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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 7am  FOX  August 29, 2019 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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amount with 87, original pieces of art. and 250 photography displays. and some of the art showed some very familiar faces. hurricane dorian brushes pa strength. as it makes its way to the mainland united states. when it's expected to hit florida and a category 3 storm. >> the fate of the man accused of viciously attacking a woman at her san francisco condo building, now in the hands of a judge. we'll tell you why he may be released from jail. and a tentative settlement, reached in the ongoing lawsuit over san francisco's sinking millennium tower. we're live outside the luxury high-rise. details on the settlement. from ktvu fox 2 news, this is mornings on 2. >> it's an unusually warm morning thursday august 29th. i couldn't believe it when i walked outside. >> and i'm dave clark. i was wondering what your
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reaction would be. >> i i was listening to you. but when you feel it. >> like a san diego fog. that's what we have today. lows. the city is sitting at 65 since 1:45 in the morning. and even our good friend john burly, well, thank you mr. b. you're not kidding. lg is 65 right now. really warm temps in and around saratoga. 66, campbell. 66, santa clara, saratoga. cupertino is cool. 64. 62 gilroy. same for santa cruz, soquel. santa cruz mountains. 62 is the water temp. monterey one is going 63. point reyes, 62. the forecast highs will all be below, except san francisco. they're at 65. i went 70. all they have to do is get to 75 degrees for crying out loud.
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most locations will be 5 to 8 below. santa cruz. watch out for that. certainly in the oregon border. for us, low clouds retreat. there's an onshore breeze in place. even though we have very warm lows. most of the forecast highs will be on the cooler side. it's a little interesting pattern here. does look a little warmer as we go into the weekend. 7:02. anything new or just the usual? >> well, the usual, which is just to say we have slow traffic, commutes are slower because of problems. others are lighter. this richmond commute isn't too slow. you can see there is some slowing on the left-hand side, as you come up to the toll plaza. but for the most, it does look pretty good. 80 westbound, suffering from earlier setbacks because of a crash near the hilltop mall that's been cleared out of the way. however, the traffic is still slow. and here at the bay bridge, it's beginning to look a little
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more normal. 15- to 20-minute wait. and i have a feeling the volume will not hold up. people will be taking time off, surrounding it. this is a look at north and southbound 880. commute here looks pretty good. and if you're driving south a little farther, hayward to fremont, that slow traffic is there. i want to check the silicon valley. where we have mountain view. 85 in southern san jose. at 7:03. let's go back to the desk. now to the latest on hurricane dorian. the storm is expected to only get stronger. >> this is major. ktvu's allie rasmus, here in the studio now. with a warning. just about everybody in florida to get ready for this. >> yes. we heard from the director of the national hurricane center in miami. and he warned this is not just a coastal storm. hurricane dorian is on track to bring hurricane forced winds possibly to the entire state of florida. and even the system in georgia. you can see it in the picture
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here. showing the so-called cone of the storm's path. right now, it's churning in the caribbean. expected to pass the bahamas. clocking wind speeds about 85 miles per hour now. it could become a category 3 hurricane by the time it reaches the mainland u.s. florida's governor already declared a state of emergency for the counties. florida residents are heeding the warnings to be prepared. many people boarding up their homes and businesses, and there are already long lines for gasoline and fuel. people are stocking up on food, water and other emergency supplies. and the advice is that people in the storm's path should have enough supplies to be self- sufficient and homebound for at least seven days. >> people say, when do i need to wrap things up? have my house ready? have my plan ready. and we're looking at this. tropical storm force winds, arriving on sunday. that means it's too dangerous to be outside. you can't be holding a piece of
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plywood. it's incredibly dangerous. by sunday, need to be done. wrap things up. friday and saturday, get things ready. >> and this is what the storm looks and sounded like as it passes the british virgin islands yesterday. going from tropical storm to hurricane. dorian then continued onto the u.s. virgin islands and the eastern part of puerto rico as a category 1 hurricane yesterday. it did cut some power outages in puerto rico and the u.s. but there was no major flooding and no major damage. the warning is that dorian is expected to strengthen and grow in size as it increases. the national hurricane center warns that it could make landfall anywhere from south florida to south carolina this neighborhood of labor day weekend. and could be hurricane -- category 3 hurricane status. back to you, gasia and dave. >> all right, allie. thank you. a judge may decide whether a man who is accused of viciously attacking a woman at her san francisco condo building could be released on
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jail. 25-year-old austin vincent has a court hearing set for 8:45 this morning. last week, vincent was arrested. he was put back in jail after he was accuse accused by victims in a february incident of being the man who threatened them with a knife. vincents's public defender said he could prove vincent at that time was in southern california. if those charges are dropped. vincent may be released from jail. but he is still facing charges for the attack on a woman at the san francisco condo out along the embarcadero, earlier this month. again, that hearing today, set for 8:45 this morning. meantime, a teacher at richmond high school will be arraigned today, accused of sex crimes for the student who is a minor. israel lopez, a p.e. teacher, facing eight charges, including unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor and lewd and lastiveious acts -- lastiffious acts on a minor.
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he has been teaching since 2017. six people are in custody this morning after an eight-hour police standoff. it started when federal authorities went to a home on shenandoah court. reports that a homicide suspect was inside. u.s. marshal service asked for help from the fairfield police squad team. officers evacuated the neighborhood. while the marshall tried to make verbal contact with the people inside the house. >> we also called out our crisis negotiations teams to attempt to call people out. we did not receive any response. >> standoff ended midafternoon, when tear gas fired into the home. after everyone was taken out of the house. the homicide suspect was still not located. time is 7:07. a third person. a 13-year-old has now been arrested, linked to that terrifying shooting in broad daylight, on san francisco's market street last night that was caught on camera. the 13-year-old has not been
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identified. but he was arrested yesterday in oakland. two other people, ages 18 and 21, were arrested monday. and police say they did recover a gun. police identified the suspects from security camera video, showing the gunman firing shots towards a crowd during the very busy evening commute. the son of a former bay area police chief is set to appear in court today in oakland, accused of murder. 19-year-old tyrone mcallister is the son of union police chief derek mcallister. police say the victim was shot and killed during a robbery in the city's uptown district. the chief's son, tyrone mcalister was on probation. a former contra costa county sheriff's deputy was sentenced for having sex with someone in jail. patrick morrison was sentenced
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to six months home monitoring and three years probation. he had previously pled guilty to four counts of sexual activity with a confined, consenting adult. two women testified that the encounters happened after they handed morrisman a note, asking if he wanted to have sex. family members and friends are remembering the lives of a brother and sister from richmond, killed in the weekend car crash. supporters dressed in white, passed the playground at richmond college prep, in honor of 10-year-old jesse quintar as. classmates have turned their deaths into a memorial. teachers and family members are encouraging their friends and their 12-year-old brother, who survived the crash. to mourn in whatever way feels right. >> take his notebook out. >> you want to go home? go home. you want to run on the
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playground. >> died saturday morning when the contrer as family suv crashed on i-5. the three  adults and a third sibling were all wearing their seat belt. the other two children were not wearing their seat belts. and they were thrown from the suv. friends say it's possible the children took their seat belts off during the long car ride. one minor injury reported after a grassfire last night. in eastern contra costa county. it started just after 5:00 p.m. on a ranch near the byron airport. and the lazy ann marina. a mobile home and a barn on the ranch were destroyed. power lines were nearby. but the cause of the fire is still being investigated. the byron highway, which was closed for more than an hour is open again. 7:10 now. some changes may be coming to dozens of buildings on the campus. why a new report says several
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buildings are at higher risk for earthquake damage than previously thought. and how much it would cost the university to fix them. plus, why san jose school officials are defending a decision to paint over a welcome back mural of cesar chavez at a south bay elementary school. good morning. you can see traffic is moving along relatively well. if you are driving on the richmond bridge approach. it's not as crowded as it has been. we'll tell you about some commutes that are lighter. some are definitely not. big fog bank out there. but the story this morning are the very warm lows. some mid-60s. what about the high temps today? we'll take a look coming up.
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now that's simple, easy, awesome. experience the entertainment you love on x1. access netflix, prime video, youtube and more, all with the sound of your voice. click, call or visit a store today. welcome back to mornings on 2. today, protestors plan to
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boycott a business with a long- time mural was painted over. it was painted 30 years ago near hopkins way. the art work shows cesar chavez, delores fuerta and other prominent parts of mexican and american indigenous history. but it was defaced by vandals earlier this year. the new horns, san jose dental surgery center decided to cover it up. the art firsts filed a $5 million federal lawsuit against the owner. a recently completed mural honoring cesar chavez was also vandalized. it was participated by a local artist in june on the outside of a maintenance. on monday, just hours before parents arrived for back-to-school night, someone painted graffiti over the mural. >> we had parents as early as 4:00 p.m. we wanted to make sure that parents felt proud of their
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school. so we had to cover it up. >> district administrators say the mural had an anti-graffiti coating applied, which should have allowed the graffiti to be washed off. but the shed's surface made it impossible to save the mural. they said they have video surveillance. and they're working with san jose police to track him down. san francisco condo owners and the leaning millennium tower building will soon get payouts. we're learning some of them have reached day 10 of the settlement, with the developer. ktvu's cristina rendon in san francisco now. you have details. good morning, cristina. >> good morning to you. they are closest in the process of being finalized. that's according to an earn attorney. there are more than 200 named in the lawsuit. they are expected to be paid for the loss and value of their apartments. the exact amounts, though, are
7:16 am
not being released. the settlement would reportedly pay for fixes and upgrades. the lawsuit was filed in february 2017, naming the transit joint authority and the millennium partners in that suit. it alleges it was built on mud and sand, rather than bedrock, which is much deeperp into the ground -- deeper into the ground. and could have provided a much more stable location. and further damage and sinking was caused by construction of the nearby transit center. so, of course, the joint -- i should say the transit center says that that project and construction project had nothing to do with the problems at millennium tower. but the company says it has maid clear from the beginning, its top priority is to address and resolve the conditions that caused the building's past problem. and an engineering team also approved a $100 million project
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which has reportedly sunk 17 inches and is leaning, since it was built in 2009. the plan also will make sure that the building is shored up. now, we understand that the homeowners and again, these -- the people named in the suit have not reached an agreement. it is closed. and the dollar amount is not being released. but the attorneys for those homeowners said he hopes to teach a lesson for future developers. we're live in san francisco this morning. cristina rendon. fox 2 news. california's attorney general, javier becerra is expected at a meeting today, about the proposed sale at a peninsula. a bankruptcy judge excludes the $610 million sale of seton medical center in daly center. and two others. the sale is subject to approval from attorney general javier becerra. he expressed concerns about the care for low-income patients.
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he's expected to meet at 10:00 today. time is 7:18. police in belmont need your help. they're sevenning for a man with health problems. he's 84-year-old paul farmer and he has dementia. he walked away 5:30 monday night. last seen tuesday morning. a couple of miles away, near deanza boulevard in highway 92. mr. farmer was wearing a red, baseball cap, prescription glasses, blue jeans and a light- colored windbreaker. again, you see his photo here. if you see him, call 911 and try to stay with him until the police arrive. 7:18. let's get you out the door. sal castaneda, monitoring a transition day. >> some people, gasia and dave, are going to start to take time off tomorrow. unless it changes this year. i don't think it is. i think tomorrow is going to be a lighter day, commutewise. but it's going to be a busier day trying to get out of the
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bay area. interstate 80. to the macarthur maze. then you add more time at the bay brge. 880, as you can see there, looks okay. bay bridge, 15 to 20-minute wait before you make it onto the stand. san francisco issue a little slow traffic here on southbound 101 at the aictsdz slip. northbound 101 looks okay. no major issues on the san mateo or dunbarton bridge. as you look at the south bay. traffic here is looking good. santa rosa. closed between brooke wood avenue and pierce street. because of police activity. trying to find out what is going on there. but this is santa rosa. closed between brook wood and pierce. we'll let you know if we can find out what is going on. let's go to steve now in today's weather. >> thank you, kind sir. we'll get right to t. the city's low. 64. 12:45 a.m. then it went to 65. at 1:43 in the morning.
7:20 am
hasn't changed. up in sonoma. good morning. temps show a comfortable 62 degrees on the overcast. lots of fog on the hills. and i see 64 in american canyon and vallejo. close. 64, roenert park. 65 warm degrees in bodega bay, it's 62. which is warmer than hills bury and cloverdale. point reyes. if you go inside the bay. 66 to 70 from richmond to alameda. monterey, one observation. the low, again, in san francisco is stuck. 65, alameda. 67 warm degrees. oakland, 65. and berkeley at 64. up in the oakland hills and berkeley hills. 62 to 64. so a big fog bank. sun. warm lows. sunny later and breezy. high temps inland will be below average. near the coast and bay, they'll be at average or above.
7:21 am
santa cruz all in the 70s. same for san leandro. 80s for hillsburg, and morgan hill. kind an interesting pattern. tropical system fired up over the high country there. over northern sacramento valley. big-time lightning strikes into oregon and washington overnight as well. so if your travel plans include that. watch out for some of that afternoon development. for us, it's just a big fog bank. and on shore winds. gusting to 31 miles an hour. 67 san jose. san leandro, 66. we are running anywhere from 3 to 8 degrees warmer than yesterday. with sfo, the leader of the pack at 68. warmer than ukiah, sacramento and reno. warm motion temps certainly
7:22 am
making a huge impact on these overnight lows. but there's fog on most of the coast. monsoon showing up in arizona. see if that continues. kind of warm lows. then we'll have 80s for the inland areas. but we are looking for a warmup, starting friday. that will take us into saturday. it will start to warm up to near average or above. 60s, 70s and 80s inland today. not on the coast and bay. they'll be near average to above as we talked about. tomorrow is the transition day. then we settle in to a pattern of 70s, 80s and 90s for the holiday. 7:22. see the biggest in competition. looking for another big competition star. nationwide search coming back to the bay area for the first time since 2017. coming up, where and when you can audition to be next american idol. and some critics say the new requirements could hurt minority and low-income students. ts.
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7:25 now. school says some of the most well-known buildings on campus have been put on the list of those that are at serious risk of damage during a larger rthquake. uc regions are requiring all uc schools to assess their seismic risks. they report 114 buildings have been examined so far. and that more than half of them need seismic upgrades.
7:26 am
the school says it would need a billion dollars to make those changes. and there are some 504 buildings that need to be infected. today, the cal state board of trustees would hold a new proposal for a graduation requirement. critics say the extra classes could be a hardship for minority and low-income students. >> this is a serious equity issue. and if we don't get this right, we could be blocking thousands of students. especially students of color, from being able to access. >> simply had defined it as the ability about measurement in the real world. >> the official presentation is set to happen. earliest they would vote would be in november. and it passes, it would go into effect in 20 26.
7:27 am
a bill to overhaul california charter schools. it would no longer let the state authorize charter schools. instead, only school districts and county governments would be able to do that. the bill would also require all new charter schools teachers to be credentialed. the bill is expected to pass. and the governor has said sign it. the community is stunned after a man is stabbed to death. where it happened. and who police are looking for, as they release surveillance video of the attacker. also, we have been talking about b.a.r.t. in the south bay for years now. and today the plan is getting a big funding boost. we're live in san jose, with the money that will help speed up the expansion into the south bay.
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7:30 on the dot. if you step outside, you might feel like it's early afternoon. we are so much warmer right now than we typically are this time of day for this time of y the weather is strange. but the picture continues to be beautiful. golden gate bridge. >> i just came back in. i can verify that. it feels muggy. yeah, it does. this thursday morning. august 29th. i'm dave clark. >> and i'm gasia mikaelian. that's from here in the heart  of oakland. the city is gray and damp as well. >> a lot of mid-60s, which is 10 degrees below average. it is muggy out there. humid. and very warm for us on the lows. the high temps inland below average. chris richardson. he's weather savvy. our overnight low in san bruno is 70 degrees. which is warm. which is where it still sits at 7:00 a.m. overcast and calm.
7:31 am
i like it. good for you, chris. i take a look at sfo. close enough. 67 degrees. the city has been stuck at 65. so that's 1 frn :43 in -- 1:43 in the morning. stuck at 67. and even novato is at 65. that is unusual. warm temps. alameda, 67. oakland 65. there's a 65 in the city, with three other 64s in berkeley today. we're 64. a warm, ocean temp, certainly playing into that. and inside the bay, you can find 60s and 70s. so that is distributing to these overnight lows being so warm. by the warmest ocean temps we've seen all summer long. climatologically. the warmest temps occur around 67 degrees. 60s, 70s and 80s. it will bear a pretty good breeze. except san francisco's highest forecast which is above average. kind of an interesting pattern here.
7:32 am
thunderstorms erupting in the high country. northeast california. northward. if you have travel plans. but that this weekend. or you should make take account. pretty good onshore breeze. even though it's on the warm side. a pretty decent sea breeze. they'll be back with the highs today. probably the coolest for the week for most. 60s and 70s. sal is here at 7:32. and some guy named sal castaneda tweeted out, if it's 65 degrees, add 3 degrees, it's perfect. was that you? >> that was me. retweeting you. we still talk all the time. but we have to talk on social media or it's not valid. >> good morning, everyone. >> you should follow steve if you don't already. i highly recommend it. let's go out and take a look at 80 westbound as you drive out to the macarthur maze. 46-minute drive. which is affected by earlier problems we had in richmond that have been cleared up. when you get out to the east bay commute, you'll see that
7:33 am
some commutes are lighter. this one doesn't look too bad. this is backed up for a 20-minute delay. onto the bridge and into san francisco. speaking of san francisco, you can see traffic is just a little slow, southbound 101 at the 80s. northbound looks okay. san mateo and dunbarton a little slow. and now the commute. that silicon valley west. cupertino and palo alto, getting slow through downtown san jose. let's go back to the desk. >> highly anticipated silicon valley would be ready to go earlier than expected. the federal money has been awarded to the fast track project. good morning, alyssa. good morning. and behind me is the express bus that takes people to the warm springs b.a.r.t. station. that's the closest place, where people in the south bay can go to hop on a b.a.r.t. train. i did get a chance to speak
7:34 am
with one woman who has a five-hour rund-trip commute. she told me, once this new b.a.r.t. line arrives, it will change her life. >> i'm waiting for the 181 now to wait for the b.a.r.t. train that is only going to warm spring. and my commute is 2 1/2 hours. i work in oakland. for oakland unified. so i have to take two transitbuses to get to the b.a.r.t. station. 2 1/2 hours every morning to get to work. i start at 8:00. >> and with the federal funding should do is speed up the process. once the three stages of the silicon valley bart stage stations are complete. trl be seven new stations. just yesterday, the federal transit administration announced it is awarding the station with a $125 million grant. this will go toward phase 2 of the project. it will extend service about
7:35 am
six miles from the transit center. the transit center still under construction. there will also be four stations added in san jose and santa clara. bta is expected to ask for more federal funding. the entire project will cost about $5.6 million. both the milipitas d ber yesessa are still under construction but should open by the end of the year. live in san jose. elissa harrington, ktvu, fox 2 news. b.a.r.t. is upgrading the signs. b.a.r.t. says starting saturday, it will give more accurate information about train schedules. will also say if the train has two-door cars or three-door cars will. our time now, 7:35. bat police say they're making progress after hiring more officers. after being criticized for not having more b.a.r.t. patrols. yesterday, three new bart police officers were sworn in.
7:36 am
and now, 40 officers have been hired this year. that equals the number hired in the last two years combined. b.a.r.t. police officials say they're starting to turn a corner. we know that a ridership is asking for more presence on the trains. and we need to give that to them. and the way we're going to attain that is giving it to them. >> it takes a lot. you're doing a different kind of policing. but when i was investigating the department, they're big on community policing as well. that's something i'm excited about. and the b.a.r.t. board approved a labor contract. raising salaries closer to others in the law enforcement agency. b.a.r.t. is also offering new police officers a $15,000 hiring bonus. they still have 34 vacancies. time is 7:36. new this morning. members of the community in tracy wa the fbi to investigate the deaths of a 64-year-old man. killed while walking in a park
7:37 am
sunday night. candlelight vigil was held for him last night. police have released security video with the hopes of identifying his attacker. officers have not yet determine a motive for the attack. friends and family say they believe he was targeted because of his religion. the attacks come one month after another was attacked in houston near modesto. new york senator kirsten gillibrand dropped out of the race for the white house, after finding out she wouldn't qualify for next month's debate in houston. gillibrand said she will focus on uniting democrat toss beat president trump. 10 candidates qualified for the next debate on september 12th in houston. the democratic committee tightened the rules in order to reduce the number of candidates. some of those who didn't qualify don't like this process, while the front runner, joe biden, says, with so many people on stage, it's tough to get his message across. >> it makes it hard when you
7:38 am
have so many people. and you limit it to one minute you're telling your life story. >> the whole thing gets a bit confusing. and you gotta drop way down in the statistics am but i think the whole problem is really tranparency. >> now, in order to qualify for the houston debate, the candidates needed 2% in at least four of the approved opinion polls. they also needed 130,000 unique donors. singers who think they have what it takes to be the next american idol, should start warming up their vocal cords. they are opening round auditions. this will be the first time producers will be listening in the south bay. last time was in 2017. that's when these were held. >> you could do t. >> let's me and you go. >> i'll do it. >> this time, auditions will be at the san jose convention center. that's one week from tomorrow. >> i'm in. >> okay. our time is 7:39.
7:39 am
still ahead, a south bay hospital now has several new high-tech improvements. we'll tell you how san jose's new command center is hoping to answer staff members' questions. and they're one of the region's top. but two of san francisco's cable cars will be shutting down. we'll tell you why and how long they'll be out of service. and you know, mike mibach. >> you were in that play once in high school. >> i was in spring musical. you're right. but i was told to lift things. so we'll leave it at that. >> dave, gasia good morning. college football tonight is the home opener for the san jose state pardon. many football players consider being on a team a brotherhood. coming up, how one team shows its support off the field for their offensive coordinator, who is battling cancer. plus. >> inspiration for everybody. he's amazing. >> we are sharing the century story born during the first
7:40 am
world war. as a child, he watched them build the golden gate bridge. now, at 101, the youngsters are check out his golf game. we'll share his secret for a long life, well lived. celebrating music, food, art and wine. we'll sit down with the director of the sausalito art and wine festival. we're back after the break.
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7:42 am
the time is 7:42. brazil's leaders are set to meet to discuss the amazon rain forest. meeting set for next week. the leaders for all except venezuela.
7:43 am
rejected a $20 million aid package from france to help with the firefight. governor bolsinaro's government weakened. president bolsinaro accused environmental activists for starting the fires. a 16-year-old swedish activist is helping fight. she set sail from england. she said sailing on board a boat with solar panels and underwater turbines was a far more ecofriendly way to travel. she was greeted by a large crowd and she was asked what message she wants to deliver president trump. >> my message for him is just listen to the science. and he doesn't do that. the climate and ecological crisis is a crisis. and the biggest crisis humanity has ever faced. >> bloomberg will be outside tomorrow where there will abe
7:44 am
demonstration among world leaders. time is now 7:44. san jose's o'connor hospital has several new high tech improvements, include a command center. featuring a bar, where a staff there can ask a computer questions and get answers. also, a hospital has turned on for the first time, a new health link system that connects all of their hospitals, clinics, and patient care centers. doctors and other staff are learning this new system. >> but we have been here for two weeks, 24 hours a day, providing support to physicians. they've all been through formal training classes. most have had 5 to 8 hours sitting at a computer being trained. they know medical care. but the computer work are now to them. >> this took much less time to
7:45 am
finish than the projected 18 months. cable cars out of service along all three of their lines for 10 days, beginning friday september 13th. bus service will be provided in their place. muni will be overhauling the capable. and master cable for all cable cars, leaving and entering the cable car barn. time now, 7:45. a warning visiting a popular beach this holiday weekend. water officials say try to stay out of the water. there's a possibility of toxic algae. last week, a dog went into the water at kiva beach. and the dog died. kiva beach is off highway 89 south lake tahoe and emerald bay. that beach is one of the few beaches in lake tahoe that allows dogs there. samples are being tested now. the results are expected by the end of the week. 7:45. let's talk about getting out
7:46 am
town. sal castaneda. you're monitoring the work day traffic. >> i want to remind people, gasia and dave, that today is going to be a big getaway day. if you're leaving san francisco with your car this afternoon. there will be a big getaway commute. and tomorrow the same. because people getting away for labor day weekend. let's go and sart the commute in the east bay northbound interstate 880. looks all right past the coliseum. it does begin to slow. moderately heavy now into downtown oakland. westbound is pretty crowded. earlier, we had a light commute. going away. people are jamming in here for a 20- to 25-minute wait. in san francisco. this is going to be one of the slowest commutes this afternoon as people are going to -- you're going to see a lot of roof racks, put it that way. a lot of people eastbound 580 and livermore. this is a look at the san mateo bridge. san mateo and dunbarton
7:47 am
bridge. that silicon valley drive is slow heading up to the west valley. 7:47. one of my favorite airplanes of all time. and now, here's mr. steve paulson. >> do you have any information about sfo? >> i do. as a matter of fact, this next month in september, they're going to have runways closed. and that going to delay flights am so if you're taking a flight out of town in senate, make sure to give yourself plenty of time. your flight may be delayed. >> unless you have a private jet. >> well, even then. >> probably true. thank you, sal. we have temperatures running about 10 degrees above average this time of year on the lows. yet on the high side, they'll be cooler. cool calm. sunrise over clear lake. that's not bad. i saw a forecast high of about 85 for ukiah.
7:48 am
60s for san an cell smo -- san anselmo. those are really warm temps. and bodega bay. what does bodega bay have in common with healdsburg? they're both 62 this morning. sfo stayed at 67. and san san francisco downtown 65. low did get to 64 briefly. but they were 65 for six hours. oakland is 68. concord, 67. san jose. they have been stuck all morning long. and alameda says hey, we're 67. if you live close to the bay, and you're like, why is it so warm out? because the temps have gone up. bodega bay is only 50 on this count. and monterey, 60 to 63 warm degrees. so fog then sun. but there's a big fog out there. warm lows will give way to sunshine and breezy conditions later. but inland temps will be below average. not too bad here. there's not a big difference between the coast, bay and
7:49 am
inland. i went warmer on the coast. stinson beach, 70 degrees. san anselmo. healdsburg, fairfield. all in the 80s. thunderstorm activity. many of you, as sal said, getting those bike racks or camping gear if you're heading to the mountains. clouds will give way to sunshine. but there's an onshore wind for some. and a breeze for others. 50 in truckee. 57 warm degrees in monterey. which is warmer than reno, sacramento and ukiah. warm motion temps. also those low cloud decks. 60s, 70s, 80s on the temps here. there thwill be the coolest day of the week inland. coast and bay. but by tomorrow, we warm it up. looks like upper 80s, low to mid-90s for some, going into the holiday weekend. >> time is 7:49. chase bank, trying to get fans to visit the new home of golden state warriors in san francisco
7:50 am
for the rest of 2019. coming up in the next hour. how you can get two free tickets to every warriors game, concert and event, scheduled at the chase center this year. but first. what juul, the e-cigarette company says it is doing now to block illegal sales to teenagers. from the couldn't be prouders
7:51 am
7:52 am
to the wait did we just win-ners. everyone uses their phone differently. that's why xfinity mobile let's you design your own data. now you can share it between lines. mix with unlimited, and switch it up at anytime so you only pay for what you need. it's a different kind of wireless network designed to save you money. save up to $400 a year on your wireless bill. plus get $250 back when you buy a new samsung note. click, call or visit a store today. welcome back to mornings on 2. time is 7:52.
7:53 am
the company juul is introducing a new system to block illegal sales. juul is offering more than $100 million in incentives to retailers who install a new, electronic age verification system that will block each juul purchase, until the customer's driver's license or other government i.d. has been scanned. also, it limits each purchase to a maximum of one vaporizer and four refill packs. so far, juul says 40,000 outlets have agreed to adopt this system. and pinterest says, users who search for a back-theme will be shown from leading public health groups. social media platforms have been criticized for promoting misleading health information, especially by critics. pinterest says now, a search
7:54 am
for measles will bring you results from organizations like the centers of disease control and prevention and the world health organization. time is 7:54. mcdonald's is introducing a new training program fors its american employees. after dozens of workers complained about sexual harassm. mcdonald said begin figure october, it will educate its 850,000 workers about harassment and bullying. and teach them how to diffuse situations with customers or coworkers. it january, mcdonald's released an enhanced policy about discrimination and retaliation. and it began offering a free hotline for its employees. time is now 7:54. word from china that is taking up stocks this morning on wall street. pam cook has all of the information in dollars and sense. >> chinese secretary of ministry says it depends on on
7:55 am
the u.s. to set favorable conditions. but adds, china does not want to escalate the trade tensions. and does want to avoid the next round of tariffs and will not retaliate. all of that taking stocks up right when that opening bell rang this morning. optimism over those trade talks that are set to resume today. taking you live to the big board. you can see the response shortly after that. the dow jones gained about 300 points. it has come back a bit. but it's still up about 215 points, more than three-quarters of a percent. 26,251. s&p 500 now at 2913. up about the same percentage wide. than a gain for the nasdaq. apple is apologizing for listening in to the recorded conversations of people using siri. the company said it is ending the practice of having employees review those audio recordings.
7:56 am
apple says in the future it will first ask permission to check a siri recording to improve. end of model year clearance sales will be kicking offer this labor day weekend. data shows, interest rates were low. car dealers were quickly selling those models. by the end of the year, only 24% of new vehicles sold were 2014. compare that to the end of last year, where 44% of new vehicles sold were still to 2018 models. analysts say despite the slowdowns and higher interest rates, there are still good deals out there for shoppers this weekend. if your kitchen has a glass stove top it could be a fire hazard. the u.s. consumer product safety commission is recalling cook top glass tops saying there are more than 100 reports of the appliances burning
7:57 am
themselves on. they are urging people keep flammable materials away from the burner. contact the company or the store where you purchased it. >> all right, pam. thank you. time is 7:57. we're going inside san francisco's chase center to give you another look at another side of the chase center. last night, the warriors unveiled the center's car collection. the city of san francisco requires developers to spend 1% of their budget on public art. they say they beat that. with 87 pieces of art work. as you can see, some of the art features familiar faces of the warriors. time is 7:57. hurricane dorian moving closer to the east coast of florida. telling people to brace for the worst. coming up, when it's expected to make landfall and how many people are preparing for it.
7:58 am
plus, a settlement tentatively reached in san francisco in that lawsuit involving the sinking luxury millennium tower building in san francisco. details on the settlement. and how it's expected to help future homeowners in that building. ilding.
7:59 am
8:00 am
hurricane dorian brushes past puerto rico and now turning into warm water. when it's forecasted to hit florida's atlantic coast as a category 3 storm. >> the fate of a man accused of viciously attacking a woman, now in the hands of a judge. why he could be released from jail. a tent tive -- tentative settlement reached. details on a settlement.
8:01 am
good morning, everyone. and welcome back to mornings on 2. it is thursday, august 29th. i'm mike mibach. >> and i'm gasia mikaelian. it's warmer out there than you'd expect it to be. >> we're also taking a look at this now. take a look. 4. category 4. no longer a 3. that would be right on the cusp. but the national hurricane center said it could reach category 4 by the time we get from sunday into monday. gasia is right. we want to throw this in there because it just got updated. so from 1 to 3 to 4. i've seen anywhere from cape canaveral to miami as far as any of the forecast model goes. this will change, i guarantee it, over the next couple of days. but now ramping it up to a category 4. looks to be right there at the edge of a category 3, category 4. 111 to 130 is 3.
8:02 am
131 to 155 is category 4. it was a little disorganized and weakened a little. that's that latest update. maybe reaching up the atlantic side of florida. 60s, 70s. warm lows, i'll say. 68, oakland. the city has not changed since 1:43 this morning. sfo hasn't either. san jose, concord. napa. everyone is really close. when you see temperatures the same on the coast, as they are out toward rio vista, tracy. 67, really warm temps. because the ocean temps have come up. that and inside the bay are really warm. the only forecast high that is above today, this is my forecast. is san francisco. at 70. the rest will be below. i mean, there's going to be cooler air coming in. inland temps will be below average. even though the highs are all above. if you have camping plans, travel plans, mountain biking, what have you. watch out for thunderstorms. not here, though. low clouds will burn off.
8:03 am
i think we all know the drill. but this is a big fog bank. still gusting at travis. and up and down the coast. plays into not only our weather but also heading down the coast. 60s, 70s. here's sal. >> steve, we do have traffic that is getting busier in some commute. getting lighter on others. 24 through lafayette. see some slowing here as you drive through the b.a.r.t. station. through the tunnel. no problems on highway 4 in the way of crashes. but we do have a lot of slow traffic on 4. 242. 680. all very slow down to the walnut creek interchange. and if you're driving on the richmond bridge, the traffic seems to be getting heavier as well. heavy late commute. almost a 50-minute drive on the carquinez bridge to the mcarthur maze drive. people are coming in a little later. remember, this evening is going to be a tough commute, getting out of the bay area. because of the holidays. people believe -- people begin, i should say, leaving on thursday. and tomorrow, of course, will
8:04 am
also be a big headed out of the bay area today. 8:04. >> we have new information on a story we first brought you at 6:15 this morning. about two dozen homeowners in danville are without water survey. this happened about 4:00 on franciscan drive. the town of danville and east bay mud, have been out cleaning out that area. officials say they do not believe any homes were flooded. they also identify a cause of the break. now back to dorian. that storm expected to get stronger as steve mentioned, possibly a category 4 as it gets closer to the state of florida. >> allie rasmus is live here. the warning is going out to just about everyone in florida to be prepared. >> the director warned this morning that this hurricane is not just a coastal storm. hurricane dorian is on track to bring strong winds and rain to much of the state of florida. possibly also the southern coast of georgia. st spoke after meeting with s meteorologist in miami.
8:05 am
he talked about how he's already deir clad a state -- declared a state of emergency in florida that could be impacted by this hurricane. >> one of the things that this allows us to do is to get more fuel into the gas stations. i know people are going and looking. we've heard reports of there being fuel shortages in places like brevard county. this executive order allows more of that fuel to come. it also allows us to mobilize the national guard. >> you can see in this picture, the so-called cone of the storm's path. hurricane dorian is growing in strength. it is expected to pass the northern bahamas. it could become a category 3 hurricane or larger by the time it reaches the mainland u.s. florida residents are heeding the warnings to be prepared. many already boarding up homes and businesses gathering materials for sandbags. people are also stock up on food, water and other emergency supplies. and the recommendation is that people in the storm's path should have enough supplies to
8:06 am
be self-sufficient and home bound without power for at least seven days. >> the georgia coast all the way down to the keys. all of florida really has to pay attention. we could see those impacts all over the state. and by the way, such an important point that i really want to make. please don't think this just coastal. we think about naso often. this is over the whole state. >> now, this is what hurricane dorian looked and sounded like as it turned over the u.s. virgin islands as a category 1 hurricane yesterday. it also brushed over the iron part of puerto rico. it did cause some power outages, but no major flooding and no major damage. the problem now, though, is even though dorian is expected to pass over the bahamas next, there is really nothing else in the hurricane's path until it hits florida. the hurricane director mentioned that it is a slow-moving storm right now, which means it's going to hover over those warm waters in the caribbean and grow in strength and size. mike and gassia, back to you. >> all right, allie. thank you for that.
8:07 am
now, the judge could discuss whether they man and woman should be released from jail. 25-year-old austin vincent. last week, vincent was arrested. in a separate incident of being with a man who threatened them back in february. he said he can prove that vincent, at that time, was down in southern california. now, if those charges are dropped, vincent could be released from jail. but he still faces charges for that attack on the woman outside the condo, along the embarcadero, earlier this month. >> a teacher at richmond high school, will be arraigned today, accused of sex scriems with -- crimes with a student who a minor. a p.e. teacher, facing eight counts of unlawful sexual intercourse on a minor and lewd and lacivious acts on a minor. an eight-hour standoff.
8:08 am
it happened northwest of interstate 80 and travis boulevard. they were report responding to reports. u.s. marshal asked for help from his s.w.a.t. team. officers evacuated the neighborhood while the marshals tried to make verbal contact with the people inside the house. >> we also called our crisis negotiation team to try to get people out. we could not receive any response. >> the standoff ended in the afternoon, after tier gas was fired into the house. the homicide suspect was still not found. a third person has been arrested linked to the shooting on market street. that was caught on camera. that 13-year-old has not been identified as a minor. two other people ages 18 and 21, were arrested monday. and investigators say they recovered a gun. police identified the suspects from security camera video, firing shots at a crowd at 6th and market during the busy
8:09 am
evening commute. family and friends are remembering lives of a brother and sister killed in a car crash. supporters dreaded in white and past the playground. in honor of 10-year-old jesse contreras. classmates have turned this into a memorial. for more on whatever way feels right. >> take his notebook out. >> i told him. you want to try, try. if you want to go home, go home. if you want to run it on the playground. embrace each other. >> they died saturday morning. when the family suv crashed on i-5 in kern county. the three adults and a third sibling were all wearing their seat belts. the other two children were not wearing seat belts. they were thrown from the suv. friends say it's possible the children took their seat belts off at least during the long
8:10 am
car ride. people who owned condos in that leaning millennium tower will soon get. >> some have reached a settlement with the tentative developer over that building. ktvu's cristina rendon to bring more. an agreement is close and in the process of being finalized. many in this luxury high-rise apartment. more than 200 workers are going to be compensated for the loss in value to their apartments. the exact amounts, though, are not being released. but the settlement would help pay for fixes and upgrades to the building. this is all following a lawsuit filed in february 2017, naming the transbay joint power authority and the millennium partners in dispute. it alleges millennium tower was built on mud and sand, rather than bedrock, which is much deeper in the ground. the suit also claims they knew about the tower sinking. and that further damage
8:11 am
sinking was caused by the center. the company that owns the development says it has made clear from the beginning that its top priority has been to address and resolve the conditions that caused the building's past problems. an engineering team also approved a $100 million project to fix the leaning tower, which was reportedly sunk 17 inches and is leaning since it was built inent 2009. the -- in 2009. it used pipe toss shore up that building. an attorney representing the homeowner says he hopes this is a lesson for future developers. in san francisco, cristina rendon, ktvu 2 fox news. some buildings could be off limits to students. the safety concerns they announced. and the fixes it will take to make the buildings secure. also, 101 years old. and living the life most people have for even a quarter of has age. we'll follow this north bay man for a round of golf. and here, staying sharp and
8:12 am
8:13 am
8:14 am
today's bay area people will meet a north bay man, who has lived through 18 presidents, fought in world war ii, and has been retired now for nearly 40 years. >> and he is still going strong now at the age of 101. so frank mallicoat here now to
8:15 am
let us know. >> it's pretty incredible. and the guy truly is a marvel guy. says he'd rather wear out than rust out. they'll play over a hundred rounds of golf a year. at the age of 101. and inspiring everyone at the marin country club in novato. >> born in march of 1918. 101 years young. and the man still has game. >> it just feels wonderful. because you know, older people didn't have. >> it's true. since joining novato's country club in 1950, he figures he's played nearly 10,000 rounds of golf. and he's still good for three or four rounds a week. and consistently shoots below his age. >> i did good today. i had a 91 today. and i blew about three holes.
8:16 am
>> the former contractor has seen it all. he grew up in sauce lito and watched the golden gate go up in the 30s. he was a young steeler when the battle in okinawa broke out in 1945. married has wife in 1940. their son ralph is now 48. along with two children and great grandmore than -- grandchildren. >> i had a great wife. and we were married for 68 1/2 years. and i think it had a lot to do with, she was a wonderful gal. and she was a beautiful gal. >> staying active and connected keeps him young. especially hanging out with this young bunch of golfers. >> i'm 75. >> i'm al pitan. i'm 89 years old. >> i'm ray cone. i'm 79. >> as a foursome, they have a combined age of 346. and they all look up to the super senior, c.d., celebrating
8:17 am
number 100 at mcc. >> he's an inspiration for everyone. he's 101, going on 70. he's amazing. >> his spirit, the best. you couldn't find anybody who has better spirit. he is always thinking positive. >> it's not often that you get your own plaque at a country club. but cd did. because it's not often you get your first hole in one at age 99. >> no ace today. but c.d. is patient. besides, he's still reveling in hole in one number 1. >> it was a miracle. had to be a miracle. because 99 years without a hole in one? then to get one? how could you be so lucky? >> for the 100th time he's the pga championship. >> yep. the championship is a lot like me. a century old and just getting started. >> cd got national attention with a pga championship turned 100 last year. and asked him to voice their
8:18 am
promo. as for the future? >> no. i just feel like a rookie. you know, wake up in the morning early. come out here early. and play around. and play 18. >> it's what he does is play a round of 18. he's truly an ambassador, too. what is amazing when you meet c.d. you're like, this guy is 101. but in about a minute, you forgo b his age. because he fits in with the guys and that big personality comes out. and he is just a delight. i know he's probably at the country club watching with all the guys. cheers to you. >> i don't think i've hit a hole in one. i like when he said, it's not just about staying active, right? walking the course. but it's about love. right? and having that spouse that gets you through the tough times and the great times. and that means a lot. >> family means a whole lot. his son is 78. ralph. and ralph calls him every night. which is a big deal. he's got great grandkids and
8:19 am
grandkids and just living large. >> i love it. >> a lot of lessons to learn from him. >> thank you, frank. let's head out. let's see what the traffic holds for us, sal. >> that was a great story, frank. good morning, everyone. let's start off with the east bay commute. and some people trying to get from the east bay transitioning across the bridge. like this one. beginning to get a little better on 580 as you drive through interstate 80 from the carquinez bridge, through the macarthur maze. a 45-minute drive. and northbound 880. this commute now looking like it did earlier. lighter. and i also want to remind you that if you're driving this evening, across any of the bay area bridges. or even just trying to get out of the bay area, it is going to be a tough day. the thursday before labor day typically has a lot of slow traffic. you might want to expect it. i'm just putting that idea into your head or that thought into your head. tomorrow, of course, is a big getaway day as well. as the labor day weekend is
8:20 am
coming up. at 8:20. let's bring steve in. >> thank you. we'll get to it here. very warm low. the fact that it's warmer at oakland airport. not something we see all the time. 60s, 70s, 80s. the city has been stuck at 65 all morning long. elser identityo shot -- ercerrito shot. you're not alone, george. a lot of 60s there. mid-60s. upper 60s for some. but i mean, 65 for lafayette. alamo. dublin. all 65. here's oakland. tracy also 68. mid-60s, upper 60s, very warm. because of warm ocean temps. low cloud deck came in. way up there at 2500 feet. lows really cooling off very much at all. thunderstorm activity. if you're heading out. be advised by that if you're going up the mountains. for us, fog and low clouds. mainly low clouds.
8:21 am
really not too much in the way of fog. but visibility is pretty good, anywhere from 7 to 10 miles. half moon bay, 7. 10 san jose. west/southwest. 30, though. wind, low clouds will give way to below normal temps. inland, near normal. still warm on the lows. 60s, 70s and 80s on the temps. does look like today is the coolest day for most. then we'll start a little warmup going into the weekend. not crazy hot. >> all right, steve. thank you. chase bank, trying to get fans to visit the new home of the golden state warriors for the rest of the year. coming up, how can you score tickets. and why san jose school administrators are defending a decision to paint over a welcome back mural. at a cesar chavez at an elementary school.
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
a shot of a business, where a mural was painted over. the mural was painted more than 30 years ago on a building on story road, near hopkins. mexican american. but it was defaced earlier this year. san jose dental surgery center owns the building now and decided to cover it up. it's a $5 milln federal lawsuit against the owners. >> the san jose school district is defending its decision to paint over a mural which was vandalized. it was meantas a welcome back
8:25 am
here. it was painted by a local artist in june outside of a maintenance shed. monday, hours before the back to school event, someone painted graffiti over the mural. >> we had parents showing up as early as 4:00 p.m. we wanted to make sure parents felt proud of their school, so we had to cover it up. >> districts say the mural had an anti-grafity coating applied, which should have made it possible powash it off. but they said it was faded. uc berkeley students and faculty. some of the most popular locations have been put on a list of buildings that are, quote, at serious risk of damage during a large earthquake. regions are requiring all uc schools to assess seismic risks. according to the chronicle, 114 buildings have been examined so far.
8:26 am
and more than half need seismic upgrades. the school says it will need about a billion in seismic up from upgrades. today, the cal state university board of trustees will hear a new proposal that would set a new graduation requirement. critics say the exit class could be a hardship for minority and low-income students. the official presentation is set for next month. and the earliest the csu board would vote on it would be november. if the plan is passed, it would go into effect in the year 2026. community is stunned after a man was stabbed to death. where it happened and who police are looking for. and they released this video of the attacker. plus, we have been talking about b.a.r.t. to the south bay for years now. getting a big funding boost. we're live in san jose with what will happen speed up the extension into san jose.
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:29. ask welcome back. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> good morning. i'm mike mibach. steve, i have family in florida on the gulf coast. but now, they're probably debating whether or not they should pack up and get out of town for a while. >> mike, that's always a good question. looks like the atlantic side. but as it goes across, could
8:30 am
certainly maybe go back out, or renter on the -- reenter on the golf side. looks like something to consider. but right now, right on the border, category 3, category 4. caty 4 would have to be 131 miles per hour to 155. but the national hurricane center said it will come in. now, again the track is, i think it's going to be south that was track. at least right now. more towards maybe west palm or fort lauderdale. looks to be the consensus right now. they'll probably update this over the next couple of days. but from category 1 to category 4. and then going across florida. where it goes after that we'll have to wait and see. early next week. monday morning. when this comes on shore. to the east of puerto rico. there was heavy rain coming out there. now towards the bahamas. for here, it's all about the warm overnight lows. mid-60s, upper 60s for some of this fog bank.
8:31 am
warm temps. look at oakland. 68. and also, concord out by buchanan. and 60s for many. even around san francisco has not changed since current temp 1:43 in the morning. that's amazing temp. temperatures everywhere about the same no matter where you go. and the warm ocean temps. the warmest you've seen. thunderstorms maybe playing into your weekend plans. going north into the sierra. but for us, it's a low cloud deck. and onshore winds, still gusting out of travis. pretty impressive with that low cloud deck. if you don't have it, enjoy the sun. 60s, 70s and 80s. here's sal. steve, we do have slow traffic with us this morning. i wa to remind you -- left to downtown san jose. getting out to the exit there. 101 here.
8:32 am
and if you look ordinary. [ audio ] >> bridge back down. tomorrow, big getaway. holiday weekend getting up. 8:32. let's go back to the desk. just in from the geological survey. at 8:08 this morning. in the pacific ocean. off the southern oregon coast. about 180 miles in the town of bandit. there are no reports of seeing any shaking. the justice department james comey violated agency issues. it was the way comey handled the document.
8:33 am
with instructions sharing contents with a reporter. >> big finance. [ audio difficulties ] >> so i have to take two types of buzzes to get to the b.a.r.t. station to get to work. before i can get to the b.a.r.t. train. then get to work. 2 1/2 hours every morning to get to work. i start at 8:00. >> it's not going to maybe
8:34 am
fundamentally change my life. cal train will probably be the fastest for me to get to san francisco. every once in i while, it will save my bacon. >> just yesterday, the federal transit association said it is awargd a $125 million grant which will go toward phase 2 of this project called the silicon valley b.a.r.t. extension project. that will consist of three phases total that will require b.a.r.t. stations. now, phase 2 specifically will extend service six miles from the bay area to transit center. then add four stations in san jose and santa clara. phase 2 is what this money will go towards. the bta is expected to ask for more federal funding in the future. the entire project will cost about $5.6 million. the milipitas and ber yesessa stations are under construction but should open later this year. i got a chance to speak with several people this morning. i really only got one person
8:35 am
who opposes a project. because she says it's going to cost too much money. and she doesn't think b.a.r.t. is reliable. anyone else that can help get them is a good option. as we all know, bay area traffic can be an absolute nightmare. so what this money should do is hopefully speed up the process. reporting live in san jose, elizza harrington. fox 2 news. meanwhile, b.a.r.t. is upgrading the digital signs. b.a.r.t. says starting on saturday, the signs will give more accurate information about train schedules. it will also say if a train has two-door cars or three-door cars, such as the cars in the new fleet of the future train train. >> bat police are facing criticism from riders. three new b.a.r.t. police officers were sworn in just yesterday. bringing the number of officers hired so far this year to 40. that's as many officers that joined the force in the last two years combined. the department has been criticized for not doing enough
8:36 am
to prevent violent crime as well as fare evasion. but the chief says they're starting to turn the corner. >> we know that our ridership is asking for presence on thetrains and we're going to give it to them. >> it takes a lot. you're on your feet. you're doing a different kind of policing. but when i was investigating the department. they're big on community policing as well. that's something that i'm excited about. >> in its effort. the b.a.r.t. board approved salaries for other b.a.r.t. area agencies. b.a.r.t. is also offering new officers a $15,000 hiring bonus. the agency still has 34 vacancies. new this morning. members of the community in tracy want the fbi to investigate the stabbing death of a 64-year-old man. parmjit singh was honored. police have released
8:37 am
surveillance video in hopes of finding the attacker. friends and family say they believe he was targeted becauseof his religion. this attack comes one month after another 6 man was attacked -- sikhman was attacked in houston. 2018, left one man dead. according to the press democrat. 29-year-old aaron macarthur was arraigned via teleconference yesterday. on attempted robbery and conspiracy charges. accusing them of being involve in schemes to steel marijuana from homes in santa rosa and petaluma. federal authorities said they planned to ship it back to the east coast. during one of the home invasions, 53-year-old luis tress was shot and killed inside has santa rosa home. a conservative group, judicial watch, is suing over the killing of san jose resident bambi larson. police say she was killed in her home by an undocumented
8:38 am
immigrant. it calls the sanctuary policies illegal and deadly. the company had not commented on the lawsuit. some children of u.s. service members who were born while their parent is stationed outside the u.s. will no longer be automatically considered u.s. citizens. parents will have to apply for citizenship on their children's behalf. it appears it will primarily affect naturalized citizens. who have not lived in the united states for the required period time. helping to answer staff member questions. >> first, they're one of the region's top tourist draws. and soon, san francisco's cable cars will be shutting down temporarily. we'll tell you why and how long they'll be out of service. we are here to discuss jessie's online time.
8:39 am
8:40 am
and out of respect, we will let you make the first offer. thirty minutes. thirty minutes? objection! overruled. one hour. sweeten the deal by doing the dishes and i'll consider it. i wouldn't do it. i hate the dishes. one hour with the tablet, you walk the dog and do the dishes. if you insist. congratulations. only xfinity xfi lets you take control of your family's online time. that's simple, easy, awesome. xfinity xfi gives you the speed, coverage and control you need. manage your wifi network from anywhere when you download the xfi app today. so that early retirement we planned. it's going ok? great. now i'm spending more time with the kids. i'm introducing them to crab. crab!? they love it. so, you mentioned that that money we set aside.
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yeah. the kids and i want to build our own crab shack. ♪ ♪ ahhh, you're finally building that outdoor kitchen. yup - with room for the whole gang. ♪ ♪ see how investing with a j.p. morgan advisor can help you. visit your local chase branch. a magical place...that's lookin' to get scared! halloween time is back in disneyland and disney california adventure parks!... brazil's sed of not taking the fire's threats seriously. a meeting has been set for next week, with all of the neighboring countries, except venezuela. the brazilian president has rejected a $20 million aid package from france to help with the fires.
8:42 am
without offer anything evidence, the president has accused environmental activists of starting those fires. a 17-year-old swedish climate change activist, gretta, arrived more than two weeks after she set sail from england. she said sailing aboard a boat with solar turbines was a much more ecofriendly way to travel rather than flying. she was asked what message she would like to deliver to president trump. >> my message for him is just listen to the science. and he obviously doesn't do that. the climate logical crisis is a global crisis. and the biggest crisis humanity has ever faced. >> toomberg will be outside the united nations tomorrow, where there will be a demonstration calling on world leaders to pay attention to climate change. she will also speak to those at the action summit next month. taughting new, high-tech
8:43 am
improvements. it features something of a genius bar, where staff can come and get their questions answered. the hospital also said it flipped the switch for the first time on a new health link system. doctors and other staff are now learning this new system. >> we have been here for two weeks. 24 hours a day. providing support to physicians. they've all been through formal training class. post have had between 5 to 8 hours being trained. they know the medical care. know how to take care of the patient. but computer work flows are new to them. >> hospital administrators say the $80 million project took six months to complete, instead of the projected 18 months. san francisco's iconic cable cars will not be running until, next month. they will be out of service along three of its lines. bus service will be provided in their place. and the cable running through the gear box is really the
8:44 am
master cable for all cable cars leaving and enderring the cable car barn. >> i hope tourists are not disappointed. but sal, you know they will. every time i go to the city. people line up. >> all year long. >> all year long. >> my favorite was at the bottom of paul street when you had the big turn table. and sometimes you could help out back in the day. turn the car. anyway. good morning, everyone. let me load my program. that might help. sometimes i get caught without loading the program. i know steve paulson knows exactly what i mean. let's go, as steve says. northbound, southbound 280. no problems here. and as i transition through my slides here, my pictures. nice dissolve there. northbound 101. driving up to san jose. it's going to be moderately heavy. as you drive in the south bay, things are getting a little better. but it's a typical slowdown. this evening, you're going to have a lot of people leaving for the weekend. as it is coming up on the last major holiday of the year. traffic is going to be okay on
8:45 am
the morning commute. it will be slow this afternoon, especially in san francisco. leaving for the east bay. and then eastbound five 80. this is 880 right now, driving up into downtown oakland. and toll plaza. 20-minute delay. 8:45. let's bring steve in. >> that never happens to me, sal. at least not in the last hour, right? >> exactly. thank you, sir. we'll get an update on dorian now. looks like it's going to intensify. and they're flirting with category 4. would have to get to 131 miles an hour. national hurricane center has bumped it up a little bit. 1 to 3 to 4. again, the track on where it goes in on the atlantic side of florida is still very, very much in question. i've seen anything from miami to cape canaveral. so that's a big -- now, the question is, will it go across in the gulf or start to move back up and go up florida? i've seen projections on that. so there's a lot of uncertainty here going forward. but one thing is certain. it is going to intensify. it weakened a little on the
8:46 am
island. now it's on the way to bahamas. remember tflows around the circulation high. and that's going to take it somewhere around the coast. late sunday into early monday. very warm lows. overnight lows in the mid-50s, upper 60s. san jose, oakland, i don't think have changed since about 2:00 in the morning. a lot of mid-60s here. temperatures the same in oakland as it is in rio vista. concord, the same. everyone is really what we call isothermal consistency. temperatures all relatively close. including the 65 in san francisco. 66 in oakoakland. and berkeley 65. warm ocean temps. and a big, big fog bank contributing to that. any travel plans to the mountains. maybe thunderstorm activity from tropical moisture. that's long gone for us. but monsoon, which has been a nonevent, did make it a little bit of an appearance yesterday. but it is the fourth driest ever for phoenix. and it doesn't look very
8:47 am
promising now. there was some, though, for parts of arizona. picking up some. is that is not what i'm getting to. some of that moisture at times can make it up into tahoe. that has not been the case. what is up there now is the remains of a tropical system. not monsoon. fairfield west/southwest at 30. onshore wind in place. lows are going to stay warm. highs will eventually start to warm up. but today, it's 60s, sevmentdzs and 80s. est cot and bay -- coast and bay will be near average. we'll warm it up into the holiday weekend. a dream for golfers. imagine never missing a putt. still to come at 9:00. a golf ball that can change its course. >> but first, where you can hop on pop. have a chat with the cat in the hat. we'll show you the new cat in the hat dr. seuss experience hitting the road.
8:48 am
8:49 am
8:50 am
you can now win a pair of tickets to any game, concert. to san francisco's new chase center for the remainder of the year. chase bank is actually staging a sweepstakes for the ticket, which includes the warriors season in october, as well as the concert with metallica and symphony october 6th. elton john, as well as cher. you can register for the contest through next tuesday, at chase bank branches. and people can check out another side of the new chase
8:51 am
center. last night, the art collection there was unveiled by the warriors. the city of san francisco requires that developers spend 1% of their budget on public art. warriors say there are 87 original pieces of art. and 250 photography displays. and some show the exhibits. children off of dr. seuss. hitting the road in october. it is called the dr. seuss experience. it takes visitors on a colorful journey. you can wander through a field of pink clover. each room is designed to bring a different world of dr. seuss books ato life. it debuts in toronto then stops in boston, seattle, houston and other north american cities to follow. trade talks are set to resume today. pam cook is watching this and more. she's upstairs to bring us dollars and sense. >> china is counting on the
8:52 am
u.s. to set favorable conditions for the next round of trade talks. the chinese finance leader also said this morning that china does not want to escalate the trade tensions and will not retaliate against the new tariffs, set to kick in this weekend. that news sent the dow up 300 points from the sound. opening bell. came back a bit. but now back up 350 points moments ago. taking a live look at the big board this morning on the new york stock exchange. just shy of 350 points. one and a third percent. 26,337. s&p up as well. and the nasdaq getting closer to 8,000. 7976. up 1 1/2% right now. again, those trade talks set to resume today. we will watch that. apple is apologizing for listening in to recorded conversations of people using siri. the company said it is ending the practice of listening to
8:53 am
recordings. apple said it will first ask permission to check a siri recording as a way of improving service. end of model year clearance sales will be kicking off this labor day weekend. edmunds data said, just five years ago, interest rates were low. car dealers were selling the 2018 models. by the end of the year, only 24% of new vehicles sold. but compare that to the end of last year, where more sold were still the 2018 models. and youtube, launching a separate, safer website this week for kids. before now, the youtube platform was only available through the mobile app. the actual website is much more popular, though. the new site will reportedly have three additional options, allowing parents to filter in videos, based on the child's age. the move comes amid concerns over how youtube manages its
8:54 am
child-friendly content. the company still asks parents to flag or block. this is in response to that lawsuit that we covered filed by the children's advocacy groups. using it to target ads. so they are, you know, trying their part. but it's still up to the parent to really watch what the kids are doing as well. >> i'm trying to keep you cube as far away as i can. as long as i can. >> just a portal to anything. >> keep that cell phone away from them as long as you can as well. >> you speak from experience. >> yes, ma'am. >> thank you, pam. pinterest says if from now on, users will show results from leading public health groups. it's an effort to stop health misinformation from spreading. >> social media platforms have been criticized for promoting misleading health content. especially from opponents of vaccinations. they say searches will return from organizations, for example the world health organization. >> 8:55 here. gearing up for the holidays
8:55 am
with a unique flavor. still to come on the 9, we'll talk about a candy company that is making ham-flavored candy canes, just in time for christmas. >> and up next, a big man in a tiny car. we'll show you how nba legend shaquille o'neal managed to squeeze himself behind a tiny smart car in new york city.
8:56 am
8:57 am
straka college football team in arkansas is showing you need unity after his supports when others coaches that has been diagnosed with cancer. to show solidarity with their offense of coordinator peer the game team then surprised him,
8:58 am
filing into his office. all sporting shaved heads and telling the coach how much he means to them . imagine being 7 feet tall. not the first time he has crowded himself into those micro vehicles. that one was a convertible. nfl preseason ends today. raters are in seattle. preseason games don't count, raters so far undefeated. we're going to bring you that game alive starting a 7:00 tonight. we will also be playing the game for you on ktvu plus . mckinnon signed a four- year, $30 million deal in 2018
8:59 am
with minnesota vikings but missed all of last season. now they say he suffered a setback tuesday. injuries could land him on the injury reserve less. they play their final preseason game tonight against the los angeles charges . students head back to school, high school is given students academic credit. help students in danger of slipping through the cracks, find a path to college. the alternative school started there by picking internships they get them out the door and into the community. internship there yesterday brought 20 community groups to the school campus . >> i enjoy because you are able to build relationships with other people outside of high school. also allows you to visualize what you want to do in life. >> i am not pushed to do this, we picked out ourselves. this is your community.
9:00 am
you should be involved in trying to make it better . >> this goal is raising donations to send students overseas. this year there hoping to take two more trips to foreign countries. standing by his claims, how just a small at is fighting back. hurricane dorian, what preparations are underway in florida? celebration a fusion of art and technology at the sausalito art festival. good morning, welcome to the nine. holiday weekend the holiday we can is getting close.


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