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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  September 23, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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throw into that all of the other thgspg&e has to consider, they just simply said we don't think that power lines are going to come down but there is no guarantee that they're not going to have some fire of some source. late last night the fire safety center gave a heads up about a possible public safety power shut off initially in the sierra foothills.>> the adverse weather was increasing and it became a watch so as we continue to monitor all the conditions and the wind speed and humidity levels we put the north bay on watch as well.>> 120,000 customers were told a power shut off might be coming and we are not home free just yet>> even though we are not planning on shutting out the power in the north bay tonight there still is a potential for
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another weather system moving in tuesday night. people might be contacted again.>> we remain under unofficial not the weather service red flag warning for the next two days across a vast area.>> across much of northern california many of our counties all the way up north are facing flag want to conditions. >> reporter: there usually require high temperatures, low humidity and strong wind regardless of power shut off because plenty of things beyond power lines can cause fires.>> in the last few years it has been these high wind events that fueled is really large and damaging fires.>> reporter: the fire department says this is only the beginning of heightened fire danger from power lines to cigarettes, from dragging change the barbecues and accidents and arson. >> especially october, november and december if you look at the top 20 for most destructive and deadly is fires they are about 17 of the 20 in the month.
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>> reporter: so we remain in serious fire wash mode until at least wednesday morning so trim up all unnecessary vegetation, have your bags ready to go, leave when told to, do not stay behind to try to fight an oncoming wind driven fire, that would be a very bad idea. >> so pg&e decided not to shut the power off tonight despite the red flag warning going into effect at 10:00 this evening? is it because of the wind?>> reporter: it has a lot to do with these calculus is they have to perform and win is certainly the biggest issue because it's the greatest enemy of our companies and electricity companies mowing things down but apparently they feel that all things considered they are not going to have gus of 40 to 45 miles per hour or gus even higher than that and
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those are the things that they have to worry about. it is a close call to be sure but the reality of the situation is they don't think it's necessary, hopefully it will not be and again they have a lot of experience with this so it is a bit call for them and we will see what happens. >> pg&e is still set to turn off power to about 21,000 customers in the sierra foothills right about now, the shut off so that customers in butte, nevada and yuba counties due to the strong wind and hot temperatures in the forecast. customers will be notified by phone, text and email. pg&e says the power will stay off until it is safe to restore service. those counties should be on standby for another shut off tomorrow. there are red flag warnings and parts of the area including the east hills, this is a live look at mount diablo where the temperatures got into
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the 90s today. that is one clue therefore hot and lint conditions.>> for more on all of this we have our chief meteorologist bill martin here, how long can this red flag warning be in effect? >> it looks like three wednesday morning, the main event will be tonight and i would suggest that probably the forecast has backed off a little bit on the wind so we think that has a lot to do with their decision in the north bay. the red flag warning is in effect tonight for the hills in the north and east a and also includes paradise and red bluff, all the way through the central valley. the wind will get to 12 to 35 miles per hour, the strongest wind late tonight and early tomorrow morning. the high pressure and wind blows offshore so when the air sinks it warms so what you're seeing here, 90s and 100s around parts of the bay like
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places in san jose and oakland could see low 90s, heat advisory, non-extreme heat warning and then we have a spare in the air. again was this unusual? we have these all the time especially this time of year, this is pretty typical through this time of year so just be aware, we have seen a lot of what can happen but just be aware this is not out of control, this is something we see quite often. strong wind late tonight and early tomorrow morning, temperatures tomorrow with a heat advisory into effect because temperatures will get into the 90s and low 100s and parts of the bay area>> be sure to download the weather app is the weather service announces them.>> pg&e has finalized an agreement to resolve most of the insurance claims on the
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2017 n. bay fires and last years campfire. the agreement was reached with companies representing roughly 85% of insurance claims, and formalizes the $11 billion settlement announced last week. the deal is still subject to approval by the encrypted court overseen chapter 11 case. in san francisco superior case court helps destruction of a allegation center. the group of people living in the area filed suit and say they are concerned. they pointed to an attack by a woman of a homeless man just outside their complex in that same neighborhood last month.>> the city is happy with that and they can defend themselves the very focused area around these navigation centers was .2 miles of these centers.
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>> the san francisco mayor has pushed for the center saying it will help people in need. opponents say they have not decided what their next steps will be. a serious computer virus is causing problems for union city. the entire computer system there is down and it could be several days before it's restored. >> reporter: at this point the system is still down and friday livermore city officials confirmed that their system was attacked with a virus as well. we know that the fbi is involved in trying to figure out what or who is behind this cyber attack.>> our systems are currently 100% down, any system that is hosted here in union city is down.>> reporter: not what he wants to hear but it is
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reality for those in union city. a virus discovered saturday morning affecting the whole computer system including payment services.>> we don't quite understand the scope of this yet. >> reporter: officials telling us they closed city hall so employees can come in and determine a contingency plan for the foreseeable future. the impact already getting those in the area, we caught up with one man who was turned away. >> they said i should call this number, the support number. they said i would not be able to do it and it would be a few more days.>> reporter: we asked if this might be a ransomware situation. >> the city has not been asked to pay anything.>> reporter:
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but they're not ruling that out. right now they are working with the fbi to figure out the scope of the virus and talking with the insurance company to come up with different scenarios and if it is ransomware, she says they should not pay up area >> it opens them up to other people doing the same thing. i guess it's a fine line but i don't think they should be held hostage. >> reporter: the city doesn't want anybody processing payments through their site so they are waiting late fees and licenses are also impacted, 911 dispatch is not so for now it's back to basics the city waits to learn when they are going to be in the clear. city offices will be open regular hours however they will have very limited services available, at this point they really don't have a timeline on when things will be back up and running and right now we are
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asking if what happened here is related to what happened in livermore. 2 bodies were found near a carling stone amber alert of the weekend, chp should the alert saturday morning on behalf of the sheriffs department. deputies were there searching for this man and his 2-year-old son. authorities considered him armed and dangerous, they found his car and 2 bodies in a remote area, the sheriffs office says they are still working to identify those bodies. and off-duty police officer from oakland shoots himself by accident. he has now been charged with drug possession and tampering with an investigation. a san francisco neighborhood has had enough of the drugs and homeless leaping outside their home, their solution, dozens of boulders now learning a san
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two breaded chicken patties plus fries and a drink for $4.99. three patties for $5.99. or even four for just $6.99. four patties? well, tickle my elbow! no thank you. try my really big chicken sandwich combos. starting at $4.99. the homeless crisis apparently hits too close to home and one san francisco neighborhood, in an effort to fight drug abuse and camping out residence took it upon themselves to install boulders on the sidewalk in the city is letting them stay there.>> reporter: neighbors say that drug use, noise and filth just got to be too much so a few weeks ago they decided to put these boulders down along the sidewalk. that'ssleeping here. about two dozen voters now stretch along a stretch of
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sidewalk on clinton park, a residential side street.>> since they put the rocks it has helped.>> reporter: it's a frustrated neighborhoods attempts to keep drug users from turning their street into a shooting gallery.>> they will shoot up at night and stay overnight.>> he told us his family received a letter about a month ago addressing this sidewalk problem.>> reporter: a bunch of my neighbors we all shift in a few hundred dollars and i guess this is what they came up with.>> reporter: about two weeks later the voters appeared. >> it's called anti-homeless architecture. >> reporter: homeless advocates call it a cruel response and not a solution. about two years ago caltrans paroxetine open space near this boulevard to keep campers away. >> we have 1200 people on our waitlist for our shelter tonight, people have nowhere to go.>> reporter: a public works department spokeswoman says the city has no part in putting the
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boulders here and she says since the boulders are not blocking the sidewalk the city has no plans to remove them. the neighbors say the rocks my classroom on the sidewalk especially when some homeless people return at night and sleep on the ground behind the bowlers.>> i'm stuck walking into the street and of a car does, can quickly get on the sidewalk because there is a rock right there.>> i feel like there's nothing being done. >> interesting approach, we will see if it continues to work. the cable cars in san francisco are running again, they have been shut down for nearly 2 weeks while workers replace some of the gearboxes that pull the cable cars of pills. upgrades were part of a project that started two years ago to repair heavy equipment that is decades-old. the gearboxes spin 30 foot
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wheels that pull 12 miles of underground cables which are what pull the cable cars. officials say the $6 million upgrade project was needed to ensure the safety and reliability of the system. the latest poll out of iowa has elizabeth warren leading the presidential democratic candidates, the first high- quality bolt about the massachusetts senator at the top of the field. warren received 22%, biden came in second with 20%, sanders third with 11%. the democratic national committee announced today the new threshold for candidates helping to qualify for the debate in november. the dean sees as candidates must receive donations from at least 165,000 individual donors up from 130,000 needed to qualify for octobers debate. candidates must also meet one of 2 following requirements.
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that's up from the 2% support needed to next week's debate, 11 candidates have already qualified. and wall street stocks finished mixed today with the dow closing with modest gains thanks to solid numbers for mcdonald's, nike and apple. the nasdaq dropped about five points, the s&p inched slightly lower. apple today said that they will continue to manufacture their mac pro computer in the united states after receiving tariff exemptions for their parts that are made in china. apple has assembled the computers at its facility in austin texas since 2013 but they were considering moving those operations to china. today the company confirmed they will continue building the laptops in texas. the announcement comes as the trumpet menstruation rented most of the tariff exemptions that apple rested.
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looking into the weather we know it's going to be a warmer couple days coming up, it was warmer today by a few degrees not sweltering out there but tomorrow that high-pressure building and the air starts to sink and as i mentioned the low pressure has air rising and when it rises it expands and cools, when high pressure builds and it compresses and sinks and when it compresses and sinks it warms so this is what we are under. the wind goes offshore, the humidity drops, temperatures increase. no fog along the coast for the next 72 hours, tomorrow it will be a warmer day as well as wednesday, the strongest wind late tonight and early tomorrow morning, 40 mile-per-hour wind in the east bay hills late tonight or early tomorrow morning, by wednesday into tuesday the winds are not quite
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as vigorous and current temperatures warmer than yesterday by three degrees in fairfield so it is warming up out there, it degrees warmer in santa rosa, four degrees warmer in livermore. pretty clear skies tomorrow will be a spare of the air day with combustibles in the atmosphere you will notice that tomorrow. tomorrow morning the wind is going offshore, red flag warning in full effect, strongest wind between three and six a clock, when that wind comes out the air sinks so you're going to see some purple, 100 showing up in some of our inland valleys, a heat advisory for the bay area including san jose and san francisco and oakland, there's not a lot of air conditioning in san francisco or even in oakland and i can remember when there was not a lot of air conditioning in san jose in the 60s and 70s.
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the idea is the air system is going to be a warm one tomorrow and fire danger will stay up not just for the wind but for the temperature and humidity. this is not unusual. very typical for this time of year to get these offshore wind events, this is not an out-of- control event, this is pretty run-of-the-mill which will last us through wednesday morning. the heat is on the next couple days, and i'll see you back here was the five-day forecast. this is the chevy silverado,
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the juul record. they took $12.8 billion from big tobacco. juul marketed mango, mint, and menthol flavors, addicting kids to nicotine. five million kids now using e-cigarettes. the fda said juul ignored the law with misleading health claims. now juul is pushing prop c, to overturn san francisco's e-cigarette protections. say no to juul, no to big tobacco, no to prop c. today house democrats threatened to subpoena mike pompeo if he refuses to turn over information about whether the presidents press the rain to investigate joe biden son. the president is defending himself as democrats are
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calling for more in is patient. >> reporter: for the general assembly the president have a full schedule of meetings with world leaders but it is his phone call over the summer with ukrainian presidents that has lawmakers here in dc calling for more investigation again.>> it's just a democrat which on.>> reporter: president donald trump is defending his phone call with the ukrainian president in which he reportedly asked about joe biden and his sons business ties to ukraine. >> biden did what they would like to have me do except with one problem i did not do it but what biden did is a disgrace and what his son did is a disgrace.>> reporter: you dismiss accusations he was using his presidential power to pressure a foreign government into investigating biden son.
5:25 pm
>> is use the abuse of power and every element of the presidency to try to do something to smear me.>> reporter: and a letter of the senate leader chuck schumer calling for an investigation into the whistleblowers complaint, quote the republican senate see no evil hear no evil attitude toward such a serious national security concern is unacceptable and must change. at the un this afternoon president donald trump saying he might possibly release a transcript or partial transcript of the call. >> i might do it because it was a very innocent call.>> reporter: he must also deal with other foreign policy crises including how to respond on an attack on a saudi oil field that the u.s. suspects was cleared up by iran.>> house speaker nancy pelosi send a letter to congress warning of a new stage in the investigation of the trumpet and the station, she said the investigation
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would begin if they refused to release the whistleblower complaint related to the presidents phone call with ukrainian president. first he told officers he was shot then admitted he accidentally shot himself. now that oakland police officer has been charged with misleading and investigation and drug possession. a chinese real estate air charged with murdering her children's father, what the defense attorneys argued in the opening statements.
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with this week's red flag warning fire crews are doing everything they can to prepare for any possible wildfires. call fire plans to place additional firefighters on duty, staff more fire engines
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and keep more equipment on 24 hours per day to respond to any new fires. cal fire says it's important for people to do their part as well and be extremely cautious during this heightened fire danger. >> we talked about it a moment ago but talk more about what you are doing to prepare.>> what we are doing is regionally boosting our assets including five additional strike teams for southern california as well as hand crews and specific areas that we are really concerned about putting in additional staffing patterns for extra cheap officers or logistical support to make sure if and when a fire breaks that we get as many resources there as quickly as possible.>> we heard about these fire warnings, how concerned are you when we have a red flag warning? >> i think if we look at the last three years all of these big fires happened late in the season so we take all of these
5:31 pm
events extremely seriously. it has a term red flag warning for a reason so this is the time of year that we see the damaging and distracting fires, we also want the capability should a fire break out.>> one of these things we have seen especially last year when there were so many fires was fatigue from firefighters, they are working the lines and barely getting any sleep, right now we don't have to deal with that because there have not been that many major buyers so far.>> we have gotten really what he does season so far we have late rain and a significant amount of snowfall at high elevation and we have use those benefits the last month, that's good for firefighters and the sense that the deployment has not been long but as we have seen it takes one offshore wind event to change the paradigm and have multiple fire burning once.
5:32 pm
>> those terrible fires happened so fast and came out of nowhere. what would be your advised the homeowners? what specific thing is probably prioritizing for people to reduce the risk of a wildfire?>> we always preach earlier in the year to have a sensible base around the structure make sure you can get in and out and there's some defense on your home, something like at night if you have a red flag warning in the future, the biggest part is having an evacuation route and knowing how you're going to get out and also checking on neighbors that might be vulnerable, the elderly and those that are less able-bodied to make sure that in the event that something breaks out you can take care of yourself and your neighbors and get out of harms way. >> i'm curious what are your thoughts on the plan hour they cut power? are you in favor of that? >> i think anytime you reduce the risk of potential catastrophic fires it is obviously good for public
5:33 pm
safety, i'm not going to speak for them because they have stringent forecasting models for us we wants to reduce the number of potential fires.>> thank you for being here with us today we appreciate it. in oakland police officer has been charged with drug possession and tampering with an investigation. our crime reporter is in san leandro with mom what happened.>> i'm in the parking lot of the chili's where that's 25 year veteran oakland police officer shot himself. police say it was an accident but the officer is now receiving criminal charges. >> the oakland police officer has been charged with structuring a police investigation after he shot himself in the chest while off duty outside a restaurant in san leandro. authorities say he given the
5:34 pm
runaround.>> is officer obviously should have admitted what happened and we would all be better off especially him.>> reporter: the shooting happened in the restaurant parking lot back in december.>> this appears to be self-inflicted, and accidental discharge by the off-duty officer. >> reporter: according to police he did not stay put after shooting himself, instead he ended up at the apartment he shared with his girlfriend. she called police and for the first few hours police thought the officer might have been shot by a suspect. >> that puts officers and citizens in danger because they're looking for someone who allegedly shot a police officer. >> reporter: the officer told police he did not know who shot him and gave conflicting stories about his personal weapon before finally saying he did not know where the gun was. ktvu found a spend shell casing in the parking lot and turned it over to police. an attorney turned in the missing country after days after the shooting. the da charged him with
5:35 pm
obstructing with a police investigation and two counts of possessing drug paraphernalia. that's because police said they found a glass pipe with residue inside and ziploc baggies in a closet. oakland police say they found a straw with trace amounts of methamphetamine in his work locker. >> there are warning signs the department should have caught >> i am not saying what he did was good it was completely wrong if it's true but i am saying that more could have been done to save him.>> reporter: is attorney says he was surprised that charges were filed. in a statement he said having said that, tori has had a distinguished career but has been exposed to more than a share of trauma. as a result he has experienced personal challenges which he is
5:36 pm
addressing. >> reporter: the officer has been on in ministry to leave since the shooting, he remains on investigation. police in san jose are searching for the driver who hit and killed a woman last night, police say the victim was in a crosswalk when she was hit by a pickup truck around 7:45 near south king road not far from emma park. investigators believe the suspect was driving a dark blue or green ford ranger with an extended cab. this was the 10th hit and run vitali for san jose this year. santa clara county says restaurants their own $5 million in back wages to employees. this morning the counties office of labor standards enforcement and the department of environmental health announced a food permit enforcement program to go after those restaurants. under the new enforcement program the county can suspend a restaurants food permit for a
5:37 pm
minimum of five days and they would only get the permit back after paying the back wages or agreeing to nsn.>> reporter: the counties at the forefront to advancing labor standards.>> we cannot forget that there are many many people being left behind and by the way this is not just for restaurants, also in the construction industry. this rubs people not only of money but of their dignity and we are going to do something about that. >> reporter: the $5 million in wage theft is the highest in the state. defense lawyers for 2 peninsula lawyers residents accused of murder and prosecutor say they have the wrong people on trial. we were in the courtroom in redwood city as opening statements were given.>> reporter: defense lawyers say tiffany arrived happy to finally have her day in court.>> she is innocent of
5:38 pm
these charges and for that reason she is absolutely. >> reporter: circumstantial evidence proves her and her boyfriend had nothing to do with the april 2016 murder of keith green. the relationship soured and prosecutors say that li fearing she would lose her daughters in a custody battle pay this man to kill her ex. >> we believe we have the right people to hold accountable for this murder.>> defense lawyers say the circumstantial evidence points to adele as the guilty party. blood was found in his car and apartment parking space and cell phone, text mattresses and tracking show him going to sonoma county where greens body was dumped after being shot ret the peninsula. >> the prosecutionisexactly wha police first thought.
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>> reporter: despite a lengthy opening statement from one defense attorney and prosecutors only getting through one witness on the stand, attorneys still believe they are on pace to wrap up this case sometime before thanksgiving. i mean, if you haven't thought about switching to geico,
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say no to juul, no to big tobacco, no to prop c. thiwith the world's firstdo, invisible trailer. invisible trailer? hop in. silverado offers an optional technology package with up to 15 different views- including one enhanced view that makes your trailer appear invisible. wow. that's pretty sweet. that's cool. where'd the trailer go? or, get a total value of ninety seven sixty on this silverado all star without optional tech package or enhanced invisible view. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. the u.s. odor is under arrest accusatory instructions on building a bomb and discussing an attack on a major news network. jarrett william smith is also accused of discussing presidential candidates and far
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left activists. this is a signed of the first infantry division where he was charged with one count of distributing information related to explosives and weapons of mass instruction. police in florida have fired a school resource officer after he arrested 260 students at their school in orlando and put at least one of them in handcuffs. the grandmother of one of the children said it started when her granddaughter kicked a staff member at the school last week. the child was brought to the principals office and that is where the school resource officer handcuffed her and took her to juvenile hall.>> no six- year-old child should be able to tell somebody they have handcuffs on them. >> there will be no criminal prosecution for misdemeanor battery for these elementary children in my name or on my watch.>> a six-year-old boy also arrested were charged with
5:44 pm
misdemeanor battery but again dropping those charges, orlando police and announce later that the officer has been terminated from the department. authorities arrested 2 southern california women who impersonated irs workers and scam people out of nearly $1 million worth of gift cards. police say the women were arrested last week following an investigation. authorities say they were taken into custody after posing as irs employees and threatening a man with arrest if he did not send them $2200 in target gift cards. authorities did not say how many victims were scammed, police say that women used the gift cards to buy $900,000 worth of electronics and other merchandise. former nfl receiver antonio brown said today that he is going back to college. he posted on instagram he has reenrolled at central michigan university where he played
5:45 pm
college ball in 2007 to 2009. a spokesperson says that he started taking online courses last week but will not be attending classes on campus. the raiders cut him before he even played a down for the team, she then played one game for the patriots before they cut him over sexual misconduct allegations and a sports illustrated story that he tried to intimidate his accuser. yesterday he tweeted he is not going to play in the nfl anymore.>> you have likely seen there and selling cars, tonight the attorney general accuses paul blanco of fraud. we are here to discuss jessie's online time.
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11 judges on the ninth circuit court of appeals heard new arguments today over whether the classic song stairway to heaven was stolen from ♪ >> the plaintiff say that he copied it from the song taurus
5:49 pm
by the rock band series. take a listen to that song. a jury ruled in favor of led zeppelin in 2016.a three judge panel ordered a retrial because of errors in jury instruction. plaintiffs argued today the new trial is justified but the judges appeared skeptical.>> listen to these recordings, the deposit copy and the reformed copy i don't see how any juror could find that substantially similar even with expert testimony.>> the guitarist randy wolf died 1997, it is not clear when the ninth circuit will issue its decision. the cano
5:50 pm
the california attorney general is suing a car dealership with locations around california, the lawsuit alleges that paul blanco dealerships committed fraud and misled customers.>> for many families the most expensive one- time purchase that they will make is not a home it is their vehicle.>> reporter: the attorney general says his office is taking the good car company to court.>> alleging that they misled consumers and lenders with the result being that consumers ended up with auto loans that they could not of were to repay. >> reporter: the locations across california including sacramento, stockton and fairfield says the company has 488 employees helping thousands of low-income people for vehicles. the office is the company falsely advertised discount programs that do not exist.>> reporter: the dealership even promoted a builder and for senior citizens that supposedly offered reduced prices and interest rates and an easier approval process when in reality no such program ever
5:51 pm
existed. >> reporter: he's also accused of lying to customers claiming their customers legally y out o an extra cost of as much as $4000.>> often require the buyer to take out expensive loan.>> reporter: perhaps the most shocking accusation is that they claim employees would physically cover parts of disclosure paperwork with their hands were customers sign them.>> it will tell you how much interest are going to pay overtime and we slap it down in front of you on the table with our open hand covering up the disclosure. >> reporter: the department of justice says it's not looking to shut the business down but the lawsuit is seeking to hit the company with a $2500 civil penalty for each violation. e more victims out there. >> we have had information from customers who have had life altering experiences with this
5:52 pm
dealership network>> here we will not stand for that. looking at the weather pattern it's warming up, high pressure is building and it was warmer today by a good eight degrees, it warms further tomorrow temperatures are going to make it into the 90s around the bay that's why the heat advisory and some areas will make it the triple digits, tomorrow the wind gets going late tonight and early tomorrow morning as well, that is this alignment of the high and low pressure, very typical and nothing out of the ordinary, this is what you get in the wall months until we get into late november. with that said it goes off for the red flag warning tonight through wednesday morning, the high pressure is doing what is does and the wind is starting to flow offshore, highest wind speeds tends to be around five in the morning especially in the east bay hills where you
5:53 pm
get some funneling, just be aware of that. all over the bay area will notice, that's where the numbers will come from tomorrow morning. you will find a 40 mile-per- hour guest up there. we have seen them up to 65 miles per hour so this is not an extreme event it's just a red flag warning and this will keep happening in california. as you look across the bay good air quality now but tomorrow is turns into spare the air, by late tonight and early into tomorrow morning it continues offshore compressing the air and warming. friction creates that warms, the same thing happens with the air molecules they warm each other up, 99 in napa tomorrow 100 and sonoma, 103 in vacaville, 100 fairfield, a
5:54 pm
lot of forms in there. we might see a couple records tomorrow, this pattern is typical for this time of year so we get a lot of heat in these months right before thanksgiving. there's tuesday, wednesday and friday. saturday temperatures cool down so a couple of days of heat and wind and then red flags and then it goes away. one companies collapses having an impact all over the world. the battle to get 100,000 stranded vacationers home.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
one of the oldest and largest tour companies in the world has collapsed leaving more than 100,000 vacationers stranded. the trouble began yesterday and then today the company failed to secure emergency funding. we are in london with the report. >> this outcome will be devastating to many people and will cost a lot of anxiety.>> reporter: the ceo announcing the companies demise after 170 years of organized tours and vacation. one of the oldest and biggest tour companies in the world serving more than 20 million customers per year. it fell on hard times with the rise of online giants and a slowdown in bookings blamed on brexit made things even worse,
5:58 pm
forcing the company to cancel all operations as of monday morning. >> it was not really a sustainable company putting aside the fact that governments don't usually invest in travel companies.>> reporter: now 150,000 customers are stranded on vacation at authorities say getting them home will be the biggest effort in history. tourism officials around the world are now making accommodations pledging nobody will be left behind. >> reporter:! comfort for those running short on time, money and patience. many saying they have not received any health or communication from the company or travel authorities.
5:59 pm
extreme fired entering the bay area as wind picks up and the heat intensifies, tonight thousands of people are on standby waiting to find out if there power will be shut off as part of the fire prevention effort.>> as we have seen it is really these high wind events that really fueled is large and damaging fires.>> a red flag warning goes into effect 10:00 tonight for the north bay and east bay hills as well as the diablo range. >> the wind gusts and low humidity can be a recipe for disaster putting communities at risk.>> we have more on the red flag warning and the heat advisory that begins tomorrow.>> the red flag warning gets going tonight at nine a clock but the
6:00 pm
heaviest wind will be around six in the morning and they will be in the east bay hills, it's going to be dry and very warm and the red flag warning pertains in the bay area and in the areas above 1000 feet. then you will see down by the sea level there is a red flag warning but frost as above sea level, the heat advisory czar for everybody, nonetheless the wind gets blowing pretty significantly late tonight and early tomorrow morning and when you get that you can see heat advisories because it's going to be warm around places like san jose and oakland and cities that are not used to getting a lot of forms are going to get a lot of forms in the next two days. the wind will be blowing from 10:00 to 10:00 tonight, through the morning hours and into wednesday and again into tuesday and tuesday night into wednesday morning. this is always a big deal when we get these kind of conditions but it is not unusual at all,
6:01 pm
this is very typical for this time


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