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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  August 27, 2019 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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. good afternoon. >> let's get right to breaking news out of oakland where all lanes of westbound 580 are shut down. >> the chp is diverting traffic. don is live at the scene. >> reporter: we are trying to put this together. if you want to take a look at the scene. there were reports earlier of shots being fired which got all of this stuff going. in fact when you look down on the ground there are casing markers which indicate that shots were indeed fired. we are at the corner -- the separation of i-580 and 24. right halt the exit known as west street and san pablo. there were ten marked chp cars here and a large number of unknown -- unmarked cars. there's a shuttle bus up to the front but apparently it was not the main vehicle involved. it's the one behind it that slammed up against the
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divider which the police seem to be paying attention to. the shuttle bus apparently was just hit -- from the rear. there are several other car that are involved. at this point in time many of the marked cars have left and several new cars which are unmarked, investigated vehicles are on the scene. this has -- the 580 heading into oakland shut down, all the lanes. if you want to get on the 24 you will be able to do that but the back up is huge. if we can turn around here what we will do is show you the situation. the situation is that the cars are being diverted off to the left of your screen which would be going up on the 24, over toward the tunnel but nothing is coming through here nor is it likely to looking at the amount of investigation that's going on. we do not know if there were how many shots were fired, we certainly don't know if anyone was hit. we do know that there are no
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emergency vehicled on scene. we will have to keep checking things out and finding out what is going on. that is the scene at 580 and 24 as we get more information this hour of possible we will bring it to you. ktvu fox 2 news. >> it's a heavyly traveled part. former high ranking google executive is due to be in court, charged with trade secret theft. the united states attorney for the northern district of california detailed allegations against him. in 2015 saying they stole 14,000 files related to google's self-driving car technology and then resigned, formed a company which was bought by uber in 2016. uber and google settled a legal dispute over the alleged theft with uber paying google $250 million. he is charged with 33 counts of trade secret theft for allegedly using the files to help uber with its
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own self-driving technology. >> all of us generally speaking are free to move from job to job but he cannot stuff our pockets on the way out. >> not a single one of those supposedly secret files ever went to uber or to any other company or person. anthony is innocent of the charges. >> each count has a maximum sentence of ten years in prison and a $250,000 fine. he will be arraigned this afternoon at the federal courthouse. many haing now a happening now uber and lyft drivers protesting as they fight to be recognized as employees. >> we are live to show you what's happening. >> reporter: good afternoon. it's a loud demonstration here outside uber headquarters. this is the caravan.
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all of these cars have blue flags hanging out of their windows to show they are part of this motorcade and this entire line of cars has blocked off the turning lane on market street. police are here and there's also protesters on foot that have gathered outside of the front doors of the uwber headquarters. as you can see and hear it's a very loud crowd. there are 200 drivers protesting. some of them showed up on foot. others are driving in cars. they have been drive since yesterday. they left the los angeles area. they want bill 5. that bill creates a pathway for drivers to form a union and would classify them as employees. it would give them basic worker protection like a minnesota wage and paid sick days. it first stopped in fresno yesterday, meeting with united farm workers to draw inspiration and now you
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can see that more cars are lined up blocking market street in one direction. this is usually a section where muni buses go. mta had to come out and reroute the buses because it's blocking market street. the last hour we spoke to some uber and lyft drivers. >> be are doing something should ceasar chavez did years back in the 60's and he brought everybody up to sacramento. we are doing the same thing now. going to demonstrate that we are fighting for something that is fair. >> we need a break-in a lunch period so we get out and stretch and walking. that's what we need. >> reporter: uber and lyft have been fighting the passage of the bill and they in the past they said
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they would work with drivers to approve the quality of the work. critics say most drivers prefer their freedom and the flexibility of creating their own hours. these protesters say they want to be employees and they want the ability to create a union and they say that raising their voices is very important for them. we will give you another look of the caravan that's coming down. there were about 90 cars that came up from los angeles. there they will head across the bay to taylor united methodist church in oakland. that rally starts at four and then the entire group will head to sacramento tomorrow where it'll especially on the end on the steps of the state capitol. they want a union and as you can see part of market street has been blocked off by these cars so they are making their voices heard.
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. >> thank you. in santa clara a woman in a lyft car was killed and a man hurt after a crash involving a suspected drunk driver who was driving a stolen vehicle. this happened early sunday morning. the 32-year-old ran a red light and hit a lyft vehicle. they say they thought that -- the car was stolen. >> the moment he leaves that parking area he is already significantly further away from our officers that they couldn't even catch up. it was actually only a matter of seconds before officers said we are not going to pursue. >> the woman who died has been identified as carol major. the other passenger, a 26-year- old man is in critical condition. the ride share driver is expected to be okay. perez faces charges.
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a police officer is recovering after a violent encounter during a traffic stop. it happened when the officer stopped a suspicious car near alma avenue. the person inside the car bit the officer's arm. a fight happened and the driver left and dragged the officer about 30 freese. the officer was treated and released from the hospital. police say they have the car but not the driver. san jose police are looking for a suspect after a young man was killed in a hit and run near san jose state university. the victim has been identified as fernando alvarez. police responded to a report of a body in the roadway. a go fund me has been started to raise money for his funeral. that page has raised $6,700. we are learning more about a shooting in el sorito involving an off duty police officer. officials say the officer now says that he acted in self-defense after shooting a man who was homeless outside the officer's house. the shooting happened about ten
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sunday night near moser lane and san pablo. the officer shot the 44-year- old after wayland attacked him with a rock. wayland survived. the officer is on paid leave. happening today house speaker nancy pelosi and jackie spear will host a town hall meeting about gun violence. they are working with the national group moms demand action along with the california state surgeon general. the event is at lincoln high school and 24th avenue and it starts at 5:30 tonight. a follow up to a report from yesterday about oakland city councilman plan to bring army soldiers in to his district to help clean up the streets. he said he hopes that having members of the military in or out of uniform helping will help prevent illegal dumping which is dumping. this morning he joined us in studio. he said that everybody is welcome to come and help pick up trash. >> every saturday and sunday
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for seven years, i have neighbors, churches, schools, the coast guard, highway approximate toll, the sheriff department. >> anyone who raises a hand >> anyone that wants to volunteer to make a difference in oakland and not just picking up the trash but providing the safety necessary in our homeless camps, you are welcome. >> he said that about 30 army soldiers will soon be joining his weekend effort to clean the streets. the governor is travel around the state to highlight the new program that provides two free years of community college. is he visiting colleges in sacramento and down in southern california. he is highlighting that for the first time the state will provide two free years of community college to any first time, full time california student. it's thought that 33,000 students will be eligible for this free tuition program. 123450 more help for south american countries dealing fast moving fires. how the international community
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is reaching out. >> here at home another beautiful day round the bay area. going to be hot again and we are looking at some humidity coming in to the bay area. i will explain why.
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. a major fire fight still underway in the amazon. global super tanker of colorado
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sent a modified 747 to bolivia to drop fire retardano. the plane can continuously drop it for two miles. the company officials say they are happy to respond to the president's request for help. >> they are have never seen this kind of fire. it's very dray. it's predicted to be dry for next several months which compounds things. >> the 747 was firsbased in sacramento. it was used to fly more than 100 missions in california and oregon in the past two years. the president of brazil said he may be open to accepting help in the fight against the fire. >> he said he has a problem with one world leader. amy kellogg has the consider. >> reporter: brazil's president has turned down international aid aimed to contain devastating wildfires burning their way
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through the amazon. the president of brazil said that he would be open to taking the help if the president of france apologizes for comments he finds offensive. he said that the president of france called him a liar and accused macron of questioning his trust trustworthiness. this after an aid package proposed at the g7 summit that offers aid and help crafting a plan for better forest management. inis rejection of the offer the president of brazil questioned the donore intentions. >> does anyone help anyone if it's not a poor person why are they looking at the amazon >> reporter: tens of thousands of small and large fires have broken out in the area, mostly in brazil threatening damage to a major source of oxygen for the planet.
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it's also home to a large supply of freshwater and losing those resources could accelerate climate change. the president has deployed military troops to help fight the fires but is being criticized at home for a delayed response. in london. amy kellogg. pur puerto rico is bracing for a hurricane. dorian maya rough may arrive by thursday. >> when a storm comes we are -- much worried about what it'll become after. >> dorian is the 4th named storm which continues through november 30th. the fog still lasting around the golden gate.
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elsewhere a lot of blue sky. >> we are looking at another pretty day along the coast. another hot one inland and we are adding humidity to the forecast. that has to do with a tropical disturbance that is pushing that humidity our way. beautiful view over the city. here is another over sfo. san francisco on the west end, partly supe, still 64, 74 in oakland. it's already very warm, livermore. san jose and santa rosa both in the upper 70's. beautiful weather. warm as well. temperatures are down by a few degrees. helping out fairfield, down by ten degrees by yesterday. along the shower. we are down by a degree or two. for the afternoon we will go similar temperatures, another -- warm one baking inland in the 90's. 14 miles an hour. as we take a look at the cloud
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cover we have partly sunny skies along the coastline in areas like santa cruz, mostly clear for the afternoon today. as we stretch it back just a little bit. hopefully you can pick up on some of that moisture. it was over southern california. it has been even providing high sur fox for us. we are looking at just a little bit of muggy weather coming our way for the next day or two. here is a look at what we can expect as far as our inland cities, getting in to the 90's. that tropical moisture, even some of the models predicting we may see a little bit of thunderstorm activity, it doesn't really look promising. we will keep an eye out for that in the overnight hours for tomorrow morning it. looks like it'll be over the higher elevations north and east. here is a look at the temperatures for the afternoon and areas over antioch. by the water, upper 70's in oakland and alameda. upper 08's wood side.
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72 for the high of san francisco. here say look at the extended forecast. temperatures are going to take a nice drop by tomorrow for the inland communities. upper90's today. we will cool around the bay and along the coastline. not as much of a dramatic drop for the inland as we will see for the inland areas. warmer into the weekend. upper 80's to low 09's for the inland cities. retired patriots star has a new business venture and wants professional sports leagues to buy in. how he said it made a difference for him.
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. stocks are lower wiping out earlier gains. financial stocks are down the most. tech and health care stocks also falling. we see the dow is down by almost 100 points losing more than a third of a percent. nasdaq act the same. president trump is back at the white house right now after three days of talking at the g7 summit. world leaders have been pressuring the united states to end it's long trade dispute with china because it's hurting the global economy. the president hassin sifted new trade talks continue with china but he said there is no timetable for completing a deal. he has not backed down from a plan to impose new
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tariffs starting this sunday. >> sorry. it's the way i negotiate. it's the way i negotiate. it's done very well for me. >> analysts and economists remain skeptical that a new deal can be reached reached. youtube said it'll not negotiate with the youtubers union about how it regulates content. it's made up of creators and influencers on the platform. it reportedly wants more transparency. how . >> they want to be able to post a video and run ads regardless of how many viewers or followers they have so they get equal share. right now youtube decides this video is appropriate and can make money so we will let it run ads. >> youtube said it has taken steps to address the union's concerns but won't negotiate the full list
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of demands. phillip morris are in talks to reunite. phillip morris confirmed it's in discussions about a potential merger. they have invested in juul and cannabis. analysts suspected they would merge as the tobacco industry is changing. -- while pushing leagues to accept the treatments. he said that his goal is to help athletes recover from sports related industries. is he partnering with ab about acus health to help develop his new line and said they have helped him deal with pain from his football injuries. >> a few months ago by my dad introduced me to a cbd product. i was blown away with how well it worked. i'm here today to appeal to the
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sports bodies to update their positions on cbd. >> he said that it's time for professional sports leagues to allow players to use cbd products to treat their injuries. as students head back to school a new list is showing the most valuable college majors. bank rate ranked 162-degrees in order of the median income and unemployment rate. marine engineering took the stop spot. it'll likely grow 12% in the next seven years. also in the top five, nuclear engineering, pharmacy sciences and administration. genetics and electric engineering. on the other end of the list, the two least valuable majors, drama and theater arts and visual and preforming arts. the trade war did not stop chinese shoppers from swarming the first costc to open in chain a. they posted photographs of the huge crowds as well as the
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lines of people waiting outside. signs were posted warning shoppers that they may have to wait three hours just to park. by the afternoon they were forced to close early due to what it called public safety concerns. putting the brakes on people trying to cheat through the toll booth at the bay bridge. a big difference a program is making. the trump administration proposing another new rule that could limit the number of immigrants allowed into the united states. i will those details coming up. the weather's perfect... family is all together and we switched to geico; saved money on our boat insurance. how could it get any better than this? dad, i just caught a goldfish! there's no goldfish in this lake.
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. let's get back to the breaking news where all lanes of westbound 580 at the highway 24 interchange are still shut down. these are pictures we took from high above the scene about an hour ago. 580 is closed at telegraph due to police activity. traffic is being diverted to highway 24 eastbound or 980 westbound. we are still working to confirm reports of a police chase in the area. the incident was first reported after ten this morning and chp officers have yet to give us any information as to what led to the 580 closure. they say they have not time frame as to when it'll reopen. i just checked ktvu traffic maps and it's back up
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for a couple of miles. keep this in mind as we are almost almost in the beginning of the afternoon commute. san francisco firefighters evacuated a seven story market street office building after an electric fire broke out in the basement. it was first reported around nine near market and 6th. firefighters were able to put the fire out just before 11:00 a.m. no injuries were reported. the trump administration is defending a new rule to let the head of the court system, to overrule immigration judges. >> it follows another controversial new regulation to allow indefinite detention offamilies. >> reporter: the president announcing a new rule to let the head of the immigration court system to decide certain cases and overrule immigration judges. it comes just days after another controversial new proposal to allow indefinite
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detainment for undocumented families including children who have crossed illegally. they said it's about keeping families together. >> it'll make sure the families held together and here is a quick false narrative. it's not about indefinite detention. that's a lie. >> reporter: democrats on capitol hill are united in their opposition with some calling the new rule racist. a number of states including california are mounting legal challenges and some lawmakers say they are taking steps to make sure no new child detention facilities are opened. >> its clear these facilities do not work. we have had multiple children die in the care of the united states government. question have unaccountable private contract he or. >> reporter: officials say they are still in crisis mode with thousands packed into over crowded holding facilities or sent back
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to mexico to wait for a hearing. >> the only thing we want here, let us cross. you can't force us to ask for shelter here. we didn't come here to take ref guay. we came here to migrate. >> it's expected to take effect in 60 days. in washington. ktvu fox 2 news. to new video from the border patrol along the border showing a new wall being built. this is drone video taken in arizona about three hours east of san diego. it's 18 feet tall. the old was ten feet high. the new wall is three layers thick. construction is expected to be done by early october. money come from the president's emergency announcement along the border. now to new surveillance slid released by police of sunday's smash and grab at the great mall. police say surveillance images show the robbers right there inside of a jewelry store. they escaped later in a black
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sedan. people ran for covers thinking the sound of breaking glass was gun shots but no shots were fired and no arres have been made. in san francisco police arrested two people in connection with that shooting on market and 6th. the shooting that was caught on camera. an 18-year-old and 21-year-old were arrested. both were captured in the city of oakland. police say that security and cell phone video showed them firing shots toward a crowd of people during the busy evening commute. it happened during a night nearby. santa clara medical center in san jose said that two patient from the gilroy garlic shooting is still in the hospital. one is in fair condition, the other didn't want information released. the valley medical center received seven patient from the shooting. all of them were wounded by gun fire. be saturday night an
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unmarked police vehicle was rushing to a burglar call when it jumped the curb and hit a bus shelter, hitting a police officer on the scene and injuring one of the two burglary suspects. the officer was release from the hospital yesterday. police say the second suspect was booked in to the county jail and faces charges including burglary and resisting arrest. there are fewer toll cheat on bay area bridges because of a new law that came out after a ktvu investigation. the bay area toll authority is already getting back millions of dollars that in the past would have been lost revenue. >> reporter: more money is rolling in as vehicles roll by. >> its been dramatic. >> reporter: no longer is it legal for vehicles to have paper dealer plates on new cars which allow drivers to go unidentified by cameras and avoid paying tolls.
12:35 pm
>> the year ago we were losing roughly a million dollars a month in toll revenue at the toll bridges. that number has been reduced to about 250,000. >> reporter: john goodwin is spokesman for the metropolitan transportation commission which oversees all toll bridges. he said since the temporary dmv license plate program took effect they have seen a dramatic 79% drop in the crossings, from 190,000 a month to 40,000 vehicles in may. each toll crossing costs from four dollars to $7 adding up to a lot of money. >> if remain taken the current pace it'll increase toll revenue until approximately $11 million. >> reporter: they found the state was losing $11 million per year in
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uncollected tolls. they said that so far they have had no problems with the new temporary plate system. >> the new system so learning that. that has been smooth. >> reporter: california registered 1.3 million temporary plates for new vehicles from january through may but goodwin said there have been some problems including plates printed within consistent lettering, cameras not being able to read the state name, a lack of glue on the bottom letting them flip up and the expiration date being to small to read. ktvu fox 2 news. the beginning of a new school year is the most danger out time for college students. more than half of assaults happen between august and november.
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college women between the ages of 18 and 24 will three times more like likely to experience sexual violence. they say colleges need to do more. west oakland is getting a new affordable housing complex in the form of a preassembled apartment building. it's a five story project called the union going up on 5th street. normally a building this size would take a year to complete. the pieces are premade and put together at a factory in vallejo and then trucked out to the building site. that means less impact on the surrounding neighborhood and some of the units will cost less to rent than a normally built building. >> you will see much less impact with trucks, people parking, you can build 30% more or have lower rent or bomb. >> monthly rents in the building will range from 1800 for a studio to $2,800 for a two bedroom.
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update to a report that we recent brought to you about a 6-year-old who was a skilled artist. >> >> okay. great. >> eric jackson the manager of the sprint store in sunny val greats april little field. the 6-year-old from oakland thinks he is going shopping with miss grandmother. he had no idea what was in story for him. >> you can get a high five >> yeah. >> you look familiar. do you know me >> the first grader caught the attention of jackson earlier this month when we did a story about him at a youth art exhibit. his drawings of sonic showed a skill level beyond his years and attracted a lot of views on social media. he sold hits paintings to save for an ip ad. >> don't get that many that want to save for
12:39 pm
something. most kids get money and are side tracked by the next pair of jordans. you draw sonic >> jackson said he sees him in devon. jackson said he was taught by his family to help others when he can. >> who taught you how to do that >> nobody. >> no. >> that's cool. how can i get one of hose >> in exchange for a painting he gifted devon with an apple pen and i-pad. >> here you go. >> man. >> does that work for you >> thank you. >> you are welcome. you got to show the world what you got. you are special. what will you do for it there you go. >> devon was generous to. >> thank you. thank you. >> i'm really surprised. thank you so much.
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>> his grandmother said she wanted him to learn to give and not only receive. that she is grateful to jackson for his generosity. >> it's touching someone would want to help him and complete stranger. never heard which played
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everything from punk rock to ind i, rock will become a sports talk radio station and change their call letters. >> we spoke to radio fans and former dj's about what happened to kfog. >> i cut my teeth on quality radio. >> a commercial from 104.5 early days in the 1980's. the station paired the sound of a fog happy with its call letters. one of the many ways it paid tribute to san francisco in the bay area. the long time rock radio station will no longer exist. on september 6th it'll start playing sports radio. it's call letters will change for good. >> that's disappointing. the bay area is such a great history of music and -- you feel like kfog is a little
12:45 pm
bit of the stitching to hold the fabric together. >> it keeps us uniquely san francisco. i will miss them. >> in a statement about the change the company market manager said that it's never easy to say good-bye to a station. we want to thank everybody who together made them a be loved station so many of us had the opportunity to enjoy. since the 08's the station played everything from the beatles and classic rock to alternative rock in the 90's to ind ie rock bands from the last ten to 15 years. it had hundreds of fans registered with the station as fog heads. rick stuart worked with them for ten years. >> kfog could play with a wide variety of music and could play class be artists. the listeners would let us do that. we can go from lobos to ind ie rock and it all just worked for -- for this magical time which was a long time. >>
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upper 70's for oakland. 99 antioch. into the south bay. upper 80's. san jose. 7 by the water in santa cruz.
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we have a cooldown thursday, friday, upper 7o's around the bay. we will warm it up into the labor day weekend. still not bad. upper 60's expected along the coastline. back to you. >> thank you. a remainder for those using the airport next movement the busiest runway will be closed for most of september for a repair and repaving project. with the runway out of commission flights leaving after nine in the morning could be delayed between 30 minutes and two hours. united the american said that they will let passengers rebook without a fee. a bigproject is happening along highway 17. it's a joint project.
12:50 pm
over the next four months brush, grasses, will be removed. officials say that drivers could face delays while crews work. monday through friday, nine through five. a similar project has been going on in lafayette for several weeks. up in the north bay happening today crews closing parts of northbound silv era do trail to fix a large retaining wall that is he replacing a collapsed hill it. started an hour ago at silv era do trail. they will pour concrete. northbound and southbound traffic will alternate. at three this afternoon only southbound traffic is allowed. no northbound traffic is allowed until after three until the work is complete. the public library and 49ers are teaming up to create a new kind of library card. ian williams and team mascot
12:51 pm
helped launch the new card this morning. the new card wills be free to the public and available at all 25 branches of the san jose public library system. i love this next story. it is a new report that reveals the benefits of baking. up next why sharing your home made treats is good for your mental health. you've still got game.
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at aetna, we find that inspiring.
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but to stay on top of your game takes a plan. that's why aetna takes a total approach to health and wellness. with medicare solutions designed to help you age actively. aetna medicare solutions. . take a look at the market before the closing of that bell on this tuesday afternoon. you can see market came out positive out of the gate but turned a couple hours later. you can see the dow jones down a hundred points. the nahs tack and s&p500 also in the negative. happening today the governor's wife first partner will host a panel for women in college to make sure they get paid the same amount as
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with miss large fan base rumors
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are swirling that he would sign with the team. with the team. serena williams dominated at the united states open. it took her 59 minutes to win last night. it was the first match up at the united states open. shernell 19th straight win since 2004. tomorrow she will face a 17- year-old american. coming up today at four we are working to learn more about what led to officials shutting down westbound 580 in oakland. >> today at four the latest on the investigation and police activity that led to this midday traffic jam. on 580 right by the 24 interchange. a popular hiking trail is partly reopened after a family of mountain lions was spotted and caught on camera. a mother and her cubs were spotted last week so rangeerns closed the park. they tweeted now saying that eight miles of trails east of the farm are open as well at the farm
12:56 pm
itself. back country trails remain closed to give the mountain lions room. the rangers urge all park visitors sea to stay alert. now to gasia's favorite story. a new report said that bicing can be good for your mental health. >> and the newsroom appreciates it. it's another good excuse to fire up the oven because it can help you tap into your creative side. they say that the expression and focus can help you manage your stress. baking for others did help you explain your feelings. they describe how people bring food to loved ones dealing the loss and say it can be helpful for those who have a hard time expressing their emotions. if i bring you banana bread you should know i care about you. >> or lemon bars. >> or cookies. >> i bring my son's refused cookies to the newsroom. >> every time i do toll house
12:57 pm
i feel great. >> it's hostage. >> usually when i eat them. >> we are a good pair. i bake, you eat. we will see you at four.
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>> a charming, manipulative, good-looking guy lured women to their deaths. dr. oz: the death row interview you have not heard. >> he grabbed my tape recorder and began talking. dr. oz: his own words that will hot you. >> it was clear he wanted to relive these experiences. dr. oz: oh, my goodness. dr. oz: coming up next. dr. oz: season 10 starts now. dr. oz:


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