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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  August 27, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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the bus was stolen just before noon today. a person spotted it abandoned in berkeley three hours later. good evening. i'm julie haener . >> i'm frank somerville. witnesses say the man who stole the shuttlebus was a th state of the is authoritative but never pulled a weapon and no one was hurt. live coverage from alyana gomez at the international terminal in san francisco. >> reporter: good evening, frank and julie. the shuttlebus, the sky park shuttlebus pulled up to the international terminal and passengers were getting on and off the bus. that is when the man in street clothes came up, as he said, very authoritative saying hey, everybody get off the bus. nobody is getting on. another shuttle will come and pick you up. he told the driver he was getting on and taking the bus home. everybody says the entire ordeal was very bizarre. his behavior was strange but he was never violent. it was a busy tuesday at sfo's international terminal just before noon. a sky park shuttlebus loading and unloading passengers and luggage was suddenly carjacked. >> the gentleman with street close got on the bus and asked
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passengers and the driver to get off. and he said he was going to take the bus and go home. >> reporter: sky parks president says the female driver what with two years of experience was confused and tried to use the radio to call someone but the man reportedly told her not to and order everyone off the that the bus. we are told he never brandished a weapon and no one was her . >> he went right over and said -- just stole a bus. >> reporter: the thief even asked the bus driver how to shut the doors because he could not figure it up at the driver declined to help him. three hours later, the bus was found abandoned near seventh and ashley in berkeley and towed away. the suspect was seen walking eastbound on sb towards san pablo. he is described as a white man in his late 20s, early 30s wearing a black t-shirt and black shorts . >> i hope the airport with all their video surveillance will pick something up. >> reporter: sky parks president says in their 32 years of shuttle service to
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their airport parking facility, nothing like this has ever happened. if anyone has information on the suspect, there asked to call the san mateo county sheriff's office who we are told is investigating. live at the sfo tonight, alyana gomez, ktvu fox2 news. drivers of rideshare cars rallied today in front of uber headquarters in san francisco, pushing for better working conditions. ktvu's christien kafton tells us it was a noisy demonstration that tied up traffic on market street and also featured a surprise guest appearance. >> reporter: rideshare drivers honked their horns and block traffic on market street in front of four uber headquarters. they are aimed at making it tougher for employers to classify workers as independent contractors meeting the company is not required to cover them with benefits. latasha drove all the way from los angeles to show support for federal gig workers . >> the union would be for me that i can get healthcare, fair
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wages, and i feel we deserve that. >> reporter: in a surprise for the crowd, democratic candidate for president, south bend indiana mayor, pete footage pete butigieg showed up and took the microphone . >> do we want a better future for everybody working whether it is full time in a traditional company or not? will we stand up for that? i think the answer is yes. >> yes! >> reporter: organizers say those workers provided services for tech companies, gig workers including drivers and delivery people deserve to be treated like traditional employees making minimum wage and benefits and they are a growing part of the economy . >> uber happens to be the biggest and there is a spotlight shining on them and that is why we are here today making an example out of them. >> reporter: uber release a statement saying "the flexibility of gig work is why
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so many people choose to drive for the company and drivers should not have to sacrifice security for that flexibility. that is why we have been working with stakeholders to find a path forward that provides the minimum earnings guaranteed for drivers, a robust package of portable benefits they can access no matter which rideshare company they drive for." they did not say the company supports ab five. pete butigieg says he not only supports ab 5 but wants to take it forward . >> my goal is to do this nationally but i'm glad there is leadership on the ground. >> reporter: drivers say the plan is to caravan on to sacramento to take the message to state political leaders. ab 5 has passed the assembly. the appropriations committee is set to decide this friday whether the bill will go before the full senate for a vote. christien kafton, ktvu fox2 news. not to oakland where interstate 580 has reopened after a chase ended after a crash and police shooting that
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had the westbound lanes shut down for several hours today. it started around 11:00 this morning in dublin. a chp officer saw a chevy impala driving recklessly. the driver refused to stop and the pursuit lead into oakland. at one point, the impala driver tried to make its way between an east bay transit bus and a concrete railing of the freeway and got stuck. the chp says the driver began ramming the bus as well as the chp vehicle that tried to block the driver in. one of the chp officers fired a shot. it did not hit anyone. officers were finally able to arrest that driver. westbound interstate 580 at the 24 interchange finally reopened around four clock this afternoon. the chp says the suspect appeared to be under the influence of drugs. tonight, san jose police officer is recovering from injuries he suffered after being bitten on the arm and dragged by a car during a traffic stop. it happened late last night near alma avenue and almaden
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boulevard. police say the officer stopped a suspicious vehicle and approached the male driver. the driver then put the officer on the arm and drove off. the driver dragged the officer about 30 feet. the officer was treated and released. police say they found the suspect's car later but still have not been able to locate the driver. new details from san francisco where prosecutors say they will drop some of the charges against him and seen on video attacking woman outside of a condo building. 25-year-old austin vincent was charged with battery, attempted robbery and false improvement in the attack on august 11. then, of the people came forward accusing him of pulling a knife on them as they were getting into a rideshare in the city in february. vincent public defender says he has proof that vincent was in southern california at the time. he is also planning to go before the judge tomorrow to ask that vincent be released from jail with an ankle monitor to get treatment. to the south bay where a landlord is behind bars tonight after police say she took extreme measures to try to evict her tenants in mountain view.
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ktvu's maureen naylor tells us a total of five south bay residents are facing charges in a dispute that turned into a criminal investigation >> reporter: police it is landlord went to drastic measures to evict a family of five that had not paid the rent on her rental property in mountain view. >> i guess for disputes related to rent, she wanted to evict the family so she called a friend who rounded up additional individuals and brought them to the home that evening with the intent of physically removing the family from the home. >> reporter: around 8:15 monday, the landlord and 4 san jose residents came to the mountain view duplex on the 2400 block of rock street and staged a home invasion . >> that i heard somebody tried to kick the door down. >> this neighbor heard the commotion making dinner. >> reporter: w >> you see the metal gate and where they tried to break the door down.
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4 the tenants who did not want to speak on camera showed the damaged door. they told ktvu they recently moved to mountain view from the east coast and were inside the home talking to their teenaged children about their day at school when the power went out and someone tried to kick in the door. police of the landlord illegally shut off the power and her associate used a knife to try to break in the front door. >> there were all these methods being done to force those individuals out by fear and ultimately with a knife incident. >> reporter: the family was able to safely escape of the back door. neighbors say the unit, like many others around here was often used as an airbnb rental. >> where i live now, there are several units because they can undersell the hotels around here. but yeah, it is a common thing in this neighborhood. >> reporter: the tenants say
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the landlord asked if they wanted to go off the website for this arrangement. she, along with her 4 associates now face a range of charges including burglary, attempted robbery and conspiracy to commit a crime. >> there are safe, civil measures that can be taken and unfortunately, she went to scare tactics and as a result, all of them were arrested. >> reporter: the victims in the case are looking for a new place to live. they hope to move out by the end of the week. in mountain view, maureen naylor, ktvu fox2 news. we are following developing news right now from marin county. pru crews are battling a small wildfire near the community of woodacre right now. sky fox flew over the scene a short time ago. marin county fire says the flames have now burned about 10 acres and the fire is 30% contained. there are no homes in the immediate area. crews are fighting the frames from fighting the flames from the air and the ground. coming up, a plea from the mayor of oakland and a councilman to keep the streets
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clean. why one city councilman says not enough is being done and he wants military troops to get involved. report tonight that president trump is scheduled to make a trip to the bay area in september. what is expected to do when he is here. we will take a look at dorian which is a tropical storm and could be a hurricane by labor day weekend. we are looking at a red flag warning in the mountains of the sierra nevada for the lightning strikes. we will talk about that when i return as well. 60 women shared their stories in court about how they were allegedly sexually abused at the hands of jeffrey epstein. i'm bryan llenas in new york with details on what prosecutors plan to do next next. a look at the tuesday evening commute on the san mateo bridge. traffic is moving pretty well tonight, taking about 30 minutes to get from foster city to hayward. ktvu news at 6:00 will be right back. we are here to discuss jessie's online time.
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oakland city councilman, noel gallo says he is so sick of trash in criminal behavior on the street that he is calling on the mayor and police to get tough. rob roth talked with gallo and business owners to find a what conditions are really like in one neighborhood . >> >> reporter: bruce don has owned this auto repair shop for more than 30 years and he says between the homeless camps, blight and break-ins, his business is down about 25% . >> very unsafe. very uncomfortable. >> reporter: two weekends ago, his security cameras caught a man pulling up in a truck and dumping trash in an alley outside the shop.
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he has sent the video to police. 10 days later, the trash is still sitting right where it was dumped. the refrigerator ended up in a homeless encampment. oakland city councilman, noel gallo showed us the needles volunteers picked up just last weekend. he says he is frustrated and angry at the condition of many of the streets in his district. >> we are losing businesses. we are losing customers. and i need people to stay in oakland, create jobs and at the end, pay taxes. otherwise, we are going to be going downhill when it comes to maintaining a quality city. gallo says he would like to see military recruiters working offices in the neighborhood to volunteer for neighborhood cleanups but mostly, he believes the city has been some too soft in dealing with homelessness and blight. he is calling on the mayor and police to be more aggressive in making the streets cleaner and safer . >> sleeping on the sidewalk, the law is very clear. it is a pedestrian walkway. you cannot just lay there, go to the bathroom on the sidewalk when you want to, whenever you want to because that it is a
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sidewalk that belongs to all of us. >> reporter: with a nonprofit, eastern collective which services, they say put police is not the solution . >> offer harm reduction, addressed drug and mental health issues. tackle those service based and humanity needs first before you look at more police. >> reporter: under mayor libby schaaf, the city has looked to increase services and move some encampments into communities as a temporary measure but that needle dumping continues . >> oakland changed back 50% to what it used to be it would be a great city to live in. >> reporter: in oakland, rob roth, ktvu fox2 news. san jose mayor, sam liccardo today unveiled a series of measures aimed at making it easier for homeowners to build additional housing on their property. the new program is designed to streamline the process that constructs what they called granny flats. they can now select from
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several preapproved plans that enables units to go up faster. this in response to the growing highland housing crisis in the silicon valley. we are checking out a big weather story, sort of a weather headline for the east coast, tropical storm dorian. the tropical storm is going over puerto rico between the dominican republic here in the next 24 hours. as a tropical storm, however, some models suggest it will develop into a hurricane if it does not lose a lot of the power as it goes over the islands. that would be, in this area of miami, by the weekend. it is the labor day weekend, a long weekend so this could potentially be a category one hurricane as it moves into the east side of florida. we will watch it. a lot can happen. when these things move across islands like the dominican republic and puerto rico, puerto rico has like an 8000 foot peak so these forms follow
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storms fall apart quickly. we will know a lot in the next 24 to 36 hours how it makes it through their. if it comes through intact, it could bring trouble to florida. if not, it could be a wet event. for us, we are seeing what events in lake tahoe which is moving into a red flag warning because of all of the moisture. there's a chance of instability , a thunderstorm, and dry lining before us, that is occurring over lake tahoe. they do have red flag warnings in effect there are today to tomorrow because of fire concerns. the daytime highs from today, tomorrow will be a little cooler and when we come back will take a closer look at the thunderstorms around the lake and what you can expect for wednesday. president trump is reportedly headed to california for para-fundraisers according to political. the president will visit san francisco and l.a. in mid-september. we have reached out to the
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white house for more information but have not heard back. the president made a rare visit to california back in april where he attended a $15,000 plate fundraiser in beverly hills. northern california man convicted in a stabbing death has been exonerated after 28 years in prison. a northern california innocence project says the man was exonerated on friday. this comes after newly discovered evidence including an old confession from the true killer. them and was the first of several people try to the 1991 murder of gary summer at a campground in trinity county. the innocence project says his conviction was based on the testimony of a 9-year-old boy who had been coached by a therapist and detectives. a rather pled guilty to a 2007 gun charge ending his legal case. with the plea deal, all other charges are dropped and he will not spend any more time in prison or on probation.
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robin williams, the wrappers will name has been a center of criminal justice reform after spending most of his adult life on probation or in prison in connection to a 2007 arrest. he is now working with rapper, jay-z on a campaign to promote criminal justice reform. in new york, a judge gave jeffrey epstein's accusers there get day in court. after epstein's suicide, prosecutors asked for the sex trafficking charges against him to be dropped. fox news, bryan llenas says 16 women spoke out today in the unusual and very emotional hearing. >> today is a day of power, and strength. >> reporter: alleged sexual abuse victims of jeffrey epstein appeared in manhattan in a courtroom for an emotional hearing, telling their stories about the accused six afficker . >> it is pre-and powering and it is also pretty upsetting to see how many lives he has devastated . >> it was so powerful in their hearing the other victims and very similar stories that i have endured. it still is going to be a rough
6:20 pm
word. >> reporter: prosecutors requesting to have the indictment against the 66-year- old dismissed nearly 2 weeks after he committed suicide by hanging himself in a jail cell. he was being held without bail after having pled not guilty to sex trafficking charges. a judge chose to hold the hearing to give alleged victims a chance to speak . >> it does not end their feelings. they were manipulated and victimized. they were child victims. of mr. epstein. >> reporter: 16 of epstein's alleged victims chose to speak in court on tuesday including virginia defray. >> it is not that he died but how he left. >> reporter: the case against epstein has not been officially dismissed, the defense asking the court to investigate epstein's death as are the alleged victims. the medical examiner's conclusion that he died by suicide is in question.
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prosecutors concluded investigations into epstein's possible co-conspirators are ongoing and will continue. in new york, bryan llenas, fox news. and east bay high school teacher is under arrest. richmond police say a teacher at richmond high was taken into custody last night. the teachers accused of having an inappropriate relationship with an underage student. police say the investigation is ongoing. charges have not yet been filed. after the break, new video of a deadly crash involving a stolen car that ended up killing two children. what we are learning about the man accused of starting at all. also the craze over a fried chicken sandwich. fast food chain, popeyes says they are sold out for now. we will explain, coming up. transitioning from summer to school can be difficult. on mornings on 2, we will talk with the health and wellness expert on handling the stress. plus fox 2 takes you behind-
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the city of dayton, ohio is dealing with another tragedy tonight. this is weeks after the mass shooting in that city. police say a stabbing suspect, did a police car last night and sped to the city, downtown area, before crashing into several cars. two children were killed and at least 11 other people injured. police say they used a taser moments after the squad car was stolen but that failed to stop the suspect. >> the taser was deployed twice. the first time, it struck and he went five seconds. he was trying to comply someone. then it was deployed a second time when it was ineffective. >> the suspects survived and is facing murder charges. investigators say he has a long rap sheet and they believe he was high on drugss at the time of last nights deadly crash. happening now, how spiegel house speaker nancy pelosi is hosting a town hall meeting on gun violence prevention at lincoln high school in san francisco. others speaking at the event include california's surgeon general and shannon watts, the founder of mom's demand action. congressman spear said mom's demand now has a larger membership than the nra and she called once again for universal background checks, saying they
6:26 pm
are a no-brainer. >> ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30 is next with accusation of stolen trade secrets that the case involving two of the bay area's big tech companies and the self driving technology. the warriors officially moved to just go. who will catch up with team owner joe lake of about the warriors do home and he says changes good. also a, tropical storm dorian plowing through the caribbean and gaining strength as it gets closer to puerto rico. will show you preparations going on there right now. geico makes it easy to get help when i need it.
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now to our top stories. westbound interstate 580 was close for several hours this afternoon at the interchange with highway 24 as an adult a police chase. chp officer tried to stop a chevy impala that was driving recklessly. the impala got stuck trying to squeeze between an east bay transit bus in the concrete
6:30 pm
willing. police said one of the officers fired a shot after the driver tried to ram their car. no one was hit. the driver was arrested. a shuttlebus was going to seminole around noon and found abandoned. three hours later across the bay in berkeley. witnesses say the man ordered the driver and passengers to get off the bus. and he drove away. he never managed a weapon. no one was hurt. right here drivers are rallying for better working conditions as part of a statewide protest. about 200 drivers protested outside uber headquarters on market street in the city today. they are rallying in support of assembly bill 5 which when classified drivers as employee th would give them basic protections such as a minimum ways, health insurance, and paid sick days. you are watching ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30. the u.s. attorney in san francisco has charged an engineer a google for stealing
6:31 pm
thousands of files. he quit and went to work for uber. >> those trade secrets are worth hundreds of millions of dollars. jesse gary was in court and has more. >> reporter: for several years, anthony leventhal made a name for himself. now his freedom is on the line as he is accused of stealing trade secrets. >> the evidence is going to show conclusively that anthony did not feel anything. >> reporter: to say, federal prosecutors detailed allocations that levandowski stole thousands of dollars of technology. he had worked as an autonomous vehicle engineer for google and quit in 2015. after quitting four years ago, he formed his own company, which was purchased by in in 2016. federal officials are charging levandowski with 33 counts of
6:32 pm
trade secrets theft for using uber to use words on technology. >> all of us generally speaking are free to move from job to job. >> reporter: the files that levandowski took to stop a civil lawsuit between google and uber. was ultimately settled when uber paid google $250 million. more than a year later, he is being charged with theft. neither company is mentioned in the play. what the federal government is saying is that this was not just a civil wrong. this was also criminal because it was so blatant, and it affects the ability of companies to automate and to be innovative. >> reporter: he will be back in for september 4 asked prosecutors seek to show he is not trying to hide part of his fortune estimated at $100 million. downtown san jose, jesse gary. the details night in the
6:33 pm
oxycontin maker purdue pharma. they have offered to pay billions of dollars to settle the lawsuits. the proposal immersed for mediation hearings. more than 2000 lawsuits have all been combined into one massive case. the lawsuits say purdue pharma is responsible for starting and continuing the opioid crisis. it comes one day after a judge in oklahoma found johnson and johnson viable for misleading consumers about opioids and issued a judgment for more than $500 million. second office building in san francisco was evacuated after a fire broke out in a basement electrical fall. the fire was reported at 9 am on market street. crews say smoke was coming from several floors. the six-story building was evacuated while chris handles what turned out to be a tricky
6:34 pm
fire because it was in a an electrical fall. you cannot use water to put it out. >> we have an assignment along with members of pg&e to help us turn off the electricity, which is a battery pack as well as general electrical components. >> fortunately, no one was hurt. parker street was shut down between 5th and 8th for a couple of hours. nearly 6 million reusable water bottles for children are being recalled because of concerns about choking. the recall involves the cleanable water bottles. the company says the seal comes about as a hazard. there have been no injuries reported. they received reports of this about detaching and being found in children's mounts. bottles were sold at major retailers including target, walmart, and cosco. it was a cross-country road trip of a different sort.
6:35 pm
today a specialized autonomous car and three research lab employees rolled into the santa clara convention center following a 2000-mile road trip to minneapolis. they were testing the adaptive cruise control and a new technology meant to keep the car in one lane under challenging circumstances. the goal was to see how the car's technology operated in varying terrain, weather, and driving conditions. >> we are a research company. our job is to really understand how this stuff works and try to find where the gaps are, where the weaknesses are. >> the coroner's automated system took control of accelerating, breaking, and steering during most of the trip. the car traveled from minneapolis through south dakota, utah, and nevada. the trip ended at the drive world expoattendees were able to check out the car there and take demonstrated rides. coming out, gavin newsom promoting a free college
6:36 pm
tuition program. his message to students stay in sacramento. the city of l.a. taking a stand against a bill that would extend holy bars to sell alcohol. in the human brain, billions of neurons play in harmony.
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yes, it senses your movements and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. save 50% on the sleep number 360 limited edition smart bed. plus 0% interest for 24 months on all beds. only for a limited time. governor newsom visited a community college to highlight a program that gives free tuition to first-time steps. he visited the classroom to tell students about the first
6:39 pm
time program. he had talked to the free tuition idea when he was campaigning for governor. >> it's not just a promotion, a political promise. it is actually happening. it is achievable. if california can do a, every other state in the nation can do it. >> the state budget earmarks $42 million to help out thousands of eligible community college does. the los angeles city council is on the record now is opposing a measure to allow some bars to stay open as late as 4 am. san francisco state senator scott weiner authored senate bill 58. it would allow mine cities up and down the state to extend last call if they want to. san francisco and oakland are the only bay area cities on the list. opponents on the l.a. city council say the bill would put innocent people at an increased risk from drunk drivers. a major court ruling on abortion today out of misery. a u.s. district judge blocked most of the state's new law banning most abortions while a
6:40 pm
legal challenge is being heard. planned parenthood and the american civil liberties union of missouri argued that the law is unconstitutional. the law would have taken effect tomorrow. it would ban abortions after eight weeks of pregnancy. it also calls for doctors who perform abortions to face prison time. we are tracking the tropical storm dorian which will cause problems on the east coast this weekend and a chance of a thundershower even in the bay area. we will talk about that in the red flag warning around lake tahoe. alex is in the newsroom with a look at some of the stories we are looking at. >> we are learning more tonight about the los angeles county sheriff's deputy who authorities they lied last week when he said he had been shot by a sniper. what investigators are now thing about his past. if you want to live in mark zuckerberg's former dix, the
6:41 pm
original facebook house, this may be your chance. we will tell you how much a room is going four. we will have stories and more coming up tonight live at 7. after the break, bracing for couples from dorian. it is heading for puerto rico and gathering hurricane strength. another live look outside here in the bay area. you can say it looks all right. >> [ music ]
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puerto rico is bracing for tropical storm dorian of heavy rain is pounding the caribbean. >> the storm is expected to reach the island on thursday. we have a look at how people there are preparing. back tropical storm dorian making his way to the eastern caribbean tuesday. the storm is expected to dump 10 inches of rain in some parts of the wimmer violence. the national hurricane center says dorian brings maximum sustained winds nearing 50 miles per hour. forecasters expect the storm to strengthen as it nears puerto rico. >> this is not a good place to be in the next two or three days. the good news is, this will be a fast start. this will come through in six or seven hours. >> reporter: dorian has caused power outages and downed trees in barbados. it is expected to hit the dominican republic and puerto rico wednesday night. crowds of people in grocery stores stocking up supplies ahead of its arrival. >> when a storm comes, we are
6:45 pm
much worried about what is going to become. >> reporter: folks in puerto rico are still worried about hurricane maria. they are not taking any chances. >> the whole island has been traumatized. you have to take that in consideration. >> reporter: search and rescue teams in florida are being deployed to assist. a model of the storm shows it closing in on 40 by the weekend. people there already taking precautions in case dorian makes his way to them. >> don't overly plan. it is still not for sure. but just prepare a little. >> reporter: puerto rico's governor signing a state of emergency. she is urging people to prepare and stay in a shelter if needed. let's go over to bill to find out the latest on dorian. how bad is it expected to be? >> it really depends on the next 36 hours. it moves between these
6:46 pm
landmasses between rico in the dominican republic. if this thing hits enough land, it will fall apart and low strength. if it slips to the middle, if the track moves through the window, it could develop in the warm water into a hurricane. assuming a tropical storm, it could be a category 1 hurricane as it moves up to the bahamas in the florida area. really, the story on dorian will be in the next 36 hour we will know a whole lot. the models will change depending on how much is gained or lost by the impact that those islands. right now it is a tropical storm, which is still a lot of rain, but is not a hurricane. that could all change quickly, or he could become even weaker. 98 degrees right now in fairfield. 98 in antioch. cooler today than yesterday by a couple of degrees. i mentioned a red flag warning. not for heat, but for lightning strikes up around the kirkley
6:47 pm
area, deer valley. we were not sing a lot of rain with the systems. you will get the potential for a fire. lightning strikes on the slope of the sierra, nevada. truckee had a good run with the rain. we have a chance in the bay area on the clouds and the moisture slip one by us onshore, for a thunderstorm to develop late tonight, early tomorrow morning , in the north bay mainly. it will slide up into the main core of this thing and trigger some energy. warm atmosphere. you might see enough lift to create a thunderstorm whiteside early tomorrow morning. there's a red flag warning. 80 degrees in fairfield right now. 91 in concorde. the temperatures are cooler than yesterday.
6:48 pm
there is a bit of a seabreeze. there will be a little bit more of a seabreeze tomorrow. temperatures will follow suit and be cooler. i think tomorrow will be upper 80s and 90s. not 90s and low 100. definitely a cooler day with fog along the coast. vacaville will be the ones what it 93. 92 in antioch and brentwood. kind of an interesting day. you notice the humidity day, too. around 1 pm, the humidity has doubled in some places. 35%. that is a lot. that is not if you are in dallas, but that is a lot here. you notice it. a little more humid tomorrow. back off on the humidity tomorrow. the weekend looks good. fire agencies across the state are stepping up efforts to remove vegetation as we move into the most dangerous part of
6:49 pm
the california fire season. a special firefighting team is working to chop down trees as part of a massive fire prevention program. this crew worked all day in the town of colfax in placer county in triple digit heat. the army national guard as part of this team, which is called the auburn acorns. >> if you look at the acorn, it is a seat. as it grows, it becomes one of the biggest, strongest trees there is. that is how we are as a unit. we started out as a little almost nothing. we worked together. our unit cohesion is so good right now. we are unstoppable. >> the best special firefighting team was formed after last year's camp fire. 87 people were killed and more than 14,000 people -- holdings were destroyed in butte county. popeyes said it has run out of his new spicy chicken
6:50 pm
sandwiches. it became a national phenomenon over the last two weeks with long lines at many stores. today the company posted online, the new sandwiches completely sold out. in a clever bit of marketing, they asked customers to sign up for their applet they want to find out when the sandwiches coming back. > the giants portrays with a second basement who they traded for earlier this season. the darling of wimbledon now making her mark at the u.s. open. be sure to turn it back for the resident at 8 followed by an all-new episode of first responders at 9. that is followed by the news. ♪
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leave the structure, call 911, keep people away, and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe. changes on the giants. a cool story that are the called back. >> ever-changing roster for the san francisco giants. is a fluid is an understatement. first we will start with the end of the scooter jeanette era. he is gone. he was here barely a month before the giants decided to release him today. if you don't recall, scooter jeanette was picked up in a trade at the trade deadline, not quite a
6:54 pm
month ago. he had one big game in the major leagues. four home runs at one point. with the giants, .277. high strikeout rate. they decided the 29-year-old is out of a job, at least with the san francisco organization. what frank was talking about was a cool story of mauricio. he is going to be the only major league player ever born in honduras. several years ago, he was in honduras growing up obviously. his mom was worried about the high crime rate there. 18 from the united states came. she wanted her son to be healthy and safe, went to live with a family in sacramento. today, he is a san francisco giants. came from sacramento. check out this tweet. this is him 10 years ago. he actually tweeted out
6:55 pm
basically, i'm going to play here someday. from all reports, he is a great kid. he is tearing it up in aaa. mauricio. lookout for him. maybe in a couple of days or so. former super bowl mvp, the end of the malcolm smith era with the 49ers. that did not go well at all. he was one of the first signings of carl lentz. what a complete washout. nothing but injuries. a five-year contract. he started only five games with the san francisco 49ers. injuries pretty much bringing him to the end of the line. a dream come true for warriors owner joe lake. the unveiling will continue of
6:56 pm
the chase center in san francisco. this is seven years of work culminating in an absolute jewel . a beautiful and costly, the most costly entertainment /sports arena in the country. we were there talking it over with joe who is proud of it. they've already torn down before getting ready for the concert. >> fresh is good. that was good. people want to see change. they like that. it invigorates the audience. i think we have an element, this is all new. our team is somewhat new as well. we have a lot of new, younger players. we kept the core. it is a different team. i want to be great every year. i don't mind the expectations. i don't mind the expectations of this building. i don't find the expectations of this fan base. i have these expectations. >> that guy has made it happen.
6:57 pm
meanwhile, the young sensation at the u.s. open continues. she made a name for herself at wimbledon when she beat venus williams. her name is coco. her parents are little bit excited about the first-round victory at the u.s. open. you need to check this out. we brought you this story last week. this is carly lloyd, team usa women's soccer team. we showed you her kicking a 55 yard the last week with the philadelphia eagles. she is saying today she is entertaining offers from other nfl teams to possibly sign as a kicker.
6:58 pm
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