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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  August 29, 2019 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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coming up, lines of people rushing to stock up on supplies ahead of hurricane dorian. how people in florida are prepping for what could end up being a category 4 storm. the suspect in an attack at a san francisco condo building has been cleared of the previous a insult charge that landed him in jail. wh the judge today denied his request for bail anyway. an arrest has been made in a hit-and-run that injured a child in the east bay this morning. what police are saying about the incident. . good afternoon. i'm frank mallicoat in for mike. >> hurricane dorian is gathering strength as it moves out of the caribbean and toward florida. a state of emergency has been declared in florida. people are rushing to stock up on supplies. there are long lines at supermarkets in fort lauderdale and miami as people are buying up the essentials, including bread and water. >> according to the latest projections, dorian could become a category 4 hurricane by the
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time it makes landfall. we have more on how people are preparing for it. >> reporter: florida os governor, ron desantis has declared a state of emergency for much of the state. outside of the national hurricane center in miami, he urged floridians to keep close track of the path of hurricane dorian. >> have your plan and make those preparations right now. you have to assume that if you're affected by this storm, that you will lose power. >> reporter: the advice is that people in the storm's path should have enough supplies to be self sufficient and possibly home bound for the at least seven days. people in florida are boarding up their homes and businesses. there are long lines for gasoline and fuel. people are stocking up on food, water, and other emergency supplies. >> the georgia coast, all the way down to the keys, all of florida, will have to pay attention to the system. we can see the impacts all over the state. such an important point i want to make. don't think this is just coastal. we think about that so often.
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this is over the whole state. >> reporter: this is what the storm looked and sounded like as it churned over the u.s. virgin islands as a category one hurricane. it brushed over the eastern part of puerto rico and caused power outages, but no major flooding and no major damage. dorian is a slow moving hurricane, which means it will hover over the warm waters in the caribbean and continue to grow in size and strength over the next few days. for anyone travelling to florida in the caribbean this labor day weekend, most major airlines have announced that they will be waiving rebooking and cancellations fees for passengers. allie rasmus, ktvu, fox 2 news. we're taking a look at a live satellite projection of the path of dorian. let's bring in our meteorologist mark tamayo. i know you're tracking the storm. >> reporter: it continues to move away from puerto rico strengthening and approaching the united states, especially florida as we head toward the weekend. here is the satellite and the radar. still a category one hurricane. the latest details on this
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system right now. winds at 85 miles an hour moving to the northwest at 13 miles an hour. current position is 221 miles north, northwest of san juan, puerto rico. here is the forecast track. we're showing you a red line. it looks explicit showing you where the hurricane could be going. there is still a lot of uncertainty. as you can see the entire state of florida, kind notify the area of possibility with the track and the red line might be shifting a bit. what we do know is this will continue to strengthen right now to a category one. could be a category 3 tomorrow. that makes this a major hurricane. then on track to approach the bahamas, especially in the northwestern bahamas. as far as the uncertainty with the forecast track, we're showing you different forecast models. each of those represented with a line. they all seem to converge here in florida as we head toward later sunday and into monday. while there is some uncertainty with the forecast track, there is a lot of confidence that the hurricane will strengthen. part of that is because the
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water temperatures, the sea surface temperatures are very warm. in fact, these are the current estimates along the path of what is now a category one hurricane. those temperatures in the 80s, around 83 to 84 to 85 degrees. this will continue to be a big story over the next few days as we head into the weekend and hopefully we'll add more specifics to the forecast track as we prepare toward friday and into the weekend. guys? >> mark, thank you. new this hour, a man accused of attacking a woman at her san francisco condo building will remain behind bars. >> a judge ordered austin vincent to remain in custody without bail. christina randone jones us from the hall of justice with new developments. >> reporter: good afternoon to you, frank and gasia. the judge made the ruling an hour ago to keep austin vincent without bail. he was visibly upset. he walked out of the courtroom cursing at the judge and continued to yell in the backyard.
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i do want to mention that the judge today is different than the original judge. this judge watched the video earlier this month and heard about another case against vincent. he has been in custody last week since he was accused by victims in a separate case of being the man who threatened them with a knife back in february, but today the judge dismissed that case after evidence shows vincent was in a substance abuse program in huntington beach at the time of the incident. still, the d. a.'s office argued that vincent is a threat to public safety if released and the judge ultimately agreed. >> we feel very strongly that detaining him at this juncture is the right approach. we do that through the lenses of the public safety. >> we're happy that mr. vincent is in jail and detained pending trial. we think that everyone in san
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francisco who has seen the video knows that he poses a danger to the public and we're glad this judge has seen it now. we're still upset and disappointed that it took so long for thisecision to come. it really highlights the problem with the criminal justice in san fan and the city's inability to keep us safe. >> i'm obviously disappointed by the court's decision today. jail is not an environment where people receive the proper treatment that they need. mr. vincent was receiving the treatment and was having his under lying needs and issues addressed. the bottom line is he is going to return to our community at some point. >> reporter: his attorney argued that his client's rap sheet represents a minimal criminal history. prior to the arrest on the case that has been dismissed, he was in a case management program where he was getting help and wearing a gps monitor but ultimately the judge says there is clear and convincing evidence that less adequate measures to detain vincent are a threat to
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public safety. the d. a.'s office read a statement from the woman who was attacked in that case along the embarcadero outside of her apartment. she wrote a letter and in the statement she said she couldn't come to court today. she apologized to the judge for that, but that she can't face her attacker right now. this incident has been very traumatizing to her. she also wrote, i'm not a lawyer, but i understand the law should protect innocent people and keep them safe. we're live in san francisco, christina rendon, ktvu, fox 2 news. happening later today, a teacher at richmond high school is being arraigned. he is accused with sex crimes with a minor. israel lopez is a teacher facing many charges. his bail is set at $400,000. lopez has been teaching p. e. in the west contra costa school district since 2017. in eastern contra costa
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county, a child was injured in a hit-and-run near sunset road and trail side drive. police say the 12-year-old girl was walking to school when she was hit by that truck. the driver did not stop, but was tracked down by police a few blocks away and taken into custody. the child suffered a head injury and was air lifted to a pediatric trauma center. we're still waiting to hear back about her condition. an update now to breaking news we first brought you yesterday here at noon. six people in fairfield are now in custody after an eight hour long police stand off. it started when federal authorities went to a home on shenandoah court and travis boulevard. they responded to reports that a homicide suspect was inside. they asked for help from the s.w.a.t. team. police evacuated the neighborhood and the marshals tried to make verbal contact with the people inside the house. >> we also called out our crisis negotiations team to attempt to call people out.
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we did not receive any response. >> reporter: the stand off ended mid-afternoon when tear gas was fired into the house. no word from police as to why they took the six people into custody. kids at two south bay schools are being told to be on alert because of a mountain lion sighting seen this morning on a running track at a middle school on cortona drive. a mountain lion was spotted every way at a field at the school. students were told to shelter in place this morning as a precaution. police and animal services came out to make sure everyone was okay. shelter in place was lifted around 9:30 this morning after the cat was no longer seen. the son of a former bay area police chief appeared in court in oakland this morning, accused of murder. 19-year-old tyrone mcallister is the son of darryl mcalester. he and 28-year-old dennis evans was charged with a deadly
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shooting last week. the former chief's son was on probation. he had been released from jail two months ago for beating a 71-year-old man in mantika last year. . a third person, a 13-year-old, has now been arrested linked to a terrifying shooting in broad daylight on market street that was caught on camera. the 13-year-old has not been identified, but he was arrested yesterday in oakland. two other people, ages 18 to 21 were arrested on monday and they have recovered a gun. police identified the suspect from security camera video showing the gunman firing a shot toward the crowd during the busy evening commute. a former contra costa county sheriff's deputy has been sentenced for having sex with female inmates in jail. a judge ordered patrick morseman to six months of home monitoring and probation. the sentence will be served in
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nebraska, where he is relocating. he pled guilty. two women testified after they handed morseman a note asking if he wanted to have sex with them. former fbi director james comey violated policy with the way he handled the private conversations with president trump. the watchdog office cited the unclassified memo that comey gave to a friend with instructions to share the contents with a reporter. doj already decided that it won't prosecute comey over that matter. a magnitude 6.3 earthquake hit in the pacific off the southern oregon coast after 8:00 this morning. it was more than 7 miles beneath the ocean floor and 180 miles west. there was no tsunami warning issued. members of the sikh community want the fbi to investigate the stabbing death of a 64-year-old man. he was killed while walking at a
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park on sunday night. candlelight vigil was held for him last night. police have released security video with the hope of identifying the attacker. officials have not yet determined a motive for the attack. family and friends believed he was targeted because of his religion. the attack comes one month after another sikh man was attacked in the town of houston, which is near modesto. several area politicians are speaking out against the trump administration plan to limit automatic citizenship for the children of military service members stationed over seas. we'll tell you what they say. a fast track to new b.a.r.t. trains. why the service would be rolling into san jose sooner than expected coming your way. g your way. the clear the rack sale is on at nordstrom rack.
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b.a.r.t. trains could be rolling into san jose sooner than expected. >> the vta was rewarded money to fast track the b.a.r.t. extension which would include new stops in the south bay. >> ktvu alyssa harrington has reaction from commuters. >> reporter: a lot of south bay commuters who need to hop on b.a.r.t. need to take this shuttle. it takes them to the warm springs station which is the closest b.a.r.t. station, but that will soon change, especially with the addition of this $125 million. one woman spoke with has a five hour round trip commute and
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told me the b.a.r.t. extension will be a game changer. >> my commute is two and a half hours. i work in oakland. i work for oakland unified. i have to two two changes of buses to get to work before i can get to the b.a.r.t. train and get to work. it takes me two and a half hours every morning to get to work. i start at 8:00. >> it won't fundamentally change my life. the cal train will probably be the fastest for me. every once in awhile it will save my bacon. >>. i thinit will be great. >> do you take b.a.r.t.? >> occasionally. i'm a caltrain person right now, but definitely. >> they will build four new b.a.r.t. stations in san jose and santa clara. the berryessa stations are still under construction but are expected to reopen by the end of the year. bilon.ire project will cost
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the mayor released a statement saying he is looking forward to connecting residents to the rest of the region. in san jose, alyssa harrington, fox 2 news. a reminder to expect some delays if you're travelling through the east bay over the labor day weekend. a major b.a.r.t. rebuilding project is continuing in contra costa county over the next several weekends. riders can expect slow downs of 40 minutes or so on shuttle buses operating between lafayette and walnut creek stations. allow 30 extra minutes if you're driving on highway 24 due to lane closures related to that project. this school district is defending its decision to repaint over a painting of cesar chavez. it was meant to be a welcome back gift to the students in downtown san jose. it was painted by a local artist in june on the outside of a maintenance shed but on monday, just hours before parents arrived for a back to school night, someone painted graffiti over the mural. >> we had parents showing up as
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early as 4:00 p.m.. we wanted to make sure that they felt proud of their school so we had to cover it up. >> district leaders say the mural had an anti-graffiti coating applied which should have allowed it to be washed off. they have surveillance video and are working with police to track the person down. two dozen home owners in danville are without water after a water main break. it happened at 4:00 this morning on fransican dri they have been cleaning up the area. officials don't believe any homes were flooded. they also haven't identified a cause of the break. let's talk more about the bay area weather. mark it was awfully warm this morning from the get go. >> that's right. we started off this morning in the 60s across portions of the bay area. it looks like that is a nice launching point to have a mild afternoon across most areas. what is interesting, we have a cooler pattern over us, but the
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cooler air is kind of mixing things up a little bit, allowing a warmer start this morning. we're not talking about dense fog, mainly scattered clouds mixed out around portions of the bay area this early thursday afternoon. as you can see there, is the current satellite image. we'll look at the mild numbers. san francisco right now, 70 degrees. santa rosa, 74. mid-70s out toward walnut creek and san jose right now checking in at 73 degrees. football for this evening with the 49ers playing at levi stadium, we're expecting this. mostly clear skies. it will be mild this evening at kickoff around 73 degrees by halftime, back down into the upper 60s. here is the over all weather set up. this is the cooler weather pattern. looking at this you think, okay, it will be cooler today. what happened is it mixed things up a bit. a southerly flow setting up the warmer morning for us across the bay area. in general, mild, but the net result will be for the inland spots. no extreme heat. we continue to cool things off
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in the inland neighborhoods. things are reversed heading toward tomorrow, a little bit by the weekend. temperatures, inland, back up into the lower 90s. the fog can actually return coast side. beaches won't warm up. they will be cooler than today. here is the forecast model showing you this. we have this showing you patching cloud cover near the coast this afternoon and then into tomorrow morning, so the clouds, maybe drizzle for your friday morning and skies are part sunny. tomorrow we'll warm things up in your forecast for tomorrow. highs this afternoon, it is mild, santa rosa, 80 degrees. pleasant toward concord, antioch and brentwood. we're sticking with the lower 60s. not the case for today, maybe lower 70s. it is close to 70 degrees near portions of the berry coastline this afternoon. here is a look ahead. your five day forecast, and as you can see here, temperatures are warming up inland back into the lower 90s. it was a three day weekend.
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looks like monday, labor day will be one of the cooler days of the weekend with minor cooling headed our way. it looks like a nice forecast with no extreme heat in the bay area. sounds good, thank you, mark. one giant step toward a space force. up next, the agency the president is establishing to conduct space operations as he works to create a sixth branch of the military. more on that when we come back. come back.
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the trump administration is
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set to launch the u.s. space command in about an hour, getting one step closer to establishing a sixth branch of the military. space command will handle operations including missile warnings, satellite surveillance. it will require congressional approval. mike pence says it would ensure that the nation is prepared to defend our people, defend our interests and defend our values and vast expanse of space and here on earth. space force could add one to two billion dollars per year to the pentagon's annual budget and nearly $5 billion in initial costs trump administration issuing a controversial new ruling limiting automatic citizenship for children of some military service members that are stationed over seas. fox news correspondent griff jenkins has more from washington. >> reporter: it is the latest attempt by president trump to close immigration loopholes. under a new policy announced on wednesday, children born over seas to some american parents serving in the military or
12:25 pm
foreign service will no longer be u.s. citizens at birth because it conflicts with other federal immigration laws. democrats on capitol hill quickly condemning the new rule. house speaker nancy pelosi tweeting in part, quote, donald trump is launching an attack on their families, putting in doubt the citizenship of their children born over seas. shame paul policy must be reversed immediately. they're urging the public not to rush to judgment. they say only about 100 people will be impacted each year and it does not apply to children born to two parents who are u.s. citizens. the only people that this affects are those who are not u.s. citizens when they're born, for instance, the child of a mother who marries a service mother who is a citizen. >> they're mounting legal challenges, pointing out parents of some military children will now have to apply for citizenship for their kids, meaning more money, more paperwork, and more headaches
12:26 pm
for those serving over seas. >> that seems, to me, the most heart wrenching part of this, that they would create a new policy that would adversely affect the happiness and health and well being of people serving in the armed forces. >> unless it is blocked by a federal judge, the policy change is expected to take effect on october 29th. in washington, griff jenkins, ktvu, fox 2 news. san francisco billionaire and 2020 presidential candidate tom steyer tweeted make no mistake, donald trump wants to do away with all forms of birthright citizenship because he wants to pick and choose. let's look at wall street. it is a broad rally that includes tech, financial, communications services. the dow jones gained 300 points on the plus say by over 1%.
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up one and a quarter on the s&p. nasdaq about to touch one and a half in gains. getting the long awaited pay out. details on the up coming settlement for condo owners at the leaning millennium tower in san francisco and the lesson attorneys hope future developers will learn. hurricane dorian is approaching the coast. the latest after the break. at aetna, we believe in taking care of the whole you.
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we continue to watch hurricane dorian. it is intensifying as it heads toward the united states, specifically florida. right now it is a category one hurricane. this could turn into a category 3, possibly a category 4 storm before it makes landfall. the latest forecasts show that could happen as soon as this weekend. >> fox news meteorologist adam klotz is tracking the storm. >> reporter: hurricane dorian, gathering strength as it moves out of the caribbean and toward the southeastern united states. storm causing power outages and flooding in the virgin islands and puerto rico but no major damage. now it is picking up speed as it moves over open waters and will likely turn into a powerful hurricane as it nears the coast of florida on sunday. the governor declaring a state of emergency for counties in the
12:31 pm
storm's path. residents are told the time to prepare is now. >> the key is to have your plan and make those preparations right now. you have to assume that if you're affected by this storm, that you will lose power, so make a accommodations to be able to weather that. >> reporter: many florida residents are heeding the warning, stocking up on food, water, and emergency supplies. there are long lines at gas stations with some stations running out of fuel. >> just getting ready for hurricane. >> getting prepared for the storm to come. >> just want to protect against what is coming. >> reporter: dorian is expected to hit the u.s. main land late sunday or early monday. it is not yet clear where the storm will land, so folks in florida, georgia, and the carolinas will keep an eye on the forecast. in new york, adam klotz, fox news. >> many airlines are allowing passengers to reschedule their
12:32 pm
flights for free. american airlines, delta, southwest, allegiant, frontier, and jet blue and spirit have announced they will waive change fees or offer travel vouchers or let passengers rebook for a later date. >> let's check in with our meteorologist mark tamayo, who has been tracking the storm. >> this is a category 1 hurricane but they're expecting intensification. not a lot of activity here on the stand but i'm sure everybody in this town is getting ready for that possibly major hurricane headed their way. i was looking at the forecast and hurricane warning is possible as early as sunday night. here is the satellite showing you this, a category one storm with winds of 85 miles an hour moving to the northwest at 13 miles an hour. here is the forecast track. we are showing you a red line here but to be honest there, is a lot of uncertainty with the
12:33 pm
exact forecast track. anywhere in florida, possibly into portions of georgia, as you can see, kind of in that area of possibility with the landfall. we do know this. this will continue to strengthen over the next few days. here is a look at what we call the spaghetti plot showing you the forecast models. they seem to agree or converge at least for central florida, making landfall sometime later sunday into monday. as we showed you, there is a lot of uncertainty. what we do know is that this storm will strengthen. one factor in that thinking is the water temperature. water temperatures right now, along the track, around 83 to 84 to 85 degrees. this system will continue to strengthen and hopefully will add more detail to the forecast track over the next 24 to 48 hours. all right, mark, thank you for that. brazil is banning setting fires for clearing land for 60 days in response to the massive number of wildfires burning in the amazon rain forest. the order was signed by brazil's
12:34 pm
president, who has faced intense criticism for failing to protect the rain forest. the move comes as a leading brazilian environmentalist warned that the worst of the fires is yet to come. it is unclear what impact the ban will have as environmentalists say the overwhelming majority of forest clearance is illegal and enforcement is lax. south american countries will meet next week to discuss that crisis. the trump administration is expected to announce proposed roll backs on methane emission regulations later today. the proposal aims to eliminate requirements put in place during the obama administration that required the oil and gas industry to use technology to inspect for and repair gas leaks. scientists say methane is one of the most significant greenhouse gases contributing to climate change. it would have to go through a period of public comment and review. it won't be finalized until early next year. 16-year-old swedish climate change activist is drawing attention to the plight of the
12:35 pm
planet. greta arrived in new york city more than two weeks after she set sail out of england. she says sailing on board a boat with solar panels and under water turbines was a much more eco way of flying. she was met by a crowd in new york and had a message for trump. >> listen to the science. he obviously doesn't do that. this is a global crisis, the biggest crisis humanity has ever faced. >> thunberg will be outside the u.n. tomorrow where there will be a demonstration to call on world leaders to pay attention to climate change. she will speak to leaders at the u.n. climate action summit next month. supervisor dave cortese
12:36 pm
introduced a resolution to help fight climate change. the declaration is intended with the efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. santa clara joins other bay area cities. marietta hotels is phasing out the plastic toiletry bottles. they will be replaced with wall mount dispensers. this will eliminate 500 million tiny bottles every year. other hotel chains have already done it. california lawmakers are considering banning all plastic bottles in hotels starting in 2023. now a warning for anyone visiting a popular beach in tahoe this holiday weekend. water officials say you may want to stay out of the water because of the possibility of toxic algae. a dog died shortly after coming into contact with the water at kiva beach off highway 89 between south lake tahoe and emerald bay. it is one of the few in tahoe that allows dogs. samples are being tested for
12:37 pm
toxins and the results are expected by the end of the week. happening today, the city of alameda hosting a public forum on possible changes to its rent control laws. that may include clarifying which rental units are exempt from rent control requiring a relocation payment if a tenant decides to move with a rent increase of 10% or more is imposed and tie in relocation payments to the current fair market rents. tonight's meeting will begin at 6:00. it is going to be held at the alameda free library on oak street. they're execed to vote next tuesday on all of those propose aed changes. a meeting that is happening in less than an hour from now, san francisco's planning commission is set to vote a plan to convert a city parking lot into i a long-term space for people who are homeless and living in the rvs. the lot near the b.a.r.t. station. it would provide space for more than 33 rvs. they would screen everyone allowed to stay there.
12:38 pm
there would be security guards and bathrooms and showers for people. the planning commission approves the idea, the board of supervisors could take up the issue next month. people who own condos in the leaning millennium tower in san francisco will get financial help. >> some residents have reached a tentative settlement with the developer over that sinking building. ktvu's christina rendon is in san francisco to bring us more. >> reporter: an agreement is close and in the process of being finalized according to an attorney representing many of the owners of the high rise apartment. 200 home owners will be compensated for the loss in value to their apartment. the exact amounts are not being released. statement will reportedly pay for fixes and upgrades to the building. the developer is pleased an agreement is in the works. this is all following a lawsuit filed in february of 2017 naming the transbay joint powers authority and millennium
12:39 pm
partners in the dispute. it alleges millennium was built on mud and sand rather than bed rock. the suit claims that the developers knew about the apartments sinking before the apartments were sold. the company that owns the street development said it made clear from the beginning that the top priority is to be address and resolve the conditions that caused the problems. an engineering team approved a $100 million project to fix the leaning tower, which reportedly sunk 17 inches and is leaning since it was built in 2009. the plan includes using circular steel pipes to shore up the building. an attorney representing the home owners says he hopes this is a lesson for future developers. in san francisco, christina rendon, ktvu, fox 2 news. uc berkeley students could be barred from dozens of buildings on campus. the school says some of the most beautiful and popular locations on campus have been put on a
12:40 pm
list of buildings that are in serious risk of damage during a large earthquake. they require all students to assess seismic risk and cal is making the results public. chronicle reports 114 buildings have been examined so far and more than half need seismic upgrades. school says it would need a billion dollars to make the changes and there are about 500 more buildings to inspect. the fault runs through the campus. a new bill is working through san francisco that would overhaul the charter schools. it would tighten rule for charter schools and wouldn't let the state authorize charter schools. the bill would also require all new charter school teachers to be credentialed and give existing teachers to get credentials. the bill is expected to pass. the governor has sadz he will sign it. san francisco's iconic cable cars won't be running for a few days next month. muni says the cable car will be out of service along all three
12:41 pm
of the lines for ten days beginning friday, september the 13th. bus service will be provided in their place. muni will overhaul the gearbox and the cable running through the gearbox is the master cable for all of the cable cars leaving and entering the cable car barn. a veteran is png that age is nothing but a number. >> he is 101 going on 70. he is amazing. >> is he ever. coming up next in today's people, meet the man with a century of stories saying golf, friends, and family are keeping him young.
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ten democrat presidential candidates have qualified for next month's debate. one of those who failed to qualify has announced she is ending her campaign. ktvu has that story. >> i know this isn't the result we wanted.
12:45 pm
we wanted to win this race. >> kirstin gillibrand is the latest to drop out of the 2020 campaign. that means the field has narrowed to 19 candidates, less than the number of people on stage at the first two democratic debates. now all eyes are on houston, where the next debate will happen in just two weeks. only half of the field qualified by the deadline. they say it is still wide open including john delaney who says i'm committed to the campaign for one simple reason, someone has to be telling the truth and about the future we can share together. tim ryan also failed to make the next debate stage. >> i think it is wide open. i think it is totally fluid. 70% of the people are saying that they're not certain who they will vote for. a lot of runway left here. >> reporter: two new national polls have joe biden leading the
12:46 pm
democratic pack. usa today suffolk university poll and poll from quinnipiac university showed the frontrunner with 32% of likely democratic support. ktvu, fox 2 news. people who guess stressed out by facebook are more likely to get addicted to it. they continue to use the same platform that causes them stress instead of logging off of it. those who switched between activities such as scanning news feeds and chatting with friends saw an increased likelihood of compulsive behavior on the site. let's check weather. weekend is approaching. we have a big mess down in the caribbean, too. >> that will be the big story. we'll try to fine tune the track over the next few days. we know hurricane dorian will continue to strengthen into a major hurricane. that will be the top of the news as we head toward the weekend, especially by sunday and into monday. for us here in the bay area, we have a nice day out there. in fact, here is the live camera toward san francisco. we have cloud cover this morning but a bit of a break in the
12:47 pm
cloud cover, actually cleared things out nicely throughout late this morning and into the early portion of the afternoon. as we come in closer, we have clear to partly cloudy skies. it is mild out there. temperatures this morning, we're off to a warm start. san francisco, an overnight low of 64 degrees. it is a nice launching pad for a warm afternoon. right now it is 70. san jose, 73. walnut creek, mid-70s, and santa rosa, 79 degrees. football weather for this weekend, levi stadium, we're expecting mostly clear skies. temperatures at kickoff around 73 degrees, eventually dropping down to the 60s. it will be a mild evening in santa clara. this guy is just off shore. this has been cooling off the inland spots. not so much from the coast if you're out toward half moon bay and pacifica, you know it is warm. the system is churning things up a bit. the impact is for inland spots. it is cooler inland. we'll reverse things tomorrow into the weekend. inland warming, especially by
12:48 pm
saturday, but as this sets up, it also sets up a nice environment for the fog to reform. the beaches, we're talking about warming away from the coastline, could be cooling off as we head into the weekend. here is the forecast later on today. still showing you this for the most part, clear to partly sunny skies. and then low clouds will regroup first thing tomorrow morning. this is friday morning, 8:00, and then the clouds clear back to near the coastline for tomorrow. as far as highs this afternoon, the hot spots, not extremely hot. we get a break from the inland heat. no triple digits, not much in the way of 90s, we're thinking 80s. oakland, 75, san francisco, 73. san jose, a forecast high of 78, and gilroy, 84. here is a look ahead at your five day forecast. temperatures are trending up as we head toward friday for the inland spots. lower 90s inland for saturday and sunday and minor cooling into next week. these are minor temperature swings for the next few days. over all it is i nice forecast as we head into the three day
12:49 pm
weekend. >> it is looking good. in today's bay area people, i met a north bay man who lived through 18 presidents, fought in world war ii and has been retired for nearly 40 years. he is still going strong at the age of 101. carroll dwight madsen or c. d., says he would rather wear out than rust out. he plays 100 rounds of golf a year and inspired everyone at the country club in nevada. >> reporter: c. d. madsen born in march of 1918, 101 years young, and the man still has game. >> it just feels wonderful. older people get in the habit of sitting and i hate to sit. >> reporter: it is true. since joining nevada's marin country club in 1960, he figures he has played nearly 10,000 rounds of golf and he is still good for three or four rounds a
12:50 pm
we and consistently shoots below his age. >> i did pretty good today. i had a 91 today. i blew about three holes. >> reporter: the former contractor has seen it all. he grew up and watched the golden gate go up.he was a sail. married his high school sweet heart, charlotte. his son, ralph is now 78, along with two grandchildren and two great grandsons. his secret to life is pretty simple. >> i had a great wife and we were married for 68 and a half years. i think it had a lot to do with it. she was a wonderful gal. she was a beautiful gal. >> reporter: staying active and connected kept him young, especially hanging out with this young bunch of golfers. >> hi. i'm 75. >> i'm al kitan, i'm 89 years
12:51 pm
old. >> i'm ray cone, i'm 79. >> as a foursome, they have a combined age of 346 and they all look up to the super senior c. d., who celebrated number 100 at mcc. >> an inspiration for everyone, he is 101 going on 70. he is amazing. >> his spirit is the best. you couldn't find anybody with a better spirit. he is always thinking positive. >> it is not often you get your own plaque at a country club but he did because it is not often you get your first hole in one at age 99. c. d. is patient. besides, he is revelling in hole in one number one. >> it was a miracle. it had to be a miracle. 99 years you get a hole in one. for the 100th time it is the pga championship. yup. the championship is a lot like me.
12:52 pm
a century old and just getting started. >> he got national attention when the pga championship turned 100 and asked him to voice the promo. he aced that, too. as for the future? >> i just feel like i'm lucky. you know? i wake up in the morning early, come out here early, and play a round, play 18. >> he is the mayor of the country club. he walks on water there. why not? he is 101. we followed him the first three holes. i didn't know how well he played. par, birdie, sunk the long putt. he winked and said not a bad round, kid and shot a 91 that day. just a delight. >> keeps him vibrant, no doubt. >> oh, yeah, and they love him up there. >> good story. good story. coming up in a second, we'll take you to the south bay where it is not exactly the running of the bulls but some residents are fed up with the kind of invasion. i mean, if you haven't thought about switching to geico,
12:53 pm
frankly, you're missing out. uh... the mobile app makes it easy to manage your policy, even way out here. your marshmallow's... get digital id cards, emergency roadside service, even file a... whoa. whoa. whoa. whoa. whoa. whoa! oops, that cheeky little thing got away from me. my bad. geico. it's easy to manage your policy whenever, wherever. can i trouble you for another marshmallow?
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six flags is adding a family roller coaster and animal extinct. the sidewinder facility will feature live rattlesnakes and other species in a jungle-like setting. they will be surrounded by the reptiles before boarding the ride. there will be 360 side way spins and fast drops. it is expected to open next year. it will be the 12th roller coaster. coming up at 4:00, we're following the path of hurricane dorian as it continues to churn toward florida. how people there are preparing for a potential destructive weekend. he has been credited with changing the face of competitive skiing. olympic gold medallist johnny moseley joins us in studio. we'll talk about the nomination he received. good news on the stocks today. the dow is flying out of the gate up over 300 points.
12:56 pm
that is across the board. nasdaq is up 112 points and the s&p 500 having a good day as well, up 35 with a few more minutes left in the trading day. >> something unusual is happening in one san jose neighborhood. it is being invaded by cows grazing on lawns and wandering the streets. cows have been coming up every night for two months leaving messes behind from the nearby hills. ranchers think fences are intentionally being cut by homeless people or teens. >> we were afraid to go in front of them or very close. they're not just, like, skinny cows. they're the big cows and bulls. with the big horns. >> ranchers rounded up the cattle yesterday. they weren't aware of the problem until this week and he hopes ranchers can resolve the issue. >> i can only imagine having bulls roaming around in your backyard. >> we have deer and maybe a skunk every now and then.
12:57 pm
>> but not a long horn. >> good to have you. we'll see you tomorrow. >> have a good day.
12:58 pm
12:59 pm
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dr. oz: you plan all year for that time away, but what if your next trip turned deadly? >> tourists are extremely vulnerable and valuable. >> found dead with her throat slashed. dr. oz: vacation nightmares. plus, the dark underground world of child labor. the slaves next door. coming up next. ♪ dr. oz: season 10 starts now. i became a


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