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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  September 10, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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san francisco's homelessness crisis has made headlines across the country, now the washington post is reporting that the trump administration is planning a major crackdown on homelessness across california, possibly even relocating homelessness to government-backed facilities with officials already meeting. >> i own property in san francisco, i don't care, except it was so beautiful, no areas you used to think about being something really special, you take a look at what's going on in san francisco, it's terrible. >> resident trump discussed homelessness in california, back in july, hinting at the time that his administration may take some kind of action. >> we are looking at it very seriously, we may intercede. we may do something to get that whole thing cleaned up. >> they are london bridge said if the president is serious about addressing homelessness and is looking for viable solutions, she would welcome more federal aid. to make the decline in the amount of federal resources in
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san francisco for affordable housing, has been significant. and so the need is great. >> san francisco's coalition on homelessness is preparing for its annual fundraising, and ought auction. the executive director says the president is proposing to help end homelessness is ironic in light of trump administration policies that she says increased homelessness. >> they cut housing by over 80%. the trump administration itself has cut a lot of section 8, has cut hud.>> we have reached out to the white house and the department of housing and urban development to try to get an idea of what this plan might look like, so far we've not heard back from either. >> christian you kind of alluded to this, and there may not be an answer, but what are the options that the federal government would even have in the first place?>> that's why we are trying to reach out to
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them, you are absolutely right, i don't have a clear idea on exactly what that might be, that's one of the reasons we are reaching out to the white house and department of housing, to try to get an idea of what the plan might be. you heard the president back in july making vague plans about wanting to do something in san francisco and california, in particular los angeles where they are facing similar homelessness crisis. >> is it just california, are they also looking at helping other states?>> so far we are hearing that the people who are trying to work toward a solution are in southern california. so, so far we are still waiting for more details, this does seem to be directed toward california. evacuations have been lifted in novato where a brush fire burn very close to some homes this afternoon. from sky fox you can see the pink fire retardant that was dropped right on the roof of
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that home. the fire was reported at about 2 this afternoon off highway 37 in the black point neighborhood. evacuation orders were issued for several streets in the area, including crest road read fortunately, no homes were damaged by the fire, but there were some scary moments.>> we were watching tv, and the sheriff came through on the loudspeaker and told everybody that there is a fire at the top of the hill and everyone needs to evacuate. so my girlfriend and i grabbed everything important, i called everybody important, my loved ones, and i grabbed everything they would like to save.>> the fire burned about seven acres before crews got a handle on it. so far, no word on a cause. mop up operations will continue into the evening to douse any hotspots. a woman had to be rescued from the water off a farm in alameda early this morning. have been just off of seaview parkway at about 4 am. a number of firefighters and other emergency teams responded to the incident, and two divers went into the water to reach
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the woman. she was treading water about 25 yards from the shore. she was taken to the hospital to be checked out for hypothermia. no word on how she ended up in the water. the city of oakland employee who also helps big members of the police commission is in trouble with the law herself. henry lee has been digging into this case, he joins us now in the newsroom with what he's learned.>> reporter: this woman resigned from her role at the police commission today, after i began asking questions. it turns out she never alerted anyone that she had embezzled from home depot, and then continue to work for the city. mikel had and turnaround for me. hands behind your back, interlock your fingers. >> this is video showing emeryville police arresting candace jesse in december for repeatedly stealing from the cash register at home depot where she worked. as christmas music plays in the background, she told officers that she did not want to talk to them. surveillance video telling the story. police say she was caught on camera stealing money 27
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different times over a four- month period. police say she used the cast work to hide the fact that she was pocketing cash. she still more than $6000 from home depot, she spent two days in jail and pleaded no contest in july to a misdemeanor count of embezzlement. >> she is very remorseful for this activity and she will make amends for her defense attorney says his client has hit a rough patch lately. >> she would admit that it's the wrong thing, but she had a lot of extenuating circumstances, she had a death in the family, and she had some other issues going on that we are not at liberty to discuss. >> persons who were previously incarcerated. right, would not be barred from this selection process. >> for the past two years jesse helped pick embers of the police commission which oversees the department policies and officer misconduct investigations. but on tuesday, after i began asking about the case, jesse resigned as vice chair of the commission selection panel. her court case was handled
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right across from the oakland police department, where years ago she worked as a grant writer. i spoke to the coalition for police accountability, which monitors oakland police oversight issues. >> it's very ironic, because when i first met ms. jesse, she worked for the oakland police department, and so this comes very ironic. makes you three years probation and because of her resignation, a city councilmember will likely appoint her replacement on the selection panel. now to cupertino where apple unveiled their latest iphones and ipads this morning. apple also unveiled the price of it's a coming streaming television service at five dollars a month. maureen naylor tells us that there is also a price cut for the entry-level iphone.>> reporter: apple ceo tim cook took to the stage at the
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theater in cupertino on tuesday to unveil apple's newest phonics and services at its annual apple event. to make our mission at apple has always been to design products that empower people, and enrich people's lives. >> cook unveiled three new iphone models, the entry-level iphone 11 which has two cameras, and the iphone 11 pro and promax which has three cameras. apple showed some of the ways you can use the three cameras on its new iphone 11 pro, and using a third-party app, you can actually look at multiple vantage points and record video at the same time. a tech analyst that's followed apple for 35 years and calls the entry-level iphone 11 at $699, aggressively priced, and expects that to be the most popular. while the more expensive pro series starts between 1000 and $1100. >> i think apple is in a good position going into the holiday. and for all of us, especially as analysts, we are watching
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going further, about what's going to happen with the tariffs. >> steve jobs a widow attended the event, along with apple's former chief designer. apple invited celebrities from supermodels to pro athletes, including olympic medalist shawn johnson. >> apple invited us to come out as an influencer, all the latest tech really helps our career, with blogging and creating content. >> at a time when analysts say the tech giant is facing an extremely competitive market. >> they are dealing with rivals that are pushing it, they are dealing with a market that is saturated, everybody has a smart phone, and you are dealing with people holding onto their devices longer. >> the company also announced apples launch in november and also a new ipad and i watch. >> the competition will try to leap frog apple in their next generation. that's good for consumers but, because it means it's always pushing the edges and consumers
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will benefit. the santa clara county board of supervisors has approved a plan to increase funding for crisis centers, to help victims of sexual assault. they call for spending $600,000 to support operators of crisis centers, most of the money would go to ymca silicon valley , with offices in san jose, morgan hill and gilroy. supervisor say the money is necessary because the governor's budget did not renew $5 million in one-time funding for rape crisis centers throughout the state. >> we are going to end up spending in our county, close to probably over a little bit over $2 million, the state of california should be finding these. if they were to fund these programs we would be able to use the $2 million for other kinds of treatment, counseling, job placement, all of the stuff that victims need after something so horrific happens to them.>> next year the county plans to open sexual assault forensic exam clinics in gilroy
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and palo alto. a significant milestone in the fight against hiv in san francisco. mayor london breed was joined by public health officials for the announcement at the general hospital this morning. they say that in 2018, for the first time ever, new hiv diagnosis dropped below 200, to 197. that's a 13% drop from 227 in 2017. the mayor says the city is determined to reach their goal of getting 20 new hiv cases, but some groups are still seeing increases in the infection rate.>> in 2018, african-american men had the highest hiv diagnosis rate followed by latino men. african-american women had a much higher hiv diagnosis rate than women of any other race and ethnicity in 2018. and addressing these disparities must be our focus.>> iv drug users and homeless people also saw their
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hiv rates increase. the public health department is allocating $8 million to help those communities that could include increasing access to prep, a medication that is proven to prevent transmission of the virus. oakland native and former raiders start marchand lynch is doing his part to make sure football stays in oakland after the raiders leave. the former nfl running back has cofounded and co-owned the oakland panthers will play an indoor football league. they will play seven home games at oracle arena, oakland arena, which used to be known as oracle arena, starting in spring 2020.>> this is a football fan crazy town. and this is going to be wonderful entertainment and a very cost affordable price for a lot of families. and we are going to have a great focus on youth and embracing the community.>> ifl was founded in 2008 and is the longest operating professional
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indoor football league in the nation. it is made up of 12 teams, the name panthers was chosen as a team name for several reasons, it refers to the bay area indigenous cougar, the recent lock buster film black panther in the city's history of activism in the black panther movement of the 1960s. new at 5:30, details on pg&e's multibillion-dollar offer to settle with their creditors in the bankruptcy. also white lawmakers on capitol hill are optimistic that for members can be enacted. and the same time a concert falls on the same night as the giants game. in some places were a bit warmer, temperatures tomorrow, we'll see, i will have the details for our warm-up for the weekend when i see you back here.
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if you are planning on heading to the giants game or the dave matthews concert at the chase center tonight, you will be in for some traffic. sky fox was over the mission bay neighborhood this afternoon, and there is very limited parking and people are being urged to take public transit. the giants game gets started at 6:45. >> a few blocks away the dave matthews band is performing at the new chase center, start a 8:00 today. our reporter is live outside of the chase center with more on the big events and the impact. >> right along third street the traffic seems to be flowing along smoothly, but you got this game at oracle park in the concert coming up, and the city is really keeping an eye on things, because they can put a real squeeze on this section of
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the city. >> check out the stadium. >> people stop by to take pictures of the new center. >> it looks really nice, i'm going to miss oracle, too.>> the dave matthews band plays here tuesday night, on the same night that the san francisco giants play down the street at oracle park. add to that, construction cranes, trains, automobiles, it's a recipe for traffic gridlock. >> we knew traffic would be crazy.>> this already crowded area is bracing for its first real test as to how congested it can become. outside the chase center there is an art exhibit, and finding your reflection in a could be confusing, just as confusing as finding parking around the chase center. between both venues, limited parking and the potential for heavy traffic, the city is heavily advising people to use alternate forms of transportation. bart will provide free shuttles for concert holders between the 16th street bart station and chase center on the muni 78 x and 70 9x lines. you can transfer to the muni
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metro third line or as a shuttle to the ucsf shuttle platform on 16th street. your probably better off not driving, but that would require one thing. plan ahead, get here early. coming up at six you will hear from a woman who works right near the chase enter, you will hear what her company is doing to make sure all the employees of their are informed when congestion is expected. now to the latest on a wildfire burning in the plumas national horse. the walker fire is now 12% contained, it has burned more than 47,000 acres. some evacuation orders were reduced to an evacuation warning this morning. firefighters a cooler weather overnight helped with depression efforts, crews are also setting some backfires there. so far no one has been hurt and no buildings have been damaged. crews working to contain the walker fire are getting help from the bay area. the alameda county fire department headed out to assist
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ground crews fighting that fire.>> as well as fires burn across the state, some homeowners in the berkeley hills are being denied insurance because of fire risk. they live in areas destroyed by the 1991 oakland berkeley firestorm, and where recent smaller fires have gotten dangerously close to their homes. one homeowner reportedly received a letter from allstate insurance saying "unfortunately, the recent catastrophic wildfire seasons have forced us to make difficult decisions about managing our exposure to wildfire risk." insurance companies state wide are reeling from billions of dollars of claims resulting from wildfires. and it is going to warm up around here, not today necessarily, or tomorrow, but as we get into thursday and friday, temperatures will escalate. this is the plane the next 72 by friday, certainly you will get into some higher fire
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danger, temperatures near 100, but with that said, look how quickly equals offer saturday and sunday. that's kind of a good thing. that's the forecast, and definitely warming up, the average high in livermore is about 86 degrees, tomorrow it's going to be just a little bit above, then thursday and friday it will be well above. so that's the plan for the bay area. and so what's going on up here, that's that weather system to the north of us that is still bringing stuff to medford and bend, but thunderstorms up around susanville, in butte county, they are getting a little bit of rain, and that thunder shower activity will go on for the next few hours. it should fizzle out as we go into tomorrow. the fire on the coast not doing much of anything. and with that we are seeing temperatures generally in the low to mid 80s. 83 in fairfield, 80 in concord, 74 in san jose, so than yesterday by a couple of
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degrees. then there's the wind. we have good air quality with this pattern, and if you are cal fire, you are loving this fire, the wins, 32 miles an hour, out of the west, almost due west. this one thing i'm northwest at 10 at half moon bay. and then what you think this says? southwest. that's the introduction of the window where it's coming from. so with that in mind, tomorrow, a lot like today, as we get into thursday and friday, temperatures go up, i temperatures in the upper 90s, buita short-lived heat wave, which is really good, you want them short, when i come back we will look at the five day forecast, and we this weekend. president trump's the third national security advisor in less than three years is out. what led to john bolton's
5:21 pm
departure today, and that he said she said tweet between the two. stomach and coming up at 6, forget about suspensions from school for things like falling asleep or refusing to listen. we will explain why state lawmakers they have been on so- called willful defiance suspensions will actually help students. also recently installed fair get that one bart station now being removed after just two months of testing. why bart says they are getting rid of them.
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another shakeup in the white house as the president's national security advisor is out the door. john bolton was president trump's third national security advisor in less than three years. lauren blanchard is in washington tonight with what led to bolton's departure. >> reporter: we are told it began with an intense conversation on monday night, between president trump and national security advisor john bolton. this morning, it ended with another presidential suite, dismissing a member of his administration. >> they were concerns from the get-go about john bolton, and his views. >> lawmakers on capitol hill reacting to the dismissal of the hawkish national security advisor. >> every president needs to have confidence in their national security advisor, i liked john bolton. >> i don't agree with most of the time, but he has his opinions, but he also has knowledge. >> i think there's a lot that we need to know about what
5:25 pm
caused this abrupt firing by tweet. >> the president has now gone through three national security advisors, tweeting i disagreed strongly with many of his suggestions, as did others in the administration, and therefore i asked john for his resignation, which was given to me this morning. but bolton pushing back on the president's claim that he was fired tweeting i offered to resign last night, and president trump said let's talk about it tomorrow. bolton had significant disagreements with many administration members on iran, afghanistan and other national security issues.>> i don't talk about the inner workings of how this all goes, we'll give our candid opinions, but that's true for lots of people with whom i interact. >> the president says he will name a new national security advisor next week and until then, bolton's former right- hand man will be the acting national security advisor.
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a manhunt is underway in arizona for a fugitive couple wanted for murder. the reward is now been raised to $40,000 for information leading to the arrest. they were being extradited from new york to tucson by a private security service two weeks ago when susan faked a medical emergency. then when the van pulled over, blaine overpowered the guards. both of them haven't been seen since. they are wanted for setting fire in a robbery/murder, in which they stole over 100 weapons and a lot of money.>> the type of area they were in, where they can hide out very easily, and remain in some of these compounds up there. >> authorities believe the couple is hiding somewhere in rural arizona, and could be getting help on the hells angels, aryan brotherhood or others associated with their criminal past. authorities admit that it's
5:27 pm
going to be difficult finding a couple. tomorrow marks 18 years since the september 11 attacks, and the new jersey writer is working to teach the next generation the significance of that day. the author has released a series of children's books called discovering here is been her father was a member of the new york city fire department elite rescue unit during 9/11, and her mother is a former nurse who volunteered during the aftermath. she said she was inspired to write the books after watching her father explain 9/11 to his grandkids.>> that was really the first telling of 9/11 to the children in the family. and it was their actual questions, and it's his account of that day and what he was feeling, what he saw when he got there, and what it was like to be a part of that rescue.>> the author says that she spoke to children who told her that they weren't learning about 9/11 in school, many parents said they didn't feel they had
5:28 pm
the tools to talk to their children about it in a meaningful way. still to come, pg&e makes the first offer in their bankruptcy settlement, how much pg&e is offering to fire victims, and who will have the final say. also ahead, the key meeting about to get underway at this hour that could give the green light to a navigation center. in the confrontation between the hearing-impaired customer and a fast food employee that has gone viral. by the customer says she was the victim of discrimination. ♪ sup. wh- whacha doing? i'm watching food. try my $3 cheddar bacon loaded curly fries. get 'em delivered with doordash.
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try my $3 steak and parm loaded curly fries. get 'em delivered with doordash. pg&e has filed a plan with the federal bankruptcy court explaining what they plan to do to satisfy their creditors so that they can get out of bankruptcy next year.>> tom vacar has more what pg&e is offering an whether creditors
5:32 pm
will allow it. >> reporter: pg&e's proposal to the federal bankruptcy court and its creditors committee is only the opening-round of what looks to be a long period of negotiations and takeover attempts by creditors. pg&e is offering $16.9 billion to pay claims of wild fire victims. 8.4 billion of that would go to homeowners whose insurance policies do not cover all of their losses. 8.5 billion would go to insurance companies for the claims they've paid out to those wild fire victims.>> pg&e, and its offering, has decided to take care of shareholders and hedge fund over victims, so the proposal is a fraction of what is needed to make victims whole. >> generally speaking, under bankruptcy law, more than half of those pg&e that owes him money, provided that two thirds of the money is owed, must provide any settlement. this is proposed to be vigorously challenged by the victims, which the losses are
5:33 pm
54 billion. >> they urged the court to have them consider other plans. >> pg&e's filing also says it will honor all pre-bankruptcy debts in full, as well as all pensions, other employee obligations and all union contracts. it will also honor all solar, wind and other renewable power producer supply contracts. once again, pg&e declined an on camera interview, choosing to send a written statement from the ceo which reads in part "under the plan, we filed today, we will meet our commitment to fairly compensate wild fire victims as we emerge from chapter 11 financially sound and able to continue meeting california clean energy goals.">> they also clearly open the door to other groups
5:34 pm
of investors coming in and taking them over. >> another real danger to pg&e, if the final resolution leaves a bad taste in the public's mouth, local attempts to take over pg&e assets, as is going ght now in san francisco, could become more numerous and more successful. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. happening now in freemen, the city councils meeting to vote at the location for homeless navigation center, there has been strong opposition to the north fremont neighborhood that is considered the most likely spot for the center. more than 2000 people showed up at a council meeting in july to express their concerns. they are worried that the navigation center will draw more homeless people to the area, which they say can lead to more crime and lower property values. today is world suicide prevention day, and according to the world health organization, someone dies i suicide every 40 seconds. suicide is now the second leading death in young people between the ages of 15 and 29. second only to car accidents.
5:35 pm
experts say if you think a loved one is having suicidal thoughts, reach out to them, don't wait for them to come to you. the national suicide prevention lifeline number is one 800-273- t alk. it is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. now to the south beware there's a dispute between a hearing impaired customer and a fast food restaurant and it has led to claims of this termination. jesse gary has details on the cell phone video of the incident that has gone viral.>> i'm deaf.>> reporter: this confrontation, august 31, at the jack-in-the-box on hamilton avenue started innocently enough. but it turns is a really nasty come after she bypassed the speaker and tried to order directly from the window.>> this one just got mad, and he
5:36 pm
starts waving his arm, i was like, i'm deaf. >> jensen says she's been deaf since birth, although she did have an implant, but it had to be removed. now she is able to talk with us, as an interpreter science questions. >> it's happened to me a few times, but this is the worst experience.>> i am deaf! i can't hear you!>> no, i say no. to make the conversation continues for two hours, jensen remains defined, demanding the same service the patrons with hearing receives. an attorney specializing in disability cases says jensen is protected under the americans with disability act.>> they are required to provide full and ample access to all disabled people. people who are hearing impaired. >> the attorneys says in this case, that could have taken the
5:37 pm
form of having a touchscreen at the drive through or letting of patron order directly from the window, which is what she wanted to do in the first place. >> check in the ripon box responded with seminaries apart "we do not tolerate the mistreatment of any customers, and expect employees to follow all training procedures. they should be respected, courteous and accommodating to all guests. the employee in the video has been terminated." but that's not the end of this encounter, as jensen's filing a lawsuit.>> it was an example of what all of us go through, rejection, denial, and it's got to stop. >> she is hopeful that her struggle me no one else will have together rated for trying to live life like everyone else. recovery crews keep locating victims in the bahamas more than a week after hurricane dorian slammed into the island.
5:38 pm
at least 50 people now confirmed dead. officials expect that number to keep rising as crews reach more areas devastated by the powerful storm. homes have been obliterated by the hurricane or damage to the point where they are no longer safe to live in. thousands of survivors are now heading to nassau where the shelters are overflowing with evacuees. many drivers say that they plan to start rebuilding as soon as they can. >> the one thing that gives us hope, and hope is gone right now, but it seems to be trickling back in, is seeing the people that care. >> hurricane dorian was one of the strongest hurricanes to hit the caribbean on record and stands as the worst disaster in the history of the bahamas. recovery crews today return to try to salvage the wreckage from a dive boat that caught fire, killing 34 people. they are also still trying to find the body of one final victim. the search and beta halted over the weekend, and yesterday, because of high winds. a criminal investigation is underway into the owner of the boat. authorities are also looking
5:39 pm
into various safety issues, including whether a watchman was on duty in the fire broke out. they also want to know if the fire may have been caused by an overloaded electrical circuit from too many cell phones being plugged in, charging at the same time. college athletes can soon be making a lot of money, coming up the bill in sacramento that would allow students to accept endorsements. and where of vector control crew will be spraying for invasive pests. and residence in antioch are being told they have to leave in less than a month. geico makes it easy to get help when i need it.
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hire about 100,000 workers to handle the avalanche of packages that are shipped between thanksgiving and christmas. that is the same number of people hired last year, but the paychecks this year will be bigger. this year under new labor contract, pay rates will range from $14 an hour for package handlers, up to $30 an hour for truck drivers. a bill is making its way through the state legislature that will allow college athletes in california to accept endorsement money. the state assembly gave its approval of the bill yesterday. the fair pay to play act will allow college athletes to hire agents and be paid for the use of their name, image and likeness. the bill is expected to pass the senate and if governor newsom signs it, it will become law in the year 2023.
5:43 pm
evasive fruit fly has been detected in saratoga. the santa clara department of food and agriculture and the u.s. department of agriculture has started treatment to eradicate the fly. the oriental fruit fly is known to invest more than 230 different fruits and vegetables including apples, avocados and tomatoes.>> they lay there egg into fruit, and that it hatches into a maggot or larva and that it eats the fruit. so when you go to get one, it's filled with maggots.>> officials say this is a good reminder for people when traveling abroador mailing packages to california, do not bring back or mail fruits, vegetables or meat products. they are pathways for invasive species to into our state. a rare sight in the sky this friday, full harvest moon will appear just in time for friday the 13th. the moon will rise as the sun
5:44 pm
sets, making it appear a dramatic shade of orange. according to the farmer's almanac, harvest moon falling on friday the 13th hasn't happened since october of 2000, and won't happen again until august of 2049. coming up, a new push for gun reform measures, why some on capitol hill are optimistic that lawmakers will take action. and the man who tried to assassinate president ronald reagan wants to come to california. we will explain why, in a moment. and we will have a look at the forecast, it includes a significant warm-up for a little bit, see you in just a bit.
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the national rifle association is suing san francisco over the city's resolution that calls the nra a domestic terrorist organization. supervisor catherine stephanie wrote the resolution after the mass shooting in gilroy in july. she says the nra uses its position to spread up again . that leads to gun deaths every day across the country. in their lawsuit the nra says the city is infringing on their free speech rights. the san francisco city attorney's office responded to the lawsuit with the statement. "it's unfortunate that the nra would rather run to court then do something about the epidemic of gun violence in our country. the american people would be better served if the nra stopped trying to get weapons
5:48 pm
of war into our communities, and instead, actually did something about gun safety." democrats are pushing for action on gun control now that they have returned to capitol hill. as lauren blanchard reports, president trump may be nearing a decision about what legislation he would support.>> i'm always optimistic. victim critic senator bueso saying he's hopeful that the president will be close to signaling what legislation he would support. a draft of a potential drunken truck plan is expected to be presented to the president this week. >> we're still talking. >> he is in talks with the white house and has been working to strike a deal to expand background checks. it's been a priority topic this week among lawmakers, as congress returns from summer recess, having left washington just days before marty more
5:49 pm
than 30 people were killed and back to back mass shooting/month respect the president wants to find a solution. >> the president previously signaled that he is open to new background check laws, he has also held talks with leaders from the national rifle association who oppose stricter rules. still lawmakers say they expect the white house to roll out its own gun reform proposal, is chop gop leaders meet with the president today to discuss the full agenda. >> we are talking about the entire agenda, how do we do the gun legislation, in ways we can make sure that these horrific things that take place will never happen again. >> earlier this year the house passed bipartisan legislation, to strengthen gun buyer background checks. but the senate majority leader has said that he won't bring it to the senate for a vote without the president indicating his support. the man who tried to assassinate president reagan has a new career path in mind.
5:50 pm
the attorney for john hinckley junior says his client is interested in getting a job in the music industry, possibly in california. hinckley, who is now 64, was released from prison in 2016. he has been living with his mother in virginia. a prosecutor at today's hearing in washington said hinckley's plan would give the u.s. government great pause. these are the temperatures from today, 85 in santa rosa, 85 in antioch, 88 in fairfield, temperatures about where they were yesterday, maybe a degree or two cooler in some cases. but overall, just a nice mild day. things change around as we get into wednesday, and you will see it here. temperatures warm up, santa rosa goes up 4 degrees, and then a few degrees in san francisco, to seven 72. 84 in san jose, so temperatures on the warm-up as we get through time here. and as we mentioned earlier, it looks as though ronnie will be
5:51 pm
a hot day overall. you can see some thunderstorms up around the plumas county area. they are dying down now, that's of here that brought the rain and bad weather to the pacific northwest and brought us some cooler and milder weather. that's where we are today and where we will be tomorrow. once that low leaves, that high jumps in, and then temperatures will really warm-up for thursday and friday. tomorrow, just like today. thursday and friday, hotter than today. current temperatures, a little behind where they were yesterday, the windsor blowing pretty significantly. a little less than yesterday, but let's see, sfo is always a good indicator, gusting at 32, it's not horribly unusual, but it's breezy. nice seabreeze going, lots of cool air funneling in. you are seeing some wind in the trees and the bushes, and you
5:52 pm
to get over san bruno mountain, but it's getting torn apart. the model suggested that tomorrow morning will have very little fog, and then temperatures according warm up accordingly. so the transition to thursday and friday, which is warmer, just roller coaster stuff. and that's how it goes come into the bay area we can. forecast in san francisco tomorrow morning, oakland looks like this, so we will pass that by. and then you see the low pressure system that's been keeping a school will move on as this high pressure takes charge for thursday and friday. so that's the weather story. tomorrow, a lot like today, then temperatures a little warmer tomorrow, but then temperatures on thursday and friday, especially friday, significantly warmer. here's the five day forecast, i think we will probably see a spare the air day on friday,
5:53 pm
most certainly, maybe some fire concerns. but fortunately for us, it's a short-lived heat spell with temperatures saturday and sunday cooling-off area people living in rvs in east baytown are being told they have to leave.>> i've got serenity here. i get to feel like i'm living. >> coming up, is not the owner of the property who has a problem with the situation, see what's behind the eviction of almost a dozen people. coming up at 6, a new state law banning school suspensions for things such as sleeping in class or talking back to teachers. why supporters say that can actually help students in the long run. and bart riders, and the sayer gait, why after two months of testing, they will be removed.
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5:56 pm
the city of antioch has told a property owner that he has to evict low income people who are living in rvs on his land, because the company doesn't meet the state codes required for an rv park. >> donor says it's merely a way to keep veterans and disabled people from becoming homeless. rob roth tells us that the antioch city council will take a look at the dilemma during tonight's meeting.>> reporter: jimmy carter in is a vietnam veteran still living with battle scars from shrapnel. once homeless and drug addicted, he has found stability in this informal rv community on private property in northeast antioch. >> i've got serenity here. i get to feel like i'm leaving. >> it appears that that paradise is about to be lost. gordon and the rest of the 16 people living here are about to be evicted. not because the property owner wants to, because the city says he has to. >> code enforcement is
5:57 pm
requiring all my rv tenants to move off of the property by october 1 respect joe has owned this almost 3 acre lot for 19 years. he has allowed people with rvs to settle in, many are veterans, disabled seniors and mothers. >> i am close to work, people are pretty nice here, and it's affordable. >> rent is $625 a month, the rvs have plumbing and electricity. bosman said the city told him his property doesn't meet the standards of a state licensed rv park, and if the residents are not out by october 1 doubled the >> otherwise it's a $14,000 fine. >> none of the tenants we spoke with note where they will go if they have to leave here, and they say they don't want to go without their trailers.
5:58 pm
>> we are going to be homeless. >> antioch officials did not return our calls. the city council is meeting tuesday night to discuss the issue and perhaps find solutions. otherwise more people could end up on the street. >> it definitely has caused a lot of stress for our family, trying to figure out where we can go. this is ktvu fox 2 news at 6. >> elementary and middle school students in california will no longer be suspended from public schools for falling asleep in class or talking back to a teacher. under a new law signed by the governor.>> it is a really good start to try and get rid of some of the bias we see in suspensions. >> this new law eliminates school suspensions for so- called willful defiance.>> supporters say the law will help protect children of color by being disproportionately affected by suspension.
5:59 pm
new at six, what this means for your students classroom.>> under this new law, things like talking back to the teacher, even falling asleep in class, cannot get you suspended. that's it for the students own good. it's usually three strikes, and you are out, but that won't be the case for students in california anymore. as before 19 just signed into law by governor newsom, now bans teachers from suspending events for so-called willful defiance. this means things like falling asleep, refusing to listen to the teacher, or even getting mouthy, won't result in suspensions. it was authored by state senator nancy skinner says "ending willful defiance suspensions will keep kids in school where they belong, and where teachers and counselors can help them thrive." but that doesn't mean it's a free-for-all, teachers can still kick kids out of class for being disruptive or
6:00 pm
disrespectful, and they can be suspended if they are violent or bring weapons or illegal drugs to school. the bill, which affects public and charter schools, passed with overwhelming support. maybe not surprising, given new research that shows disparity over who is getting in trouble the most. a study by san diego state and ucla found that the statewide suspension rate for black males is 3.6 greater than that of the statewide rate for all students. >> and so it's another reason why estee 419 applied, even tho go into high school, it's a really good start to try to get rid of some of the bias we see in suspension. >> in 2015 a lot was passed banning suspensions for students of the third grade, this law now expands up to fifth grade and


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