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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  October 25, 2019 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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the 11:00 news on ktvu transfer news starts now. the fire weather is expected to begin tonight and into pg&e ha call yet, but says it will happen by 8:00 in the morning. the utility says nearly half 1 million homes and businesses in the bay area alone could have their power turned off. sonoma county could have the most outages with 92,000 customers affected. marin county, 86,000 homes and businesses face blackouts. in the east bay, alameda and contra costa county, a total of 100,000 customers. santa clara county would have blackouts to about 7000 people. we begin our coverage in san mateo county, the total there, 65,000 customers. >> reporter: that is right. many, many more people for each one of those households, andre. what we understand is that for many people, this is their third time having this power shut off. for the people here in san mateo, the city, it is their first.
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that is why they have been scrambling to try to put up these traffic signs here on el camino royale and get the word out to people they need to be prepared if the lights go out. running extra phone lines, setting up extra computer stations, tech, and emergency operations staff are rushing to prepare for the possibility pg&e will cut the power to someone hundred 95,000 people in san mateo county. >> this is our first time. with all the previous shutdowns, that did affect san mateo county, we were repeating in these calls. >> reporter: officials say they would not know exact numbers or locations of pg&e communities for people to go and charge medical devices until saturday. they are urging people to prepare sct agencies staff up. >> we are not keeping these additional resources out of our county due to the potential wind event we are expected to have here this weekend.
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we want to make sure we have adequate resources. >> reporter: at a media briefing, pg&e said they are expecting historic winds and dry conditions. they say customer should be prepared for power to be shut off 48 hours or longer. pg&e says that we can shut off is important because of the october 23rd shut off, crews say they found nine reports of damage caused by freelance or debris being blown into lines. currently, cal fire is battling the fire in san mateo county and the kincaid fire that started near geyserville. pg&e said they are considering the possibility of cutting power to high-voltage transmission lines as well this weekend. after a high-voltage line failure was discovered near the spark point of the kincaid fire, that is not easy. >> once we take a decision to take high-level voltage transmission out, it does raise issues of cyst comes stability. >> reporter: pg&e said the 200 sexualization devices that have affeedll you for example, the october 9th event, because of the devices, we were able to
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maintain service and no77,000 customers. >> reporter: pg&e says for those people who do lose power, they are planning to put up 28 community resource centers, people with medical devices should go to those five, or go to the hospital or local clinic to get help. they also say that they are planning to really try and staff up for a lot of people afterwards to make sure they get the power back on line. it could be 48 hours and local officials are saying for people to refer to the website, not called 911 if they just want information. >> good advice, thank you so much jana katsuyama. paul chambers live in petaluma after speaking with people who say these outages now feel all too familiar. paul? >> pg&e says 92,000 of those potential customers that could lose power are right here in sonoma county. pg&e also sent out a list that did include one of the biggest
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cities in the county. >> reporter: it's dij@ vu for many people in sonoma county after being notified that pg&e may shut off their power, yet again. >> i feel like a hamster on a wheel, working my and not getting ass too far. >> reporter: why? because two power outages within two weeks has left rows and rows of empty shelves in santa rosa. most of those items were moved to these rented 50 foot trailers. a costly hit to their bottom line, on top of that, 80% decrease in business due to the outage. the manager says it is hurting everyone from customers to employees. >> fortunately, we have three stores we are sending them to to keep the working--the ones that went to work. now, we have got one of on the list. >> >> reporter: that store is in cotati. down on sonoma highway is tips
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roadhouse in kenwood. >> we lost power two weeks ago, right? then, we lost power this past week and will lose power again this weekend. >> reporter: the owner says with the pending outage, his business will have to shut down for a few days. he thought of buying a power supply would alleviate that problem. >> we have an expensive generator we plugged into power a couple of refrigerators to save our food until we opened again. we got here the next morning, somebody cuts through the chain and stole our generator. >> reporter: pg&e did not have santa rosa when it's shut off list, the fire department issued this advisory thing potential shut off could begin tomorrow and run through at least monday. >> paul, did any of those owners you talked to say how they plan to recoup the cost after they lost so much during the last shut off? >> really, t opportunity to do so. they are basically out of that money. however, they did find a way to open harshly within the next few days. if they do lose, most of their business, which will happen if they lose power, they are still making a little bit of profit. during the outage at the
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beginning of the month, the tunnel at devil slide was closed. this time around, caltrans says it is installing generators to keep the tunnel open. caltrans also says it expects the caldecott tunnel to be open. they have modified plans for work that require lane closures on highway 24 this weekend. that work will now be completed by saturday. let's get the update on the red flag warning. >> i guess you get the sense this is not an ordinary red flag warning or a wind event. typically, we say winds might come up for a few hours, or gusting to 45 miles per hour in the hills. not the case this time. this will be a long look at the around the kincaid fire. thankfully, those moisture levels are coming up a bit, that should help fire crews somewhat with relative humidity levels. the winds are not too much of a
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factor. in fact, they have backed off for the 11:00 hour. here is the forecast. tonight, we are showing the calmer winds and weaker wins. saturday morning, not too bad. look at what happens into saturday after 5:00 p.m. we begin to see those bright colors move in and stick around. as a result, we will see these very strong winds set up. you can see here this is sunday at 12:00. into sunday, 4:00 p.m., finally one monday morning we will scale back on those extreme wind speeds. obviously, a red flag fire warning. that is probably a high wind warning. talking about st. helena. here, 8:00 p.m. saturday to 11:00 mondayfor the north bay, portions of the east bay, and for the coast and santa cruz mountain, into 38:00 a.m. sunday into 11:00 monday morning. we will talk more about these very strong winds heading our way and the air quality coming up. now, to the kincaid fire still burning out of control in northern sonoma county. cal fire says the fire has
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grown to 23,700 acres and is 5% contained. they have not made much room there. 49 structures have been destroyed, including 21 homes. cal fire is another 2100 structures are threatened right now. they just announced new mandatory evacuations in sonoma county. evacuations include parts of ida ranch road, highland ranch road along the sonoma county line. people in these areas are ordered to leave immediately. fire officials want to get a better handle on the blaze for those dangerous winds settle down in the area tomorrow night. amber lee has more on the aggressive fire from geyserville. >> reporter: we've got firefighters going in. >> they arput out hot spots. then, we got our hand crews who
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go in with only hand tools. >> reporter: wins were relatively mild, but expected to strengthen dangerously this weekend. cal fire is using all resources, including 1300 personnel on the line. crews are doing all they can to prepare and protect in the face of dangerous conditions. now, cal fire is dealing with an incident that happened in the area of pine flats road at 4:30 friday afternoon. >> fire activity picked up an additional resources were called in due to some sort of event. >> reporter: a ktvu to crew was given access as firefighters conducted an aerial attack in the same area thursday. there are large utility powers and equipment. repeated aerial drops of retardant used two fan flames. 49 structures are already destroyed, including homes. >> i was crying. i had anxiety. it was really hard, not just to drive away from your stuff.
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>> reporter: her and her caregiver were among the 2000 people forced to evacuate from geyserville thursday morning. she says she suffers from respiratory problems and the poor air quality is adding to the difficulties they are facing as they look for temporary housing. >> i'm a little tired because it is very emotional and very wearing on you. i'm just going through it, watching other people go through it. >> reporter: cal fire has issued a new evacuation warning for the communities in the pot mountain area of lake county. it is not mandatory, but officials are advising people to prepare. in geyserville, amber lee, ktvu fox 2 news. some airbnb hosts are not offering free housing to the kincaid fire evacuees. the online room rental company has a special section on his website informing those forced
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out of their homes that somehow will be offering free temporary housing from now until november 7th. the same offer is going out to relief workers in the fire zone in sonoma county. coming up, a group of people protesting outside of a greyhound bus station. the problem they have with the company's role in the immigration debate. and other department this door is closing in san francisco. how many jobs will be lost as a result. ♪ and you find a deal on cookware that makes you say. you know when you're at ross yes! ...oh, yeah! bring on the holidays! that's yes for less. everything you need to prep, cook and serve up the season. it feels even better when you find it for less-at ross. yes for less.
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actress felicity huffman was released from a federal prison in dublin this morning. the desperate housewives star served just 11 days of her 14 day sentence for her role in the college admissions scandal. federal prison policy calls for inmate scheduled for release to be let out on friday. last month, a federal judge sentenced felicity huffman to two weeks in prison, a $30,000 fine, and 250 hours of community service. the sentence came after she pled guilty to plate a bright to boost her daughters as a peace corps. no charges will be filed against a sheriff's deputy involved--in an officer
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involved shooting earlier this year. video captured the incident on the night of february 17th in southern napa county. deputy riley was on patrol by herself when she approached a parked car on henry road. the driver suddenly pulled a gun and fired at her. deputy director was not hit, she immediately returned fire, killing the driver. demonstrators protested outside of the greyhound bus two terminal earlier tonight. they are calling for an end to a greyhound policy they say allows federal immigration officers on buses to look for undocumented immigrants. this event was a part of a national protest. similar demonstrations were scheduled to take place across the country. >> there is an inhumane work going on against migrants and imasylum seekers. everyone you can imagine, anyone who is not quote unquote, a citizen. >> greyhound has set in the
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past it is not complicit in rounding up undocumented immigrants. the company is required to apply with the request of federal agencies. scooter company, skip, says it is closing in san francisco maintenance and repair facility. 34 employees were let go because the company failed to get a city permit to continue operating in the city. skip got a city permit to operate electric scooters from october 18th through october 19th. the company still operates in washington dc. high-end retailer, barney's, plans to lay off 384 workers in california. 121 of them from its four-story flagships door in union square. employees could be out of a job as soon as next month. lastly, barney's new york reached a deal to sell its assets to authentic brands. according to court filings, the price was estimated around $270 million in cash.
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coming up, a look at the kincaid fire from space. plus, all of the smoke from the fire is affecting air quality in the south bay and the warning health officials have. >> when you breathe in smoke, it can irritate your airwaves, irritate your nose, irritate your eyes. and in weather coming up, we will have the update of the timing of those intense winds heading into the bay area. and a few changes that will show up in the five day forecast. ♪ ♪
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smoke from the kincaid fire in sonoma county can be seen right here from space. nasa satellite captured this image yesterday. wind and low humidity have contributed to the swift movement of the fire. as you can see, just how massive that plume of smoke is hovering above our region. today, the weather conditions brought some of the smoke into the bay area. you may have been able to smell it. >> gary tells us about the air- quality alert and the science behind it. >> this is our doppler radar. >> reporter: on a downtown rooftop, dr. craig flemingwho surveyed the equipment designed to analyze air conditions is mobile doppler lidar, uses a laser to measure particulates in the air, slowly drifting south over the horizon point >> it is actually sampling the atmosphere.
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we can actually detect these layers of smoke. you can actually see the layers of smoke from the kincaid fire over here. >> reporter: the kincaid fire is burning thousands of acres in sonoma county, roughly 120 miles north of san jose. 3000 feet up, winds carry smoky air south across the bay area and over clement. >> reporter: >> eventually, when the winds shift near the surface, that smoke is going to come down and lower layers. >> i think this is becoming the new normal. >> reporter: friday, public health officer, dr. sarah cody issued a air-quality advisor. she says the very young, very old, and people with young lung conditions are more vulnerable. >> when you breathe in smoke, you can irritate your airwaves, irritate your nose, irritate your eyes, and does particulates can go deep down into your lungs. >> reporter: dr. cody says wearing a mask is not a cure all. it is not properly fitted.
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experts advise limiting exposure and avoiding outdoor exercise. >> sunday, we will have a big wind event. that is going to be northeasterly winds. that will probably push more smoke down in the bay area. >> reporter: dr. clements says it could take several days and maybe even an early rainy season storm to clear the air, and that's if there are no more fires. in downtown san jose, jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. ♪ and our air-quality really depends on the behavior of the fire. if you can't see tomorrow, another air alert in place for the bay area. starting to creep up on the air- quality scale, that is not in a good direction. take a look at their projections for tomorrow. unhealthy for sensitive groups, but based on the fire behavior, we could actually go into this red group that happened today in portions of sonoma county. we will be watching out for
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that as we head into saturday. that layer of hayes moving in from the north, if you can limit your outdoor activity, that will be a good idea. red flag warning, all the areas in red. as you can see, a long duration, strong wind event headed our way, extreme fire behavior, very low, relative humidity. the winds will be increasing up by about this time tomorrow into sunday, and gradually backing off into mother. the valley location, winds could be going up above 40 miles per hour. strong winds in the hills. it is becoming closer, the high wind in place, winds could be going up above 65 or 70 miles per hour. these two begin at 8:00 p.m. saturday until 11:00 a.m. on monday. a little bit nd advisory against her:00 a.m. sunday until 11:00 a.m. monday. the one area not under advisory, the santa clara valley. that could be changing. we will watch out for that as we head into the weekend. current numbers that we are
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starting to cool things off, santa rosa, 57, san francisco 65, livermore, 61. here is the system you are watching. this would produce rain, it is not. it is headed to our east. this is setting up the strong wind event and also the extreme fire danger. here we are tonight, keep an eye on the brighter colors. they don't move in until later in the day on saturday. this is saturday 8:00 p.m. . look at how widespread this is sunday morning, all day sunday, maybe backing off a little. this is a long-term deal. monday morning, we will gradually scale back on those wind speeds by the afternoon hours. forecast highs tomorrow, not as hot as today. we are thinking 70s and 80s. the look ahead, i really wish i could put a rain cloud here to help us out. there is nothing showing up at all. of course, we will watch out for those winds especially all they sunday. it will be a serious event here. we do have some more clarity on the new mandatory evacuations ordered in sonoma county due to the fire.
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the new evacuations offer parts of the alexander and nights valleys and include the areas from clayton road, north of highland ranch road at campbell road, east of highway 101 between alexander valley road to the mendocino county lake lines. people in these areas are ordered to leave immediately. coming up, the matchup between catalina and los lobos was our high school game of the week. plus, the astros reminded us who was the best team in baseball. up next is sports. ♪
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the astros were going to do >> and they still might! >> they got off to a rough start in the world series.
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road feel advantage, not supposed to be a thing. it has been in the road series. the first two in 2019 one by the road team. the astros look to extend that strange district. game three in washington, it is all about the baby shark. josh reddick, the former athletic hitting just 111 in the postseason. he will take every hit you can get. carlos carrasco on the bloopers, the astros strike first. 1-0. 2-0 in the fourth. ryan zimmerman scores, 2-1, first rbi. sixth inning, 3-1. robertson trina down the line. first home run of the playoffs. sanchez got , 10 hits, four runs.
11:28 pm
the astros do indeed win 4-1, now washington leads the series 2-1. something the 49ers don't want to hear right now, perfection is fleeting. a reminder of that on the high school level. our game of the week, first quarter, who has got the football? there he is! number 7, eliza ash, bounces it outside. it is a touchdown and the knights lead 7-0. capital strikes right back. grant harper throwing it up. the catch and a 22 yard connection. 7-7. third quarter, 17-7, campo. harper is going to swing it to ryan o'neal. cougars win 31-14. the sharks are getting maybe their toughest roadie of the season out of the way early. a five-game through buffalo,
11:29 pm
three stops in canada and boston. tonight then toronto. patty marlowe is acknowledged by the fans after playing the last two seasons. brett burns from the point, the rocket. 1-0, sharks. two seconds left in the period, jake ties it up and instead of 1-0, momentum swings, wouldn't you know it, late in the third, william the lander sets of morgan riley or the game- winner. the leafs add an empty net or. they go on to win 4-1. >> you know, i was really hoping you were going to play the warriors sound again. that was my favorite part. >> once it is 24 hours old--we want to move on from everything last night. they will play sunday at oklahoma state. >> thank you so much. thank you for making ktvu your choice for news. you can find updates around the
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clock on >> modern family is next. have a great night. ♪ think there's something between me and gloria. relax. i couldn't be more relaxed if i was in a coma. jay's grill was delivered. she's keeping it under wraps so i can be there when he sees it! alex: oh, my god! i just got accepted into caltech. you did?! that is incredible! we're gonna have a famous scientist in the family! uh, not that there's any shame in learning a trade. air conditioners are always gonna break. eh, i looked into it. it's a lot of classes. honey, that is unbelievable. it's hardly unbelievable. super-smart kid, super-smart school. i never doubted you. that must feel great. yep. pretty great. what was that? i think that was my fault. me too. why? [ sighs ] i do this all the time. she does these amazing things, and i'm so used to it, i don't even make a big deal over caltech. i got excited. doesn't that count? well, honey, you get excited over everything.


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