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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  October 30, 2019 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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this is the 10:00 news on fox 2. >> firefighters make progress on the kincaid fire but as evacuation orders are lifted, some people unfortunately are returning to find their homes in ruins.>> that is what it look like a few days ago. i can't believe it. this is my families life there.>> they said that 266
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structures have been destroyed including 133 homes. good evening. while the official count of homes lost in the fire has increased so also has the containment and as we mentioned crews have made more progress and reports tonight that the fire is 45% contained and that is a significant increase from 24 hours ago when containment was at 15%. more than 76,000 acres have burned since the fire broke out a week ago. right now more than 5000 firefighters from across california and other states continue to work to extend containment.>> cars screamed into windsor another communities is the widespread evacuation order was lifted. city workers in windsor including the mayor greeted returning residents with cheers and welcome home signs and evacuation orders were also lifted for geyserville and santa rosa allowing about 100,000 people to return home.
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>> we are in downtown windsor. the people who live there on the outskirts of the city they returned home to find a very different scene. >> reporter: it is homecoming for some and heartache for others. we are seeing relief and appreciation everywhere. there are some signs that say thank you first responders for protect in our beautiful town. but for some people, the worst fears were confirmed.>> this was the master bedroom right here. took home of 30 years high on a ridge now rubble.>> i did as much as i could do to prevent it but the wind was blowing so hard. >> reporter: for four days ken schmidt peterson used everything he had to clear and soak the property leaving tools for firefighters and the engine never came but the fire did. >> we came back to get some stuff in the house and the fire was getting close.'s>>
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reporter: this is his video before fleeing and the neighbor caught the house burning. >> he said you would've died if you would've stayed there. >> reporter: he is glad he had time to save cherished possessions and he helped his late father build this home. >> you still think what you could've done. >> reporter: fires hopscotch as they did skipping one house but striking another next door. that is why pulling into driveways and unpacking brings tears. >> it is so random so we feel blessed and lucky and so fortunate to have the house. >> reporter: other residents return to clues about close call. >> the workbench is toast in the fence is gone. >> reporter: houses scorched but still intact after crews beat backfires that burned through foothill regional park and almost did the same to their subdivision. the residents are overwhelmingly grateful.>> my refrigerator is probably --
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right now but i have that and a home and we are really lucky to have that so i will take the mass to have my house. >> it is crazy. you know. it is just incredibly an empty feeling. >> reporter: for this family no house but every intention to rebuild. his mother is 93 years old and wants to come back to her beautiful views the hideaway he and his dad built for her. >> you just want to go home, you know and you want to go back home and go to bed and it is like a dream. it is unreal. >> reporter: this property was evacuated, but spared two years ago. he has friends who lost their homes in this fire, but he said nothing can prepare you for this. unfortunately, more than 100 other households are going to go through the same experience in the days ahead.>> it is just heartbreaking seeing this people come home.
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deborah is in the north bay tonight. now to janet and coffee park, which was devastated by the tubs fire in 2017, and residents returning home this time are hoping for a sense of normalcy.>> reporter: absolutely. this is an area where people lost everything in the 2017 fire and people here lost so much. there are still scars an empty lot next to half built homes and for a lot of the people, when they got the evacuation order to leave on saturday, it was a big scare and a big relief to come back tonight. on the streets around santa rosa's coffee park, signs of life and residents returning after the sheriff lifted the evacuation orders that sent people scrambling from that saturday night. no children insight on this
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empty street lights were on and some homes. one resident began decorating for halloween hoping for a return to normal. >> if i hang onto how life was before, you go crazy in this is the way it is right now and if the deal with it. truck she and her sister moved into their rebuilt home on october 4 only to be evacuated again three weeks later for the kincaid fire. evacuees returning tired and hungry and brought food and supplies to nearby shops which some are open in summer clothes. >> we got back an hour ago but we have not been around town but our neighborhood is still pretty much empty. >> reporter: he is grateful his house is still standing and his family safe. >> two years ago we barely made it out. this time we took
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precautions. >> reporter: the mayor is also relieved that the entire city of 60,000 got the all clear to return home on wednesday. >> it has been great and i have seen a lot of smiling faces and it has been a tough week. >> reporter: he warns everyone will not have power with the shut off. >> there are some places that don't have power and others like it my house we have power but we had to evacuate. >> reporter: temperatures are expected to drop into the 30s for the county and red cross has shelters and warming centers open. >> it seems like it has been getting significantly colder every night, so i people need a place to go that is warmer, our shelters are available for that. truck today the red cross was preparing treats and they plan to hold a halloween party at the shelter for the children who are still there. for those who need food, there is a plan to have a food giveaway and the mayor told me tomorrow at finley center in santa rosa, they will be giving away food in the afternoon to anybody who might need it and also donations are being accepted in the morning and this is critical for some
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people who are coming home and finding refrigerators full of spoiled food. live from coffee park in santa rosa. fox 2 news.>> some pretty chilly temperatures tonight. you mentioned a freeze warning. >> it is kind of early and usually expect to see those in february and march and here we are with a freeze warning showing up now and the current numbers it is cool with 40s and the cool spots in the north bay running 10 to 18 degrees cooler like in fairfield and it was last night at this time. that freeze warning encompasses north of santa rosa and winds are up in the hills burger temperatures could be 25 or 30 degrees and for folks without power, these are some very very cold overnight lows and something to contend with for everybody in the north bay especially those displaced from their power. as we look at the current temperature forecast we are looking at 27 tomorrow morning in santa rosa and 32 in napa and that will get you some ice
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on the roads if there is any standing water from the firefighters hoses and 35 and still cooler on the bay but just northbay and the freeze warning in effect through tomorrow morning. temperatures in santa rosa down into the upper 20s. pg&e said it is now restored power to 196 customers who lost service in the latest round of shutoffs and systemwide more than 168,000 customers remain without power here in the bay area. most of them and those outages are in the northbay. utilities say as crews inspect equipment, they are discovering a lot of damage from the wind.>> where up to 83 cases of damage. this includes trees
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falling into lines, broken poles and other hazards, tree branches tangled in the wires that we have been able to remove and make repairs on. and we expect that number to rise.>> pg&e says it could take hours or days for power to be restored to the remaining customers. an update to a story we first brought you last night. a community of seniors shivering in a cold dark apartment complex during the force blackout now has power once again. we are live again at the bennett house in fairfax where a lack of electricity revealed some serious risks.>> reporter: yes, and now tenants are telling me they are grateful and overwhelmed by the outpouring of support. the nonprofit that runs the apartment building said it is working to address their safety concerns.>> reporter: aside from a freezer filled with spoiled food from the power outage, she tells me she is now better prepared. on tuesday night, the 98-year- old reach out to us and she and dozens of her neighbors at
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bennett house, an apartment building for seniors and the disabled, went without power since saturday.>> i knew what i did by making the phone call was the right thing to do. but i didn't know what it would create.>> reporter: what it did create is an outpouring of support from the county in the community. donations of food and lanterns and flashlights after our story show the conditions the residents faced. long dark hallways and disabled folks stranded on the third floor with no power to operate the elevator.>> a life sentence and for now i know i feel safe and safer today and this afternoon and this evening then i certainly did last night. >> reporter: the power was restored about 4:00 p.m. according to residents. we caught up with one tenant in the elevator after it was operating again. he tells us the power and the help came in the nick of time
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because supplies and patients were running low. >> we celebrated and there were cheers and shouting. >> reporter: there are now lanterns in the hallways and the president of mercy holding, the nonprofit that runs the apartment building said temporary generators are on- site. >> we are doing our best to fix whatever is going on that is not going perfectly.>> reporter: it has plans to have a permanent generator strong enough to power the whole building including the elevator. >> we are proud of the work we do, but it the end of the day it is not a nursing home. >> she draws on her experience as a rosie the riveter for what she has received presidential recognition to give her strength to fight for what is right. >> i feel really good about what i have done. i think a lot of good will come of it. >> we are just heart warmed. and i think the community. >> reporter: while there is relief among the residents, they tell me they should have never had to cope with the conditions they faced during
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this outage. >> it is nice to see the complex manager taking some steps there. and thank you for coming together for those folks. more followed over the planned pg&e outages and the major change that one bay area congressman is now calling for. conducts 30 security concerns on the fire line is authorities warn of people posing as firefighters and security guards in order to commit additional crimes. what is being done to stop these thieves. a big decision by twitter will change what you see on your timelines. i am lauren blanchard in washington with what the social media giant is doing, and why it will play a big role in the 2020 elections. ne five million kids now using
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some horrible is for the warriors. seth curry broke his hand against a game in phoenix and happened during the second quarter the game and curry came down for a layup and a player on the suns fell on his wrist and curry never returned to the game and the sports director will have a whole lot more in this injury and what it means for curry and also what it means for the team coming up later in sports. san francisco fire crews were called to a fire there on the top floor of the haight-ashbury
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apartment building tonight in the photo posted to twitter shows that building near the corner of oak and masonic in the fire broke out on the third floor and the fire department is asking people to avoid the area as they work to mop up the fire and nobody was hurt. fire crews in southern california battling a wire fire that broke out near the reagan national library. the fire exploded just after six clock this morning during an extreme red flag warning with dangerous santa ana wind. tonight they updated the size of the fire and now burned just under 1500 acres of slightly from this afternoon and at this point the fire is still just 5% contained. it is burning and see me valley north of los angeles and flames as we mentioned came very close to reagan library where the former president is very but authorities it was protected by a buffer zone of vegetation management.>> is the closest this library has come to this kind of a danger. so this is really serious stuff. >> we were prepared and we
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augmented resources and we had incredible robust quick response from her neighbors to the south of la city and la county.>> the easy fire is threatening roughly 7000 homes and that has prompted thousands of people to be evacuated.>> we learned about two fires possibly started by pg&e equipment bringing the total number of fires in the past week to six. the fire protection district said this transformer was throwing sparks into the brush on gateway road just before the fire broke out there early sunday morning and threatened homes. two hours later crews responded to another fire in oakley and force people to evacuate their homes. fire district said they were investigating and it points to malfunctioning pg&e equipment there as well. these are the fifth and six fires linked to pg&e equipment in the past seven days. they are also investigating the utilities equipment for sparking the kinkead fire in
10:18 pm
sonoma county and two fires in lafayette. pg&e is also looking into whether downed power lines started a fire there. >> the governor continued his criticism of pg&e today as he visited communities affected by the power shut off. the governor stop by a senior living community in american canyon where the lights came back on last night for the first time in four days. once again, he demanded accountability and says he is well aware of the growing calls by lawmakers and state to take over pg&e.>> for us to take over all the assets means taking over all the liabilities and costs and answer your question, yes, we are gaming out every scenario. >> the congressman said he is pushing state legislature to move toward public ownership. he calls the outages incompetent and unacceptable. the pg&e president and ceo said breaking up pg&e won't fix the
10:19 pm
problems facing the power grid. a white house advisor is on the eve of his congressional testimony and the impeachment probe. national security adviser tim morrison is the latest administration official step down. he was listening in on president trump's phone call with the president of ukraine in july that launched the impeachment investigation. morrison is scheduled to testify tomorrow morning about the u.s. withholding military aid to ukraine as well as efforts to get ukraine to investigate joe biden and his son. former national security advisor john bolton city won't testify in the impeachment inquiry unless he is subpoenaed. the house committees leading the impeachment investigation today asked bolton to answer questions behind closed doors next week. tonight's attorney said bolton won't testify unless a subpoena is issued. this comes at the house gets ready to vote on an impeachment resolution tomorrow and it would allow the impeachment
10:20 pm
hearings to be public and also calls for the release of deposition transcripts. this will be the first full house vote on impeachment. a big move today by twitter. the san francisco-based company announced it will eliminate all political ads and worries there could be misleading messages. as we report that announcement came this week. >> reporter: the ceo of twitter announcing the decision on his platform saying they believe political reach should be earned and not bought. jack dorsey tweeted that while online ads are effective, that power brings significant risk to politics where it can be used to influence votes to affect the lives of millions. the trump campaign is not to please saying this is yet another attempt to silence conservatives since twitter knows president trump has the most sophisticated online program ever known. but twitter ceo said it is not about silencing anyone but
10:21 pm
rather forward-looking political ad regulation saying this is not about free expression. this is about paying for reach. twitter social media rival facebook is not following suit. this has been criticized by some democratic lawmakers. mark zuckerberg was on capitol hill last week answering questions about how they would protect voters from misinformation online.>> are you telling me and i think you said to me before, you plan on doing no back checking on political ads.>> chairwoman, our policy is that we don't fact check politicians speech. >> there will be exceptions for twitters new policy. a voter registration ads will still run. the change will go into effect on november 22 meaning all of the 2020 election-year will be political ad free on your twitter timeline. in washington lauren blanchard, fox news. inmates at a jail in the
10:22 pm
east bay are on a hunger strike. the poor conditions that they say they are living in and their demands from jail officials. video released today show how police were able to stop a robbery suspect who jumped out of his getaway car on a busy freeway.
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take a look at this. dramatic video shows you the rest of a bank robbery suspect last week. police officers chased down the suspect right there in the middle of the freeway after he ran away from his getaway car.
10:25 pm
police said the suspect into the people let officers on a high-speed chase before they stopped the car near whipple avenue on heyward and the three suspects are wanting for robbing a credit union in fremont. these people in oakland happen charged with several felony counts in connection with that bank robbery. inmates are refusing to eat and refusing to work. an attorney representing the inmates says conditions at the jail are filthy. they're hoping a hunger strike and work stoppage will get the point across. inmates say there are 30 people in a cell with one bathroom and cleaning supplies are given only once a week. they say that has led to a serious nap problem.>> clouds of nats live in their cells with them and congregate around the toilets in the water.
10:26 pm
they can't eat food in their cells because of the gnats flying into their faces. and it is an intolerable situation. >> the inmates presented a list of 26 demands including better food and the ability to clean their cells at least twice a week. a spokesperson for the alameda county sheriff's department says he thinks that less than half the inmates are taking part in the protest. supporters of a ballot measure overhauling mental health services in san francisco protested today and chanted in the hallways at city hall backing the manager. san francisco sheriff's deputies detained two women after a scuffle. the mayor is backing a separate measure called urgent care aspect which will be on the ballot. looting remains a problem in sonoma county. how thieves are discussing themselves to take advantage of communities affected by the fires. a new claim that the company knowingly shipped
10:27 pm
contaminated products and why an executive is suing. the washington nationals finished off their cinderella story or beating the astros in game seven of the world series. mark will have all of the celebration coming up later in sports. a santa fe charter school is fighting to keep their doors open. coming up the reasons why the school board voted to close it.
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back to the kincaid fire and concerns about people looking to take advantage of a terrible situation. there are reports of people posing as firefighters and security personnel. >> we learned there have been 10 arrests in the last 24 hours tied to looting in the area. we have what authorities what are doing to deal with all of this. second 300 law enforcement person on the street. >> reporter: a warning at the briefing for firefighters on the front line.>> we got a report yesterday of possibly some fake firefighters out there doing some looting. >> is if there wasn't enough to deal with already authorities say criminals may be taken advantage of the crisis to victimize residents by pretending to be the good guys.>> they don't want that and you don't want a few idiots to ruin your outstanding
10:31 pm
reputation so if you see them please report them to us and check their credentials and let's get those guys out of here. >> reporter: real firefighters we spoke to our incense. >> for somebody to do that is pretty low. truck the captain of the quincy fire department as part of a squat team helping out in the north bay. he said he can imagine someone masquerading as a firefighter to do harm.>> we are here to support the community and to do our best to try to get rid of all this fire around here and everything else. >> reporter: the bad guys are just posing as firefighters. some of also pretended to be security guards to gain access to evacuated areas. fire evacuees at a red cross shelter in santa rosa say these kinds of criminals make them feel even more vulnerable. sector taking advantage knowing that first responders and police and everyone is so busy and it is very disheartening. >> this man said many people might assume that anyone in a
10:32 pm
firefighters uniform is legitimate. >> with all the chaos, it is your natural reaction to do what he is asking you to do and you're looking to him for help. >> that is the most terrible thing i've ever heard. took this woman said she may ask for id and badge before assuming she is talking to a real firefighter. >> yes normally i would trust the firefighter and security in a heartbeat. so anybody pretending to do that, that is a total fraud. >> authorities say when in doubt you can always ask for somebody's id or badge and in santa rosa henry lee fox 2 news.>> one of the dozens of structures damaged by the fire is an educational facility and parts of elite now educational retreat center on highway 128 were destroyed. the center was a staple in sonoma county for decades
10:33 pm
helping young students g learn my skills and take college classes during a gap year. the caretaker said it appears the facility may be a complete loss. cools in sonoma county were close once again today and almost all of them will stay closed at least until monday. this is because of the evacuation orders and the poor air quality and power shut off. these are canceled for the rest of the week but all other schools will be opened and most marin county schools are set to reopen tomorrow and lake county schools will open tomorrow pending power restoration. a charter school in san jose is fighting to stay open after the school board voted to not renew its lease for the next school year. board members say the school did not meet certain criteria but leaders of the charter school disagree. we are here now to talk to parents and they say they were blindsided by this. >> reporter: yes. we are talking about cornerstone academy with 500 40 enrolled students and the tightknit school community here is shocked with the school board's decision and vows to
10:34 pm
appeal.>> this is what they know. you know, they are friends and their teachers. >> he chokes up at the thought of his children school for now will close. >> all of a sudden, and one night, it's taken away. >> reporter: the sanaz a parent say the decision to shatter the schools doors was on expect it and abrupt. >> why they decided to close down and such short notice and why there wasn't another opportunity for us to express how we feel and the influence of the school being here. >> reporter: founded in 2010, the academy serves kindergarten through eighth grade and named a two-time california distinguished school. part of the franklin mckinley school district. last week the school board voted 3-2 to deny
10:35 pm
the charter schools petition to renew its lease. leaving the school community in disbelief. >> they are upset and angry and they don't know why it happened.>> reporter: the district declined an on camera interview but sent a statement and said we don't enroll a comparable percentage of students for the rest of the district and it currently and has never enrolled a student with moderate or severe disabilities. and the district sites and achievement gap for math test scores.>> none of these statements are grounded in the law of whether a charter school should be renewed or not. it is as simple as that. truck some parents are wondering if they have to find another school. >> we don't know. we don't have a plan in place yet. truck this parent said she will homeschool if she has to. >> if we could afford a private school, i don't think that's the answer because this is where our children are and we have been rooted here. >> reporter: the school plans to appeal to the santa clara
10:36 pm
county board of education. if the county denies the appeal, the school will then go to the state board of education where he decision could be made in may. again, this is for next school year. doctor ford makes her first bay area public appearance since s testifying against brett kavanaugh and coming up, her speech after being presented a prestigious award. we are back after the break for the freeze warning that will go into effect and we will talk about what is coming for us this weekend. a huge fire breaks out at a commercial building in los angeles. the challenge firefighters had getting it under control tonight.
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a large fire in south los angeles tonight and a huge response from firefighters. the flames erupted tonight at a power distributor. it was a challenge for firefighters because of water pressure issues and because an electrified fence it was difficult to access the fire. no injuries have been reported. the federal reserve cut interest rates for for the third time this year and they said even though consumer spending is strong there is concern about the effects of the trade war with china on
10:40 pm
u.s. businesses. >> is this an investment and exports remain we can manufacture output has declined over the past year. sluggish growth abroad in tray developments have been waning in these sectors. >> although this is meant to boost the economy by encouraging more borrowing and spending by businesses and consumers. chairman powell also suggested he doesn't expect to make any more cuts in the near future. on wall street today stocks closed broadly higher and the dow was up 115, nasdaq up 27 and s&p set another record with a gain of nine points. shares of apple facebook and lyft all climbed at after-hours trading after reporting quarterly results that beat the wall street estimate. a former executive of j you ul is suing the company complaining he was fired after complaining about contaminated nicotine pots. he was senior vice president of global finance.
10:41 pm
he said juul knowingly shipped the millions of tainted nicotine pots to customers and he said the ceo said customers will quote -- and wouldn't know the quality. a spokesperson said that the claims are baseless and that he was fired for his lack of leadership quality. another person sentenced in the college admissions schedule. he was sentenced to two months in prison for paying $250,000 to get his son into usc as a fake volleyball recruit. he is a former executive at the world surf lake which is the governing body for pro surfers. he is the 12th parent to be sentenced so far in that scam. still to come another shake shack is coming here to the area plus the prestigious award that doctor ford was honored with today. after a week of dangerous fire weather. we are bracing for near freezing temperatures. we have the forecast coming up
10:42 pm
next. shouldn't they go to prison for as long as the law allows? chesa boudin said he wouldn't seek maximum sentences as district attorney, even for murder. we are a progressive city, but letting violent criminals off early
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endangers everyone. ad paid for by san francisco police officers association. not authorized by a candidate or committee controlled by a candidate. disclosures at
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a green beret who helped save for critically wounded comrades received the medal of honor from president trump today. army master sergeant matthew williams of texas presented a special operations force from being overrun in afghanistan back in 2008. his team and
10:45 pm
about 100 afghan commandos were attacked by insurgents waiting above them. officials say he exposed himself to enemy fire while rescuing the wounded troops from the mountainside. doctor ford made her first public speaking appearance today since her accusations of sexual assault during the supreme court confirmation hearing of brett kavanaugh. >> she received an empowerment award and spoke about her mission to encourage rooms of sexual violence to not be afraid to speak out. jesse garrett with the story tonight from santa clara.>> reporter: rarely does an award recipient eclipse the keynote speaker at the silicon valley ywca annual luncheon wednesday doctor ford took center stage and the lions share of attention. she stepped forward to accept the nonprofits 2019 empowerment award.>> it is funny. i was inspired by anita hill when i was deciding whether to testify, but it didn't occur to me at the time that i would be inspiring anybody else.>>
10:46 pm
reporter: in september 2018, she braved a weathering attack while alleging then supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh sexually assaulted her in the 1980s. while he went on to gain confirmation to the high court, ford helped lend credence to claims made by victims of sexual violence. >> i applaud her courage and continuing to come out and be firm in her message. >> reporter: her remarks just lasted a few minutes, but she had the 1400 guests in attendance captivated while she blazed the trail through washington's power elite in the keynote speaker blaze the trail that help change the country. at nearly 90 years old, onlookers say dolores is still speaking through power and pointing out where the struggle now lies.>> now, it is visible and -- >> in the 60s they led the
10:47 pm
fight for farmworkers rights and more than half a century later, she and others say education and institutionalized hatred are the new battlegrounds. >> everybody, man or woman, can make a difference. >> the yourself and stand strong . truck many attendees hope stories of courage from trailblazers and whistleblowers will eventually end racism and empower the next generation of women leaders. and sent eric, jesse garrett, fox 2 news. you may have noticed how chilly it is in the last few nights and tonight will be the coldest night so far especially in the north bay where we will see a freeze warning and it starts at 2:00 tonight and ends at 9:00 him in the morning it eventually means you will see freezing below or at freezing for more than a few hours and that will get types and things like that can be a problem especially pvc in the main concern are the friends in the
10:48 pm
north bay without power. and many of us don't have the wood-burning set up and perhaps going without he tonight and you're looking at numbers like these these are the overnight lows and 27 santa rosa and heather was asking because this is unusually cold and one of the breaks i said you know, for this time of year it is. once every five years we will get a freeze warning in the north bay are they area this time of year but it is a bit early i suspect. so it will be chilly and not just for the north bay but 43 and haywood in when the kids had off to school, they will be dressed pretty warm and they will come back in afternoon and it will be back in the 60s so it will be a mild day so jackets will be left at school and it is one of those days so you may want to consider that when you pick everybody up tomorrow. the high and low pressure is the story and they are close together and it has brought in a lot of cold air. this morning it was down to 2 degrees over here and temperatures and cool air from the slow and even though the pressure is back the cold air remains at the surface and that
10:49 pm
is where the north bay is getting the edge of this cold air. so as a go to the next few days, no rain in the forecast and may be sunshine and the air polity that should not be too bad. it looks like we will see air quality in the moderate range for most of the bay area and of course around twinsburg in santa rosa we will be looking for unhealthy air quality and for the ghouls and goblins tomorrow it will be a good one and you have a little bit more light and we do change the clocks november 3, saturday night we get the idea that tomorrow night will be chilly so dress them warm in the low 50s in some spots in mid-50s and others and if you stay out late enough they will be in the 40s. here at the five day forecast you can see the temperatures just a fall looking pattern which is exactly what we need now so no great fire danger or anything like that but getting a break now which is something we much need and looks like it will stick around for a while.
10:50 pm
the bay area will get another shake shack. it started as a humble hot dog cart in a park in new york city about 20 years ago and it was later converted into a kiosk style fast food restaurant in the park and gained a cultlike following. shack burgers and black and white milkshakes are coming now to the westfield san francisco center and another location is under construction and cal hollow. coming up next in sports, the warriors and their worst nightmare became a reality against the sons and coming back next we will have an update on the injuries of curry. developing news out of the south bay where there has been a shooting at a vta station. late information coming up.
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♪ mark joins us now and some really bad news. >> on a night seventh game of the world series, the champion in baseball the way the story that kind of overshadows that particularly in the bay area probably the biggest name certainly and bay area sports, steph curry and the warrior season has taken a dramatic disastrous turn for the worst and it happened in the third quarter tonight against the phoenix suns. here's the situation. a collision with the sons huge center aaron baines is like having a small car land on you and this guys 275 pounds and x- rays immediately taken confirm a fracture of the left hand and
10:54 pm
he will have a ct scan probably perform tomorrow to determine if there is any ligament damage in which case surgery may be needed. of course too early to conjecture as to how much time he will miss but if there is any silver lining to this, the injury is not his shooting hand. it is a broken left hand. after that the game itself basically rendered meaningless and the return of willie at center made no difference as the sons explode out of the gate with a 38-4 run an amazingly bad basketball by the warriors and the turnover ends up in devin booker's hands and he led the sons with 31 and a put back here in the warriors continuously outmanned under the board at 24 points and 12 rebounds and 34 point lead at one point and probably the only highlight for the warriors was d'angelo russell driving for a beautiful left hand slam-dunk and let the warriors with 15
10:55 pm
points in the final 121-110 and if you saw that game, you know it really wasn't even that close. they have been playing in the modern era so-called world series since 1903. never before and weirdness there in the world series this year the home team did not win a single game. it has never happened before. now the nationals, remember in late may they were 12 games under a 500 and they were ready to fire the manager. tonight, they are champions of the baseball world and it happened in houston. the astros facing mashers are in the second inning and they got off to a start in the home team with the rare lead and a solo homer and it is 1-0 and houston fans have something to cheer about and out 2-0 on the 7th and anthony and his friends call him tony gets one out of the park and zach was pitching beautifully and it is 2-1 and you can feel the momentum
10:56 pm
switch with the man on and will harris now in and relief and howie kendrick and remember him the guy with the grand slam against the dodgers at the two run shot and they are really in the drivers seat at this point. and then in the ninth inning they are having fun and breaking the game wide open. the astros will go down a big two run single from adam and that made it 6-2 and that is the way it ended in the first world series title ever for the washington nationals and stephen strasburg does not get the final out that there it is as the astros go down rather meekly and strasburg 5-0 in the postseason in 2-0 in the world series. he is of course the mvp.>> i've learned i am a perfectionist and control freak and in this game it is hard to be perfect. and you put in all the work in
10:57 pm
the off-season and in between starts and you are out there trying to be the best version of yourself and that is something you can control every time. >> meanwhile the challenges keep on coming for the san francisco 49ers short turnaround and they will play tomorrow night in arizona on the road against the cardinals in kyler murray and a team that has beaten them eight consecutive times. he has been dispatched to arizona to bring us up to date on this encounter.>> you will run it for first time in more. took the high profile match up tomorrow night is between the number one pick in this year's draft quarterback murray and the guy he will be trying to tackle him the number two overall. both teams will also be playing on just 3 1/2 days rest. there one thursday night game of the year. >> there is a reason people don't play football this close together all the time and it takes a while for the body to recover so we usually do this stuff over six days and we are doing it over two days and that will catch up to in the middle
10:58 pm
the game. >> mentally you can't really go full speed because of the 48 hours so just shrinks everything down and if you are not on top of all your stuff. >> seven games 49ers skeptics have been saying that is great and let's see if you can meet the next challenge. that next challenge is a division opponent and the 49ers have not eaten for eight straight games with a mobile quarterback on short rest. beat that one and they have made it through have the season undefeated. in phoenix fox 2.>> meantime some brotherly love and have a this demanding brotherly love and it is joey bosa with the chargers winning the afc defensive player of the week and his brother a 49er by the name of nick bosa in the first time we think ever the two brothers when defensive player of the week awards in the same
10:59 pm
week. what a family affair this is. so far seven sacks and one fumble recovery and one interception and then the top pass rusher in all of football the 49ers nick bosa. there is another quarterback who is not having such a great season so far. baker mayfield. starting to get a little snippy with reporters. the browns season not going as planned and here is a reporter asking the wrong question apparently. check this out.>> i just told you -- and didn't want to give them the ball back and don't play you don't know.>> was i happy with that? >> was i happy with that? no. that's the dumbest question you could ask.>> that is a radio reporter asking that and you like baker mayfield. i think that was out of line.
11:00 pm
>> really? >> yes.>> you know you can be a professional. that is the sporting life. >> it is 11:00 more news. coming up next. >> i did as much as i can do to prevent this but the wind was blowing so hard. >> coming home to rebel. a heartbreaking return for dozens of evacuees of the fire. the 11:00 news on ktvu starts now. . hello. the return home came as firefighters reported significant progress on fighting the fi fire.


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