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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  August 30, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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all over the area. this store has been hit three times this month. >> phones, tablets, lab tops, these men yanked anything they could from the display tables. it happened an hour before the store closed. >> i heard a commotion. >> i spoke to the woman who took the video of the incident. >> pulling the phones and ipads off the strings they are on, the metal strings they are on. pulling them off. >> the thieves ran out of the store, their arms full of stolen electronics, the thieves jumped into a gray volkswagen jetta. the car almost hit an suv and people on the street. >> there were pedestrians on the street including kids and
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ran down a bunch of kids. >> the police say this is the third time the store has been hit. part of the store front is covered because of a incident last week. the mo is similar to this and grab. a ring of thieves were caught last week -- year. >> i wasn't scared. i was thinking why is everyone running away, there's more of us than them. we could have taken them. >> what's the point of having a guard if he's not supposed to do anything. >> this afternoon i talked to a woman inside the store when this went down. she was terrified. ducked, crouched and covered not knowing if the men had a gun.
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>> the security guards are instructed not the intervene. did apple tell you why they are there. >> some people may be deterred by seeing the guard outside. unclear if anyone was there last night. some people may think twice. guards and workers told don't get involved. let them take the devices because they are replaceable. turning to our other top story, the forecast for hurricane dorian is more ominous as it inches closer to florida. we'll show you the latest picture. dorian continues to gain strength and is extremely dangerous category 3 storm ask with winds 115 miles an hour it could get
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stronger. there are no mandatory evacuation orders since it is unclear where and when the storm will hit. long lines are forming at gas stations and there's reports of fuel shortages in areas. rick is in delray beach with the latest. >> moving slowly, hurricane dorian is a monitor monster storm. dorian caused flooding and minor damage, it's expecting to bring life- threatening storm surge as early as labor day, the time to prepare is now. >> we recommend seven days of food and medicine and water because if it hits there, there
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will be power outages, please take time to prepare. >> many residents are stocking up on food, water and batteries, homeowners and businesses covered their windows with play wood and shutters. >> hundreds of complaints of price gouging the being reported. they are cracking down on businesses. >> we will respond to the complaints. we'll go to the stores, we'll two to the headquarters. >> florida authorities are considering where to order mass evacuations because of the uncertainties the path may take. >> so here's a live view of the hurricane from outer space. massa is keeping an eye on the
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storm. the taken just afternoon today. let's go to mark who's keeping a track of hurricane dorian, the path has been unpredictable. but we're getting a clearer view of the direction. >> there could be a cover, that -- cuff. that is the challenge with dorian right now. the storm will continue to strengthen, a category three impacts the bahamas this weekend. a possible florida landfall, it's been delayed into monday and tuesday. here's the satellite, we talk about a hurricane eye, it's showing up on the satellite this
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afternoon and showing the strengthening symbol. the water temperature show if the storm could strengthen, that will aid in the development of the system. latest update. category 3, moving to the west, northwest at 10 miles an hour, here's the forecast track, it moves quite a bit, along the path we're expecting strengthening, as we head toward later sunday to monday and tuesday, that uncertainty grows, increase and here's the forecast model showing you this. that curve to the north later in the period, monday and tuesday, that will be the key for the impacts on the florida coastline as we head into early next week. this is a strengthening major
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hurricane, the forecast track is uncertain. as florida prepares forker hurricane dorian, bay area responders are on standby. fire chief has a team in puerto rico and they are ready to move if needed. they are ready to second 50 personnel water tools and search dogs. >> you hope everybody would get out of the way. every hurricane we've been on that doesn't happen. people get left behind or choose to stay behind. >> other teams are on the way to florida right now. california has eight teams on stand by. >> a serial rapist who attacked
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2nd workers -- six workers is in custody. dna evidence lunged him in the rape of sex workers. police say thieves are using new technology to detect electronics left in cars. last friday night it happened in a shopping mall parking lot. they used a tool to find the cars with electronics inside. to protect yourself never leave valuable items in your to the south are accused of running a burglary rick that hit bike
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shops, schools. police say they seasessed scores of stolen dryness a driver's license. the suspects are responsible for dozens of commercial burglaries across the bay area the suspects face felony charges. if you live in a portion of santa clara county you may have gotten an alert message. county officials conducted a test of the emergency alert system. >> we're happy we tested the system today. some things we can improve, over all the test was a success. >> the button was pushed at 10:11 and 13 seconds later phones lit up. it's the third time there was a
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live test. it was sent to phones and computers in a 128 square mile area. >> we know we can get a message out fast, what we're testing is how accurate we can be using the full scope of the technology available to us so we're not over alerting. we want to prevent overlap. >> experts say similar systems were used during the north bay fires to alert victims but it can be used in an earthquake. >> people getting a timely evacuation notice is critically important. >> two observers from the california office of emergency service monitored the test. since march there's been similar tests in san diego, oakland and now santa clara county.
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>> i want the alerts on different carriers, we're testing the cell phone speeds and know tating when the alert came in. at&t, verizon, t mobile and sprint carried the test. >> anytime we use technology we cannot assume everything will go perfectly that some residents outside the target area got the alert. officials are working to fix the gliches ahead of fixing the report. it's a good time to remind people to have an emergency kid and evacuation plan. democrats on capitol hill are upping the opposition to a host of immigration rules
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announced by the white house. first it appears the big f competition won't take place this year. why the organizer pulled out. ♪
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. the mavericks surf economy addition won't happen this season -- competition won't happen. it's the third year in a row it has been called off. the desion. >> there's a slight chance another organizer can step in. the itooks now there
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won't be a mavericks surf competition for the third year in a row. >> jeff clark has been surfing mavericks for decades. >> jumping down in front of it and out racing it is thrilling. >> the competition which draws top surfers appears to be a wipe out. the world surf league which holds the permitted is canceling the competition. >> the world surf league ran this up to the 11th hour and the announcement today, which i heard about officially yesterday, it makes it really difficult else to try the regroup and run a competition.
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>> the harbor commissioner said the last-minute decision makes it difficult for another organizer to jump in. >> we've a lot of wealthy tech companies, not to say someone couldn't step forward to facilitate the prize purges -- purse. >> it has been called off before. the competition may not happen the waves will be here and ready for any surfer up to the challenge. >> we get to surf it all winter without blackout days. >> it's unclear where the competition stands for next year. right now the whole thing very much up in
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the air. mark is an avenue i'd surfer -- avid surfer. >> you schedule a definite day with a pattern like that. also a challenge, looking forward to big surf days. not for me, i'm a spectator out there. as far as the weather for the weekend, the three-day weekend, clouds in the morning, clearing skies in your sunday forecast, we have a three-day weekend. we drop in monday, labor day, we're expecting fog and temperatures cooling off as we head to monday forecast. monday will be the coolest day of the weekend. low clouds and going on the coastline, portions of the bay, the cloud cover closer to
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moon bay, ocean beach and fairfield 96, san jose 78. oakland 74 and san francisco 65. speaking of san francisco, the live camera looking above the fog. the layer of warm air is compressing the fog bank. it's way down here. once again tonight and tomorrow morning. 50s and 60s to start out the day. the area of high pressure will be in charge of the weather. we're not talking about extreme heat. the mid-90's. beaches, fog in the morning hours and then partly cloudy skies into the afternoon. >> here's a look at the forecast model. the fog near the coast and the bay, mid-50s and mid-60's, temperatures tomorrow most areas from the mid-60s to the
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mid-90's. look at the numbers, day one of the three day weekend. with this warming weather pattern fire danger will be on the increase. forecast highs in the south bay, san jose in the mid-80's, gilroy 92 and downtown 70. the beaches in the 60s. here's a look ahead, the five- day forecast heading into a weekend. beaches cooler into monday and more pronounced cooling into next week. the you ride bart expect delays. >> wart is replacing tracks that are
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50 years old and that will cause delays on highway 24. tonight the east bay rounds will be closed to make room for a crab. both lanes will reopen by 7:00 a.m., on tuesday. ride share drivers have been pushing for major changes and it appears they are about to get it. more on the bill that will come to a vote in the state senate. >> coming up, traffic building across the bay area before the holiday weekend. on the right side of the screen, heavy traffic. we'll tell you why there may be more cars on the road this labor day. update on a home illegally demolished. here's one you guys will like.
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. we have new information about a human rights activist shot in the philippines. he went to see brandon lee. the family believes he was targeted because of his work. to help them bring lee home.
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they believe he's in danger. >> he needs the support of this community and the support of the u.s. government, the federal representatives and we're calling on them to step up as speaker pelosi hasn't insure his safety. he is in a very precarious position in terms of his safety. >> he said lee is improving in the hospital despite undergoing several surgeries and eight cardiac arrests. a landmark labor bill could affect uber and lyft drivers by changing their work status. tom interviews one of the most experienced labor supports. >> if passed and by the governor the bill would rewrite labor
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law in a major way. michael a labor lawyer is former director of the california preliminary development department. >> it's as big an earthquake and furious a battle as i've seen. it becomes more difficult to classify workers as independent contractors. >> the bill has a long way to go. >> it will go with the full senate, next week, has to by september 13th. we'll see a lot of activity in the next week or so. >> generally independent contractors get no vacation, breaks, insurance, overtime and other benefits. >> you need to pay your own taxes, you're not entitled to the same benefit and minimum wage
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requirements. >> ride share drivers and others who work for platform companies represent a tiny fraction of california independent contractors. 8 1/2% of california work force, 1.5 million workers are full time independent contractors and more that are part-time. that includes newspaper and mule delivers, health care workers, doctors, dentist, stockbrokers, programmers and many others just to name a few. many well-healed opponents have gone on record saying if they loose they will take it to the voters and spend big money doing it. >> they will put 90 million in. >> uber and lyft want their own
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law that favors their position. the state senate gave approval to a bill that allows parents to get marijuana to their children at school. crit:00s argue it open -- critics argue it opens the door for drugs on school campus. coming up, continuing coverage of a state of emergency in florida. how people are preparing for what could be a catastrophic storm. >> a bike rider hit and killed by a suv. the driver running away on foot i mean, if you haven't thought about switching to geico,
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two or 3,000 people are stocking up. it was a bad experience for me and i don't want to relive it. happy to leave. >> boarded up the windows, put the furniture under the house and parked our cars and left. >> people going out fast. it's a slow moving storm will head west across northern bahamas by sunday. fema is setting upstagings and response centers to deal with the potentially dangerous
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hurricane. truckloads of supplies are at the ready. >> the strongest storm of the atlantic hurricane season is days away from making land fall. it has the potential to be the strongest since andrew. >> we're in x-ray right now. x-ray hurricane conditions, dorian's winds are predicted to reach port canaveral in 24 hours. >> we're in a immediate preparation for upcoming event for the storm. >> president trump declaring a state of emergency in florida. the white house tweeting images of the president and vice president briefed on the path of destruction. >> the president warning the
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storm will be very big and hit very hard. >> we're ready. we have the best people in the world ready. >> president trump canceling his trip to poland to monitor the storm. >> the president should be in washington and be able to oversee the federal response. >> the federal emergency management. >> at this point in time it early and we're getting all of our pieces in place to respond when the time comes. >> president trump will monitor hurricane dorian without a permanent fema director. mar lag owe -- mir lago.
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an animal shelter has recovered two of three pups that were stolen. the dogs were stolen from family dog rescue wednesday night. video shows what appears to be three men with the dogs under their arms, the pups were recovered in heyward last night. the shelter said a good samaritan noticed the puppies for sale for $800 each. she tombed up with the police and acted as the buyer. >> they looked like they knew what they were doing. they were looking in the kennels with the cell phone flashlight. they were here for puppies. >> shelter officials are hoping to find the third dog, a gray and white
5:35 pm
pit bull puppy that's very sick. authorities are searching for the driver responsible for hitting and a bicyclist in shots yesterday. -- san jose. officials designated boat of the street as problem areas. >> people who work around here will tell you there's too many accidents at the intersection. city officials have studied the streets and have improvements they would like to make. >> it was jesus who lost his life thursday. a suv hit another and then him. the driver responsible those wh here are devastated it happened again. >> i see two or three times
5:36 pm
they hit people. >> at this intersection. >> yeah. >> story and jackson are known trouble spots. san jose has flagged both. >> we can identify the hot spots. a far 2589 occurred in a place we flagged as a hot spot. >> a study of story road recommended changes. >> adding a leggatt the crosswalk and long term adding a protected bike lane. there's no funding for that. but this is how we get funding. >> this is part of the vision zero program with the goal of eliminating traffic fatalities. there's been 31 this year including three fatal hit and runs in the last
5:37 pm
week. >> i'm sorry for the neighbor. san jose officials say there's work being done, but they recognize the money and to fixes never come quick enough. >> at 31 the number of fatal crashes this year is comparable to last year when there were 32 by the end of august. police are searching for the driver responsible for this one. >> 17 hot spots in the city is in the beginning stages, did they say how long applying for funding would take. would you think a road like this would be a priority. is a priority, other a
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question of triaging and getting funding when they can. they will see where this false and try to work on this one soon. simone biles dealing with a family crisis. her brother under arrest and the charges are very serious. the trump administration facing a new wave of criticism after threatening to deport children with life-threatening conditions.
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tism brother of simone biles is facing murder charles. he is -- charges. he is in police custody. three people died, an investigation by the cleaver land police led to his arrest on thursday. he's charged with multiple counts of murder. biles thomas is the older brother of simone biles. both were born in ohio but grew up with different relatives. twitter has learned how
5:42 pm
jack dorsey's account was acted. a group sent out a number of offensive tweets. twitter said the phone number was compromised due to a security oversite. this isn't the first time his twitter account has been acted. the coroners office ruled tyler scags died from overdose of drugs and alcohol. he had fentanyl and ox ecocone in his -- oxycodone in his system. president trump has issued half a dozen new rules and regulations designedded to limit immigration in the last week
5:43 pm
and the democratic opposition is ramping up. >> it's been a big week for imigration policy. president trump announcing new rules and regulations. the end of automatic citizenship for children of some military service members over seas and the changes make america safer and streamline a broken system. >> that's the beginning of breaking the backs of the criminal organizations that prophet on the criminals. >> immigration advocates have filed legal challenges. one lawmaker is calling for the
5:44 pm
nation refugee to ham the problem. >> it doesn't make sense for us to be committing these human right crimes. >> we're going to meet our partners where they are and engage on productive development together. some will involve asylum cooperation. >> a new rule would allow families to be detained indefinitely requires a young. after uptick in crime in chinatown the city is trying a new approach at the problem. we're heading into the
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. increased safety measures is keeping a san francisco community safe. a dozen public safety cameras are operational. >> there's 18 new high- definition cameras installed from the sacramento street tunnel to
5:48 pm
washington street. these installation happened in the past few weeks, it's part of an increased security measure. the city says if cameras will create a safe and inviting space. it follows a number of crime indents in china town, a man was walking in the neighborhood and three member assaulted him and stole his watch. he ended up in the hospital. we spoke to a woman who remembers that attack and welcomes the new security measures. >> the store keepers, the old ladies and there's nothing they can do. they have to watch the whole thing, there's concerns about privacy, you know when all of
5:49 pm
our information about the things you purchase and where you are it all online. i don't see it as a bad thing. >> i've felt safe in the neighborhood, never felt in danger, new cameras, good addition. it will be nice to have peace of mind. >> a man used the broom to break the windshields of three cars stopped in traffic. that's unrelated to the attack on woning, now if a crime occurs they are look at the footage to solve the crime and hope the presence of the cameras will be a deterrent to criminals. police have stepped up patrols in the area. more people are living the
5:50 pm
bay area than arriving. the bay area lost 35,000 people between 2013 and 2017. alameda saw 13,000 more leaving than arriving. housing and living costs are the biggest factors pushing people on it. texas and oregon are popular destinations. >> not the weather pushing people out. the weather is good. they're not having good weather in the carbian. car anians. >> there's a subtle change in the wind. it's a category 4. this will not weaken too much at all.
5:51 pm
it will strengthen over the next few days, we'll track the major hurricane. winds 130 miles an hour. in the bay area we have nice weather by comparison, temperature trending back up in the 90s. santa rosa 87. san francisco 67, and san jose around 80. low clouds and fog a factor near the immediate coastline. we've the hot temperatures inland, if you want to cool off head to the coastline. the water temperatures in the 60s, that's warm for us. we're typically talking about cooler temperatures. walnut creek 87. fairfield 96. here's the live camera, we've a patch of fog in the bottom left portion
5:52 pm
of the screen, a few patches corking -- working back into the bay area. partly sunny skies into the afternoon hours, temperature on track to reach the 60s to 70 degrees, that's for downtown. the headline this weekend, warming away from the coastline. whether it of a bump in the numbers, we're thinking mid-90's inland. the beach is in the 60s, on labor day we'll cool things off a little bit. as far as the overnight lows, mid-50s to the mid-60s and the clouds clear back to the coast. mainly in the 60s, inland on track to reach the mid-90's, fairfield and vacaville. san rafael 88, around the bay
5:53 pm
the temperatures in the upper 70s to 80 degrees, fire danger will be going up. san jose 85, gilroy 92, in san francisco 70 and the beaches in the 60s. here's a look ahead, we're looking into the weekend, warming up but not the extreme heat. i think we can deal with that. if you want to be outside on a cooler day monday is the best day for that. protesters in hong kong suffer a major setback but they will democrac coming up, city special dedication for a young police officer killed in the line of cutie. how they are honoring
5:54 pm
o'sullivan. this get away friday as people leave for the weekend.
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farmer say traditionally profitable crops are floundering. more and more farmers that typically plant wheat, corn or soybeans are
5:57 pm
switching to sugar cane. fishermen say it's more difficult to turn a profit. >> we educate the people to buy fresh seafood, buy local seafood. >> the state's exports to china felt from 61% last year. hong kong police launched a crack down on protests. two prominent protesters were arrested. >> police in hong kong had a major crack down on the leaders of the protest. 24 hours before a planned march. protest leaders say they are ♪ going anywhere. >> we hong kong people won't give up or ared by the white te issue justice.
5:58 pm
>> this comes after troops rolled across the border from mainland china. they say it's a routine troop rotation. police and other hong kong officials pleading with the protesters to stay off the streets this weekend. >> i want to advise every citizens not to test the law, we will not tolerate any violent act. >> in washington most lawmakers are standing behind the protesters, but president trump has been more reserved in his response and that's not sitting well with activist who said the president needs to tell china to stop bullying the dem straighters. >> i urge international communities to send a man date to the -- mandate. >> many hard-core protesters
5:59 pm
are expected on the streets over the weekend and violent clashes remain highly likely main highly likely . it's a getaway friday, people hitting the road for the labor day weekend and the officers are ready to keep everyone safe. >> we'll be out there enforcing the laws. >> the maximum enforcement period is beginning right now. >> the roads are packed in parts of the bay area and not so bad in others. the east shore freeway with emeryville at the bottom of the screen and berkeley at the top. you see the backup on the right- hand side, it's moving pretty slow. you can see on the traffic map the areas of red.
6:00 pm
that's where the traffic is moving slow. some of the worst is heading away from san francisco. on the bay bridge. >> drivers getting relief at the gas pump. aaa says prices are the lowest in three years -- in the bay area 3.50 to 3.70 and that's down 10-cents from a month ago. i saw gas as 3.29 today. the enforgetterment period will -- enforcement period will be starting tonight. looking for drunk and impaired drivers.


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