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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  August 30, 2019 10:00pm-10:44pm PDT

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sarah, you're gonna high five everybody. ben, you're gonna be wowing them with your dance moves. don't miss the xfinity best deal of the year. now that's simple, easy, awesome. get amazing tv and internet during our best deal of the year! with huge savings of $600 over two years. plus a speed upgrade to 400 megs, free for 2 years. and ask about even more savings with xfinity mobile. click, call, or visit a store today. f0 this is the view from space. hurricane dorian gaining strength in the atlantic. it's a cat four. >> you talk about a cat four, this is something to take seriously. >> florida is under a e emergency but there's uncertainty where
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dorian may make landfall. the category 4 hurricane means winds after of at lost 130 miles an hour. people up and down the state were getting ready. there was a lineout side one grocery store before it opened. bottle water and nonperishable food were flying off the shelves. the pat of the storm is uncertainty. it against the law to increase the prices to do price-gouging on milk, food products, gas, propane gas, wood, lumber, plywood, generators. >> dorian will pass the bahamas
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by sunday, people there were stocking up. 2 to 3,000 people are urged to evacuate. >> is there clarity where dorian may make landfall. >> the track is shifting. the track continues to move around. here's the latest. it's a category 4, a hurricane warning in place in the north western bahamas and possible florida landfall on monday. a clear sign strengthening, hurricane dorian a category 4 storm, winds of 140 miles an hour, a curve in the forecast track. this is the part that's uncertain, it will be later from the day and
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tuesday as the system approaches the coast of florida. all the lines represent the different forecast models and they move to the east. there's unhaven't as we move -- unhaven't n certainty as we move. >> passengersarrived from orlando. >> the flight was full. some flad to leave
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before hurricane dorian. >> we were glad to be out of the storm. >> they decided to take their holiday trip even if the storm was added worry. >> the stores were running out of especially bottled water, the shelves were empty. the gas lines. >> everything on the patio, trash cans, we had to make sure its a inside. >> airlines allowed many to change the tickets without a fee. the cruise lines are warning last minute changes. >> we started getting them days ago, airlines, cruises and hotels
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sending out warnings. >> there's definitely a huge chunk of business there at this time of the year. >> disney world is tepark. residents are waiting to hear of evacuation orders. >> this mother and daughter decided to return home to florida early. >> i board up my house and do what i need and take a few days off. >> if florida flights are delayed or canceled that could have a big impact. >> when there's a storm anywhere in the coit affects all flights. >> travelers should be careful about checking with the airlines and hotels, the policies about hurricanes can be
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different. >> president trump traveled to camp david where he will monitor hurricane dorian. >> i'm worried about florida. this hurricane looks like a record setting hurricane. maybe things change. >> things are slightly changing but the president and vice president were briefed. the president has not named a replacement for. >> there's a team in puerto rico and they are ready to move if needed and are ready to send 50 personnel, water and tools and seeverybody would get out of the way, but that's never happened. people get left behind or
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choose to stay behind. >> the california office of emergency service is sending a management team to florida. they deploy tomorrow. throughout the week end stay with within web, we want to get you to breaking news out of alabama. 10 people were shot at a high school football game. the victims are 15 to and a years old. it's unclear if they are the shooters. the man would a-- who assassinated robert kennedy has been stabbed in a california prison, sirhan sirhan, he is listed in
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stable condition after being treated for a stab wound to his neck. sirhan was convicted of killing kennedy. a state appeals court has overturned the gun conviction of the undocumented immigrant acquitted of the death of kate steinle. steinle was shot and killed on a pier in san francisco in 2015. strong reaction the acting director of u.s. citizenship writes kate steinle was killed because san francisco proudly
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proclaims itself as a sanctuary city. twitter says it has learned how jack dorsey's account was acted. a number of offensive tweets were sent out. dorsey's phone number was compromised. this is not the first time his twitter account has been hacked. google researchers have uncovered one of the worst iphone hacks. hackers infected phones with malware, it has the hallmarks of an attack of a hostile nation.
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police on the peninsula are investigating the latest apple store burglary, this one right here. henry lee says there were seven thieves and two getaway drivers with a kerosene on cam -- car seen on camera. >> the young men took everything they could. it happened thursday night less than an hour before the store closed. >> i heard the commotion. >> i spoke to the woman who took this viral video of the incident. >> pulling the phones and ipads off the strings they are on, pulling them off, putting everything in their pocket. >> one by one the thieves ran out of the store. many inside the store ran for
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cover. the thieves jumped into a gray vehicle jetta. >> there were pedestrians in the street including kids and they almost ran down kids. >> the police say this is the third time the store has been hit. part of the store front has been covers because of an incident last week. a ring of suspects was caught last year but other thieves fill the void. >> no, i wasn't scared. i was thinking why is and everybody running away, there's more of us than them. >> apple workers and security guards are instructed not to engage. >> i spoke to a woman who was
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inside the store, he was terrified tucking for cover not knowing if the men were armed i'm an out of control car runs into a wall and into a home. mavericks scratched, the surf competition is canceled. >> a graduation in the north bay that came with a gourmet meal. prepared by students.
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. a graduations that life changing. students that are homeless or struggled with substance abuse learned cooking skills leading to a new start. >> salvation army ns the culinary school. the graduates prepared their final meal for friends and family. >> the talent is huge. >> in a class of seven the graduates speak. >> we needed someone to bring
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it out of us. >> after four months of training they have a food handling certificate. to learn to work as a team and stay honest. >> anthony crank away his 20s, now his family is here to celebrate his milestone and restaurant job. >> i continue take it for granted. every day is a blessing. >> that gratitude makes grads solid hires. >> they know my guys arstudents life experience, jail, addiction, homelessness but they find guidance here and live here for stability. >> when you get in you have
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support. >> baking is my niche. >> danielle will be a pastry chef. >> i lost my house, my car, my family. i lost everything. >> nobody more proud of her turn around than her parents. >> her life has changed. our relationship has checked she says i'm fine, i got it. i believe her. >> nine and 10 students are still sober and employed a year after graduation. the friendship as nourishing as the meals. >> as frustrating as you all are, i enjoyed every minute of being
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with you. >> it's not just cooking but confidence and not an easy program. this started with 12 and seven made it through. salvation has the culinary training in lodi and sacramento as well. >> sounds like a wonderful program. warnings about toxic algae in waterways in the bay area. here in the bay area warnings are posted for big e. and lake cunningham. the algae make people of people the road. many freeways were packed.
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the biggiest travel time was this afternoon and it will be busy on monday. drivers are getting relief at the gas pump. prices are the lowest in three years, the cost in concord is 3 .09 a gallon. in the bay area between 3.50 and 3.70 a gallon. the enforcement period runs to monday night. officers will look for any driving infractions. >> in was over 36 fatalities and close to 1100 dui arrests, what we're doing is have the maximum amount of officers out there.
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chp is stepping up dui check points. they recommend taxis or ride shares if you plan on drinking. there was a test of the emergency alert system today. the purpose of the test and the results. >> we're happy we tested the system today. some things we can improve, but over all it was a success. >> bill murray ordered the button pushed and phones lit up with the message. it's the first time they have conducted a live test. it was tent and exciters in a -- computers. >> we know we can get a message out fast, what we're testing is how accurate we can be using
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the scope of the technology available to us. we want to prevent overlap. >> experts say similar systems were used during the fires to notify residents but it can be used in the case of flooding or earthquake. >> people getting a timely evacuation notice is important in their leaving the area safely. >> people were on hand to monitor the test. since march there's been santa clara county. >> we're testing the cell phone speeds in the area prior to the test and noting when the alert came in. >> at&t, verizon, sprint and
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the first net system for first responders carried the test. some did not get the message. >> anytime we use technology we can't assume it will go properly. officials are working to fix the gliches ahead of turning in the report. they say this is a good time to remind people to have an evacuation plan. an out of control suv slammed into a home. late details on the crash that took out part of a brick wall. the oakland a's do it again, they've owned the yankees this season. . she made her name on the mary tyler moore show and starred in her
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own series, valerie harper.
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. fans are are being valerie harper who died today at the aim of 80 -- most people think i'm from st.
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paul. >> she played rhoda morgenstern. she got her own spin off, rhoda. she was in the sit com valeri. there's new details about the death of pitcher tyler scag skagg. the toxicology report found he had felt natural -- fentanyl and with alcohol. new figures from the state department of health show opioid deaths are on the rise. 81 deaths were reported last year and that's up 50%. a health officer tells the
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mercury news that the number of prescriptions are dropping. napa county had the fewest opioid deaths at seven. the chp said a driver was killed when a suv crashed into a home in sonoma county. investigators say the driver of the suv was speeding when the vehicle went through a brick wall and crashed into the home. one person was in the home at the time but was not hurt. there's new information about the deadly hit and run in -- >> the city officials say the
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streets are on a list of corridors that account for fatal accidents. witnesses say the driver ran from the scene without stopping to help. it's a wipe out for the surf competition at maverick. this home is under renovation for a teenager who was paralyzed during a wrestling match.
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. >> ryan joesez. >> i spoke with ryan and his father from colorado. he's making great progress getting the home ready >> ryan joseph under of physical therapy five days a week in colorado which
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specializes in spinal cord injury, two years ago he was paralyzed during a wrestling match. once he regained the ability to talk he could imagine the rest of his life. >> things generally work out for me. >> it has worked out for ryan who's received a myriad of therapy. last week a maker break through. he took his first steps on his own. his dad was in walnut creek. >> i couldn't get over it. i must have watched it five times in a row, just over and over. it's ryans determination and participation in a new research study that's
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making the difference. elect roads -- elect roads are placed over the spinal cord. >> that's one of the main things we have to get done. >> dad showed the renovation work. work has halted because of a shortage of money but the project is 90% completed. materials and labor have been donated or discounted. >> ryan has been taking classes at a high school in colorado but he would like to graduate back home. there's no guarantees on the journey to recovery. >> it's nice when the goalpost keeps moving. whit stops i have stopped making progress. >> when he returns home will be when his
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recovery reaches a plateau in colorado. incredible to see him walking again afternoon such an injury. >> when you think he was paralyzed from the neck down and couldn't talk or breath. amazing recovery. a san francisco man ordered to rebuild a historic home he illegally tore down. he was ordered to rebuild the home as it was. johnson bought it in 2017 but his contractor said it was unsafe. yesterday the planning commission reversed the decision. johnson won't approval for a larger two unit home.
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area home prices fell in july. that's according to a new report. last month six of the nine counties saw year over year decomplains. the media price sold in july was $815,000 and that is still above the national average i'm an tie vaccine protesters disrupted a hearing in sacramento. they were chanting standing on chairs and holding seens and fighting a bill that would create stricter oversite. the bill allows the investigation of doctors who may be exploiting the process. the bill is headed to the assembly floor for a vote. the mavericks surf competition
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will not happen this season. why the competition has been called off. >> one big wave surfer described mavericks as riding a moving sky scraper. >> jumping down in front of it and out racing it is thrilling. it takes all your focus. >> the competition draws top surfs from around the world is a wipe out for the season. the world surf league canceled the competition because it was having trouble finding a suit able sponsor. >> the surf league ran this up to the last hour. it makes it really difficult for anyone else to try to regroup and run
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a competition. >> the harbor district commissioner said the last-minute decision makes it difficult for another organizer to jump in. we have a lot of wealthy tech companies in the bay area. not to say someone couldn't step forward to facilitate the prize purse. while the competition may not happen the waves will be here and ready for any surfer up to the challenge. >> we get the surf it all winter without blackout days. >> the stands for next year. it's possible someone else will come in be take it over.
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in weather, warmer across most of the bay area. that will continue into the holiday weekend i'm a bear cub stuck in a dumpster. here's one you guys will like.
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. placer county sheriff deputies tried to reunite a bear cub with its mother after the youngster got stuck in a dumpster. deputies found the cub's sibling standing on the mother's back trying to open the dumpster. law enforcement were able to open the lid, put a ladder inside under the watchful eye of the ma bear >> that's cute. >> i love seeing it on its mama's back. weather wise, lake tahoe will be nice.
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sunshine, temperatures in the 80s. as far as the temperature here in the bay area, 60s, 70s, 80s and a few spots in the 90s, san francisco 67, here's the weekend forecast, warmer across most areas tomorrow, we have three days to talk about, the monday forecast coming up for labor day, it should be cooler, clouds in the morning, clearing back into the the coast, you can see the clouds clearing out a little bit. some patchy fog overnight around the coast and the portions of the bay. santa rosa 66, san francisco 61, concord 72 and san jose in the mid- 60's. here's the live camera, we're
10:42 pm
in the clear from this vantage point. partly cloudy skies, patchy fog near the cost. the source of the warming is this high pressure moving in. temperature will trend up for tomorrow, a lot of locations back up into the lower 90s, cooping it cool to mild. we begin to bring in tomorrow morning, patchy fog, the clouds near the coastline and temperatures inland, you will feel the heat. tomorrow one of the warmer days of the weekend. santa rosa 92. san jose 85 and in san francisco patchy
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clouds in the morning, downtown around 70 degrees. most here, we begin to cool off monday and more cooling next week. coming up, rewriting california's labor laws, the future of uber and lyft could hipping on hinge on legislation in sacramento. we have bay area victory to talk about. giants and the a's continuing their dominance over the yankees whether it's in oakland or the bronx. james jones had his high school field named after him. we'll get into it next on the extended version of the sports weekend. the weather's perfect...
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