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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  August 28, 2019 10:00pm-10:59pm PDT

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time is back in disneyland and disney california adventure parks!... this is the 10:00 news on ktvu fox two. hurricane dorian careened across the caribbean skirting puerto rico late today i'm spin hit. >> you don't have to be scared. you're not >> right now dorian is a category one hurricane but it is expected to pick up strength in the coming days.
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as it heads towards the u.s. mainland. good evening, i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. the good news is that hurricane dorian only caused limited damage today as it passed the virgin islands and then puerto rico. the hurricane did knock down trees and caused scattered power outages across the northern caribbean but there is no official flooding or excuse me no major flooding and officials in puerto rico say they are breathing a huge sigh of relief tonight. chief meteorologist bill martin is here now with a look at the storm. >> dorian is now a herrick and as you know. checking out the last 10 hours or so as it moves by puerto rico and they dodged a bullet here. this went right between the islands, not a lot of damage at least so far on san juan, puerto rico. but we are looking light in thi the forecast for dorian as a category one for it to turn into a category three as we get to the weekend here and look at the focus of the storm. category two as it moves in
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through the bahamas and then you see it pop straight into a category three just offshore. by sunday, somewhere in the afternoon hours it's a major hurricane, category three just off of miami. here's the hurricane plot, numerous models are the most widely used and this is the convergence. this is what the models are saying. one that is not, but the rest of the guys are saying around daytona beach from miami and daytona beach, that's monday or sunday night into monday morning. people in puerto rico had feared the worst after hurricane maria killed some 3,000 people and caused catastrophic damage just a few years ago. >> ktvu's paul chambers talked with a restaurant owner late today who is from puerto rico and has family there. what did he tell thankful that hurricane dorian caused the omitted damage to the island. some say this was a good test for residents who are much better prepared after back to back deadly hurricanes two
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years ago. heavy rains and high winds from hurricane dorian swept over the island of st. thomas. the storm caused flooding and power outages in the virgin islands and neighboring caribbean countries. forecasters thought dorian would make a direct hit on puerto rico but the national weather service says it went north with the center roughly 60 miles from san juan. the threat of the hurricane had people on the island and loved ones near the bay area bracing for the worst. >> i spoke to my mother this morning. and she's nervous. she said everybody took all the water from the supermarket. >> reporter: jose ortiz is the owner of a restaurant in oakland. born and raised in puerto rico, ortiz has a lot of family on the island. these are pictures from two years ago. when a group of volunteers visited the u.s. territory and handed out supplies. shortly after hurricane maria and irma whipped across the island. >> everybody is feeling nervous. because they already went through hurricane maria and
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through hurricane wilma and they lost everything. now not only physically but mentally. >> reporter: when news broke that dorian was headed towards puerto rico people began stocking up on supplies. just two years removed from irma and maria, ortiz says people of puerto rico have learned a lot. all the while trying to rebuild their country. >> we still got people that probably don't have electricity, they don't have the roof over their house. they're still using the blue tarp. >> reporter: ortiz says five shelters were opened in his hometown. as for the hurricane forecasters expect it will strengthen as it heads but the expected ost part it missed puerto rico. thank you. in the east bay tonight one person was hurt and two structures were destroyed in a vegetation fire in eastern contra costa county just after 5:00 tonight on a ranch.
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east contra costa county fire protection district says a mobile home and a barn were destroyed. one person suffered minor injuries. fire officials say power lines were down in the area. that ranch is located in the 12,000 block of byron highway near marsh creek road. we are told the fire was contained to the ranch property. now to the race for the white house, today candidate kirsten gillibrand dropped her bid for the nomination. >> i wanted you to hear it from me first, after more than eight incredible months and i'm ending my presidential campaign. i know this isn't the results we wanted. we wanted to win this race. but it's important to know when it's not your time. >> the 52-year-old new york senator did not qualify for the third primary debate because of low polling and difficulty raising money. she now says that she plans to endorse another candidate. gillibrand was appointed to the senate in 2009 to fill the seat
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vacated by hillary clinton. she centered her race mostly on women's issues. so far 10 candidates have qualified for the debate on september 12 including front- runner joe biden, cory booker, pete buttigieg, julian castro, kamala harris, amy klobuchar, beto o'rourke, bernie sanders, elizabeth warrren and andrew yang are also qualified for the debate in houston. new at 10:00, the transit administration announced today it is giving $125 million to help extend b.a.r.t. into downtown san jose. the b.a.r.t. silicon valley phase two project was the first to be chosen as part of a pilot program designed to fast-track infrastructure projects. that project is a 6.5-mile extension of the b.a.r.t. system from the soon to be completed station down to downtown san jose to the city of santa clara. b.a.r.t. police are reporting progress in their effort to hire more
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officers. the transit agency has faced criticism from riders who say there is a lack of officers patrolling train cars and stations. b.a.r.t. says that is all changing. crime reporter henry lee has the details. >> congratulations. >> reporter: three new police officers were sworn in marking a hiring milestone in the department. b.a.r.t. has hired 40 officers so far in 2019. that's the same number of officers who joined the force in the last two years combined. >> we know that ridership is asking for more presence on the trains and we need to give that to them and the way we are going to attain that is by hiring more people. >> reporter: the department has been criticized for not doing enough to tamp down on a violent crime but in hiring new officers the department says it's starting to turn a corner. >> all three officers transferred from other agencies. officer joseph alvarez no relation to the interim chief was a former officer in benicia. >> it takes a lot. doing a different kind of policing. when i was investigating the department they are big on
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community policing as well so that's something i'm excited about. >> repo case in point, on tuesday night a man was carjacked of his mercedes suv at the walnut creek b.a.r.t. station. the victim saw two officers at the station on an unrelated matter. and those officers arrested two suspects who are still in the parking garage. b.a.r.t.'s been on an aggressive hiring spree. a new labor contract brings offers her salaries closer to the average for other bay area law enforcement agencies. b.a.r.t. offers new cops a $15,000 hiring bonus. >> pay them benefits, definitely a plus. retirement system and then b.a.r.t. is financially stable. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. still has 34 officer vacancies, new officer mcgill llamas from union citygoal is going to be t out there, be proactive. you know, make sure to make our rounds throughout the station, try to get people to feel safe. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. is looking for a permanent
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police chief, that interim chief is a 22-year veteran of the department. he wants to be considered. in oakland, henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. now to richmond and a remembrance tonight for a brother and sister who were killed in a car crash over the weekend. the accident happened on i-5 as their mother was driving the family to southern california to see their relatives. ktvu's debora villalon is at the school where they were honored tonight. debora? >> reporter: a brother and sister 10 and 13, both attending here since preschool. the community is stunned and supporting the family. the playground at richmond college prep was awash in white. it seemed all 500 students and their families might be here to wrap their arms around one. a family of five a few days ago, now three. his sister who was 13. what do you say to them?
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>> there are no words. >> reporter: it was saturday midmorning when the contreras family suv crashed on i-5 in kern county. chp says mother maria driving drifted into the center divide, overcorrected and rolled. the three adults and a middle sibling all belted and survived. the two children on belted were ejected and died. people consider the parents conscientious and wonder if the kids took their belts off to sleep on the long ride. >> we don't understand. how that happened. but we are here together and we want to show everybody how much we really love them. >> whatever feelings you are feeling, you are not by yourself. >> reporter: the pain is raw at this school. the eighth grade room, her desk is a memorial with expressions of grief for a girl who is a leader and wanted to go to harvard. students learning how fragile life is. >> they say that we are talking about her trip on friday. and they said we'll see you on monday and i think that hit
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them hard too. you just don't know. book out a say jesse isworking. >> reporter: the spot saved for jesse, it's only the third week of school. kids settling in and then confronted by this. one note titled i wish they didn't go. >> there not forgetting him. we are not forgetting him. he's not gone. and i think that's really special. >> reporter: gofundme pages have been established to help with burial expenses. children shared the mic and memories as diego listened. he attends the school too. students plan to support him even as they console themselves. >> i told him you're going to cry, cry. if you want to go home, go home. you want to run on the playground, do that. and embrace each other. >> reporter: chp and kern county tell me they've three fatal collisions
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involving bay area drivers from fremont, san francisco and now richmond this month. each time it was a solo rollover crash. each time occupants who were belted in survived, those who were not did not. the contreras children are the third and fourth deaths in august. reporting live in richmond, debora villalon, ktvu fox 2 news. livestock running loose in a bay area neighborhood. coming up, the problem people say they've been dealing with again and again and how it may finally be resolved. i'm looking into the forecast as we get closer to the weekend, talk about what you can expect for your next couple of days working into saturday and sunday. that gives people who live in their rvs a safe place to park is already being called a success. we hear from families who are receiving help.
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new at 10:00, a program that gives people who live in their rvs a safe place to park overnight. the program just started a fegh area cities were on hand to see how it works. ktvu's amber lee is in east palo alto now with more. amber? >> reporter: currently the
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program has 16 rvs parked in this lot. the goal is to transition people who live in their rvs into stable homes. >> this is the kitchen and a little stove. >> reporter: judith ortiz lives in her rv. 2-year-old nephew and her sister. she works at a restaurant but says she couldn't afford the apartment she was living in when rent increased from 1200 to $3,200 a month. >> it has been a little bit hard. to get back in business. get back on my feet. >> reporter: to help her and others living in rvs get back on their feet, project we hope a nonprofit and the city of east palo alto started rv safe parking in may. transforming a once vacant lot into a community of rvs that house mostly families. there are toilets, showers, along with washers and dryers. people can park here from 7:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m.
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there is also a security guard on site. >> you talk to them and not at them, then you begin to establish level of trust. >> reporter: paul baines is founder of project we hope. he is also chaplain for the east palo alto police department. he says those relationships along with partnerships with other nonprofits have helped transition people to stable housing. in just three months, dozens who had been living here in their rvs have moved into homes. the early success of this program has led leaders from other bay area cities to see this program for themselves on this night. bain is working with oakland and san jose on similar rv programs. this 11-year-old and her family are scheduled to move out of their rv in september. >> it feels good. my own room. i'm going to have quiet so i can do my homework. graders has living out of an rv has been difficult and scary when they had to park out on the
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street. >> people were doing drugs. they were drunk. they had glass. they were throwing things around. >> reporter: ortiz says she's awaiting her turn to move out of her rv. >> what's in the past is in the past and you have to work for now. one day at a time. >> reporter: in addition to help in finding housing the program offers dinner each night and services such as a job placement. a city councilmember and leaders from other cities say they want to replicate this program. frank? >> amber lee in palo alto tonight, thank you. san francisco's planning commission is set to vote on a similar plan to convert a city parking lot into a secure lot for people living in rvs. the lot is located near the balboa b.a.r.t. station. it would provide parking for 33 rv owners all of whom would be screened. if approved it would likely go
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to the full board sometime in september. the latest homeless count showed sharp increases in many bay area cities and counties but in san diego county, the number is lower by 5%. earlier today ktvu's heather holmes sat down with san diego's mayor kevin faulkner for some of his policies similar to the efforts in the bay area, others include a tougher approach including citations or even jail time for people who refuse to go to a shelter. >> variety of different things  that will happen in terms of enforcement, citation and others. we are serious about it and again it is not compassionate to let somebody sleep in a tent city or sleep on the sidewalk. that's a very clear message that we are saying in san diego as we are making these changes. it's the right thing to do. >> reporter: despite the decline, san diego still has some of the highest numbers of homeless residents in the country. checking in on those temperatures out there, cooler today certainly than it was yesterday. temperatures last couple days
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actually have been trending down. today has been cooler by another five or eight degrees. tomorrow about the same. 79 in vallejo, 83 in napa, at antioch and fairfield, 84 so down about 10 degrees in many places over the last few days, 10 to 15. there's the system, hard to see but you can see the thunderstorms from it. all that activity, that system that went up the coast and brought us that slight chance of a thundershower in our northern communities did show up well north of us but there were thunderstorms as you work your way north out into the northeast part of the state. now that's dying down but we are left with a lot of fog and low clouds from that weakened high pressure and temperatures are reflecting that. right now, the green is the sea into fairfield, 10 degrees cooler tonight in concord than last night. eight degrees cooler in livermore, sfo you because it's low clouds at this point. the story pretty much the same as today, slow 90s
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in the very hottest inland spots but mostly mid-80s. back here with the five day. professional racer and the host of mythbusters jessi combs was killed in a crash while trying to break a land speed record. it happened yesterday while she was driving a 56-foot long jet like car in a desert in oregon. holmes was widely known in racing circles as the fastest woman on four wheels. she broke a woman's record six years ago with a run of 398 miles an hour. before her death she was quoted as saying it may seem a little crazy to walk directly into the line of fire, those who are willing are those who achieve great things. people say i'm crazy. i say thank you. jessi combs was 39 years old. a neighborhood deceived by
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bulls. >> with big horns. >> how the livestock may be getting loose and why neighbors might finally see some relief. information about today's police standoff. we now know why u.s. marshals and secret service were focused on a home in fairfield.
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six people are in custody after a daylong standoff in fairfield that ended with a s.w.a.t. team releasing tear gas into a home. federal authorities say they had information a fugitive homicide suspect was inside a house on shenandoah court. the u.s. secret service and u.s. marshals called in help from the fairfield s.w.a.t. team. officers arrived and evacuated the neighborhood. over the course of that standoff, six people were taken into custody. fairfield police said it was a slow prolso called out our crisis negotiation team to attempt to call people out. we did receive any response. >> reporter: the standoff ended at around 3:15 this afternoon as police fired tear gas into that home. in the end the homicide suspect was not found.
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livestock is on the loose in a neighborhood in the southbay. cows and bulls are grazing on lawns and wandering the streets and people living there say they are fed up. ktvu's ann rubin tells us a group of ranchers is now finally taking some action. >> reporter: each night for more than two months a group of bovine visitors have somehow made their way to whitetail lane. they stay too late, eat too much and leave large messes behind. >> we were afraid to go in front of them. they are not just like skinny cows. they are big cows and bulls. it's like they have big horns. >> reporter: this is no ranch. it is residential san jose. neighbors fear these cows and bulls will present a danger so they've been calling 311 and animal services repeatedly. >> the safety was the biggest issue. the car is coming and sometimes in the dark they are not expecting a cow on the street. >> reporter: this part of the silver creek neighborhood of open space, while cows have
10:26 pm
grazed in the hills, they've never been a neighborhood nuisance until now. so what changed? a nearby golf course closed and a local rancher told us people have moved in. >> ranchers say they've been out here at least once a week repairing these fences. they believe they are being cut by the homeless and by teenagers out here partying. >> today ranchers from three properties got together using horses and dogs they rounded up the cattle. they didn't want to go on camera but tell us for years they've had an arrangement that allowed the cows to graze on state land. now they decided it's become too costly to continue. >> right now we think this is where the cows are coming from. >> reporter: the director of san jose animal services says he wasn't aware of the problem until this week. he is hopeful the ranchers have not resolved it but he says they'll continue to investigate. >> we are going to have an officer there later on tonight to make sure on the road or the area where they don't see anymore cows.
10:27 pm
>> reporter: good news for residents who are ready for these nightly visits to come to an end. >> this is an everyday thing now. >> ranchers think they rounded up all but about eight of the cows today. they'll be back in the morning to get the rest. the cows will now be headed to auction. in san jose, ann rubin, ktvu fox 2 news. a ban on street parking in one bay area neighborhood, what homeowners without garages or driveways are being told to do. a new citizenship policy for u.s. service members and government employees stationed overseas. why children won't be automatic citizens anymore. hit by a fast mark tells us how he's doing later in sports. back-to-school night for these high school students. we'll tell you what they're doing that's very different from other bay area schools.
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as students head back to school, a high school in oakland is giving students academic credit for volunteer work in their communities. >> ktvu's jana katsuyama was at the academy tonight where graduation rates jumped 30% last year.
10:31 pm
staff members say their mission is to help students in danger of slipping through the cracks find a path to college. >> reporter: back-to-school night is a little different at oaklands emiliano zapata street academy. >> really interesting. >> reporter: students come in and start the school year by taking an internship that will get them out the door and into their community. >> help yourself to some candy. >> reporter: the internship fair brought 20 community groups, students needed to complete 60 hours of social justice work. last year she volunteered at children's hospital. >> something i wanted to do, i'm not supposed to do this like i had to do it, it's something that we picked out ourselves. >> the goal is to help the students dream big. >> it's about knowing that this is your community and you should be involved in trying to make it better. >> reporter: the school's new director knows what it's like
10:32 pm
to walk in the students shoes. she was a student herself and says it feels more like family. class sizes are kept at a 20 instead of 40 and they match each with a staff member. >> each of the teachers is not just an academic teacher but also a mentor, to the students establishing a relationship with them and their families. >> reporter: the school's extra support network is a big help to working parents such as this single mom. >> i was a single mother since i was 15 years old. i grew up in foster care and it's all about breaking the cycle. like i say i want my daughter to have a better life. >> reporter: school raises donations to send students overseas to broaden their world. last year to paris, before that guatemala. >> guatemala, we talked about their environment. so we helped plant 10,000 mangroves with them because they've been cutting down mangroves.. >> >> i enjoy it because you are able to build relationships
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with people outside of school and it also allows you to visualize what you want to do. >> reporter: the high school says they are so small, just 100 students, their program has often gone under the radar. but they're hoping to expand and help other oakland children find their path. this year the school has other big plans, they just got a grant they say that will help the students plan a new schoolyard. and they're hoping to take two trips to foreign countries this year instead of just the one. reporting from oakland, jana katsuyama, ktvu fox 2 news. a cal state university system is considering adding a new math or science requirement for students seeking admission. the idea is to improve problem solving skills that are needed in real life. as ktvu's allison rodriguez explains critics worry it could hurt low income and minority students. >> reporter: they say adulting is hard, which credit card, what should you buy or lease a car, but these are the types of things you'll have to know how to figure out if you want to go
10:34 pm
to college. at least that's the idea behind a proposal from california state university officials. >> we simply have defined it as the ability to think and reason intelligently about measurement in the real world. >> reporter: the proposal would require high school students to take an extra math, science or computer class to be eligible to attend one of the csu campuses. critics say that extra class could end up hurting low income and minority students. >> this is a serious equity issue. and if we don't get this right, we could be blocking thousands of students especially low income students and students of color from being able to access. >> reporter: dr. alicia smith is the executive director of education trust. she says the admission process is already complicated and adding another requirement would make it more difficult. she wants the csu board to take a beat to discuss solutions for the real issues facing education. >> take some time before voting on this proposal and work closely with their partners on
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the k-12 side of the education system to figure out how can we resolve some of the teacher shortage issues? how can we make sure students have courses available at their high school? >> reporter: several groups plan to protest thursday at csu board headquarters in long beach. hundreds of students are expected to show up to object to change as well. according to csu's assistant vice chancellor, the status quo just isn't good enough anymore. >> i am unwilling to accept the idea that we could not work together over six or seven-year timeframe, to perform better on behalf of students. >> reporter: the official presentation for the proposal will happen at the end of september. the earliest the board would vote on this would be in november and if it passes and it will be implemented by 2026. reporting in hayward, allison rodriguez, ktvu fox 2 news. in san francisco, people who own condos in the
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millennium tower have reached a tentative settlement with the developer. the lawsuit was filed in 2017 on behalf of more than 200 condo owners. we learned that they will now be compensated for the loss and the value of their condos about a dollar amount hasn't been released. also today and engineering team approved a $100 million project to fix the leaning tower. the plan includes using two- foot thick circular steal piles to shore up the building. the trump administration says some children of u.s. service members stationed outside the u.s. will no longer automatically be considered u.s. citizens. starting october 29, the guidance says parents will have to apply for citizenship on their children's behalf. authorities say temporary visits to the u.s. will not be sufficient to establish residency. officials clarified this does not impact birthright citizenship but what affect military families that adopt children overseas. still to come, tesla
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announces a new line of business. why the company says tesla owners may also want to ensure their cars with tesla. a big cooldown today, check in on what you can expect tomorrow and beyond toward the weekend. up next, two arrests in a deadly shooting and we've learned one of the suspects is the son of a bay area police chief. at at&t we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting wit and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet. receives snap or ssi benefits. we've creth at least one resido
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the son of a former bay area police chief is in trouble with the law again. this time he is accused of murder. 19-year-old tyrone mcallister the son of former police chief darrell mcallister and 28-year- old dennis evans were charged with a deadly shooting that took place last week. oakland police say the victim was shot and killed during a robbery in the city's uptown district. he later died at the hospital. the former chief's son mcallister was on probation. he had been released from jail two months ago. fare beating a 71-year-old man in manteca last year. a 13-year-old is under arrest in a shooting on market street in san francisco caught on camera. he was arrested in oakland this afternoon. his name isn't being released. two other people are already in custody for the shooting. 18-year-old laurent simpson and 21-year-old elijah ernest were arrested in oakland on monday.
10:41 pm
a gun was also recovered. police say the suspects were identified with footage from security cameras. prime minister boris yields -- boris johnson stunt opponents by asking the queen to suspend parliament. queen elizabeth granted johnson's request effectively cutting off efforts to challenge his plan to take britain out of the european union. opposition lawmakers say they are shocked by the move and they are planning a no- confidence vote. >> that's the kind of behavior you expect to see in countries that are not democratic. that are ruled by dictators. and that's happening here in the uk. >> prime minister johnson denies that he's trying to rush through a no deal on brexit and the chief british negotiator says the government is still working on an agreement that works for both ll street where stocks were up across the board today. the dow gained 258, the nasdaq was up almost 30 and s&p closed 18 points higher.
10:42 pm
analysts say investors went on a buying spree despite worries about a recession and the possibility of a no-deal brexit. tesla is getting into the car insurance business. tesla owners in california can buy policies from tesla. elon musk claims the insurance rates will be 20 to 30% below traditional insurers. the policies are only being offered in california but musk says they will be offered across the country. apple today apologized for allowing outsiders to listen to recorded conversations of people using siri. the company says they are ending the practice of having humans review the audio recordings. apple says in the future, they will ask for permission to review a recording as a way of improving the service. parking headaches in the oakland hills, the plan to ban street parking. the water testing now underway at lake tahoe after the death of a dog that visited the beach. chief meteorologist bill martin is back with a complete
10:43 pm
bay area forecast. through the rest of the week. ♪
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water quality monitors at lake tahoe have collected water samples to determine if toxic algae is present at a south shore beach. kiva beach is one of the few ta dogs and last week a dog that
10:46 pm
went to the beach died shortly after coming in contact with the water. that prompted water quality officials to collect samples and tests for toxins. the results are expected sometime this week. in the oakland hills it is a battle of safety versus convenience. the fire department wants to eliminate street parking on a narrow road to give their trucks enough room during an emergency. ktvu's tom vacar tells us residents are fighting back saying they need a place to park their cars. >> reporter: like tens of thousands of hill and mountainside bay area streets, heather ridgway is extremely narrow. wine d. and often lined with cars. worried about fire and medical response the residents sought assistance. to come and they did and we said can you help us get no pagns in the narrow parts of the street so vehicles can get by? and they said okay. we'll see what we can do. >> reporter: the city and the fire department studied the issue and the residents asked
10:47 pm
city council persons help. then came the tentative decision. >> eliminate all on street parking for the entire street. >> reporter: this affects the residents who don't have driveways or garages. the nearest parking is up or down the steep road to two larger roads, three blocks away. a real problem for the elderly, mobility challenged or disabled. >> hike back up to houses in the dark, crossing a very dangerous street. >> reporter: and getting out in a fire, flood or landslide could be very difficult. but oakland has already prohibited parking on other unwieldy straits. >> we don't take this lightly. we realize this is an impact to their daily lives. >> reporter: the fire department says it's already tough enough to negotiate heather ridgway on regular fire and medical calls. >> there's a larger picture of the wildland fire threat and thus being able to get in to try to mitigate a fire or to assist with evacuations and for the community members to get out of their community in a timely manner.
10:48 pm
>> reporter: the reality, a fire truck needs 14 feet to get by. a parked car needs an additional six. unfortunately this road is not 20 feet wide. >> we are trying to work with them. we are sensitive to their needs. it's not, this is how it's going to be. >> reporter: some compromises, for the good of everyone folks with extra offstreet parking could either share or rent. open land could be adapted for resident and visitor parking. unpaved shoulders could be shared. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. so we are checking in on the weather now, a nice day for your thursday. about like today, temperatures dropped off today, we've got a lot of fog at the coast. if we come in, those are the highs from today, i'll show you those and wecoming in really cl you will see hoay you've got a pretty good push,
10:49 pm
fog showing up towards the livermore valley it's windy up in the delta. winds gusting to 35 miles per hour. this fog is going to make a play for your neighborhood even san jose, mostly cloudy in the morning. slow burn off, and then temperatures i would say warm but they kind of heat up a little bit. 10 degrees cooler in concord, three degrees cooler in fairfield, i show you that every night because its trends, if it's warmer tonight than last night, chances are the next day will be warmer. there's a little to that. it's cooler tonight so it's going to be cooler tomorrow. not all that simple but sometimes it is. there's the fog and low clouds, that's the forecast footprint in the morning. it is everywhere. and it burns off slow. thursday looks a lot like wednesday in terms of temperatures. hotspots mid-80s at best, most of us tomorrow mid-70s to 82 degrees. very pleasant day. fire danger is not off the charts.
10:50 pm
this low is responsible for the thunderstorms and red flag warning around lake tahoe over the last 24 hours. the cooler weather we've had. it goes on and takes off, the high builds in a little bit and we start to warm. warmer, not so much tomorrow, tomorrow is about the same. about the same as today. friday, saturday temperatures warm backup and those will get back into the low 90s, upper 80s, maybe mid-90s. another cool or mild today, kind of fall-like. 83 in pittsburg, air quality is good, fire danger is always high but not as high as it could be and the weekend looks pretty good as we head towards your weekend. not going to be heat wave, shouldn't be a heat wave. but you can see temperatures, top-tier is what i look at and temperatures rolling right into the low 90s into the weekend so a good-looking weekend ahead. coastal areas nice too, sea surface temperatures are kind of warm. temperatures in the mid-60s. see you back here tomorrow.
10:51 pm
coming up in sports, less than encouraging news about a running back on the 49ers who they spent a ton of money on. mark is up in a moment. on the 11:00 news, a school community in mourning. remembrance tonight for two children that attracted hundreds of people. here's one you guys will like. show me making it. oh! i got one. the best of amy poehler. amy, maybe we could use the voice remote to search for something that you're not in. show me parks and rec.
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mark is here and starting with the a's, you can't win them all but when you lose to the worst team in i'm sure the - core baseball fan and be hard- pressed to name four or five kansas city royals. but the fact is the a's did go down in defeat in kansas city. earlier this evening. they won two out of three, another one tomorrow. first inning marcus semien doing his rickey henderson impression. leading off the game with a home run. he's got nine rbi in his last three games. his 24th home run but things get dicey right now! matt chapman, 91 miles an hour fastball from jacob and he has suffered a head contusion. ol. he did leave the royals back in his game with his 23rd homer, two-run shot off tanner roark. 2-2. mark canha helps the a's regain the lead with another shot, playing out of his mind. his 23rd homer, two-run shot.
10:55 pm
4-2 oakland but blake treinen's troubles continue. bases loaded, hit, left field, scores a run, 6-4 is your final, he's got a 4.86 e.r.a., the fourth and final game of the series tomorrow morning, 10:30-hour time. the news is not good with regard to health in the 49ers. they got rid of malcolm smith as the nothing but injury plagued since his big signing and on the other side of the ball, offensive troubles to deal with, jerick mckinnon who they thought would give them such a left out of the backfield hasn't played a down yet for the 49ers. he suffered a torn acl, he is the seventh highest paid running back in the nfl and like i say he hasn't been able to get out on the field in any real action and general manager john lynch spoke on knbr this morning and kind of outline what's been going on right now from mckinnon.
10:56 pm
>> it's a real bummer because he keeps getting to the final step and the final step is playing nfl football. we did it a month ago and we got to that step and he kind of regressed and i would say yesterday we had a similar situation but yesterday was not encouraging from that standpoint. what that means we're not sure yet. we are working hard to find that out. >> it's always about health. meantime u.s. open second round, serena scare tonight, she is now 18-0 in 2nd round matches going into this thing against the youngster, teenage troubles, 70-year-old catherine mcnally, friends call her katie and she won the first set 7-5. a lot of forced errors from serena but she turned t around in the next two. rising to the occasion taking the final two. 6-3, 6-1. serena gets match point, 38-0 in the first two rounds of the
10:57 pm
u.s. open throughout her history. her sister venus goes down to elaina in three sets. straight sets actually. venus is out. serena waving to the crowd very much in. we've been following the story, of u.s. women's soccer champion carli lloyd. you heard last week she kicked a field goal in a training camp session with the eagles. everybody was impressed, a 55- yarder. she is maybe thinking about transitioning from her great soccer career and next year it could happen. reportedly a coup of offers from undisclosed nfl teams to do this for real. when she wraps it up is becomin reality. >> at first i was kind of laughing about it but after speaking with my husband and
10:58 pm
close family and friends, i think anything is possible and i'd be foolish to not entertain the idea of potentially doing it. >> that would be something. we'll continue to follow that of course. in the meantime, got a little time to check this out. without a doubt, this is your defensive play of the game. brian goodwin of the angels hit it deep. delino deshields up and over the degree of difficulty on the back and right there, timing it perfectly. you see another angle. buwatch brian goodman taking it very good-naturedly. better mood than i would be. one of the reasons the a's lost tonight, center fielder brett phillips, another one of those guys, who is this? on the royals. he turns in a play that might make people remember him right there robbing chapman. and this again, the new locker room on display today. the kids seem very pleased about that.
10:59 pm
but we should note former cal quarterback aaron rodgers, now of the green bay packers soon- to-be hall of famer whenever he retires gave a seven-figure donation to help make that happen. so good to the old school without a doubt and aaron rodgers doing it up right to say the least. >> looks beautiful, so fun, super excited to. >> up to speed now. cal, i have done interviews in the old cow locker room. let me tell you, that is a major, major upgrade and good for the cal bears program. that is the sporting life. it is 11:00. time for more news with frank and julie. >> thank you. next at 11 are here togethe we want to show everybody how much we love them. >> hundreds came out to grieve after a brother and sister were killed in a horrible crash over the weekend. the 11:00 news on ktvu fox 2 starts now.
11:00 pm
those two children were killed in a car crash on i-5 as their mother was driving the family to southern california to see their relatives. hello again, i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. the children were just 10 and 13 years old. their teachers and classmates now in disbelief. new tonight, ktvu's debora villalon live at the children's school where a large crowd gathered to remember them. >> reporter: it was touching to see so many people turn out. this family is very involved at their children's school and the two victims have been enrolled here since preschool. the playground at richmond college prep was awash in white. it seemed all 500 students and their families might be here to


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