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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  August 21, 2019 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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>> bay area residents say they are out $100,000 after their travel agent who promised to book an anniversary trip to hawaii never came through. authorities in santa clara are investigating that a travel agent and her company. hello again, i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. a dream vacation morphs into a nightmare when the agent fails to deliver. new at 11:00, ktvu's azenith smith live in milpitas where she's been learning more about that agent from people who say they were scammed. as an earthquake. >> reporter: -- azenith smith? >> reporter: she grew up in bill peters and that's why many victims trusted her. police tell me 13 victims have filed police reports and they are hearing from victims from all over cassandra's trip to hawaii was
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supposed to be a momentous occasion. to celebrate her friends renewing there wedding vows for their 25-year anniversary. that isn't quite what happened. >> i feel in shock. i'm pretty numb. because i just don't know how to feel. how can anyone do this? >> reporter: among a group of 25 families all used house of aloha travel services owned by wendy wong. bernall showed us invoices that she later found out were bogus. leading up to the trip she learned no travel arrangements had been made. >> how much total did you get from her? >> total for everything, $10,806. >> how much have you lost? >> in total about 10,000. >> we his wife trusted wong a long time friend from bill peters who graduated from felt like a
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broken. >> reporter: he says he authorized her to use his credit card for payments. >> come to find out she used it to pay for three tickets for another group. >> through our investigation we determined there are quite a few upwards of at last count about 13 victims. >> reporter: police investigating the theft and have turned the case over to the santa clara county district attorney's office. we reached out to want to ask her where the money went. she wrote she appreciated a contact saying there are lots of one-sided stories right now. her legal counsel had advised her not to comment. >> she answered almost right away saying we are trying to make it work and trying to make it work. >> reporter: out $5,000. attorneys told her she was filing for chapter seven bankruptcy. it was supposed to be her children's first time in hawaii. >> they had just finished packing and then for me to essentially tell them we're not going.
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that was heartbreaking. >> reporter: none of these victims have gotten their money back and they are now disputing the charges with their credit card companies and venmo. police tell me she could face criminal charges that includes theft under false pretenses and failure to provide services as promised. she could face jail time. live in milpitas, azenith smith, ktvu fox 2 news. now to the north bay where several small grass fires broke out along highway 101 in sonoma county. dispatchers began getting calls around 5:30 tonight, drivers reported seeing flames along the southbound lanes of 101 near shiloh road in windsor. one fire official counted as many as seven spot fires. chp shut down one southbound lane as crews worked to put the fires out. press democrat talked with a battalion chief who said the fires were most likely caused by a malfunctioning vehicle that was towing a trailer. another grass fire broke
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out around the same time. it burned about 140 acres west of 580 near patterson pass and midway. cal fire says warm and dry conditions helped the fire spread quickly. crews were able to contain the flames about an hour after getting the call. now to livermore where a single engine plane crash landed this morning sending the pilot to the hospital. the plane developed an unknown problem and she decided to put the plane and down in a grassy field. the pilot was the only person on board that cessna 120. officials say she was in stable condition when taken to the hospital. in butte county the pilot of a corporate jet aboard at a takeoff -- two passengers managed to get out of that plane safely before it was engulfed in flames. the faa says the twin engine cessna was heading to portland. because of this crash is under investigation. the notoriety of a pilot rescued from a small plane crash off half moon bay last
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night had people wondering was it a stunt? as ktvu's debora villalon reports the pilot is a well- known daredevil but he insists thcall was real. >> i think if you look at the facts of it, you will pretty quickly realize it's not a stunt. >> reporter: david lesh did what few would do in a plane crash. without his cell phone. >> i put all aspects of my life on social media and kept my mind off of thinking about dying. >> reporter: the flight was a photo shoot, he alongside a friend flying a second plane when lesh lost power and had to ditch in the ocean. the coast guard training nearby plucked lesh and his passenger from the chilly waters. >> when i first saw the helicopter i was like all right, we're going to be good. >> reporter: recording his own rescue automatic for the 34- year-old founder of an outerwear company who has 40,000 instagram followers. >> just landed in the ocean.
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>> reporter: worn out from so many interviews and that question, did he stop his plane as a stunt? >> i love this airplane. i spent six months finding it, 2 1/2 months with all the new stuff i put on it. i have no intention of putting it into the ocean not to mention its underinsured. >> reporter: not to mention it would be illegal to intentionally stage a may day. in colorado, lesh has a high profile in the ski community and some of his videos have backfired. this one got him ticketed for harassing wildlife. >> we may make it look like it's a little bit reckless and loose and spur of the moment but it's pretty controlled stuff. >> reporter: shooting a promotional video a few years ago lesh was arrested for arson after shopping carts burned up. he pled guilty to criminal mischief and this past april fools' day lesh posted on facebook that he had been kidnapped by a mexican drug cartel. >> to stay safe out there. >> reporter: lighthearted now saying he's grateful for his
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pilot training and his love of photography. >> if i have a camera and i'm bobbing around to the ocean you better believe i'm going to record it. >> reporter: lesh told the coast guard he suspects bad fuel cost his engine failure. the ntsb will look into that and his history as part of its investigation. in half moon bay, debora villalon, ktvu fox 2 news. the san francisco fire department pulled two people from the water of the bay tonight, it happened about 8:30 near the ferry building on the embarcadero. one of the victims was taken to the hospital for observation. both were adults. neither the firefighters at the scene nor the men involved wanted to talk to us about how they ended up in the water. developing news in southern california where authorities are searching for a gunman who county sheriff's deputies outside of the sheriff's station in lancaster. one deputy was shot in the shoulder but is expected to survive. authorities say the gunman began shooting just before 3:00. the shots appeared to have been
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fired from a building that provides housing for people with disabilities and mental illness. a s.w.a.t. team thinks the gunman may still be inside and they have the building contained. now to the race for the white house, washington governor jay inslee announced he is dropping his bid for the democratic presidential nomination. he said he made the decision when it became clear he wasn't going to win. governor inslee was on stage for the first two debates but did not have the minimum poll numbers required for the upcoming debate in houston next month. san francisco is hosting the national committee starting tomorrow with many of the presidential candidates coming to town for that event. tonight speaker of the house nancy pelosi was at the intercontinental hotel where she received a lifetime achievement award from the san francisco democratic party. ktvu's jana katsuyama joins us now live in the city where some progressives disrupted pelosi's speech with calls for impeachment. >> reporter: there were about
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50 people may be slightly more outside and several who made it inside and shouted during pelosi's speech. she called for unity but still some people see this as a chance to speak out as the democratic national committee comes to san francisco to discuss the rules, policies and platforms. house speaker and longtime powerbroker speaker of the house nancy pelosi took the stage to receive a lifetime achievement award wednesday night. the san francisco democratic party theme was the heart of the resistance. but it quickly became clear resistance exists within the party. protesters challenged pelosi waving signs and shouting upset she has not moved to impeach president trump. police led two women and one man out of the room. pelosi acknowledged their criticism with a note of caution. >> we have our differences. and we respect our differences. and i would say to my colleagues, our diversity is our strength.
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our diversity is our strength. but our unity is our power. >> reporter: pelosi told the crowd that the party needs to come together around democratic values, healthcare, gun legislation, immigration and the 2020 fight for the white house and senate. outside, protesters called for impeachment and single-payer healthcare showing a party energized but restless and fragmented. >> calling on speaker pelosi to take on that courage and leadership and actually begin and initiate proceedings. >> reporter: san francisco will become the epicenter of democratic politics for three days as the national committee conducts business meetings in the city. >> it's reallymake things happe in the democrat party. >> reporter: 13 of the democratic presidential candidates plan to come in pursuit of donations and endorsements. noticeably absent is front- runner joe biden. >> i think when a candidate
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doesn't show up, i think it's a missed opportunity and actually something that could hurt them. >> reporter: the national committee will be based at the hilton union square hotel and many of the caucus meetings are open to the public. tomorrow morning hundreds of environmental activists are expected to show up for a battle over climate change and weather the dnc should allow a debate on just that topic. reporting live from san francisco, jana katsuyama, ktvu fox 2 news. up next, anti-immigrant flyers found, linked to a white nationalist group and how officials are responding. another day without a verdict in the ghost ship warehouse trial. why jurors won't meet again for almost two weeks. it's warming upnot as hot as last week but temperatures back into the mid- 90s and upper 90s inland. forecast coming up.
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new tonight deputies have arrested a sexual assault suspect for a second time after investigators say more victims came forward.
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59-year-old randolph haldeman was arrested in menlo park. facing several counts of sexual assault. investigators say six victims have come forward since his first arrest last month. the sheriff department says the assaults date back as far as 1987 and the victims ages range from six to 16 years old. the new jury in the ghost ship warehouse trial wrapped up their second day of deliberations without reaching a verdict today. derick almena and max harris charged with 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter in connection with the deadly warehouse fire. the jury had to restart deliberations after three women were removed from the panel for misconduct. today was the last day of deliberations for nearly two weeks. the jury will return tuesday after labor day. today was the first day of classes at san jose state where students got word racist flyers had been posted around campus. the flyers were removed long before students arrived but as ktvu's jesse gary tells us, many on the campus say it's
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still unsettling. >> it really does cause alarm because like i said there's so much hate going on nowadays that you are always on your feet, always on your toes because you're scared something serious is going to happen. >> reporter: fall 2019 got off to an uneasy start after all 36,000 plus san jose state students were told hate material had been distributed on campus. >> we are a campus that wants to stay engaged about these issues rather than brushing them under the table. >> reporter: chief diversity officer confirms police and staffers found at least six flyers at three locations on campus august 12. more than a week before instruction started. the flyers are from the american identity movement which calls itself a nonprofit organization. campus officials say aim has links to the white nationalist movement and that other campuses across the country also had similar flyers distributed on the grounds. >> maybe there might be racism. i'm not sure but that shocked
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me right now. as a student especially. >> reporter: the aim home webpage says it is, quote, opposed to the diminution of america's white majority. university officials say aim flyers were removed because it violated the school's time, place and manner policy that regulates how information is distributed not because of the content to. >> we want to promote what our values are on our campus rather than promote the messages that are on those flyers. >> some students who arrived for the first day of instruction wednesday say both materials message and the action of placing it on a diverse campus are concerning. >> people find it easier to do these things but obviously, i don't like them. i don't think anybody likes them. you go to one, feel safe and it's kind of like hard now. >> reporter: san jose state officials stressed the campus is safe and police continue investigating who put the flyers up. they say this is not an effort to squelch free eech the san jo
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jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. two lawmakers today outlined a new effort to address hate crimes at the city and county levels. santa clara county supervisor cindy chavez and san jose city councilwoman maia esparza talked about their new proposal, at city hall. it calls for a regional task force to tackle hate crimes, hate speech, crimes targeting women and crimes involving guns. >> the task force will develop recommendations for investments in law enforcement intelligence to crack down on the illegal trade.l is in a response to recent domestic terrorism and emboldened white supremacists. the san francisco public defender's office is criticizing the medical examiner for concluding that jeff adachi's death was induced by drugs. the family of the late public defender hired three medical experts to review the autopsy.
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they concluded dot she died of heart abnormalities. adachi was found dead at a north beach apartment in february. a police report indicated he had been in the company of a woman who was not his wife. the medical examiner concluded a mixture of cocaine and alcohol were factors in his death. checking on the weather, warming up, notice it today, notice a little bit more tomorrow, today was the big jump, a good 10 degrees in inland valleys. tomorrow two to three degrees in s so instead of 94, might go 97 so tomorrow is similar to what we saw today with a few high clouds, fog regrouped at the coast so it will be around but burns off quickly as it did this morning. we end up with a day on thursday like today, wednesday. look how much warmer it is in santa rosa, 17 degrees warmer right now than yesterday. at this time. 77 and these areas are interesting because they haven't cooled off much, inland
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valleys are all still 75 in concord, 73 in fairfield, not much of a sea breeze, the fog is caught up on the coastal side, it's deep, 1300 feet deep or so but not pushing inland, and so that sets us up with a warm day tomorrow, not a spare the air day. i haven't seen anything to that effect. not anticipating heat advisories or huge fire danger but warmer, certainly warmer than it has been the last couple days because if you remember sunday, monday, tuesday, temperatures hot spots were 70s and low and mid-80s, the hot spots, clayton and livermore. tomorrow in san francisco looks like this in the morning for everybody. burns off and temperature footprint you can take it into friday and saturday and sunday. slight variations but microclimates will show up clearly all three days. more typical summer pattern quite frankly, certainly way more typical than last couple days so 95 in vacaville, maybe
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97, depends if you are on the east side of town. 95 in antioch, 95 in brentwood, those could go to 97, 98. 90 in morgan hill, 91 in gilroy, nice day tomorrow. air quality is pretty good. five-day forecast takes you into your weekend and you see the top tier, this is not a heat wave, this is just summer and there you go, five-day forecast, see you back here tomorrow. while the giants were fun to watch, it's the a's who got the job done. two in a row over the high- flying new york yankees. mark has highlights where playoff hopes are still alive. listened to the newest episode of our bay area people podcast out right now. comedian hannah paul thompson, youtube videos helped launch his career. plus advice for aspiring entertainers. the episode is out now, search for bay area people in your podcast player.
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marquez back. the a's are on a roll and looking good for the playoffs. >> it's that time of year where you've got to roll into another gear and they are beating really good teams which is a positive sign. yankees come to town, friend of mine was saying more yankee fans out there than the a's fans.
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they were silenced tonight. steinbrenner in the old days, used to put out the money. hank has taken over. more of a spendthrift we'll call it. this is good to see. khris davis's second home or since mid-june when he signed that huge contract. breaks an 0 for 17. the a's off and doing what the yankees are known for doing. the long ball. n, 22nd, 4-1 lea and now the stephen piscotty. more than 200 homers this year, piscotty gives a little padding. the bullpen a little problem late, 6-4 final. they eek it out. mike fiers a winner. reggie jackson in the house wearing the yankee gear. meantime, very entertaining at wrigley field, a great road trip to chicago. the best summertime city in the usa. no question about it. the giants put on a show.
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mike yastrzemski another one, his 17th. three hits tonight. five run sixth inning, stephen vogt, a big part of it. that one leaves the yard. and the giants wind up tying it to 7-7 on a kevin pillar hit. austin slater pinch-hit, two- run double, down the right- field line, the giants take a 9- 7 lead but they've got some bullpen problems. slater gets carried away out at third base. the bullpen couldn't hold the lead. kris bryant, two-run shot to deep left center. core. he bleacher bum area. it's been common this year in the major leagues. 12-11. three straight losses for the giants. the quakes had gone on a nice streak five games unbeaten. w i three straight losses, los angeles has handled them in all four meetings in san jose tonight. wasn't even close. this is one of the reasons. carlos vallow, look at the
11:26 pm
effort by the los angeles superstar as the quakes like i said earlier, looking like parking cones on defense. they don't even move. you've got to do better than that. slo-mo reveals this guy has 26 goals, 4-0 final, the quakes are 0-4 against los angeles this year and it is a 4-0 final for the suddenly cooled off quakes. a little fun in check this out. remember nature boy ric flair? he threw out the first pitch in houston tonight. he needs to work on his pitching but he still looks like a superstar. it check this out. >> the nature boy ric flair! >> whoo! >> ric flair, oh! >> as bill said, his joints are probably really soar from all
11:27 pm
of the tumbling he's done but good to see him out there. this was the major-league debut of a. j. puk, 6'7" left-hander for the a's. makes his big-league debut and he gets big-league help from jurickson profar who nearly turns that into a double play. the a's did when the game. check this out. a beautiful catch from 20-year- old juan soto of the nationals getting up and over to make a beautiful grab. watch closely. this is a selfie, he's got his camera and he will throw his camera up in the air, do a complete somersault, catch his phone. >> the a selfie of all selfies. >> incredible. see you later. here's one you guys will like.
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