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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  August 22, 2019 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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. good morning to you. welcome back to mornings on 2. thursday morning, august 22nd. i'm dave clark. >> good morning to you. it is dark and early. >> it is we say hi to everybody but i do want to say hi to a wonderful lady, chesta bradley. she gets up with us at 4:30 like a lot people. good morning. >> it may be a little warm. >> yes. she may be getting up and thinking, wait a minute. why is it this warm that's what it feels like right now. it's just really stayed rather warm. we have clouds that have rolled in and sometimes
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they can act like a blanket to keep the heat of the day from escaping. i do believe that is what's happening as you take a look. you can see those clouds are certainly with us. all across the bay area. we are having a little bit of a warm start to the day. here are the current temperatures, concord still hanging onto the 70 degrees here at 4:30 in the morning. 62 in san francisco. 67 santa rosa and mountain view almost at 70. 69 degrees right now. this is where we are starting this morning. we will roll up to a bit of a cooler day. still warm out there. we are going to see along the coast 60's. get in to the upper 70's and low 80's inland to the bay. as we head further inland we will see some 90's. when i talk about that i mean you, concord. you will be warm at 94 degrees. 92 santa rosa. san francisco about 72. a little bit cooler than we were yesterday which is nice. a little bit of a roll back and a break. we have some more heat in the
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forecast and i will talk about that when i come back. for now we will head over and see if the roads are heating up. i will hand it over to sal. >> good morning to you. the traffic is okay if you are driving through the area. we are starting with highway 24. you can see traffic is moving along pretty well on highway 24, driving through the area. there have been no major issues on the way to the tunnel if you are driving on interstate 80 westbound. driving out to the mcarthur maze that commute looks good. through vallejo and out to the maze. no problems getting through. you will see the traffic at the bay bridge toll plaza pretty heavy for 4:30 in the morning. at 4:32 let's go back to the desk. all ten people on board a jet that crashed managed to escape without injury. the plane burst into flames after running off the end of the runway at the airport. all eight passengers and both pilots were able to make it out before fire
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destroyed the jet. the fire spread to dry grass on the airport but firefighters were able to quickly contain it. that jet burned more more than an hour because it carried more than 400,000- gallons of jet fuel. it was supposed to go to portland. and federal officials are investigating the crash a pie evacuate plane at the livermore airport. the pilot of the cessna20 was taken to the hospital to be treated for moderate injuries. that plane end up in the tall grass at the end of the runway. >> it had just departed the airport and experienced a difficulty and was able to put it down in the grass behind us. >> you can see there was damage to the nose of the plane right there and that did lead to a minor fuel leak but there was no fire. some bay area families are out, thousands of dollars after a travel agent who they trusted allegedly scammed them. more than a dozen families
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filed police reports saying that the the travel agent owned by wendy wong left them without a vacation and they are out 100 throw dollars. they say they found out days before their trip that she sent them fake schedules and invoices. some of the families knew her and said that she were shocked when their credit cards were misused. >> come to find out she used it to pay for three tickets for another group. felt like a stab in the back. just broken. >> we tried to contact her who said that there were a lot of one sided stories but that her lawyer told her not to speak. the victims that we talked to are disputing the charges and police say that she could face criminal charges and even jail time. happening today it's the first day of school for
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marin. it's now the miller creek elementary school district and includes three elementary school and 2,000 students. the school board voted on the changes last month after years of controversy over the dixie name. school administrators and oakland police are investigating a rope in the shape of a noose found on a school property. it was found off highway 24 in the rock ridge neighborhood. paul chambers talked to parent who want to be sure their kids are learning in a safe and welcoming at the end school day in oakland most parents and students had no idea about this alarming image. early wednesday morning before school a rope that some say looked like a noose look rested on this fence. >> it looked like it was used for a message hope that's not
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what it was. >> reporter: the principal said the way it was put could have been a coincidence but it could have been indicating something more disturbing. it was easy to see the rope as a message that goes back so to some of our darkest history. >> i feel like the e-mail is try nothing not really acknowledge the issue. there are several points where she refers to it as a rope. if you look at the picture its clearly not a rope. >> it's possible that was a noose. it's also possible it was not a noose. it was thrown on top of fence. we don't know what it was. >> reporter: they aren't sure who placed the rope or why. however they did have additional staff on hand to discuss the incident with students who brought it to their attention. the school stressed it was removed before student as lifed. i hope that this situation is addressed accordingly
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and that my daughters don't have to worry about being in danger. >> what they would like for if it to -- have a real conversation, a town hall more this to be addressed. >> reporter: officials plan to discuss the incident at a meeting next week. they say that oakland school police and police are investigating. the san francisco public defender's office is criticizing the medical champ father for concluding that jeff -- death was induced by drugs. the family of the late da hired people to conduct the autopsy and they concluded he died of heart problems. he was found dead in february. a police report indicated he had been in the company of a woman who wasn't his wife. a mix of cocaine and alcohol were factors in his death. our time is 4:37. an east bay congressman will hold a town hall. it's the second in ia series of meetings about immigration issues. he is among several democrats who have personally
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toured migrant detention centers. the town hall will happen at meadow homes elementary school in concord at 6:00 tonight. the trump administration is being criticized for possible plans to detain migrant families indefinitely. the department of homeland cute is expected to announce that change as early as this week. a 1997 court agreement right now sets standards for migrants living conditions while they are being detained and puts a 20 day limit on that detention period. those restrictions mean that migrant families have been released there to the united states while their asylum requests are processed. the white house said that the changes are designed to keep families together even while detained. >> i have the children on my mind. it bothers me very greatly. people make this horrible 2,000- mile trip. >> immigration activists are expected to file legal challenges to the changes. the president also said that he
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is seriously considering an order to change the birth right citizenship clause. the president has signed an order to wipe out the debt disabled veterans owe on student loans. he signed that in louisville, kentucky. the order said that the federal education department was must eliminate every penny of federal student loan debt by those veterans who are disabled. he said there will be no income tax on them. he is encouraging the states not to collect taxes on the eliminated debt. researchers warning about ana alarming number of wildfires in the amazon rain forest in brazil. one report said that fires have increased 84% over last year. the amazon rain forest is considered the lungs of the world because it absorbs carbon dioxide and emitting oxygen. they say many of the fires have been -- are being
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set to clear land to push for development under the new president of brazil. he is accused nongovernmental organizations of starting the fires but gave month proof. >> regarding the fires in the amazon. i'm under the impression that it could have been set by the ngo's because they had asked for money. what wasser this intention to bring about promises for brazil. >> researchers say the fires have continued despite brazil not being in a drought. report said that they could get worse as the amazon enters it's dry season. the bay area is hosting more than a dozen democratic candidates this weekend. the dnc holding its summer meeting in san francisco. how delegates are watching which candidates will and won't be there. >> and keeping bart clean. it's . how bart said it's making progress in making the stations cleaner. lean . >> good morning. we have traffic that is -- mostly doing okay but some of these commutes little
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robust here at the bay bridge. >> and everybody is up and at them. it's a little warm. we have a slightly cooler day on tap. we will talk about your five day forecast when we come back. stay with us.
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. bernie sanders will be in northern california. he is expected to tour the town
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of paradise today and meet with school kids. also he is planning rallies at noon in chico and at six tonight in sacramento. tomorrow he will be in san francisco. school administrators in butte say they need more help to recover from the camp fire. the governor visited paradise ridge elementary school for the first day of school yesterday. almost half of the schools in that district survived the big fire that destroyed most of the town. now they are reopening after smoke damage was repaired. the school district said that fewer than half of the students have come back but that number is still more than expected. >> we expected about a thousand kids and we are at almost 1600. we had some very turbulent moments and that's a great problem to have. >> back in february the governor approved more than $24 million to help butte
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county recover and reopen their schools. the school district said that it'll still need more help in the future. pg&e is asking to borrow money without paying taxes to pay wildfire victims. the utility ceo was in sacramento to urge lawmakers to pass the bill to let them use $20 billion in tax exempt bonds. pg&e faces up to $30 billion in potential damages from lawsuits. the measure was filed late in the legislative calendar and the senate rules committee hasn't decided if they will move forward. a popular silicon valley bakery is closing after almost 40 years in business. the owners of the bakery blame a staffing of doing business. the customers are rushing now to get their favorite cakes one more time. >> okay. >> reporter: to its loyal
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customers the it's more than just a bakery. its been a constant in their lives, present at birthdays and weddings for nearly 40 years. >> they made my wedding cake in 1990. palo alto did. it was carrot. >> reporter: donna came to get one film carrot cake before it closes. the chan family who took over in 1996 said they can't afford to go on. >> there's just constant struggles and we have been struggling. we have just been pushing through because we are -- an institution. >> reporter: it started in 1980 in palo alto and then expanded in to sunnyvale and santa claire a. while there is still demand for their chocolate on chocolate they can't find enough people willing to bake them. a cake decobeen open for five months. >> a huge staff shortage that we haven't able
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to find good help. it's just been a lot of things and we just don't see the situation getting better. >> will it be for later since they announced the closing the phone hasn't stopped ringing with people like barry stockpiling favorites. >> we have ordered three big chocolate cakes. we will put them in the freezer and save them for special occasions. >> reporter: it's the cake he used for 25 years and he isn't alone. the chans have found people writing to tell them how they are nearly part of the family. they had hoped to keep it going for future generations. >> its been wonderful to be reminded and just have tangible proof that we affected their lives. it's just -- really sad we won't continue to do so. >> reporter: they are rushing to fill the cake orders they are getting. they will close its santa clara location on the 24th, the other
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will shut for good on the 31stful. bart said it's doing a better job keeping its stations clean. riders rated it and more than58% gave elevators a good rating. about 5,000 were polled. bart is crediting the you attendant program for improved cleanliness. san francisco the long awaited park connecting the main post to chrissy field is a step closer to being feel. dump trucks there with loads of dirt for the 14-acre project. the park will be built on top of the eastern tunnels of the parkway. it'll include a new transit center, a learning out post and a youth campus. it'll be three overlooks giving
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fantastic views of the bay. it's expected to be completed by springtime. the summer winds down so do our ktvu zip trips. since memorial day we have been shining a spotlight on a variety of communities around the bay area. >> that's been a great summer having a lot of fun doing that. tomorrow we get to the final destination of 2019 and that's fremont. we will show you how this community has changed from fields to a thriving city. it's the hometown of one of figure skatings most decorated champions. >> hi. i hope to see you in my hometown fremont 23rd, friday final stipulate trip of the season. ly be there with my family at the town fair plaza and i hope to see you there.
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>> join all of us tomorrow in fremont. if you can't make it down to the town fair plaza that show is going to be live at ian here on ktvu and will stream live on we are looking forward to that. >> i bet you are. you do a great job. christy is a classy lady, a wonderful lady. all right. that should be fun. let's get you to where you need to go now. sal, you will be out there. we right now you are busy taking care of the folks on the road. >> yes. right now we are looking at some of these commute that are from faraway. we are looking at the bay bridge toll e the traffic here moving along slowly on some of the outside lanes. we will get back to that. let's start off in tracy and 205 area. cur see it's slow here. driving on 205 and 580. it's typical and then 880 traffic is fine. 580 looks good. if you pull back and show you
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the maps. remember, red means slow. we don't see a lot of slow traffic right now. interstate 880 looks good and we are back at the toll plaz after where the commute seems to be heavy. a lot of people are trying to get an early start so they don't get caught in worse traffic. 4:51. kyla with the weather. sal, listen to this. if you are waking up in fapa it's 17-degrees warmer than this time yesterday. >> is it -- is it muggy >> it's a little muggy out there. you feel that moisture in the arias well. the clouds are out there. we have good visibility. we aren't having trouble with fog. boy, look at that. this is the 24 hour temperature change. you see napa17 degrees warmer than yesterday. santa rosa and nevado13 degrees warmer than this time yesterday. look at half moon bay. 14 degrees warmer. napa yesterday this time it was about 51 degrees. now they are pushing 70 at 4:51 in the morning.
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how about that current temperature in san francisco, 6 # degrees. 68 in nevado. mountain view, good morning to you. coming in at 68 degrees. we are all a little toasty. clouds have rolled in and i think that is helping kind of keep a lid on the temperatures. the heat of the day can't quite escape as easy when you have the clouds. they keep the warmth in. as you work through the way today it'll be a warm start to the morning. a few clouds stick with us in to the middaytime frame. about 67 degrees. we will get a little more sun throughout the day. 72 for a high in san francisco. as we look around the bay you will notice some 90's up in the north bay and santa rosa and also in sonoma you will see some of the 90's. if you are closer to the coast of course you will be cooler. we have the 70's in places like alameda and low 80's. there's the heat in concord and there it is in antioch at 95 degrees today. little cooler than yesterday. sure but still pretty warm if you are inland. 91 morgan hill.
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86 sunnyvale. you can see nice and cool in the 60's along the coast. along the coast 72. we talked about the tropical disturbance. it's a tropical storm, it's ivo. it's expected to be a hurricane by tomorrow. sustained winds of 74 miles an hour or more. it'll track to the northwest it looks like it'll stay away from land but the question is does any of that energy maybe break off and bring a little moisture our way we have not had rain in the bay area since may 26th so i would love to see us get some. not in the forecast right now. it would be next weekend. we will continue to watch that. today we are going to be a few degrees cooler. tomorrow warm. we will have ia little on shore flow that will bring us down to a cooler temperature there. low 90's for the inland. that will help and then we start to warm up nday and monda we are very much in the summer pattern and it doesn't seem to be breaking quite yet. >> wow. thank you.
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today the raiders are headed to canada. they are playing the packers in a pre-season game and the big question, will rodgers play from the couldn't be prouders
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to the wait did we just win-ners. everyone uses their phone differently. that's why xfinity mobile let's you design your own data. now you can share it between lines. mix with unlimited, and switch it up at anytime
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so you only pay for what you need. it's a different kind of wireless network designed to save you money. save up to $400 a year on your wireless bill. plus get $250 back when you pre-order a new samsung note. click, call or visit a store today. . welcome back. the time is 4:56. raiders going to canada. they will play the packer in a
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pre-season game. the starters may not play because they have artificial turf at that stadium. the packers haven't said if aaron rodgers will play but his wardrobe is making news. check this out. this video was posted of him at the airport dressed in what's called a canadian tuxedo. denim top and jeans, and a bolo tie. you can see the raiders game right here on ktvu fox 2. the game starts at 5:00 p.m. ktvu plus will show another nfl game. the battle for florida. the jacksonville jags against the miami dolphins. while both games are on we will bring you live news for an hour streaming live on > turns 103 years old on sunday and it's celebrating with free admission for everybody. all national and state parks will be letting people
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in for free. you may still have to pay for things like camping or boating. if you can't make it this weekend the next time the park also be free will be september 28th for national public lands day. our bart thinking about new steps to prevent people from panhandling on bart trains. some say it's a disturbance, others say it's free speech. the criticism that's building against that proposal. >> and teachers are using the beginning of the new school year to sound the alarm about teenage vaping. how a school district is dealing with that issue with both students and parents. >> and the clouds are rolling in this morning. they are keeping us warm but how warm will be be today we will talk about your forecast when we come back. stay with us.
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. good morning. coming here to the bay area today more than a dozen democratic presidential candidates and they will be here through the weekend. the reason they will be here and how party leaders trying to rally support leading to the 2020 election. >> and today the school district that was the dixie district has a new name after a long debate.


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