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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  September 27, 2019 6:00am-6:58am PDT

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of a drizzle is out there. we have all of the information today. >> so there will be plenty of drizzle here as well. so we've change from the heats to the cool. services go this week is 77. 94 and 77. these are all below average including low 70s for many in the livermore and santa rosa. really a deep system for the end of september that is moving in. they will be measuring feats of snow in parts of montana. for a spare measure measuring the drizzle because there is a big fog bank that has developed because of the system is dropping down. more out of the west or southwest and it is roaring and some of the high elevations. 25 to 30 in the east bank to 6 california and arizona.
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in advance of that weare getting windy and cooler out here. 60s and 70s near temperatures today. the silicon valley communed is beginning to fire up that here on a live picture interstate 80 coming to vallejo and oakland. getting across the bay bridge is going to be moderate as steve has been mentioning. across the bridge looks okay into downtown san francisco. no issues here in front of the oakland coliseum. and heading down to the san mateo or dumbarton bridges. all of it is emphasis go it looks good. the giants home game is going to be well attended so that will impact your afternoon commute looking at the entire east bay commute looks good. silicon valley is still a nice drive. from sunnydale all the way to the west valley.
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let's go back to the desk. the new information about the whistleblower who is pressuring the ukraine into finding embarrassing information on joe biden and his son hunter. the whistleblower according to leading democrats will meet with the house intelligence committee on the dates that still has not yet been announced. the new york times claims the whistleblower is a cia agent who was assigned to the white house but is now back at the cia. reportedly his lawyer says it is dangerous to release information about the whistleblower. there still -- the new york times defending the decision to identified as a cia official. they are putting the life of the whistleblower in danger. but that's became the number one trending topic on -- topic on twitter. saying cancel nyt. they've since written an article to defend the decision.
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coming up in less than 10 minutes from now we have a live report from washington about what is next in the impeachment inquiry. a high school football game canceled due to safety concerns is now back on. details on when the wet and where the match will happen is being kept a secret. allison rodriguez joins us now with the reason. good morning allison. >> good morning pam. the game was scheduled to take place here at san leandro high school. and at this point when the two teams are going to meet up once again the details are being kept under wraps. thursday afternoon the unified school district is here as well tweeting that the game was canceled due to safety concerns. the schools website saying that they were contacted by the police department which has been working with oakland school police department and they've been looking into some kind of a threat made between two groups
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areas. >> i think they were vague threats of violence between parties. we don't know if it was specific to any weapons or anything like that. it has been very vague up to this point. >> by early thursday evening officials had confirmed that they were reinstated. but it was not going to be open to the public. at this point all we know is that the details are still being hashed out. and when they are they will not be announced due to safety concerns. michael pierce told them that he could not remember ever having a game canceled because of the threat. there is no word yet from police somewhat exactly that threat was. how they became aware of it and if they know any of those individuals involved. that is something we are hoping to later on today. we know that jb t from oakland were set to play here in san diego as well. but they know that they
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reschedule with a different team at a different location. so they will play tonight. reporting live fox 2 news. all lanes of southbound 680 are open again this morning. after deadly morning crash. the white nissan sentra crashed near monument boulevard at around 2 am. the driver died. chp has not told us anything about the cause of the crash. all lanes of southbound 680 have reopened by 430 have reopened by 4:30 am. a group of men are said to appear after being arrested for weekend burglary at a marijuana dispensary. surveillance video led them to the suspects who investigators believe are responsible for three other east bay burglaries. they led police to sort locker that is linked to the suspect inside. they found handguns high- powered assault rifles and more than $40,000 in cash. police are busy searching
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for whoever viciously attacked an elderly man who was visiting his wife's gravesite. the 91-year-old man was at the mission city memorial park in santa clara on september 14 as he did almost every day. that is when the attacker hit him in the back of the head with a rock and robbed him. the victim is out of the hospital now and is recovering. >> given his age this is not the type of attack that is just a physical attack. this is emotional and psychological as well. >> this is a police sketch he had gray slick black hair between 5'9" at six foot tall and has a medium build. writing a gray black mountain bike. local authorities given more power to help the homeless. governor signed more than a dozen bills yesterday that will allow cities and counties to
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speed up the process of building supportive housing and shelters. one bill will allow alameda county to build shelters on public land in case of an emergency. another allows for the state to provide temporary shelter during bad weather. home prices are down. the median price a home in the bay area fell nearly 1% from july to august. the median price is now $810,000 which is down nearly 2 1/2% from a year ago. prices have been flat or declining for six months is six months in a row. horseracing is coming back to the race track. later we tell you what is being done to increase the safety for horses after 30 of them died so far this year. mayor linden parade is talking about criticism coming from the trump administration on the cleanliness of san francisco's streets. we can see that it is
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getting busier out there on the morning commute. on highway 24 is not stopping go here. there's a lot of drizzle out here. it looks like very cool we can for usfor the end of september. we take a look at those temperatures coming up.
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time is 6:10 am. nancy pelosi talk about the impeachment inquiry into president trump and says she is worried about the safety and
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security of the whistleblower in his or her sources. >> i think with the president said goes beyond irresponsible. it is dangerous. whistleblowers have an important role to revealing wrongdoing in our government. if there complaints are deemed credible and also of urgent concern therefore sent to the director of national intelligence. the law says that the director must send it to congress. the white house intervened the executive branch intervened and held him back from doing that. i feel sad for him because he is a respected professional. it comes as we look at more details from the whistleblower here. leland bedard is tracking the fast-moving developments and the impeachment inquiry. >> morning. we are learning a lot more about this whistleblower.
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including where he works. the new york times is saying he works at the cia and was assigned to the white house for a period of time. it is unclear if he is currently assigned to the warehouse. as for what he thinks about this when nancy pelosi was referring to it wa of the present talking not only about the whistleblower but the sources that he cited in his complaint. take a listen. >> you know eastern the oldest leaders are? we used to handle this different than we do now. >> yesterday the acting director of national intelligence joseph maguire testify with a different message. >> this is unprecedented and a unique situation. i do want to stress that i believe the whistleblower acted in good faith throughout. i've every reason to believe that they've done everything by
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the book and follow the law. >> but he said there is no wrongdoing in his conversation with ukrainian president. they think congress is investigating the wrong person. >> it was absolutely perfect phone call to the new president of ukraine. a perfect call. but they're not talking about joe biden and his son walking away with millions of dollars from the ukraine. and the millions of dollars from china. >> nancy pelosi is not satisfied. cautiously pressing ahead toward the march in impeachment. >> i think what they did was break the law. it is very clear. this is nothing we take lightly. >> so this is not over yet by any means elk congress is out for two weeks. but remember that the white house still says they are going to respond with a number the complaint inside the whistleblowers nine page missive and then congress will
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come back after those two weeks and the hearing will begin again. >> live from washington thank you. the impeachment inquiry will be a major topic on the weekly political show the issue is. mark sanford will be here as well as jesse ventura and the prime minister of armenia. you can watch it this sunday at 6:30 am. it will be followed by mornings on 2 and ktvu ports weekend. -- sports weekend. so the white house said that they are going to accept 18,000 refugees over the next 12 months down from the current limit of 30,000. that record low for the the co a better solution is resolving
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conflict abroad that causes people to leave their homes. the trump ministration will be making their case about changing the guidelines for detaining migrant children. it will focus in the 1997 agreement that explains custody conditions for children detained at the border. the trump administration says the agreement should be terminated because there are new custody rules. immigration advocates warn that it could keep people detained indefinitely. london breed is accusing the trump ministration of targeting california because of the democratic leader. the epa is giving california 30 days to combat water pollution. the administration blames unsanitary conditions of city sidewalks and streets because of the homeless. the epaties such as emphasis go los angeles routinely discharging and adequately
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treated sewage. they've won awards for the federal government praising how well they work. it is 6:16 am. let's get you to where you need to go. is everyone behaving say? >> as a matter of fact i am looking at commutes here and there are some new things that did come in. let's put it the bay bridge here. i have a brand-new accident connecting westbound 580 to eastbound 80 in the transition at the macarthur maze and getting more information on that. it looks like the fire department is not needed as it is a non-injury accident but it will affect traffic. if you are driving down to castro valley southbound 238 near his marion there is an injury accident there. traffic will be slow. and peninsula traffic looks okay. you're going to see we are there in some areas this and th clearing a you sir. ing stephen now.
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>> let's get right to it. a big temperature drop yesterday. low clouds are in place right now and it will be a blustery weekend. a big temperature drop from 98 on wednesday. to 73 yesterday. with a warm start on the low down here. i text a friend of mine and said i just saw dorothy's house and cows -- cows fly by. it was gusting from 35 up to 40 in the delta. the lows are on the warm side. by monday and tuesday there will be 40s for most of these lows.there everyone. coming
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over year and that is inexcusable. fix it. around the bay, what we need is 50s for some. most however. alameda is 64. upper 50s for a few in the berkeley hills area. we went to 90 and the hottest day was 77. 66 today and in santa rosa and livermore it will be in the 70s. from well below in the answer valley system. it does not have a lot of moisture. in advance of that it has no doubt about it increase the ousee it coming out of the west, southwest was 60s for just about everyone. very strong low whicin yuma and-
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central being lifted out by that strong system. it will be absorbed of there. today and intimidate we will have well below seasonal temperatures in the sierra with the best opportunity to get any rain for sunday afternoon and into monday. 60s and 70s on the attempts. and tomorrow they'll be very few 70s. most will be in the 60s tomorrow even for some inland. mostly sunny in partly cloudy making the best opportunity on sunday afternoon and evening a temperatures are staying cool. have you used door dash? the big data breach from the food delivery business that may have compromised your personal information.
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there only a few games left for bruce croce before retirement. we have a look at what is happening this weekend at oracle park to honor the legendary manager. ["white rabbit" by jefferson airplane] ♪ one pill makes you larger ♪ and one pill makes you smaller ♪ ♪ and the ones that mother gives you ♪ ♪ don't do anything at all ♪ remember what the dormouse said ♪ welcome aboard. ♪ feed your head ♪ ♪
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that is abby road. in honor of it being released a day ago, it was released on december 26 yesterday. 50 years ago.playing the beatle this song if there's a special beatles song the want to know let us know. that was from fred it came in on the facebook page. this is the hashtag ktvu on twitter, facebook and instagram. >> taking us live to abby road as well. so there only three-day left for bruce croce before he retires. this week and the giants will hold ceremony to honor one of the best managers in major league baseball history. players from the 2010-2014 world series team will be there for the event. a college football the top team in the bay area plays one of the top teams in the country. 15th ranked kyle represents
6:24 am
arizona state after going cross- country and beating ole miss they do expect a large crowd at memorial stadium. the game is also on national television. san jose state is also playing tonight. the spartans on the road to face the airport. they did have a dream we can last sunday. the shocked arkansas 31-24 making the win even more satisfying. arc and all -- arkansas pay them 1.5 million to travel there for the game. semper place in oregon state. they are in need of a win after one of the worst starts in recent history. they won the first game of the season but they dropped the last three including 21-6 home loss against oregon. the first time that they lost three games in a row since 2008. the 49ers are enjoying a well-deserved weekend off. next they will play the cleveland browns. at levi stadium. that is monday, october 7. they are 3-0 since they should the
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first 1998. but they say there is still plenty of room for improvement. last sunday they won despite turning the ball over five times against the steelers. the 49ers are tied for a lead eight turnovers. major frequent flyer miles for the raiders this week. they're not playing again in the coliseum until november. this sunday they face the colts and then they had to england for an nfl promotional game overseas. scott reese reports. >> it has been a rough couple of weeks. >> i don't overreact after one or two games. >> but things will not get easier sunday against the sneaky good cult team that is essentially a missed kick away from being 3-0. this despite the surprise retirement of andrew luck few weeks before the season. jacoby percent has not missed a beat as the sixth rated passer.
6:26 am
>> andrew did not want to retire. his body just had enough. football is the ultimate team sports so i'm sure that they just said let's roll. >> a lot of teams have a super bowl quarterback retire and have a guy return like this. >> he was always a good player. always doing the right things and stepped in immediately. now that had the main role i'm sure he's going to be just the same. >> this is far from a one dimensional offense. marlon bacchus third in the lead for rushing. >> they can really run the football so they will be a handful. >> this will be an unusual venue as they've not played in indianapolis since 2013. even more out of the ordinary, the postgame itinerary. they will hop directly across the pond in preparation for the london game against the bears. fox 2 sports.
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says a nationwide event called the million fathers march. the reason he could see more dads taking kids to school today. spending 30 hours trapped in a coffin? coming up we will take you to the discovery kingdom with a look at why that is now underway. the juul record.
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they took $12.8 billion from big tobacco. juul marketed mango, mint, and menthol flavors, addicting kids to nicotine. five million kids now using e-cigarettes. the fda said juul ignored the law with misleading health claims. now juul is pushing prop c, to overturn san francisco's e-cigarette protections. say no to juul, no to big tobacco, no to prop c.
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ll consumer
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spending is down in august. that is not usually bode well indicating that it will hogo up and that it will slow down a bit. the markets are now set for a higher opening here. slightly higher opening this morning. we get you into the business news for today's dollar and sent. i have to say good morning to hurt. >> it was an interesting day. >> anyway he is really involved in first tee and the city. a great and positive guy who watches us from home. he works from home every friday morning. >> good morning. >>ready to walk off the course because i was not doing well and is positive attitude get me going. >> are you ever going to be on
6:31 am
the pro tour? >> no. >> the don't worry about it. >> i throw my clubs. >> just kidding. 60s and 70s with temperatures way below average. with, way back down. remember those temperatures were in the 100's to 90s on wednesday. today they will be in the 60s and 70s. for adages lot there, we've been talking about that to encounter some of that out here. the best opportunity for rain will be on sunday and into monday. mainly to north and east. there will be sera snow down to 5500 feet by sunday night and into monday. so don't be surprised if you head into the mountains. a deep system moving in for the west coast. after that the fog has decided to push a big line to the southwest as it gusts 35 miles per hour.
6:32 am
there on the warm side here upper 50s to low 60s for everyone almost across-the- board. that certainly holds the temperatures up but they will change next week elk 60s and 70s on the temperature now. do you have anything new to get you right away? >> there are a few things making traffic slower starting in oakland at the macarthur maze. the thick of the camera here. there has been a crash in the transition ramp. westbound 580 eastbound i 88 is coming around us people are trying to get on from 580 to eastbound 80. traffic is slow but it is slow for those trying to go straight as well to the bay bridge. you can see the traffic years can be slow going that way as well.
6:33 am
give yourself extra time if that is your commute at the bay bridge. down the road and south on a daily is right near 92 between 238 and 92. they are declaring an accident there is traffic has been slow. there also declaring an accident over toward castro valley. northbound 101 some slow traffic approaching capitol expressway. let's go back to the desk now. a two week vacation starts right now for the house of representatives but the impeachment inquiry into president trump will continue to hangover washington dc. yesterday the head of national intelligence to testify before congress in an explosive hearing the detailed the whistleblower complaints claiming the president trump pressure the president of the ukraine to investigate joe biden. dozens of the transcript of the call had been moved to a special computer system for classified information.
6:34 am
>> reaction highlights the wide various opinions. they gathered of the north beach area for the annual lincoln reagan dinner. many of told us the allegations have no merit. others want more information before the make up their minds. >> i would like to this myself. i know politics him besides here. they're going to be strong opinions on both sides elk and outlandish things being said. >> donald trump is wildly republican approved. and he does not risk losing any support in the republican party. >> the keynote speaker was a conservative commentator and filmmaker. he says the battle between the parties and within the parties shows how politics changed. happening today, it is not a protest or demonstration.
6:35 am
but later this morning a march will take place in several schools. this is part of a national campaign to give fathers and father figures more involved in the education of children. allie rasmus is here now with more on what is going to be happening. good morning ellie. >> good morning.march the kids to school as adjuster. this is video from the event last year. a lot of schools and school districts taking part to encourage dads, grandfathers and big brothers to make a commitment and get involved in education. when fathers are actively involved in fewer behavior problems and get good grades. a nonprofit group in chicago
6:36 am
started this but it has now spread across the country including districts in the bay area. the pittsburg unified school district will also have 1 million father march at martha luton king junior middle school. -- martin luther king junior middle school. >> parents are invited to take part in a reference a breakfast here as well as doing other activities with their child in this great day begins. it is 6:36 am. santa anita racetrack is back in the spotlight. horseracing is starting again for the fall season. this comes after a controversial winter, spring calendar with 30 horses died. racing was ended for march as the investigation to continue. races resumed the following month after new safety measures were put into place elk officials say they've been initiated new protocolsthe
6:37 am
training and racing operations. to sacramento police officers were charged in civil rights violations u.s. attorney's office said they found insufficient evidence to bring charges against those officers involved. that shooting happened in march of last year. they're searching for person breaking into cars and he did match the description of the suspect. they started to chase him and said he did not follow the commands to stop running. officers believed the phone in his hand was a weapon and they shot and killed the 22-year-old. >> this is the fight that will continue. i'm not going away. i am not being quiet. and i'm not lowering my tongue. >> daniel hans says the police officers will return to active duty and he also said the department is working to prevent similar tragedies in
6:38 am
the future. the food delivery service door dash is now apologizing to almost 5 million users. this emphasis go base companes employees. door dash says the names email addresses, delivery addresses phone numbers, payment information and even drivers license numbers were stolen. they say they have increased security since the hacking. the company is selling -- telling the users to change the passwords. one month before hallowing. and six flags discovery kingdom is getting into the spirit. >> fright fest. it starts today with a ghoulish contest. cristina rendon own is at the theme park in vallejo to tell us, she is in the coffin? their coffins out there. >> hello and good morning. >> we are knocking on the
6:39 am
coffin can you hear us? 2 i can hear you. and you guess which one i am in? mac i'm going to say the middle. >>, said the one on the left. are let's go the middle. >> i will give you a clue. >> it was your phone. >> they are. and i've already been in here waiting for about four minutes in my heart is already beating. i don't know if i would be good about being in here for 30 hours for $600. let's get some help to see what exactly is happening here. we appreciate you out here. so will china the fall getting out of the coffin. perfect. okay mark, this is a viral challenge that happened last year? >> right. >> a lot of people are really interested so what exactly is the twist this year? >> with the success of last year's challenge with thoughts on an additional twist by having couples compete. to see if they can last
6:40 am
together for 30 hours. >> to the get lunch breaks her bathroom breaks are saying the whole time? mac they get a bathroom break every three hours. but they will also be here in a standing position or laying on they will also be entering different challenges to earn points so that we have a grand prize winner at the end for the $600. >> what kind of challenges? 2 well we do have a habanero buffalo chicken eating challenge. we have a newly dead game where it is a spooky twist on the newlywed game. it will be interesting to see how the couples do and to see if it strengthens the relationship or maybe something else. >> absolutely. we have video of that challenge and there were six people inside. they were lying on the floor and i thought people applied this year after last year's challenge?
6:41 am
2 close to 400. >> how did you choose? >> we go single one and we look at their stories and ask them why they wanted to, participate and be in a coffin for 30 hours. for some people it's kind of fascination with being in the coffin for 30 hours and some people just think it would be fun. >> if they make it to the talents what do they win? >> $600 a pair of gold season passes and vip response to the haunted attractions. i don't think it's can be that easy. >> i thought there was a problem i could do this. but you are in their and it is messier but they are a little more narrow than last year. so we will see you here. hopefully we will be here when that wing challenge starts. a minute stay outside of this coffin and say back to you.
6:42 am
>> i think after a few minutes i'll be more than enough. bart as you know is trying to stop fair evaders. the new gates that will be installed in the big obstacle standing in the way. an airline that will help you if you don't want to sit near crying baby. first we have what else is coming up on morning sun 2. >> i was holding a crying baby. coming up in a minute we're going to focus on controversy brewing after equally --so is rape survivors were equated to prostitution. why that person is being called out of line. tv just keeps getting better.
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how you watch it does too. this is xfinity x1. featuring the emmy award-winning voice remote. streaming services without changing passwords and input. live sports - with real-time stats and scores. access to the most 4k content. and your movies and shows to go. the best tv experience is the best tv value. xfinity x1. simple. easy. awesome. xfinity. the future of awesome. welcome back. climate activists and protesters are hitting the streets around the world for the second friday in a row. thousands of demonstrators have flooded the streets.
6:46 am
the protest followed the demonstrations that were called a climate strike. in montrial 15-year-old credits hamburg a leading climate activists is expected to speak at a rally today. and arnold schwarzenegger let her use his electric car to get there emissions free. her speech united nations earlier this week called on world leaders to do more to reduce carbon emissions. wrote morelli's are expected to take place here in the bay area. they are planning to rally outside san ramon this morning. 2025. other rallies are taking place outside of wells fargo in santa cruz. for the first time in 40 years thousands of santacon dacia santa clara employees are getting ready for possible strike. unfair labor prices hurt the ability to provide important needs of the residents.
6:47 am
they marched to the office of the county executive. 97% of the employees authorized to strike. negotiations continue. >> we are negotiating. after this i'm going to go upstairs and we are going to continue to negotiate. the county and mints that the standards are too high. but they are unwilling to budge on the numbers. >> union members want a pay raise in the creation of a fund to pay for childcare for union members. it is unclear if or when employees may go on strike. facebook is going to start hiding the number of likes reaction or video views on a post for some users in australia. they said they're testing a new feature to make platform less stressful and promote mental well-being. according to spokesperson the goal is to encourage people to
6:48 am
focus on the contents they are sharing rather than the amounts of likes that they get. a baby matt to help travelers who wants to avoid sitting your baby. on the airline website, seats are marked with a child icon for passengers with young children choose their seats. they have not yet set up the icon to be used on all flights. but it will not be shown if they are booked three tour or a method other than the airline's website. >> that is important to a lot of people. >> i would feel bad for the parent of the crying baby. nothing like a toddler i would avoid a toddler sitting behind me. >> you know this is something that has happened. when i became apparent i became a lot more sympathetic to other parents. when i was younger and i didn't have kids anyway. >> morning.
6:49 am
so there is some slow traffic to get to hear this morning. this is a look at macarthur maze. it looks like whatever it was at the toll plaza it has been cleared. i did watch them do it and traffic is a bit slow here. it is definitely wet out there. almost as if it is rain and drizzle here. we will bring steve the weather expert meteorologist here stephen r paulson will be here soon. you the meteorologist and he will talk about the weather. but the traffic impact is going to be slow at the bay bridge. not quite so wet here. the roads do not appear as but for the south. the traffic is okay 880 freeway is a bit slow. the silicon valley communed is better than normal. now let's bring stephen to talk about some of that drizzle. >> my uncle is one of my people
6:50 am
my address is the smartest man. mid to pitchers all over the place. this is livermore and 88 on monday. livermore is one of those few that was hotter on tuesday and wednesday. most were hotter on wednesday. 87 and that was the warmest temperature on the national weather service the recall the regional temperature roundup. today is 72. 94 which was a record high yesterday was 77 and that was also the warmest temperature i could find in san francisco. officially coming in at 77 for the warmest. a lot of temperatures in the low 70s that will be below average.
6:51 am
103 on wednesday and 71 friday drizzle out here this morning, from oakland in san francisco was some rain here. i think will be sunday afternoon into monday morning would be the best opportunity. a very vigorous system dropping into the west coast. they will be measuring snow in the feet and parts of montana. for us we do get the fog and low clouds. it will push the sacramento valley. they are going to say there. including out of black diamond
6:52 am
west. no fog at all before you're in the 50s and 60s. mild 65 out here with santa clara. cooler lows are on the way. once you get the cool air to settle in over the weekend we are looking at 30s and 40s for some of the low. for us the heat is gone. for a good 5 to 7 days or even longer. temperatures have dropped to 30 degrees. a mix of sun and clouds and when and don't be surprised if you get caught up there. 60s and 70s unhere and very low again if we get any rain sunday afternoon and early monday is here. it is 6:53 am. a man was shot in his car while driving with his kids in the backseat.
6:53 am
coming up in the next hour where this happen and why police believe it is connected road rage. amazon offering a way to delete alexa recordings automatically. we will tell you how. possible solutions to fix the flooding. it happen on highway 37 in the north bay. we are in a's and mood. let's take you live right to the shores of lake tahoe. there is a flourish. you're watching mornings on 2. ktvo fox news. from the couldn't be prouders
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now you can share itfor what you need. you oy it's a different kind of wireless network designed to save you money. save up to $400 a year on your wireless bill. plus get $250 back when you buy a new samsung note. click, call or visit a store today. paul mccartney in his pride there. this time, but we played a paul song. grade would request from denise with a wide.
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doing the beatles today on the 50th anniversary of "abbey road"'s release. hit me up in social media. use the hashtag #ktvu, and i will pick a song from there. if you ride bart, expect delays this way up to a half hour because of track repairs. part is repairing or replacing tracks that are almost 50 years old. originally, b.a.r.t. plans to shut down train service between walnut creek and orinda stations for six weekends, but they are ahead of schedule, so instead of shutting down the tracks and running buses, b.a.r.t. will singletrack trains between those two stations this weekend. construction work will also close to the left eastbound lanes of highway 24. now b.a.r.t. hopes to solve a problem both fare evaders. they unanimously approved the new design for the fare gates. it is a swing style barrier that was a preferred choice of
6:58 am
the b.a.r.t. staff and b.a.r.t. police, but b.a.r.t. said it may take three to five years before they are able to install the new gates at every b.a.r.t. station. but still has not come up with a way to come up with a way to pay for the $150 million system . >> the concern people have had about safety on our system, when they see the system the people can't just push their way through, i think they feel better about it. hopefully that means more people will ride. >> b.a.r.t. says about 5% of riders never pay their fares. that adds up to about $25 million in lost revenue every year. if you're tired of getting stuck on highway 37, relief may be coming. leaders in the north bay ho the chronic traffimonth. long-term solutions may include an elevated causeway, or even the toll bridge between the novato and vallejo. but a replacement for highway 37 maybe 20 years rse.
6:59 am
>> if the state could do tmost wetlands around. >> another option might be turning a shoulder into an added lane during peace times like the richmond center fell bridge, but i would take about five years in its reported. lodges flooding, caltrans will position barriers. they will be installing floodgates, they are going to fix drainage, and also build up the pavement. high school football game in the east bay canceled over safety concerns is back on. in san leandro on details. a 91-year-old man attacked and robbed in a cemetery while visiting his wife a boy's grave site. how he is doing this morning, and who police are searching for. fallout in washington for the whistleblower complaint about president trump's conversation with the president of ukraine.
7:00 am
from ktvu news, this is " mornings on 2." what a friday, what a week, really! i'm gasia mikaelian. >> did you have wipers on? >> no, but i had drizzles. >> some of that is actually recorded in the old tipping the bucket in san francisco. yeah, 0.1, 0.3. i think there will be late tomorrow, then there will not be too much cool air supporting the fog . patrick in redwood shores says you're going to be very busy between now and april. i would so hope


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