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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  August 28, 2019 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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legislation. thank you for waking up with us, wednesday, august 28th. i'm pam cook. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. it's cooler this morning. steve paulson in his office right here. pamela asked for it. >> see. >> i like that guy, today cooler. the bigger fog bank. buildup from the tropical clouds. they moved out. around contra costa county towards napa county as well, high base. they went up to the sierra nevada. i don't think there is much left. it was pretty rapid and light that it was gone. the fog is. there bases are higher. up to 30 travis. last couple of days it's been 15 or 20 p that's a sure sign
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inland areas will cool down. 50s and 60s on the temperatures. the low cloud deck, making a bigger surge. 50s, 60s, well to the north. not that cool but mid 50s, maybe low 50s. that activity over the sierra nevada fired up. everything is quieting down. 60s, 70s, 80s for many through the interior. we both came in at the exact same time, i said, hey, bud. how are you doing mr. sal castaneda. thank you, steve. what is the altamonte pass look like? traffic is looking good. 205 is slow out of tracy. altamonte pass looks pretty good. no major issues driving out to
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pleasanton. this is interstate 880, oakland. i don't see the road work. traffic is moving along nice by. at the bay bridge it is light. mexican thoughts are searching for suspects after 23 people were killed and 13 were hurt at a bar on the mexican coast. authorities say the attackers started a deadly fire that raced through the bar, eight women and 15 minute were killed and several others hurt. we don't know their condition. early reports point to gangs behind the attack. a san francisco town hall meeting hosted by house speaker nancy pelosi and congresswoman jackie spear attracted hundreds of people. the house speaker says congress should push for tougher gun laws right now. >> reporter: nancy pelosi led the panel of five women in a
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passionate and often personal talk about gun violence. >> gun violence prevention. we have said we are not taking no for an answer. >> reporter: hundreds of people showed up at san francisco's abraham lincoln high school. santiago spoke in tears about her friend, a lincoln sophomore shot and killed last month in the mission. >> nobody said i love you one last time to him. it's all because of one bullet that went straight through his heart. >> reporter: pelo so and jackie spear, a shooting survive reminding the house passed hr8. >> we will have that law on the books. this closes loopholes because when the law was passed in 1993, the internet wasn't
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around. gun shows weren't common place. >> reporter: shannon watts, the founder of moms demand action says it's time for people to get off the sidelines and demand gun legislation be passed. >> we passed stronger guns in 21 states. red flag laws in 17 states. >> reporter: there is some dissent about whether to call for reinstatement of the assault weapons ban. we asked speaker pelosi for her position. >> i think the focus has to stay on getting a senate vote on the background check legislation. keep the focus on mitch mc connell, give us a vote. >> reporter: after the town hall, speaker pelosi said she has not not spoke on the mc connell. he is willing to take up the issue of background checks and red flag laws when the senate
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reconvenes in september. president trump is reportedly coming here to california next month for two fundraisers. according to politico, the president will go to season fran and los angeles. in april the president made a rare visit to california atteinfundraiser in beverly hills. prosecutors in san francisco will drop the added charges against a man seen on video attacking a woman outside of her condo building. vincent faces multiple charges for the attack on august 11th. a few days later, others came forward accusing him of pulling a knife on them as they were getting in to a ride share. his public defender says there is proof he was in southern california at that time. a man facing murder charges is due in court today. claudia parez accused of running a red light at lawrence
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expressway and slamming into a lyft car killing a passenger and critically injuring another. the lyft driver is expected to be okay. parez will be arraigned on several charges including murder and dui. east bay high school teacher has been arrested. the unidentified teacher at richmond high was arrested monday night accused of having an inappropriate relationship with an under age student. they will tell us the name after charges have been filed. a police search continues this morning for a thief who stole an airport shuttle bus at sfo. it happened yesterday before noon at sfo's international terminal. passengers were getting off and on to a sky park shut t when a man ordered everybody including the driver to get off. the shuttle company's president told us how one of the passengers reacted. >> our customer is the one that alerted the police department. he said i think someone stole a
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bus. >> three hours later the stolen shuttle bus was found abandoned in berkley. the suspect was seen walking eastbound on ashby towards san pablo avenue and described a as white man if his late 20s or early 0s wearing a black shirt and black shorts. 13 year old contrarious and jesse were killed in a roll over crash on interstate 5 on saturday. they were in the 5th and 8th grades at richmond which he will go prep. the school set up a go fund me to help the family pay for funeral expenses. the vigil will be held at richmond college prep. school is back today in free month for thousands of students this the freemont school district. keeping kids safe is important
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for the police who say drives should be extra careful and map for more traffic. man for more patrols especially in this first week of school. it is 4:08, a rental dispute that became a crime. the reason mountain view police say five people are in jail over a fight over rent. sleepless in san rafael at least for the people closest to the smart train, how testing of a new extension is keeping people up at night. . so far it is doing very well at the toll plaza. this is as light as it will get today. see traffic looks good onto the span. out weather looks good if you like it a little cooler. we will talk about that, the forecasted highs for today, looks good at sfo. fog making a bigger push this morning.
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in one san rafael neighborhood, people say it's hard to sleep because of the smart train. the smart train is being tested overnight on its newest route between the marin and sanoma stations testing several crossings leading to the new
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extension. in the brett heart neighborhood, people say on those test nights the train horns start blowing as they are going to bed between 10:00 p.m. and 4:00 in the morning. they are going off about every half hour. though people in the neighborhood are speaking out about this, city leaders say the tests are required by federal regulators to make sure safety mechanisms are working when the real service begins. >> if you want quiet zones, you have to go through this exercise to make sure it's right and safe and functional. if you want quiet zones, it's a price we are going to have to pay. >> we got the notice that said it was going to be for 2 or 3 weeks. i don't understand why they have to do it from 9:30 at night until 3:00 in the morning. >> there will be four stages. the goal, have passengers riding in larksburg by the end of this year. the city of oakland plans to tear down 21 self made homes
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in east oak land. the curbside community is along san leandro between 81st and 8th avenues. the city says it's violating fire codes. they will be allowed to remain in the area but only with tents. the work gets underway at 8:00 this morning. frustrated and fed up. oakland councilman is calling on mayor libby schaaf and police to get tougher on people that illegally dump track near homes and businesses. people in the fruitvale and east oak land flat lands neighborhood say between the homeless catches and illegal dumping and break-ins, business is down 25%. they are call on police to be aggressive to make the streets cleaner and safer. est oakland collective connecting homeless people to services says more police is not the solution. >> look at job training and work force development, offer harm reductions address any drug and mental health issues,
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tackle those service basis and humanity needs before you look at more police. >> under mayor libby schaaf, the city looked to increase services and has moved some catches into tough shed communities as a temporary measure. a warning this morning about credit card skimmers found san mateo county at a gas station. chevron employees found three on monday at the gas station on woodside road in woodside. authorities don't know how long the skimmers were there in the gas pumps. they are used to steal credit cards or debit card information off of the magnetic swipe strip without the card owner knowing it. sam la cardo announced measures to make it easier for homeowners to build extraing on they property. it's designed to streamline the process to build granny flats in san jose homes.
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homeowners can pick from several preapproved plans that will let them get permits faster. the mayor says using existing properties to house more people is one way san jose is responding to the housing crisis in silicon valley. a 73 yield petaluma man has been arrested on suspicion of stating a grass fire if in marin county. it is 60% contained. walker contacted cruz at the scene and admitted he started the fire. he suffered minor injuries trying -- they suffered injuries trying to put it out. the fire bunked in a remote part. brazil has agreed to accept $12 million in aid to help fight those wild fires in the amazon rain foes.
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that's after the president rejected $20 million offed by if g7 leaders at the summit. the president of brazil said trance and other world leaders are treating brazil as a colony. he wants an apology from french president macrone. he says if he gets that, he would be willing to accept other financial help. . most of the amazon rain forest is in brazil but education tends into 8 other south american nations. nasa released images showing where those fires are burning. see on the lower left and the center of the screen where fires are burning in a big part of africa. farmers maybe using the fires to clear large sections of land to plant crops. environmentalists want the slash and burn technique is cheap but dumping carbon dioxide into the air and can
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destroy entire ecosystems. tropical storm dorian is threatening to make a direct hit on puerto rico today. puerto ricans are preparing for the worst and stocking up on food is water before the storm hits. it could be close to hurricane strength by the time it makes landfall and could cause land slides and widespread flooding and power outages. >> this will be a very quick storm. this will come through in six or seven hours and it will be over and we can assethe damage. >> president trump declared a state of emergency and the governor opened more than 300 storm shelters for people in the areas most likely to be hit by dorian. many of those people have not recovered from hurricane maria which caused damage in puerto rico two years ago. sal is here. have you had your coffee? are you ready to help the people? >> yes and yes, dave.
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up and at em. i don't see anything unusual. sometimes in the mornings we have traffic that we have more serious accidents because people can go faster. now that's not the case. let's talk about northbound 101, gilroy into san jose. the gilroy super commute. traffic is looking pretty good through morgan hill into san jose. no major issues, traffic looks good on northbound 280, up to highway 17 into the valley. this is interstate 880, i haven't seen the road work here that we anomaly have. at the bay bridge delay at the toll plaza. it will be cooler. first we will talk about dorian. we will get a picture of dorian. it is tropical storm towards the british virgin islands and san juan puerto rico. northwest, 13 miles per hour. another storm, that is not
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expected to maim impact with land in the u.s., expected to lift northeast. the main focus on dorian. 60 miles per hour. tropical storm, northwest track at 13 miles per hour. it is expected to weak an little bit and pick up more energy that starts to head towards the bahamas as we head towards the weekend, and maybe continue track takes it around daytona beach and cape canaveral. it will pick up in intensity again. the sheer were tearing them apart. back home, thunderstorm activity pop up yesterday. buildup there. now it's about the big fog bank coming in. that's going to be the main focus today when you get gusts to 33 at travis, that's a done deal this time of year. the delta breeze is in place.
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the warmest temperatures all summer long, first time we have seen 60s all summer. 50s have 60s on the temperatures. east bay temperatures in the 50s and 60s. 5 el cerrito. same for pinole. walnut creek alpo danville, livermore. 50 tre. they had thunderstorm activity in the sierra, it was a better show up there. it tried yesterday afternoon. system is now pubbed knot and out of the area, except for a few high clouds. coastal fog. 60s, 70s, main there any 80s as the cooling will continue into thursday, nice friday. inland temperatures bump up on the weekend. reducing the cost of college coming up, governor newsom detailed his plans to allow students to attend community college for two years for free. the justice department allowing permits to grow pot in the u.s.
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why scientists say more varieties of marijuana should be grown.
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two giant tobacco companies are about to merge once again. morris international and altreia incorporate ready negotiating to reunite more than 10 years after they broke up. both sell the marlboro brand with philip morris selling
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products internationally. altreeia sells products in the u.s. the merger talks are response to a drop in cigarette sales around the world. justice department authorizing growers to start producing marijuana saying sit for federal research. the drug enforcement administration says it will examine more than 30 federal application for growing pot. scientists say more varieties of marijuana crops have to be grown because marijuana grown if sold in the united states where weed is legal is different than the federal supply. supporters say this move by the justice department will allow for a bigger variety of pot to be studied. retired new england patriots star rob gronkowski is launching a line of cbd products and wants to encourage the professional league to accept the treatments. he says his goal is to help athletes recover from sports related injuries.
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he is partnering withed a havecas health and says it helped him. >> my dad introduced me to a product called cbd medic he uses everyday for his back pain. i was blown aeywa how well it worked. i'm here to appeal to the sports governing body to update their position on cbd. >> he says it's time for sports leagues to allow players to use cbd products to treat injuries. a nationwide frenzy over chicken sandwiches resulted in two fast food chains being out of stock. pop eyes said it sold out of spicy and original chicken sandwiches after a huge demand fueled by social media. fans said they loved the sandwich so much they ate through the company's inventor which was set to last through
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september. pop eyes is trying to restock the sandwiches soon. kentucky fried chicken launched a fried chicken alternative at one of its locations in atlanta and it sold out in less than five hours. look at the line. this successful launch could mean it's beyond fried chicken maybe coming to more locations. kfc released a statement saying the company is considering a broader test or potential national roll out. >> the plant based foods are taking over. protests at the site of a proposed high-rise apartment building in oakland. the reason some say it will bring more traffic and not affordable housing. it is a final day for democratic presidential candidates to qualify for the third debate. we will break down who is in and who needs that final push. good morning. see traffic is moving along pretty well if you are driving
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on highway 24, heading over to the tunnel. we will tell you more straight ahead. fogger bank equals cooler temperatures. we will show you how much cooler coming up. in the human brain, billions of neurons play in harmony. for people with parkinson's, some neurons change their tune, causing uncontrollable tremors.
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now, abbott technology can target those exact neurons. restoring control and harmony, once thought to belost forever. the most personal technology is technology with the power to change your life.
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good morning. welcome back to mornings on 2. the middle of the week. i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us this morning. yesterday afternoon i saw fog pouring over the golden gate. it was a lovely site for those of us that don't lake the heat. that and the clouds. >> a lot cooler? >> a lot cooler. we have bigger fog bank and a roaring delta wind. that's not something we have
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seen for a few days. temperatures today will be on the cooler side. cooler for most sometimes ukiah, clear lake, vacville can be a little tough. most locations will cool down. forecasted highs, santa rosa below the normal. livermore coming down but slightly above. san jose 83. normal 82. if you look at other products it will say 84. it's close but temperatures near average to a little below instead of above. tropical moisture has moved out. it got close yesterday. couple of buildups towards cop con county. they fizzled out. gusts to 33 travis. that's your delta wind, 5s 60s on the temperatures. peninsula, 50s, woodside is 59 degrees on the san mateo coast. low clouds and fog, maybe quieter pattern in the sierra as well. could be


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