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yesterday, they wrote on histogram that a complete stranger found otis, and the good news is that otis is okay. >> i decided to turn that pain into action, and i decided that the only way that i can make change in law enforcement is to become in law enforcement. a connection between law enforcement and current inmates at san quentin. a challenge in the race to become a democratic presidential nominee. >> he wants to take credit to obama's work but does not want to have to answer any questions. taking of moving -- bringing home a new addition to the family, we will let you know about the hundreds of animals up for adoption in the bay area. we are listening to some
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eddie money, two tickets to paradise. we are taking alive look at the san francisco bay. i went to see eddie money in 2006 or 2007 at the santa cruz beach boardwalk, and he was still in pretty good form back then, playing a show. these songs are songs of my childhood. you might be a little young.>> it reminds me, he would come on, and it reminds me of artist in the san francisco bay area. i will choose to remember all of the good music and i'm sure that he would want to be remembered by how happy he may people. >> is was on the light picture, looks nice out right now. a lot of blue skies. let's take a look at the we can forecast, steve. is going from one extreme to the other, guys.
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from today all the way to sunday monday. we will go from hot, that will be today, 90s and 100. temperatures are way above average as you might imagine. san francisco, 93. that is 23 degrees above. that is not a record. it would not be a record. oslo santa rosa will be close today. hayward, sunnydale, san francisco, berkeley, top forecast is over by the kos. santa cruz, half moon bay, it is all wind dependent and the direction, whether east or northeast. if it holds, they will get those. if not, they will see the seabreeze fall to about 60 degrees in five minutes. i think that napa, concord, they're all up near 90 to 100 degrees. santa rosa is 99 in the record is 100 2003. they will be close. oakland airport would be four degrees short of a record. san francisco, 93. the record is 99. san jose, the record is 102,003. maybe one or two more likely down toward santa cruz or monterey. we started the week off on the cool sid we have been up since tuesday, and we are heading right back down sunday and into monday.
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temperatures are warm here. fairfield is already 77 degrees. sfo was already 72. napa airport, five degrees warmer than 24 hours ago, and monterey 77 degrees already, which is warmer than santa barbara, la, and even san diego and las vegas. it is getting pretty warm on the kos. sent ray down to monterey. it is all about the hot temperatures today, but by tomorrow, systems will start to inch closer and this is a dramatic change. we will go from hot, much cooler and very windy conditions as we head into sunday and also monday. our first win of the season as possible monday morning. it is the golden gate bridge north. i think it is not a lot but there will be some there. a lot of 90s and 100s. for september, we can get this but it will not stick in the bay. it will cool off. much cooler on sunday. a big change on monday and into tuesday. steve, thank you. not to the debate last night is a democratic candidates are back on the campaign trail this morning after the debate we saw in houston in which they were all in the same state for the first
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time. we saw some clashes, and many of the candidates targeted the front runner, former vice president, joe biden. >> are you forgetting what you said two minutes ago. are you forgetting already what you said just two nights ago?>> that was not the only direct challenge to biden. lancaster's attempt to focus on the former vice president's age backfired. candidates also talked about a plan to raise taxes on the wealthy. of work it a point of talking about gun control.>> yes we are going to take your ar 15 and ak- 47. you are not going to be allowed to be used by fellow americans anymore. >> the top richest individuals and biggest corporations are going to pay more.>> some analysts say that biden started strong and less ice debate. california senator,, harris, focused on president trump and talked about opening and closing statements. the senior political writer and host of all political pockets, thanks for coming back this
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morning. >> always good to be here. >> let's start with the front runner joe biden. he started strong made some fumbles again on race. >> he is viewed as being paternalistic when he talked about the record player and how black folks are turning their children. castro got a lot of heat for going after the vice president there. that is nothing compared to what he's going to say to donald trump. is one thing coming from castro, but the president is going to say the exact same thing. your 20, you are mentally unfit. how's it going to stand up against this? this is spring-training. he needs to hear this if he is going to be the nominee. voters need to see how he is going to react to it. >> he should be acing this. >> you should be acing this. has been in politics for 40 years. he should be able to stand there and take it. >> it did remind voters of his experience. i did see a little more passion up there compared to other
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debates. when it comes a policy, he is not 100%. but when he is himself, joe biden, friends of the senators, he is more relatable for peachpit -- for people watching at home>> and he is at his best were the end when he talks about the resilience in his life. no one can match the personal tragedies this man has endured. but that is not what you are liking a president about. >> joe, you said something yesterday i think a lot of people agreed with. what are we going to get some of the people on the outer edges of the state office date so we can focus on the four or five people who have a legitimate shot at becoming the nominee? >> soon. i think a lot of these folks will be in the next debate. it will likely qualify for it, and then after that, -- >> do think it goes on too long with all of these? i want to say fringe players, but these longshots? >> i think that this was a much more substantive debate. part of that was this is the a team that is playing today. these are really the top candidates, and also they had 15 more seconds to explain themselves, and that did add a
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little bit more heft to their answers. >> when it comes to healthcare and i did want to say this about biden. he did flip the script on this medicare for all plan. he kind of went after them saying how are you going to pay for this? they really couldn't answer. maybe you think differently?>> now it is a question. are you with brock or are you with bernie? bernie being medicare for all, brock being basically the obama care but buying into medicare for all. elizabeth warren did not have an answer when they asked her will it cost -- what will it cost for middle-class boats? >> the answer is yes for taxes. overall cost, it will go down there >> she didn't want to say the answer. >> you want to say, yes, your taxes are going to go out, but they will. but the better answer is yes, they are going to go for little bit middle-class folks, but your overall costs are going to go down. she needs to have a better answer. of all of the desperate she is
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1 million plans for everything, but she does not have a plan for healthcare. i think she is a little bit reticent to roll that out yet because of that very question. >> did, harris -- did, allah harris that smacks she is sort of searching r her voice, thing. i don't think that she has done herself any harm, but i don't see anything where she -- last night, she was sort of a happy warrior. she attacked president trump as we predicted yesterday, but i don't know where that advent -- whether that advances her. everybody that attacks president trump, it is an easy target. >> it is nice not having a debate tonight. back to back debates -- >> if you want to do it next month, we will.>> i think at
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the next debate, they are going to have 11. >> we don't know if someone else may qualify. >> here's my point to that. as sal was mentioning, one of these other candidates is going to start disappearing. for second, it gives us information on the issues. you think any of them are possible vp? >> i have one production. i don't think that castro will be -- >> maybe they are using these debates as an opportunity.>> i don't want to say that because you are basically decapitate yourself. >> ascendant dangerous to have someone like castro during these bombs in the damaging the party and putting these ideas into the general population?>> i think that those ideas are already out there. after the debate, cory booker said these are questions that we legitimately have about joe biden. can he make it to the finish line without fumbling? using a football reference. but those are legitimate concerns. as castro set himself in the debate, this is an election. this is a campaign. this is what we do.
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>> in the second so we have left, are we anywhere different than where we were at this point in the process with the republicans? four years ago, 100 republicans seem to be in the race and. >> this was about the time in september the several big names fell out. we had governor johnson, bobby jindal, the governor of louisiana. these were big names. they thought they would be legitimate contenders and they fell by the wayside. you will start to see it more. the requirements for being in the debate are much more specific here. the bar may continue to rise. we will see. people will start to drop out, but this is the fun of the campaign. you are seeing the ideas played out here. this is what it is all about. >> time is going to be here before you know it.>> thank you again for joining us. coming up on mornings on 2 "the nine", what went wrong the terrible night of that boat fire off the california coast. what was not happening and whether or not criminal charges
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are expected in the future. san francisco cable cars are off the track. the cars will be out of service for several days.
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this morning, two people died on sunnydale. the driver of the suv was going south in the northbound -- claimant crashed into a honda civic. the man who died was in his 30s. no information on the driver. they explained the dangers of driving at night.>> when driving at night, try to stay out of the fast lane because when somebody is driving the wrong way, they think that that is the slow lane, and they might collide with the wrong way driver. >> the northbound lanes of 85 open to 6:00 this morning. we don't know yet if the wrong way driver was under the influence of drugs or alcohol. investigation continues after an amtrak train hit and killed two people.
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it happen lesley just upgrade clock on the union pacific tracks your fourth streets in bangkok way. the passenger train was to the berkeley station when two people walking on the tracks were hit by the train. the names of the victims have not been released. no one on the train was hurt. we are learning new information about the deadly southern california boat fire that killed 34 people, many of whom were right here from the bay area. we have the story. truck the ntsb is releasing a preliminary report about the fatal boat fire aboard the conception. finding crewmembers were asleep when the fire started. a violation of coast guard rules when they did not have a nightwatchman. >> yesterday, we were able to locate and recover the final missing victim in the conception diebold tragedy. no one has been left behind.>> 33 passengers and one crew member died due to smoke inhalation. with the latest vicm, there was an examination that showed there was evidence that
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supported the belief that the cause of death was through smoke inhalation. >> while smoke detectors were present, no one reported hearing an alarm. the crew will undergo inspection, and depending on the findings, the and r crew could be subject to criminal prosecution. mimic what they want to see if they can gather information to see if there was some knowledge for disregard for standard safety procedures. >> the coast guard has issued safety recommendations in the wake of the spire, including limiting unsupervised charging lithium ion batteries and use of power strips and extension cords. in los angeles, fox news. we are also learning more about a three month -- a teacher who was in the butt fire smoke boat fire. they say they will always remember the impact he had in
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the classroom and his unique teaching style that got students excited about physics.>> mr. chan is probably a very unconventional teacher. i know for sure that i was not going to take physics without him.>> you will always be alive inside of the space on the lessons that he taught about at -- honesty, passion, work ethic and really loving what you are doing. >> before becoming a teacher, he was a silicon valley engineer. he became a teacher because he wanted to get back. developments that we've been following for more than a year. a concord minnesota lawsuit against the city of vallejo and one of its officers. after he says the officer beat him and held him at gunpoint in the middle of a busy shopping complex in walnut creek. 2 investigates that while david mcglocklin was off duty and followed a minor argument, it was the same officer was placed only five months later after he
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detained a man for recording a traffic spot -- traffic stop from his own front porch. the city of vallejo is also the target of other officer misconduct cases and has hired an independent firm to assess this police department. bart is moving its head quarters in downtown logan. the board of directors approved spending $227 million to purchase and refurbish the building on webster street. the new headquarters will be a few blocks away from their current space at the kaiser center. bart says the move will save money in the long run because art is facing a rent hike in two years. a sales-tax bond will fund the move. right now, many disappointed people in san francisco. many of them are tourists hoping to write one of the cities they mislabel cars -- cable cars.>> i'm sure that you have seen many disappointed people this morning, alyssa. >> reporter: i just spoke with the family visiting from belgium. they are taking a second look at they're trying to figure out what they want to do since they can't ride the cable cars. also here at sf mpa, they have
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sent a staff member to direct people where to go to let them know that these cable cars are not running. certainly a lot of disappointed visitors. some told me that writing the cable cars were on their ticketless. that is one of the reasons they travel here. we are looking at area where writers show up to hop on board. there is no line, no cable cars while crews work on the track. >> my wife is been so excited about this. this trip was her birthday. that is one of the main attractions for san francisco. that is why a lot of people come to san francisco. they want to read the old- fashioned 1937 cable cars. we want to be on there and stand on the side board and enjoy life.>> we have certainly seen a lot of disappointing tourist. an entire tour bus pulled up in dozens of people got out.
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they had their cameras and were excited, and they had to turn right back around. all 40 cable cars will be off the tracks for 10 days. work is being done on the high street line gearboxes. these gearboxes spin the wheels to pull the cable. this aging equipment needs an overhaul in order to work properly. this is a final phase of a project that started in 2017. there are buses here to replace the cable cars, and signs are posted it cable car stops to direct those two buses near the cable car stops. service will resume on the 23rd. coming up on fox2 "the nine" , al jewell is reacting to the trip administration trying to curb underage vaping. bumping up your tailgating party by drinks inspired by your favorite bay area teams. we are back with more after the break.
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knew this morning, former golden state warrior sean livingston has retired at the age of 34. announced his retirement with a heartfelt post on his to graham saying he is played the last five seasons with the warriors and help them win three championships. the 49ers are in ohio today. a win would mean the team would start the season 2-0 with both of the winds coming on the road, which is unusual for the 49ers. the 49ers have been training this week in youngstown, ohio, rather than having to fly across the country after last week's game in tampa. they stayed in the eastern time zone to cut down on the number of cross country flights to travel. the former owner and sister denise group in youngstown. denise and her husband yorks to live in the area while their oldest son jed runs the day-to- day operations in santa clara. you can see the 49ers take on
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the bengals on ktvu fox2 on sunday. the fox nfl sunday show starts and mornings on two can be seen on ktvu starting at 9:00 until 10:00. it is an early game. to the clock in the morning. the raiders will have a chance to start two-so, but it will not be easy. they beat the broncos on monday night but now they face the chiefs. expect ricky running back to once again carry a heavy workload. the raiders will try to keep the ball from the high-powered chiefs offense led by stark utterback, patrick. the raiders are seven point underdogs at home. tailgate season is here, and it canbe argued that the food and drinks are just as important as the big-game. it kind of sets the stage year. we are back this morning to talk about the best drinks for tailgate season, first of all, welcome back. >> favorite college football team for everyone to know?>>
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michigan wolverines. >> we got the air force academy this week. tough game. >> we are barely 2-0. lookout for the military academies. >> just say that colorado michigan are ready to kick off. it is a 5:00 start. we start until get one:00. what we open up first? >> we will start at light. all of the rage is all of this ulcers are spiked. this is basically like your lacroix with a little bit a twist and some boost to it. the mecca do see a lot of white clouds all over the place. >> say there is a white cloud storage.>> what about the truly thing. truly is another great brand. the reason i brought white cloud is because it has means and all the popularity online. everybody loves a calorie content. it is a good way to start your tailgate. >> villager, have you been to my house lately. >> that is always in the fridge. >> if we are doing cocktails and talk about tailgate, i was say it is good to start with a beer with a little bit a lemon and a little bit of ipa.
9:25 am
he wakes up the senses. >> and the jen, i don't know if you heard it at home, but there are nickel stent sales. this is also involved now. >> we are doing mixed and matched spirits and one. right now, you buy one item in the second one, you can mix it up. five cents. radio. it includes jan's. we have great wines and we even have tonic and club soda. >> north texas and calais we can. like and that one? >> i'm going cal.>> me to.>> what is in this cocktail. >> this is jen. we went alameda because it is close to berkeley. we will top it up wita little blue, and then you have your somatic cocktail for the tailgate. a lilebit of orange. wright citrus and orange.>> stanford is also on the road against a central florida. 70 drink team.>> that is a tough one because you cfs is where my brother went to school for a little bit. stanford -- >> you can pull for them. >> this is good to go for sanford or could go for the raiders. a little round cocktail and a little bit a ginger beer.
9:26 am
a dr. stomach under twist. a little orange citrus profile too. even darken story myrie from -- dark and stormy is good. i will add a little bit of grenadine, rum, and a little orange juice. start your morning off with eggs and bacon and you're ready to go. >> one time when i was a student at colorado, we were playing colorado state we were playing in the mile high stadium. it was eight eclectic off and we rented a ryder truck, brought her living room and put some beverages in there and it made it to the front page of the post. and we won the game. >> for this one, this is my derek sidecar. >> very nice. >> it is my little hat tip to the raiders quarterback. a little bit a lemon. a little bit of wright citrus for this one, and a dark -- and a nice dark rum.>> this is when we are in the fourth quarter not doing so well. you just need something -- >> do you sell buckets? >> yes. we have eyes for you too.
9:27 am
we also have siders. rose is all of the rage. any kind of these canned light seltzer's and siders are perfect for tailgating. >> and after the game. when you have a victory. >> you celebrate with the harder stuff in one of these villagers which is a great ipa. >> whatever you do, don't drink and drive. be responsible. take public transportation or have a designated driver. likely, always good to have you. sal, we will send it back to you. coming up on mornings on two at nine. former inmates of san quentin state prison. it is a barbershop form like any other. the two words from the oakland police chief that brought forth a flood of emotion from both sides.>> -- dismissed for misconduct one of the jurors from the goshen warehouse trial is speaking out. or three for $5.99, or four for $6.99. that's an amazing deal, jack! hey, thanks, stanley. ow. ...wait, what's happening? stanley! you're deflating! hold me, jack! only at jack in the box.
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[music] it never gets old. a beautiful shot of the golden gate bridge. san francisco, it is friday across the bay area. >> i love why they are playing the song. they played ice ice baby, and they needed to clean their pallet from that and play the real one. >> you might think it is nice and cool out there, but it will be hot across the bay area. even if you are by the coast. even though it is mid september, it is the bay area. this is pretty much what you can expect. people will let you know. they come from the island and they go to the beach to escape the heat. >> of that is where we find christina who drew the long stroll today, which is in ocho -- ocean beach. it is expected to be crowded today.>> reporter: pretty tough a time -- assignment coming out ocean beach. it is so gorgeous. we want to step out of the way so you can see it for yourself. you can see the surfers are
9:31 am
taking advantage of at this morning. it is pretty unusual to be in the 70s at 9 am. also unusual the fact that it is friday the 13th and there is a full moon tonight. that is beside the point. i wanted to mention that. today's going to be a very hot day. if you go inland, expect temperatures it could reach in the 100s. that is why a lot of people may be running to the coast. it is going to be about 80 degrees at pekin ocean beach, these are some of the coastal areas that we will see temperatures in the 80s. people we spoke to this morning say you don't always get this kind of temperature where you can walk along the beach without having to where a coat or the wind gusting into your face. is taking advantage of it.>> it is nice to get a break from the fog in the cold all the time and it actually feel summer, but we are ill-equipped for it here. >> i'm assuming you don't have air conditioning? >> know. nobody really has air conditioning. it is too hot to sleep. it is beautiful to have the sun and the warmth, but there is nothing compared to san diego
9:32 am
where i grew up, but i have not acclimated to the heat. it is nice to have it. it is not too bad. >> reporter: san francisco sure is not san diego, but today it will feel like summer. there will be a few cooling centers done in the peak hours where it will be very hot. we are talking about noon, 3:00, 4:00 in the afternoon. if you have to be outside, stay hydrated and wear sunscreen. it is going to be hot. today is a clear the air alert day. try to take public transit and don't water your lawn today. make sure you drink plenty of water and i've been saying this all morning. even though today will be the hottest day of the week, there is a cooldown coming this weekend and into early next week. the fog list sure return soon, so you might as well get out. more on today's top
9:33 am
stories. was chicken with dave in the newsroom. juul, the san francisco bay e-cigarette maker is considering its options after the trump administration started talking about banning those products. the wall street journal reports jewels executives are determining whether to fully support the administrative proposal or lobby for exemption. on wednesday, trotsky said he wanted to ban all flavored e- cigarette's to prevent underage vaping. the journal says juul , while it hopes to retain its popular manta menthol plitt -- flavors, they feel if they don't give in just a little, the fda could yank all juul rocks off of the market. pg&e just announced an $11 billion settlement with insurance companies for the 2017 and 2018 wildfires. pg&e says the tentative settlement covers 85% of insurance claims in the 2017 n. bay wildfires and last
9:34 am
november's campfire. the fire that destroyed most of the town of paradise and killed 86 people. this agreement still leaves one major group without a deal. victims who were underinsured or did not have insurance at all. pg andy offered them $8.4 billion, but their lawyers turned it down. pg&e is trying to get approval for its bankruptcy organization plan, and if the company -- company can leave bankruptcy by june 30th, it will be eligible to take part in the states wildfire insurance fund. that will pay claims and limit liabilities for the major california utility companies for wildfire damages in the future. that is a brief look at some of the top stories we are working on. dave, thank you for that. the 10 leading democratic candidates face-off for the first time in houston just last night. allie joints is like this morning right here in the studio to show us the moments that stood out.>> that was the first time the top three democratic candidates in the
9:35 am
polls, former vice president joe biden, bernie sanders, and elizabeth warren were all on stage together. they did go back and forth on the issue of healthcare. senators bernie sanders and elizabeth warren -- warren and sanders support medicare for all while biden supports obama care. >> she supports bernie and i think i am for barack. obama care worked. i think we need to add everything that is been cut and add a public option. >> in the united states of america, we're spending twice as much per capita in for healthcare is any of the canadians or any other major company on earth. >> this is america. >> americans don't want to have to pay twice as much as other countries. mimic let's be clear. i've never met anybody who likes their health insurance company. instead of paying premiums into insurance companies and then having insurance companies build their profits by saying "no" to coverage, we are going to do this by saying that
9:36 am
everyone is covered by medicare for all. >> all of the candidates on stage agreed on the need for universal background checks, for firearms purchases but beto o'rourke went beyond that. he is campaigning for men detaining -- mandatory buyback of firearms. >> mother watched her daughter bleed for hours because 70 people were shot by that ar 15 that were -- that there were not enough ambulances to get to them in time. yes we are going to take your ar 15 and ak-47s. >> what to do about guns will come up in the next debate. that will happen on october 15th in the battleground state of ohio. so far, living candidates have qualified to participate. that debate may happen over two days instead of one like the one that we had last night. we are back to you. now to oakland where one of
9:37 am
the three jurors dismissed from the go ship warehouse trial for misconduct is speaking out. megan opened up about her five months serving as juror number one before she was dismissed. she says she was the lone holdout and the fate of max harris and that another juror who was hoping to change her position told her about a conversation she had had with a firefighter about codes. that conversation was considered misconduct. that juror was dismissed along with two others for not initially reporting the misconduct.>> it would've been a hung jury for both to be honest.>> you knew that living he still didn't to me, that is guilt. that is putting other people in harms way. >> in the end, 10 jurors found him guilty of manslaughter, and he remains in jail awaiting the possibility of a retrial. for more than three years, ktvu's paul chambers has moderated the ation's barbershop for them. it is where members of the community meet with law enforcement to blunt
9:38 am
conversations in hopes of building better convert -- better relations. paul went inside san quentin prison.>> reporter: a rare gathering, more than 150 residents of san quentin sitting side-by-side with law enforcement officers. district attorneys, members of the community, and in some cases former prison members who paid their debt to society. >> if i was a member here of this incarcerated community at one time. >> the reason for the discussion, to give the san quentin prisoners a chance to directly ask questions for some of the people who are responsible for putting them behind bars. >> what are the district attorney's going to do who held a lemonade -- a youth being charged with life sentences>> every crime, we determine whether this is a type of crime that determined where they
9:39 am
should be held. we try to minimize the negative from happening. >> they addressed a variety of issues from new laws to proposed legislation. >> we look at the pending bills, but we don't start changing our procedure until it becomes a law because we enforce laws, not pending bills. >> it is just a matter of fact that the das office comes to a parole hearing with the preconceived idea that they have to keep you in prison. >> absolutely no sir. we just say no to everybody for the sake of saying it. in alameda county, no. we look at it. i do most of them and i evaluate things very differently and in 2006, did object every hearing. if there was a case where a vic tim vehemently disagrees with it or next of kin, we will come in and oppose. in other cases, we are actually recommending the people be released. >> sc prison has become a
9:40 am
dumping ground for people with mental illness and they are doing the best they can to help with that, but on the sentencing level, i'm wondering what is being done to mitigate those factors. >> we are in the process in alameda county of developing a diversion program where we are reviewing, before people are even charged, whether they should be pushed in the community-based program because we see it as a public health issue. >> after -- as the 2 1/2 hour program progress, was when the police chief spoke up off the cheap -- off-the-cuff. >> a have a great deal of respect for the police. that we have caused some hurt and harm. everybody in this room has hurt someone.>> it is rare. that never really happens, actually to. nobody actually ever stands up and takes accountability on that side. >> at it like the police before going to law enforcement. i wasn't treated very well like so many in this room i am sure. when i decided to turn that
9:41 am
pain into action and i decided that the only way that i could make change in law enforcement was to become law enforcement. >> we need to learn to say i am sorry. then we need to make amends and that is through actions and not cheap words. many of you have never even heard i am sorry. it matters. >> what the chief did, it impacted me. she just change my life. i had no respect for law enforcement up until this day. >> we can't even begin to move forward in our lives until we come to some type of repentance in our hearts and to say, hey, i'm sorry to the community, to our families, and to those in our lives. mimic the apologies kept coming as those in the room took advantage of a rare opportunity to choose our cameras to send
9:42 am
personal messages to the communities they have caused harm to, hoping the people on the outside will understand that their time behind bars are not in vain. >> a lot of us have never heard i'm sorry. it made me reflect on my hurt to the whole side of california. i want to take this time to say i'm sorry to all of the people that i've hurt. to those families, i am very, very sorry that that happened, with me taking their son. back i was creating destruction throughout the cities of the bay area, want to apologize, and i want to take full accountability for my lifestyle and the way that i was acting out there. >> thank you for also apologizing. apologies are the beginning. >> paul chambers, ktvu, fox2 news. coming up on mornings on 2
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we have seen the markets overall are not making the major moves. the dow jones is spent the entire section on the left side so far and it is up slightly getting 30 points. the s&p is back at sea level after making smaller gains earlier today. the nasdaq is down by just by 11 points. we are getting a better idea of how much it will cost to recover from the devastating february floods in sonoma county. officials submitted a damage inventory list to fema this year -- this week. it cost $56 million on the original estimate was less than half that amount. the taxpayer tab also went up to $40 million. officials tell the press democrat that they have reached a milestone in the recovery process. fema will reimburse the county for much of the infrastructure repairs. some frustrated travelers out of san francisco international will get relief starting tomorrow. constriction -- construction crews are preparing a very busy runway and of worked around the clock since last weekend in the
9:47 am
-- and they now plan to reopen the runway. administrative say the repair work is ahead of schedule, allowing them to reopen that section of the runway two days earlier than planned. the entire project could also wrap up sooner than the original estimate date of september 27. more than 2000 flights have been delayed or canceled because of the repair to the runway 28 left. yesterday, formal ground breaking ceremony for the seaplane lagoon terminal at alameda point. it will be their third ferry terminal. it will help the entire bay area by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. >> this cherry terminal is so important because i cannot just adding more cars to our roadways, to our bridges, to our tunnels. we can't keep widening highways. we need to get people out of their cars, and the various a perfect way to commute.>> the new ferry terminal is due to be opened in about a year. the largest pet adoption
9:48 am
event in north america comes to the east bay. the bay area pet fair features hundreds of adoptable animals, live shows, demonstrations, food, vendors, classes, and pet supplies. you may have heard the animals. we have mike murray from pet express and we have a representative from animal rescue. could we have your, julia quek >> we have goose was about 10- 12 weeks old. >> is he a male quek >> it is a little boy. >> hi, goose. >> he is very vocal. this little trio of three -- >> i can adopt a puppy too. >> if i can, i could adopt a puppy like this? michael yes. we have over 50 puppies going, and there are how many other groups who are going to be bringing quek >> there are 70 groups altogether. shelters and rescues will have 22 have -- 2200 animals on site. >> at four-year-old gizmo.
9:49 am
he is a sweet little guy. he fell asleep in my arms a little bit ago. we are going to have dogs from puppies to adult dogs. >> gizmo needs a new home. mecca thinking about pets are the same. and never for once thought that i should go to a pet store to buy a bit. i think that you should adopt them in shelters. you think most people are beginning to turn around and instead of buying an animal, they would get a rescue animal? >> i definitely do. we've seen a huge increase in the number of people who adopt rescue animals instead of going to pet stores or breeders, etc. honestly, there is a full array, and i'm sure that you will see that at the pet fair. it will be every kind of dog under the sun. shape, size, temperament, breed, you name it. >> mike, i want to ask you something. it is kind of a serious question. people see these animals and say, oh, it is cute. what should you do before you make a commitment to an animal?
9:50 am
these pets, sometimes people took an animal and could not care for it. >> you need to figure out your mily situation. how long or how often are you going to be gone? do you have kids? other ? what is your lifestyle light? do you need a couch potato type of dog? what is that? when is your work schedule? what is your vacation schedule? this will be a family member for the rest of its life. how is it going to fit in with your family? that is the most important thing. >> i would imagine with every pet that is adopted, there are a number of animals that have to be euthanized, right? >> these are animals that just because somebody got a puppy or couldn't handle it or there is a lot of uncontrolled breeding. we are real big on spay and neuter. that is a big thing we propose too. >> of a lot of cute animals. mike and julia, thank you for coming in. we are going to put a little more information on this. you can catch the bay area pet fair saturday and sunday from 10 am to 5 pm at the alameda county fairgrounds in pleasanton.
9:51 am
you know, i will do this right now. i kind of want a puppy.>> come on down then. >> do it. you did it. >> i did do it. our latest dog, sadie, we got her almost a year ago. she was six when we adopted her, and she brings smiles to both of my children, me, my wife, every morning and night. on her couch, in our bed, in the car.>> she is a gem. go adopt an animal if you can. on "the nine", cafi latte , cafi mocha, getting paid for drinking coffee. mom, i know you are watching. how you can make $1000 by just enjoying your favorite cup of joe in the morning. >> he talks a lot about his mother as well as he should. an amazing amount of support for a boy who was bullied for wearing an a homemade t-shirt
9:52 am
why he doesn't have to worry about paying for college when he grows up.
9:53 am
9:54 am
tickets to see oprah go on sale for her tour stop in san francisco. she will be at the chase center next february as part of your life and focus tour. tickets go on sale at 10 a clock this morning on ticketmaster with prices starting at $70. a website that calls itself a small business advocate is looking for coffee lovers to test bruce
9:55 am
at local places and will get paid for it. they're looking for people to apply. one person will get to earn $1000 for a month of coffee tasting. they will track calls, and if it is, the potential setback to moving to a by local lifestyle. they will also share the experience on social media. high school track is is no u.s. citizen. he officially became a u.s. citizen during a ceremony at phil help -- at foothill high school yesterday. dozens of current and former students who he has coached in the past 10 years gathered in the high school auditorium to watch the ceremony. >> he is so much more than just being my coach. life skills that i have learned with him, i don't think i would've ever learned.>> he is from mexico and he met his wife who is an american in mexico city. the couple moved to the area 10 years ago, no he and his wife and his two children are all
9:56 am
u.s. citizens. giving back to students in the east bay. you donated music equipment to the uptown jazz workshop. a non-profit organization that operates an afterschool program for young musicians. they got the chance to meet the singer who is originally from vallejo, they asked her questions about what inspired her to create music.>> my father, he is to have a cover band, they would play throughout the area. they used to rehearse in our living room, and since i was born, there was live music from the house playing all the time. >> she teamed up with footlocker and adidas to donate gifts to the students. the university of tennessee is re-creating a design and has something else to talk about. the university of tennessee is offering the boy a four-year scholarship for the class of 2032, provided he meets all of the admission requirements. his story went viral after his teachers facebook post about him getting bullied for clipping a piece of paper with
9:57 am
his own design for college color stay. the university created the design of 50,000 shirts have already been ordered the proceeds will go to an anti- bullying nonprofit.>> that is a great story. we have made only t-shirts of the giants of my boys were those probably. >> thanks for watching everybody. have a great morning. happy friday. we will see you at noon. sup. wh- whacha doing? i'm watching food. try my $3 cheddar bacon loaded curly fries. get 'em delivered with doordash.
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