degrees warmer in santa rosa, talked about that so santa rosa 79, still very warm in inland bay valleys so sea breeze really isn't kicking in and there is fog, there it is. not pushing inland. stuck at the coast and you look at the wind observations, relatively, not pushing as well inland. tomorrow the mild weather will be at the coast and the bay, and then in the inland areas
10:49 pm
not going to see much cooling influence at all from the coast. back in the mid-90s, not record warmth, not spare the air, not heat advisory but just warmth like it should be for this time of year. last few days, not typical. not how it rolls where you get 82 degrees in antioch and stuff like that. there's the fog for tomorrow morning, and it burns off quick. and then footprint of oranges or 80s, reds 90s, you see more red coming our way. the fog lingering at the coast. this temperature footprint is going to last through the weekend. it will fluctuate a little bit but this general temperature profile is how the weekend is going to look at how the week is going to look so more of a pattern. after a couple of days of really, really mild weather for us, sunday, monday and tuesday. 92 in danville, 92 in livermore, those mayock to 94, 95 -- >> a couple degrees warmer, 91
10:50 pm
in gilroy, along the coast you can see mid-60s. either way mid-90s, some upper 90s inland and then temperatures in the 70s and 80s, mid-80s around the bay and five-day forecast, which rolls, mid-90s to low-to-mid-90s on monday. five-day forecast looks like a good one. talk to you tomorrow or tonight at 11:00. i'll be back. environmentalists rallied to push for a major reduction on single use plastics in california. back in may the state senate passed two bills that will set a statewide goal to reduce single use plastic by 75% by the year 2030. senator ben allen of santa monica said there is a need to reduce plastic since china is no longer taking our waste. >> the folks in china decided they don't want our junk anymore. >> much of the plastic that can't be recycled ends up in our oceans and waterways. environmental california says dolphins and turtles are washing up on shore with stomachs filled with plastic.
10:51 pm
plastic industry says they are supportive of the intent of the two bills. coming up in sports, the oakland a's look to make it two in a row over the yankees. mark will have the highlights from the coliseum where playoff hopes are very much alive. on the 11:00 news, travelers say they lost thousands by booking with a travel agent who took their money and never booked any trips. how the travel agent responded to us. we are here to discuss jessie's online time.
10:52 pm
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marquez here now with sports. the a's are really hot right now. >> picking a good time of year to do it but you've got to take into consideration who they're playing. houston astros took three out of four, a couple in a row against the yankees as they out- yankee the yankees. how about the bash brothers, phase two in evidence tonight. very clever shirt right there, steinbrenner not around anymore. his old man used to. that is crush davis doing his thing breaking out of an 0 for 17 slump. his 18th homer. second home run since mid-june. sensing a trend? two more provided by marcus semien.
10:55 pm
and 4-1 lead. look at this. the debut of a.j. gets a hold and did he get some help from profar, that is a sensational play in the eighth inning. a key inning for the a's. and again every player almost double play, not quite, they didn't need liam hendriks to record his 15th save. mike fiers is 12-3, 6-4 final. reggie jackson in the house. hall of famer. he was a new york yankee. thoroughly entertaining ball game at wrigley field. however entertaining doesn't get it done when you're trying to make a playoff spot and this may go down as the week we remember giants fans fell into the also-ran category at wrigley field. a great road trip.
10:56 pm
6-2 in the fifth, mike yastrzemski, what a story this guy is. that is 17 on the year. three hits by the way, five run sixth, stephen vogt loses one over the wall. kevin pillar, 19th home run. i love what the cubs fan does out here, throw that ball back. it didn't even give it a second. more for the giants in that five run sixth, pinch-hitter austin slater down the right- field line into the corner. two runs score. the giants come all the way back to take a 9-7 late although slater gets a little carried away trying to get into third base. cut the rally short, the cubs right back to take a 10-9 lead but stephen vogt again, single to center will tie it, sacrifice fly by brandon belt. eighth inning, here it is. kris bryant, to run hammer shot left center field.
10:57 pm
his 26th, and it's a 12-11 final and that is now three straight losses for the san francisco giants. a bad week. i can tell you they will play in winnipeg canada. the raiders and greene bay packers coming up tomorrow, aaron rodgers getting into the canadian spirit, they call it a canadian tuxedo. the jean jacket, the gene shirt, and a bolo tie. looking the part. rolling into canada in style as one of the top quarterbacks in all of football. the packers working it out well aware the raiders are 2-0 in the preseason and actually they throw something at you even though even it is basically exhibition footbal >> oakland does different things over the last couple preseason's, production-wise, so it's not as vanilla as you might st reps i'm going to see all summer are in practice.
10:58 pm
>> all right. it is a crowded scene in the bay area and the quakes with a five-game undefeated string were squeezing into the picture but they've gotten cold now. this is the guy carlos avella tonight, playing defense with all the mobility of a traffic count on that particular sequence. watch the replay. what are they doing on defense? two goals, he's got 26 on the air, 4-0 final and the quakes all of a sudden yeah, that is sensational individual effort right there. the quakes on the short end, 4- 0. they have lost three in a row. a little fun with check this out. one of the all-time greats, in wrestling. throws out the first pitch in houston, check this out. how good was that?
10:59 pm
that is ric flair, nature boy and that's josh reddick of the astros. a huge wrestling fan. check this out. this kid is 20 years old. just turned 20, outfielder juan soto with a beautiful catching deep left field to help the nationals tonight. this is your ultimate selfie right here, frank plays with his cell phone. romell dockery, former wide receiver, with his phone in hand as he actually made that play, threw his phone up in the air and does that. and catches his phone on the backside. all worth checking out. that is the sporting life. it is 11:00 and time for more news. frank and julie? >> i do it all the time in fact. next at 11 -- >> how could she do this? right? how does anyone sleep at night?
11:00 pm
doing this so many people? >> bay area residents say they are out $100,000 after their travel agent who promised to book an anniversary trip to hawaii never came through. authorities in santa clara are investigating that a travel agent and her company. hello again, i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. a dream vacation morphs into a nightmare when the agent fails to deliver. new at 11:00, ktvu's azenith smith live in milpitas where she's been learning more about that agent from people who say they were scammed. as an earthquake. >> reporter: -- azenith smith? >> reporter: she grew up in bill peters and that's why many victims trusted her. police tell me 13 victims have filed police reports and they are hearing from victims from all over cassan


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