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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  October 6, 2019 10:00pm-10:58pm PDT

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more than just ourselves. we create the things that we want to exist in the world. ♪ my doors are always open. ♪ this is the 10:00 news on ktvu fox 2. a fast moving grassfire in the north bay burns more than 500 acres in a matter of hours. >> it was burning bad. i was watching it come over the hillside. it was quite scary. >> just two days from the second anniversary of the north bay firestorm american canyon residents say this fire had them worried. good evening. i'm julie haener. >> i'm ille. the fire has d it's only 30%
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contained. it broke out about 3:15 this afternoon off american canyon road near highway 80. people who lived nearby were asked to evacuate, but that advisory has been lifted. ktvu's andre senior is in american canyon tonight with an update on the efforts to put out the fire. >> reporter: we're in the parking lot of american canyon high school where the command center has been set up here. the smell of smoke is very potent in the area, but the good news is for firefighters the winds that caused this fire to explode to hundreds of acres earlier today have since died down. any other sunday evening this would be consideredcture perfect sunset in american canyon, but there was no time to admire the beauty because as the lights started to sl disappear, there was an earnest effort to stop the spread of a wildfire burning nearby. >> it's a worry out here all the time. >> reporter: wayne with his dog sonny watched the firefight totally aware he lives smack in the middle of a tinderbox amid the dry brush that fuels wildfires like the one he can
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see from his driveway. >> it was burning bad. i was watching it come the hillside. it was quite scary. >> reporter: when the flames were first reported around 3:15 sunday afternoon, it was a few acres. that quickly changed with the introduction of one thing that can often make these situations worse. >> the winds picked up from the east and blew it downslope towards the city of american canyon. >> reporter: as the fire grew to a few hundred acres, a major offensive was launched. two helicopters, five fixed wing aircrafts, 20 fire engines and seven water tenders were brought in with a helping hand from fire departments such as vallejo and napa county who were attacking the flames fromage angles. the peaks and valleys here are bone dry, home to grazing goats that continued about their business in the shadow of the smoke, flames and firefighters trying to stop the spread. with the tractors and bulldozers and cut a line down there. >> reporter: a few hours in an alert was sent out to those who lived potentially in the path of the fire.
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>> we did a voluntary evacuation. i was advising my neighbors to please evacuate. >> reporter: that evacuation advisory was lifted around 7 p.m. sunday roughly two hours after it was issued. >> that hill right there, you can see it's still kind of charred on the top. >> reporter: wayne told us of a similar close call last fire season. he said it's a part of living in the area. >> it's a piece of heaven out here until this happens. >> reporter: pg&e was out here near the command post a short while earlier today, but i am told by the fire chief they're only here standing by waiting for any orders in case anything should happen and that no power shutoffs took place during that time. as far as damage, there wasn't much to speak of. in fact, there was only damage to a fence in the area. no structures were damaged during thjuries reported. i know what sparked this fire here in american canyon. >> so if the fire is can you see flames?
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>> reporter: i cannot see flames right now. i've been checking all night. all i can smell is very, very thick smoke at this point, but there is no glowing of flames over the hills as we stand by the command center. >> just again, there was an evacuation advisory. are any more people expected to have to leave their homes? >> reporter: it was simply an advisory issued. from what we can tell, no one really took advantage of it. they were kind of in wait and see mode. that was issued right around 5:00 and at 7:00 the chief told me a half hour before that happened it would be lifted. they didn't think the flames would be danger to homes and they did lift it a short time later. >> andre senior in american canyon, thank you. cal firealong state highway near the pacheco pass. flames broke out about 4:25 and may have started as a car fire. at last check cal fire said forward progress of the fire
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has been stopped at 26 acres and there are no reports of damage or injuries. ktvu meteorologist kyla grogan joins us now. >> the wind is at very minimal levels now and relative humidity is starting to go up, too also a good sign. look right now. this is american canyon about 66 degrees. again, that relative humidity now at 46% and the winds are calm. it is a best case scenario for them as they continue to get more containment on the fire. you can see the wind is calm throughout the bay area tonight. so we are going to have things ramp up again as we head into w morning early and that and we a to have relative humistart drop so dry air and wind gusting 35 to 45 miles per hour. this is for the north and east bay hills and the diablo range. that's 5 a.m.
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wednesday through thursday at 5 p.m. again, we, looking good tonight. we don't have any concerns for fire as we speak at this hour as far as the conditions are concerned, but we do have to look out for that heading into wednesday. we'll talk a little more about that when i come back with your extended forecast. the hot, dry weather this weekend prompted pg&e to shut off power for three counties in northern california. the utility says about 10,000 customers were affected in butte, plumas and yuba counties. tonight power has been restored. many customers dealing with preventive outages were victims of last year's camp fire sparked by pg&e lines. for people living in a town with limited infrastructure the outages >> i understand the wind, the fire conditions, fuel, pg&e's neglect of their infrastructure, taking care of their infrastructure, maintaining that. frankly, this just sucks. >> before power could be restored to all the affected
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customers pg&e crews had to inspect roughly 1,000 miles of power lines to make sure there was no damage overnight. it's something residents say they will just have to get used to as they deal with life after the camp fire. people in napa county were also concerned that their power would be shut off because of the increased fire danger, but the power stayed on. ktvu's leigh martinez tells us more. >> reporter: some people start their morning with a cup of coffee, but the coffee brewing can't happen if the power is off. >> we need power to make everything here pretty much, but we the building. so we can't have people in here if the power is off. >> reporter: proactive power outages in the north bay have started to become a frequent occurrence around red flag warnings and most napa area businesses now have a strategy in place. >> when the power goes out here, i know that we do have to make sure the fish stays inside the fridge. we have to put it away really quickly.
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it's kind of a struggle, but we get it done. >> we have drivers on stand-by at our factory in petaluma. they can be here within an hour with a refrigerated truck. we can move the product quickly. >> reporter: business owners and managers say they think pg&e's proactive power shutoffs or smart if they can prevent another devastating wildfire. >> we know pg&e is doing what they need to to protect a lot of homes and businesses. >> they control it more, aware there's more overgrowth and stuff like that. >> reporter: they say fire preparedness that includes occasional power shutdowns are now a way of life. >> we're on high alert. we pay attention to the red flag warnings. we look at a 10-day weather forecast. >> reporter: they say the loss of a few hours of business doesn't compare to any napa, le fox 2 news. >> a reminder you can download the ktvu weather app for updates about the hot weather. it's free to download any time on your smartphone or tablet. an update on last month's shooting near de anza high
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school in richmond, officers arrested a 17-year-old boy and recovered a handgun at his home that was used in the shooting during a football game on september 27th. officers also arrested two other teenage boys, a 16-year- old girl remaining in critical condition while two other 17- year-olds also injured in the shooting have been released from the hospital. also in richmond two men are in custody following last week's shooting that killed two men and injured a third. security video captured the sound of the gun shots pull over and threw agun out of their car. police believe was last night after refusing to gang-related. police are investigating a shooting that left four people dead and injured five others inside a bar in kansas city. fox news christina coleman tells us authorities are looking for two men they say are responsible for the deadly attack. >> we have blood a block away
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in both directions where people were running. >> reporter: although the cause of the shooting remains under investigation, police believe two suspects arrived at the tequila kc bar and opened fire. in a statement kansas city, kansas, police also saying in part, "the preliminary investigation is revealing an earlier dispute occurred inside the bar which led to the shooting incident. the suspects were armed with handguns and fled the scene." police say some of the victims range in age from their mid-20s to late 50s. they believe the shooting was not random and that the suspects do not pose a threat to the community. >> we do believe that this was an isolated incident i guess you would call it. we don't feel these suspects are going to do this again. >> reporter: police are seeking the public's assistance in finding and identifying the suspects is releasing these photos on social media. detectives have interviewed witnesses but found variations in their stories. so they're still working to figure out exactly what
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happened. in los angeles christina coleman, fox news. tonight dozens gathered for a candlelight vigil to honor the four men killed in the shooting. three were regular customers. the fourth victim was from out of town and it was their first time at the bar. all four were latino. the bar is located in a neighborhood with a large spanish speaking community. another whistleblower comes forward claiming to have firsthand knowledge of allegations against president trump. at 10:30 how lawmakerring on both sides of the aisle are reacting. >> reporter: unusual theft in downtown san jose, crooks may not have realized what was inside a bag. coming up we speak to the owner who said the snakes were snatched.
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thieves who stole a duffel bag in downtown san jose got a huge surprise. a man who sells and breeds reptiles says four of his snakes and a lizard were inside that duffel bag. ktvu's azenith smter the owner gave a presentation at a library. >> they're just super, super gentle, gentle animals. >> reporter: for goodness snakes is the clever name of the company brian gundy has owned for 30 years selling and breeding snakes out of his home in campbell and educating people on his reptiles. >> these are animals that i hatched, most of them, in this
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room. they're my babies. >> reporter: his livelihood and lifelong passion took a hit saturday afternoon. gundy had wrapped up an educational presentation of some of his animals at the martin luther king library in downtown san jose. his car parked on the second level of the fourth and san fernando street garage, he put his belongings including a duffel bag that looked like this one in a no parking zone before retrieving his car. >> as i was loading up my gear, i realized that the bag i had my four ball pythons tongued skink inside of that bag were gone and n after a group of people he saw walk by his equipment but couldn't catch them. he doesn't think they knew what was inside. >> can you imagine what their emotional response were on whatever, their reaction when they opened up that bag and saw what they saw? >> reporter: besides a blue tongue skink lizard, four ball
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python snakes including the sister of this one and another snake a little larger than this one were stolen. altogether he says the animals are valued at $5,000. a 13-foot burmese python inside an ice chest and a tagu lizard in a box were spared. >> and today i have some bad news for you and i need your help. >> reporter: he took to youtube asking for the public's help. he fears the animals could be dumped at a pet shop or worse, a dumpster. >> these are reptiles. not everybody knows how to take care of reptiles. it's just a sad thing and the sad thing, too, is that it happened on my birthday. >>eillance video in the area will lead to the identity of the thieves. he filed a police report but doesn't want to press charges. all he wants is his reptiles back, no questions asked. in san jose azenith smith, ktvu fox 2 news. the hardly strictly
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bluegrass festival in san francisco's golden gate park has now come to an end. earlier today we caught the band infamous string dusters entertaining crowds. music lovers packed the park the last three days to catch a wide mix of sound. >> the whole atmosphere here, the park, beautiful golden gate park, we dialed in some amazing weather. so that obviously helps and high quality acts of different genres. >> the event included 83 bands on six stages over the three days and this year there was added security for the festival following recent mass shootings. organizers say there were issue fleet week is underway in san francisco. that means the blue angels are back in town. the blue angels arrived tonight at oakland international
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airport. their airshow is expected to draw more than 1 million people into the city. the coastguard says their officers will be doing what they can to make sure that the bay stays safe. >> making sure people are operating at a slow speed, that they're, you know, not overloading their vessels with too many people which can potentially make the vessel unstable. we'll be making sure that there's no one floating under the influence. >> the coastguard will be participating in the parade of ships which is set for friday. fleet week airshows featuring the blue angels are set for sat weather permitting from 12:00 until 4:00 in the afternoon, but there are a lot of other fleet week events taking place all week long leading up to the big airshows. for a full list, you can go to our website it looks like the weather will cooperate for most of fleet week anyway. this is what it looked like today at n beach. the sun was out.
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the weather was warm. as you can see from the crowd, it looked like a perfect day for a trip to the beach. ktvu meteorologist kyla grogan joins us now. >> it got pretty warm. you can understand why people are out at the coast. half moon bay, 81 degrees for the high this afternoon, 89 degrees here in oakland, 89 degrees also up in santa rosa, but you see 80s all over the map. it was a warm one, no doubt about it. we even had some get up to the 91-degree mark down in morgan hill. this is where we are now, certainly cooled off in san francisco at 69 degrees, 65 in novato, 68 in redwood city, 73 in hayward, 66 in san jose. as we take a live look at stormtracker 2, we do have some clouds that rolled in and a few pops of what looks to be precipitation trying to show up on the radar. i don't think that will hit the ground, probably just virga which means it's not making it
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all the way down. we are going to stay mostly clear tonight. we'll call it partly cloudy as the clouds roll through and mild temperatures, overnight low tonight 57 degrees in san francisco. if you go to the north bay, you will find 40 ons, but not bad, 47 degrees for the overnight low in october, 55 in hayward, 54 in san jose, so another nice night tonight. tomorrow we are staying warm. we'll see temperatures again up there maybe a degree or 2 cooler than today, but, santa rosa, you'll be close to what you were today, about 90 degrees expected for you, 77 in san francisco and down in san jose about 87. it's also another spare the air alert day. we have that today. it has to do with the air quality. we'll have that again tomorrow. it continues as we get into monday. if you are in the north bay, if you're at the coast and down on the peninsula, it's moderate. if you move over to the east bay and head down to santa clara valley, that is where it is unhealthy. if you have asthma or a respiratory condition, make
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sure to stay out of the air. we'll talk about also what's coming our way which is a fire weather watch. that starts on wednesday. i will detail that when i come back in a few moments. one of the most famous drummers in rock and roll history has died. ♪ in a white room with black curtains in the station ♪ >> ginger baker played with the band cream along with eric clapton. e also played in blind faith and then he pursued a solo career. his style combined a jazz background with african rhythm. the rolling gger paid tribute t baker calling him a "fiery but extremely talented innovative drummer." ginger baker died in a hospital in britain. he was 80 years old. still to come tonight, some frightening moments at an oktoberfest celebration in southern california as three explosions send a large fireball into the sky.
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>> reporter: anti-government protesters turning violent in hong kong. that's my story coming up. >> tomorrow mornings on 2 gives you a plan of how to safely exit a house fire. >> plus the destroyers are here to rock ktvu to help kick off fleet week. >> watch mornings on 2 tomorrow 4:00 to 10 a.m. score a head-to-toe look you'll love and save 20 to 60 percent off depart at ross. yes for less.
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and you get first dibs on that brand... that price? that's yes for less. seriously, get the fall brands and styles you love and save 20 to 60% off department store prices. at ross. yes for less. a utility pole explosion during an oktoberfest celebration in southern california injured several people in huntington beach south of los angeles. a transformer exploded in an underground electrical vault during an oktoberfest celebration at the old world village around 8:00 last night. the village was evacuated.
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two firefighters and two other people were hurt. witnesses say there were three explosions initially sending a large fireball into the sky. southern california edison is trying to figure out what caused the explosion. hong kong was taken over by massive rallies and protests that turned violent once again. the pro democracy activists are upset over a newly instituted ban on facemasks, but thousands of people took to the streets appearing to defy the ban by wearing masks. >> reporter: demonstrators taking to the streets of hong kong sunday for the third straight day in defiance of a ban on facemasks. all this is a bid from ban was high court. however, the court did agree th of october. >> this is a very brave move by a high court because obviously i think they also see that this case raises extremely important constitutional issues. >> reporter: under the new rule anyone wearing masks at
10:25 pm
protests could face a fine of up to $3,000 and up to a year in prison. demonstrators say the risk is worth it. i see you have a facemask on. >> yes. it's to protect my face. >> reporter: you don't care. you're not going to take that mask off. >> i don't care, yeah. >> reporter: you don't care what the government says? >> no, it's okay. it's fine. >> for democracy. >> reporter: although the protests started peacefully they later turned violent as police used tear gas to break up crowds and announcing on loud speakers the gathering was unlawful. there was even a banner read or despite police making several arrests demonstrations are expected to continue. in hong kong, greg talcott, fox hanen 100 people have been killed and thousands injured after security forces fired live rounds at anti-government protesters. the people taking part in the demonstrations say they're in response to a deteriorating economy, a lack of jobs and services and government
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corruption. the iranian-backed government in baghdad imposed a curfew and an almost total blackout of internet services, but that did little to stop the unrest. coming up, a second whistleblower has come forward with information that could affect the impeachment inquiry into president trump, why republicans want the whistleblower to come forward to the public. >> later in sports the raiders take on the chicago bears in london and their defense showed up big time. joe fonzi with the highlights. >> an uber driver is in a coma tonight after having a heart h his wife who says the heart attack happened after a rider tried to attack him with a knife. >> we have two little girls, so they keep asking me if dad's going to die. >> closed captioning for the 10:00 news brought to you by mancini sleep world. we're celebrating our 50th anniversary. come in and celebrate with us. visit
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forward claiming to have firsthand knowledge of president trump's phone call with the presidenhave more toni washington. >> reporter: republicans on capitol hill don't think much of another whistleblower surfacing reportedly with some firsthand information about the july 25th phone call between president trump and the president of ukraine. >> this person is going to come forward and say yup, the president had this phone call
10:30 pm
and yup, that's the transcript. i mean why should i care at all what his perspective or opinion or judgment of this transcript is? you and i can read it. >> reporter: democrats say additional whistleblowers may have information helpful to an impeachment inquiry. >> whether they were in the room or had firsthand knowledge or talked to somebody who had firsthand knowledge, people who are in the very core of all of these events are saying this can't happen anymore. so again, the president's problem is not with the democrats or with adam schiff. it's with the people people around him are saying we can't tolerate this anymore. >> reporter: congress adam schiff is chairman of the house intelligence committee and said whistleblowers have "every legal right to remain anonymous," but one gop senator said america needs to hear from them directly if the house moves ahead with impeachment. >> i'm going to insist upon that the whistleblower, one or two, whatever, they come forward under oath, testify so the public can judge their credibility. if that doesn't happen in the house, i will make sure it happens in the senate.
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>> reporter: senator graham also says it's "imperative" the house vote on an impeachment inquiry, make it official that they're looking into impeachment and "not just talk about it." democrats are not rushing to make that happen. >> there is no requirement again under the constitution and no requirement under house rules that that is the procedure we follow. >> reporter: representative demmings says the latest whistleblower is someone who sees and hears wrongdoing and wants to do something about it. in contrast congressman stewart said democrats are giddy over the possibility of impeaching the president but that it is terribly divisive for there isewople are coming f claiming to have information about the allegations against the president. an attorney representing the initial whistleblower said on twitter today, "i can confirm that my firm and my team
10:32 pm
represent multiple whistleblowers in connection to the underlying august 12th, 2019 disclosure to the intelligence community inspector general. no further comment at this time." impeachment has been one of the main subjects at many town hall meetings in congressional districts. east bay congressman mark desaulnier hosted two town halls the past week and joined us earlier this morning on mornings on 2. >> the president of the united states broke a law. he's admitted to it. the federal law says you cannot solicit anything of value from a foreign national. he solicited tens of thousands of dollars of investigation of a political opponent from the president of the ukraine. he's admitted to it. that for me is reason for impeachment and it shbe reason for n by people who support him and don't support him. >> congressman desaulnier is hosting another town meeting tomorrow from 3:00 until 4:30 at los medanos college recital
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hall, the title, challenges facing the next generation. police in stockton are searching for a man who vandalized a church over the weekend. video shows him walking around the church with an object. he pulled off rain gutters, smashed electrical boxes, broke a window and pulled up sprinkler lines and wrapped them around trees. the pastor says this was the most damage he's ever seen. >> it doesn't look like it was someone that was homeless or something. it looked like somebody just doing destructive things and i really hope they understand the impact that it has on us and our community. >> the pastor estimates the repair costs to be in the thousands. church members cleaned up what they could and weekend services went on as scheduled. an uber driver is in a coma tonight after being attacked by a passenger with a knife. it happened a week ago in sacramento. the driver wasn't injured in
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the assault, but he suffered a heart attack while fighting for his life. >> it's been really hard. >> reporter: holly mcvay says she spent the last few days fighting back tears wearing a brave face for her daughters who don't know if their father is coming home. >> we have two little girls. so they, you know, keep asking me if dad's going to die. >> reporter: holly's husband of nine years joseph mcvay went to work sunday, but a night on the road as an uber driver got cut short when a passenger attacked him mid-ride. sacramento police say cedric jeter is accused of wielding a knife at mcvay in the 6000 block of stockton boulevard. mcvay fighting for his life escape the blade. nearby security saw the attack and radioed police, but not long after surviving that assault the 41-year-old suffered a major heart attack according to family. >> i was in disbelief. i was like you're kidding me.
10:35 pm
he coded and now he's had this massive heart attack and i mean it was just -- i couldn't believe it. i'm still in shock. >> reporter: the father of two remains in a medically induced coma at the mercy general hospital. his wife holly says she hasn't left his bedside and on top of the emotional anguish she worries about the financial strain this will put on her family and wishes uber would do more to support full-time workers like her husband in times of crisis. >> if they can't do anything to keep them safe, at least if something does happen to them, they need to have some financial protection for them. >> reporter: uber releasing en in part, "our thoughts are with mr. mcvay and his family. as soon as we were able to get in contact with a family member, we immediately reached out to offer our support," and as the mcvays wait for much needed answers, holly keeps her husband's wedding ring around her neck holding it close for comfort in this uncertain time.
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>> you know, that i'm there for him and we've been through a lot together in our marriage and, you know, i know he's going to wear it again. the u.s. supreme court is back in session this week. we look at the issues they're expected to tackle including immigration and gun control. >> and keeping an eye on the weather in your extended forecast. we do have a fire weather watch to talk about. i'll give you all of the details when we come back. >> disney world wasn't the happiest place on earth for some visitors, the new ride that broke down leaving passengers stranded for hours. announcer: time magazine reports: "the new american addiction. how juul hooked kids and ignited a public health crisis." other news outlets report- juul took $12.8 billion from big tobacco. markets e-cigarettes with kid friendly flavors and uses
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nicotine to addict them. 5 million kids use e-cigarettes. juul is "following big tobacco's playbook." and now, juul is pushing prop c to overturn e-cigarette protections. vote no on juul. no on big tobacco. no on prop c.
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some visitors to disney world in orlando had to be rescued last night from the newly opened aerial cable car transportation system. some riders reported being stuck up to three hours on the new disney skyliner. disney released a statement saying the new cable car system "experienced an unexpected down time." it's unclear what caused the incident. the skyliner opened last week and take visitors from disney hotels to all the theme parks. santa clara county workers return to the picket lines tomorrow. 12,000 workers walked off the job last wednesday citing unfair labor practices, but county leaders say the real
10:40 pm
issue is over salaries. the latest contract offers a 3% annual salary increase over five years. county leaders also say the strike is illegal. they claim the union did not give adequate notice. contract talks between general motors and their striking workers appear to have taken a turn for the worse. union leaders say they're doubtful of a quick settlement after rejecting the company's latest offer. roughly 48,000gm workers walked off the job september 16th forcing gm to shut down factories in the united states. workers are seeking higher pay, greater job security and a bigger share of gms profits. the new term of the supreme court is to begin tomorrow. the justices are expected to take up cases on a variety of big issues including immigration, lgbtq rights, gun rights and abortion. here's a look ahead. >> reporter: right now there are almost four dozen cases on the supreme court's docket this term and it is filled with hot button issues.
10:41 pm
one of the most closely watched cases deals with d aca. the high court will decide whether the trump administration will be able to move ahead to end the obama era protections for nearly 800,000 people brought to the united states illegally as children. that case is one of several dealing with immigration and executive power and despite a string of setbacks from lower courts ruling against the administration's immigration policies, court watchers say the white house believes the high court will rule in its favor. >> they're playing the long game. i think that there are those in the white house and the justice department who made a calculation saying look, we can absorb all these losses in the lower courts because we are going to win the endgame. when this case gets into the supreme court. >> reporter: another hot button issue will be abortion regulations with a challenge to a controversial abortion law in louiwhich requires doctors performing abortions to have admitting privileges at a nearby hospital and then there's a case involving civil rights protections for lgbtq workers and whether employers can be sued for job discrimination. these rulings are expected to
10:42 pm
come down in june in the thick of the presidential campaign. like the last election the high court is expected to be a major issue in 2020. >> it was a huge issue in 2016. it helped get president trump elected. the conservative voters said we want to be able to pick the next justice. they really vote that issue. it will be again, but precisely because it's become such an important part of our system. >> reporter: we could see even more hot button issues this term. the high court is expected to take up about two dozen more appeals and those cases could cover issues such as gun control, religious liberty and the environment. still to come tonigh the jo that's set to take place at the international space station. >> and more warm weather on the way. meteorologist kyla grogan has your complete workweek forecast coming up. in the human brain, billions of neurons play in harmony.
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for people with parkinson's, some neurons change their tune, causing uncontrollable tremors. now, abbott technology can target those exact neurons. restoring control and harmony, once thought to belost forever. the most personal technology is technology with the power to change your life.
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nasa's first ever all female spacewalk is scheduled later this month at the international space station. >> fox news jacqui heinrich has more on how you can watch the historic event as it happens.
10:46 pm
>> reporter: it's the first in a series of 10 spacewalks planned over the next three months to complete repairs and upgrades to the international space station. on today's mission astronauts christina cook and andrew morgan. for 6 1/2 hours they'll exit the station's quest air lock in their spacesuits and begin work on the port six trust structure replacing nickel hydrogen batteries with more powerful lithium ion batteries that store solar power to keep the station on when it's not in sunlight. the station's power trust stretches the length of a football field and the area where the batterieis beyond the station's robot arm. the astronauts have to move the batteries from the end of the arm on a pallet to the work site. nasa also announced teams and dates for future spacewalks including a date for its first ever all female spacewalk just
10:47 pm
a few weeks away, october 21st. about seven months ago nasa had to cancel the first ever all female spacewalk because they didn't have enough spacesuits that were the right size. now this date has female astronauts excited about the milestone. >> i think it's important because of the historic nature of what we're doing and in the past women haven't always been at the table and it's wonderful to be contributing to the human spaceflight program at a time when all contributions are being accepted when everyone has a role and that can lead in turn to increased chance for success. >> nasa is streaming the spacewalk online. if you want to watch, christina cook is designated ev1 wearing the suit with the red stripes and number 11. morgan has no stripes and helmet camera 18. the spacewalks could set a new period of time if they all go off as planned. in new york, jacqui
10:48 pm
fox news. well, pretty cool stuff in outer space. we've got some pretty nice temperatures here right down in the bay area on earth as well. look at california. it's warm all over, very mild tonight, 66 in monterey, 56 in santa barbara, 68 in los angeles and as we look at our local temperatures here, we are in the 60s, 69 in san francisco where they got into the 80s today, 60 in santa rosa. you can see half moon bay finally dropping down to about 57. they got up to 81 today. san jose about 66 degrees. so it's above average for sure. we're a little warmer than this time last night, rmth, you are correct. you're not imagining that. take a live look at stormtracker 2, a few clouds rolling in. there's a little moisture, but come from it, looks like a couple sprinkles are trying, but don't think that's going to hit the ground. 50s across the map except for the north bay dropping down to the upper 40s, but hey, that's
10:49 pm
a really nice mild night tonight as we go through our evening. we'll start off the day mostly clear tomorrow in san francisco in the upper 50s, a little warm morning and then work into the 70s yet again going above average as we get to our high of the day, about 77 degrees. so sunny and warm, another warm day very similar to today. these are the highs as we look around the area. we will see some spots with 90s and likely concord will be one of them and fairfield, antioch close, same story for livermore, santa rosa. those of you at the coast and bay, you'll get a little break tomorrow as we get a little sea breeze going, 77 for san francisco. that's still 7 degrees above average for san francisco for this time of year. normal in santa rosa would be90 you can see everyone on the list about 10 degrees above where you would be for normal this time of year. we'll start out warm and work into tuesday. we will see cooling for inland communities, a drop into the
10:50 pm
mid-80s. however, wednesday the wind is going to pick up. we've got low humidity and that means the national weather service has issued a fire weather watch for wednesday into thursday. this is for the north bay hills and east bay hills as well as some of our mountain areas and the concern here is that the wind will kick up. we've got dry conditions. that humidity will drop and that's why fire can spread very quickly. that fire weather watch expecting gusts 35 to 45 miles per hour and relative humidity less than 20%, but it even has the potential to drop down into the teens and single digits. that gets very dangerous very quickly. again, that's 5 a.m. wednesday going through till 5 p.m. thursday. it's really three things th granted we'll be cooler than tomorrow when we get into wednesday, but the dry conditions and the gusty wind comes together to make fire conditions very likely there. look at your extended
10:51 pm
forecast. you see lots of sunshine, a few clouds tuesday. we're looking pretty nice. it's dry. we don't have any rain in the forecast. s a bump this forward to next weekend, again, you can see temperatures pretty nice. if we didn't have the fire concerns, the temperatures are very nice, right? it's quite lovely out there. >> almost perfect. >> october is always a scary month. >> it is. so far, so good. we'll hope that we keep it that way. everyone just needs to be aware wednesday and thursday. just be careful because we'll be in those conditions that could make fire spread quickly. the movie joker set a new record at the october >> what's so funny? >> it's estimated the dark spin on the classic batman villain earned an estimated 93. knife million dollars from ticket estimated$93.5 million
10:52 pm
from ticket sales in the first weekend. security concerns over joker's theme may have resulted in added security at some theaters, but it didn't stop moviegoers from attending. in the east bay the theater staff checked bags and took other safety measures. up next in sports baseball playoffs in full swing as the dodgers look to take the lead in their series with the nationals. >> then on the 11:00 news firefighters are still on the scene of a 500-acre fire in the north bay. we'll have a live report from american canyon with unch for me we both like the snacks and the evening meals granny always says... the crew are so lovely with... can i get you anything madam? my uncle loves emirates for... the thousands of channels... plus i never miss a live match and my sister, if she ever spoke to me... would say... it's the free wi-fi... duh!
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joe is here now with sports. we're talking about the raiders in london and it was a bit of a tricky game but ended well for the raiders. >> it was and that marathon thing is continuing. so far the raiders' grueling five games in six weeks hasn't turned out so poorly. today's game in london against the bears unusual enough, the first time the raiders faced chicago since the khalil mack trade. raiders jumped to an early lead, 7-0 and deandre washinthe end zone a 17-0 lead to the locker room, but the bears scored 21 points in the third quarter.
10:56 pm
chase daniel finds allen robinson in the corner of the end zone, 21-17 for chicago. raiders put a 13-play drive together in the fourth quarter, josh jacobs over the top with 1:57 left. with 123 yards rushing jacobs had his first 100-yard game. daniel threw a pass in the middle of three raiders. conley makes the pick. oakland wins 24-21. the raiders are 3-2 and have a bye week before their long trip continues to green bay and houston. they'll probably be underdogs in those games as well. >> we know everyone counted us out. we knew no one would pick us to win this football game and we hadn't really proven anything for them to pick us, right? but it shows you the grit and determination of our young guys. it really shows you what kind of team that mr. mayock and coach gruden are trying to build because super close,
10:57 pm
super resilient, super tough. i knew we were a close team, but coach made an emphasis we were going to have to be a close team because of our 700 day road trip. the 49ers had a bye week and extra day to get ready for their game tomorrow night against the cleveland browns largely through the efforts of their defense the 49ers 3-0 the first time since 1995. the browns trio of quarterback baker mayfield, receiver o'dell beckham and running back nick chubb will be their challenge. a 4-0 start will be something the team hasn't achieved since 1990. even if that happens, don't expect kyle shanahan to get giddy. >> we won our first three games, but that makes me feel good about those three games, but there's a long way to go in the season. it doesn't do much for me starting 3-0. we expected to be more competitive in year three and feel we are, but competitive doesn't mean anything. you got to play football. it's going to be really tough
10:58 pm
monday. both divisional series started the day even at a game each. now two teams have a chance to wrap things up tomorrow, the dodgers playing their first game in washington and dave roberts didn't seem too stressed. nationals took a 2-1 lead to the sixth inning and then the game got away from them. runners at the corners with two outs. russell martin hits one to the gap in left center. the tying run scores. so does the lead run. 3-2 dodgers. two more runs scored and then came the big blow. justin turner drives one well over the left field fence with a couple aboard. it's a three-run shot, seven- run winning for l.a. dodgers win 10-4 lead with a chance to wrap it up tomorrow. fans in st. louis fired up for their first home game in their divisional series against atlanta. the cardinals took a 1-0 lead to the ninth, one run in and adam deval singles to center scoring two runs. the braves win 3-1 and lead the
10:59 pm
series two games to one, game three tomorrow again in st. louis. very simple equation for the earthquakes in their final regular season game. win and you're in the playoffs. san jose had to go to portland to try and make it happen, reason for the quakes to be optimistic in the 39th minute trailing 1-0, christian espinoza centers to chris wandalaski. all timbers in the second half. in the 59th minute esprio follows the shot and went into his olympic floor experience. 3-1 ending the quakes season with a record of 13-16-5 and no post season but a much improved season compared to last year. e, thank you. coming up next at 11:00. >> it's a piece of heaven out here until this happens. >> a fast moving wildfire led to some frightening moments in
11:00 pm
the north bay. people were getting ready to evacuate as the flames headed their way. >> the 11:00 news on ktvu fox 2 starts now. the fire broke out in american canyon this afternoon and went from a few dozen acres to a few hundred acres. hello again, everyone. i'm frank somerville. >> i'm julie haener. that fire is 30% contained. it started along a road in american canyon near highway 80. people who live nearby were asked to evacuate as a precaution, but that advisory has been lifted now. ktvu's andre senior joins us now live in american canyon with the latest on >> reporter: we're here at american canyon high school in flamt see any flames on the horizon. normally when you cover these wildfires and at night, you can


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