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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  October 31, 2019 4:00am-4:28am PDT

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thing to do. but i help elderly and disabled people who were stuck in the dark at one assisted living home during the power shutoffs. for joining us on mornings on 2. thursday, halloween, october 31. i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. let's talk about halloween weather. don't be scared. steve paulson is right here. >> it looks pretty quiet. happy to say. >> in the beginning of the week i was worried halloween would not happen with all these power outages. >> and here it is. >> the next week looks quiet. no extreme for the other. if you're heading out tonight behave yourself. i'm talking to the adults. clear skies. no weather issues except maybe a little chilly late but i don't think that will bother anybody.
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30s and 40s. 50s. montera yesterday at this time was 56 with 40 miles per hour wind. that's not the case today. some reporting locations. a lot of 30s. kelseyville. windsor. temperatures in the 30s. there is still a northeasterly component for many. humidity is going up a little bit but the windspeeds have died down and they will continue to die down and conditions will be better. humidity is going up. sunny side up. 70s on the temperatures for almost everybody. 4:01 am. here is mr. sal castaneda and he will tell us. halloween is one of the busiest travel days of the year, believe it or not. >> i believe you. >> people try to get home from work so they can take their kids trick-or-treating and, trust me on this, if you're trying to leave san francisco or doing the afternoon commute, everyone will be on the road
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early because they all want to get home. but that in the back obe okay . if you want to get out early and get to work and maybe get off early, that's a good thing but remember everyone will be doing this. this is a look at interstate 880 north and south. no major issues on the bay bridge. if you don't have kids and you don't need to be home tonight, tonight might be the time to just take it easy and stay a little later to avoid the big burly crowd trying to get home. new this morning from san jose. more details coming in about a deadly officer-involved shooting at the center teresa light rail station. last night around 8:40 pm when the rail station after getting reports a man with a knife was threatening people. an armed vta security officer got there first, confronted the suspect and then shot the man who later died in the hospital. that security officer was not hurt.
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an investigation by the sheriff's office continues. the latest on the kincade fire. conditions are improving. firefighters will not have to deal with windy conditions today . a red flag warning ended yesterday afteand is burned 120 square miles and is now 45% contained allowing some evacuees to go back home and try to get back to their lives. including 133 homes have been destroyed. we have two new videos to show you from overnight. it shows more of the firefighting efforts. this is from san francisco firefighters who had a strike team at the kincade fire. they recorded this early sunday morning at the height of the windstorm on pine flat road in geyserville. the crew saved three homes in the area. the sonoma county sheriff's office also shared video of
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their recent firefighting efforts from the air. the pink stain on the ground is the place where the fire retardant has been dropped. at this point the infrared technology on the helicopter camera also shows hotspots within trees and around some homes. many schools will stay closed because of the fire and the pg&e power shut off. and sonoma county schools will be closed today and tomorrow. in napa county the calistoga schools will stay closed however schools will be open everywhere else. in marin county, most schools say they are definitely open another say they will hold classes if the power is on in time to begin the school day. parents, check with your individual schools. in lake county the konocti unified and middletown unified school districts are still closed but all the others will be open again today. later today an emergency meeting by the sonoma county
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board of supervisors. the supervisors will declare a local emergency and adjust the county budget to include disaster relief money for the new kincade fire disaster fun. the meeting will not be held in santa rosa because of the fires. it will be moved to the park city hall beginning at 9:30 am. most kincade fire evacuees are back in their homes this morning. this was the scene in the town of windsor. a group of people including the mayor help signs at the main intersections and greeted people as they returned yesterday. the sonoma county sheriff's office lifted evacuation orders for 140,000 people in the affected communities including grenville, healdsburg and santa rosa. it's a dramatic scene for many families as they return to their neighborhoods. the fire wiped out hundreds of homes and businesses that took years to build. we met one man who helped his late father builwindsor.
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peterson did everything possible to say that when the flames approached. he cleared and soaked the property and even left behind power tools like a chainsaw for firefighters but crews never reached his house. >> you just want to go home. you just want to go back home and go to bed. it's like a dream, you know. it's unreal. i can't believe it. i can't believe this happened to our house. >> he intends to rebuild and says his 93-year-old mother wants to come back to their 25 acre property and enjoy the rich top views. pg&e says it's inspecting equipment and restoring power as fast as i can after the fourth power safety shut off of the month. pg&e's latest report says 53,000 customers statewide still have no power. that includes homes and businesses in napa, sonoma, marin and lake counties. pg&e is not saying when everyone will have power again
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and they are already identifying many places where fires may have been prevented because the power was shut off. >> we are up to of damage. thi includes trees falling into lines, broken poles, other houses. tree branches tendered in the wiles that we've been able to remove and make repairs on. and we expect that number to rise. >> pg&e says even with crews working around the clock, it may take days to finish all of the repairs and for all customers to have power restored. we have learned about two more fires possibly started by pg&e equipment bringing the total number of fires in the past week to six. the east contra costa fire protection district says a pg&e transformer was throwingearly s morning which threaten homes. two hours later, crews responded to another fire in
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oakley that force people to evacuate. fire districts as their investigation points to malfunctioning pg&e equipment. these are the fifth and sixth fires link to pg&e equipment in the past eight days. the agency also investigating the utilities equipment for sparking the kincade fire and sonoma county and two fires in lafayette. pg&e is looking into whether downed power line started a house fire in milpitas. among those who have the lights back on as a senior apartment building in marin county. we told you about them yesterday morning after five days without power and living potentially dangerous conditions. amber lee shows us that changes are now being made to avoid similar issues in the future. >> reporter:from her freezer filled with she is now better prepared. on tuesday night the 98-year-old reached out to ktvu. she and dozens of heart neighbors at bennett house, an apartment building for seniors
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and the disabled, without power since saturday. >> i knew what i did by making the phone call was the right thing to do but i didn't know what it would create. >> thank you so much. >> reporter: what a decree it was an outpouring of support from the county and the community. donations of food, lanterns and flashlights after our story showed the conditions the residents faced. lawn, dark hallways power to operate the elevator. >> life threatened. i felt my life was threatened. now i know i feel safe. a lot safer today. >> reporter: the power was restored about 4 pm according to residents. we caught up with one tenant in the elevator after it was operating again. he tells us the power and the help came in the nick of time because patients was running low. >> we celebrated. there were cheers. >> reporter: there are no
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lanterns in the hallways. the president of mercy housing, a nonprofit that runs the apartment building, says temporary generators are on- site. >> we are doing our best to fix to install a large permanent generator strong enough to power the whole building >> reporter: received president recognition to give her strength to fight for what's right. >> i feel real good about what i've done and i think a lot of good will come of it. >> we were all just really heartwarming. i felt much more part of the community. >> reporter: while there is a sense of relief among the residents, they tell me they never should have had to cope with the conditions they faced during this outage. in fairfax, amber lee, ktvu fox 2 news. for 11 am. did you hear about steph curry? the warriors start will be on the bench watching games. the latest on his injury that could
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keep him out for months. plus, what we can expect him capitol hill today as lawmakers prepare for the first formal vote on the impeachment inquiry. good morning. you can see that traffic is moving along pretty well if you're driving on highway 24 heading over to the tunnel. we will tell you more straight ahead. thankfully things have calmed down. the wind is still offshore but not nearly as strong. we will look at some of the observations comi
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welcome back to mornings on 2. the warriors rough start to the season just got worse. steph curry will be reevaluated today after breaking a bone in his left hand. the injury happened during last night's game against the phoenix suns. he fell in the third quarter. the suns center landed. it looked like a wrist injury but an x-ray confirmed a fracture to his index finger. he will have an mri and a ct scan and the team will determine if he needs surgery. and what his recovery timetable will be. the warriors went on to lose last night, 121-110.
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happening today, congress will vote on whether or not to proceed with an impeachment resolution. this is a key white house aide is scheduled to testify in the impeachment inquiry. doug luzader is in washington with more on today's vote in the house. >> reporter: we expected this resolution will ultimately pass today. democrats after all control the house but the debate that will lead up to it will be intense. the president trump presenting the medal of honor yesterday. the beat goes on at the white house despite was about to happen today at the other end of pennsylvania avenue. >> five or 10 years from now people will ask each of us what we did in this moment. they will ask us what we did when confronted with this crisis. >> reporter: democrats are careful not to call this a full impeachment vote but it will get every member on the record on how the impeachment process will move forward. republicans say it will change anything. >> if this was in a court of law that would be a mistrial right now based upon what these democrats have done.
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>> reporter: as the inquiry continues behind closed doors, another potential high profile witness his former national security advisor john bolten. who is scheduled to appear next week. but today congress will be consumed by a vote spt along party lines. >> i think as time has gone on its become a safer vote for many democrats who are kind of on the fence. my understanding is there are about five or six who are hesitant and perhaps would even vote no on this resolution. >> reporter: the so-called, magic five democrats come all of whom one districts the president trump carried in 2016, severe moderates. the summit may be a scary vote. for rd to ignore. >> what about the vote happening on halloween? >> well, it's very spooky to some people in the white house >> reporter: the line is that democrats should be able to carry this vote today with a comfortable margin. in washington, doug luzader, fox news.
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we have breaking news from southern california. look at the pictures popping up. this is a live picture right now , north san bernardino county. southern california. a hillside fire that started overnight and still raging right now. this is along highway 18 near waterman canyon. you can see this house is basically gone. several homes have been engulfed in these flames. some mandatory evacuations have taken place, as you can imagine. now we have a live aerial view of some of the areas and this is looking in the dark. i can only imagine what this will look like when the sun comes up. there is at least one evacuation center at pacific high school and san bernardino but, again, pam -- >> i know. so many of us have friends and family in southern california. i talked to parents who have kids going to college now, they are away at school and is very nerve-racking.
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4:18 am. let's check in with sal with a look at traffic. good morning to you. we are off to a nice start. we will do the gilroy commute and talk about some of these commutes that are a little further away if you're trying to get on the road soon. you can see that traffic is going to be your friend right now. so far, 152, 156 and highway 25 all looking pretty good. northbound 101 through gilroy and san martin, moving well into morgan hill and eventually into the west valley here in san jose. mountain view, cupertino, a nice drive. also looking at the downtown san jose area. it's very nice. oakland is doi plaza. it's nice and early and, again, halloween is a busy day in the afternoon as many parents are trying to get home for trick-or- treating so keep that in mind.4:19 am. let's bring steve in. thank you, kind sir. we take a look at nationally. and incredibly cold signature
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for much of the country. if you last night, they sit outside it's really cool and that's houston. not as bad as yesterday. denver is a warm 19 compared to 5 which was a record. many all-time records for october have already been set. chicago, milwaukee, 32. still some single digits for if you in there. up there in butte, montana. also for 37, 32 for seattle and portland. your halloween forecast is an easy one. it will the only thing to worry about. the red flag warning expired yesterday at 4 pm and there is no more in the short term. in fact it looks very quiet and stable going forward. 30s, 40s and 50s. the wind is north east for some but yesterday was more about the oakland hills.
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oakland and berkeley hills. those were stronger gusts. the elsa brontk, richmond, el cerrito. then you go 680 @ la mocama danville, dublin. 40s. a little north east at mount st. helena but under 10 miles per hour . humidity not in the teens now so going up a bit. temperature still cool. for some but not all. 30s to 50s. 18%. 15%. but the windspeed has come way down. the same can be said for lake county. northwest wind. west, southwest. south. is all over the place. humidity at critical levels for some but it has been inchin fairfield donta rosa, northwest oakland south. it's variable but coming down on the windspeed and talk about quiet. there is just absolutely nothing going on here and that's okay. we will take that for a little bit. what about reign? it's a dry pattern for now. look like november 10 come a
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possibility for those of you that work outside or you just want to know. i want to know. okay. november 10. 60s, 70s. it's that time of year where you're really can. one location to be warm and then the other. they will all be close. sunday morning or late saturday night set those clocks back. we go back. back an hour. >> happily. >> time is 4:21 am. a historic world series win last night for the washington nationals over e texas business owner who just lost millions of what the team says about preparing for tonight's game against the cardinals.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. for the first time in 95 years, the world series champions are from washington, d.c. >> here they are. one strike away. one out away. 3-2. there it is! the washington nationals are world champions for the first time in franchise history! >> how would you like to be the guy striking out. the nationals e houston astros, 6-2 in game title in washington's first championship since 1924.
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picture stephen strasburg was the mvp with a pair of wins including game 6. >> they were happy. this is what it looks like in washington, d.c. when it happened. the fans partied late into the night and early this morning. meantime a victory parade honoring the washington nationals is set for saturday afternoon in washington, d.c. one houston astros fan is more than disappointed in last night's loss by the astros. ttr in vail, lost -- that's his name. he lost more than $13 million in betsold mattress mack's in the past month bedding millions on his beloved astros to win the world series as a means of hedging a promotion at his store. he promised to refund all
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purchases of more than $3000 if the astros won the title. after the game, mattress mack said he has no regrets and he would do it all again. the undefeated 49ers are back in action tonight in arizona to play the 3-4 cardinals. joe fonzi is in glendale, arizona, with a look at why tonight's game will not be an easy one. >> kyler murray stepping up and now he will run it for a first down and more. >> reporter: the high profile matchup inthis year's draft, ar quarterback kyler murray, and the guy who will be trying to tackle him, number 2 overall pick name.. both teams will also be playing on just 3.5 days rest. there one thursday night game of the year. >> is a reason people to play football this close together all the time. it takes a time for the body to recover. we do this stuff over six days and you doing it over two days and that will catch up to you in the middle of the game.
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>> the entire thing is mental. you don't get physical rest you can go full speed because i came in 48 hours so it shrinks everything down and if you're not on top of your stuff that's when you get exposed. >> for seven games's captors have been saying that's great but let's see if you can meet your next challenge. the next challenge is a division opponent, the 49ers have been beaten for eight straight games with a mobile quarterback on short rest. beat that one and they made it through half the season undefeated. in phoenix, joe fonzi, ktvu fox 2. 4:28 am. coverage of the game begins at 4:30 pm right here on ktvu fox 2. kickoff at 5:00 and if you're looking for local news during the game, head over to ktvu plus. 428 him. it's heartbreaking to pick about it but while so many people were forced out of their homes because of the big fire, some found an opportunity.
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>> for somebody to do that, it's pretty low. >> we tell you how criminals are taking advantage of an already chaotic situation in those fire zones.
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good morning and welcome back to mornings on 2. thursday, october 31. i'm dave clark . >> i'm pam cook. thank you for very colorful tod not wearing black and orange. forgot about halloween. it's been a little busy this week . i'm glad the trick-or- treaters will get to go out. it will nice break.


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