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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  August 29, 2019 6:00am-6:58am PDT

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flooding, power outages, and the threat of more damage from hurricane dorian. we are tracking the storm's movement. and the emergency warning now in effect for most of the state of florida. plus if sinking millennium towers condominium building, they're close to a deal. from ktvu fox 2 news, this is mornings on 2. good morning. thank you for joining us on mornings on 2, thursday, we call it friday eve. august29th. i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. steve paulson is in his office. >> i'm looking at a lot of the hurricane tracking models. from cape canaveral to miami. >> no. that's where they bring it inland. >> it will hit anywhere that range. >> probably in the middle. >> but it could 3
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when it hiare forecast high is above average. santa rosa, oakland, livermore, and san jose will be below. the city is at 65 degrees. if you're heading out for the long weekend. it will be warmer inland. and around the bay, 70s and 80s. looks like a quiet pattern. 61 to 63 for the water. 65 in the city and holding steady. hasn't changed. 66 in alameda. and lightning strikes plenty in oregon and washington. not so much here. but in the sierra as well. and low clouds afternoon highs cooler inland. oakland at 68 warm
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martin, santa cruz, and san jose, 66. if you think it's warm, it is. a good 10 degrees for many. after the sunshine we'll be on the side inland. 60s, 70s, and mainly low 80s. the usual it's just a touch lighter. and tomorrow even more so. and monday we won't have a commute because monday is labor day and right now at the bay bridge, it's slightly lighter. there's a slowdowns but it's not backed up beyond the parking lot. and instead of being a 20 minute wait it translates into an 8 to 10 minute delay before you make toyota the bridge. metering lights are on. i have a feeling for the upcoming labor day holiday. some people will take a longer weekend. maybe thursday, friday, and monday for most. this is a look at interstate 880 in oakland. and there are no issues here on
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the east bay commute. it's a little lighter. we had a report of a wrongway driver earlier. that driver was eventually taken off the freeway and pulled over. that's no longer a threat. traffic in the south bay looks pretty good. and northbound traffic moving along nicely. 6:03, let's go back to the desk. >> you heard steve paulson. meteorologists expect hurricane dorian to get stronger and possibly become a major hurricane in the next few days. als in the newsroom. information just came in a couple minutes ago from the national hurricane center. good morning,ally. the hurricane is expected to pass the northern bahamas and it's clocking wind speeds of 85 miles per hour. it's expected to become a major hurricane by the time it reaches the southeast u.s.
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coast. take a look at the projection from the national hurricane center. the cone of the storm's expected path covers just about all of florida. florida's governor declared a state of emergency for the counties in the path. and with the path uncertain, that emergency declaration includes most of the state. anyone in the southeast coast of the u.s. should get ready. >> the georgia coast all the way to the keys, all of florida. we could see the impacts all over the state. and please don't think this is just coastal. we think about that so state. >> reporter: florida residents are heeding the warnings to be prepared. many people are boarding up their homes and businesses and stocking up on emergency supplies. the recommendation is that people in the storm's path should have enough for at least
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seven days. >> and this is what the storm looked and sounded like as it passed the british virgin islands as dorian was growing from a storm to a hurricane. it did cause power outages in parts of puerto rico, st. thomas, and st. croix but luckily no flooding and no major danger. dorian may cause stronger damage when it reaches the coast. and it could make landfall from south florida to south carolina by this labor day weekend as a category 3 hurricane. live in the newsroom. allie rasmus, ktvu fox 2 news. the trump administration is set to launch the u.s. space on closer to establishing a 6th branch of the
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and satellite. it's precursor to a full-fledged space force. mike pence said it would ensure that our nation is prepared to defend our values in the vast expanse of space and here on earth. space force could add one to $2 billion per year to the pentagon's annual budget. and $5 billion in initial costs. time is 6:06. here at home. happening today. a judge may decide whether a man accused of viciously attacking a woman at her san francisco condo building, an attack that was caught on camera, should be released from jail. austin vincent has a coing set morning. he was arrested and put back in jail after he was accused by victims in a february incident of being the man who threatened them with a knife. his public defender says he can
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prove that vincent at the time was in southern california. if the charges are dropped. vincent may be released from jail. but he is still facing charges for the tack on the woman at the san francisco condo along the embarcadero. in the meantime, a teacher at richmond high school will be arraigned today, accused of sex crimes with a student who is a minor. israel lopez, a p.e. teachers, is facing unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor. and lewd and lascivious acts with a minor. he's been teaching p.e. in the western contra costa district since 2016. an eight hour police standoff started when federal authorities went to a house shenandoah court. they were responding to reports
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that a homicide suspect was in the home. now, the u.s. marshal service asked for help from the fairfield s.w.a.t. team. police evacuated the neighborhood while the marshals tried to make verbal contact. >> we called out the crisis negotiation team. we did not receive any response. >> the standoff ended mid- afternoon when tear gas was fired into the house. no word from police on the reason the people were taken into custody. protesters plan to boycott a business where a mural was painted over. the mural was painted over 30 years ago. the art work showed cesar chavez, dolores huerta and others. the dental surgery center decided to cover up the mural.
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the artist filed a $5 million federal lawsuit against the owners. the san jose school district is defending its decision to paint over a mural honoring cesar chavez which was also vandalized. the mural was meant at a welcome back gift for loll elementary school. it was painted by a local artist in june on a maintenance shed. someone painted graffiti over the mural. >> we had parents showing up as early as 4 p.m. and we wanted to make sure that parents felt proud of their school and so we had to cover it up. >> reporter: the mural had an anti-graffiti coating on it. it should have allowed the graffiti to be washed off. but the surface of the shed
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made it impossible to save the mural. requiring a relocation payment if a tenant decides to move when a rent increase of 10% or more is imposed. and tying relocation payments to the current market rents. the meeting will be at the alameda library. the city council is expected to vote tuesday on the proposed changes. and happening today, san francisco's planning commission is due to vote on a plan to convert a city parking lot into a long-term space for the homeless. those who are living in their rvs. the lot is on san jose street near the balboa bart station. and it would have space for no more than 33 rvs. the department of homelessness would screen everyone.
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if the planning commission approves it, the board of supervisors could take this up next month. brazil's president is expected to meet with leaders of neighboring countries to set a policy for protecting the amazon rain forest. a meeting has been set with all of brazil's neighboring countries except for venezuela. an aid package from france has been rejected. a recent report found that his government weakened rain forest protection. the president has accused environmental activists for starting the fires. there's a water main break in the east bay. we'll have the details for you next. and a tentative settlement has been reached francisco in the lawsuit over the millennium tower building. we'll tell you about the deal
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and the millions of dollars at stake. bart just received a check for the extension to silicon valley. if you're driving across the bay area bridges, seems like a slightly better day. like here on the san mateo bridge. it's a warm one. mid-60s to upper 60s. the oakland airport is at 68 degrees. we'll have a forecast high on the temps coming up. from the couldn't be prouders
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welcome back to mornings on 2. the time is 6:15. right now i want to show you new video of a developing story in the east bay. the town of danville. they've responded to a water main break that happened 4:00 this morning on franciscan drive. town officials are not sure how many homes in the neighborhood may be without water. but the street flooding has stopped as the crews are if i canning the problem. we'll keep an eye on this and bring your updates on how they're doing out there. condo owners in the leaning millennium tower will receive payouts. some have reached a settlement. cristina rendon joins us with many -- on the details. >> reporter: good morning to you, pam. an agreement is in the works be
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that's according to an attorney who represents many of the owners here. there are more than 200 homeowners apparently a part of the lawsuit. and we understand it was filed in 2017 on behalf of the condo owners. the exact amount of how much each condo owner is getting is not being released at this time. we don't know the details in terms of the numbers of the settlement. but we know that it alleges millennium towers was built on mud and sand rather than on bedrock which is deeper in the sinking before the apartments were sold. and further damage was caused by the construction of the transit center. mission street development has made clear from the beginning that the priority is to address and resolve the conditions. and they say that the settlement will reportedly help
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pay for fixes and upgrades, and they are also saying that they the works. we understand engineering team will come in. they are going to spend $100 th shoring up the building and making sure that it is safe. and again, there are more than 200 homeowners in the lawsuit. and the details in terms of the dollar amounts are not being released. but the attorney who represents the homeowners hopes this is a lesson to developers in the future. live in san francisco this morning, cristina rendon, ktvu fox 2 news. and in today's dollars and cents, tesla is getting into the car insurance business. tesla owners can buy policies directly from the company. the insurance rates will be 20 to 30% below traditional insurers. our time is does the commut
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>> it looks all right. it was a little lighter than usual early this morning. let's go back to check what we have. on the bay bridge, it's looking a little bit more normal. just a touch lighter than usual. and i have a feeling that tomorrow it will be pronounced as we get discloser to the labor day weekend. some people are not happy apparently with saturday, sunday, and monday. they want friday or thursday off too. god bless you if you can do that. traffic is moving along nicely. san mateo and dumbarton bridge is a little better than normal. and as you look at the south bay commute. it's looking good. there's evidence that some people are not going just yet. let's bring in steve with the weather. >> people will take friday and monday off. how can they do that? >> they must be warm lows,
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mid-60s to upper 60s for some. i should add that many locations are in the 60s, including our friends in santa rosa. 62 the 5 degrees higher than yesterday. and the humidity is at 91%. the sonoma county airport has humidity at 100%. to the north, a few 50s. petaluma 64. and 65 san anselmo. even bodega bay at 61. warmest we've seen g, no doubt they are contributing to the warmer lows on the coast and in the city. only the city's forecast high. that's mine. normal is 69. and santa rosa, oakland, livermore, and san jose on the high side will be bew.g little have here at the end of august. i went warm on the coast.
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and santa cruz 76. that's nice. 70s for san anselmo. belmont, and free month. temperatures today will be the coolest on the high side. thunderstorm activity continues to favor the sierra and points north up to shasta. and also washington. we have a solid cloud deck and an on shore breeze. oakland airport is 68. water temps in decide bay are warm. richmond, 66. and alameda, the water temp is 70 degrees. the city has been stuck at 65 most of the morning. monterey, 67 warm degrees. look at that. a little unusual. it's actually warmer than reno, sacramento, and ukiah. don't see that very often. low clouds give way to sunshine. and temperatures will be 60s, 70s, and 80s. not much of a spread.
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and the lows are pretty much in the 60s. after today we start a warmup. nothing that warm. around here, upper 80s to low 90s. it could hurt san francisco's multibillion-dollar tourism industry and increase traffic. next month. be cable car lines won't run for 10 days. the reason is rolling landmarks are being shut down. can you function on just four hours of sleep each day. researchers first found a short sleep gene. and now they think they've discovered a second one.
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welcome back. researchers say some people just don't need a full night's sleep to feel refreshed and energized. scientists have found a second gene that allows peopleeel a ge mutation that left people feeling refreshed after four to six hours of sleep. they don't suffer any of the negative health effects associated with sleep deprivation. they are better multitaskers, and can feel rested when their
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sleep schedule changes. a new link between babies born by c-section and some developmental disorders. researchers found babies were 33% more likely to be diagnosed with autism. the study does not prove that cesarean delivers can directly cause autism. a new bill working through sacramento will overall california's charter schools. the bill will tighten rules and no longer let the authorize charter schools. instead, only school districts and county governments would be able teachers would be credentialed and existing teachers would have five years the governor will sign it. the board of trustees for cal state, new math or science
6:26 am
class for all incoming students. critics say it could be a hardship for low income and motor students. >> if we don't get this right. we could be blocking thousands of students, especially students of color, from being able to access. >> we have defined it as the ability to think and reason intelligently about measurement in the real world. >> the official presentation of the proposal is scheduled at the end of next month. right now at 6:26. the community in tracy is demanding an fbi investigation. they are worried that they're being targeted because of their religion. and a boost for extending bart into the south bay. the fast track funding. and as we get closer to labor day weekend wept to take you on a couple of local escapes. carmel by sea.
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a live look there. overcast and gray. and typical carmel weather. you're watching mornings on 2.
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from ktvu fox 2 news, this is mornings on 2. >> wow, right on time.
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that opening bell this morning. i'm looking to see how the markets will open. i knee we're keeping an eye on best buy, dollar tree, dollar general report earnings today. the u.s. economy grew 2%. lower than the initial estimate though. right now, just refreshing the numbers, looks like a very good opening though. and we'll have across the board all the business news coming up in today's dollars and cents. it's thursday morning, august 29th. i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. forever 21 may file for the bankruptcy. >> i read that. >> i don't think your shop there. >> i've shopped there for others in the past. but not currently. >> it's geared for teenage girls. >> water temps are really warm. if you're in the city and your windows are open. why isn't i want cooling off?
6:31 am
>> it's 62 degrees. inside the bay it's 66, about 74. a mild to warm pattern. and inland temps will be well below average. san francisco at 70 the forecast high. that's one above average. the reason being is san francisco is sitting at 65 degrees since 1:43 this morning. forecast highs inland will be in the 80s. that includes morgan hill to healdsburg. and 70s stinson beach to cruz. thunderstorm activity in the mountains, northeast california also in the sierra. and for us, the low cloud deck and an on shore breeze will give us cooler afternoon highs. oakland airport is 68 warm degrees. san jose, 67.
6:32 am
60s for the east bay temps. walnut creek, 65. and those are really warm. a good 10 degrees above average. overall the coolest day of the week on the high side. sal is here at 6:32. it's been quiet so far. something new? >> nothing new but more traffic. but it's not up to the level it was the first three days of the week. 37 minute drive because of an earlier crash in richmond. the traffic was held up a little bit. there might be late people coming in to the bay bridge. and now it's becoming more crowded. it started off lighter. and the volume may be just a little bit lighter. and on monday we won't have the same volume. and maybe tomorrow people will be leaving. today, tonight. and tomorrow night. the big getaways for major
6:33 am
holidays like labor day. this is interstate 880 north and south. and traffic is moving along relatively well in both directions. we do have a little slow traffic. and in the south bay, the traffic is still looking pretty good. bart just received a big federal grant to help speed up bart's expansion into the south bay. elissa harrington. >> reporter: this is the only option for a lot of people in the south bay to get to the bart station, taking a bus or a shuttle to the warm springs station. there will be seven stations throughout the south bay and silicon valley. i did get a chance to speak with one commuter this morning. once bart does >> i'm waiting f go to the bus that goes to warm
6:34 am
springs, and my commute is 2 1/2 hours. i work in oakland. and i have to take two buses to get to work before i can get to the bart train and get to work. morning. >> once the three stages of the bart extension are complete. there will be seven new stations from milpitas. the federal transit administration is awarding the vta with a grant. phase two will extend service 6 miles from the berryessa transit center which is still under construction. and add stations in san jose more federal funding. this project will. they are expected to be open by the end of the year. i did get a chance to speak
6:35 am
with a few people here waiting for bus. most people are excited about bart coming through the south bay. and the federal funding could be a great thing, especially if it happens sooner rather than later. and one woman thinks it's too expensive and bart is not reliable. for the most part. anything that can make the thing. easier for people seems also bart is upgrading the digital signs on all bart platforms beginning saturday. the signs have more information about train schedules, including delays and canceled arrivals. and they'll also tell train has two door cars or three door cars like the fleet of the future trains. san francisco's iconic able cars won't with running for a few won't be running for a few
6:36 am
days. muni will be overhauling the gearbox and the cable that runs through, the master cable for the all the cable cars leaving and entering the cable car barn. one person has minor injuries after a grass fire in eastern contra costa county. it started on the ranch between the byron airport and the lazy m marina. they say power lines were down and the exact cause of the fire is being investigated. the fire did shut down byron highway for more than an hour. but byron highway is open again this morning. the son ofa former police chief is accused of murder. tyrone mcallister is the son of daryl mcallister. he and den in this case evans were charged with the deadly
6:37 am
shooting last week. oakland police say the victim was shot and killed during a robbery in the uptown district. tyrone mcallister was on probation, released from jail two months ago for beating a 71- year-old man in manteca. according to the press democrat, 29-year-old aaron macarthur was arraigned by way of teleconference from a jail in virginia when charged of attempted robbery and conspiracy. he's accused of being involved in schemes to steal marijuana from homes in santa rosa and petaluma. federal authorities have said that the suspects planned to steal marijuana and send it back to the east coast. during one of the home invasions. luis torres was shot and killed in his home in santa rosa.
6:38 am
members of the seik community want the stabbing death of a 64-year-old man to be investigated. a candlelight vigil was held for him last night. police have released security video with the hopes of identifying the attacker. a motive has not been identified but friends and family believe he was targeted for his religion. a conservative group is suing over the sanctuary policies. the group is called judicial watch. her suing over the killing of bambi larson killed by an undocumented immigrant. the group calls the sanctuary policies illegal and deadly. the county has not made any comments on the lawsuit. the trump administration says some of the children of u.s. service members, military members, who are born while
6:39 am
their parents are stationed overseas will no longer be considered american citizens. beginning october 29th. parents will have to apply for crsship on their children's behalf. the rule will primarily affect those serving in the armed forces who have not lived in the u.s. for a required period of time. kirsten gillibrand is dropping out of the race. >> i wanted you to hear it from me first. after eight incredible months, i'm ending my presidential campaign. i know this is not the result we wanted. we wanted to win this race. but it's important to know when it's not your time. >> the new york senator plans to endorse another candidate but has not said who that is. she was appointed in 2009 to fill the seat vacated by
6:40 am
hillary clinton. she focused mostly on issues of women's equality. 10 candidates have qualified for the debate in houston. it will be one night which means all of those debating will appear on stage together. that includes joe biden, bernie sanders, elizabeth warren, and kamala harris. there are reactions to bosser johnson's move to suspend parliament. the timing means parliament would be unlikely to have enough time to pass laws blocking the no deal brexit before the october 31st deadline. the scott issue conservative leader announced her resignation citing family ing c our time is 6:41. a very tense city council
6:41 am
meeting in novato. still ahead, the arguments about a minimum wage proposal. and as california lawmakers hotel er a future ban, one of chains is getting rid of mini shampoo bolts. >> reporter: students at uc berkeley may soon have major changes as to where they can gather for class or study. why some buildings on the cal campus could be off limits because of a problem that would cost billions of dollars to fix. and at 8:00, talk about team spirit. members of a football team shave their heads and the reaction from their beloved coach. older people get in the habit of sitting. and i hate to sit. >> i cannot wait to bring you
6:42 am
more from cd madison. he's 101 years old. and you'll meet the man who has a simple secret for a long, happy life. and why he can't stay away from the golf course. we'll be right back. alright, so this is how it's gonna go down.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. the time is 6:45. javier becerra meets this morning to talk about plans to sell two medical centers on the peninsula. a bankruptcy judge in april approved the $610 million sale of seton medical center in daly city, seton coastside. and two others in l.a. county. javier becerra has to approve it. the state attorney general in the past opposed it. concerns about the hospital's care for low income patients. he's due with medical o'connor hospital now has several new high-tech improvements, including the hospital's new command center featuring a genius bar of sorts. the staff can come and get computer questions answered. the hospital flipped the switch on a new health link system.
6:46 am
connecting hospitals, clinics, and patient care centers around the country. we've been here for two weeks, 24 hours a day. providing support to the physicians. they have been through formal training classings, they know the medical care and how to take care of the patients. and the computer work flows are new to them. >> hospital officials say the $80 million project only took six month toss complete instead of the projected 18 months. it took a long to increase city's minimum wage. >> hold on. i'm going you to sit down. >> the meeting started quietly and things heated up when the issue of increasing the minimum wage came up. it's nearly impossible to live
6:47 am
in marin county while earning $12 an hour. one member said that's an unfair argument. >> does anyone think that these businesses can't afford to pay businesses $15 an hour. small businesses are often concerned about wage hikes, the loss of workers, and every major study on minimum wage has demonstrated this doesn't happen. >> i take great offense made in our wn asked the council to put off making a decision so they could present more information about how much the wage increase would cost them. supporters say without the promise of higher pay, some of them will have to leave the city. the council will take up the proposal again on september 24th. supervisors have declared a climate crisis. a resolution was introduced yesterday. and now the pledged
6:48 am
resources to help fight climate change. the declaration is in tandem. santa clara county joins a number of bay area cities and counties in declaring a climate crisis. a warning if you plan to visit a popular lake tahoe beach. water officials say you should stay out of the water because of possible toxic algae. last week a dog died at keva beach shortly after coming in contact with the water. this is between south lake tahoe and emerald bay. it's one of the few beaches in tahoe that allows dogs in the water. samples are being tested for toxins, and the results are expected by the end of the week. marriott hotel is joining other hotels in phasing out the that includes shampoos,
6:49 am
conditioners, bath gels. they'll be replaced with dispensers. other hotel chains have made similar decisions. a bill would ban all plastic bottles beginning in 2023. >> i think it's great. those things don't give you much sham any away. >> i feel the quality of the stuff in the big onces that you can't take home is better than the little ones. >> i agree. >> you can't take it home. and people will just use. >> some of the old school places, the sonoma time. >> good morning, everyone. if you're thinking about getting away somewhere, that happens in a hotel, some people will already thought of that. when you look at the picture, it doesn't scream lighter than
6:50 am
usual, but it is. it took a while to get this way. ignore the spider on the screen. just ignore it there. today and tomorrow is going to be a big getaway day for bay area traffic as labor day is upon us. thursday before labor day is one of the worst commutes ever. that's today, and then tomorrow too. trying to get home. even if you're just going home from work you'll be mixing in with a bunch of other people. a little bit of slowing heading into fremont. we had a couple of hes. san mateo bridge approach is getting busier. silicon valley commute is beginning to fill in on 285. and 6:51. let's bring steve in. you need to stay at the ritz or the four seasons. their shampoo is very high quality. >> i know, i know. >> of you who listen
6:51 am
to ya rock, there's a guy who does that. yes, yes, yes. >> the water temps are so warm, my cold water wax was melting on the board yesterday. calm seas made it a dreamy day yesterday. dreamy. instead of nee uses that. when it gets cool, it's dreamy. 62 in san francisco. and monterey, 63. bodega bay is in the 50s. that's making for really warm lows coast and bay and inland. average and the highs will be below except for san francisco. they're sitting at 65. and i went 70. santa rosa, oakland, livermore, and san jose, their forecast highs will be below average. what about around the bay? there will not be a huge and in 80s through the interior.
6:52 am
70s around the bay. san anselmo to fremont. if you're heading out for long holiday weekend, inland temps will warm up. mainly low 90s in the sacramento valley. thunderstorm activity over the northern sierra and also towards the lee side. and up to shasta and lassen and lightning strikes in oregon and washington overnight. and low clouds in the weather. and so is the on shore breeze. while the lows are warm. oakland airport, 68 degrees. concord, 67. san jose, 67. they are all well below average. 65 san mateo. and belmont and foster city and union city at 66 warm degrees. 67 in monterey which is warmer than ukiah, sacramento, and
6:53 am
also reno. that's a little unusual to see it this time of year. once that burns back, 60s, 70s, and 80s. coast and bay near average to above. and after today, a little warmer on friday. and slightly above to near average as we go into the weekend. time is 6:53. tvs biggest singing competition searching for the next big pop superstar. it's coming here to the bay area for the first time since 2017. coming up in the next hour, when and where you can audition to become the next american idol. right now. ♪ viva las vegas. viva las vegas. ♪ >> thank you very much. >> we're live in las vegas and we're checking out the popular labor day tourist spots. vegas is very popular year- round, including the holiday weekend. we are there live this morning.
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you're watching mornings on 2 on ktvu fox 2 news. ♪ we are here to discuss jessie's online time.
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6:57 am
been accused of promoting misleading health information. critics say now a search for measles or vaccine safeties will show you organizations like the centers for disease control and prevention and the world health organization. time is 6:57. something really unusual is happening in one san jose neighborhood. it's being invaded by cows, grazing on their lawns and wandering through the streets. i'm not kidding. on white pale lane. this has been happening. cows have been coming out every two months and dropping big messes out there, too. they're coming from the nearby hills. ranchers believe fences put up to keep them out are being cut down by the homeless or by teenagers. they are very close. cows and bulls st like skinny with big horns.
6:58 am
>> ranchers rounded up -- look at them. rounded up the cattle yesterday, ahead of san jose animal services says he didn't even know about the problem until this week. but he's hoping ranchers have fixed the problem. time is 6:58. nfl preseason ends today. the raiders are in seattle to play the seahawks. no starters are expected to play. just the younger players and those fighting toic mathe team -- to make the team. preseason games really don't count. but raiders so far are undefeated in the preseason. if you happen to be out and about, we're going to replay the game on ktvu plus tomorrow night at 7:00 p.m. right now, it looks like running back derek mckinnon of the 49ers, is going to have to wait even longer to make his debut with san francisco. mckinnon signed a secreter with the 49ers after a strong season
6:59 am
with the minnesota vikings, but he missed all of last season with a torn acl. now, the 49er said he had a setback on tuesday. an injury that may put him on the injured reserve list. 49ers played their final preseason game tonight at levi stadium against the l.a. chargers. and in san francisco, you can check out another side of the new chase center last night. the art collection there. was unveiled by the warriors. the city of san francisco required the developers spend 1% of their budget on public art. warriors say they beat that amount with 87, original pieces of art. 250 photography display and some of the art showed some very familiar faces. hurricane dorian brushes past puerto rico and grows in strength. as it makes its way to the mainland united states. when it's expected to hit florida and a category 3
7:00 am
storm. >> the fate of the man accused of viciously attacking a woman at her san francisco condo building, now in the hands of a judge. we'll tell you why he may be released from jail. and a tentative settlement, reached in the ongoing lawsuit over san francisco's sinking millennium tower. we're live outside the luxury high-rise. details on the settlement. from ktvu fox 2 news, this is mornings on 2. >> it's an unusually warm morning thursday august 29th. i couldn't believe it when i walked outside. >> and i'm dave clark. i was wondering what your reaction would be. >> i i was listening


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