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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  September 27, 2019 9:00am-9:58am PDT

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they attend, and submit tips. we should mention if it is a life-threatening tip, it will be sent directly to the police department. a movement to get dads and father figures were involved in their child's education. we will let you know about the millions fathers march happening at schools across the plus, rolling loud returns to the the hip-hop music festival, and how fans can get a chance to meet g easy. >> how do you pour the perfect beer? we will find out, when in brewing company stopped by to kick off national drink a beer day.used to say friday night when i would tell great at a little place that they called candlestick park. the doctors were in town.ticket rivalry still exists, and a los angeles dodgers are in town for
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the final three games of the regular season. they are playing for something. they are trying to get the best record two majors before the postseason starts. it will be a big weekend, also for giants manager bruce badji, this is it. after sunday, he is retired as the manager of giants baseball. this weekend, the giants are holding ceremonies throughout all three games to honor one of the best managers in the big leagues. that includes bringing in players from the 2010, 2012, 2014 world series teams. prices we should mention for the game, that is sunday. they continue to rise. the cheapest ticket we see on seat geek is $76. that is for the upper deck. one of the things they bring in is those kind of foghorn doshi thank you on the t-shirt, got his numbers on the back. they are giving those away, coasters also to say thank you. had a great career as a player,
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and an even better career as manager. you think about all of the players that have come to the giants clubhouse over the years, and what he has done with the pool bullpen, who he is going to play, and he walked away with three titles from san francisco. no doubt a hall of famer. >> a lot of those guys are coming back. >> i am wondering, tammy, we haven't seen him in a long time. >> my wife is even going to me to a game which is veryng three people. this is fill of bruce badji before he ret then we will see who it will be. i never thought as a young man that i would ever see the giants win one, let alone three. >> look at you now. let's talk about changing weather and how it is affecting people getting around san francisco. an update to the ground stop we reported at san francisco international airport. the weather has improved, the ground stop lifted 20 minutes ago. when we showed you this picture, there were raindrops
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on the camera lens. no longer the case, a low cloud ceiling forced the airport to implement a ground stop around 7:30. there may still be delays through the morning. let's talk more about the changing weather by bringing in our urologist steve paulson. >> you had a babysitter for sunday, did you, sal? i did. my wol parents. we do have, it will be a windy pattern for the weekend. the drizzle is the main story, especially in the city. i don't think that will be the story. there will not be warm temperatures anywhere inland, or too much cool air coming in. 77 monday, 90, then record- setting 94 degrees wednesday yesterday was 77. there has been a lot of drizzled this morning. mount davison, .05, even daly city, mintel, the official site for the national weather service, point or two. temperatures wednesday in the upper 90s to 100. today it is 60s and 70s, just a 30 degree plus drop for many
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and 48 hours. around the area, 60s and 70s. everyone is going to be pretty close on these highs. they will all be below average as well. very strong system this time of year. it does not have a lot of moisture, but it has a lot of dynamics. it's digging into the west, not the non-region, but the west, that will give snow to the crs eventually over the weekend, probably not any rain for us if it does it will be sunday into monday. that system has picked up a fog bank and send it all the way to the sacramento valley. that tells you that is a heck of a push coming up, we will talk about the rest of the weekend and see what is in store for the temperatures. new this morning, all lanes of southbound interstate 680 in pleasant hill are back open, after a deadly crash that happened early this morning. this white nissan sentra crashed into a dump truck north of the tree boulevard exit around 2:00 this morning. the driver, 38-year-old hayward man, died at the scene. the hb high school football
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game is back on after the game was canceled because of safety concerns. police say some kind of threat was made, the threat was canceled, only for the game to be reinstated later. >> reporter: san leandro high school was supposed to host the game tonight against oakland the kleiman's high school. the game was canceled, then it is back on. at this point, we do not know when or where that game is going to take place. the game was canceled after authorities say there were some kind of threat made between two groups. at this point, they are not saying what that threat wa only that police and the heads of both schools agreed to cancel the game out of an abundance of caution. hours later, we learned the game was back on the table. only this time, administrators will not be releasing details about it publicly. the kleiman coach michael peters told the east bay times, he was mad about that
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cancellation, given the attention some of these games get from scouts and college recruits. one student at because she and were looking forward to cheering on their team tonight. >> everybody was getting ready, saving the nice outfits for the game, working hard during the school day so their parents would let them go to the game. the players were really excited, too. a game against up, that was supposed to be a big game. >> all of this comes after weeks of violence at youth sports games. the most recent last weekend in philadelphia, when shots rang out at a high school football game. at the end of august, you may recall, 10 people were shot after a game in alabama. at this point, we do not know what kind of threat prompted police and school officials to make that initial call here. what we do know is that administrators are still hashing out the details of that rescheduled game.
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following a developing story at the portland airport, this is where there was an officer involved shooting at 5:30 this morning. police shot and injured a person who was rushed to the hospital. police have not said why they have opened fire. the airport the lower roadway to the arrival area is blocked off. flights in and out of the airport are not affected. authorities in indonesia say 23 people have died in a very strong earthquake. it hit yesterday morning in the beluga islands, which are 1500 miles east of the capital of jakarta. the usgs said the earthquake did not have the potential to trigger a tsunami. people still ran for higher ground. indonesia says with a 110 homes and buildings were damaged, and 50,000 people are being housed in temporary shelters. lawmakers are getting ready to head home for recess after a tense week in washington. there is not much agreement on whether president donald trump acted inappropriately with the ukraine president. reporter ray bogan is in washington to bring us more.
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>> you know what this is, political theater. >> reporter: mixed reaction in washington, one day after lawmakers heard testimony from the acting director of national intelligence. >> this is unprecedented. >> reporter: democrat argued the whistleblower complaint is further evidence the president illegally strong-armed his ukrainian counterpart, asking him to investigate joe biden. republicans disagree, saying there was no quid pro quo. >> it is wrong for any foreign government to interfere in our election. here, you have the president of the united states asking for that. >> we have the speaker of the house saying she wants to impeach. i say for what? she says for a cover up, this is transparent, that is hardly a cover-up. >> reporter: in the blast of tweets, the president is calling for the resignation of congressman adam schiff, saying the chairman of the house he recited what ship later called a parity version of the president's
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call. >> this is the essence of what the president communicates, and i'm going to say this only seven times, so you better listen good. i want you to make up dirt on my political impairment, understand lots of it. >> he was dressing up like a congressman, reading fantasy. if the call is the incriminating, why doesn't adam shift read the call? it is not, he has to make it up. >> reporter: the house is in recess for the next two weeks, democrats are urging lawmakers to use the time to talk about the impeachment inquiry with their constituents. happening today, the trumpet ministration will make its case in federal court in los angeles about changing guidelines for detaining migrant children. a hearing is focusing on a 1997 agreement that spells out custody conditions for children detained at the border. the tr the agreement should be terminated because there are new custody rules. immigration advocates want the changes could keep children detained indefinitely.
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the trumpet ministration is coding the american refugee program almost in half. the white house said it would accept 18,000 refugees over the next 12 months. that is down from the current limit of 30,000. it is a record low for the program. the ministration says the u.s. has already been flooded with people trying to get into the country, saying a better solution would be to resolve conflict abroad that causes people to flee their homes. coming up, it will be business as usual on a crucial part of the far system this weekend. >> we will tell you what it will be slow going through part of the east bay, and how soon things should be back to normal. , protests continue this morning around the world. protesters are demanding governments to take action. much more after the break.
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workers were up early this morning on the picket lines in emeryville. workers voted to authorize a nding higher wages, affordable healthcare, and job security. this rally is not a strike. the union says employees could go on strike at any time. president of labor relations says the company is working with the union and released a statement this morning that says we believe our union colleagues at hyatt house emeryville san francisco bay area understand our goals to provide them with competitive compensation and benefits and union demonstrations play no constructive purpose. more protests are planned in hong kong after the chief executive met with demonstrators. chief executive kelly lamb held
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a town hall to and months of pro-democracy protests in the city. she stayed in the building for another four hours after the meeting to avoid an angry crowd outside. she says she is trying to restore trust after a proposed bill that would have allowed residents to face trial in mainla >> communicating ideas in frank mena, that will be started as a successful dialogue. >> protesters said they would not let up until their demands are met, including fully democratic elections, and an independent investigation into police brutality against protesters. , protesters are taking to the streets in cities around the world, demanding governments take action, following a, summit at the united nations the secret reporter lauren green has the latest. >> reporter: from washington dc to new zealand and demanding
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governments address climate change, during a day of protests, earth strike. a new zealand group is marching to parliament climbing for new policy. >> when we get to stand here surrounded by tens of thousands and millions across the globe, that begins though she >> these protests are taking place on the heels of the -- >> people are suffering, people are dying. entire ecosystems are collapsing. we are in the beginning of axti >> reporter: students athese protests. in italy, officials have urged
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who skipped class to attend, calling their actions justify. in washington, earth strike demonstrators took to the streets early in the day, blocking intersections during morning rush hour, and using the hashtag shutdown bc to call attention to their cause. the movement, even drawing support from onlookers. >> reporter: demonstrations are being held throughout the day, with canada and sweden among the countries joining in. trees are being removed destroyed from the campfire because they can be a hazard to public roads. there is still half 1 million birds trees. the fire department is urging people to clear dry brush property to reduce the risk of fire spreading. the department has an aggressive program to inform people of what they need to do with their property is not in
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compliance. the goal is not to allow flying embers from a nearby home in high winds to ignite dry grass near homes. >> we see an increase in people's concern and fear. they tend to call, and voice their concerns about neighbors. >> everyone needs to participate in making sure their properties is fire resistant as much as possible. >> fire officials say that it is the number one priority in making sure homeowners have the best fire prevention they can. coming up, don't be surprised if you see more data school throughout the day. >> we will tell you why fathers and father figures are being encouraged to participate in the classroom, and how children stand to benefit.
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welcome back, those of us who do school pick up know there are a lot more moms than dads. >> it's like 80:20 90. i pick up every day at 3:00. >> still. >> i miss off on the drop off. happening today, there is a push to get dads and father figures involved in what is happening in the classroom. allie rasmus has the story from haywood. >> reporter: all of the dads
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and father figures who took their kids to school here at fairfield elementary got the vip treatment, balloons, a sparkling clean carpet, they got pastries, and they were asked to sign a pledge to be more involved in their kids lives as a school year continues. right now, everyone is inside the library. you can see a couple hundred people here inside and a lot of dads in the room. they are looking at a presentation from the administrative administrators and teachers about the campaign. the goal behind it is to get dads and other male role models involved in their kids lives by taking them to school and pledging to stay involved throughout the year and their kids careers. many of them will be reading and doing other activities with their children. earlier, we had a chance to speak to a few dads who made a point of coming to this event today and being a part of this. they told us they are happy to be here. >> great, makes them feel great they are doing this. we do not have too many opportunities to show, they
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always hear about dads work hard, they bring home the money, they will never hear about the time we take out to do things like this. >> all of my kids are grown, now. this is my granddaughter. i am doing it all over again, it feels good. >> reporter: it is not just fathers, but all father figures, grandfathers, uncles, older brothers were invited to participate as well. one of the things the dads and father figures did when they came here is they signed a pledge. organizers gave them these handouts that have detailed information about what kind of and father figures make. among them, they include a promise to volunteer at their kids schools to keep tabs on their kids progress and report cards. it is a twist on a gilbert and sullivan masterpiece. it is performed at 42nd street moon at san
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francisco's gateway theater on jackson street. we are joined by the director and choreographer of the show, and one of the cast members, kelly houston. kelly, tell us how your character fits in. >> my character is lord high everything else. >> and i stop you right there? you have a wonderful voice, let me hear it more. that is why you are on the stage. >> i guess so. i think my mama and my daddy. >> sorry to interrupt. >> i played lord high, everything else. underneath the lord high exthis is a fun production. people who like theater will like it. what about people being introduced to theater, people who sasee the show, is it going to be friendly to them as well? >> yes, the story is not hard to follow, the music is
9:24 am
intriguing. we have a little jazz, a little gospel, a little old style of music. something for everybody. >> you know what i like is here in the bay area, we are a multicultural community. there are a lot of different types of people represented on stage. >> oh yes, we have the full spectrum of everything on that stage, a multicultural cast. a band is on stage and it's wonderful. >> how familiar were you with a bird and the sullivan music before this? >> i had heard the music, i have never seen anything lives. but, i knew of the story, you know, from childhood. >> and hearing it in a jazz way, does that make it more accessible to people? >> perhaps. it was pretty accessible as it was.
9:25 am
and, there is very little change in lyrics, or the book or anything. so, they just sort of adopted it easily from the original. >> what reactions are you getting for people after they see the show? i imagine people have feedback, what are they telling you? >> they are loving it. they are clapping their hands to the music and stomping their feet, and laughing at all the s sullivan with all the comedy and all the greatness and lacking this, that any theater could give. >> jeffrey and kelly, we are lucky to have this type of production in san francisco. thank you for coming in today. check out mikado now through october 13 at the gateway theater in san francisco. for showtimes and information, head over to and click on web links. coming up, i am all for a little alone time, but this is a little too much. we will take you to six flags discovery kingdom for fright fast, and explain why people are just fine staying in their own coffin for 30 hours. you can still get a good scare.
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and rolling around, back in the bay area, we ne of the foun get ready to welcome artists like g-eazy back to the oakland coliseum. plgital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet. we've created access from at&t california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits. may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit, to learn more.
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the juul record. they took $12.8 billion from big tobacco. juul marketed mango, mint, and menthol flavors, addicting kids to nicotine. five million kids now using e-cigarettes. the fda said juul ignored the law with misleading health claims. now juul is pushing prop c, to overturn san francisco's e-cigarette protections. say no to juul, no to big tobacco, no to prop c. welcome back. remember when it was 90+ in san francisco? that was two days ago. here we are, it is gray, cool, drizzly and misty. my goodness. our weekend will be totally
9:29 am
different than what the week brought. >> this feels like college football weather. tonight, the cow bears are hosting arizona state. >> that is a big game for both teams. yes, very cool conditions, very fall like we are 94 in the city wednesday. that will be 66, there is a lot of drizzle. davidson daly city both, the triangle, mid hill, the official site. just to name a few. friday drizzle, there was a lot around el cerrito, berkeley, emeryville even to sfo. any rain for us, best opportunity will be sunday evening into monday. there will be some snow, don't get surprised by that, i really cold system dropping in. there will be spokes in the wheel rotating around.
9:30 am
what it has done is picked up the onshore wind and increased the fog bank. it made it out to the sacramento valley up in the high elevations, you are getting gusts to 30 miles per hour out of the west. two days ago it was out of the north and northeast. we will go far between the lows in the highs today. there is too much cool air coming in. wendy is the main message, the fog will get chewed up over the next couple of days., we will have to watch out for some of those build up in cool air for the end of september, it's plunging into the west coast. these will have impact down to southern california, southern nevada, las vegas, and arizona. it looks like a windy weekend for many. for us, we will have a combination of low clouds and partly sunny, partly cloudy, windy and cooler. drizzle will be an event this morning. staying unseasonably cool as we go from hot to cool in just three days. let's get you caught up on the rest of the day's news by going to the newsroom and say good morning to dave clark. >> andthis morning at the
9:31 am
airport in portland, oregon is being investigated right now. one person was shot by police outside of the baggage claim area, and was rushed to the hospital. no police officers were hurt. investigators have not told us what triggered the shooting. flights into and out of portland are still not affected. starting monday, the house of representatives goes on a two-week recess. some lawmakers may stay in washington, because of the impeachment probe of president donald trump. yesterday, the director of national intelligence testified over the house judiciary committee, and said it was a blower complaints that president donald trump pressured the president of ukraine to investigate former vice president joe biden. he also said the transcript of the phone call was moved to a computer system for classified information. there is plenty of reaction to this. republicans gathered last night in san francisco's north beach for the annual lincoln reagan didn't her dinner. many said >> i would like to read the whole thing myself to get an
9:32 am
idea. i know there is politics on both sides. and, there is going to be strong opinions on both sides. and, outlandish things that are said. >> donald trump is wildly popular with republicans. i don't think he risks losing support within the republican party. >> reporter: some republicans said they may not always agree with president donald trump, but are tired of the fighting. and, they want both parties to work together to get things done for the american people. that is a brief look at some of the top stories we are working on. right now as six flags discovery kingdom, six people unafraid of the dark are competing for cash and other prizes. >> they are trying to survive while stuffed inside a narrow coffin. christina is live at the vallejo amusement park. each contestant is going to rest in peace for 30 hours? >> reporter: yes, that is a great way to put it. you are right, 30ou
9:33 am
you are on live television, they are going strong, and hour and half in now. there are more than 400 people who apply to do this. a couple of a here on our is from sacramento. from the sacramento area. our to on the right are from the oakland bay area. this is a couples challenge, one person is disqualified, get out of the competition, and the whole team has to get out. i want to show you video we shot within the last hour, this is our first challenge. each person has 5 minutes to eat as many hot wings or tenders as they could, without their hands. it got messy. it is the first of many challenges throughout the day and tomorrow. the time started at 8:00 sharp. the challenges to be inside for 30 hours straight. they will get bathroom breaks every three hours. there will be unexpected challenges like this wings challenge. the person with the most points
9:34 am
at the end of this 30 hours will wind $600. if everyone makes it through, they will get season passes s d you guys were friends, now. we have been talking all morning tell us about what it has been like, and why you wanted to come out and do something like this. what is your fascination with being in a coffin for so long? >> i saw the challenge last year. the fianci went to texas and we saw the challenge there. i decided i wanted to do that. i thought it would be fun. so far, it has been pretty nice. >> reporter: you have blankets, you have a pillow, what is your strategy? >> i'm going to try to take as many knobs as i can. >> reporter: i'm going to move over to your friend over here. tell us what was it like, you won the wings challenge by the way. what was your strategy? >> they were really good, first and foremost. i think i was hungry. they were just really good.
9:35 am
>> reporter: sounds good. hopefully you don't have to go to the bathroom very soon. the next bathroom break is not until 11:00. they will stay this way for the next couple of hours. it is likely they won't go back up onto the platform until this afternoon. breaks every three hours, they have to stay this way. three hours in the coffin until 2:00 tomorrow afternoon. getting excited, rolling loud is back in the bay. it is the world's biggest hip- hop festival, returning to the oakland coliseum this saturday and sunday. it features big names. this morning, we are joined by one of the festival founders, ty rick charisse. thank you for joining us. i remember last year was a big success, and one of my favorite things about this whole thing is, besides the artist, the sound system is the best. you don't get cheated.
9:36 am
hip-hop music needs to be listened too loud, and you have all the subwoofers that will blow it away. >> we are loved for a reason. we bring the base, we bring the trouble, we bring it all. it is loud. >> i can hear it for my house miles away, we will not talk about that. the bay now that you have been here for a little bit, are the excited when you approach them to participate? >> yes. what we have put together here is the combination of modern hip-hop, the current landscape of hip-hop. to be a part of it, it is a beautiful thing we have built something that needs that. >> look at all of these people, they really get into it, this is a participation thing as well. right? >> oh, yeah. it is all about the crowd. it is all about getting the crowd engaged, jumping up and down, having a good time, mosh pits, swaying back and forth, all of that.
9:37 am
>> i'm going to hit you with something you may not be aware of. back of the day we used to have things called day on the green in the bay area. they had asked like journey, the clash, and step the bay area got into it because they had dance then, he we lewis, that kind of stuff. is this a hip-hop a modern-day version of getting all the bay area people out? >> we are a miami-based festival that has since traveled. anywhere we go, we honor the local community, because that is super important to us. the bay area being what it has been and will continue to be for hip-hop from tupac, to drake, to be 40, two today. it is super important to cater that. >> you get on the phone and talk to earl and say we are coming? >> the way it works is i am and managers. i did speak with eat 40 last year he is a nice guy. he sent me good drinks, too. >> of course.
9:38 am
what you are telling is you have tailored the show for the area. this area has more bay area ask?>> factually. we have got g-eazy, saweetie, the list goes on and on. we have a solid amount of bay area ask. we cannot come here and not have bay area ask. we have to honor where we are going. >> what is it about the festival that will keep you going and doing it year after year, is it a response in people? >> it is the people absorbing, what we are putting out there. i like to think our team works hard and it is of the culture enough to reflect it. we just book what we like. that happens to be what is hot. >> i am pretty proud of the bay areas hip-hop history. do you feel it when you come here? >> 100%. i am a very independent minded person. and, the independent hip-hop movement was very much so pioneered in the bay area, and
9:39 am
i tip my hat to that, i honor that, i learned about that, and i have tried to reflect it in my work. >> thank you for being here. nice seeing you again after a year. >> you are looking great! >> thank you. i paid him to say that. rolling out bay area is this saturday and sunday at the open coliseum grounds. it is in the parking lot, it is a pretty cool show. head to and click on web links for ticket information. you can also have a chance to meet g-eazy by texting loud to this number on your screen, it is 33222. coming up next, what better way to kick off the weekend then with a cold glass of beer in your hand? ahead of national drink a beer day, you are thinking something else. >> i was thinking a cup of tea and magazine. >> we are kicking off things right with anchor brewing company. their brewmaster is in studios and will show us what a perfect poor looks like.
9:40 am
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the juul record. they took $12.8 billion from big tobacco. juul marketed mango, mint, and menthol flavors, addicting kids to nicotine.. the fda said juul ignored the law with misleading health claims. now juul is pushing prop c, to overturn san francisco's e-cigarette protections. say no to juul, no to big tobacco, no to prop c. one of the most popular and colorful events is happening this weekend. it is the 24th annual northern california international dragon boat festival.
9:43 am
organizers say this is one of the largest competitive dragon boat festivals in the country. teams come from all across the world.2000 years to the souther provinces of here and more on the strong boost in dating activity during these cold months. between november and february, there is a 30% uptick of dating activity on is cold outside, th using the service say they are 55% more likely to turn to online dating. the user said they were lonely during this cold month. 60% say they turn to online dating is a quick fix to their anxiety or sadness. a new study shows americans cannot get enough of pumpkin spiced flavored foods and drinks. the spice islands seasoning company surveyed 5000 americans to learn about the pumpkin spice cravings. 46% said they consume more pumpkin spice and chocolate during the fall month. 66% say they consume 1 to 3 pumpkin spiced items every week.
9:44 am
these range from pumpkin spiced lattes to pumpkin spiced spam. national drink a beer day kicks off tomorrow. celebrating nine. in case you did not know the proper way to pour a beer, we will show you how with help from anchor brewing company. we are joined by their brewmaster scott unger will do the honors. good morning, thank you for coming in. you guys don't make a pumpkin spice beer,, do you? >> we never have. >> i like your bear. i have had it for a long time. i am always curious when it comes to brewmaster's. you came to in five years ago from another brewery, how did you get your start? >> i toward anchor brewing when i was a senior, i heard go bears earlier. i toward the brewery as a group of students together. we were so excited about the beer, and the possibility. we heard homebrewing was the think we have never really thought of.
9:45 am
we became home first. it turned from a hobby to a passion. then i started brewing in graduate school at davis. >> when you got to anchor brewing company, what drew you there? >> i grew up in the bay area. i grew up loving this beer, and all it is about i toward this brewery, and is what woke me up to the fact i could make beer. and the history of it, the process, you know living and working in a brewery is an amazing thing. >> my family came from germany in the 1850s to san francisco. like you, i love the history of san francisco, and i have been tied to the history of the beer. when you look at in stadium now, you are inches center. >> we have drop lines, we have nine tabs, haven't been there yet, but we have got beer all over the place.
9:46 am
first of all, opening the beer. first of all,to have a glass so you can see the beer, so you can smell the beer. it is the ideal way to drink a beer. >> i go to house parties, sometimes the glasses are in the freezer, do you like to do that or not? >> no, they smell like whatever is in the freezer. puppet ( >> i don't know how to pop a beer (>> there we go, that one. >> i have never done this before. >> you want to check to see that your beer glasses clean, smell it. then, you start with a tilted poor. you don't want to pour immediately down the center, but you want some foam you are going to start on the side, but then very quickly get it straight, straight in that class out. pour in, pour some foam. allow the phone to escape and settle. let it breathe a little bit.
9:47 am
i poured my into aggressively. >> we have two glasses, we will do it twice. >> that is okay.or you and hand it to you. >> okay >> i'm going to give you a perfect pour. >> what if you don't do a perfect pour? you just wait and let it sit, right? >> do not touch the phone with anything other than -- >> i poured these extra to for our colleagues. >> since you are the brewmaster, what is your favorite? >> this one right here. if you want to pour for that happens to an inch of foam, the reason for the phone as it does let the beer breathe, it lets some of the co2 out, so it is not as gassy. you want the gas to escape and the class not in your mouth. >> scott, thank you for coming in. coming up, throwing boehm
9:48 am
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stocks are low this friday morning. the focus is on tech. the nasdaq is down by one percentage point. the dow was suffering smaller losses. the s&p is down by almost 1/2 of a percent. climate activists and protesters are taking to the streets around the world for the second friday in april. thousands of demonstrators have hit the streets in new zealand. these protests foast week's climate strike ed to speak at a rally today, and arnold source nader letter uses electric vehicle to get there emissions repaired
9:52 am
greta's speech at the united nations earlier this week inspired others to call on world leaders to do more to reduce carbon emissions. demonstrators are holding a rally in san ramon right now. they are demanding that chevron stop using fossil feels i the year 2025. other rallies are taking place outside of wells fargo in santa cruz, and the brazilian consulate in los angeles. chevron issued a statement saying we support open and honest dialogue with representatives from all viewpoints. if these movements leads to an honest conversation about how we balance energy supply for a growing world, economic development, and the environment, then it is a good conversation to have. chevron has taken action to initiate low opportunities. is a health warning for tea drinkers who use teabags made
9:53 am
of very fine plastic mesh. a new report in the journal environmental science of technology suggests those teabags may be filled with macro plastics. researchers in canada found one plastic teabag immersed in near boiling water releases 11.6 billion microscopic pieces of plastic. while they are not visible to the naked eye, dr. say they worry they could pose a health hazard. the number of macro plastics is higher than originally believed it is fueling concern about the macro plastics in drinking water. some barred writers could face delays a 40 minutes or more this weekend, because of ongoing appears in the left to get station. bart is repairing or replacing tracks in contra costa county that are nearly 50 years old. the transit agency says it will shut down train service in the walnut creek and herman the stations this weekend. ally run between the two stations. construction is scheduled to close to left eastbound lanes of highway 24 at oak hill road unanimously approving a new
9:54 am
design for fair gates. the swing style barrier was the preferred choice of transit stat and police. bart says it could take 3 to 5 years before it is able to install the gates at every station. bart has not come up with a way to pay for the $150 million system. >> the concern people have had about safety in our system when they see the system that people cannot just push their way through, i think they feel better about it. i hope that means more people will ride. >> bart estimates 5% of writers are not paying to get on board, this adds up to $25 million or up to that in lost revenue each year. a busy time for manager bob edelman as he leads his team into the player. his daughter is also busy. she is preparing to run in the new york city marathon under challenging circumstances. >> reporter: alexi melton's childhood was never typical.
9:55 am
a little girl with a baseball daddy meant lots of travel hanging around with adults, more than kids. at age 14, life through her a major league curveball. she was diagnosed with type i diabetes. >> i would say the first year and a half was, i don't want to say denial, but it was like this is fine. >> it totally changes your life. a complete 180. >> then you learn. you say okay i have to make adjustments here and figure this out. >> the food around the house changed completely. all of a sudden, you are having to do the math to take your shots. >> reporter: others are more personal. >> my dad has always been the picture of success to me. on sld never be that. >> she was always athletic. what she had to do with this, she had to cut down more so, especially at a young age. >> i don't think i really process that was what was going on in my mind.
9:56 am
until now. >> reporter: alexi is making up for lost time and lost steps in conjunction with a diabetes foundation, called beyond type i. she will be running the new york city marathon in november. >> i was like wow, i need to do do this for myself to fair to myself that maybe i am an athlete, maybe there are more things i can do that i'm giving myself credit for. i talked to a lot of people who have done it. it sounds epic. there is really no other word. >> you got to be kidding me, it's crazy. when you dour blood goes down, tough enough to monitor it on an everyday basis athletically. >> running this distance, there are so many fa or for a type to take your insulin, how it will impact your blood sugar.i feel like i have a lot of energy and can take over the world. then, there is days where i
9:57 am
can't even get off the couch. it fluctuates when you have to find your groove it each day. >> there is plenty of personal motivation behind alexi's decision to to conquer this marathon she is sending a clear message to others battling type i. >> the main thing i want to do is inspire others with type i to do what they want to do. there is nothing stopping them. i do that through my articles iraq, i am a on leadership council, and through this race. if i can do it, anybody could do it. >> reporter: almost anybody. >> i would not be able to finish that race. >> dad will not be running, but will be on the sidelines watching and brimming with pride. >> is going to be goosebumps all the above and nervousness. >> reporter: as for alexi, this is about two marathons, the bee running since she was 14. in both, it is about the journey, not the destination.
9:58 am
>> really experiencing it is the most important thing to me. if i finish that fantastic, if i don't, at least i was there. >> alexi is raising money for be on type i. if you would like to help her cause, we posted a link to her donation page on we now know that jennifer lopez and shakira will headline the super bowl. super bowl liv halftime show in miami. it will be the first time they perform together on stage that will tweeted about being excited to do the show at miami's hard rock stadium. the super bowl will be february 2 220 20. you can see it right here onold football rivalry west of the mississippi river is taking off tonight in san francisco. we are talking about sacred heart, we are talking about the bruce mahoney classic. 10,000 people in this stadium. i played in this game seven years ago. >> is that you? >> that was it. that was the touchdown.
9:59 am
that was another one. i don't know if i scored on that one. my brother played in this game, my dad who went to sacred heart played in this game, it is about tradition, family, the city coming together. if you get a chance to watch one of the games, or you never have, get out to kezar stadium tonight. a lot of tradition just at the stadium. memories of walking through the tunnel, nothing like it. >> you walk across the street to the kezar pub. >> not that we did that in high school. it will be a good game. >> thank you for joining us. have a great time at all your baseball games this weekend. >> announcer: live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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