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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  August 29, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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it starts atto leeward drive, that's where it ends. that is an entire stretch of story road that is blocked off someone or you have to head this way yourself, bear that in mind because traffic cannot get through. the action, maybe an hour to an hour and a half ago, maybe investigators say it was a fatal hit and run involving a silver or gold colored suv. one witness tells me that suv somehow collided with the pickup truck behind it and hit the victim as the was crossing story right near the intersection of jackson. the victim was pinned underneath the vehicle, the suv and died. we tone woman, tran cole who works at a nearby nail salon who did not see the accident but heard the impact . >> it was very scary and we were afraid and we stepped out
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and looked at it and we saw the guy under the car and three cars stopped. we saw -- because that guy was underneath and very painful. >> back live in east san jose, investigators say the driver of the silver to gold colored suv ran off and so they are looking for that person. if you have any information, you're asked to call 9-1-1 or the san jose police department. they are trying to find that person. again right now, road is blocked off from adrian way all the way down to leeward drive as police continue to investigate this and wait for the santa clara county corner to come to its investigation before they can remove the remains that have been and had identify the next of kin. we will have more for you
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coming up at 10:00. jesse, thank you. we want to go to the oakland the oakland along the berkeley border were two people have been shot . >> happened on 61st street about 2:30 this afternoon. ktvu's henry lee is on the scene with more of what happened. >> frank, this is the scene of 61st and lowell. look behind me. still very much an active scene. you see the blue honda element. police have been focusing on that vehicle and we see a bunch of evidence markers, marking possible shell casings. what we do know is about to:30, shots rang out here at the corner of 61st place and lowell about a block north of busy sanford avenue. two male victims were shot as the shooting was reported by witnesses, oakland police also reported gunfire on shots fired in the cities gunfire detection
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system. when they arrived, they found two victims several blocks south of here near 53rd and market. one mil victim was shot in just, the other shot in the hip. meanwhile, the escaped gunmen escaped on gila and lowell. there does not appear to be a deadly shooting. victims were taken to a hospital to be treated. we believe they have been stabilized but we did talk to a couple of witnesses, residents who live in the area that heard the gunfire and this is what they told us . >> i work across the street right here at sdi global partitions. we were getting ready to get our guys out of here and we heard a single shot at that time and we thought it was maybe a car or someone moving material so we came around the bend to look and see what we saw and noticed their work two people running from the gunshot that was heard and they went around the bend and within maybe two minutes, another 5 to 6 shots and we just sheltered inside the building because we did not know what was going on . >> we have been here for 3 1/2
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years. this is the first time it has happened around here although there seems like a lot of crime, break-ins, very questionable people walking around, creating issues, going in to -- which i have personally seen . >> back out live, you can see oakland police patrol officers are being joined by members of the criminal investigation division. we will talk to witnesses to try to diagram the scene and investigate further. at this point we don't have a motive for the shooting and we don't know the ages of the two male victims that were taken to the hospital. last work, the search for the gunmen is still outstanding. a suspect has not been arrested. henry lee, live in north oakland. back to you. so still so many questions. we will stay on top of the story, henry, thank you. the clock is ticking and florida as a hurricane dorian is headed right for florida. it is expected to become a category 4 hurricane with 130 mile-per-hour winds before hitting somewhere between the florida keys and georgia on monday.
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the storm hit the island of st. thomas as a category 1 storm yesterday. but it moved north of puerto rico, sparing puerto rico of a direct hit. phil keating tells us dorian could hit florida on monday. -- as a category 4 hurricane . >> hurricane dorian is picking up steam as it approaches the southeast u.s. it caused flooding and power outages in the virgin islands of puerto rico but no major damage. now, forecasters say the norm is intensifying as it moves over the warm open waters of the atlantic. is likely to make landfall monday. somewhere between the florida keys and southern georgia. along the florida coast, folks are stocking up on food, water, batteries and emergency supplies . >> honestly, it does get a little scary. there's a possibility it could hit here so it is best to be prepared . >> the governor has declared a state of emergency in counties. that are in the path of the
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storm. that is he is clearing the way to bring in more fuel on the national guard if necessary . >> be prepared. anybody on the east coast of florida, you want to have food, water and medicine for up to 7 days. officials are hoping for the best but preparing for the worst . >> we are not issuing evacuation orders right now and we are issuing mandatory prayer that this thing stays away from us . >> up and down the state, days ahead of the storm, super long lines of cars and trucks as people fuel up vehicles and generators. there are reports already of some gas stations already running out of gas. in miami, bill keating, fox news. >> obviously, a lot of concern. let's bring in meteorologist, kyla grogan . >> the thing is it will get stronger very quickly and that means it will very dangerous. we are looking at it right about 330 miles east of the bahamas but it is getting stronger. it has 80 to 85 degrees water
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that will help it warm up and head on in and as you can see, it is expected to become a category 4 hurricane so that is where the danger lies. right now, sustained winds at 85 miles per hour, moving about 13 miles per hour so expected near the bahamas around saturday and sunday and heading into the east coast of florida as we get into that monday timeframe. again, it has ramped up over the last 24 hours. this is what we call the spaghetti plot. you may see this in models where they show where it will be predicted to go and it is trending a little further south than it was this morning so that has been the update that we have seen over the last advisory. this shows you it has a lot of moisture to work with. we are looking at very little dry air,. something to keep an eye on, certainly hoping everyone down there is safe. thankfully we don't have anything to do like this in the
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bay area and i will have your weather coming up in a few moments. back to frank and heather . >> new information on a daylong standoff yesterday in fairfield. authorities have identified the man they were after. according to the daily republic him he was this man, 40-year- old robert brown of bay pointe, wanted for shooting and killing 36-year-old daniel schrader in concord back in july. federal agents thought he was at a home on shenandoah drive yesterday. the search led to an 8 our barricade situation there. six my people were taken into custody after police deployed teargas into the house. authorities say brown was not among the people in the home. one month after the gilroy garlic festival shooting, and we are now learning about 1 more person who was wounded that day. gilroy police say they have just identified another gunshot victim. they say a man was brate raised by of bullet with a wound that
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required stitches. this brings the number of people wounded to 17 from that attack back on july 28. 3 people were killed in the shooting. the gunmen shot himself after being wounded by police. officials say an arrest warrant has been issued for formal -- former warriors star, jamarcus cousins on misdemeanor domestic violence charges. cousins who is with the la lakers was allegedly arrested for threatening his former girlfriend. the woman has filed a restraining order to keep him from contacting her or their child. the long-awaited but extension through downtown san jose got a big extension this week. tens of millions of dollars to fast-track a new 10 mile stretch of track. the new track will connect with downtown santa clara. jesse gary has details . >> a region renowned for ground breaking first. the latest spot as leader of the pack could make life easier for millions of south bay commuters . >> this is the first region in the country that has called for
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what we call expedited projects . >> sin -- download san jose mayor sam liccardo announced the extension of bart from downtown san jose and is getting $125 million in federal funding, the new program targeting locations and progress projects pushing the frontier of mass transit design . >> this boost gets the progress going. it enables some new designs and engineering, to start preparing some of the long lead procurement items . >> currently, the bart system system ends at fremont warm springs station. berryessa is slated to open next fall. with 120 might $5 million, project engineers can make conceptual designs actual designs for the 6.5 mile track. that includes cutting-edge single board tunnel downtown san jose. >> this really speeds up the delivery and brings the public infrastructure project to the public for them to use much sooner than traditional grant
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programs . >> project officials say the funding boost will shave 14 months of the project's completion timeline. some workers say it will save time and money off their commute. >> it will improve my commute, shorten it by at least an hour . >> it will stop now in the santa clara station and i live in santa clara so it will stop and sent a clear and i can go straight into oakland from there. it will take me an hour instead of 2 1/2 hours . >> marla carter says getting the first of its kind funding puts the region in a better position to seek more federal funds later to complete the $5.5 billion project . >> by getting the first funding, it puts of us in front of the line of many other cities attempting to get dollars from the federal
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government for large transit projects like this one and establish the silicon valley as a leader . >> the new funding fast-track engineering design, don't look for signs of actual work until 2020 one utilities will need to be relocated for the single board tunnel that will go right underneath santa clara street. in downtown san jose, jesse gary, ktvu fox2 news. deadline day for democrats. why the next candidate debate will only need 1 night instead of two. >> the man accused of trying to attack a woman as she entered her san francisco condo building will remain behind bars. we will tell you about an outburst in court coming up. ♪
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resident trump officially
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launched the u.s. space command today as part of a larger effort to defend u.s. interests in space. space command is a division within the defense department that will handle national security operations in space such as missile warnings, satellite surveillance and space support. all of this is seen as a precursor to a full-fledged space force that will require congressional approval. space command did exist before from 1985 to 2002 but it was dissolved as part of the governments post 9/11 reorganization. officials say space force could put one to $2 billion per year to the pentagon's annual budget. now to the race for the white house. the dnc says 10 candidates have qualified for the next debate in houston. kirsten gillibrand dropped out of the race yesterday after failing to qualify. the dnc tightened the rules in an effort to reduce the number of candidates. front runner, joe biden says with so many people on stage, it is tough to get his message across .
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>> it makes it hard to have a debate when you have so many people and you are limited to 1 minute to tell your life story . >> ladies and gentleman -- make new national polls have former presidential vice president joe biden leading the race with 32% in a suffolk university poll was senator elizabeth warren at 14% and senator bernie sanders at 12% . >> in san francisco, a man accused of attacking a woman at her condo building will remain behind bars. a judge today ordered austin vincent to remain in custody without bail. ktvu's christien kafton was in the courtroom and is outside the hall of justice tonight. christian, the judge said vincent would still pose a threat if he was released? >> yes, the judge sided with prosecutors in today's deas for austin vincent himself, he was clearly not pleased with the ruling, cursing at the prosecutor as he was let out of the courtroom . >> cameras were not allowed inside courtroom 10 as judge ross rooney heard arguments
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vincent should be released. controversy erupted after aiken released video of an attack on a woman as a woman tried to enter her home. vincent was booked just days later after victims of a federal attack said vincent threatened them with a knife but investigation showed that vincent was in fact in a substance abuse treatment center in southern california when the attack took place. the judge today dismissed the february charges but sided with prosecutors who said vincent could be a threat if released . >> we have to do this for public safety and at this juncture, we fill strongly that this particular defendant should be detained. >> i am obviously disappointed by the courts decision today. >> benson's attorney argued his client hadlittle on his rap sheet and that he was
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receiving treatment for mental health issues when he was freed by judge flenniken. treatment his attorney says he will not get behind bars. mr. vincent was receiving that treatment and was having his underlying needs and issues addressed. the bottom line is mr. vincent is going to return to our community at some point. >> also in court, neighbors worried about a proposed homeless navigation center set to open near the embarcadero, the neighbors say they are relieved vincent will remain behind bars but worried about the possibility of an influx of homeless coming to the area to receive services . >> we are concerned because a navigation center, that invites the mentally ill, drug users and sex offenders is going up next door to where this happened. >> reporter: while the victim in the most recent attack was not in court today, she did write a letter to the judge, urging him to keep vincent behind bards. bars, the judge also reviewed the video we have seen so many times of the attack happening in front of the building and the judge now and is set to find out when the next court date will be.
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>> kristin, thank you. .to the subway tonight. students at two schools in san jose were told to stay indoors after a mountain lion was spotted at cheboygan middle school. the big cat was spotted near the track and field area around 8:30 this morning. the district immediately ordered a shelter in place for the schools and san jose services have responded. the order has been lifted since the animal was not seen again. 3 monster trucks with 2000 horsepower will be at sap center in san jose this weekend. monster jam is gearing up for 3 jampacked days. the sap center has been transformed into a dirt track. the triple threat series will feature 8 of the most famous monster jam trucks. >> it is a good family atmosphere, good family excitement, we have some trucks that will do knows willies, donuts, thyme racing this weekend. speedsters is one of my
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personal favorites of the weekend. it is not the monster jen truck but our speedster will get pretty crazy and we have really good races and finishes. >> none of that could happen without the 3.5 million pounds of dirt that was hauled into sap center today. it is completely transformed into a dirt track. >> hard to believe that was an ice rink . >> all right. we are dealing with a gorgeous day today. it has been simply stunning out there. we started off very warm this morning. i checked the weather in san francisco about 7:30 this morning and it was already 65
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to 66 degrees. we did clear out and got the fog out of there in the low clouds out of there and it is a beautiful day all along the california coast. we have the onshore flow happening with a little breezy nest in spots with beautiful skies at this hour tonight and here it is, a gorgeous san francisco just basking in the sunlight. san francisco, 59, 56 in santa rosa, 61 in oakland, livermore, 63 and san jose coming in at 62. it has been a nice top-down afternoon today for everybody. we are a little breezy as i mentioned and you are seeing that here in napa we are getting the westerly flow gusting up to 24 miles per hour, the usual wind that happens in fairfield this type of day, gusting up to 32 miles per hour and oakland gusting up to 23 miles per hour. we will see that throughout the evening. sunset tonight at 7:43 if you would like to get out and check it out. breezy conditions at the coast, temperatures overnight between 55 and 60 degrees, about 50 to 64 in the bay and another mild evening on tap. futurecast shows we will see low clouds rolling in again overnight and there at 7 am, inland valley same spots to get the fog, we will see that again small morning so be careful if you get out the door tomorrow. we will clear out in the afternoon and there we are back
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with the sunshine again. this is a nice way to end the weekend kick off the holiday weekend. highs we are expecting for tomorrow once we kick the clouds and you can see about 69 degrees in san francisco, 87, santa rosa. concord, 88 and san jose, 83 for you and the south bay, another nice day that will be warm but not too warm in most spots. it should be a good time to get outside. the headlines are increasing clouds tonight, onshore flow, a breeze condition, tomorrow another nice day on tap, get ready to enjoy. and warm up is on the way as we head into the holiday weekend. how warm? we will talk about that when i come back in a few moments. i will send it back to heather and frank. a long-awaited report out today on the former fbi director's actions before and after he was fired. i am lauren blanchard in washington with why james comey says he is owed an apology. >> coming up on ktvu news at 6:00, police in the south bay look for more potential victims after arresting a man they tried they say try to grope a
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a long-awaited report came out today on former fbi director, james comey and what he did both before and after he was fired . >> the justice department inspector general says he
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violated fbi properties policies when he documented private conversations with president trump. fox news lauren blanchard has details and reaction. >> reporter: thursday, the justice department's internal watchdog, the inspector general found in and 80 83 page report, that the comey's kept were official fbi records and that he sent a "dangerous precedent. "we conclude -- "we conclude that call me's detention and handling of certain memos violated department and fbi policies and is fbi employment agreement. " this for keeping copies of 4 of his 7 memos in a safe in his home and showing them to his private lawyers adding, ", his own personal record perception of what was necessary was not a basis for ignoring policies and records governing the use of fbi records records especially giving the other lawful actions he could've taken to achieve his desired end." the former fbi director and
5:27 pm
president have feuded for years. the pr report was released, "perhaps never in the history of our country has somebody been more thoroughly disgraced and excoriated then james comey in the just-released inspector general's report. he should be ashamed of himself." the white house press secretary wrote in a statement, "james comey is a proven liar and liquor.", he says he is owed an apology because the report found he did not directly linked to the media tweeting, "i don't need a public apology from those who defame a but a quick message with a sorry we lied about you would be nice." the report alleges call me violated policies in order to have a specunsel appointed and while findings were sent to the department of justice, they have decided not to prosecute. in washington, lauren
5:28 pm
blanchard, fox news. buildings on campus deemed seismically unsafe. coming up next, what uc berkeley is doing after a study ranked 6 buildings very poor when it comes to earthquake safety. also, she is accused of trying to stare scare tenants out of their rental home by staging a home invasion. details about the first court appearance today. a woman getting weekly life- saving treatment at a bay area hospital was just given a letter that her family has until mid- september to leave the country and return to guatemala. details about the policy the federal government.
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a 6.3 earthquake hit in the pacific ocean today off the southern coast of oregon. it happened just after 8 am this morning. the usgs says the strong earthquake was centered about 180 miles west of the town of
5:32 pm
bandit. the earthquake happened more than 7 miles below the ocean floor. no tsunami warning was issued and there are no reports of injuries or damage . >> the uc berkeley campus is right on top of the hayward fault and ktvu's tom vacar is on the cal campus tonight where the administration tells us they are worried about what might happen, tom, to at least 6 buildings in the event of a major earthquake . >> think of it this way, in the 151 years, that this campus has been here, it has never been tested, ever by a major, major earthquake beneath it. well, that could cause some of these buildings not to survive. >> uc berkeley's tolman hall deemed to seismically unsafe is being torn down. this week, the uc seismic policy initiative, after reviewing hundreds of structures through the latest science and engineering available, found more building problems . >> we are an institution dedicated to science a we will pay attention out and make sure the extent of our buildings
5:33 pm
remain safe and what sort of work needs to be done so they remain safe in the context of the pneumonia knowledge . >> it means 6 campus buildings including this as very poorly. also donor lab addition and moffat undergraduate library, some of the oldest buildings . >> berkeley has already spent, in recently as -- years, more than $1 billion to retrofit. we walk the walk and talk the talk and we remain to doing that going forward . >> the worker replacement must be done within the next 10 years . >> it is alarming to hear that these are the things on campus but i have also seen the school doing some reconstruction in some of the buildings so i hope they get to it fast because we never want no one in earthquake will come . >> i haven't been in any particularly bad ones but that is the nature of the area so of course i would like things to be retrofitted unsafe but i'm also comfortable with taking that risk personally . >> in education, there are the
5:34 pm
3r's. reading, writing and arithmetic. in seismology, there are 4 ours. r spec restrict, retrofit court is or the last two which is raise and replace . >> many plates cases, buildings to be torn down and replaced . >> engineer come up peter youngman applauds uc berkeley for going public but delivers the sobering analysis . >> the campus has not been exposed to a real earthquake effectively since it was built. so actually, in effect, none of the buildings on campus have really been tested by what i would consider to be a serious earthquake. all of them have been relatively minor including the earthquake and 89. >> other uc campuses are going to receive and are receiving the very same analyses so you can expect there will be a lot of buildings in trouble as
5:35 pm
well. on a final note, experts say the hayward fault, right under me, is due for some sort of eruption everyone hundred 50 or 160 years and we are right there now. tom vacar, ktvu fox2 news. let's hope those experts are wrong. thanks, tom. people who own condos in the leaning millennium tower in san francisco have reached a tentative settlement with the developer. more than 200 owners will be compensated for the loss in value of their home but a dollar amount has not been released. and engineering team has also approved a $100 million project to fix the leaning building. the plan includes using steel piles to shore up the building . >> a hit and run driver is behind bars following an accident in brentwood that seriously injured a 12-year-old girl pick it up and shortly after 7 am this morning while the girl was walking to school alone on sunset road. brentwood police say the driver
5:36 pm
, a woman in her 50s, spread from the scene but was quickly found in a nearby parking lot. the little girl has been -- the woman excuse me, has been charged with felony hit and run and driving under the influence. the little girl was let airlifted to uc davis medical center in sacramento where she is being treated for major head injuries. >> the chp in santa cruz county says a 14-year-old boy is responsible for a solo car crashed that injured 6 teenagers from san jose early yesterday morning on near 41st avenue in capitola. investigators say the 14-year- old driver crashed into a tree during a brief police pursuit. the chp says all six teenagers in the car suffered serious injuries. 5 victims were girls in the chp says the teenage boy who was driving is at the center of the investigation. >> a 14-year-old should not be behind the wheel. they can't even obtain a drivers license. we don't know why they were behind the wheel. >> the chp says the
5:37 pm
investigation is still in the early stages but officers do not believe drugs or alcohol played a role in the clock crash . >> a landlord accused of staging a break-in to scare tenants from their apartment made her first court appearance today. ktvu's ann rubin was in the courtroom and has no information on the case. >> reporter: shielding her face from the kenmare, this landlord made an appearance in a courtroom today, the landlord and others are accused of trying to scare lot nonpaying tenants from a rental home by staging an invasion . >> i heard somebody try to kick the door down . >> a total of 5 people were arrested. authorities say the landlord and a number of others shut off the power. the tenants who did not want to be seen on camera said there were two other incidents. they say they call the police and were directed to a housing dispute meteor mediator and when they were working with
5:38 pm
that person, another break-in occurred . >> they were trying to force the individuals up by fear and ultimately with a knife incident through physical force . >> from jail, the woman phoned into the ktvu newsroom, calling the tenants squatters. the tenants freely admit they did not pay but say it is because the landlord change the terms of their agreement. for raising the rent from $3900- $10,000 per month. >> basin city face civil measures that could be taken and unfortunately, she went to scare tactics and as a result they were all arrested . >> today, the judge set bail at $75,700 for cy amy and $110,000 for --. they also issued protective orders saying boast both must stay away from the tenants. the next court date is set for september 27.
5:39 pm
meanwhile saved the tenant say there to desperately trying to find new housing. ann rubin, ktvu fox 2 news. a woman received a letter and her doctors say it could be a death sentence. what the federal government just eliminated that means this woman will have to leave her life-saving treatment behind and return to guatemala. >> the 49ers said to put a bow stadium. coming up we will tell you why a so-called meaningless football game means a lot to the guys on this field. we are here to discuss jessie's online time. and out of respect, we will let you make the first offer. thirty minutes. thirty minutes?
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a lot is on the line. these players have 1 last chance to make the roster. tonight, all nfl teams play their fourth and final preseason game . >> certainly a lot of pressure tonight and that includes bay area teams, the raiders take on the seahawks right here on ktvu at 7:00 tonight but our scott reiss is live where the 49ers will host the charges . >> the final chance for 49er players to impress the bosses and maybe win a roster spot. cut down day is coming up on saturday so even though a lot of people call this the meaningless fourth week of the preseason, it means a lot to these guys because they are playing for jobs. one of the more intriguing position battles, backup
5:43 pm
quarterback we certainly saw last year how importtet ack is the contenders? nick mullens will not play tonight and cj better who will start and probably play extensively. you are looking at video at cj warming up 20 to 25 minutes below. cj played a lot of football for the team the last couple of years but he could be extending tonight and when the number 2 job this night, keep the number two quarterback or maybe he so showcases well on the 49ers trade him in the next week so a lot of possibility for cj better. as for the grand scheme of things, and what this means for the new organization, i asked the play-by-play man, greg papa that very question . >> out around the outside world, it is known as the meaningless but there will be guys that win jobs tonight. i think that cj will start so for cj it is a critically important night, one last chance to impress. some guys will earn jobs tonight and some guys are going to be cut on saturday and have to scramble back to make a practice squad for a moment or
5:44 pm
out of the league. >> reporter: nobody really cares about the results tonight, do they? >> well, the e-0 and if they win tonight it would make them the perfect 4-0 in the preseason and by the way, you mention the raiders also playing tonight on ktvu at 7 pm. they are 3 and 0. you might not even play the preseason. it is an all do new season of both teams when 4-0 . >> if c. j. beathard is starting tonight and nick mullens is not going to play, is c. j. beathard going to play the entire game? >> reporter: unlikely. they have a kid who wilton speight who college football's fans might remember started with jim harbaugh and transferred. they might play a good chunk of the fourth half. they really want to get a good look at him tonight cause this is the last data point before a big decision they have to make next
5:45 pm
48 hours . stadium. still to come, her family was told they only have a few weeks, in fact, 33 days, to leave the united states and go back to guatemala. this woman and her doctors say that will likely be a death sentence for her. coming up next, why there hoping for congress to step in and help them. a gorgeous bay area evening on tap tonight but a warm up on the way as we head into the holiday weekend. your extended forecast is next. at at&t we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet. we've created access from at&t california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits.
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a young woman in the east bay who is receiving life- saving medical treatment for a rare disease is now facing deportation. it is all because of a recent change in immigration policy by the federal government and that change eliminates the ability of immigrants with potentially deadly diseases to live in the united states while undergoing medical care. ktvu's rob roth talked with a woman today about her disease and her fears. >> is a ballboy so received what she and her doctors say could be very well be a death sentence and it came from the united states citizen and immigration services, a deportation letter . >> i cry a lot. i was shaking. and i was pale with shock . >> a 24-year-old native of guatemala, she has an extremely rare and potentially fatal genetic tocalled
5:49 pm
nps 6 that effexor growth, breathing, heart, spinal cord and more . >> my body doesn't break down sugar . >> doctors in guatemala had no answer but thanks to a medical exemption that allowed immigrant patients with life- threatening injuries -- illnesses to live in the u.s. legally while getting treated, isabel and her family moved to concord. she was 7 years old at the time. every friday for the past 16 years, isabel has come here to use ecf children's hospital in oakland. she receives all day treatment. treatment that keeps her alive and treatment, she says that could soon be denied . >> that is because the federal government, without warning,
5:50 pm
eliminated the medical exemption earlier this month. about two weeks ago, she received a letter from immigration officials. ", your period of authorized stay has expired. you are not authorized to remain in the united states. her family has 33 days until september 14 two leave. isabel's doctors say without the treatment, she will not survive . >> i will become week, for sure. i'm just going to -- die. and i don't want to because i have so many dreams and goals that i have for my life. >> reporter: her mother says she cannot sleep because of the stress . >> they have the power to change it. i don't know. i'm just -- >> i.c.e. issued a statement to ktvu saying it "reviews each case on its own merits and exercises appropriate discussion after reviewing all the facts involved.
5:51 pm
their attorney is appealing in hopes congress will step in . >> hopefully, people will realize the gravity of the situation for this family and other people in similar situations and reverse the policy . >> voices says her life is here. she graduated with honors from cal state east bay and is an advocate for us to others with rare illnesses . >> -- i feel like i have to advocate for my life. it is scary . >> in oakland, rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. it has been a gorgeous day out there. leading to a very lovely evening and the temperatures today were quite nice. we had lovely highs, a nice smile, not terribly hot but it was very nice out there. highs today, 76, 73 in separate cisco, 80s toward the north bay and not too bad, 82 in santa rosa, 86 in fairfield, a really nice day out there. these are current temperatures right now, san francisco 70
5:52 pm
degrees, upper 70s in santa rosa, 81 in concord, 77 in mountain view. it is nice up there, everybody. the clouds give us a break after this morning and that has held right to the afternoon and it is beautiful out there. as you zoom in, there is a bit of an onshore flow happening so you might feel a breeze we are right now about 70 miles per hour at sfo and you see a little wind happening in mountain view, gusting about 20 miles per hour, moving a little further north. some of that gusty wind is moot showing up in napa a 24 miles per hour so you will feel that. lows tonight, expecting clouds to increase and areas of fog again. we will see temperatures in the upper 60s and low 50s. tomorrow will be a beautiful day, and clouds as we start out, fog and the inland valleys and we will be off to the races with sunshine and 66 at the coast, 76 at the bay and 89 inland so staying out of the 90s and most spots tomorrow should be pretty nice. here is the setup. low pressure to the northwest, high pressure down to the south
5:53 pm
that will nudge up and move in. we have mild temperatures today but the high pressure will dig in a little over the weekend and inland areas will more map as we get to the weekend but we do have an onshore flow and that is going to keep the coast relatively mild. taking a look at your extended forecast, you can see we do have another nice day, tomorrow, very similar to today and saturday, we will pump up temperatures about 3 degrees, again having a little fog in the morning and some clouds out there. then we will have the ever so slight cool down on monday, labor day. the take away is it will be a nice weekend . >> it feels like it . >> if you are inland, it is warm, cold weather at 92. >> the hole-in-one is a dream for anyone who plays golf and a north bay man waited 99 years for his first one. coming up next, we will introduce you to a 101-year-old golfer who still is out there hitting the links 3 of 4 times a week . >> holy cow. coming up on ktvu fox2 news news at 6:00, a man attempted
5:54 pm
to grope a woman taking a shower in the gym and the south bay and police are concerned there may be more victims out there. so that early retirement we planned. it's going ok? great. now i'm spending more time with the kids. i'm introducing them to crab. crab!? they love it. so, you mentioned that that money we set aside. yeah. the kids and i want to build our own crab shack. ♪ ♪ ahhh, you're finally building that outdoor kitchen.
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he has lived through 18 presidents, he fought in world war ii mack and he has been retired for nearly 40 years but incredibly come he is still going strong at the age of 101 . >> and carroll dwight madsen still plays golf. cd madsen is 100
5:57 pm
years 101 years young. and he still has game . >> it feels wonderful. because you have old people that are sitting and i hate to sit . >> since joining nevada's foreign country club in 1960, he figures he has played nearly 10,000 rounds of golf. he still is good for 3 of 4 rounds per week and consistently shoots below his age . >> i did pretty good today. i have a 91 today i blew about 3 holes . >> the former contractor has seen it all. he grew up in sausalito and watched the golden gate grow up go up in the 30s. he was a young sailor when the battle of okinawa broke out in 1945, married his high school sweetheart, charlotte in 1940. their son ralph is 78 along with two grandchildren and two great grandsons and his secret to life is pretty simple . >> i had a great life and my wife and i have been married for 60 8/2 years. i think it had a lot to do with
5:58 pm
it. she was a wonderful gal. and she was beautiful. >> staying active and connected has kept cd young, especially hanging out with a young bunch of golfers . >> hi, i'm 75 . >> i'm al and i'm 89 years old. >> i'm ray cohen from and i'm 79. >> reporter: as a for some, they have a combined age of 346 and they all look up to the super senior cd who celebrated number 100 at mcc . >> he is an inspiration for everyone. 101 going on 70. he is amazing. >> his spirit? >> yes . >> the best. he is always thinking positive . >> it is not often you get your own plaque at a country club but cd did because it is not often you get your first hole- in-one at age 99. no ace today but cd is patient. besides, he is still reveling in hole-in-one number one .
5:59 pm
>> is like a miracle. it has to be a miracle. 99 years without a hole-in-one and then you get one? how can you be so lucky? >> >> for the 100th time, the pga championship yes, the championship is a lot like me. a century old and just getting started. >> cd got national attention when the pga championship turned 100 last year and asked him to voice their promo. he aced that, too. as for the future? >> i just feel like i'm lucky. i wake up in the morning early and come out here early and play around and play 18. this is ktvu fox 2 news at 6:00. the son of ea police chief r this after a deadly shooting that took place during a robbery. >> based on the nature of this
6:00 pm
case, i don't anticipate there will be any type of special treatment whatsoever. >> this is not the first time the son of the former union city chief has been in trouble with the law. hello, everyone. i heather holmes, in tonight for julie . >> i'm frank somerville. today the 19-year-old was in court to face charges. crime reporter, henry lee was there as well. >> tyrone mcallister is the son of former top cop in union city. father and son have been estranged and i did not see any family members in court today. >> tyrone mcallister, the 19- year-old son of a former union city police chief has been charged with special circumstance murder in a deadly shooting in oaklands uptown neighborhood. cameras were not allowed in court as mcallister made a brief appearance. no plea was entered in the capital murder case . >> he is facing either the death penalty or life without the possibility of could patrol parole. oakland police say mcallister filed a single shot during a robbery on the night of


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