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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  October 31, 2019 4:30am-4:59am PDT

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good morning and welcome back to mornings on 2. thursday, october 31. i'm dave clark . >> i'm pam cook. thank you for very colorful tod not wearing black and orange. forgot about halloween. it's been a little busy this week . i'm glad the trick-or-
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treaters will get to go out. it will nice break. ople text yesterday. had to do a double t digits and teens. very dry around here yesterday but the forecast is quiet and clear. note issues for the trick-or- treaters tonight. maybe a little chilly later but that will not matter. we do have the red flag warning which expired yesterday. the wind direction is still out of the north east for some but not for all. it's much weaker and windspeed has come down. there is a freeze warning to the north although it's not as cold as we saw yesterday but still plenty of time. 30s, 40s and 50s.north east at mount st. helena but only at eight miles per hour . windspeed is a common way down and it's only slightly offshore even up and lake county. more variable now. south, northwest. east, southeast. everything is improving for the firefighters and the pattern looks to be really stable which
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is good. temperatures will start in the 30s and 40s and we end up it looks like in the 70s. bone dry for now but maybe around november 10 or so there are some hints of rain. 60s or a few 70s for many. that since you mentioned highway 25 it is off to a good start. our friends on highway 25 will be smiling if they have to go. let's talk about the solano county commute. 80 westbound looks all right. there was a crash reported just on the other side of the carquinez bridge westbound. it's there. not causing a big backup yet but i will keep an eye on it for you in case things start building behind that. 680 looks across the benicia bridge and highway 4 looks good in the area as well. so far so good into richmond and getting out to the macarthur maze. a 16 minute drive.
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today will be a tough day for the afternoon commute. halloween always is as people trying to get home for trick-or- treating or perhaps going to a party so keep that in mind. 4:33 am. live pictures from southern california. watcher screen. this is happening at this very moment. north of san bernardino county, a hillside fire that broke out during the night in north of san bernar.200 acres have burne several homes have been engulfed in flames. there are some mandatory evacuations. the helicopter is pulling back giving you a bigger, wider view of what's on fire right now. again, this is an san bernardino county. there is already one evacuation center at pacific high school in san bernardino but, again, these are live pictures. breaking news from southern california. homes on fire, engulfed in flames and north san bernardino county.
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we will keep checking in on this. we haven't heard of injuries yet but we will keep you posted and bring you details as we get them in. here is a look at the other top stories we are following this morning. the kincade fire burning and sonoma county is now 45% contain but it has destroyed 133 holmes. fire crews credit the change in wind and weather conditions for helping in that firefight. new video now suggesting that faulty pg&e equipment may have caused two more fires. pg&e transformer was shooting sparks, as you see there, into the brush near gateway road on bethel island just before a fire started early sunday morning. two hours later, fire crews responded to another fire in oaklea forcing people to evacuate the fire districts as their investigation points to malfunctioning pg&e equipment. pg&e says it has restored power to more than300,000 of it outage on tuesday.
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this morning, 53,000 are still without power. that includes homes and businesses in napa, sonoma, marin and lake county strip pg is not pg&e is not saying that everyone will is continuing his criticism of pg& e and spoke out against the utility of alternating with communities affected by the power shut off the governor stopped by is senior living community in a minute american canyon. the lights came back for the first time in two days. he demanded accountability and says he is well aware of the growing calls by lawmakers for the state to take over pg&e. >> for us to take over all the assets means taking over all the liability and the cost but thng out every scenario. >> south bay congressman ro khanna says he is pushing the state legislature to move toward public ownership and calls the outages incompetent and unacceptable. the pg&e president and ceo says breaking up pg&e won't fix the problem.
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being planned today to help evacuees get back to normal. the red cross will be holding halloween parties for kids at its shelters. the city of santa rosa will hold a food giveaway this afternoon at the finley community center. the latest evacuation brought back horrible memories of the 2017 tubbs fire for the people in coffey park, in that neighborhood of santa rosa. when evacuee and her sister just moved back into their rebuilt home this month. >> if i hang onto how life was before, you go crazy. this is what is right now and we have to deal with it. >> the mayor of santa rosa is concerned people coming home may not have electricity because of the pg&e power safety shut off. sonoma county and the red cross are keeping their shelters and warming centers ( several communities affected by the kincade fire are trying to help keep the evacuees upbeat and
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get their minds off their concerns about the fire. public libraries in petaluma and runner park will celebrate halloween by holding activities including passing out candy to trick-or-treaters. those events will go from 4:00 this afternoon until 5:30 pm. the petaluma library is next to one of the evacuation centers so evacuees have been using the library every day to pass the time. >> unfortunately there have been some people looking to take advantage of an already terrible situation during the evacuations. fire crews say people have imposing as firefighters and security personnel. at least 10 people have been arrested for looting. our crime reporter henry lee has that story. >> reporter: once again we have about 300 law enforcement personnel on the street today. >> reporter: a warning at the morning briefing for firefighters on the frontlines. >> we did get a report yesterday that there are possibly some big firefighters out therenting
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>> reporter: as if there wasn't enough to deal with already come authorities say criminals may be taking advantage of a go guys. >> we don't want that. you don't want those idiots to ruin your outstanding reputation so if you see them come up please report them to us. check the credentials. let's get those guys out of here. >> reporter: real firefighters we spoke to our incensed. >> for somebody to do that, it's pretty low. >> reporter: the captain of the quincy per department as part of a strike team helping out in the north bay. he says he can't imagine someone masquerading as a firefighter to do harm. >> we are here to support the community and to do our best to try to fires around here and anything else.areas. buyer evacuees at a shelter in santa rosa say these kinds of criminals make them feel even more vulnerable. >> they're taking advantage knowing that first responders,
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police, everyone is so busy and, you know, it's very disheartening. >> reporter: this man says many people may assume that anyone any firefighting uniform is legitimate. >> with all the chaos, i mean, it's a natural reaction to do what he's asking you to do. you are looking at him for help. >> that's the most terrible thing i've ever heard. >> reporter: this woman said she may ask for id and a badge before assuming she is talking with a real firefighter. >> yes, normally i would trust the firefighter and security in a heartbeat. so, anybody pretending to do that, that's just total fraud. >> reporter: authorities say when in doubt, you can always ask for id or badge or santa rosa, henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. today the sonoma marin transit system is back with full-service. smart trains cancel service earlier this week because of the kincade fire and the power outages. there was limited service yesterday but today everything
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is back to normal except for the price but you can ride the trains for free until next wednesday. an airline service to and from sonoma county starts again today. the airport also had been closed because it was an evacuation zone. the first flight is united airlines flight from denver this morning. american airlines resume service tomorrow. sun country and alaska airlines will have full flight operations starting saturday. still ahead. a dramatic takedown an arrest on interstate 880. next, new video on that east bay freeway of the police arresting three suspects. we tell you what they were wanted for. honoring the bay area professor who came forward with allegations of sexual misconduct against then supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh. we will show you what she said during her first public comments since the confirmation hearing. gocommute that is off to a decent start if you're driving on westbound
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bay bridge. we see it is light so far. and the red flag warning expired yesterday. conditions are getting back to normal. what about the temperatures? any rain? we will take a look at both coming up. to the outside world, you look good, but you don't feel good. with polycythemia vera, pv, symptoms can change so slowly over time
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welcome back to mornings on 2. caught on camera. this dramatic video from fremont showing the arrest last
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week of the bank robbery suspect on interstate 880. fremont police officers chased down the suspect in the middle of the freeway after he ran away from the getaway car. people led police on a high- speed chase before the officer stopped the car near whipple avenue in hayward. the three suspects were wanted for robbing the prophet credit union on argonaut way in fremont. the suspect is identified as larissa kilgore, demario crawford and brian colston of oakland and also been charged with several felony charges in connection with the robbery. a man is in jail this morning after holding several people hostage. police say the suspects peacefully surrendered yesterday afternoon after officers released a chemical and enter the home. the standoff began in sacramento's oak park neighborhood after a police chase on tuesday. at 1.8 people were held hostage. six were released tuesday night. two escaped yesterday. a woman and a 13 or girl.
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>> is ultimately a heroic act on her behalf. where she saw that opportunity and took it and she was able to escape with that 13-year-old victim safely come unharmed and get away from the suspect. >> the man was wanted in connection with a domestic disturbance call. police say he no shots were fired but they confirm he did have a gun. inmates at the santa rita jail and dublin are holding a hunger strike, drawing attention to what they call the poor conditions inside. a lawyer representing the inmates organized a hunger and labor strike. the inmates say there are 30 people in a cell with one bathroom and they say the jail is only cleaned once a week and that has led to an infestation of insects. >> clouds of gnats live in the cells with them and they congregate around toilets in the water. they can't eat their cells because the gnats flying to their faces and
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>> the inmates presented a list of more than two dozen demands including better food and also permission to clean ourselves at least twice a week. a spokesperson for the alameda county sheriff's office says he believes less than half of the inmates took part in that protest. former president obama is heading back to the bay area for a fundraiser for the democratic national committee. the afternoon reception will be held on november 21. ticket prices run as high as $355,000 and it is expected to take in $2 million but president obama was in san francisco last month for a tech conference andendorse any candi president until after the primary. doctor christine blasey ford made her first public speaking appearance since her accusation of sexual assault during the supreme court confirmation hearing for brett kavanaugh. she received an empowerment award and spoke about her mission to encourage victims of sexual violence to speak out. jesse gary has the story from
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santa clara. rarely does an award recipient eclipsed the keynote speaker. silicon valley ywca's annual luncheon wednesday. doctor christine blasey ford took center stage in the lion's share of attention. she stepped forward to accept the nonprofit's 2019 empowerment award. >> it's funny. i was inspired by anita hill when i was deciding whether to testify but it did not occur to me at the time that i would be inspiring anyone else. >> reporter: in september 2018, blasey ford braida withering attack while alleging then supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh sexually assaulted her in the 1980s. while kavanaugh went on to gain blasey ford helped lend greatest two claims by victims of sexual violence. >> i applaud >> reporter: remarks lasted just a couple of minutes but she had the 1400 guests in attend. the
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keynote speaker blazed a trail that helped change the country. at nearly 90, onlookers say dolores huerta is still speaking truth to power and pointing up with the struggle now lives. >> we've always had these issues but now they are visible . now we can attack them very directly. >> reporter: in the 60s, huerta and cesar chavez let the right for farmworkers rights. half a century later she and others say education and institutionalize patriotism of about a groundsman statement everybody man or woman can make a difference. >> be courageous and strong. be yourself.stories of courage from trailblazers and whistleblowers will eventually end racism and empower the next generation of women leaders. and santa clara, jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. the kincade fire has
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separated a lot of pets from the families pick a facebook page has been set up for people who lost their pets during evacuations. the kincade fire pet rescue and reunification page is posting photos of both lost and found pets. people are posting photos of dogs, cats, goats and other animals pick some of the animals have already been reunited with their owners. several companies are now donating money to fire victims. wells fargo says it's donating $300,000 to bay area organizations including the red cross and the california fire foundation. the bank is donating $100,000 to help those in southern california. it will also reverse bank fees for customers who have to use non-wells fargo atm's and a the apple ceby the fires. well, there's not much fixing to do. itself to a nice start. i am watching stuff and i want to let you know that i am
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obviously watching but i want to warn you that halloween will be a busy day, especially going home today so keep that in mind. westbound 580 we have slow traffic out there on 580 at 205. a minor accident there as well and there is slow traffic and we will keep watching it for you so you may want to leave the house a little earlier if you're driving a little more and dublin it looks nice to castro valley. no major issues on interstate 880 in oakland. it continues to be very good and that the bay bridge you can see it's light we hope it will stay this way. just remind people that today is going to be a busy day. for:51. let's bring steve in. our halloween forecast is an easy one. it's going to be clear and will start to cool off rapidly but after that it looks quiet and good. starting off in the 60s. this time of year the temperature does drop rapidly. if you're out and about at 10:00, that is slate. 10:00? who does that? it's going to be on the jim a
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sausalito harbor. we just got our power back on after five days. that's a tough one. i can commiserate with that. for many people 03-5 days. welcome back. hazy son and a quiet pattern and normal pattern chilly morning. hazy. some of that smoke will start to drift now that that onshore breezes getting weaker. some of that maderized back over parts of the bay over the next couple of days. any rain? november 10 or the 12th if one believes the gsf. the global model. it's a leap of faith to say i am, but i am. i think we start to see something bue the san jose and oakland and itilstay there. look at the offshore. that's not strong but coming over the carquinez straits and san pablo bay back over toward the golden gate and you can see
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the offshore direction is still there even though the wind speed is down. the big news yesterday was the low humidity. it was bone dry around here. it is better today, especially oakland and hayward. the wind was howling in the oakland-berkley hills yesterday. that's not the case today. 30s, 40s and 50s. temperatures, some locations are dipping into the 30s on the peninsula. palo alto, was out those hill, 52. pacifica, 56. union city in fremont, 43. in the fire zone, the wind speed is down and the still a little bit of a north east direction for most but not for all that at least the humidity is creeping up. it's still too low but nothing like the other day. and lake county it's all over the place. you're getting a southwind. and east wind. a westwind. is variable but the wind speed is down. 12 in truckee. 39, sacramento. even into the desert southwest, 38, las vegas. 44 and blithe. 45 in scottsdale.
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a very quiet pattern. no extreme one way or the other. cold lows will give way to sunshine, hazy sunshine and this will take is into the weekend. no big changes here for a while , which is good. 60s and 70s on your temperatures i don't think these change too much except a little warmer into the weekend and don't forget to set your clock back one hour on ay morning. 4:53 am. as firefighters battled the wildfires, investigators still search for the cause of the flames. still alue into a at two of the wildfires may have started. >> life-threatenin snow i know safe. a lot safer today. >> relieved to have the lights back on and out of the dark how a community rallied to help senior citizens who lost their power for almost 5 days. first, the explosive allegations from a former executive about contaminated nicotine pods.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. our time is 4:56 am. a south bay charter school fighting to stay open after school board voted not to renew its lease for the next school year. cornerstone academy in week, th voted 3-2 to deny the charter school petition to renew its lease saying the school did not
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meet certain criteria because of situations like under enrollment of latino and special-needs students. also the school district cited an achievement gap for math test scores big however, leaders of the charter school disagreed. >> none of the statements are grounded in the law for whether a charter school should be renewed or not renewed. clara county board hat. of education. if the county denies the appeal, the school will then go to the state board of education where a decision could be made in may. 4:58 am. the berkeley federation of teachers reached a tentative contract deal with the school district. if approved, teachers will get a 2.5% pay raise going back to july. and another 2.5% raise in july of next year. also, they will get an extra 7% pay raise but only if voters
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approve a special tax measure in march of next year. substitute teachers would also get a pay raise. ford and the auto workers unioreached a tentative contract agreement after a six- week strike. ford local union leaders will meet with the national ford council tomorrow to go over the details. the proposed contract will cover 55,000 hourly ford workers here in the u.s. general motors says that strike cost them nearly $3 billion. san francisco-based juul under fire again but by a former company executive who claims he was fired because he complained about contaminated nicotine pots. the man served as the juul senior vice president of global finance and was fired in march. he claims the company ignored his concerns and knowingly shipped at least 1 million tainted nicotine pods to
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customers and retailers. according to the lawsuit, it claims the ceo said that customers were , quote, drunk and vaping and what it no, notice the quality of the pods. the spokesperson said these claims are baseless and that he was fired for his lack of leadership qualities. the weather is better. firefighters are getting control of the kincade fire and people are slowly coming back to their neighborhoods. as evacuation orders are lifted. plus. >> i knew what i did by making the phone call was the right thing to do. but i didn't know what it would create. >> a community steps in to help elderly and disabled people who were left alone in the dark at an assisted living home during pg&e's power shutoffs. good morning. thank you for joining us here
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on mornings on 2. if you're like us him it felt like thursday a few days ago but it is thursday, october 31. halloween. end of the month. i'm pam cook. >> a lot of peoplethey lost track of the days. good morning. i'm dave clark. steve paulson still tracks our weather. he knows what's happening. >> happy friday , everybody. friday eve, excuse me. that's what i meant it as a quiet pattern. that was low dry yesterday. how dry was it? it was so dry that many people text me and said i had to do a double take on the dew point and relative humidity. is a little


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