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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  August 30, 2019 6:00pm-6:59pm PDT

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the areas of red. that's where the traffic is moving slow. some of the worst is heading away from san francisco. on the bay bridge. >> drivers getting relief at the gas pump. aaa says prices are the lowest in three years -- in the bay area 3.50 to 3.70 and that's down 10-cents from a month ago. i saw gas as 3.29 today. the enforgetterment period will -- enforcement period will be starting tonight. looking for drunk and impaired drivers.
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>> in 2018 there was over 36 fatalities and close to 1100 dui arrests, what we're doing to stop that is have the maximum amount of officers out there. >> the chp will be setting up guy check points as part of the safety campaign, they recommend ride share if you plan on drinking. new information in the case against the undocumented immigrant acquitted in the death of kate steinle. steinle was shot and killed when walking with her father in 2015. turning now to the other
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big story in florida where dorian just strengthened to a catagory four hurricane. people are boarding up windows and filling sand bags, there's uncertainty about where the storm could make landfall. now the storm has been upgraded. >> the models in the short term show that steady push toward the north western bahamas and the u.s. the starring winds will weaken and that's tough to forecast the movement of the storm, the storm in the past half hour a catagory four, impacts the bahamas this weekend. the well- defined one source that happens the strengthening of the system is
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the water temperature. the estimates, 84 to 86 degrees, we're talking about a catagory four hurricane, moving west, northwest at 10 miles an hour. the redline has been shifting around, you can see that bend, this will be the key factor next week, monday and tuesday, there's a possibility this could go left or right. that's a big'un certainty with the forecast. as you can see here what they are thinking as we head to early next week. the entire state least the east coast, even the inland portions of florida. >> people are taking seriously, stores packed, people getting ready for the storm.
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there was a lineout side miami shores store before they opened. long lines are forming at gas stations and there's reports of fuel shortages. there's a price-gouging hotline. >> it's against the law to increase the prices, to do price-gouging on what we know we need. milk, food products, gasoline, propane gas, wood, lumber, plywood. people in the bahamas were stocking up. 2 to 3,000 people are urged to evacuate there. as florida preparing for hurricane dorian, bay area first responders are on standby ready to work. the chief has a team in puerto
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rico and they are ready to move if needed. you would hope everybody would get out of the way, the reality every hurricane we've been on that never happened. people get left behind or choose to stay behind. >> the california office of emergency service is sending an 11 person management team to florida to help with the response efforts. stay with as we continue to track the progress of hurricane dorian. fire officials in the south bacon deducted a -- bay conducted an
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alert system. >> we're happy we tested the system today. some things we can improve, overall the test was a success. >> bill murphy ordered the button tested and phones lit up with the message. it's the first time santa clara had a live test. it was sent via cell towers to phones and computers in a 128 square mile area. >> we can get a message out fast, what we're testing is how accurate we can be using the scope of the technology available to us so we're not over alerting. we want to prevent overlaps. >> experts say similar systems were used during the north bay fires, but it can be used in cases of flooding or after an
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earthquake. >> people getting a timely evacuation notice is critically important in their leaving the area safely. >> two observers were on hand to monitor the test. shelley says since march there's tests in san diego, oakland and santa clara county. >> i want to make sure the wireless alerts are coming through. we are noticing when the alert comes in. at&t, verizon, t-mobile, sprint all carried the test. some sprint and verizon phones didn't get the message. >> anytime we use can't assume everything will go properly. >> some areas outside the target area got the alert.
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they hes. th is a good time to remind people to have an emergency kit and evacuation plan. a south bay burglary ring that hit bike shops, construction sites and schools. they see scores of stolen driver's license and credit cards. three weapons were recovered. authorities believe the suspects are responsible for commercial robberies across the area. >> i've said 100 different burglaries are not from 100 people. the 10 suspects face burglary, conspiracy and possession of narcotics and firearms. police are investigating
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the latest apple store burglary. the thieves made their move before closing time at the burlingame store. there were seven thieves in the store and two getaway drivers. >> phones, tap let's, laptops. they stole everything they cool it happened 8:15 thursday night an hour before the store closed. >> i heard the commotion. >> i spoke to the woman who took the video of the incident. >> pulling the phones and ipads off the strings they are on, the metal strings they are on, pulling them off. >> one by one the thieves ran out of the store, arms full of stolen
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electronics, the thieves jumped into a gray volkswagen jetta. a witness said the car almost hit a suv and people on the treat is. >> there were pedestrians on the street including kids and they almost ran down kids. >> this is the third time the store has been hit. part of the store front is covered because of an incident last week. the mo is similar to these and grabs, a ring of suspects were caught last year but other thieves fill the void. >> i wasn't scared. i was thinking why is everyone running away, there's more of us than them. >> apple workers and security guards are instructed not to engage. >> what's the point of having a guard? >> i spoke to a woman in the
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store, she was terrified ducking for cover not snowing in knowing if any of the men were armed. valerie harper has died. she had been battling brain cancer for years, she is best known as playing rhoda morgan stern. she won three emmys for that roll. harper found success in television and on stage. she's survived is by her husband and daughter. >> coming up, the search for a driver who ran off after a deadly crash. the intersection is known to be dangerous. a bill that would redefine the employment status in california passes a test in sacramento.
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the bay air big wave surf contest wiped out. why organizers are canceling the mavericks competition. >> to get away traffic, we're looking at the friday evening commute. slow going the right side and slow on the left as well. did you eat all of your treats? ♪ help! i need somebody ♪ help! not just anybody ♪ help! you know i need someone
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. a landmark labor bill redefining ride share drivers and others was passed. requiring companies like uber and lift to classifies workers as employees not independent employees. >> if passed be signed by the negotiate is bill would rewrite labor law. michael, a labor lawyer is former directer of the california employment development department. >> as big an earthquake and furious a battle in sacramento as i've seen as the presumption changes and it's difficult for companies to classify workers as independent contractors. >> it will go to the full
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senate, next week, has to by september 13th. we'll see a lot of movement in the next week or so. >> generally independent contractors get no vacation, breaks, meal times, overtime and other benefits. >> you need to pay your own taxes, you're not entitled to the same benefiteds and minimum wage requirements. >> ride share drivers and others who work for platform companies represent a tiny fraction of the independent contractors. 8 1/2% of california work force, 1.5 million we'rers -- workers are full time independent contractors. truckers, health care workers,
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programmers and "others just to name a few. many well-healed opponents say if they lose they will take it to the voters and spend big money doing it. >> they will go to the ballot and put at least 90 million in. >> uber and lyft want their own law and offer packages of $21 an hour and benefits and collective bargaining. antivaccine protesters disrupted a hearing today in sacramento. they were chanting standing on chairs and holding signs and fighting a bill creating stricter over site. the bill allows the investigation of
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doctors who may be exploiting the exemption process. today the state senate gave final approval to a bill that will allow parents to give medical marijuana to children on school property. it can only be in a nonsmocking form. critics say it opens the doors for drugs on school campus. governor brown vetoed a similar bill last year. a little bit warmer day across most of the bay area. a few spots around 90 degrees, it looks like the warming will continue. santa rosa every. oakland 76. we have the weekend forecast.
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tomorrow a touch warmer, clearing skies into sunday. we've a third day to talk about as we head toward monday. we're expecting a drop off in the numbers. here's the satellite, low clouds and fog still a factor. we are expecting the clouds to fill back into the bay. right now you can see walnut creek 86, san jose 75. santa rosa in the 80s, here's the live camera look. mostly clear skies from this vantage point. overnight lows in the 50s and 60s, start out tomorrow morning, clouds clear back near the coastline. partly cloudy near the bay. low-to-mid-90s tomorrow, 70s and 80s around the rest of the bay
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area. we'll talk more about the weekend outlook coming up. if you ride bart to and from walnut creek listen up. bart is putting in new tracks and that may cause delays for drivers on highway 24. starting tonight two east wound lanes will be closed. the lanes should reopen by 7:00 a.m. tuesday. shuttle buses will be available. a man from san francisco ordered the to rebuild a home he illegally tore down won his battle. the home on hopkins avenue was
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designed by an architect. he bought it in 2017, but his contractor demolished it. the planning commission reversed his plan. after the break, a fallen officer honored in sacramento. how the police academy is remembering tara o'sullivan. 18 security cameras in china town after a series of attacks and recent burglaries. we are here to discuss jessie's online time.
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a student wrote a threat on the ballo alta instagram page. the student was taken into custody. a san mateo sheriff office is asking for help for a bank robber. the crime happened on broadway in millbrae. you are looking at the photo. photos show the robber was wearing a long
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wig and medical mask. the bank teller handed him an undisclosed amount of cash. the sacramento police academy dedicating a gym to a fallen officer with bay area roots. the 26-year-old was shot and killed in june. the sacramento officer the remembered for setting training records including 27 minute long plank. >> my hope is that tar a's legacy will inspire each class to stay committed to their goals and moti>> she was killed six m after
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graduating from the sacramento police academy. safety concerns at an intersection whether a bicyclist was hit and killed. >> i see two out three times people hurt at this intersection. >> cities officials are aware of the problem, to fix is not happening soon enough. >> jon gruden and the raiders made roster moves and made one player the highest paid at his position. high-tech thieves using devices that can find electronics in cars.
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new sichuan hot chicken. for a heart breaking limited time only at panda express. . hurricane dorian is a
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category 4 hurricane. people are filling sandbags. the exact track of the hurricane is uncertain. tism chp crack down is underway. the chp is looking out for drunk drivers or impaired drivers. police on the peninsula is ininvestigating a burglary in an apple store. investigators say seven young men entered the store be made off with lap tops and iphone s. >> you're watching the news at 6:30. authorities in shows are searching for the driver responsible for hitting and killing a
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bicycle. it was story road and south jackson. city transportation officials had designated bose of the streets as problem spots. >> it was a 44-year-old who lost his life thursday. one suv hit another and then him. the driver responsible ran away. those who work and live near there are devastated. >> i see already two or three time they hit people. >> at this intersection? >> yeah. >> story and jackson are known trouble spots. san jose has flagged both. >> we can identify the hot spots. a faliin a place we have identified. >> there's 17 hot spots and
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they account for a number of stents. a study and story road recommended changes. >> adding a extra leg of the crosswalk and a protected bike lane. certainly there's no funding but this is how we get funding. >> this is part of investigation zero program. there have been 31 this year including three fatal00s in the last week. i'm sorry for the family. >> officials say there's work being done on streets like monterey, actually and mckee but the money and to fixes never come quick enough. >> at 31 the number of fatal crashes is comparable to last year when there was 32 by the end
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of august. police are looking for the driver responsible for this one. staying in san jose, police have arrested a suspected serial rapist in connection with attacks on sex workers, the suspect louis gomez was taken into custody yesterday. victim statements and dna evidence lunged him to the rape of three sex workers dating back to june. thieves are using technology devices to find electronics left in cars. police say the suspects used a tool to find which cars had electronics
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left inside. the tool can pick up a wifi or bluetooth signal leading the burglars to the signal. never leave valuables in the car. in chinatown there's a dozen new security cameras up and running. they come in the wake of several crimes in the area. >> there are 18 new high- definition cameras installed on stockton street. from the sacramento street tunnel to washington street. these cameras are operational it is part of an increased security. the cameras create a safe environment for the community.
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last month a man was walking in the neighborhood, he lives here, three men came from behind him, assaulted him and stole watch, he ended up in the hospital, we spoke with one woman who remembers that attack and welcomes the security measures. >> the store keepers, the old ladies, there's nothing they can do, they had to watch the whole thing, there's safety concerns about privacy, you know, when all of our information about the things you purchase is online. i don't see it as a bad thing. >> i've felt safe in the neighborhood, never felt in danger, new cameras good edition for the little amount of crime that happens it will be nice to have peace of mind.
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>> a man used the broom to break the wind schiele of three cars stuck in traffic. that was unrelated to the attack on wong and now the addition of the cameras if the crime occurs they can look at the footage to seo the crime. police have stepped up patrols in this area. the bay area big surf competition is headed for a wipe out. the mavericks contest is being canceled. >> we have a lot ofthwithy tech companies, it's not to say someone couldn't step forward to facilitate the prize purse.
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. the mavericks surf competition won't happen this season. this is the third year in a row it has been called off. >> one surfer described mavericks as riding a moving skyscraper. >> jumping down in front of it and out racing it is thrilling. it all your focus.
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>> the competition which draws top surfers is a wipe out for the season. the world surf league announced it was canceling the competition because it was finding trouble finding a sponsor. >> the world surf league ran this up to the eleventh-hour and made the announcement today, and it makes it really difficult for anyone else to try the regroup and run a competition. >> the harbor district commissioner said the last-minute decision makes it difficult for someone else to step in. >> we have very wealthy tech companies in the bay area, a company could step forward. >> the competition is called off before,
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but usually because of surf conditions. the waves will be here and ready for any surfer up to the challenge, although out of the spotlight. >> we get to surf it all winter without blackout days. >> it's uncertain where the competition stands for next year, someone could take it over. holiday weekend just about here. we'll have the forecast coming up. >> a look at the stories we're working on for the 7:00 news. a man has been arrested for allegedly raping and kidnapping a woman at a park in the north bay. and the a's are one step closer to a new ballpark. the bills that the state
6:42 pm
legislature passed that will help the development move forward. those and more on ktvu plus. >> the latest developments on hurricane dorian. >> a different vibe in the bay area, people welcoming the three-day weekend and are feeling so good. ♪
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category 4 storm and it tracks toward the florida coast. with landfall 72 hours away fema is moving personnel and supplies into position. >> the strongest storm of the atlantic hurricane season is days away from landfall. it has the potential to be the strongest to strike florida's east coast since "huracan" drew -- hurricane andrew in 1992. dorian gale are expected to reach port canaveral. we're in a immediate preparation for upcoming event with the storm. >> president trump declaring a state of emergency in florida. the white house tweeting images
6:46 pm
of the president and vice president being briefed on the path of destruction. the president warning the storm will be very big and hit very hard. we're ready, we have the best people in the world ready. >> president trump canceling his trip to poland to be here. >> federal emergency management over seeing the flaps. >> it's early, we're getting all of our pieces in place to respond when the time comes. >> president trump will monitor hurricane dorian without a permanent fema
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secretary or homeland security. mar-a-lago and others are in the path. search a powerful hurricane, the problem is it jogs toward florida, once it approaches it could be a slow mover. that's the big concern. that's the concern with trying to forecast the exact track. longer impacts of potential devastation in terms of storm surge. we're showing this, the cone of unhaven't, you -- uncertainty, you can see the water path, we'll have to see what the hurricane says. a turn could have a big impact,
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here in the bay area, the three-day weekend coming up, monday will be one of the cooler days of the weekend. right now low clouds and fog near the immediate coastline. patches, especially south of the golden gate bridge, fairfield 91, san jose 85. not much in the way of fog in this picture but we'll have patches overnight. if you are heading to lake tahoe, righhave temperatures in 70s in truckee and south lake tahoe. here's the plan tsunshine and f highs reaching the lower 80s, we have a warmup here with temperatures for saturday the warmest locations in
6:49 pm
the low-to-mid-90s, minor cooling as we head into labor day. the fog is somewhat of a factor. here we are tomorrow morning, into the afternoon hours, temperatures from the 60s to the 90s, the beaches and patchy fog nearby. sane rosa 92. fairfield mid-90's. livermore 92 degrees. in the south bay san jose 85. and san francisco downtown, around 70 with skies partly sunny tomorrow afternoon. the 5-day forecast. we'll cool things off especially by monday and that cooling trend will continue into next week. new tales about the death of skaggs,
6:50 pm
he died by an accident overdose. he had fentanyl and oxycodone in his system along can alcohol. he was found dead on july 1 where the angels were playing the texas rangers. oakland athletics taking on the yankees and more bad news for the 49ers and the exceptionive running back. still nervous about buying uh-oh, la new house.meone's is it that obvious? yes it is. you know, maybe you'd worry less if you got geico to help with your homeowners insurance. i didn't know geico could helps with homeowners insurance. yep, they've been doing it for years. what are you doing? big steve? thanks, man. there he is. get to know geico and see how much you could save on homeowners and renters insurance.
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. mark is here, thank goodness preseason is done. >> i'll second that. disappointing news for 49ers fans. >> there will be so much roster trimming between now and tomorrow afternoon and the 49ers are probably going to trim a guy they didn't want to. last season they signed jared mckinnon to a huge contract. before he took a snap he tore an acl. after a setback with that injured knee the team will place him on injured reserve.
6:54 pm
it's not clear if he will miss all or part of the season. the coach summarizes the situation after the final preseason game. >> it wasn't the type of two days we were hoping for. we're looking into a number of things and i'll have to make a decision. over social media. mckinnon said i'll never fold. he's keeping a positive attitude. a couple years ago the raiders put out huge money for derek car and they want him to be protected. they made sure one of the guys up front is well taken care of. rodney hudson the center who did not allow a sack last year.
6:55 pm
the raiders made him the highest paid at his position. a three year 33.4 million extension coming out to 11.3 million a year which is fantastic money for a center. the roster trimming i was telling about has begun, they have to get the roster from 90 to 53. 13 cuts today. 1:00 p.m. saturday is deadline. brandon marshal the biggest name to be cut by the raiders, he hasni problems -- has knee problems. >> getting out of the preseason healthy was a goal. we got a lot accomplished on the practice field and the emergence of
6:56 pm
young players, we might have 12, 13, 14 rookies wearing silver and black this year. >> you can imagine how nerve- wracking for these guys. labor day weekend in the bronx, the a's hope to make it a memorable one. against sabathia, he got touched up by profar, goes deep, solo shot. that's the only run cc gave up. seth brown comes through with a shot to the gap and right center field. puts the a's in good position and ties the game. that man profar this time batting left-handed hits a rocket. 2 runs score.
6:57 pm
simien just homered in the last couple minutes and the a's have it 7-2 in the 9th inning. let's check this out. last night it isias crime ski with a --ias crime 16. he gets the high-fives in the dugout. the other way, the three stooges, curly, moe and these two guys. the padreth, look at that, that's big league baseball right there.
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