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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  September 17, 2019 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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family. a new effort to address homelessness in a city that has been a dramatic increase in people living on the street. >> it is called clean start, a mobile hygiene unit that is giving the home is a place to get clean. we are in fremont tonight was how it works.>> reporter: it offers homeless residents a place where they can do their laundry and take a warm shower. city leaders: part of the solution to address the areas increase in the growing
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homeless population. under the washington street bridge next of these tarps and in these plastic bins is where this 59-year-old man that goes by cowboy claims is close. now another option for homeless residents. what scrub brushes and shower caps city leaders tuesday evening along with 70 attendees launched the clean start mobile hygiene unit. a sort of bathroom and laundromat on wheels, complete with showers and laundry facilities.>> i think it's going to help people when you are clean and you have a shower and clean clothes. you just feel better about yourself and the day looks brighter.>> reporter: the city purchased unit with a $125,000 grant from alameda county. this eagle scout also raised $1500 to go towards the project
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and made 250 toiletry kits. >> i'm trying to inspire other scouts to do a project like this so that you have the same impact.>> reporter: the latest count shows a 27% jump in the homeless population in the last 2 years with more than 600 people living on the streets.>> not one solution is going to solve all the homelessness.>> reporter: the mayors as part of the solution is a controversial navigation center, the city council unanimously approved it one week ago despite local opposition from neighbors. cowboy has been green tie by the city which means he has 2 more days to pack all this up and move and he does not plan to use the unit.>> i have a right here i don't have to go anywhere. it's a hassle when you don't have automobiles.>> the unit is scheduled to start rolling out on thursday with scheduled stops at organizations that the
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city has partnered with. president donald trump in the u.s. secretary of housing and urban development were in the bay area today and both addressed the california homeless crisis and the soaring number of people slipping on the streets. the president is in between fundraising stops that he will do something about homelessness without getting specific we are in san francisco now with the housing secretary toward a project today. >> reporter: his visit with very short only about one hour and he looked at the facility in part of the cities efforts to upgrade and improve public housing. the u.s. housing and urban development secretary toward the new 72 unit apartment building on connecticut street in san francisco.
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the building is a stark contrast with the former residences now the levitated and empty across the street. his visit comes as the trump administration has called for local cities to loosen policies and allow more housing developments.>> were talking about public and private partnerships, mixed income.>> reporter: on air force one president donald trump said tuesday that the people of san francisco are fed up and the people of los angeles are fed up and were looking at it and will be doing something about it at the appropriate time. secretary carson gave few specifics about what actions, he did call for more efforts to help homeless people with mental illness. >> we need to work with the american psychiatric association and we need to acknowledge that perhaps the government made some mistakes when it's abandoned a lot of people that aren't taking care of themselves.
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>> reporter: protesters say the administration is doing enough. the governor called on the ministration to fund 50,000 more matters, experts say that have proven to be effective.>> right now only one in four of those household are approved to get them because it's not fully funded.>> reporter: the director of the population says the federal government could do more.>> they could fully house or from the trust fund. >> reporter: one resident says he has been homeless and did not get to meet him but had a message.>> it was a blessing when i got a call for my place but what i would like for them to do is make more affordable housing.>> reporter: the san francisco mayor said in a statement when i learned secretary ben carson was coming to san francisco i invited him
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to meet to discuss the decades of federal funding cuts the public housing but the mayor says that meeting never happened because the secretary to client the imitation. >> the presidents brief bay area stop running $4 million for the republican national committee held at the home of sun microsystems scott mcneely. there was a heavy police presence as the president spent a short time with supporters that paid as much as $100,000 for a ticket to the event. one supporter came from union city to see the president.>> i see the opportunity and what his politics stand for and we are living in times where everybody wants everything handed to them.>> dozens of
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protesters lined the streets outside the fundraiser, many of them with signs calling for impeachment barack obama is scheduled to visit san francisco tomorrow planning to speak at an invitation-only event hosted by a san francisco tech company. he will be discussing digital data and how it works with management and decision-making in companies. council voted unanimously tonight to and management operations agreement with the 49ers, citing several lawsuits initiated by the team as well as some workers not being paid correctly. councilmembers the 49ers who operate the stadium have shown that they cannot be trusted to spend taxpayer dollars. this action only applies to non- nfl events, football games would not be affected.
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authorities on the peninsula issued an alert following the latest mountain lion sighting, that came last night. the cat was spotted in the area of hacienda way around it a clock. this was just the latest in a string of recent mountain lion sightings in the region.>> reporter: this neighborhood which homeowners called the hill is tranquil. homes are located near an open area filled with trees. on monday county officials sent out an alert about a mountain lion sighting around 8 pm in this area.>> in spite of the cat ran into the wooded hillside immediately.>> reporter: the homeowner says she is grateful for the alert she received. >> the mountain lion should have a place to live and as long as they're not bothering me and are not aggressive
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towards me.>> reporter: there have been a handful of sightings in san francisco and on the peninsula during the past few weeks including twice in golden gate park and three have been killed on california freeways in less than one week. the most recent on friday on interstate 280.>> about 100 mountain lions get hit per year on roads. habitats-fragmented by roads and development lots of times cubs will stay with their mother for two years and at certain point they have to establish their territory. >> in the evening we can go to the front yard as much, we recommend people to watch out for each other.>> this dog owner says she is on heightened alert.>> i checked to see that
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i don't see hi. i'm still going to lock.>> reporter: mountain line killings point to the need for more wildlife such as overpasses and the population the 1980s. d to be 4 to 6000 experts say they are now working on coming up with more current numbers. a family in sonora had a close encounter of throne with him online over the weekend, they left their front door open to enjoy cool weather when the big cat wandered right into the home and quickly made itself comfortable inside their bathroom. the family ran for safety and called authorities. animal control officers considered using tranquilizer guns to remove the big cat but in the end they used a more creative method, they closed the bathroom door and broke a window to create an escape route which the tainmounion
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eventually used. the golden state warriors see the teams new look as they moved to a new home in san francisco. a big change that san jose is about to make with natural gas changes. ok, what's the situation? she's been searching for hours. she's suffering from search-itis.
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san jose is set to become the biggest city had to ban the use of natural gas in their homes, city council approved the measure today with the goal of cutting down on harmful emissions. opponents where the measure could have the opposite effect. >> reporter: tuesday the mayor announcing his push to require electric use, not natural gas for new home construction. everything from hot water heaters to lights and appliances would be powered by electricity.>> the concrete action we can take today to
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confront our climate emergency and send a clear signal to the markets and other cities throughout the country and our own residence.>> reporter: environmentalists say the action exceeds current state standards and targets single- family homes and lowrise and multi family buildings. it will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 90% in new buildings and lead to a healthier environment and populace by midcentury.>> our kids need us to electrify our buildings as much as possible and stop building with gas.>> reporter: if it raises the cost it could be a detriment. >> i think we are jumping when we should be walking.>> reporter: some question the impact the new ordinance will have a construction cost and rent and purchase prices which are already high. opponents were increasing electric demand by requiring more electric buildings could mean more emissions into the environment, not less.
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supporters in two years say the program could provide all the electricity for the new buildings. >> when we look across the life of the buildings it will pan out that all electric buildings are in fact better to operate and to use. >> the ordinance requires a review by city staff before another next vote next month. > govement leaders are formally adopted resolutions declaring a climate emergency, supervisors in 2 county saying that today's vote was an effort to highlight an urgent need for action to address global warming. the board of directors today made the movement in their campaign today to make streets in san francisco safer for bike
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riders. the board approved the cities latest protective bike lanes. the plan also calls for widening the sidewalks and reducing the traffic lane from 4 to 3. traffic studies show that fifth street is one of the most interest streets in san francisco. passport outline is plan for an independent oversight board that is now set to begin work in a few months. the panel will be in charge of reviewing the companies decisions about posts, photos and videos it takes down or leaves online. the move comes in response to growing criticism that facebook is failing when it comes to things like screaming out hate speech or protecting the privacy of its users. one of the most popular clothing startups is closing their doors. the company plans to move there 40 employees to austin texas. they sell merchandise and
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stores across the country so they can essentially set up headquarters anywhere. >> the startup is going to go where the customers are and where the talent is. >> experts say texas it desirable for small companies because there's a lot of space to set up shop in the cost of living is much lower. 35 of the best restaurants in california are teaming up for a first of its kind fundraising events. next month they will be hosting a sale with all the proceeds going directly to planned parenthood. the sale is being held october 13 from 11 am to 3 pm in san
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francisco. the potential for wet on the morning commute exists showing up behind me here and it's in the north now, coming into sonoma county know in the next hour but these showers will be light but time so they will have a bit of an impact on the mid morning commute that is the current radar and we will show you the model coming of you have the temperatures right now mild, a bit of cloud cover showing up as the system gets closer and patchy fog along the coast. this model looks like it's going to be raining and then it works its way south and goes away quick. by lunchtime we see in san francisco partly to mostly
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sunny. we will still get that forecast rain and we will see what were looking at, something is enough. a lot of areas got 10th of an inch of rain, this will not produce much. the high-pressure comes right back in, the logos by the high jumps in, the wind kicks up that will be tomorrow and then warmer conditions prevail mostly on friday and saturday where we go back into the 80s and mostly upper 80s. sunday is a little cooler but tomorrow morning, there's the model. there's going to be a little bit of wet on the roads and lunchtime oakland to colorado and then it moves out around two or three a clock that's the
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plan anyway just the aware of wet around the roads and maybe go earlier or remember how last time things slow down quite a bit. there's the forecast right here. the golden state warriors in new jersey today for the first season at the new chase center, one is called the warriors classic edition designed to resemble the original jersey that the worriers were in the first season in san francisco after moving from philadelphia in 1962 another is the new available, this jersey features cliffs overlooking water with an overhead goldengate. you might call it a moon shot at the a's game. hollywood could not have written it up any better. the moment that transcends forth. forth. ♪
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the giants tonight, now one win away from the 2000 career win and the first win ever at fenway park for the giants even bigger than that you have to say this triple crown winner back and 67, this hall of fame are visiting with his grandson and left field at fenway park tonight at the giants visit boston and it would be a memorable night i'm sure for both. let us take it to his second at- bat taking over.
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>> hi anna centerfield, that is out of here. unbelievable.>> unbelievable it is. family and friends there, 20 home runs on the year in front of grandpa and all that good stuff at fenway park. meanwhile 15 innings and this beautiful catch by kevin as they relating 7-6 in the bottom of the 15th inning, gold glove defense here. meantime back in oakland, the cutest kid on hand. that is their team animal. look at this thing 460 feet, that is matt olson.
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das tie it-1 and the seventh continuing the same rain. so many big hits, it was called up seems like just one and a half months ago, representative to the red center with the rbi double and incomes mark with what turned out to be the game siding one. he's not having that tonight, alex gordon and hendrick single- season strikeout record for a reliever, singer is a big name. meantime another athlete, forget about the contract i signed i'm demanding a trade. it is ramsey widely considered to be the best quarterback in the nfl. a sideline tantrum if you saw it, he had to be separated from
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the head coach of the jaguars and there are thoughts that may be the 49ers might be interested in him as they could use another defensive back. check this out. this is interesting. beckham junior nice enough to autograph a browns fans arm and what did the young fan do today? he had it tattooed. forever. they will trade him in one month and it won't mean as much. sharks played an exhibition game tonight. young ryland is six years old. she knows what she's doing with the stick in her hand on her skateboard>> can you believe it? hockey is here.>> sharks played an exhibition game already.
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