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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  September 25, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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talk to seem to like the trade- e.g. f no power over the threat any is expecting power lines in the north bay and sierra foothills. good evening everyone, i'm frank sommerville. >> and i'm julie hamer, it was another day of temperature spiking into the triple digits, here's a live look at the golden gate bridge looking toward marin county. there were a few records broken today, that mixed with windy conditions, and low humidity cause that public safety power outage.>> what was the highest temperature in the bay area? >> we saw some big temperatures, some of the records, san francisco, downtown broke a record. it goes back to almost the gold rush. downtown san francisco was 94 degrees, santa rosa could be well over 100 degrees. that will come in in the next hour. set sfo set a record at 96 degrees, oakland downtown 98 degrees, the airport set a
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record at 96, it advisory is st effect, and as we go into tomorrow, big changes. that is sort of the story, it's record hot, two days in a row, and then we get this recipient is dropping temperatures starting tomorrow. there's a trough of low pressure that gets closer to us, and it brings the chance for some snow flurries to lake tahoe as we go toward the weekend. so the plan for tomorrow, today santa rosa, 103, tomorrow, 84 degrees. 94 and six san francisco, the go to 95, so temperatures drop off. you will notice the cool down, but in the meantime, it's still pretty warm, in the next few hours things will start to cool down as the wind shifts and we see more of an onshore flow. in the meantime, one more day with lots of records.>> if you live in the north baker you may hear helicopters flying
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overhead. those are pg&e crews that are inspecting the condition of powerlines after they shut off power to about 1500 customers in sonoma and napa counties. tom vacar continues our coverage now, he's in the mountains above calistoga. >> reporter: sonoma is now totally restored, we are on france valley road, about 1000 feet up on the calistoga side. around here there is still power outages, but they are now inspecting those lines and they soon hope to have the power restored pretty quickly. but here's how the day went. jerry factor is one of 1400 pg&e customers still shut off. he was shut off early this morning, and he hasn't had power in almost 12 hours. but like many of his neighbors in the rural area, he has a big generator that runs his entire house when needed. >> they've got to do what
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they've got to do, that's all there is to it. i'm in favor of them shutting her down, if you want to live here, you've got to be prepared. it's like a little city around here, there are generators running all over the area now. >> though the town of calistoga was not shut off, the arco station was on the shutdown circuit, inconveniencing folks needing to fill up. >> i think it's a good idea, it's better that than the alternative, i'd rather that than a fire any day. >> with five generators going, it was a normal safe night and day for safari west and its overnight guests, day visitors and 900 animals. >> we have a management plan to keep our grasslands mow down, naturally, we have fire trucks and water trucks. we have the fire department that comes up and trains our staff on how to put out grass fires, how to use the fireworks and kosher, all of those things
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come into play. >> pg&e has an air-conditioned resource into at the napa county fairgrounds for those needing to recharge phones, get water, and information about restoration. >> we are waiting for the weather to pass and get the all clear. crews are on standby and ready to start the reunification process.>> the supervisor was happy that the shut off on a rural micro grade was small, but he said communications from pg&e were not so good.>> we have to hold pg&e a cannibal for better cooperation, coordination and communication. we are getting too much information that is fuzzy, at best.>> power should be restored this evening here in the napa area, but only after all the inspections are done, the roads are very wind he up here, there are a lot of trees, so it may take a little bit of time, but they are pretty sure they can get it done this evening. reporting live, tom vacar, ktvu , fox 2.
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the summary of a phone call, unclassified and released to the public, this morning the white house released this document on the telephone conversation between president trump and the president of ukraine. it is the call that took place on july 25 that launched the house democrats impeachment inquiry. after that release the president defended himself while sitting next to the ukrainian president at the united nations brianna smith ukrainian leader defendant president trump saying there was no pressure on the call. greg lee here now with reactions from local congress when. >> they are saying there was absolutely nothing there, democrats obviously disagreeing, it sets a very big day in congress tomorrow. we understand right now members of the house and senate intelligence committee, we are just starting to see some reactions about it on twitter. this after president trump stressed transparency this afternoon. >> it's a joke, impeachment for that? when you have a wonderful meeting, or you have a
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wonderful phone conversation? >> president trump remains defiant, denying any wrongdoing in a phone call with ukraine's president, as the white house released a memo reconstructing the call. in it, mr. trump asks you cranes a leader to do us a favor, referencing a company involved in the russian election investigation. president trump goes on to urge the president to work with his personal lawyer, rudy giuliani, and attorney general william barr to investigate potential corruption and former vice president joe biden and his son, hunter. the two leaders held a news conference after meeting in the yuan, and president trump was defended. >> we spoke about many things. and there was no pressure. >> this is part of a whistleblower complaint, and what pushed a house democrats to launch an impeachment inquiry. the ap report some members of congress received the complaint ahead of testimony on thursday.
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the justice department determined the president did not break the law based on the entered evidence available. jackie spear, disagrees priest make he's referring to himself as a candidate for reelection who wants to dredge up dirt on his opponent, and he's withholding $400 million in aid that was supposed to go to ukraine. >> the white house, and many house republicans say the memo of the phone call shows no quid pro quo, and in a statement speaker pelosi said the president tried to make lawlessness a virtue in america. this afternoon, the president said he asked republicans not to object to the release of the complaint. >> we were going to do this anyway, but i've informed them all of the house members, that i fully support transparency on these so-called whistleblower information. >> we see evidence that the president does not comply with the law, does not respect the
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law. and furthermore, is abusing his power. >> once again, the acting director of national intelligence will go before the intelligence community tomorrow where he will be pressed about this whistleblower complaint. joe biden was in los angeles, and they asked him from afar, and he said this was very revealing, so take it for what it's worth. b mac so in the wake of all of this, is it too soon to talk about the potential indications for the trump campaign, and possibly the biden campaign? >> i think a lot of people are talking about this, saying this will inspire president trump's base, and in fact in light of the call for impeachment inquiry, the trump campaign sent out an email to all its supporters and said helpless fight this impeachment and have raised quite a bit of money in the last 24 hours, which is telling. >> what about this whistleblower complaint? we have the director of national intelligence speaking tomorrow, how much can he talk about, and is there the possibility that at some point that they will actually see the
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complaint. >> we've heard adam schiff to say that he's working with the attorney for the whistleblower, who he or she would like to go before the committees at some point. i think if and when that happens, it will really be our first chance to see what indeed is the case. maybe we will get some answers tomorrow. >> i also thought it was interesting that he threatened to resign. >> and he said he wanted to speak openly and candidly, because he took an oath and wanted to be true to it. a california committeewoman with the republican national committee talked to us live, and said no pressure was exerted on the president of ukraine to dig up dirt on a political rival.>> i don't think the president considers joe biden to be a viable political rival. i think the democrats will have totally killed his chance at the presidency by the end of this week, as a result of this. but even before that, he was
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not really arrival, so i think that's really over blowing the situation. >> a number of national polls have given joe biden a lead over president trump, however it's important to remember that we are more than a year away from the 2020 election. to make democratic presidential hopeful castro made a stop in the bay area today. meeting with people in the fruitvale area. he discussed more affordable housing, and he also visited a homeless encampment.>> we see that everyday needs here in fruitvale and neighborhoods across the united states. we have an urgent rental affordability crisis. more people are sleeping on the streets, more people having to double up emma more people sleeping in cars. when i was the secretary of housing, i worked with many others in the obama administration and local communities to try to put more resources into getting people off the street.>> he included a
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plan to invest in homelessness by the year 2028 nationwide, he will attend the heritage celebration in san francisco along with mayor london breed. there was a seven acre fire that began when someone tried to steal copper wire from a power pole. the fire began just after 3:00 this morning.>> reporter: aerial video from firefighter shows a steep glowing hillside before sunrise, the fire burned overnight, it started at around 3:00 this morning, it burned 10 acres before it was 100% contained by 9 am. near the fire scene, investigators found power poles with clear saw marks. a fire investigator said this fire was started by a person who intentionally cut into two power poles, causing them to spark the fire. investigators found saw blades
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nearby, they have their own power supply, and they've had some recent problems. >> they reported to us that they've had an occurrence lately of individuals attempting to steal copper powerlines for recycling purposes. >> it's really tragic. definitely we have lots of wild animals, we have a snake that is no place else in the world, there is treasured resources, that we don't even know are there. that's why we call it a preserve. >> lorna hayes is a volunteer manager with the preserve, and she said there were some people camping last night that had to be evacuated as a precaution, but the campsite was not near the fire. no one was hurt and no buildings were threatened or damaged. the preserve will be open to visitors and hikers and campers this weekend, and she wants firefighters to find the person or people who the fire. >> it's a new phenomena area sadly this morning, it destroyed part of our preserve and used up some very precious resources from our fire crews.
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>> they hope to collect some fingerprints from those saw blades that were left behind at the scene the others power poles. new trouble for a san francisco e-cigarette maker, the shakeup at the top of juul. from mindfulness exercises to stress toys, we bring you on tour of a new wellness center made especially for high school students. after being shut down for hours, montgomery street in san francisco is now open. we will tell you why protesters left of these colorful murals right here on the street.
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the juul record. they took $12.8 billion from big tobacco. juul marketed mango, mint, and menthol flavors, addicting kids to nicotine. five million kids now using e-cigarettes. the fda said juul ignored the law with misleading health claims. now juul is pushing prop c, to overturn san francisco's e-cigarette protections. say no to juul, no to big tobacco, no to prop c.
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california is among 17 states to sue the trump administration to block the rules that we can the endangered species act. the general made an announcement today in davis. the new rules will allow for the first time to consider how much it would cost to save the species. they also remove blanket protections for animals newly listed as threatened and make it easier for species to be removed from the protected list.>> the endangered species act directs protections of imperiled species take precedence over corporate profits. the law is clear, it is the responsibility of the federal government to make sure that actions will not jeopardize the survival of a species or degrade critical habitat. >> those new rules are set to take effect tomorrow. environmental activist spent the day blocking some of the key intersections in san francisco's financial district. they are calling for a change in policy.
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christien kafton is on california street tonight, and those protesters also blocked access to several financial institutions. >> reporter: yeah, they did, and in just the last half hour or so, the last of the protesters made their way out of the area. you can see traffic now moving along montgomery street. this of course at the evening commute, so we are still trying to gauge just how big of an impact today's protest is going to have on the days commute. protesters began gathering before the workday got underway, looking to disrupt business as usual in the financial district. activists blocked the doors to banks in the area. >> we are blockading the people that are destroying what we need to live. so that's why people are in front of chase and wells fargo, bank of america. we are kind of all over, because we have to be. >> activists blocked the employee access door to wells fargo, blocking workers from getting in. >> we want to hold corporations accountable, our action of disobedience is nothing
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compared to the violence that corporations like wells fargo are taking around our earth. >> wells fargo workers were left milling around the street try to figure out just how long the protest would go on. none talk on camera, but off- camera one wells fargo employee told me blocking people from getting to their job might alienate the very people who would otherwise agree that climate change is a crisis. officially, wells fargo released a statement reading in part "we recognize the growing concerns of climate change and environmental sustainability, and we are working to find solutions. wells fargo is committed to accelerating the transition to a low carbon economy." chase said it is reaching out to stakeholders "we firmly believe that balancing environmental and social issues with financial considerations is fundamental to sound risk management." please let a handful of protesters off, activists think that's part of the cost of making sure their method message is heard.>> we are
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taking action because of the climate crisis, it's so critical and people are not paying attention. >> those environmental protesters are gone there, they clearly left their mark here on montgomery. painting this series of murals, they go on for about two blocks along montgomery street. those euros painted with biodegradable and earth friendly paint. for now, a lot of people have been stopping by and looking at them, and asking a lot of questions about what happened here. it's provoking a lot of conversations. live here in san francisco, christien kafton, ktvu fox 2 news. let's take a look at the weather out there. 103 in santa rosa, that's unofficial, it could be higher, it will be 84 tomorrow, temperatures tomorrow coming down from today. you can see all these numbers, we showed you the records earlier, temperatures as we go
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in to the next 72 hours will plummet. so today will wind up being the warmest day of the week. temperatures after that will just fall off the map. now we've got 100 degrees in fairfield, 97 in santa rosa, 99, these are the current temperatures. livermore is a couple of degrees cooler. hayward, san carlos, san jose, five and 3 degrees warmer than where they were yesterday at this time. still a heat advisory in effect, as look at the satellite mapping, you can see a lot going on. you can see all the thunderstorms and activity down around the southwest. then you see this low pressure center around here. this guy up here, is going to drop in and come into the bay area, starting tomorrow. it will last through the weekend, and that brings a chance of some snow or snow flurries to the mountainous areas, maybe a sprinkle here or some drizzle, but the main
5:21 pm
event will be significant calling from where we have been. outside we go live and you can see the butyl show beautiful shot of the san francisco skyline, little hazy, it is a spare the air day, and you can see, it's also the second day of the heat advisory and the red flag warning, which has now been dropped. the overnight lows will still remain on the mild side. in fairfield at 65, conquered at 65, 66, so it will be warm overnight. then the low gets in here, and a completely reverses the weather pattern we've been experiencing. a big reversal. the fog along the coast will return tomorrow. that will start the cooling with an onshore flow. then look at this temperature footprint. completely the opposite of what we had the last two days. yellow is a 70s, green is a 60s, and we are ready for a big
5:22 pm
cooldown. i know cal fire is appreciating and loving this pattern. when we come back we will take a look at the five day forecast. anxiety and stress, common ailments in high school.>> stress and anxiety by far the most identified struggles that students have. kind of off the charts. >> coming up next, we will show you how one south bay high school is making it easier for students to cope with these symptoms. coming up on during one channel 2 news at six, a man accused of setting several fires now under arrest. and a startling tweet from one mayor warning about possible ice activity in his city. coming up and 6, what the mayor is now saying about it. ["white rabbit" by jefferson airplane]
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facebook said today oculus connect conference kicked off in california this morning. that they had no new multiplayer game, zuckerberg said that soon users won't need a controller to operate the oculus device, because an experimental handed tracking feature is coming next year.>> if you've spent a lot of time in vr and a lot of time with touch controls, i think, the first time you get to experience this and you just wiggle your fingers, and you see that full range of motion
5:26 pm
in your hands, it takes the experience to a whole new level.>> oculus is a menlo park company that specializes in virtual reality and reality hardware. facebook bought the company in 2014 for $2 billion. is the first of its kind student center for the south bay's largest school district and as maureen and healer reports, one high school has opened a new place for students to deal with increasing stress and anxiety. >> reporter: with gentle music and soft lighting, this may not look like your typical high school campus scene, but students now have a wellness center to decompress. >> they will try meditation, they will work with stress toys, for some tort students at sketchy. >> is where students can go to calm their mind. students came up with the idea,
5:27 pm
ultimately funded by a 39,000 mental health grant from the unified school district. this space open to six weeks ago and has already had 200 chickens. >> we were planning to open the second friday of school, but the first day of school we had students in crisis, so we opened. >> anxiety and depression are on the rise among teens, fighting pressure to get good grades is one of the top stressors. >> about 80% of the kids coming in are dealing with some sort of anxiety or stress. >> pioneer students get 20 minutes to check in, must identify why they are here, there wellness and then find a coping strategy. being in this space help this reporter take a deeper brea a d and organizers note, this is not a replacement for mental health therapy, if a student comes more than three or four times, and we know that, and then we work with them on their
5:28 pm
families to see what other resources they need.>> the message here, it's okay not to be okay. this is a first for the district, but it hold it will be the last. in san jose, maureen naylor, ktvu fox 2 news. still to come, new problems for san francisco-based juul, their shakeup at the top of the e-cigarette maker, and why they say proposed bands are an overreaction. and just months after a mass shooting in the south bay, another family-friendly event is about to get underway. coming up, the behind the scenes negotiations needed to increase security. and 18th birthday and a life-saving decision all in the same day. how bay area sisters became heroes on a family trip to hawaii. this is the chevy silverado,
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the fda is working on strategies for keeping e- cigarette out of the hands of young people. the acting fda commissioner appeared before the house energy committee today and said
5:32 pm
there are no plans for a full vaping band, but he told makers that have been on flavored products could go into effect within weeks.>> all products will have to submit an application to the fda by may 2020. so very soon, everything should be coming in, but flavors will be removed a lot sooner than that because of our concerns of that youth epidemic use perspective came hours after the resignation of the juul ceo. they will not oppose a federal ban on flavored vaping products. the former chief growth officer will take over as the juul ceo, the announcement comes as the e- cigarette industry is taking several tough challenges, including several vape related illnesses. >> reporter: juul not only announced new leadership at its
5:33 pm
headquarters, but also that they are going to stop marketing altogether here in the u.s. this is the vaping industry is under a nationwide microscope amid growing health concerns. it's a tough week for san francisco-based juul labs continues, with the ceo kevin burns is stepping down after hundreds of vaping related illnesses have cast a shadow on the e-cigarette industry. vaping altogether will be banned in san francisco by 2020, the company announcing on tuesday that they will spend $7 million more on prop c, a measure to overturn that band. we caught up with eighth graders that say they don't want e- cigarette surround them. >> we made flyers and brochures about prop c, informing people on it. we are going to go out in dolores park and talk to people about it.>> a teacher said it was a topic that hit home for all of his students. >> i asked the students, do you have any friends that are using these products.
5:34 pm
and all 42 hands went up. >> juul maintains that these products are a safer alternative for adults looking for tobacco. nearly 11% of high school students reported vaping last year. that's a 27% increase over the last three years, but it's not just teens getting sick. the california department of public health office states that there have been over 500 reports of lung damage associated with vaping across the country, and nine reported deaths, two of which were here in california. that's why they are urging everyone to stop vaping completely. something valley vape shop owner says is an overreaction. >> to say stop vaping altogether is misleading. it's clearly certain products that are causing these illnesses and deaths. >> health officials have not named any specific rocks as the cause of these health issues. but he is scared that customers
5:35 pm
who are trying to quit smoking tobacco will turn back if they don't have an alternative. >> we don't have any illnesses from our customers, and they are coming inward, and considering going back to smoking. that's definitely something we don't want. >> philip morris and l trio which owns 35% of juul have been in talks to join forces, but they announced today that they have suspended all merger talks. more ease coders will be hitting the streets of san francisco, city leaders have selected for operators to receive permits for scooter rentals next month. lime, scoot, jump, and spin will be allowed to offer up to 1000 scooters each starting october 15. that number could go up to 2400 after a year. scoot actually began operating ease coders last year as part of a pilot program. skip was also part of that same
5:36 pm
pilot program but did not receive a permit. the ceo of the shared office company wework step down amid a tumultuous few weeks, he was getting ready for the startups initial public offering but it was postponed after investors voiced concerns about wework's ballooning losses. >> is a bit of an eccentric ceo, on one hand, it's a good thing. for example, he banned me from the company cafeteria. so, that's pretty eccentric.>> the company was once valued at $47 billion, and is now valued at 15 billion. a dispute over security for an annual pumpkin festival has organizers fearing that the public would be at risk if there was an act of violence. santa clara county and the morgan hill organizers have now reached an agreement.>> each year sinceannual pumpkin patch of festival in
5:37 pm
morgan brings tens of thousands to the scene. but this year, months after a mass shooting in gilroy, organizers wanted more law enforcement muscle, supplement on-site security. >> after everything that happened at the gilroy garlic festival, it's been a concern about large events like this. we've always been very conscious of security. >> organizers reached out to the santa clara county sheriff's office to hire uniformed deputies to work the event that runs from september 28 to october first. the answer was no, which was a surprise. the event takes place in supervisor mike wasserman's districts. >> i don't see a problem with our deputies of being there, where families, adults and children can enjoy the day. >> serves officials announced that the office would in fact provide additional security in the form of deputies. >> the sheriff's office has
5:38 pm
been working with county entities to provide supplemental law enforcement for events like this. from an operational standpoint, this does take some time, but we will make it happen. >> it just gives us peace of mind, and i'm happy that they stepped up and wanted to help us. we are just trying to help them do their jobs. >> pumpkin patch organizers are discussing with the sheriff's department how many deputies would be out here, and for how long. but they do say there will be uniformed deputies on hand when things start on saturday at 9:00 in the morning. more money to fight invasive rodents in the central valley. how much one lawmaker is asking for to eradicate a big test that is spreading through parts of the state. 80,000 hospital workers are ready to walk off the job come up next, the deal that will keep
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oakland city workers and community leaders protested today outside of city hall. employees say the city has failed to fill more than 600 open positions, making it difficult to keep oakland running smoothly. this as a 3000 immunized city employees have been working without a contract since the end of june. the city has offered a 4% pay increase over two years, but city workers say they also want the severe understaffing to be
5:42 pm
addressed.>> we are out here, because we want the residents of the city of oakland to get the services they've been paying for with their tax money. they are not getting all the services they pay for because we have understaffing crisis here in the city of oakland. >> earlier this month presidential candidate bernie sanders tweeted his support for the workers. he said he stands with the public servants fighting to provide quality city services. today's rally was spirited, but otherwise peaceful. kaiser permanente announced today that they reached a tentative contract with their unions. they still need to approve the deal, if they do, the agreement will ward off a strike that was set to begin october 14. kaiser said the contract settlement will establish a $130 million work force development and educational program. the healthcare giant plans to
5:43 pm
also create a program to reduce the national shortage of health workers, plus provide annual pay raises. they also say they are committing to restoring the partnership between workers and management. a san francisco supervisor is calling on the city to declare a public health crisis over the use of street drugs and the rate of overdoses. supervisor matt haney presents the tenderloin, he says the city is not doing enough to address the growing number of overdose deaths. haney introduced a resolution calling on the health department to formulate an emergency plan, and gives details on his plan earlier on the four. a >> right now folks are using drugs openly on the street. very little outreach to those folks, and an actual plan to get people into treatment and make sure people have access to narcan when they do overdose. we need to make sure we are getting them into treatment. >> haney also said various city departments should be working together to combat the city's drug epidemic. a california representative
5:44 pm
is asking for $7 million in federal aid to help eradicate an invasive species. in this case, it's a rodent that is called nutria. it's threatening waterways and crops in the central valley. a representative from turlock held a hearing on the rodent which again can destroy wetland habitats and jeopardize the water supply. right now the department of fish and wildlife is using $10 million in state funds to try to eradicate the nutria. >> our goal is to get out here, find them, and eradicate them before they become fully established throughout our central valley. the problem with nutria is that they don't stay in low densities. once they become very widespread and in extremely high numbers, they will create major damage onto levees and vegetation.>> the first nutria was found in has caught or killed the h and 700 of them. the problem is that nutria can
5:45 pm
have 200 offspring per ators in the area. a family to haw couple of bay area sisters into heroes. >> it's traumatizing for sure, having to go through that, but it's also amazing that we were fortunate enough to be able to save this lady's life. spread the lady without snorkeling, how they saved her life, coming up next. to make a heat advisory is dropped for now, temperatures really going the other way, it will get a lot cooler around here, details, coming up. the juul record.
5:46 pm
they took $12.8 billion from big tobacco. juul marketed mango, mint, and menthol flavors, addicting kids to nicotine. five million kids now using e-cigarettes. the fda said juul ignored the law with misleading health claims. now juul is pushing prop c, to overturn san francisco's e-cigarette protections. say no to juul, no to big tobacco, no to prop c.
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you can text for help in santa clara county, the communication system was officially launched a couple of hours ago in san jose, gives hearing paired people the ability to text 911 services in most areas of santa clara county. it can also be used by anyone who might be hiding from an attacker or feels unsafe speaking to a 911 operator over the phone.>> calling 911 is always going to be the preferred method to tell us about an emergency. but text to 911 is a new option that will help those who are deaf, hard of hearing, speech impaired, or anyone else who might be unsafe if they were to be heard by an intruder, or by someone else who can put them in danger.>> authorities say anyone using the text to 2911 service should include their specific location and keep the
5:49 pm
message brief. >> two bay area sisters are back from a vacation in hawaii where there quick thinking helped save a woman's life. rob roth talk to them about what they did, and why it's a bittersweet experience.>> reporter: the hawaiian vacation for a hawaiian kenyan family turned into a life-saving and upsetting experience. >> it's traumatizing, but also amazing that we were fortunate enough to be able to save this lady's life. stomach it happened september 11, this drone video shows a woman snorkeling on the island of oahu. moments later, janessa began noticing her from the beach. to make her snorkel was going in and out of the water, and i thought it was weird because the water was only 2 to 3 feet deep.>> she told her sister who was celebrating her 18th birthday, and they ran into the water to check on the woman. >> her arms were hanging there, she wasn't kicking or anything like that. i thought that was a sign that
5:50 pm
something was wrong. >> a passerby performed cpr and she regained consciousness, and ambulance rushed her to the hospital in serious condition. hawaiian authorities won't say how the woman is doing or what happened in the water, but the sisters are glad they were able to help. >> is pretty amazing, as we cannot say we saved somebody's life. >> but it's a bittersweet experience. right after, i broke down. >> it's unclear what caused the snorkeler to lose consciousness, officials say snorkeling deaths have nearly doubled in the past five years. 31 people died in hawaii from snorkeling last year and another 40 to 50 needed emergency responses. some tests have been blamed on fullface snorkeling masks where they inhale carbon dioxide and pass out. but the sisters say the rescued woman was not wearing that type of mask. kevin osborn owns anchor shack in pachinko, and they said that snorkelers should receive some training before getting into the water. >> even a mask that is good, potentially could be misused.
5:51 pm
and a person that understanding that they are misusing it, they are not making a proper seal around their nose or mouth. >> the sisters say what happened will keep them from going back to hawaii. >> i'm thankful we were ready for that experience. >> in american canyon, rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. let's take a look at the weather, we are looking at record heat out there today. check out this graphic. we've got 92 in half moon bay, 99 in redwood city, 94 in san francisco. when you break a record in san francisco, that's a big deal. you were going back to the gold rush. san jose, downtown, 99 degrees today. so today was definitely the hottest day of the week. after this, temperatures go the other way. it's going to be a big drop off in temperatures as we look at numbers back into the 70s and 80s as we get into thursday, friday and beyond.
5:52 pm
here's more highs from today, 99 in antioch, 102 in fairfield, 100 and napa, just toasty out there. the heat advisory will be dropped shortly, but these are current temperatures, 100 and fairfield, 97 in san jose. story is that high-pressure, and the other story is that as this high pressure begins to break, this little dip in that jetstream, this whole area will drop down as we go into the next 72 hours. that will bring us a chance for some snow flurries. it's quite a change from what we saw today and yesterday. air quality, not so great, spare the air day yet again today. but it doesn't look too bad, but it's ground-level ozone that causes you the problems. and you can't really see that. there's the fog forecast for tomorrow morning. so it comes back on shore when comes back, and temperatures go back down. work has ties to mark, 70s are yellow, green his 60s, and it's a plummet, that's all i can
5:53 pm
say. the red flag warnings, it is on its way out of here, and we are already starting to see some wind shifts that indicate this southerly surge up the coast. and that means cooler weather, by as much as 20 degrees tomorrow, that is significant. and this pattern is just much better than the pattern cal fire has been facing over the last few days. so in the mountains, let's take a look at what we are talking about, changes are on the way, in the sierra. to be prepared for some cooler weather, look at the difference, by sunday, chance of showers, even snow showers at higher elevation. forecast highs, 89 in vacaville, that's a high cry from 1 to 5, 80 in lithe four t forecast it will show. look at that top-tier number, they are 70s where they were
5:54 pm
100s. >> that's a huge turnaround, all right thank you. stomach it is premier season for fox and that means the return of the masked singer. >> the talent level, i don't even know who's underneath it, but i hear several grammy award winners. emmy award winners, all of them are behind these masks. >> the hit fox series returns with bigger stars, crazier costumes and even more surprises. robin thick, and jenny mccarthy return as judges. you can catch that season two premier starting at 8:00 tonight right here on ktvu followed by the 10 and 11:00 news. the trump administration is calling for more international cooperation from iran. i will have all the details, coming up. coming up on ktvu news at 6, concerning tweet from a mayor warning about possible ice rates, that tweet now
5:55 pm
deleted, and what the mayor is saying about it. plus an out-of-state visitor cost of flying into the bay area and setting dozens of fires. how investigators tracked him down.>> ktvu fox 2, where the power of 2 comes from you. ["white rabbit" by jefferson airplane]
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the trump administration was pushing unity and diplomacy at the united nations today, as the white house focuses on the threat posed by iran. amy kellogg tells us how european allies are hoping to prevent a war.>> reporter: mike pompeo in new york addressing activists opposed to the iranian regime. the day after president trump
5:58 pm
challenged iran's government during his speech to world leaders at the un. part of the new effort to drum up support for an international coalition to contain and pressure iran, following recent military provocations, including attacks on saudi arabia's oil industry, most world powers now blame iran. >> iran has a long history of unprovoked aggression, 40 years now, against its own people, against its neighbors, and indeed against civilization itself. stomach iran's president still denying his country was behind the attack. he said president trump is to blame for the recent escalation and attention which started when the u.s. withdrew from the 2015 nuclear agreement. >> we had an agreement, mr. trump, exited, without a valid justification and illegally from an international agreement. so, if the united states of america's government is willing to talk, it must create the needed conditions. to make european leaders making a big push for a face-to-face meeting, both leaders say that
5:59 pm
is unlikely to happen, but europeans are hoping negotiation can be restarted to avoid an open military conflict between iran and the west. >> it is now up to iran and the united states of america to seize this chance to work together to restart the process. >> runs defense ministry said on wednesday that the country won't give up its ballistic missile program as part of any new deal with the united states. in milan, amy kellogg, fox news. this is ktvu fox 2 news at 6. >> details tonight on the phone conversation between president trump and the president of ukraine, released in a five- page memo and reveals that president trump asked for a favor.>> i didn't do that, you take a look at that call, it was perfect, there was no quid pro quo. the president maintaining he has done nothing wrong. >> the transcript of the call is a crucial part of the whistleblower complaint that started the formal impeachment
6:00 pm
inquiry. here's what we know so far, in the call, mr. trump raised allegations unsupported by any evidence that the former vice president joe biden sought to interfere with the ukrainian prosecutor's investigation of his son, hunter. president trump repeatedly prodded ukraine's new leader to work with rudy giuliani and the attorney general to investigate the biden story. he also confirmed that he ordered his staff to freeze a $400 million in military aid to ukraine, a few days before the call. >> after releasing the memo president trump defended himself while sitting next to the ukrainian president at the united nations. greg lee is here now with what he said.>> the ukrainian president also resident trump s not pushed in any way on that call. president trump and a couple of news conferences today told reporters again, he did nothing wrong and that this is all a hoax. a mass number of democrats from the house and those running for
6:01 pm
president saying this memo is a smokin


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