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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  August 22, 2019 9:00am-9:58am PDT

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found it and she put in the mail and right now, it is heading back to little duncan. here is the thing about that. back connected by the. >> secrets unfolding in the next element of 13 reason why. we learn what is in store when we sit down with one of the actors. stomach homebuying in the bay area can be a battle and now even workers i feeling pushed out by the high cost of living. >> and wearing many have to put on still to come, we sit down with the director and one of the start of the new adaptation of the 39 in mountain view. ♪ >> wait for it. because the song has something to do with my interview coming up. >> i'm waiting. >> ♪
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>> billy joel says he's moving out adam finger is going to be on our program. well he is one of many tech workers who are fed up and one the area to improve by the way he wants the area to improve so that people don't have to move out. >> well building more housing. >> it's not just the finance. it's not that i can afford to live here. >>'s theory is this could be solved by people in local government. >> we will talk to him in a little bit. >> i'm proud to say that my alma mater uc berkeley strives to be on the corner of education. >> that's right. just get it there. >> they are helping to preserve the reputation. each semester they promote thought and enhance learning. they have come up with a
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commonsense course that teaches them about everything that isn't taught in traditional classes the course is called adult thing. it focuses on every day to building a resume includes building laundry. 100 people signed up for the class which is only for 30 student. >> my mom taught me how to do laundry before. in like right before? >> when i was 17. >> have a nine-year-old and a tenure. and guess what they started to do? unpack lunchboxes because i don't want to send useless young men into the world. >> my children have been doing that since they report. >> i near going to say that. >> school. >> so many others. let's talk about politics because 13 presidential candidates are in there for the democratic summit. leaders are meeting to discuss their policies all ready to spend quite a
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the airline inside the hilton hotel in the square to lane. allie? good morning. this is a chance for democratic leaders and what the policies and ideas they want the party to support which is especially important in an election year. the first meeting is taking place here is underway. out of the room as to not interrupt but one of the topics we are discussing with the issue of climate change some activists want the democratic party to specifically sponsor a climate change debate among the presidential candidate and when they were getting into this meeting there is a lot of a conflict. >> they can't. we are stronger together you got this right to be here. >> some of the activists here until there wasn't enough space for them in the meeting room that they were all out of credentials so some of the members entered a listen thought there's plenty of faith
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and they insisted on going inside having their voices heard on the issue of the climate change debate they pushed past the guards to do it with the support of everyone inside. >> let them in. let them in. the members that eventually i'll get in some of credentials and some of that but now that is nothing a resolution to have that climate change specific debate. they also didn't have a climate change caucus a group within the party focus specifically on the issue but some of the activists they that they are still skeptical that party leaders were ultimately support the idea. >> the dnc does not want the bay to happen they don't alienate the obama trump voters in we know that's not going to be a path to victory so town hall meeting doesn't get the president doesn't get the coverage there town hall meeting probably every night on cnn not everybody and what she was was that there has been the
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town hall meeting on climate change they say that that not the same as a d&c sponsor debate. there are 13 presidential candidate speaking at this three-day meeting most of them tomorrow which includes many of the leading in the polls. elizabeth warren bernie sanders michael bennett cory booker as well one candidate who will not be here in san francisco's taking to those people is former vice president joe biden has painted he continues to campaign in new hampshire but a lot of those meetings and events happening here are open to the public as we just showed you have to register and get a credential to let in. live in san francisco >> yes. thank you for that. we're also watching the governor washington ending his presidential campaign and will instead run for a third term as governor. he is expected to tell us more details about this later today yesterday he said his campaign is ending because it was clear
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that he wasn't in on. he did have enough donors to be cl the third democratic presidential debate will be next month and use. stomach and overnight, john hickenlooper announcing that he is running for in colorado republican cory gardner hold that now and a tough race is the active. he was colorado's governor before running for the democratic residential nomination that but ended last week. stomach the contra costa county sheriff's department announced that they recovered the body of a woman who disappeared. they launched a search by air, land and the in hopes of finding that 53-year-old was last seen on tuesday night at her home on beaver lane in discovery bay. the area is surrounded by water. they found her body last night they have not yet identified the cause of death. stomach police in san jose are investigating a deadly hit-and- run crash overnight greg is there live are it happened with a look at what police are saying about the invest station.
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>> right now things are pretty much back to normal here. and it was a far different team about three hours ago. when right over my left shoulder. in the they were in the street. the coroner did remove that at about 6:40 am. it happened after 2:30 pm just across the street from the martin luther king jr. library. they did perform about a four- hour investigation and reopen the roadway. they have released much information. only that he is an adult male. and was struck unknown vehicle. he fled the area in the victim was dead on the name. he says he's going to confirm the victims identity after they have notified the next of can. and as we come back alive, i can tell you that the san jose
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police department is looking for the public's help in tracking down the driver. there urging anyone with information to contact the traffic investigations unit. however, if you would like to leave an anonymous tip be conducive by calling the telephone number. that translates to 408947 78, 67. and by the way, the police department tells us that this is the city's 12 fatal vehicle versus pedestrian accident of this year. live in san jose. regular >> thank you for that. man accused of sexually assaulting children when he worked as a photographer for youth swim team is scheduled to appear inside of the san mateo courtroom. first arrested on suspicion of molesting three old boys that went as far back as 1987. and now they say six or victims have come forward and they are
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facing additional charges. some of the assault happened at the recreation center. >> police asking for public health as they search for a carver grace us that the man is accused of killing laptop and other electronics. the break and happened on the morning of august 12 right telegraph and then the suspect drove off in a white toyota salerno with the ship license late. >> the public defenders office is criticizing the medical examiner for confirming that it was induced drugs. the late public defender hired free medical and forensic to review the autopsy. they convicted he died of heart abnormalities. the medical examiner concluded a mix of cocaine and alcohol were factors. he was found dead at an apartment in january. stomach more more companies are increasingly hiring the police officers as security guards. they cite an increase in property crimes for a sharp increase in the number of
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officers recruited by private companies. salesforce talent is paying as much is $100 per hour per officer they are hired under a program that allows the business to pay an officer's overtime wage with a 14% administrative fee to the city. stomach the new jerry wrapped up in their deliberations without reaching a verdict they are charged with 36 counts of involuntary men in connection with a deadly warehouse fire the jury had to restart deliberations after three women were removed from the panel for misconduct. yesterday was the last year deliberations the judge is giving the jury time off and they are scheduled to be back to the courthouse that tuesday after labor day. of course there with us for complete coverage of the trial. our webs we've also created a timeline that you can click and we will be there when the verdict is announced.
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coming up. they changes in one's goal district. >> one school district that comes after a similar controversy surrounding its original name. >> and the pilot peaking at after his plane went to the ocean investigation into the crash after some say it was all
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check this out. this may make your stomach drop if you're afraid of heights. split up a notch several notches by walking between abandoned buildings only a tight rope in a harness attached to their body usually they only practice a few feet off the ground this is not that. >> the pilot of a private plane that crashed the night it was all a stunt they explain how to federal agencies are investigating the crash involving a pilot who is also a
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well-known daredevil. >> i think if you look at the fact that it pretty quickly realized that stunt. >> david did what he would do in a plane crash. without cell phone. >> yes took i put all aspects of my life and social media to get my mind off it. >> he said was a photo shoot he alongside a friend when he lost power and had to ditch in the ocean. >> the coast guard training nearby plucked them from the chilly water. and i first saw the helicopter was like we are going to be good. >> recording his unrest you automatic 34-year-old founder who has a 40,000 and grandfather. >>just landed in the ocean. >> there are jellyfish here. >> rn out from so many interviews. and that question did he stall his plane as a stunt. >> i love the airplane i spent
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2.5 month putting all the new stuff in it. i had no intention of putting into the ocean not to mention it's underinsured the mac and it would be illegal to intentionally agent made a. in colorado he is a high profile in the ski community and some of the videos have backfired. that's what got him ticketed for harassing wildlife. >> make it look like it's a little bit reckless and loose but it pretty control. >> shooting a promotvideo a few years ago he was arrested for arson after some shopping cart burned out. he pled guilty to criminal mischief. this past april fools' day he posted on pace that he had been kidnapped by a mexican drug cartel. >> he is lighthearted now that he's grateful for his pilot training and his love of photography >> and if i have a camera you better believe going to record it. mickey told the coast he suspects that field causes
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engine failure. they will look into that and his history as part of it is investigation. and half men bay. >> often people on board a corporate jet that crashed managed to keep without injury. the plane burst into flames after going out the end of the runway. all a passengers were able to make it out before fire destroyed it. it also spread to dried grass but firefighters were able to quickly put out. it burned for more than our because it had more than 400 gallons of jet fuel in it takes the charter flight was scheduled to go from orrville to portland oregon. federal officials are also investigating the case of a private plane at the livermore airport. the pilot was the only person on board the prophecy is breaking news the pilot was taken to the hospital to be treated for minor injuries there is no update on her condition the plane ended up in the tall grass there at the end of the runway.
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had just departed the airport and experienced some kind of a difficulty and was able to put it down here in the grass area. >> and as you can here, there was damage to the nose and wings of the plane that led to a minor fuel leak but there was no fire. stomach and control officials are looking for the owner of the cat that was rest from the bay bridge. it was found stranded on the ledge of the bridge on tuesday several agencies teamed up to rest the an animal control. mop of the net while the other held onto his niche which was connected to a harness. san francisco animal care and control is caring for them but says he didn't have a tag or microchipped ask anyone to call animal control. stomach symptoms are going back to the same school as last year. but they are seeing effect the name change that came after an awful lot of debate. >> it did. and morning to you.
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we spoke to a lot of parents th it is still a sensitive topic. a lot of people are mixed and divided. but this is all about a fresh start. it is now named lucas elementary a new name for the and a new name for the entire district here following this school board they voted to change the dixie school district in dixie elementary school name the district is now called miller creek elementary district and the school is now called lucas valley. it was a controversial decision that follows month of public meeting and and a debate over whether the name should be changed whether it had connotations with that slavery. but those say that a referred to a woman named mary dixie a olhouse in 1864 all that in the past as per the principal.
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>> our focus getting people excited about the year getting them excited about the teachers the curriculum getting imaginative voice out there. we are really excited the name is where we have movie on that. we are excited to dig in and see they are capable of doing. >> i think it makes sense. you know i think that they had embraced it. >> hopefully everyone has closer and we can just move on and go through normal school activities. >> not sure if he can still hear that decision was made to rename the entire district and this morning we have seen buses with that new them on the side nothing miller creek elementary school district and again here at lucas valley elementary guar talking with parents school guardian session but a lot of parents that we are you
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wanthistart of th next neo and trinity back in a new installment of the matrix. >> letting you know about the fourth movie and when is a acted to start production. stomach and a handful of actors taking on thousands of roles in a spoof of an alfred hitchcock role. the director between the 39 steps happening in mountain view.
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we are learrker first major televised performance her new will be her first time back in 2015 when she performed bad blood. she is tied for the mo to inclu
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the year and the year. it takes place next monday. stomach a new actor topping the chart the highest in the world. >> it is wayne the rock johnson. and $89.4 million right behind the jumanji start up have avengers chris hemsworth also known as door $76.4 million and robert danny junior came in with $69. >> matrix is ago with canneries and carry in my both returning it will become written and directed by the cocreator variety report production may start next year. >> theater work is bringing the 39 that to the stage at the mountain viema and we are
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happy to be joined by the director and one of the art of the show so welcome to the director and ron campbell you play not just a handful of character that you play doesn't. >> but counting wasn't like having to be semi-different people >> need velcro is incorporated what happened on stages related to the ice because backstage we have a crack team of at dinner work making me come on stage with the right costume the >> cr the right of that tenets to the curtain light to the 39th? >> this one has the joy of back shenanigans and suspense of a hitchcock film so it's a loving tribute to a hitchcock film but
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what would happen if only for actors had to perform the entire film on page. >> this is part of the 50th anniversary offering. talk to me quickly about the evolution of your company >> the joy of life theater is that it always new every night. we build on what we had before and we're always six blowing more territory. it's been a delight to work with the artistic director and founder he set it up to be loud or fast or theater company and we are right in that lane. >> when you talk about life theater sometimes duplex a great big broadway musical with big emotions and big scenery how do you as an act draw people in this is a situation where i could probably the the sweat on your brow. let manage that process i think that there the little things the little touches that people are still
9:26 am
looking for they are trying to gate so much is going on these days. in this is in the story. and though i don't know really what direction the audience is going to look. it is up to leslie to manipulate the audience into the what exactly we want them to watch any given moment isn't the big fireworks you know they are more really comedy. >> think hitchcock would've liked it? >> he loved comedy. keep an eccentric character in all of his films. he had cameos in most of his own. we have tried to honor all of them. and a lot of the prizes and a lot of joy. >> thank you both for joining us. i'd like to get into the show. seeking catch previews of the 39th at the mountain view center right now. friday than the show formally open saturday and it closes on sunday the times are there on your screen for ticketing
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information go online you'll find all in one your wedding. thank you both. stomach coming up next, making a big change to their web policy. how we maps will be limiting who can advertise and marijuana businesses will have to look elsewhere. stomach plus living in the bay area is becoming tough for those in the text that. many are deciding to pack up and move to in that. this hair is happenin'! they think normal pesticide treatments will stop us! nix ultra!!! ahhhh!!! kill super lice and eggs with nix ultra. more effective than the leading prescription.
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connected to the mozart. i wish i knew. i would stand up straight and read my pinky. >> based on my knowledge. >> the sound is nice. take a look at that fog rolling in across the bay felt like it was almost raining when i was driving into oakland.
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the started gray and hazy. but it isn't technically rain. but it is very humid. >> the commute was impacted by that. let's get over with a look at the weather. and it's going to be a mix of sun and clouds. >> it is. but we are making strides. and happy to say wasn't that a beautiful picture, i've been keeping an eye on the sfo camera and some kind of tells the story because it was completely covered in fog. couldn't see anything. and now he can practically see everything. he does have a tiny bit of fog. but it is working it's way out and we have the blue skies. we are warming up today 68 in oakland, and 72 in san jose another place we are expected to see some heat take a look at this you can see the cloud and push-up sure claim from north to south. that you're waiting for that to
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get you, it is on the way. we are going to see temperatures the cooler. and, the bay about the nine. it should be quite nice. but then the heat will still be with us in length. even a little cooler than yesterday. so, let talk topic. we have this to keep an eye on. and right now, when sustained at the miles per hour traveling west at 12 per hour. it is kind of far away from is expected to be a hurricane tomorrow and start to calm down. but we could see it go off to the northwest. and, that could potentially bring us a little bit of rainfall. in alaska we have measurable rainfall was may 26. that is a very long time ago. if it shows up, it won't be
9:32 am
until middle of next week. and the next five days will be pretty warm days here. we have 90 today, we will come down a couple of degrees now is a good and onshore flow. but then, we go back into the warm-up sunday and into monday. our communities are hanging onto their 90s in the summer pattern continues towards the weekend. stomach looks like a great weekend. let's check and update cart in the newsroom. he met a very surprising start for the democratic national committee summer meeting at the climate change activists force their way to the meeting. take a look at what happened after some of them were told that there wasn't enough for them in the meeting room and that there were no more credentials to passgoing inroom >> now they are pushing to have a debate specifically about climate change. the presidential candidates are expected at the three-day
9:33 am
political event and no biting considered the front runner won't be there. instead, he will be in new hampshire. hit and run deadly morning. they are asking for help. it was around 2:30 am. the man was hit by a car and killed. the driver took off and is still on the loose. we have no information about a the crimestoppers reward being offered. for information to track down the driver and make an arrest. hours ago reported missing was found. the body of the 53-year-old was found last night. she was laughing tuesday night on beaver lane. the investigation continues into how she died. that is a brief look at some of the top stories that we are working on. stomach it is no surprise that
9:34 am
the home will come with an astronomical price tag. but right now, they are so high in san francisco that mainly workers have gobs of money. they are working for those bigger places to live. joined by the google marketing manager planning to leave the bay area and the reason i thought that these ideas of be nice to have you on you have been tweeting and blogging about this for a while and people have been looking at your tweet you've even got a national magazine to write about. my leaving? >> it is a myriad of factors. price is just one of them. my wife and i walking our dog around the neighborhood almost stepped on needles. she's almost been attacked you just ran a segment of somebody walking down market treatment shooting. there's a lot of issues and to pay some of the highest housing cost to live next to those issues like it's not the best.
9:35 am
>> the workers you would think he can afford to live anywhere. and you can make a decent living. but you say now you can work somewhere else. yes, not only that, it's a misnomer that every technology worker is rich. not all of us were lucky enough to be number employee at monday. if you are paying 4000 monthly are just by. you could easily be a worker here and able to afford rent. certainly not kid. the mac we were showing earlier, bay area housing so what can you get when you move to austin texas you can get a home right before i don't know maybe what they 800 or $900,000. here in the bay area paying for a starter home in an ugly stripmall is what he said. >> yes cafferty .2 million and concurrently there's policymakers that are shooting down buildings saying microphone in san jose that could have under $100,000 price tag in the could help alleviate
9:36 am
but we choose not to do those things. we choose to go to meetings and rally against new bill though that is a broken policy issue for us to not have the demand meet the supply. >> and i would ask you because some people are pushing back a bit thing you are a technology worker, but what about a person of color is a technology worker who doesn't have an unlimited mean. they are stuck you. they don't have the same opportunity. what you think about that crack in i think that the housing supply issue would greatly help. all income levels in the city. i think that people think that the supply and demand just opposite the bay area border. and universally me know that's not true. >> it means more housing for all people because it trickles down. >> we hope to improve some of these things so people like you be retained. good luck and off.
9:37 am
in and at the global marketplace. and a lot of really smart entrepreneurs leave the area and be successful elsewhere. we don't all need to be in the same 50 square miles. >> thank you for joining us. >> all right. the aclu is wearing them to not prevent them from at them for money untrained or even side of the station. at least one direct has said that she wants to literally ban from all the properties. they said that they have complained about aggressive begging but they have set an outright ban would infringe on freedom of speech. let's talk about san francisco police who are asking for help. there was a frightening shooting that happened right there on market street. >> i'm going to call the police. >> it happened very close to union square. it was kind of confrontation before the shooting started. as people ran awaycell phone an
9:38 am
was happening. >> i started hearing the sound. then, what i saw people start to run i knew okay, it isn't just fire works anywhere. and get out of my mind. that's why eventually ducked and ran like everybody else. >> she says she shared her video the police nobody was hit. they are asking everyone else my video to come forward. they hadn't made any arrest. stomach a sheriff's deputy was shot. william reports that led up to that shooting. los angeles sheriff's deputy shot by a sniper right outside of his nation. >> there are shot from the past. they might've dropped over it. >> 21-made that terrifying radio call in lancaster, california after authorities say a gunman shot
9:39 am
from a four-story apartment building across the street from the la county sheriff's department. as the deputy walked to his car, he was shot in the chest officials say that his best deflected the bullet which then grazed his shoulder. >> the fortune of his weighing about the best saved his life. >> swat responded a massive manhunt from the shooter focus on the nearby apartment building. the 100 unit building houses recently homeless and those being treated for mental illness. a nearby school put on lockdown incident evacuated. and residents were told to stay clear of the area. >> i really don't know where to go right now is trying to get home really. it's hot. i thoughk ofthe police station they would rather have that person in cut even on the street. >> deputy was treated and released in the hospital he didn't need surgery. in los angeles ktvu.
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stomach the largest and best- known marijuana shop directory marijuana is going to limit who would be allowed to advertise on the website. they say they will no longer accept ads from unlicensed marijuana businesses because they say the biggest competitors are not other legal businesses but they sell their product on the black market. they say will help the minority owned businesses that are not licensed yet get their license it as a form of social justice. as the school year kicks off one of them is reaching out to teach about the dangers of electronic cigarettes. they held a presentation at northgate hope high school. the district brought in the counseling service recovery happened to tell them about the signs and how they are able to do it without parents or accoming up,netflix series 13 reasons why >> but the truth is about to
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come out or at least some of it. that's as we look forward to the new season. we are going to see down one of the cast members. and learn more about his banded role. ♪ i have heart disease, watch what i eat, take statins, but still struggle to lower my ldl bad cholesterol. which means a heart attack or stroke. could strike without warning, pulling me away from everything that matters most.
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designed to save you money. save up to $400 a year on your wireless bill. plus get $250 back when you pre-order a new samsung note. click, call or visit a store today. here's the thing about the kids at liberty high. they are connected by the credit. connected and forever changed. the truth is, given the right circumstances, the right motivation, anyone could've done this. >> a new why a netflix joining us that tells about six and enroll. we welcome back austin.
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>> thank you so much. >> who killed bryce walker? >> that's right. actually, were you surprised can you at least talk about that >> i was surprised. but everyone has a great for why they may do it or motive. they know that is what all of season three is about. trying to unpack you did and why. let me ask you take is on the journey. how is your character different what changes? >> well, it's supposed to be one of those one line. and then they wrote me back for one of the episodes and then there like okay we want to bring you back and i have a more main role for season three. so i'm really excited about the secret. i think it brings up a lot of those issues about toxin masculinity. in trying to be acting stronger than what they are. >> yes. and the quarterback.
9:45 am
>> which is why coming from football background i just understood that i've seen so many guys that have to build up all of this emotion and feel like they can't show it. the mac your football background is incredible. he got a full ride. yes. because you are a pretty good ride with a and now you have completely changed it up which given ration to people who want to change. the mac i have a lot of love for the game and you know always had a passion about being an act there and i would like let's go after it. decided to do that with the agency and they got me this role >> and here you are. it strikes me as a show about suicide. and what causes it. the richness of the storytelling has a and beyond that. >> is a gratifying for you? >> yes. it feels like a whole new show. like a murder mystery and we
9:46 am
got on the character and everyone works hard throughout all the years i'm incredibly excited that all the work is there any amazing beautiful people that arrested all year. >> you mentioned you are doing season four. are you keeping your eyes open? >> i am. so, i've got a manager in la through the show. and then, he got me a few auditions in la. i can't talk about that pacifically but >> that's right. one line in season to do that. keep it and so they kill me off. >> that's awesome. congratulations. the third season comes that this friday tomorrow. thanks again. coming up, the raiders nation going international. when you can catch them facing off with the green bay packers in canada. they with us.
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9:49 am
looking at the market, it looks like the dow is the s&p 5 the nasdaq are down a bit. like some of the years about a coming recession are gripping the market. >> today, a congressman is holding a town hall meeting the second in a series of immigration issues. the congressman is among several democrats to have heard the the facilities it is happening at meadow hall elementary. stomach attempt administration
9:50 am
and criticism for plant to detain migrant families indefinitely. the apartment is expected to announce the changes in his that week. in 1997 court agreement currently set tenders for migrants living conditions. in places a 20 day limit on the holding period. those restrictions mean that they have been released into united while the asylum request having process. they say the changes designed to keep families together even if it is . >> i have the children on my mind it bothers me very greatly people make this horrible 2000 mile journey. >> advocates are expected to file legal challenges against changes the president also says he's seriously considering an executive order to change the birthright lot. a potential mass shooting has been prevented in southern california after a hotel worker tipped authorities off to the threat ray bogan has that
9:51 am
story. authorities in california taking a 37-year-old man into custody on wednesday who allegedly threatened to shoot workers and customers at the long beach marriott where he worked. >> i had clear plans, intent, and the means to carry out an act of violence that may have resulted in a mess casualty incident. >> hotel management so that the employee was a cook who is on the verge of being fired. he allegedly told his coworker i'm going to get even with this place. that coworker immediately called the long beach pd. >> we understand sometimes they feel like they maybe overreact but incident highlight the importance of coming forward when someoneisa witness and may have any information regarding the crime. in investigators finding this arsenal. the multiple high-powered firearms and hundreds of rounds of ammunition including an assault rifle in high-capacity magazines both illegal to possess in california. they credited the california.
9:52 am
>> because this was reported firmly believe many lives were saved >> the suspect reportedly has no criminal his is facing charges that include possession of a weapon and making a criminal threat. stomach pg&e is asking to buy money without paying tax order to pay wildfire victims utilities io in sacramento urged lawmakers to pass a bill. it would allow them to use $20 billion in tax-exempt bond is out of the big the organization program. they face up to $30 million in potential damages from those stemming from recent wildfires. it was filed late and the rules committee has not decided whether it will move forward. stomach they are warning about an alarming number of wildfires. report says that the fires are up 84% from last year.
9:53 am
the amazon rain forest is considered the lungs of the world for absorbing carbon dioxide in admitting oxygen. environmentalists a many of these are being set to clear land into push for development under the new president brazil. he is accused of nongovernmental organizations of adding the fires but has not offered proof. regarding the fires in the amazon, i'm under the impression that it could've been set because they had asked for money. what is their intention? to bring about problems for brazil. >> they say that the fires have been ongoing. a report says that they could get even worse as the amazon enters its dry season. >> california fishermen are reporting one of the best seasons in years. marine scientists say heavy rain and snow have helped the salmon population rebound. the three previous even saw extremely low catches the cause ocean conditions. stomach the national park service is 103 on sunday and it
9:54 am
is celebrating with free admission for everyone. national and state parks will be there free of charge. he can't make it out next weekend is september 28, that is national public land a. raiders nation ending right into canada. they will take on the green bay packers. coach jon gruden did hint that they may not play because the admiral has artificial turf. they have not yet announced their own quarterback, will play. but his wardrobe definitely causing a love of us social media they posted video of him at the airport. that's what's known as a canadian casino. jeans and a tie. you can watch that kickoff is set for 5 pm. they are going to show another games on, we
9:55 am
and typical based all play during the twins versus white sox name. centerfielder was taking his lead of the first there goes the squirrel right through his legs. he didn't even notice until the squirrel charged he was running around all over. this isn't the first time. escrow was they say is one who made an appearance right in the leg. >> had they know what it is? let's miss one of our favorite parts of the mornings onto. this memorial day we haven't shining a light on communities all around the bay area and tomorrow is our final victory of the summer. we hope that you meet us in fremont. we will show you how that that he has about from cauliflower field and apricot home of course the tesla and other tech companies. it's a hometown of one of
9:56 am
figures heading most decorated champion >> this is kristi right here. i hope to you in my hometown of fremont on august 23rd friday for the final trip of the season. i will be there with my entire family account plaza and i hope to see you there. >> yuba city well. we have been in constant contact with her and her family. her childhood pictures when she started scanning they are adorable. you will see that in much more, as they join us tomorrow in fremont. if you can come down and say hi, we love it. if not, we will show it right here. you can also visit us live online. >> where we going next summer? the opened up a can of worms. >> we've been getting email saying come to my city. and i hope that we take your tweets and email into consideration. i say we let you guys vote.
9:57 am
>> we will see you. >> noon.
9:58 am
9:59 am
[cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
10:00 am
>> a, jerry! >> jerry: hey. [laughter] >> oh, my god, did you get electrocuted? >> jerry: no, it's this dog city humidity >> you look incredible as always. >> jerry: careful! >> let me try a rig just for fun sheeran?


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