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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  August 26, 2019 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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>> she was a good person. great person. everybody. she left as a great peon. >> friends and family gathered in oakland tonight to remember a young mother who was killed during a police chase 10 years ago. the 11:00 news on ktvu fox 2 news starts now. >> mom was an innocent victim killed by a driver fleeing from police. her young son survived the crash and for the past decade has been defying the odds. hello again, i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. a bittersweet gathering in oakland after a decade of loss and recovery. ktvu's debora villalon live at the oakland police department which changed it's pursued policies after that crash. >> reporter: yeah, this crash and others in which innocent bystanders were injured or killed. policeagencies used to have free rein to chase. now most have safeguards because of such tragedies.
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candles and memories at a west oakland intersection where 10 years ago, a young mother died driving her baby to see his father. >> all the lights and all the signs. >> reporter: that child, 11 now. his dad ran to the scene to find his son in his car seat, had been pulled out and rushed to the hospital. paramedics tried but couldn't save the mom. 25-year-old marquita bosley of pittsburgh. witnesses said her last words were about her baby. >> my baby, my baby. >> she loved him so much. >> reporter: a happy and healthy toddler before, wasn't expected to ever walk or talk. but his family says he proved doctors wrong. he is in school, very social, and still have. >> i think he makes everybody else day better. i don't ever recall him having a bad day. >> reporter: the driver who hit and killed bosley is in prison and a few years after her death
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oakland's pursuit policy tightened. only a suspect wanted for a violent crime can be chased. especially if it endangers the public. >> he didn't even get an apology. not even an apology. >> reporter: naiere received no money despite permanent brain damage and physical disability. he wears his mom's photo. >> do you think about her a lot? >> yeah. >> reporter: this vigil was as much for naiere as anyone keeping his mom's memory alive. marquita is remembered as sweet and soft spoken with the same smile they see and her son. >> she a good person and a great person. everybody, she left as a great person too. so he's my angel. he's my hero. he's my motivation. he's everything. >> reporter: about 40 people came to honor marquita bosley and her determined little boy. naiere has a wheelchair but he always prefers to walk until he tires out.
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and he just started sixth grade. the attempted traffic stop and the chase that ended when life and changed another, it lasted all of 30 seconds. >> life changing in a split second. so good to see naiere doing so well. thank you. in santa clara a woman riding in a lyft car was killed and a man critically injured in a crash involving a suspected drunk driver who was driving a stolen car. that happened just after midnight early sunday. police say the suspect 32-year- old claudio perez of san jose ran a red light at lawrence expressway and cabrillo avenue slamming into that lyft. they say five minutes earlier police had tried to stop perez in a parking lot because they suspected the car was stolen. the moment he leaves that parking area, he is already significantly further away from our officers and they couldn't catch up so it was actually
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only a matter of seconds before officers said over the radio we are not going to initiate a pursuit. >> the woman who died was identified today as 28-year-old carol major. the other passenger 826-year- old sunnyvale man is now in critical condition. the rideshare driver is expected to be okay. perez is now facing murder charges. police in milpitas are hoping newly released surveillance pictures of a smash and grab robbery at the great mall last night will help with their investigation. the pictures show the suspected robbers wearing dark hooded sweatshirts inside the jewelry store and driving away in a black sedan. people ran from the mall in fear after mistaking the shattering of glass cases for gunfire. police say no shots were fired and so far no arrests have been made to. new tonight, police have arrested two people in connection with this brazen shooting on market street in san francisco. police say 18-year-old lerron
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simpson and 21-year-old elijah ernest are now in custody, both were located in oakland. police say security and cell phone video captured the two men opening fire toward a crowd of people. it happened on market street at sixth during the busy evening commute last tuesday. investigators say the shooting followed a fight nearby. bay area toll authority says a new law requiring california car dealers to put temporary numbered license plates on all cars sold is starting to pay off. a ktvu investigation drew attention to the problem of generic plates six years ago. and that prompted assemblyman kevin mullin from the peninsula to craft this new law. ktvu's jana katsuyama joins us now live at the bay bridge toll plaza with a closer look at the extra revenue that is already rolling in. jana? >> reporter: our 2 investigates series shows the state was losing millions of dollars in
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uncollected tolls all because some people without license plateren'taying their fair share. now bay area toll authorities tell me they are already seeing the new law help recoup that revenue. at bay area toll crossings, more money is rolling in as vehicles roll by. >> it's been dramatic. >> reporter: no longer is it legal for vehicles to have paper dealer plates or placards on newly purchased cars which allows drivers to go unidentified by cameras and avoid paying tolls. >> a year ago, we we losing roughly a million dollars a month in toll revenue. at the toll bridges. that number has been reduced to about 250,000. >> reporter: john goodman is spokesman for the metropolitan transportation commission which oversees all of bay area bridges except the golden gate. he says since the temporary license plate program took effect this year, they've seen a dramatic 79% drop in dealer placard crossings from the 2018 monthly average of 190,000
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vehicles per month to 40,000 vehicles in may. each crossing costs anywhere from $4 to $7 adding up to a lot of money. >> if we maintain the current pace, it will increase toll bridge revenue collection by approximately $8 million. >> reporter: ktvu first reported on the dealer plate lupoli in 2013 and found the state was losing nearly $11 million per year in uncollected tolls. raymond, sales manager at the oakland kea, says so far they've had no problems with the w temporary plate system. >> hasn't been any hiccups. at first it's a new system so long that, but other than that it's been smooth. >> reporter: california registered 1.3 million temporary plates for newly purchased vehicles from january through may. but goodwin says there have been some problems including plates printed with inconsistent lettering, cameras not able to read the state name
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california, lack of adhesive on temporary plate to slip up, and expiration date being too small for cameras or law enforcement to easily read. good win says the dmv hopes to have those changes to the temporary license plate completed by november and he says all of that recouped toll revenue will go to help fund improvement projects. >> jana katsuyama, thanks. new information tonight on a collision over the weekend that sent a san francisco police officer to the hospital and critically injured one of two car burglary suspects. an unmarked police car was responding to the call at gary and webster on saturday when it jumped the curb striking a bus shelter and hitting the officer and a suspect who were on foot. today police said the officer was treated and released for non-life-threatening injuries. the suspect is hospitalized in life-threatening condition. the second suspect wasn't hurt and was arrested.
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police have identified that second suspect as 30-year-old leo leunides may. new at 11:00 authorities in lake county are working with police in mexico to bring a homicide suspect back into the united states. 21-year-old maverick william fisher of nevada is accused of killing 25-year-old grant david whitaker of illinois. the lake county sheriff's office says the two had been traveling together when they got into a fight at a campground in humboldt county. the investigators say they received additional information on the location of whitaker's body which was found off scotts valley road in upper lake. off-duty san francisco police officer is being investigated for shooting a homeless man in el cerrito. investigators say there was a confrontation outside of the officers home. ktvu's henry lee tells us the officer says he acted in self-
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defense. >> reporter: an off-duty san francisco police officer opened fire after confronting a man outside his home in el cerrito. the shooting happened near mosher lane and san pablo at about 10:00 sunday night. the officer's wife called police saying there was a man on their front porch. she said her husband confronted him and the two got into a fight. >> a loud banging on this gate which does make a lot of noise, yelling for a couple seconds and a couple gunshots. >> reporter: thomas whalen the 44-year-old homeless man shot by the officer was taken to a hospital and is expected to survive. police said whalen attacked the officer with a rock before being shot. i have learned that the sfpd officer involved is rodrick sujitan. in a phone interview sujitan told me he couldn't discuss what led up to the shooting but he said it's an unfortunate matter and nobody wants to hurt a human being. as police officers would like to preserve human life. we want to save lives, cops don't want to take lives. the officer confirmed he was
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involved in the deadly shooting while on duty. in 2010 sugui-tan shot and killed edward lamar smith who was armed with this machete in the excelsior neighborhood in what police say was a suicide by cop. the officer was awarded a bronze medal of valor for his actions. in a statement in response to the latest shooting the officer's attorney said i'm confident when all the facts are in, evidence will show the officer was acting lawfully to protect his own life. one of the officer's neighbors who didn't want his face shown said he spoke to the officer about what happened. >> i know he was attacked and that's all i know. >> reporter: the neighbor says residents have had to deal with transients in the area. >> we have a problem with homeless people in this area, always kicking people out and trying to figure out security in general right here. there's always something going on this corner. >> reporter: the officer is on paid administrative leave. the shooting is under investigation by el cerrito and san francisco police and the contra costa county d.a.'s office. in el cerrito, henry lee, ktvu
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fox 2 news. update now on some of the victims from the shooting at the gilroy garlic festival four weeks ago. officials at santa clarita valley medical center say to patients are hospitalized, one in fair condition, the other not releasing information. valley medical center says it received a total of seven patients from the gilroy garlic festival, all of them with gunshot wounds. unusual housing arrangement for students in reno. instead of the dorm room, they're moving into the circus circus hotel casino. new homes built in a matter of days. how modular construction is helping deliver much-needed housing quickly and cost- effectively. set up for tuesday, another pretty warm day out there with temperatures back into the upper 90s. here's one you guys will like. show me making it. oh! i got one. the best of amy poehler. amy, maybe we could use the voice remote
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three people injured, one of them critically after a single engine plane crashed near the reno airport tonight. an airport official said the single engine plane was landing when it crashed short of the
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runway at about 5:00. crew members said plane was carrying people from the burning man festival. the faa is now investigating. for anyone who's gone through west oakland recently it may have seemed as if a five- story apartment building essentially went up overnight. it almost did. ktvu's rob roth tells us about a bay area developer who found a faster way to build during this housing crisis. >> reporter: along fifth street in west oakland monday, workers were hoisting a brand-new preassembled fully loaded kitchen onto the second floor of an apartment building. in fact, all five stories of the 110 unit project called the union were preassembled. typically a building this size would take a year to construct says developer rick holliday. this one went up in 10 days. >> it is a geewhiz moment, i can't believe we did it. >> holiday is the founder of factory for off-site construction.
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all the pieces were made and assembled in a factory in vallejo and trucked to the construction site. workers need to stitch together the units. all this from start to finish in about half the time is standard construction. >> it would take a year for me to build an entire project from the podium which is five levels under me right now, to this point. >> reporter: that means less cost of construction and less of a nuisance for the surrounding neighborhood. >> you'll see much less impact with trucks, people parking. >> reporter: this is the first project locally produced. a modular complex in san francisco but the parts were assembled outside the bay area. another developer has a modular building going up in north oakland but the project manager here at the union says construction is going more smoothly than on more traditional sites. >> that type of efficiency is where it always should have gone. the rest of the world has meant that efficiency so now construction is tchingup. >> reporter: this is a rendering of how it will look when it's finished.
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the units will range from $1,800 a month for a studio to 2800 for a two bedroom. holliday says cities can build low income and affordable housing more quickly and for about 30% less money this way. >> what does that mean? you can build 30% more apartments with the government money. or you can have lower rents or both. >> the developer says the project is right on schedule and that people should and begin moving and the end of the year. in oakland, rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. sfo is reminding travelers that its busiest runway is scheduled to close next month. runway 28 l will be shut down for 20 days starting september 7 for a major repaving project. sfo says the work will reduce the number of flights by 13% which means travelers can expect delays from 30 minutes to two hours. united and american airlines say they will allow customers to rebook flights during the closure at no charge. california schools may soon
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allow parents to give medical medical marijuana to their children for use on k-12 campuses. the state assembly approved a bill that will let school boards decide whether parents can administer the drug at school. currently children and teens who use medical marijuana to treat health issues have to leave campus to get their medication. the bill would only allow marijuana use in non-smoking form. opponents question whether medical marijuana regulations for children are strong enough. the bill now goes to the state senate for a vote. some university of nevada students will have quite a story to tell about their first days of college. instead of dorm rooms the students are living in a casino. the circus circus hotel and resort is housing 1300 students from the university of nevada reno. the move comes after a natural gas explosion last month forced to campus dorms to close. the hotel is about a half mile from campus. the tower housing the students does not have any gambling. doesn't that sound like a bad combination?
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>> at least there's no gambling. >> incoming freshmen in a casino. okay. so we'll follow up on that and see how it turns out. as far as fog we've got a bunch of it and it's pushing across the city. there's the fog from cape mendocino down to monterey bay and big sur area. fog is not pushing well in them so that's why we know tomorrow will be a warm day but there is a little bit of a sea breeze so you see the green? that's the sea breeze so it is cooling things down, things are cooler tonight in concord and fairfield and livermore and san jose. right now in the next few hours they'll drop another three or four degrees cooler because of this. this shot is the shot of the night for sure and of course you've got the animated salesforce tower up there which is beautiful and then market street and the fog which is being pinched down by the high pressure. that's how you know it's not east bay hills over here, this is going to have a heck of a time getting up over them because it's being pinched down and that's how strong the high pressure is and something really beautiful, the picture
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is taking on, the fog from the bottom like that as is done there from market street and city lights, traffic lights, you get this beautiful color. forecast highs tomorrow, there they are. looks a lot like what we're talking about today except i think it's going to be a degree or two cooler because we are still low, what i showed you, not really that difficult. a little more push and temperatures running a couple degrees cooler than yesterday at this time. stands to reason it we might be a little bit cooler tomorrow or the same. either way splitting hairs, warm day not spare the air day, it was today. could easily be tomorrow but it was not an issue so we are not going to report on that. 99 in vacaville, fairfield tomorrow 97 in clear lake, 88 in san rafael, 87 in castro valley, much cooler so alameda and san leandro, san jose will be 88. pretty warm and then along the coast some mid-60s with san
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francisco downtime making it to 72. five-day forecast, let me pop in the weekend and you'll see sunday is just about like that, saturday. a little bit cooler after that. >> thank you. coming up next, the a's turn kansas city into a launching pad scoring 19 runs in a bounce-back win. plus a little monday motivation for tonight's check this out. you have to see it to believe it. up first, a 42-year-old man claims to be the first person to travel from the u.s. mainland to hawaii on a stand up paddle board. endurance athlete antonio de la rosa arrived in honolulu on saturday 76 days after he left san francisco. he paddled nearly 3,000 miles on a 24-foot vessel with a combination paddleboard and small boat. de la rosa says he wanted to bring awareness to all the pollution in the ocean. the 11:00 news will be right back. from the couldn't be prouders
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to the wait did we just win-ners. everyone uses their phone differently. that's why xfinity mobile let's you design your own data. now you can share it between lines. mix with unlimited, and switch it up at anytime so you only pay for what you need. it's a different kind of wireless network designed to save you money. save up to $400 a year on your wireless bill. plus get $250 back when you buy a new samsung note. click, call or visit a store today. mark is here now talking about the a's game. 19 runs? that's incredible. >> a season-high for them but if you look around the league, it seems like almost every night, obviously, come on. you don't think for a minute the ball is not big time
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juiced. like i said earlier, your team is doing it, who cares? bob melvin looking out on a tremendous offensive effort particularly by marcus semien. bases loaded, he clears them into the wide open spaces. everybody is going to score and at this point the lowly royals found themselves a 5-0 deficit. the a's up 7-2, semien, suite part of the bat on that thing. his 23rd. seven rbis. a career-best for marcus semien. homer bailey would pick up the offensive support and the defense. mark canha, ramon laureano in center field, nothing missing right there. beautiful catch, seventh inning. royals running out of arms so alex gordon gold glove outfielder comes in, serves it up, matt chapman liked what he was throwing. he takes him deep, 30 on the
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year and the a's role up 19 runs. the panda on hand unfortunately, going to undergo tommy john surgery. here come the giants to give arizona d-backs, down 3-1. evan longoria thought he had extra bases. that's a beautiful catch by jarrod dyson out there. and taking extra bases away. that hurts. abiatal avelino, the giants trailing 3-2 but the youngster will make a huge mistake right here. running right through the stop sign of the third base coach ron wotus. brandon crawford's single goes for not. avelino plenty out. at home plate. eduardo escobar pretty much ruins the giants evening taking the 3-2 ball game and all of a sudden making it 5-2 with a two- run single. the giants off to a poor start against arizona. as they say, sometimes the worst thing that happens to you in life can turn out to be the
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best. that is what one young man described a motorcycle accident that happened to him as, 12 years ago. he would think it would be devastating. you need to check this out. he lost one arm. this is him, a crossfit trainer now. full time. lifting a whole lot of weight two right there with one arm. it changed his life for the better. check this out. we did have a huge walk-off tonight, 11 thinning, pirates and phillies, sean rodriguez with a solo homer walk-off game winner, the phillies seem to have had a lot of those. men acting like kids and you've got to love it at home plate. that is the sporting life. i love that story. about that guy and he said he's actually a better person now. >> so inspiring. >> and obviously, strong. >> see you later, good night. ex dunphy.
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