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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  August 26, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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this is the 10:00 news on kt. >> bay area toll authority says it is starting to recoup millions in lost revenue thanks to a new law that came out of a ktvu investigation. >> if we maintain the current pace, it will increase toll bridge revenue collections by approximately $8 million. >> if you are told cheats and
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it's thanks to a new law that requires car dealers to issue temporary license plates before a car hits the road with numbers that can be tracked. good evening, i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. the bay area total authority says new data shows the state law is working as it was intended with a dramatic drop in the number of cars passing through the toll gates without paying. it was a ktvu investigation that drew attention to the problem six years ago. prompting peninsula assemblymen kevin mullen to craft a new law. ktvu's jana katsuyama was the reporter then and she's at the bay bridge toll plaza tonight with a closer look at the positive impact of the new law. >> reporter: frank and julie, when we first reported on this, california told authorities and law enforcement officers had no way of catching these drivers. that's because these generic dealer placards were so common. now this initial data shows more drivers are paying their fair share.
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at toll crossings more money is rolling in as vehicles roll by. >> it's really been dramatic. >> reporter: no longer is it legal for vehicles to have paper dealer plates or placards on newly purchased cars which allows drivers to go unidentified by cameras and avoid paying tolls. >> those were done away with. beginning january 1 of this year. there's been a really, really steep drop in the number of dealer plates that are being registered by the toll bridge cameras. >> john goodwin's spokesman for the metropolitan transportation commission which oversees all bay area toll bridges except the golden gate. >> reporter: he says since the temporary license plate program took effect this year, they've seen a dramatic 79% drop in dealer placard crossings. from the 2018 monthly average of 190,000 per month to 40,000 vehicles in may. each toll crossing costs anywhere from $4 to $7, adding
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up to a lot of money. >> a year ago, we were losing roughly a million dollars a month in total revenue. at the toll bridges. that number has been reduced to about 250,000. if we maintain the current pace, it will increase toll bridge revenue collections by approximately $8 million. >> reporter: ktvu first reported on the dealer plates a loophole in 2013 and found the state was losing more than $16 million per year in uncollected tolls. >> it's kind of been something that i've seen throughout being in the business for a long time, people doing that and glad they figured out something. >> reporter: sales manager at the oakland kia says so far they've had no problems with the new system. >> it's been smooth. hasn't been any hiccups. at first it was a new system so learning that, other than that it's been smooth. >> reporter: california registered 1.3 million temporary plates for newly purchased vehicles from january
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through may. good win says there have been some problems including plates printed with inconsistent lettering, cameras not being able to read the state name california, lack of adhesive allowing the temporary plate to flip up, and expiration date being too small for cameras or law enforcement to easily read. good win tells me that the dmv is hoping to make those modifications by november. reporting live from the bay bridge toll plaza, jana katsuyama, ktvu fox 2 news. new at 10:00, two people are under arrest in connection with a brazen shooting on market street in san francisco last week. police say 18-year-old lerron simpson and 21-year-old elijah ernest now in custody, both were located and arrested in oakland. police say security and cell phone video captured the two of them opening fire toward a crowd of people that happened as they were running on market street near sixth during the evening commute last tuesday.
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investigators say the shooting followed a fight nearby. later today police in milpitas released surveillance pictures from the smash and grab at a jewelry store in the great mall mall. the pictures show the suspected robbers wearing dark hooded sweatshirts inside the jewelry store and then driving away in a black sedan. the robbery caused people to ruomthmall when they mistakenly thought that the shattering of the glass cases was a shooting. police say no shots were fired and so far no arrests have been made. three people injured, one critically in a single engine plane crash near the reno airport. airport officials said the accident happened just before 5:00 tonight. the single engine plane was landing when it crashed short of the runway. crew members said they believed the plane was carrying people to or from burning head. the faa is now investigating. operations resumed at the santa barbara airport this evening after a fiery emergency landing that closed the airport. a lockheed c-130 took off from the santa maria, from santa maria for phoenix when it
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developed hydraulic problems around 11:00 last night. it was diverted to santa barbara where it landed on its belly and skidded along the runway. a fuel tank broke off causing a fire that was quickly put out. airport operations were canceled until about 5:00 this evening while that plane was cleared. a bittersweet gathering in oakland remembering a young mother who was killed by a driver during a police chase. it's been a decade of loss and recovery for her young son. new at 10:00, ktvu's debora villalon is outside oakland police headquarters with his story. debora? >> reporter: police agencies have looked hard at their pursued policies over the years because so many innocent bystanders were being hurt or killed. this was one of the tragedies that prompted change in oakland. candles and memories at a west oakland intersection where 10 years ago a young mother died driving her baby to see his father. >> all the lights and all of a
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sudden -- >> reporter: that child now 11, his dad ran to the scene to find his son had been pulled out and rushed to the hospital. paramedics tried but couldn't save the mom, 25-year-old marquita bosley of pittsburgh. her last words were about her baby. >> first saying, my baby, my baby. >> she loved him so much. love him dearly. >> reporter: a happy and healthy toddler before, wasn't expected to walk or talk. but his family says he proved doctors wrong. he is in school, very social, and still happy. >> he makes everybody else's day better. i don't ever call him, i recall him having a bad day. >> reporter: the driver is in prison and a few years after her death oakland's pursuit policy tightened. only a suspect wanted for a violent crime can be chased. especially if it endangers the public. >> he didn't even get an apology.
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not even an apology. >> reporter: he received no money after the crash despite permanent brain damage and physical disability. >> stabbed my mom. >> reporter: he wears his mom's photo. >> do you think about her a lot? >> yeah. >> reporter: this vigil was as much for him as anyone keeping his mom's memory alive. marquita is soft spoken with the same smile they see in her son. >> she was a good person. great person. she left us a great person too. you know? he's my angel. he's my hero. he is my motivation. he is everything. >> reporter: 40 people came to honor marquita bosley and the testament her boy has shown overcoming all of his obstacles. by the way the man that police chased that afternoon had been spotted driving erratically but frank, he refused to pull over. >> debora villalon in oakland, thank you.
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off-duty san francisco police officer is claiming self- defense after shooting a homeless man outside the officer's in el cerrito. the shooting happened around 10:00 last night near motor lane and san pablo. they shot 44-year-old thomas vincent whalen after he attacked him with a rock. whalen survived and is in the hospital, neighbors say they often have to deal with transients in the area. >> a loud banging on this gate right here which does make a lot of noise, yelling for a couple seconds and a couple gunshots. >> the officer has been identified as rodrick sujitan. he is currently on paid administrative leave. now to the south bay where a woman was killed and a man critically injured in a crash involving a suspected drunk driver. ktvu's maureen naylor with what we know about the suspect who police say was driving a stolen car. >> reporter: police say 32-year-
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old claudio perez is facing murder charges after a deadly crash early sunday morning in santa clara. it started in neighboring sunnyvale at the fair oaks plaza parking lot around 11:45 saturday. officers ran a license plate of a car that came back stolen out of san jose so they set up a spike strip and waited. >> as soon as that suspect entered the vehicle, our officers approached him with their lights on. the suspect immediately fled at a high rate of speed and really at a very reckless manner through that parking lot. >> reporter: nearby liquor store surveillance camera captured the car speeding off followed by several police cars with lights on. officers say the spike strip didn't work. allowing the suspect to drive off. >> the moment he leaves that parking area, he's already significantly further away from our officers that they couldn't catch up. so it was actually only a matter of seconds before officers said over the radio, we are not going to initiate a
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pursuit. >> reporter: officers say five minutes later about two miles away in santa clara the suspect ran a red light at lawrence expressway and cabrillo avenue slamming into a ft car. >> i heard a big crash. >> reporter: he ran out and discovered the lift car with two people in the back. along with the stolen car and its front and severely damaged. >> it was just late, 1:00 a.m. in the morning and everybody heard it but from what we saw it looked pretty bad. >> reporter: a santa clara woman who the coroner identified as carol major was in the back of the rideshare car. police say she died later sunday morning just a few days after her 28th birthday. >> what a horrible shock that must be to her family and friends and loved ones. when they were trying to catch a ride doing things the right way. and to have this type of an incident happen is just tragic. >> reporter: the other passenger, 26-year-old man, is in critical condition. the rideshare driver is expected to be okay.
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sunnyvale police captain says he understands why people would want to criticize police actions but says the blame here lies on the drunk driver. >> the accident occurred 2.5 miles away, five minutes after we didn't even, never initiated pursuit and quite honestly it's probably more of his impairment than anything that caused him to run that red light. >> reporter: perez was booked on multiple charges including murder, dui and evading police. records show he has a prior stolen vehicle conviction. he is set to be arraigned on his latest charges at the hall of justice on wednesday. in san jose, maureen naylor, ktvu fox 2 news. coming up, we'll take you inside the warriors new arena at 10:45. what stands out and what is still under wraps just days before the first big event. a little bit of triple- digit heat today, temperatures going to be darn near as warm, look at that beautiful shot. the fog is trying to cool you off but it's getting stuck right there. details on the five-day
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forecast coming up. and growing concerns over a proposed housing development to help the homeless in san jose. coming up, what changes are made to help ease the community's concerns.
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new at 10:00, another debate over the homeless, this time in san jose where
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residents are expressing concerns about a proposed apartment project to house homeless seniors. ktvu's azenith smith is in san jose's downtown district where a community meeting was held. >> reporter: it is a good turn out, more than 150 people were here after a hearing, neighbors concerns, the project was changed to house homeless seniors ages 55 and older. it will also have security. that's not enough to change some people's opinions. >> i know not everybody in here is showing up saying we love this, let's build this tomorrow. >> reporter: leaders speaking to a room of community members monday night divided over a plan to build a new housing project to help the homeless in san jose. >> i think we can all agree we all want increased quality of life in our neighborhoods. and we all want a safe place to call our home. >> reporter: people assisting the homeless is behind the project. the nonprofit helps homeless throughout the state. >> what it is, it's not a
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shelter, it's not a food bank, it is apartments. >> reporter: the goal, to turn the city-owned lot on fourth and younger once a grocery store into a four-story apartment building to lease to meless people. 93 units with support services. >> typically a person who enters our apartments pay a third of their revenue. or income. so if they are getting a housing voucher, and they're not paying for that. >> reporter: the project is in the hyde park neighborhood. the nonprofit chose this location for its size and proximity to transit. longtime resident mark fierro lives around the corner. >> i know that it's the right thing to do. but to put this facility in the location that they are proposing i don't think it's the wise choice. >> reporter: surrounded by homes and located a block away from an elementary school, he worries the facility will increase crime. >> they don't hold residents accountable for their actions
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outside the building. and i think that's wrong. >> reporter: leaders say they understand the neighborhoods concerns. they also say homelessness in san jose is growing at an alarming rate. >> we need them so desperately. we grew over the last two years by nearly 2,000 homeless in the city. yet we only opened up a couple hundred units of supportive housing. >> reporter: at the meeting questions were raised why not build it elsewhere? the councilman says half of san jose's homeless population is in downtown. and this district. the project is still in its early stages, still needs to go before the planning commission. the earliest it could break ground, sometime next year. >> azenith smith in san jose, thank you. new affordable housing complex is coming to west oakland in the form of a preassembled apartment building. it's going to be move-in ready, sooner than you might expect. the five-story project called the union is going up now on fifth street and should be
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complete in 10 days. typically a building of this size would take a year to complete. the pieces are premade and assembled at a factory in vallejo. and trucked to the building site. less of a nuisance for the surrounding neighborhood. and cheaper rent available for tenants at eight put more housing is needed. >> much less impact with trucks and people parking. or you can have lower rents. or both. >> the west oakland building is the first project produced completely locally. monthly rents range from $1,800 for a studio to 2800 for a two bedroom. tenants should be moving in by the end of the year. authorities on the peninsula say a goose caused the large power outage that began just before 8:00 and left 3300 customers without electricity. the affected area included west bayshore, colorado avenue and
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greer road. palo alto utilities tweeted a picture of the dead goose. they say it caused the outage after it flew into some power lines. several witnesses had alerted the power company a goose may have been the cause. a south bay park partially reopened today after the discovery of a family of mountain lions prompted rangers to close it. the lion and her cubs were spotted in rancho san antonio park. in cupertino. today rangers tweeted that eight miles of trails east of deer hollow farm as well as the form itself are back open but backcountry trails remain temporarily closed to give mountain lions room. the rangers urged all park visitors to stay alert and not to into the closed areas. let's take a peek at a couple things, first thing are the temperatures from today, we had 100 in fairfield, 99 antioch, so temperatures today pretty sure they're going to be about as warm as they get this week, tomorrow should be a degree or two cooler but very
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similar, just not as hot. i think we'll see instead of 100, we'll see 99. splitting hairs but the fog is trying to get in the end. i was hoping you could give me that shot that is so beautiful on market street because it is stunning. the light reflecvity of the fog coming in over the city. just a stunning shot and get your camera out and take a picture. market street, the red lights and being lit from underneath as the fog bank which is getting squished down and this is top 10, right here. >> it's beautiful. >> we've had some good ones. >> that is spectacular. >> and then with the fog rolling in. >> it's stunning. it tells a story because the fog is getting pinched down below the salesforce tower so it's not getting over the east bay hills so it's not cooling the valleys which are still in the 80s. i'm going to show you that picture again when we get back. we'll have the five-day forecast when i see you next. his drawings were a social media hit and featured at a
10:21 pm
local gallery. at 10:30 a generous gift today for a 6-year-old artist with skills beyond his years. president trump puts world leaders on edge at the g-7 summit. i'm lauren blanchard with his takes on russia and china and the concerns they were raising next. we are here to discuss jessie's online time.
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johnson & johnson has been ordered to pay $572 million to help clean up thopioid problem in a state of oklahoma. attorneys argued that johnson & johnson and its subsidiaries misled consumers about the effectiveness of opioids and understated the risk of addiction. more than 4600 people died from opioid overdoses in oklahoma from 2007 to 2017. the landmark decision could help shape negotiations in roughly 1500 similar lawsuits filed by local and state governments nationwide. johnson & johnson stock moved higher in after-hours trading because the amount of the judgment was less than the billions of dollars that analysts expected. on wall street stocks rallied today, president trump claimed the markets or rather calms the markets saying the
10:25 pm
u.s. and china plan to start serious talks over trade and that he thinks a deal will be reached. the dow is up to 69, just over 1%, the nasdaq gained 101 and s&p 500 was up 31. the president spoke at a conference at the conclusion of the g-7 summit in france today. lauren blanchard tells us the president stirred up controversy by suggesting russian president vladimir putin should be invited back into the group of seven. >> reporter: president trump arriving back in the u.s. after three days at the g-7 summit. this as the world waits to see what happens with the trade war with china. world leaders of the g-7 urging the president to end his economic tiff with china. talks are set to resume between washington and beijing next month but the chinese threatened they will continue to retaliate against the u.s. if president trump escalates the fight again. >> translator: i want to remind the u.s. side again that threats and intimidation do not work on china.
10:26 pm
we strongly urge the u.s. to not misjudge the situation and immediately stop its wrong practices. >> reporter: also on the minds of world leaders, president trump's suggestion that russia be allowed back into the group. russia was kicked out in 2014 for annexing crimea. >> whether or not he could come psychologically i think that's a tough thing for him to do. you have g-8, now it's the g-7. >> reporter: senate minority leader chuck schumer calling the summit a missed opportunity for president trump and the u.s. saying, quote, it is appalling that president trump appears hell-bent on inviting vladimir putin back as russia continues to forcibly occupy crimea, interferes in our elections and initiates a new arms race. looking ahead to next year's g- 7, president trump will host and he's pushing to hold it at his golf resort outside miami. >> i don't want to make money. i don't care about making money. >> reporter: the administration could be hit with ethics
10:27 pm
violations if the president stands to profit from the summit. this is not the first time the problem has come up. the president has raised eyebrows in the past for hosting world leaders at his other properties. in washington, lauren blanchard, fox news. there once was a go to radio station for rock music, now it's about to go the way of the cassette tape. how the station will change in just a matter of days. the a's marcus semien had a career-best game tonight as the a's bounced back. mark will show us the 19-run outburst. 6-year-old boy received a special gift to further his talents as an artist. thanks to a generous ktvu viewer. in the human brain, billions of neurons play in harmony.
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new at 10:00, a really cool surprise for a 6-year-old whose skills as an artist are drawing both praise and attention. when we first met yvonne mosley jr. his work was being displayed at a youth art exhibit. >> he was drawing with chalk, paint and crayons but he wanted to draw with an apple pen and ipad, now a few weeks later a generous ktvu viewer has made that wish come true. ktvu's amber lee was there when the two met for the very first time this evening. amber? >> reporter: the viewer got in
10:31 pm
contact with us after seeing our story. he is impressed with the talent and wanted to give the child the help he needs to develop his skills as an artist. >> great. >> reporter: eric jackson the manager of this sprint store in sunnyvale greets april littlefield and her grandson a devon mosley jr. 6-year-old thinks he's going shopping with his grandmother. he had no idea. >> can i get a high five out of you? do you know me? >> reporter: the first grader caught the attention of jackson earlier this month when we did a story about devon at a youth art exhibit. his drawings of sonic the hedgehog showed a skill level beyond his years and attracted a lot of views on social media. devon sold his paintings to save for an ipad and apple pen to improve his skills. >> don't get too many kids that one to go out and do that and say for something. most kids nowadays when they get any type of money in their hand, sidetracked by the next pair of jordans.
10:32 pm
>> what do you like to do? >> draw sonic. >> reporter: jackson, a nave of palo alto, says he sees himself in devon, a child of the inner-city. jackson says he was caught by his family -- taught by his family to help others and ever he can. >> who taught you how to do that? >> nobody. >> that's cool. >> reporter: in exchange for a painting, jackson gifted devon an apple pen and an ipad. >> there you go, buddy. >> oh, man. >> does that work for you? >> thank you. >> you've got to show the world what you got. you are special right now, man. tell them what you got. >> ipad. >> what are you going to do with it? >> draw sonic and make my own superhero. >> no go. >> reporter: he gave me a painting. >> is that for ms. amber? >> thank you. thank you. i'm really surprised. thank you so much.
10:33 pm
>> reporter: devon's grandmother says she wanted devon to learn to give and not only receive and that she is grateful to jackson for his generosity. >> it's touching. very touching that someone would want to help us or help him. and complete stranger, never met him, never heard of him. >> let's not overlook these kids because they are our next generation. >> reporter: what's next? his grandmother says she will make sure he pays it forward by doing things to help others. devon tells me he'd like to help teach other kids to draw. as for jackson and devon's family, they say they plan to stay in touch. amber lee, ktvu fox 2 news. that story was just adorable. thank you. >> the story of the night. >> both of them. >> that is beautiful. a bay area rock music station is about to disappear from the radio dial for good. kimula's media the owner announced today 104.5 will switch from alternative rock format to sports by
10:34 pm
simulcasting knbr a.m. kfog started in 1964, it was hugely popular when it was a classic rock station with diehard fans known as fog heads. the end is coming next week with the switchover scheduled september 6th. in the southbay, santa clara county supervisor cindy chavez wrote in a model t. she was hoping to launch a year- long campaign leading up to the 100th anniversary of the 20th amendment that gave women the right to vote. chavez says the campaign will not only honor women's suffrage but also encourage everyone to get out and vote. people gathered today in mountain view for a series of panel discussions celebrating the achievements of women in history. ktvu's jesse gary tells us they also laid out the needed steps for reaching gender equality in the workplace. >> reporter: on the nasa ames ground, a call to women leaders from all walks of life.
10:35 pm
>> we want to recognize with these amazing women leaders, how far we've come but truly how far we still need to go. >> reporter: monday afternoon, more than 450 women ranging in age from a 5-year-old girl to an 85-year-old grandmother listening to discussions centered on improving the number and prominence of women in the workplace. >> i always feel fortunate i get to do what i do every day. >> reporter: left off. >> nasa astronaut dr. megan mcarthur flew into space as part of the last service mission to the hubble space telescope. >> reporter: now the mountain view native sees her efforts as paving the way for more women in space to thmo as part of project artemis and beyond. >> we have a really diverse workforce and there's women at every level in my organization making decisions, making the strategic decisions, the day-to- day operational decisions. >> i have an 11-year-old daughter and i want her to see herself as having all of the opportunities that i saw myself
10:36 pm
as having when i was growing up. >> reporter: the celebration of leadership on women's equality day includes those blazing a trail in the u.s. congress. >> when women succeed, america succeeds. this cility would not be here now without msu saving it in the congress of the united states. those women, madam speaker, could have only dreamed in their wildest dreams that there would be a woman speaker of the united states house of representatives. >> reporter: this initial kickoff will be followed by 10 to 12 more round tables over the next year all put on by the silicon valley leadership group. the goal, deep in discussions leading up to the 100th anniversary of women gaining the right to vote. at nasa ames, jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. warriors new home opens to the public in just a matter of days. >> whether you're sitting on
10:37 pm
the floor or in the last row, you have an unbelievable experience. >> coming up, we'll take you inside and find out what's not being revealed just yet. yet. we are looking at the forecast which includes another pretty warm day inland plus a shot of the fog which is live now, trying to get through san francisco but it's having a tough time. back here with the five-day forecast. see how a firefighting supertanker that fought fires in california is now helping out in the amazon. from the couldn't be prouders
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world leaders pledged $20 million to five raging wildfires in the amazon rain forest. britain and canada promised another 23 million on top of that amount. nonprofit environmental groups are also pitching in saying preserving the rain forest is crucial to defending against climate change. there are questions about how fast that international aid will be able to reach the fire zone. one u.s. company is already making a difference. global supertanker sent a huge firefighting plane to bolivia at the request of the president. the 747 jumbo jet liner can drop fire retardant in a continuous stream almost two miles long. the company's president said the conditions in the amazon are extreme. >> never seen this kind of fire.
10:41 pm
very, very dry, predicted be dry for the next several months. compounds things. >> the global supertanker is based in california and colorado. it flew more than 100 missions over wildfires in california and oregon in 2017 and 2018. california is leading a group of 19 states suing the white house over a new attempt to modify the rules over how long migrant children can be detained. governor gavin newsom and xavier becerra at one of the lawsuits today, it opposes the trump administration's new rule that circumvents a long- standing court order that requires that children be detained no longer than 20 days. becerra says the new detention rule allowing families to be held indefinitely would cause irreparable harm to children. >> the trump administration is holding children and families in jail like conditions for weeks. these are individuals and certainly children who have not committed any criminal violations.
10:42 pm
too often they are being held without sufficient food, health or even medical care. >> immigration official today characterized the new rule of detaining children longer than 20 days as a way of keeping families together while they await their court dates. the trial for the man accused of killing a hayward police officer has been delayed until the end of the month. 25-year-old marco estrada faces the death penalty for shooting and killing sergeant scott longer during a traffic stop four years ago. his trial began today but almost as soon as it started, the judge continued the case until september 30. the judge said he is starting a trial in another case and also waiting for a state supreme court ruling that could put a stop to capital punishment prosecutions. kfc getting in on the plant- based food craze. where it will start serving meatless chicken. construction is almost complete. we'll take you inside the new
10:43 pm
home of the golden state warriors. chief meteorologist bill martin is tracking the change in our weather, he will explain when you'll start to feel it.
10:44 pm
10:45 pm
the new chase center is about to host its first event.
10:46 pm
metallica will kick things off with a concert next week. ktvu's christien kafton got an inside look at the new arena today. including its massive scoreboard that almost stretches for the entire length of the court. >> reporter: chase center opened its doors and showed off its floors giving dub nation its first view of how the court will look for the 2019- 20 season. after seven years of planning and breaking ground, it's good to finally be home. >> it's been an amazing journey. it hasn't always been easy. nothing is. a project this size in san francisco is daunting. to say the least. but you can see we are on the verge of cutting the ribbon. >> reporter: while the team was ready to show off the court they want to keep some parts under wraps. the locker room and workout facility open to tour but no photos and no video. the warrior's front office announcing as of monday, they
10:47 pm
are in their offices inside chase center saying keeping all parts of the organization under one roof is one of their keys to building teams. to. >> one thing that our organization is stressing since i got here was collaboration and have everybody together to have our basketball people, business people and players all in one area, that's going to be great and collaboration is a word we've hung our hat on. >> reporter: while the floor may look familiar the scoreboard is all new. fans will be able to watch replays and stats on the biggest screens in the nba. 82 by 52 feet. the warriors also showed off eateries featuring food from local restaurants and luxury boxes that will be the envy of the nba. but they say when they sell out and chase center is filled with 18,000 fans, those fans will see it was designed without a bad seat in the house. >> one of the best parts about chase center and one of the things we're most proud of is whether you're sitting on the floor or the last row you have a unbelievable experience. >> wild chase center was conceived of as a basketball arena at the warriors say will
10:48 pm
be a world-class place watch a concert. the scoreboards retract into the ceiling meaning everyone will be able to see metallica when they play their first concert september 6. the warriors play their first preseason game against the lakers october 5. in san francisco, christien kafton, ktvu fox 2 news. single-game tickets for the warriors preseason games go on sale tomorrow. the team is holding several presale events before tickets open to the general public at 4:00 p.m. options include as christian mentioned, the first ever game at chase center. it will be october 5 against the l.a. lakers. kfc is going meatless. the fast food chain announced it will be testing some new menu items with plant-based products from the company beyond meat. customers will get to choose between meatless wings and nuggets. for now the new items will only be available in one restaurant, outside of atlanta, georgia. if the trial run is successful,
10:49 pm
kfc will decide whether to roll out the meatless options nationwide. all righty. taking a look at the situation now, tropical moisture coming in, talk about it last night coming up from the gulf of california working its way into the south bay and this stuff is associated with higher humidity and you might be feeling it already out there. i noticed increased dew points down in the southbay, clouds are coming up high overhead, not the fog, over the fog. i'll show you in the satellite loop so tomorrow might be humid. forecast highs tomorrow will be a little cooler than these, these were the highs from today, 100 in fairfield, 90 in antioch, the fog along the coast and here is this cloud cover, moving independent of the topography right there. that's the sub tropical moisture. not that much but underneath that what you can't see is this plug of increased relative humidity that's being pushed into our area. that's going to feel different.
10:50 pm
you don't usually get a lot of humidity so we'll notice it tomorrow, not like dallas humidity but it will be for us, it will be double what it usually is probably, 20, 30, 35% in some of the valleys. fog along the coast is having a tough time getting inland, the fog now is a little further inland than it was last night at this time. that's why temperatures are running a little bit cooler than they were last night. show you the shot now and you can see i promise when we come back it's spectacular but also you can see it's made some progress across market street here. as you go past the salesforce building and again not a very deep marine layer. below the salesforce building so it's under 1200 feet i guess. so it gets across the bay and it's going to have a heck of a time getting up over the east bay hills. inland valleys are cooling a little bit because there is a sea breeze but this fog is not going to be in your backyard if you live in livermore. the forecast for tomorrow morning, says it's going to be in your backyard, i don't know if it will get that far but the
10:51 pm
model says it well. it's going to hang right inside the bay but either way notice it is slightly cooler tomorrow and that sets us up with a slightly cooler day in the afternoon. slightly cooler. you'll see someone hundreds but i don't think in our area, eastern, far eastern edges of our area so there is the forecast. another very warm day but slightly cooler, the fog forecast for tomorrow in san francisco burns off and you end up 70 some degrees in san francisco and then 99 in vacaville tomorrow. there is the five-day forecast, pop the weekend in here so you can see that right there. there you go, little cooler for the weekend but pretty warm inland. coming up, two of the biggest names in tennis faced off in the opening round of the u.s. open tennis tournament today. mark ibanez here with all the highlights. on the 11:00 news, new apartment homes rising a matter of days. how modular construction is helping bring affordable housing to market quickly and efficiently.
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10:54 pm
♪ new sichuan hot chicken. for a heart breaking limited time only at panda express. mark is here with sports. what a game. the a's destroyed the royal. >> as long as they're not playing the giants, right? some of the scores this year have just been absolutely ludicrous. but when it's a bay area team or a team you're rooting for, you're just fine with it.
10:55 pm
19 runs, a season-high back in kansas city, took out all their weekend frustrations. by getting out on the road and beating up the lowly royals. bob melvin had to like what he saw today out of marcus semien. bases loaded, he's just getting started here. that's going to go all the way to the wall. everybody is going to score. and semien winds up at third with a sliding triple. 5-0 at that point. third inning, up 7-2, here comes semien again, another shot but this one will leave the yard, 23rd. seven rbis for semien in his game. homer bailey picks up the defensive help from mark can the, who is doing everything. offensively and defensively. that's a beautiful catch in center field, bubba starling is rob, seventh inning royals running out of arms so they go to outfielder alex gordon pitching and the second batter
10:56 pm
he faces, matt chapman, takes him deep. 30 for chapman on the year. he will take it. even often outfielder. i think we've seen that happen more with the everyday players pitching this season than ever before. san francisco giants apparently they had a letdown after taking care of the a's over the weekend. and the panda in the house. he unfortunately will need tommy john surgery and won't play much the rest of this year. line shot back at the mound. tyler beede staying alive off the bat of nick ahmed. evan longoria deep right field, that is a sensational catch by jarrod dyson. up against the screen out there. you usually don't see visiting players that acquainted with the outfield out there but giants fighting back and base hit to center to score kevin pillar. we've got a 3-2 ball game.
10:57 pm
however a couple batters later, brandon crawford with a single to right, do not run on dyson either. the kid ignores the sign at third, swings through the stop sign, he's a goner at the plate and here comes the ender. it's escobar with the single to center of shaun anderson. a couple of runs score. arizona wins it 6-4. they are the team just ahead of the giants in the standings in the western division. the long shot looks like a wildcard long shot. kind of cool over the weekend, we are familiar with the story of babe ruth going to the hospital and promising a young ill child he would hit a home run for him. aaron judge did that this weekend for an elderly gentleman in los angeles. check it out. >> oh, yeah. >> i know you do. i know you do. >> i'll get one for you tonight. >> all right. >> he promises a home run and of all people, he hits it off
10:58 pm
onof the best in the business, clayton kershaw. hung one out there and aaron judge goes deep leading the yankees to a 5-1 win. weekend uniforms, terrible. that did not work at all. u.s. open, one of the biggies underway. and serena trying to put up another big w as far as the grand slam event. taking on maria sharapova, one of her longtime rivals. alec baldwin in the stands. yeah, that is a bearded mike tyson. little different look and serena far court with a winner down the line. she would take that 3-1. match point serena near, sharapova's return is long. serena williams wins it 6-1, 6- 1. she has beaten sharapova 19 consecutive times. we've got a little time, why
10:59 pm
not check this out? you're going to love this. look at this. this is a world-class athlete who was in a severe motorcycle accident, lost his right arm. and as you can see, he is not letting that accident hinder his physical prowess of doing things. that's some big time wait right there. he's just 20 years old. >> each one of those is 45 pounds. >> and such balance too. >> before the accident, he was one of the world-class athletes. and as you can see, incredible. one more time. wow. do not try that in your backyard. >> i won't be doing that. that is amazing. >> that is the sporting life for tonight. it is 11:00. time for more news frank and julie? >> thank you. next at 11.
11:00 pm
>> she was a good person. great person. everybody. she left as a great peon. >> friends and family gathered in oakland tonight to remember a young mother who was killed during a police chase 10 years ago. the 11:00 news on ktvu fox 2 news starts now. >> mom was an innocent victim killed by a driver fleeing from police. her young son survived the crash and for the past decade has been defying the odds. hello again, i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. a bittersweet gathering in oakland after a decade of loss and recovery. ktvu's debora villalon live at the oakland police department which changed it's pursued policies after that crash. >> reporter: yeah, this crash and others in which innocent bystanders were injured or killed. policeagencies used to have free rein to chase. now most have safeguards because of sura


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