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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  August 22, 2019 11:00pm-11:29pm PDT

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>> demonstrators confront google executives tonight as the company unveiled visions for downtown san jose. >> the 11:00 news on ktvu fox 2 starts now. >> google promises more housing and more, but critics say not so fast. >> the proposed google project was it on 60 acres of land that the company bought. new 11, our reporter outside of said as a whole, and at least six people had to be escorted out i police tonight. >> reporter: yes, tonight's meeting was moved to city hall chambers to accompany all the attendees. and for the most part it was peaceful, but as you mentioned, some protesters were forced to leave after interrupting google's presentation. right outside the san jose city
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hall chambers, things got loud. inside city hall google executives revealing its preliminary concept as the project expects to transform downtown, the development of 6 million square feet of mixed- use. offices, shops and 15 acres of parks and plazas.>> we started the process i really wanting to see how we can work together. we can't do this alone. google is just a catalyst for what is a vision that has existed for so long. to make google says it plans to be in san jose for the long haul, committed to creating jobs near transit and building up to 5000 housing units. 25% required to invest in affordable housing funds, $250 million for the bay area. if the million dollars for homelessness and anti- displacement grants.
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during the presentation protesters, one by one, began shouting. police had to step in and guide the mount. >> i think that there is rate opportunity here, and we are very sincere about that. hopefully we can keep working together at this. >> critics worry google's plan to bring in 20,000 employees will drive up the cost of housing. >> i can't afford to live a decent life in this area. >> san jose has both the housing crisis and job deficit. >> city leaders say they are developing anti-displacement strategy to include spanning tenant protections and increased funding for homeless prevention. >> this is a much bigger issue than just the deer done station area. >> google will now submit its planning application to the
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city of san jose in october, city staff will then provide a recommendation to the city council at the end of next year. in the south bay tonight out of san jose, thank you. we are following developing news in sacramento right now, firefighters and ambulance crews are on the scene of a derailment near oconee avenue and roseville road in north sacramento. firefighters report as many as 22 people were injured with most of those said to be walking wounded. two of those injuries are reportedly moderate. we are also following developing news right now in hayward, the alameda county sheriff's office says two pedestrians have been struck via car, it happened shortly after 9:30 tonight at the intersection of hathaway avenue and a history, one of those pedestrians died at the scene. sheriff deputies say the driver of the in the crash stopped at the scene an
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house, two candidates address the democratic national committee's summer summit. less than two hours ago senator elizabeth warren and senator cory booker both spoke there. >> reporter: it took them about an hour just to clear this line for people who wanted selfies with elizabeth warren. both warren and booker spoke from the heart, focusing on personal stories, and the message was the same, even though they represent different parts of the party, that the party has to come together in this election that's coming up. the message, i will vote was sprawled across the stage at the democratic national committee gala banquet at the fairmont hotel. >> 439 days until the weekend folks. >> dnc chair tom perez said ed
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more voters registered and issued a rallying call to take back the white house and the senate in 2020.>> everybody in this room is a surreal activists. we are all in this together, our democracy is on fire. it's a five alarm blaze, but this is not the first time. >> two of the presidential candidates spoke. >> this is a moral moment in america, and it's a referendum, not on one guy in one office, it's a referendum on us, on who we are and who we must be for each other. >> senator cory booker, stanford graduate is among the 13 candidates who are in town, hoping to get donations and endorsements. senator elizabeth warren also spoke. >> we have that chance to show what it means for democrats to lead this country. when i leave the democratic party we will not be a party that nibbles around the edges. our democratic party will be the party of big, structural
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change. >> warren, who has resonated with many other progressive side of the party has surged in some polls ahead of bernie sanders who will be attending the dnc meetings on friday. the democratic party says there 2020 strategy is getting voters energized early.>> one thing we learn from the 2016 election is that we didn't engage voters early enough. so our goal here with i will vote program is to make sure we are engaging voters early on. >> is democrats try to fine- tune their platform, the message thursday night, was one of unity. and the dnc meetings continue t candidates, 13 of them, will be addressing the dnc from 10 in the morning until three in the afternoon. those candidates, including joe biden, who are not here, some of them have sent for
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the dnc. certainly there is a lot at stake here in california both with money and also with support.>> i'm just wondering, if we are going to hear from all the candidates tomorrow, how come only those two got to speak tonight?>> you know, that's a good question, some of the candidates were attending other events, some of them are fundraising, these were the two that were invited and accepted to come here. but certainly throughout this week there will be many opportunities where the candidates are going to their constituents since, wherever those might be, to try to get support.>> jenna, thank you. another attack has been caught on camera near a beale street condo complex in san francisco. it is the second of its kind in two weeks. amberly is live now in the city where the incident is providing new fuel to the controversy the
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reporter: the victim tells me he was trying to enter his condo building here on beale street when he was attacked. he says he he loves walking around his neighborhood, but not anymore. their surveillance video shows a man running along the 500 block of beale street and striking the victim. a second video shows the suspect running away. >> he punch me in the face really fast and really hard place to make the victim, who was identified as mike, said he was getting out of a rideshare vehicle, coming home from work tuesday shortly before 9 pm when he was suddenly punched in the four head. >> i was completely shocked. i didn't know what to think. at first i wanted to follow him to see where he went. >> but he changed his mind, police responded to the been ar neighbors blamed the city's oor for re it wasn't that much
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homeless here. >> mike says he doesn't know if his attacker is homeless, still opponents one construction on the new navigation center stopped. on august 11 another resident in the same condo building was attacked by the front entrance as she tried to get into the building. a homeless man has been charged in that attack. one homeless woman in the area says people are quick to judge, and that many on the streets need help. >> they should open their minds, and some say the navigation center is needed to address the homeless crisis. >> if we continue to make people suffer on our streets, we will see more people addicted to drugs, we will see more people vulnerable to the crime that does happen on our streets. >> for mike, he says he will no longer walk around this neighborhood. >> right now if i didn't have a lease i would san francisco but
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is considering moving to the south bay when his lease expires. city officials say construction on the new navigation center is slated for completion in december, and hopefully opened for business in january. knew at 11, suspect is behind bars accused of sexually battering to women on a connector bus between the walnut creek and san ramon bart stations. police say the 58-year-old is believed to be responsible for the two attacks last week. and of the two victims believe a third woman may have also been harmed by the suspect during that same time period. anyone with information is asked to contact san ramon police. now to marin county where a close call lisa group of teenagers rattled and reconsidering how they behave behind the wheel. they got into a three car accident and the chp says none of the drivers had a valid
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license. investigators blamed the crash on reckless driving. they have driven to the marin headlands before dawn for a senior sunrise tradition, but this morning's excursion ended with a crush as the caravan headed back to school on highway 101.>> they were driving in an unsafe fashion as far as lane changes and maybe even playing around. passing each other, cutting each other off. hopefully it scares them to where they drive much safer now.>> everyone involved in the accident is okay, the three girls were cited, but because the accident happened off campus there will be no punishment handed down by the school. seven people were taken to the hospital with breathing problems after the cabin of a hawaiian airline flighwas about from arrival at honolulu international airport when passengers reported thick smoke billowing in the cabin. after landing at about 11:30
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this morning, all 184 passengers were evacuated by emergency slides in less than a minute. the fire chief says the source of the smoke is still not known. new information this hour on a large fire burning, that has been growing quickly and threatening more than 1000 homes. a bay area police department is addressing the housing crisis, the unique approach is taking to help officers deal with long commutes. a beacon is just about here, i've got the forecast, we will see you back here after the break.
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knew at 11, big drug bust in sonoma county after a five- month investigation. in all one pound of methamphetamine and a quarter pound of heroin and cocaine was taken off the streets. investigators also seized three handguns and $116,000 incustody they range in age from 22 to 43.
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police say they are suspected of conspiring to distribute methamphetamine and heroin in sonoma county. the city of san mateo is trying a new approach to help officers deal with long commutes. they are planning to convert in they help to set up enough bunkbeds for 24 officers to get some sleep. the city started considering this idea after an officer got into a rollover accident last year. he had fallen asleep on his 2 1/2 hour commute. doctors had to amputate part of his left leg.>> the next thing i remember is waking up and seeing a car in front of me. to prevent hitting the car i turn my wheel sharply. which caused me to rollover my car multiple times.>> 90% of the city's 125 officers live outside the county because they can't afford housing even added average salary of $110,000 a year. a wildfire they quickly grew to 600 acres in
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shasta county is now 20% contained and firefighters say they are making good progress tonight. they lifted some mandatory evacuation orders and reopen some roads. chris attacked the mountain fire with helicopters and tankers this afternoon to read at least one home burned and about 1100 others were threatened. the mountain fire is burning north of the town of bellavista and about 50 miles northeast of reading. not far from where the car fired destroyed more than 1000 homes and claimed eight lives last july. is an important shift going on in firefighting, especially in the prevention of runaway wildfires. clearing dry brush is often a job left to local firefighters. but more and more private companies such as chico-based firestorm or lending a hand. crews are currently clearing up brush on 17 miles of land from berkeley to lafayette. they also handle controlled burns, forestry and wildlife fires hand on.
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>> we are used to working with a lot of different people. we utilize the command system.>> 36 firestorm employees who fought the campfire in paradise last year also lost their own homes. taking a look at the temperatures from today, it was the warmest day of the week, and then temperatures tomorrow will trend down a couple of degrees. instead of 100 degrees, like we saw in fairfield today, we will see 96 degrees tomorrow. something like that, and we will drop down a little more on saturday, and then warm-up a little more on sunday and monday. we will fluctuate a little bit here between these numbers and temperatures about 3 to 4 ees c 94 today in santa rosa, 88 tomorrow, 88 in san jose, 84 tomorrow. so between four and 6 degrees, something like that. the fog is actually at the
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coast right now, it will be there when you wake up, we had a pretty good dose of it this morning, and i suspect it will be pretty prevalent in the morning hours. you can see that green representing the seabreeze which is still not getting into concord. 15 degrees cooler in santa rosa right now that was last night. 5 degrees cooler in oakland, there's the golden gate bridge, it's got fog all over it. can't really see the tower that well, that's kind of cool, the south tower. but you can see the fog coming, and it's building arning, and i that temperature profile, the microclimates will be in full force tomorrow, friday,
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saturday, sunday and monday. this pattern will stick around, because this is the time of year that this is the pattern we see. not so hot tomorrow, as temperatures drop a couple of degrees. it will still be warm, 94 in vacaville, 91 in fairfield. in the five day forecast, you can see the top tier numbers mild until sunday, and then temperatures come back up inland. have a great weekend. no more cashless stores in san francisco. a new ban goes into effect tomorrow requiring brick-and- mortar stores along with restaurants in the city, to accept cash. noncompliant businesses in the city can be fined between 50 and $100 for first offense. supporters of the band say cashless stores discriminate against low income people, young people and those who may not have credit cards or bank accounts. food trucks and pop-up stores are excluded from the band. we are one day closer to the weekend, here's a look at
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the weekend watch. >> we are heading into the weekend and here are a few events happening around the bay. on the peninsula of the palo alto festival of the arts will fill university avenue with hundreds of books, dozens of italian street painters, children's art studio, food, beer and wine. in foster city enjoy summer days at leo j bryant park, the multi-day festival includes craft beer tasting, vendors and a sports own. in the south bay, italian family fest is being celebrated at history park where you can fill up on italian food, wine, bocce and live entertainment. or take part in silicon valley pride at the cesar chavez park in san jose going on friday through sunday featuring live entertainment vendors and music. in the east bay, the sidewalks along shattuck avenue will be the place to be for the chocolate and chalk art festival complete with music. the 32nd annual china town
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street as well stretch blocks along chinatown consisting of vendors, live music and entertainment and a new kid zone. in the north bay, the 25th annual art in one festival will showcase wineries and breweries as well as artists and more. in sports, quakes her home while a's host the giants in another bay bridge series. that is your weekend watch. coming up in sports, speaking of the a's, they swept the new york yankees, mark is up next with how they do it. we are here to discuss jessie's online time. and out of respect, we will let you make the first offer. thirty minutes. thirty minutes? objection! overruled. one hour. sweeten the deal by doing the dishes and i'll consider it. i wouldn't do it. i hate the dishes. one hour with the tablet, you walk the dog and do the dishes. if you insist. congratulations. only xfinity xfi lets you take control of your family's online time.
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mark is back with sports, the a's swept the yankees. >> they took care of the first- place astros, three out of four, sweeping the yankees and looking good. heading into the crunch time part of the season, they would be in the number one spot for the wild card, and a couple of dodger fans they are. mark with a two-run single, and the a's did not spend a whole lot of time trailing the yankees in this series. there were a lot more a's fans
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out there tonight, for sure, then yankee fans. later matt chapman, a rocket to left, that scores another run, they have a 4-0 lead, yankee closer not needed, chris boat you probably happy, this is the last time he will have to manage the giants at wrigley field. and i'll tell you what, jeff throwing for the giants these days, deserves a much better fate, seven innings, two hits, gave up one run in this will keep it in play. kevin pillar, great centerfielder, and that opened it up for the cubs. anthony rizzo back up the middle last night it was 12-11. kevin victimized by chris bryant, and both the a's and giants get together at the coliseum after having tomorrow
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off. the giants are happy to be back home. first of all, why are they playing in winnipeg? so mark david could save 500 grand by not playing the oakland coliseum in the city of oakland, then they go up there and it's an embarrassment to all football, the nfl, take a look at what happened as antonio brown gets off the bus, he didn't play, but that's not the story. the story is the field, it was ruled to be unsafe. there was a sinkhole in one of the end zones. no kickoff, they had all week to figure that out, and they didn't do it. so they played an 80 yard field, and that is trevor davis catching the in a packer uniform. 21-10 green bay at half, and then peterman brings the raiders back, nice clutch there at fourth down. and that sets the raiders up in the exhibition game for a 33
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yarder off the toe of daniel carlson. the raiders over the packers, give them that 3-0 record. let's get right to it, you need to check this out. what a foul ball means to a kid. this happened at last night in camden yard in baltimore, that kid scribbles, makes the play, look at how happy he is. he wants to take the thing home and remember it forever. check this out, right here. i can't figure out if that was a good catch or just misjudged. kind of stuck out his club, that is the sporting life for thursday night.>> thank you, and thanks for joining us tonight. >> good night.
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