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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  August 29, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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you should be involved in trying to make it better . >> this goal is raising donations to send students overseas. this year there hoping to take two more trips to foreign countries. standing by his claims, how just a small at is fighting back. hurricane dorian, what preparations are underway in florida? celebration a fusion of art and technology at the sausalito art festival. good morning, welcome to the nine. holiday weekend the holiday we can is getting close. we have seen it, this is the
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bay bridge. it is going to be very crowded today and tomorrow. if you are surprised by thursday afternoon traffic. >> is starts as early as 2:00 this afternoon. >> do you want to get around mostly or do you want to get out ? >> we are not going anywhere. >> a do have you mike. something unusual is happening in one san jose neighborhood. white tail lane. big cows have been coming every night for the past two months leaving large messes as they are known to do. they're coming from the nearby hills. fences put up to contain them are being cut by the homeless and teenagers. ranchers rounded up the cattle yesterday. the director wasn't aware of the problem until this week. he is hopeful the ranchers solved the video. >> those are real-life cowboys
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in san jose ? >> if you told me this was livermore maybe 30 years, okay, maybe. >> is starting bakke's, we have that hurricane, starting in the atlantic . >> it is a very tough call, we still have about three days, where the track is going to take it. it does not look like it will cross into the gulf. i did weaken a little bit. dry air kind of spilled and so it is a little disorganized. now it is starting to reorganize itself and begin to make the move away from puerto rico and towards the bahamas and intensify. all of them a new model search coming in, looks like south the cocoa beach, i saw another model that took it into miami. this is going to change dramatically over the next 72 hours. the keynote, i could reach
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hurricane category for status. you're talking about 130 to 150 miles per hour. it won't be until late sunday or monday. we will see if it even crosses florida. i flows around the strength and position of the high pressure on mony th high is going to we can. there's too many uncertainties as we go forward right now. three days to get the detail sorted out. very warm, mid 60s san francisco hasn't changed all morning long. whenever first pineapple tomatoes. >> loving the mornings. cool mornings with the warm afternoon. it is also very muggy. it is muggy in santa rosa. humidity 90 to 100%. nevada, 68. san anselmo 68. the city is not changed from 65 , 143 in the morning, san francisco and oakland are almost
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70 degrees which is warmer than rio vista. low motion temperatures. if you're heading up into the mountains. mountain biking or camping. looks like a lot of that pushing out of the area. some of that may pick up today and into tomorrow. pretty good onshore wind. low clouds are noticeably keeping more, any location still have fog at this hour. 60s, 70s and 80s. let's talk more about hurricane dorian is a storm is only intensifying as it heads toward the united states. we have more on the hurricane. hurricane grab vereen strength as it moves out of the caribbean into the southeast united states. the storm causing some power outages and flooding in the virgin islands of puerto rico but no major damage. it will likely turn into a powerful hurricane as it nears the coast of florida on sunday. the governor declared a state
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of emergency. residents are being told, the time to prepare is now . >> the key is to have your plan and make those preparations right now. you have to assume that if you're affected by the storm, you will lose power. so make accommodations to be able to whether that. >> florida residents are heeding the warning, stocking up on food, water and supplies. there long lines at gas stations with some stations already running out of fuel. >> being prepared. just want to protect against what's coming. it is expected to hit the u.s. mainland monday. folks in florida, georgia and the carolinas are keeping an eye on the forecast. here at home, former contra costa county sheriff's deputy has been sentence with having sex with female inmates in jail.
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six months of electronic home monitoring in three years felony probation. the sentence will be served in nebraska where he is relocating. previously pleaded guilty to four counts of sexual activity with a confined consenting adult. two women testify the encounter happened after they handed him a note asking if you wanted to have sex. the teacher is being arraigned today accused of sex crimes with a student who is a minor. he has a pe teacher, facing seven felonies including unlawful intercourse with a minor. the bail is set at $100,000. he has been teaching pe in the west contra costa county school district. right now judges deciding whether a man accused of attacking a woman should be released from jail. a court hearing is currently underway. last week he was arrested and sent to jail after he was accused by victims in a
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separate incident of being the man who threatened them with a knife back in february. the public defender says he can prove that he was at that time down in southern california. he could be released in jail. he still faces charges for the attack on that woman along the embarcadero, earlier this month. there is a shooting on market street last week. a 13-year-old has not been identified because he is a minor. two other people, ages 18 and 21 on monday. they also recovered a gun that could be tied to the shooting. police identified for the suspects camera video showing the gunmen firing shots during the busy evening commute. six people are in custody after a standoff. it started when authorities were responding to a report.
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officers evacuated the neighborhood while the marshals are trying to make verbal contact with the people outside the home . we also had negotiations team to attempt to call people out. >> the standoff ended midafternoon. homicide suspect was not found. people in san francisco will soon get play out. >> reporter: an agreement is close. representing many of the homeowners in this luxury high- rise apartment. more than 200 homeowners are going to be compensated for the loss in value. the exact amounts are not being released.
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reportedly help with fixes and upgrades to the building. it is please an agreement is in the works. lawsuits filed in february 2017. millennium partners in the suit allege millennium tower was built on mud and sand rather than bedrock which is much deeper. it also claims developers knew about the tower sinking before the apartments were sold and further damage of sinking was caused by a nearby transit center. the company that owns the mission street development said it is made clear from the beginning. top priorities meant to address and resolve conditions that cause the traffic problem. they also approved a $100 million project to fix the leaning tower which is reportedly sunk 17 inches and is leaning, since it was built in 2009. the plan includes using circular sale pipes to shore up that building.
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an attorney representing the homeowners said he hopes that this is a lesson for future developers. coming up, a controversial new rule over citizenship. >> limiting automatic citizenship for children of military members who are stationed overseas . a hate crime against jussie smollett with all stage. how the former star is not defendant himself.
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developing news, a pr firm for actor jussie smollett are speaking out that his claims are true and have been fully cooperated. the firm says quote every iota of his account of being the victim of a racist homophobic attack in chicago is supported
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by police evidence. this comes in response to the city of chicago's filing on monday, defending the city's lawsuit to recoup costs for the investigation. what it later called a publicity stunt. they did not see what evidence supports this claims, police have reportedly and repeatedly said the attack was stage . a group, judicial watch it, is suing over the killing of bambi larson. she was killed in are owned by an undocumented immigrant. they call santa clara county sanctuaries policy illegal and deadly. the county has not commented on the suit . trump administration has issued a new role listing automatic citizenship for children of some military service members stationed overseas, we explain who will be affected by the new guidelines. >> reporter: it is the latest attempt by president trump to close immigration new loopholes.
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children of american parents serving in the military or foreign service will no longer be u.s. citizens that birth because it conflicts with other federal immigration laws. democrats quickly condemning the new role. house speaker tweeting a park, donald trump is launching an attack on their families, putting in doubt citizenship of their children born overseas. this shameful policy must be reversed immediately. immigration officials are urging the public not to rush to judgment. they say only about 100 people will be impacted each year and it does not apply to children born to to parents who are u.s. citizens. >> the only people this affects are those who are not u.s. citizens when they are born, for instance the children, the child of a mother who marries a service member who is a citizen. critics already mounting legal challenges . >> some parents of illegal children may have to apply for citizenship meaning more money,
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more paperwork, more headache for those serving overseas . >> that is the most heart wrenching part of this. they would create a new policy that could adversely affect the happiness and health and the well-being of people serving in our armed forces. >> reporter: and lessons blocked by federal judge, the policy changes expected to take effect on october 29. new this morning, members of the community in tracy want the fbi to investigate the stabbing death of the 64-year- old man. he was killed while walking in a park sunday night. a candlelight vigil was held for him last night. beverly security vigil with the hope of identifying the attacker. have not yet determined the motive. they believe he was targeted because of his religion. the attack comes one month after another man was attacked in the town of houston, which is near modesto . a 14 person has not been charged in connection with the
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series of violent home invasion robberies. in 2018 the attacks left one man dead. one suspect was arraigned from a jail in virginia yesterday on attempted robbery and conspiracy charges. he is accused of being involved in a scheme to steal marijuana from homes in santa rosa and petaluma. the suspect plan to steal marijuana here and then ship it back to the east coast. during one of the home invasions, one victim was shot and killed in his santa rosa home . belmont police need your help with the man with serious health issues. 84-year-old paul farmer has dementia. he walked away from his home about 530 monday night and was last seen tuesday morning, a few miles away near deanza boulevard and highway 92. he was wearing a red ball cap, prescription glasses, blue jeans and a light color windbreaker. police are asking anyone who sees him to call 911 and stay with him if you can until
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officers arrived . a san jose school district decision to paint over a recent mural honoring cesar chavez. it was painted by an artist in june on the outside of a maintenance shed. on monday just hours before them parents arrive for back-to- school night, someone painted graffiti over the mural. >> we had parents showing up as early as 4 pm. we wanted to make sure the parents felt proud of their school so we had to cover it up. >> district administrators said had anti-graffiti coating applied but the shed surface made it impossible to save the mural. they have surveillance video of the person defacing that mural and they are working with san jose police to track the person down. >> i hope they find him . in our next half hour, we will meet a northbay man who says his secret to staying
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young is hitting the links, in today's bay area people . reversing gas on epa climate change. the trump administration plans to release restrictions on methane.
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the trump administration is expected to announce the poled rollback on methane regulation today eliminate requirements put in place during the obama administration that requires the oil and gas industry to use technology to inspect and or repair gas leaks and wells and pipelines. methane is one of the most significant greenhouse gases contributing to climate change. the new role have to go through a period of public comment and review and would not be finalized until early next year. the justice department is the inspector general says former director james call me violated agency policies. at issue was way he handled
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memos documenting his private conversations with president trump. the watchdog office cited the unclassified memo that he gave to a friend with instructions to share its contents with the reporter. the doj already decided it would not prosecute him over the matter. knew from that usgs survey, magnitude 6.3 earthquake hit pacific oregon of the southern oregon coast. millions of miles ocean floor. there is no tsunami warning at this point. there are no reports of people in southern oregon feeling the shaking. 10 democratic presidential candidates of qualify for next month's debate. one of those who fail to qualified announce she is ending her campaign. we have more on the story. >> i know this is of the result we want to, we wanted to win this race. it is important to know when is not your time. >> reporter: new york senator gillibrand has dropped out. the narrow is now down to 19 candidates, less than the number people on stage in the
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first two debates. all eyes are in houston where the next debate will happen in just two weeks. only half the field qualified by yesterday's deadline. those who will be on stage and says the race is still wide open, including former maryland representative john delaney who said i remain committed to the campaign for one simple reason. someone has to be consistently telling the truth in doing so, telling a better story on the future we can share together. ohio representative tim ryan fail to make the next debate stage. >> i think it is wide open, totally fluid. about 70% of the people are not certain who they are going to vote for. a lot around my left ear. >> reporter: to new national poll still have vice president joe biden leading the democratic pack. two polls show the front runner with 32% of likely democratic voters support.
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happening today, city of alameda is hosting a public forum on challenges to its rent control law. relocation payment if the tenant decides to move when a rent increases imposed. tying relocation payments to the current fair market rent. tonight's meeting will be at 6:00 at the alameda free library on oak speed street. they are expected to vote next tuesday and propose changes . today san francisco's planning commission is scheduled to vote on a plan to convert a city parking lot into long-term space for homeless people living in the rv. new the balboa bart station and would provide safe space for no more than 33 rvs. the department of homelessness would screen everybody allowed to stay there. there would be security guards as well as bathrooms and showers livinger if it's approved the board of supervisors to could take up
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the issue next month . uc students could be barred from entering dozens of locations, buildings that are at serious risk of damage during a large earthquake. they are requiring all uc schools to assess my building rest. 114 billions have been examined so far more than half of them need seismic upgrades. the school needs $1 billion to make those changes in there about 500 more buildings that need inspection. the hayward fault runs right through the uc berkeley campus . cal state university board will hear new proposal that will set a new graduation requirement. it calls for a new math or science class for all incoming students. the extra class could be a hardship for minority and low income students. >> this is a serious equity issue. if we don't get this right, we could be blocking thousands of students, low income students
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and students of color to access this issue . >> defined it as the ability to think and reason intelligently about measurement in the real world. >> the official presentation is said to happen next month. the earliest the board would vote on it would be november. if the plan is passable going to affect in 2026 . a new bill working its way through sacramento could overhaul california's charter schools. he would no longer let the state authorized charter schools. only school districts and county governments would be able to do that. the bill would allow all new charter school teachers to be credentialed and give existing teachers five years to do so. a bill is expected to pass a governor has said he will sign a . san francisco's iconic cable cars will not be running next month. you will be out of service on all three of its lines for 10
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days beginning friday september 17. overhauling the high speed cable car gearbox is the master cable for all cable cars leaving and entering the cable car barn . coming up, a big financial boost. efforts to bring bart to the south bay and new funding can improve the commute . outrage over a long time mural was painted over. a lawsuit was filed and now the community is firing back. i'm phil mickelson. that's me long before i had psoriatic arthritis. i've always been a go-getter and kinda competitive.
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welcome back on this thursday morning. if you're looking forward to the holiday weekend, this is a live look at downtown san francisco, a lot of gray skies. it was a great day at the dentist's office, we came away
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with three cavities. not happy about that. we have to punch a ticket to go back next week. a gray day, you say is going to warm up over the weekend? >> it is but not 95 to 100 or anything like that. but we will get into the upper 80s and low 90s. we will start with the hurricane dry air kind of filtered in that we can do little bit. now it is reorganizing as it is heading out into the atlantic in the bahamas. it looks like it's going to make category four. has to get to 131 miles per hour or higher it is right there on border. there are so many uncertainties on the path of this. some indications it may go to the atlantic side of florida and then go northward, all the way up into georgia. so we will see what happens.
9:30 am
three days before we get to details. it will be until sunday night or monday. mild to warm here, lowe's for very warm overnight. temperatures stay in the 60s for many. 60s or low 70s. when you see san anselmo and kelsey ville the same temperatures, but alejo and american canyon, napa, upper 60s and lower 70s. same temperatures, very nice temperatures, san franci never got below 68 degrees this morning. some tropical clouds which came in from the remains of the system, has nothing to do with monsoon it could develop over the weekend if you have travel plans. onshore breeze, big fog back bank. temperatures never got below 65 for some. it does look warmer going into the weekend. that will start tomorrow.
9:31 am
not today. upper 80s, low 90s if you're away from the coast. >> thank you. hurricane dorian is on track to bring strong winds, heavy rain and storm shutters. emergency officials are taking everyone in its path to get ready. >> florida's governor, ron desantis has declared state of emergency. the governor spoke outside the national hurricane center where he met with my at meteorologist. he urged safety in the path of hurricane dorian. >> also radians really need to monitor hurricane dorian and make the necessary preparations. this is a track that had significant amount of uncertainty. have your plan and make those preparations right now. you have to assume that if you are affected by the storm that you will lose power.
9:32 am
>> the advised people in the storm's path maybe impacted, they should be self-sufficient, without power for lisa 7-day. they are boarded up homes and businesses, already long lines for gasoline and fuel. people are stocking up on food, water and other emergency supplies. >> let's look at the arrival of tropical storm force winds you can see the florida coast right there. right offshore here, about 8 am on sunday you still start seeing some of those tropical winds, and then eventually hurricane force winds. this is what the storm looked inside us looks like category one hurricane yesterday. also brushed over the eastern part of puerto rico.
9:33 am
it did cause some power outages but no major flooding or major damage. it's going to hover over the warm water which could make it even more powerful. during could become a category four hurricane by the time it reaches the u.s. mainland. for anyone traveling to the caribbean or to florida, most of the major airlines will be raving rebooking and cancellation fees. back to you . today in san jose protesters plan to boycott where a long time mural was painted over. it was painted more than 30 years ago on story road. the artwork shows cesar chavez, and other prominent mexican american leaders as well as indigenous history peter was defaced earlier this year. the san jose dental center owns the building now and decided to cover it up.
9:34 am
after criticism from a writer said there's a lack of patrol. three new bart police officers just this morning, bringing the number of officers higher to 40. that's as many officers to join the force in the last two years combined. effort to increase hiring, they per approved a new labor contract. officer salaries closer to salaries offering a $15,000 hiring bonus. it still has 34 vacancies. bart is updating its platforms. there give more accurate information cancel arrivals. also say if the train has two doors in our trains could be rolling into san jose sooner than expected. awarded hundred and $25 million in federal money to fast-track
9:35 am
the silicon valley bart extension. it is live and has been getting a reaction from commuters. >> most of the people i talked to are really excited about this. they are sick of waiting in traffic they just want another option to get where they are going. i spoke with one woman, she lives in santa clara. works in oakland. just to get to buses. she says having this new bart station get here quicker will be a game changer. >> it will improve my commute, shorten it by at least an hour. little stop at the santa clara station. i go straight into oakland there. it'll take me an hour instead of 2 1/2 hours. >> is not going to fundamentally change my life.
9:36 am
every once in a while it will save my bacon . i take caltrans, airport or east bay. >> do you take bart? >> i'm caltrans person right now but definitely i would take bart. >> reporter: 125 billion dollars will go towards phase 2 of this three-phase project which is silicon valley bart extension. this will build four new bart stations in san jose and santa clara. the berryessa and milpitas stations are under construction but are expected to open by the end of this year. the entire project will cost about $5.6 billion. the mayor says they released a statement saying federal money helps out in a big way. really means it bart is coming to san jose, full speed ahead. he looks forward to connecting with the residence.
9:37 am
reporting live in san jose, ktvu fox 2 news. we mita northbay man who's lived through 18 presidents . >> he is still going strong now at the age of 101. frank is here to let us know just that. >> i wish we all knew, being happy is part of it. his name is carol dwight matson. he said he would rather wear out then rest out. he is still playing ov 100 rounds of golf every year at the age of 101 and is aspiring everybody at the country club. >> reporter: he was born in march 1918, 101 years young. the man still has games. >> it just feels wonderful because older people get in the habit to sit.
9:38 am
i hate to sit. >> reporter: it is true, since joining the country club in 1960, he figures he has played nearly 10,000 rounds of golf. he is still good for three or four rounds a week. he has consistently shooting below his age . >> i did pretty good today, i got a 91, i blew about three holes. >> reporter: he has seen it all. he grew up in sausalito and watch the golden gate go up in the 30s. he was a young sailor when the battle of okinawa broke out. he married his high school sweetheart, he is now 78, along with two grandchildren and two great grandsons. secret to life is pretty simple. >> with been married for 68 1/2 years. i think it is not a lot to do with her. she was a wonderful gal. she was a beautiful gal. >> staying active and connected.
9:39 am
especially hanging out with this young bunch of golfers. >> i am rick i'm 75 . >> i am al, 89 years old . >> i'm 79. >> as a foursome have a combined age of 346. i'll look up to the super senior cd, celebrating number 100 at mcc. >> inspiration for everybody. hundred and one going on 70. he is amazing. the best, he is always thinking positive. >> is not often you get your own plaque in a country club. he did because it is not often you get your first hole-in-one at age 99. >> he is patient besides he is still reveling in hole-in-one, number one . >> it was a miracle. it had to be a miracle. 99 years without a hole-in-one
9:40 am
and then you get one, how could you be so lucky. >> for the hundredth time pga championship. yep, championship is a lot like me. a century old and just getting started. after he got national attention when the pga turned 100 last year. i asked him to voice his promo. he aced that, also. as for the future . >> i feel like i am lucky, wake up in the morning early, come out here early and play 18 goals holes. >> there he goes, he is truly the ambassador of the marin country club. fairly modest about his golf game. the first three holes we followed along, numbers 10, 11 and 12 he went park, birdie, par. the man has got game. and a big inspiration for everyone in nevada. we will throw it back to you . speaking of golf, imagine never missing a pot.
9:41 am
i've imagined that before. nissan released a video of their pro pilot golf ball, shows a four-year-old hitting it way off course before it directs itself into the hole. same technology found. >> i need a dozen of those. cameras are placed above the ball's trajectory. allowing them to calculate its ball. purpose is to show off its upgraded system that is found in nissan's latest sedan. golf balls are not for sale because i want one. >> what is the point of act? >> is like putting the bumpers out. >> coming up next, getting a peek at another side of the chase center . >> just how many pieces of art are making up the center's art collection. >> new spend for an annual tradition. what's in store for the
9:42 am
sausalito festival, this labor day weekend. coming up in minutes. at at&t we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet. we've created access from at&t california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits. may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit, to learn more.
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which means we use less. three generations of clothes cleaned in one wash. anybody seen my pants? #1 stain and odor fighter, #1 trusted. it's got to be tide. is children had back-to- school, one high school in oakland is giving students democratic academic credit. helping them find a path to college. students at the alternative school pick internships to get them out the door and into the community. internship there yesterday about 20 community groups to the school campus. >> i really enjoy it. you're able to build relationships outside of school. >> something i wanted to do. i'm not pushed to do this.
9:45 am
something we picked out ourselves. >> about knowing this is your community you should be involved in trying to make it better. >> the school is also raising donations to send students overseas to broaden their world. this year they're hoping to take two more trips in foreign countries . this is another look at the chase center in san francisco. last night they unveiled the art collection. requires developers to spend 1% of their budget on public art. exceeded that with 87 artworks and 250 pieces of photography. you can see some of the familiar faces. annual tradition taken over sausalito this weekend. mary's music food and wine with art and technology. hundreds of art around the country showing their work this
9:46 am
weekend. lots to eat. things kick off this friday. let's talk about the biggest art fest in marin county. executive director of the fossa fellow sausalito art director. the festival is 67 years old but there's something new this year. tulsa people will see for the first time. this you will be on the ground virtual-reality, painting, speed painting, glassblowers, things like that. it's going to be a great way to get a first of the art close without the crowds. >> this is something people go to year after year after year. >> why do you think people have
9:47 am
it that way? >> this year we had artists from 41 states and 12 countries apply. jurors from all over the united states. they're looking at the art and choosing quite frankly the best artist to apply. so starts with the art. it is a music festival. we have three days of music on tuesdays. this year we have 19 bands, blues traveler. blood sweat and tears, bunch of others. there really is a wine festival. this year we have weatherford ranch. 10 different wine and champagne tents, veneers will be bringing friend in ambassador. really like three festivals rolled into one over the end of the summer. labor day weekend, great way to end the summer. >> tens of thousands of people attending the event and
9:48 am
volunteers make it happen. >> without volunteer zips would not happen. this year there'll be 2000 volunteers. everything from manning the front gate and picking up the trash. parking is sausalito can be tough. certainly this weekend as a focus. we have updated transportation plan. bus shuttle. fairy makes specials drops off to the sausalito field. smaller shuttles. really the whole city gets involved in trying to manage the traffic and get people in and move them around the city . >> what is your favorite part of the festival? >> the artists, fascinating people. what they do is just incredible. to have the opportunity to talk to them about what they do. to see it upfront is just really fun and interesting. >> for me it is going to the
9:49 am
farmers market. with an artist you get to pick their brains as well as learn more, informed consumer of ours. i grew up around artists, i started collecting when i was early age. see what they did. >> also art can be intimidating. sometimes i go to a museum. when you have the artist in front of you. you can just talk it out. that's a big part of it. i think that's another reason why people come out here year after year. you have opportunity to talk to them about what motivated them. how they created the piece. that just enhances that experience. i know the guys that made that. >> and i'm in our collector. i wish you success on upcoming event. thank you for joining us. i want to get you to the 67 annual art festival.
9:50 am
ticket prices for adults are around $30. when you're there, click on web links. >> blood sweat and tears. >> coming up, facing criticism over teen vaping. how juul is now combating illegal sales with their new electronic verification system. >> a unique flavor, candy company producing ham flavored candy canes in time for christmas.
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♪herrrre come this hair is happenin'! they think normal pesticide treatments will stop us! nix ultra!!! ahhhh!!! kill super lice and eggs with nix ultra. more effective than the leading prescription.
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after facing much criticism on teen vaping, juul is offering more than million dollars to install electronic age verification system. software blocks each jewel purchase until the shoppers drivers license or other government identification card has been scammed scanned. also allows each purchase. so far 40,000 outfits have agreed to adopt the system. taken a look at the markets it looks like the dow jones is up. nasdaq and s&p 500 are tied to the news that china says it does want to resolve its negotiations with the united states.
9:54 am
it says it will not retaliate for now while talks are going on. >> from now on users who search for vaccine -related information will show results the effort to stop health information from spreading online. criticized for promoting misleading content. though now search for measles or vaccine safety will return results organization such as the cdc and world health organization. >> listening into record a conversation. it's ending practice employees review the audio recordings. in the future will first ask permission to check a recording as a way of improving the service . if your kitchen has a glass stovetop it could be a fire hazard. it is recalling thousands of whirlpool, kitchenaid and jenn air brand glass cooktops. he says there's more than 100
9:55 am
reports of appliances turning on by themselves. the commission is urging consumers to keep flammable materials away from the burners. this applies to about 26,000 styles with touch control since march 2017 . car sales have been slowing down in recent years. clearance sales are going to be kicking off this labor day. shows just five years ago interest rates are low and car dealers were quickly selling those models to make room for 2015. by the end of the year only 24% d oflast year, 44% were 18 models, experts say despite slowdowns and higher interest rates there could be slowdowns in good deals out there for shoppers. park says sidewinder safari will feature live rattlesnakes,
9:56 am
lizards and other reptiles in a jumbo like settings. display before boarding the right. this roller coaster will have multiple 360 degree sideways spins and drops. it is expected to open next year and will be the parks 12th roller coaster. >> i went jogging for the first time in years. because there's a movie striking a chord with anyone who ever brion try to to reinvent themselves. the movie is called britney runs a marathon. >> i ran today. >> that was me. tomorrow we are so excited to sit down with the star director of the new film. it is all about tackling new challenges, reevaluating your friendships and taking charge of your life. i'm excited because i think all of us have tried to do something new or be better in one way. it is hard. >> it is a relatable movie, so
9:57 am
we will have that tomorrow . one candy company is already gearing up with christmas with the brand-new candy cane flavor. archie mcphee family dinner theme line of candy canes, ham flavored, if holiday ham isn't your favorite seasonal flavor you might be interested in pizza, kale, mac & cheese. >> i don't know about that. hard pass. >> see you at noon. no
9:58 am
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[cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> jerry: "why is jerry wearing black? my man looks like he's trying to blend into a shadow." [laughter] i like that outfit! it was very slim. can you come in here for a second? >> hey, jerry. what's up? >> jerry: could you help me respond to the people really criticizing the online? >> oh, hell yeah! nobody comes from nigeria!


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