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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  August 23, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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immigrant whose family was murdered by the nazies we will defeat white nation. >> i see an america that's working great, for a thinner and thinner slice of the top. an america that's working great for giant drug companies. >> an america that's working great. >> despite the theme of unity protesters are putting a spotlight on the division among democrats. a candidate dropped out of the race. >> democrats running for president took to the stage and some by video to explain why they should be the 1 to take on
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donald trump. except for set aath is moulton. he pledged to help the eventual nominee. i will campaign for who wins our nomination. >> no other candidate stepped down they agreed that there's more that units them than divides them. a squire to beat -- desire to beat donald trump in 2020. the candidates will unify but it's too early to say who they will unify behind. >> i'm making the argument it can't just and anyone. if we get too far off message we could loose. >> joe biden delivering his
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message by video. >> stand together, stand up for our best. if we stand together we'll win the battle. >> the summer meeting rolls into tomorrow where they will caucus deciding who they will endorse. moulton is the ford democrat to crop out. curry -- cory bierk is in san francisco, he says democrats can't win just by talking what they are against. >> you want someone if you go w lower. there's other people. i want to show the best of who we are. donald trump wants us to fight
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in the gutter. senator booker will fight for gun control and immigration reform. stocks plunging on a new tariff threat from china. the dow was off by 233 points. the nasdaq falling 239 points and the s&p down 2 1/2%. the market started to tumble of the president threatened more tariffs. we don't need china. ordering u.s. companies to look to an alternative to china. the president increased the tariff on chinese goods by 5%. >> president trump racing of tariffs on
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chinese imports hours after china imposition of 75%. >> it is very significant. >> a business professor of the united states of san francisco school of business. they want to send a signal they are in it for the long haul. >> few chinese companies are publically traded, they are state owned. >> the chinese government has a five year plan. not quarter, it's a five year plan. >> china is concerned about employment and trade because it could cause domestic turmoil. i think the whole chinese
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culture has a far more long-term orientation. chinese trade is one of every three containers out of the port of oakland. port exports dropped by 14,000 containers but exporters found new markets or nations or those shipping to china under the table tarifftry. over all imports were up. exports up 10%. the port and many u.s. businesses are calling for an end to the trade war. >> how long can that continue. you can't run a business if new levee are placed on your goods of the former dean of the
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golden gate scalp said this. i faint little to justify any such order. >> could this trade war bring a worldwide recession. >> it's a danger for that. >> you are and will continue to pay for it of the. we saw evidence that california red flag law is reducing the threat of mass shooting. it reduced gun violence. if someone is making credible threats of violence others can intervene. >> if i try to get the order and it's under false pretenses i have
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committed a crime. the bill is designed to have penalties. the person involved can go to court to persuade a judge they do not pose a threat. a man was struck in a crosswalk in emeryville. the councilman wants the city to improve the intersection. >> 45th and hollis street, an intersection that gets chaotic. >> you will see people that roll through the intersection. >> james was crossing hollis, he had just gotten off work and trying to catch a bus. as he crossed hollis a truck hit him. the come man saw imhim on the
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ground. he couldn't feel his hands. >> his daughter is grateful the councilman stopped. >> i'm grateful he was there and called 911. >> the driver may have been distracted. drugs and alcohol are not factors of the he wants the city to move quickly. projects are planned but years away from happening. >> the thing i want to ask the council is, why wait, the developers will pay to do this, why wait. we should do it now. people's safety should never be sect. this is something they should do. >> i'm hoping this will show how bad it would have been. no matter what you're doing be alert and pay attention. >> the pedestrian suffered a
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concussion but the family expects him to make a full recovery. coming up, inmates attack, the accusations against deputies at two bay area jails after inmates claim they were attacked for no reap. concern over fires in the amazon and scientist are worried this will speed up climate change. winds led to cooler temperature, this won't last for long. another warm up in the five day.
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. police have arrested three suspects on hate crime charges. investigators say they attacked the victim while he was visiting his girlfriend. the suspects used rope to tie up the victim and assaulted him. authorities say three people were wounded in a shooting at the home of willie stein. he was ♪ at home and the suspect on the run is in custody. the shooting happened at the
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home in south sacramento vineyard neighborhood. the game was one of the several roommates living at the home of several neighbors heard the gun fire and saw the reponse. >> i woke up and heard screaming. looked out front door and there was cops everywhere. >> one viability suffered critical injuries, the suspect was taken into custody without incident of the. deputies are facing separate lawsuits for using excessive force on inmates. >> the photograph can sheriff operates this jail in san bruno. home of the five keys charter
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school. in april roberts said jason became enraged after he refused to go to the cell. he hit his facial area and kneeing him in the back and putting him in a choke hole. >> the attorney filed auville rights -- a civil rights lawsuit. >> dew point jason dew point jason is -- sheriff dew point bate michael is the attorney. >> he was attacked from behind, taken do the ground.
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his head was slammed into a door. two other inmates were attacked by the same deputy. that dew point is awaying trial the keep is on paid leave. >> they are incarceratedded. their rights have been tripped. they are at the hands of the deputies and officers charged with providing them safety. fairs are reaming -- raging in
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the amazon rainforest those fires are not burning res daughter -- residue, they are burning logs that have been drawing in the sun. >> the fire were started by cattle ranchers, they believed they were encouraged by brazil's president. crews are getting a handle on the wildfire in shasta county. it is 40% contained. three homes were destroyed in the fire that started yesterday morning along with four
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outbuildings. here's a look at the location of the mountain fire. and fire crews are being briefed on the warming temperatures. sunday and into next wake. as far as today, starting to cool things off. san francisco lower 70s, santa rosa 88 degrees. here's the weekend planner, you can see clouds in the morning for saturday. we will warm up the numbers in sunday. warmer locations close to 90 degrees. the warming will continue into early next week. low clouds a factor near the coast, especially from the golden gate and points south. the clouds and the fog near the
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coast. the clouds will be a factor first thing tomorrow morning near the coast for san francisco and hayward and richmond as well. lower 80s for the warmest location. the live camera looking at the estuary, san francisco in the distance and there's the fog bank. overnight lows temperatures in the 50s and 60s, the clouds near the coast and a few patches. mid-50s to the mid-60's, the clouds will clear floor the coastline. temperatures tomorrow 65 to 92 degrees, mild to warm for your saturday forecast. no extreme heat just yet. this tropical storm could play into the forecast as we head into next
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week. itch more health concerns for ruth bader ginsburg. more than two dozen people recovering from injuries the day after a train crash in sacramento.
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iz. david koch has died.
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he was a big donor to paps. they helped -- republicans. they brought the tea party to prominence. he was ranked by forbes as the 11th richest person in the world. he was 79 years old. the official cause of death was not disclosed. :00 a ruth bader ginsburg has finished treatment for cancer. she's been treated for cancer several thames. she had part of a lung removed. >> she's well respected in the legal field.
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on both sides of the aisle. she's broken barriers. >> ruth bader ginsburg is the oldest sitting member of the supreme court. tonight hawaiian airlines said a failed gasket is to blame for the incident yesterday. smoke filled the cabin 30 minutes before landing. >> tense moments on the sky as the plan filled with smoke minutes before landing. >> we were on the final aprop and the cabin filled with smoke. we had to go like this to breath and prepare for a emergency landing and evacuation. we had our heads down like that. >> seven passengers were taken
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to the hospitals, fire adults and two children. >> they had wet clothes for the smoke. >> the fight from oakland, california made an emergency landing in honolulu. it took less than a minute to exit the aircraft. >> a lot of the evacuation was orderly, i think it's the best result we could have asked for. the smoke was caused by a problem in the plane's engine but the performance of the enin' was not affected. >> there was no visible flames. we'll find the source of the heat, that could be a myriad of things, it's too early to speculate. >> the faa will conduct investigation into
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the emergency landing. passengers will get a full refund and travel voucher. residents of one neighborhood saying they are fed up. they have had enough of a homeless encampment and asking for help. >> canada is disappointed in the packers, raiders, preseason game. john gruden shares his thoughts. starting today, all stores in san francisco must accept cash from customers, the ban on credit card only purchases.
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. our top stories, most of the big name democrats in the race for the white house are in san francisco.
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said moulton announced he is ending his bid for the nomination. president trump escalated historied war with china and his feud with jams powell. raising tariffs. president trump raised u.s. tariffs another five percentage points and attacked the feds. deputies in san francisco and san mateo are facing lawsuits for excessive force on inmates. pipe in an oakland neighborhood are fed is a safety threat. they are demanding action. one oakland city council member
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is supporting them in the fight. >> for some it's an eyesore, another homeless encampment in oakland. for people on the street it all they have. >> we don't need the hassle of being ostracized. >> more than a dozen tents and abandoned vehicle. this and campment is home for some, it's a growing problem for residents a block overrer. >> we pay property taxes but we're not safe. >> jane asked we not show her face. nabs are fed up with the activity of the homeless. >> they do drugs, we believe they are doing prostitution. they vanned lice problem. children can't walk to school.
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>> across the street is oakland charter acadmium. >> we're concerned about the safety of our students of the oftentimes students are forced to walk in the middle of the street. parents have threatened to remove their students from the school. one person said they are not a threat to the students. >> my wife walks the kids to school. she makes sure they get across the street. the councilman said there's drug par for nailia around the encampment. they will start weekly trash pick up. >> that's not okay. that's signaling this is a place where we can stay that's not going
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tosser the issue of them leaving. neighbors are considering legal action against the city of oakland for breaking the laws. in the sought bay 150 formerly homeless people have a home. the second street studios, this is the first 100% personal supportive housing. 150 are living in the complex. one woman says she appreciates the new that bill. i can take showers, i can have privacy and home with my husban i don't feel like a criminal living on the >> there's 128 st
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bedroom apartments. >> a dozen people are recovering after a light rail train accident. it was west of the winter street light station. a passenger light rail train rear-ended another train. there were 24 on board of the passenger train. 12 people were sent to area hospitals. >> the incident happened between there and here. it gets you worried. >> if they get answers for us that would be nice, we would like to know it taken care of. >> the ntsb announced they were sending six investigators to help to determine the cause of the didn't. the crash less -- cash less
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band is in effectment. >> the lips were just as long at blue bottle coffee but the new way to pay includes the old way to pay. as the week ended friday all businesses that were cash less are repaired to sepulchre ebbsy. >> -- accept cash. >> as a user of the stores i wonder what the benefit was. >> some touted increased speed. lower operating cost and contract concerns. security concern. cash less is tantamount of a not welcome sign. she wrote and helped pass a ordinance requiring all businesses accept cash. that is now in effect.
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she released a statement: . it more overhead for businesses to suspect both. -- suspect both. amazon said in a statement they are in compliance and plan to accept cash at all the stores overtime. it back to square one in the jussie smollet investigation, a new special prosecutor lacks at why charges were dropped.
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. the jussie smollet case is getting a second look at why charges against the star was dropped. former u.s. attorney dan webb will look at how cook attorney handled the case. i'm starting this fresh today. i'm not going to accept any
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view from anyone, i have to examine the evidence and make decision out of fairness. >> the team will determine if smollet should face further charges. a breakthrough may especially the coral reefs. they have been able to get the pillar coral to reproduce. it holds out hope for saferring coral reefs. >> being able to have this work in an aquarium setting opens up a world of responsibles for what we can do. >> the program called project coral is a partnership between london and florida. scientist have extracted
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eggs from the last two northern white rhinos, wild life experts are hopping to save the white rhino. 10 eggs were extracted and transferred to it lie. the plan is to use a surrogate. the rolling stones can say their influence extends to mars. the team behind inside lander named a rock in onery of the band after they spotted it rolling. the rolling stones rock is a bit larger than the golf ball and robert downey, jr. made the announcement. he wishes they could put it on their mantle. it at the jet pro pulse
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laboratory itch. >> a triple shooting in sacramento ends with an arrest in the bay area. we'll tell you about the connection to a golden state warriors player. racist graffiti at diablo college days before the new semester. after the break. silicon valley pride is in full swing. will it remain hot? more on the fog over san francisco. the weekend forecast when we come back.
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. police raised the lgbtq flag and it's one of the first major departments to do so. this is pride wake. >> days like today should be a sign we're making progress. to the lgbtq officers of the san jose police department this pride flag is a sign that barriers have come down. >> i applied for police work in 1987, being out at the time was unheard of. >> unheard of because that may have kept
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you from being hired or ostracized. >> it an uphill battle. it like the militaries as a past that was not friendly toward the community. >> now as the pride festival gots underway, all are welcome here. >> we want you to be who you are. you to wear a uniform. be proud of who you are. >> with this they are one of the first major departments to raise the pride flag outside the headquarters of the they have created a recruiting campaign set up a special advisory committee and all officers go through training. for the officers it was a cause for celebration. this flag tells her she works
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for the right dealt. >> it makes me feel respected. i'm loved and appreciated and i think it will be a powerful message coming from the chief. >> the flag will be up through the weekend. the sjp d-will and at the event reradding. >> mark is here with a look at the fog and the heat. >> did you like today's weather. it was fantastic. the sun was out. >> temperatures held in check. enjoy, make the most of tonight and saturday. things will be hooting up. by monday hottest locations could be inching closer to one 100- degrees. today you can see typical summertime pattern. it was just a change in the
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wind correction. more of a southerly wind develop. they are coming out of the south. that leads to a cool down. that happened today. more numbers inland. livermore 81 degrees, fairfield 83. san jose in the mid-70's. this is looking out to the estuary. the wind is picking up. concord, lots of sunshine, temperature on track to reach the upper 80s, tonight a break in basketball but -- baseball but tomorrow it resumes. tropical activity in the pacific basin, a tropical storm with winds 65 miles an hour. this will dissipate. we'll have to keep an eye on
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the pattern. you can see the circulation way to our south. the area of high pressure will lead to a warmup, this will set up a circulation, that flow that will bring in tropical moisture. it could feel muggy, maybe high clouds. as far as shower chances it's too far out to say. it bears watching, we don't want to see potential thunderstorms that could lead to lightning strikes. low clouds and fog tomorrow morning clearing back to near the coastline. 60s, 70s, 90s. warmest locations back up to the lower 90s. san jose 85, san francisco clouds in the morning. here's a look ahead. temperature back up into monday.
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upper 90s. it was humid yesterday and we could see a repeat as we head into next week. it could feel like hawaii. a bay area tamer had -- teenager had her wisdom teeth taken out for stem cells. they will be preserved. the teen's mother said she was interested in storing the estimate cells -- stem cells, i know what it's like to be sick. i know what it's like to think you don't have hope. i don't want my children to feel that way. if there's anything i can go to protect her in the future it's worth it. >> how does this work. the fibers in the teeth are
6:50 pm
where stem cells are found. the nfl hearing the boo birds after the field drama in win beg. and the mental obstacle of returning to the field. tune in at 8:00 to catch up on beverly hills 90120. we are here to discuss jessie's online time.
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. scott reese is joining us in sports. people are talking about the raiders and packers game. >> a lot of people in two countries are talking with it for the wrong reasons. the canadian football use 110- yard football field. you've seen what went on. the end zone turf unsafe. after deliberation they condensed the field to 80 yards. the fc that few starters for
6:54 pm
either team played and i are action in canada is less than positivism. >> i'm not going to make a big deal with the field. we thought the field was ready to roll. it didn't impact our evaluations. we adapted as they did to the new dimensions of the field. >> preseason nfl games not compelling. there's so many great training camp stories. one got a boost from tv cameras at raider camp. >> after being featured on hard knocks, he's better known now than four seasons. kealan doss.
6:55 pm
a long shot to make the team and undrafted free agent. he put up video game numbers for the aggies but three days of disappointment. >> it will never go away, that feeling. you have to let it go and move on. if you dwell on the past you don't go on. he got a call from jon gruden, the coach of the kid he followed as a kid. >> he said we want you here. >> let's do it. i'll have a chip on my shoulder i want to prove myself. >> he's doing his best to make the statement. >> the first pass he caught in a raider game went for a touchdown in the opener against the
6:56 pm
rams. pretty ready stuff for a guy that had 100 friends and family members in the stands of the it was a cool moment. they were all cheering. to have my fist catch and touch down was cool. >> he's a long shot to make the time roster, but he's earned the praise of his coach and if he makes the team he will be known for what he does on the field than what was said on a reality tv show. >> and back to the scene of the crime, or the unfortunate accident. 49ers in kansas city, garoppolo back on the field where he tore his acl. that takes a back seat to his performance in denver, one for six passing.
6:57 pm
tomorrow has to be better despite the bad memory. >> i'm sure there's stuff with it being eerie. going back to the same place. i haven't talked to him. >> it will be a good stepping stone. it will be weird, trying to treat it like a normal game. replay it in your head. it come up a couple times. i'm past that. >> a quick nba note. the lakers no demarcus cousins so they are hiring dwight. down the law. that will do it for us. thanks for joining us. blach
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