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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  December 3, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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struggles, the time of all this was a surprise. when she announced her plans to run for president she was greeted by thousands of supporters outside of oakland city hall. it has been less than year. now the end of her campaign. >> so, to you my supporters, my dear supporters, it is with deep regret but also with deep gratitude that i am suspending our campaign today. >> 11 months after launching her bid for president in oakland, california senator kamala harris dropped out of the race. >> my campaign for president simply does not have the financial resources to continue. >> in a message to supporters posted on twitter senator harris said it has become harder and harder to raise the money needed to compete. the campaign start with major promise but suffered major losses recently. the former san francisco d.a. and california attorney general national polls and in her home state. the campaign laid off staff and
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shifted the focus to iowa. some supporters came by her headquarters shocked by the decision. >> i thought she was an equal balance of law and intellect. siements like we need someone that has got a mixture of intelligence and a respect for the law. >> he said he expects to see her run again in the future. harris had already qualified for this month's democratic debate. the other candidates responded to the news including front runner former vice president joe biden. >> a real competitor. i have mixed emotions about it. she is really a solid person. >>ty -- [ indiscernible ] despite dropping out senator harris promised to keep fighting for what she believes in. >> i want to be clear, although i'm no longer running for president, i will do everything
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in my power to defeat donald trump and fight for the future of our country and the best of who we are. >> now as we have come to expect in these big moments the president and senator harris traded jabs on twitter. harris responding by saying don't worry, president, i will see you at your trial. >> so what happened with her campaign? i read a quote from a democratic strategist who said she wasn't able to craft a clear identity for her campaign. >> i think that is absolutely right. there was no clear message that voters latched on to. she went back and forth. she did see some support right after the first debate but kind of dwindled. we saw her starting to fall off. when you fall off in your own state and the city you have been working for all these years that is when there was major concern.
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we saw all those stories about within her campaign. >> i was going to go into that. recently in the past few days we have heard some of that coming out here. how much do you think that played into a factor in her announcement? >> i think she wasn't necessarily reading the press report. there was some validity to her. when you see something like that you start to wonder is there a break down. when you are starting to cut back at this --. >> i heard people say it felt like she would play to whatever crowd she had. there were others who said it felt like she was too staged with these -- trying to come one these pre-planned during debate. >> and during debates we would see her come out strong. she would come out swinging a lot of times. there is certain things people in the crowd like and there were
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other things they didn't feel she did extremely well. >> all right. that big announcement coming to day. thank you. the bay area is prepping for another winter-like storm later on this week. that is causing some concern in the north bay. the fear here mud and landslide. tom tells us that crews are already busy preparing. >> at the regional park crews have already been working to prevent massive erosion of the new bridge that was incinerated when the kincade swept through it. >> we have seen some minor movement of soil. we have a contractor right now working at the front of the park on something that. >> the erosion has resulted in a small amount into one of the ponds visitors and hikers enjoy. that should all be mitigated
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when the park reopens next week. >> the under story holds the soil. it also slows rainfall, water african-american packed -- -- water from impacting the soil. >> they do not want mud or debris flowing down these hills. they are just as concerned about that getting outside of the park into the neighborhoods where a lot of damage could also be done. >> that is why the -- the temporary controls are put into place is to prevent that. >> even from the fire that swept santa rosa two years ago the erosion problem still remains. >> as we start looking at the large amount of rainfall that becomes the concern. we have been very successful here over the last two seaso and our eyes are on this season
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now. >> highway 37 between highway 101 -- caltran s is still working to ensure it doesn't happen again this rainy season. its depends on what it and its contractors have learned. back to you. finally a break in the clouds to day but not out of the woods just yet. chief metrologist bill joining us now with more on what is to come. >> the storm door the wide open right now. that sets up us with an ongoing wet weather pattern that will include the potential for a wet morning commute tomorrow. behind me we are looking at the next system that comes in tonight. the -- for the most part it will be trace amounts. you will see a stronger weather system. obviously a very different weather system comes in friday.
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that one is cold. we will have an impact on your friday, saturday, saturday night into sunday morning. it is on. it is on again, off again. we are getting the breaks. if you are worried about flooding, despite the amount of rain we h received, we are getting breaks. today was bit of a break even though as you look right now you can see the scattered showers moving up into the north bay. it has been kind of a nice day. started out mostly sunny. now you have showers in inveriness and parts of san francisco. pretty light stuff. really not putting a hammer down on the commute which is god news. as we go into tonight, another wave comes through. tomorrow morning the morning commute has a potential to be slightly wet. not real wet but slightly wet. a little break again tomorrow and then we get back into it on friday. well is new evidence of contact.
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phone records show rudy giuliani was in frequent contact with california congressman devin. fox news's lauren is live on capitol hill with more details from that report. lauren. >> hi, allison. the 300 page impeachment report concludes president trump solicited foreign interference in the 2020 presidential election and it says president trump used the power of his office to push discredited theorys and harm opponents. >> the house intelligence committee reports president trump conditioned a potential white house meeting and nearly (40) 000-0000 in military assistance. the report says president trump demanded ukraine announce an
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investigation into his political rival joe biden and his son. >> the with holding of that aide -- aid sends a disastrous message. >> the committee states president trump's response to the inquiry includes obstruction and witness intimidation. >> this is the result of a president who believe he is beyond indictment, beyond impeachment, beyond any form of accountability and above the law. >> president trump is in the u.k. and says he will keep his focus on nato meetings. >> [ indiscernible ] >> the report now moves to the judiciary committee which will hold its first hearing wednesday. four lawyers will testify about the constitutional grounds for impeachment but republicans say it is three anti-trump witnesses against one supporter.
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>> my guess is maybe -- [ indiscernible ] >> and chairman schiff made it clear even though the report is out, the intelligence committee will continue investigating president trump. back to you. >> all right. thank you. david told us that the evidence laid out by democrats is strong. >> they made i they very -- think a very strong case. so there is quite a bit of detail there. there is not just the one phone call. the president likes to say look at the transcript. the transcript is bad enough of the one phone call. what the democrats have done is say this was a month long
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effort. >> add on a possible charge of obstruction professor levine point to the refusal of key administration officials to provide documents for testimony. stanford law professor is one of the four professors who will testify tomorrow. she also serves as a assistant deputy -- [ indiscernible ] stay with us here on ktvu for the very latest on the impeachment hearings tomorrow. we will have live coverage beginning at 7:00 a.m. on ktvu plus. coming up a bay area collision repair company helping more victims of the gilroy garlic festival shooting. the special donation for victim who lost her grandsonat deadly rampage. dramatic video of a burglary at a jewelry store. this isn't the first time they have been hit.
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the story coming up next.
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the head coach of san jose's oak grove high school wrestling team is under arrest on suspicion of inappropriate acts with a child. he worked for the school district for 37 years before he retired in 2017. he was arrested yesterday by san jose police. the school district saying shelton went through the normal background checks and coaching certification before his employment began decades ago. we have some dramatic new video of a jewelry store
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burglary. police are looking for the thieves. the burglary took less than 60 seconds. >> in the surveillance video you see a truck back up into the front of this jewelry store triggering the alarm. then crashes through another time and finally a third time launching the truck farther in. >> there is one of them breaking the glass. here comes another one. he has a hammer too. hammers the cases. then this guy starts putting things in his pocket. >> the owner says it took the thieves less than 60 seconds to steal about $200,000 worth of merchandise. >> gold rings, pearls, 1, 2, 3 windows or three cases. >> the truck which police say was stolen from san jose was abandoned, left wedged in the store front and the burglars got
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away. another camera captured the truck driving up follow bid a white bmw. the owner says in 42 years his store had never been broken into. >> [ indiscernible ] >> until the last four months. his shop has now been hit three times. all while the owner says he is battling cancer. >> i have been here through rough bad and good times and -- i don't think that is right. >> this is what the family owned business used to look like and this is what it looks like now. a boarded up store front. >> it is really unsettling. it is very -- heartbreaking to hear when any kind of a store gets damaged. >> jewellers say theft comes with a territory and several stores have also been targeted by thiefs this year. >> we are stepping up patrol downtown. >> police say the surveillance videos will help their investigation. several business owners expressed concern about police
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not taking property crimes seriously. >> we will have to do something about this. i don't want those concerns out there. we will have to get together with to -- >> the owner oh thf jewelry shop says god only knows if he is being to reopen. he still has some pending orders and does have insurance. for now he is just in clean up mode. back to you. the powerful winter storm that ruined many holiday travel plans across the country has now moved east. work crews captain keep up with the snowstorm that has dumped as much as 3 feet of snow creating dangerous driving conditions. >> [ indiscernible ] >> i was in fort lauderdale yesterday and this is not fun. no. didn't want to come home to this. >> well drivers in new england are being urged to stay off the roads in possible and use public
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transportation. the storm is also causing long delays at airports all across the region. all right, we do want to talk about our local weather here. finally a little bit of break today. i saw some sunshine after these cloudy last few days. >> boy has been it crazy the past couple of days. a couple of weeks ago we had fire danger. >> it went from 0 to 60. we have been dry. most areas 2% of rainfall average and then all of a sudden we are at 75 or 80%. the focus son northern baja and san diego right now. still some showers sliding through. this area here -- this little curl right in here, that area there is going to slide through kind of to the south but will
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bring showers to the bay area. that is the plan there. scattered showers in inverness and dylan right now. petaluma got some showers. again afternoon commute not so bad. we have had our share of wet commutes. i have tell you, it is not over. it will keep going into early next week. that is probably -- that is windshield wipers maybe on moderate right there when you get into the yellow. 0.1 inches now. it is not a lot. that big storm -- we were seeing an inch and a half an hour. so, scattered showers still on the vicinity. they will rekindle tomorrow morning. that is just in time for the morning commute. will bit a wet, horrible morning commute? no, but it will be kind of damp and just have a texture of a couple of mornings ago. we are seeing in our area not the heaviest rain. it has been in the santa cruz mountains. that is a significant moisture ploom. down near the equator and then almost out to the date line.
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then we have another storm up here that is going to come in on friday. look at the difference. here is -- this week's storm. low latitude. here is next week's storm, high latitude what is the difference? much lower snow levels, not as much rain. not as much graphic lifting rain. we will get rain but this storm warmer, moisture. we will go completely in the other direction. tomorrow morning maybe a little damp for the morning. mostly to partly cloudy tomorrow. i think sate it is a lot like today quite frankly. a surprise unveiled in the south bay today. up next the generous donation to one of the victims of that mass shooting at the gilroy garlic festival. coming up at 6:00, a major upgrade to san francisco's outdoor public warning system is coming. we will tell you what it means for emergency alerts. plus a package thief caught
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on camera in the east bay. we will show you more of the video and the action the homeowners have taken. when it comes to health coverage, it helps to have someone in your corner. that's why there's covered california. we're the only place where you can get financial help to pay for your health insurance. new this year, almost a million people could receive additional financial help from the state to help lower the cost of health insurance... more for those already getting it, and new help for many who haven't gotten help before. so check to see how much you can save. it only takes 5 minutes. to be covered by january 1st, enroll by december 15th.
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school board members are vowing to set aside $33 million to make repairs to a local elementary school. that after the storms last week caused major damage to dublin elementary. students and teachers returned to campus from their thanksgiving break to find a leaky roof and three flooded
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classrooms. the board approved the money for the renovation project last night after hearing from parents who say they are frustrated. >> we will be rebuilding probably about half of what this campus is as well as -- the multi-purpose room and the office. i think they need to make the changes. my son's classroom, the roof collapsed. i know it is in dire need to be upgraded. i'm glad they are moving forward. >> dublin elementary is one of the oldest schools in the city. well in gilroy giving tuesday took on a special meaning for one family impacted by the garlic festival mass shooting over the summer. >> normally at this time of year the unwrapping takes place under a tree. this is no ordinary unveiling in bill the roy. for the first time tuesday morning barbara sees her new set of wheels. >> it is great. thank you over -- to everybody
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who made it possible. >> she is the latest garlic festival shooting victim to get a helping hand from the community. >> this is just caliber's way of -- saying we are part of the community. we -- we do want to help where we can. >> she had her life turned upside down in late july after accused gunman killed three people at the annual garlic festival including her 6-year-old grandson. >> we are getting through it. that is all we can do. >> to help tackle the difficult transition and to better aid her, the gilroy foundation chose her to be the second recipient in the recycle rides program. >> when i walked in and i saw them, you just get a little caught up in that emotion because you know what they have been through. they have lost a child and there isn't any money in the world that will replace that.
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>> geico insurance donated this damaged 2015 hyundai. the repair crew volunteered three weekends and some day evenings to take the car apart and rebuild it. it is the second time that an affected family has been helped in this way. this time the gift isn't boxed but instead ready to drive. back to you. san francisco is one step closer to having clearer streets. the new system announced by city leaders meant to address the growing problem of human waste in the tenderloin. also bart is teaming up with the salvation army to try to help the homeless. how you get involved when we come back. ♪
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san francisco is now one step closer to having cleaner streets. supervisor matt haney and community leaders have announced a new system meant to address
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the growing problem of human waste in the tenderloin. sarah with details now on the new plan. >> while we were waiting here we saw someone use this sidewalk as his bathroom. clearly this san issue here. hopefully this new pressure washing system will help. supervisor matt haney was joined by the tenderloin community benefit district to announce an increase in pressure washing sidewalks in the tenderloin. usually the tlc pressure washes once a month, now they are -- will do it once a week. every block will have a specific schedule to be cleaned. crews with tlc will also continue their normal efforts everyday of picking up trash. haney secured $260,000 in funds during this year's budget process for cleaning within the district. that in addition to an investment from property owners will allow this service to continue until 2034. it is a tough job but the
5:31 pm
appreciation for crews is obvious. >> when i see them hard working, they inspire me everyday. it almost brings me to tears. they deal with a tough job. they do it with a smile on their face. they get a tremendous amount of gratitude. it is probably the thing we collect the most out here over trash, over needles, over feces. we collect a lot of thank yous. >> in 2018 the tenderloin got 3,000 calls. it is still an issue. they said the area has the highest number of 311 requests city wide for sidewalk cleanliness issues giving the homeless access to more bathrooms will also help. that gives people options throughout the night. the restrooms are cleaned and monitored at all hours. it is all part of his 10 point plan which calls for more animal
5:32 pm
waste patients and tamper resistant trash cans. it brings relief to people who have lived here for years. >> it is welcomed after they pressure wash the sidewalks. >> the weekly pressure washing has already started. they are still working on some kinks but we are told people in this area should notice a difference right away. back to you. an update on the college admissions scandal and the link to stanford university. william singer, the master mind behind the scheme, offered to pay seven stanford coaches to recommend perspective students for admission as sports recruits. the university said they reviewed more than 35,000 records and did dozens of interviews during their investigation. singer approached those coaches between 2009 and this year. stanford just announced new
5:33 pm
policies for better admissions over sight. well a new report finds that sexual harassment complaints are up at stanford university. according to the mercury news an annual report found stanford received 279 reports of sexual harassment and gender discrimination. that is up by almost 70 during the same period of the previous year. the complaints involved faculty, staff and students and they include rape, stalking, nonconsensual touching and intimidation. the complaints have resulted in firings, investigations and one expupgs. we have new information about the death of a flan petaluma. he died while being restrained by sonoma county sheriff's deputies following a high-speed chase. investigators say 52-year-old david ward was the owner of car that had been reported stolen several days earlier but he never reported that hit been recovered. there was struggle after the car
5:34 pm
stopped and officers struck ward several times. one deputy used a stun gun, another used a sleeper choker hold. ward was handcuffed and stopped breathing a few minutes later. police also say he was armed with a gun. the department of motor vehicles says those long wait times at the dmv are starting to disappear. newly released data shows they v cut delays almost in half. as of september customers across the state without an appointment waited an average of 38 minutes. last year at that time the average wait was 73 minutes. the faster lines are due in part because of increased staffing. bart riders will be hearing bells this holiday season. the transit agency is working together with the salvation army to raise money to combat homelessness. >> [music playing] it is that time of year again when the bells of the salvation army are ringing raising money for the needy. >> when inviting a travelers throughout the -- the bart cyst
5:35 pm
them holiday season just to dig a little deeper, drop in a few coins a few dollar bills or maybe an unpaid ticket that has money on it. we will turn that into -- help for people in need. >> the salvation army and bart teaming up with bell ringers at stations throughout the holiday season. bart is often on the front lines of combatting homelessness with stations in areas with high homeless populations and some homeless people riding the system throughout the day to escape cold or rainy weather. bart board president saying the agency is working with salvation army to make sure those in need receive a services they need. >> some of the shelters don't allow people to stay there during the daytime. a lot of them bring in 35 people. folks have to get up and go somewhere. >> bart said the salvation army offers a host of services aimed at helping the needy right away. >> they have 675 shelter spots.
5:36 pm
that is almost half as the entire san francisco shelter system. they have drug treatment. they have family housing. >> bart also said money raised in this year's campaign will be used in the cities where it is donated. money dropped off here will be spent in the city. the red kettle campaign runs through christmas eve. back to you. president trump says the nato alliance is strong but he is having a serious disagreement with a key ally. i'm in london with all the key details coming up. he could've just been the middle class kid who made good. but mike bloomberg became the guy who did good. after building a business that created thousands of jobs he took charge of a city still reeling from 9/11
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police in wisconsin are investigating the second school shooting in the state in two days after a resource officer shot an armed student. it happened this morning. police say the officer confront add student who had a knife when the teenager stabbed him. the officer then shot the student. both are expected to survive. all of this follows a shooting in milwaukee yesterday where an officer shot a 17-year-old student after the boy pointed a gun at him. no one else was hurt in either of the shootings. google to day announced a shake up at the top of the giant silicon valley company. google co-founders larry page and sergey brin announcing they are stepping down from their executive roles in the search giant's parent company alphabet. today's announcement coming 20 years after they launched google
5:40 pm
out of a garage. page and brin will continue to on alphabet's board of directors and will maintain their tremendous power in making major decisions involving google. four workers who were fired from google last week are planning to file a federal labor complaint against the company. the former employees announcing they will be filing unfair labor practice charges with the national labor relations board. they say google is unfairly retaliating against them for organizing workers around social causes. the company said the four were accessing and distributing business and employee information but the former workers denied those allegations saying they did not violate any policies. san diego republican congressman duncan hunter pleaded guilty to misusing $250,000 in campaign funds. she now expected to resign. duncan hunter previously denied the charges. he said he pleaded guilty to
5:41 pm
spare his three children the hardship of a trial.margaret hud guilty to misusing campaign funds. the two are accused of using the money to pay for vacations, meals and gifts. a federal prosecutor says he is planning to ask for a sentence of one year in prison. president trump butting heads with french president at the nato summit today. the summit is supposed to celebrate the 70th anniversary of nato but there is evidence of tension within the alliance. >> the nato summit here in london is supposed to be a celebration marking the 70th anniversary of alliance but president trump is taking the opportunity to pressure nato members toe on their own defense. and he says if they don't, they could face economic retaliation from the u.s. >> there are some countries that aren't fulfilling their commitment. those countries will be dealt with maybe -- i will deal with them from a trade standpoint.
5:42 pm
>> many others putting him at odds with french president who criticized the president's focus on defense spending saying the discussion should be about how to redefine nato for the post cold war era. the two leaders also having a strong disagreement about captured isis fighters and where they should be held. >> [ indiscernible ] >> critics say the diplomatic disagreement is exposing a growing rift among nato members but president trump claims it is only a minor dispute and the alliance remains strong. >> [ indiscernible ] >> the president is attending a special reception tonight ahead of more meetings and a news
5:43 pm
conference tomorrow, wednesday. back to you. well the president also rattled the stock markets from london. president trump saying he has quote no deadline for a trade deal with china and he doesn't mind waiting until after the 2020 election. the dow was down 2 80 points. food banks in the north bay are struggling to keep up with demand. >> up next the reasons behind the increase in and need for more food and how you can help on this giving tuesday. we have a little more headed for that morning commute. we will look into your wednesday morning commute plus the week end with a five day forecast. here, it all starts with a simple...
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wildfires, pg&e power plaque outs and high cost of living that continues to get higher are listed as the key reasons. rob went to a food pantry in santa rosa and tells us they are seeing a bigger increase this year than ever before. >> here at fish the oldest and largest food pantry in sonoma county, this air force veteran came for groceries for his wife and 2-year-old daughter. joshua says he works full time
5:47 pm
but the job doesn't pay enough to afford the county climbing high coast of living. >> got to have a really good job lined up. can't be making minimum wage around here. >> such stories are becoming increasingly common here at fish. we seethis pantry is serving 6,000 people a month now. that is 25% more than this time last year. the highest increase they seen. one reason are the wildfires the past two years that displaced thousands of people. the biggest reason for the increase now people here say are those still recovering from pg&e's blackouts during this past fire season. >> when people lose their power, their refrigerators don't work. then they lose their food. a lot of people can't afford to go out to the fwresh i are store and replenish their food. we came in real handy. >> the redwood empire food bank supplies
5:48 pm
indirectly to people in sonoma county. >> it is extremely expense expensive to live here. >> those this charge say a survey from two years ago showed at least one in six people in the county are missing meals or going hungry. >> we can double the amount of work we do and still not be meeting the need. >> the problem of hunger in the heart of farm country. back to you. we had a pretty dry day to day. started off pretty sunny. we had some fog this morning. now that moisture ploom is mainly focused -- that is from basically san jose to -- down -- i think 700 miles, 650 miles of moisture ploom. it will travel -- it will fall
5:49 pm
just like this across the country. we will get a little bit on theorning a little bit of that ledge do the same thing. just like you seeing now. tomorrow will do the same thing. you get this wave that starts from the south that goes to the north. it will be pretty spread out with some light scattered showers. shouldn't be too much of a thing. this is right now. you see the rain falling. we went from 0 to 60 on this storm because -- on the weather, because we were -- most places were 0 % of rainfall average. now we are in it. we have rain, we have snow. we have -- a little bit of fog back as well. as you look live outside it is getting dark. we are working our way towards the winter solstice. you will see -- days getting
5:50 pm
shorter. the sun comes up a little later, sets a little earlier. the plan tomorrow morning -- this is the same system but it is a piece of it -- a part of it will branch off and hit us. a weak part. should not be a big deal. santa cruz mountains could see a quarter of an inch. thursday, there is the break day. good with that. then friday looks like the morning we will get into some more rain and then friday -- friday is a different storm. it couldn't be more different. snow levels will drop down which is really helpful for the snow that was lost. they had so much rain out there -- at lake level and up at the passes that a lot of the snow went away. this next system on friday will -- be recouping some of that tomorrow morning. there is that edge.
5:51 pm
it is not a big day. by 10:00 a.m. should be out of here. morning commute stands to be slightly wet. by tomorrow afternoon like that -- by thursday morning looks like that. this is a break day thursday afternoon. tomorrow is kind of a break day too. it will be in the morning. then friday we get into that. you saw it come over my shoulder. this is the real deal here. there is the low back here. cold air, game on. snow in the mountains, winter storm warnings, travel plans in the mountains. we will be changing up on 50 and 80. and with the recent rains, recent snows and more snow, avalanche concern will become more of a deal as well. so did you know that snowball fights are illegal in a town in wisconsin? >> i think that snowball fights kind of cause friendship and a
5:52 pm
little bit of mayhem. >> good point. a little known law says you can't throw stones, arrows, missiles or snowballs on public property. regardless of the law though doesn't seem like it is being enforced. >> have you ever rain citation? >> i not. >> has anyone else you know of? >> not that i know of. well ktvu has been part of the one warm coat drive for 17 years. this holiday season we would like to ask you to consider looking this your closets to see if you have any coats or jackets you could donate. you can go to for a list of drop off locations. the one warm coat drive lasts until the end of this month. still to come here, some blunt comments from the american woman accusing prince andrew of having sex with her when she was 17. in a moment what she is saying
5:53 pm
about the prince and the jeffrey epstein scandal. and coming up at 6:00, new clues about the person responsible last week's deadly hit-and-run crash in fremont. the new information from police they hope will lead them to the driver. one city's emergency alert system is getting an upgrade. what that means for emergency alerts during the overhaul. ♪
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♪ ♪
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the department of homeland security will propose new rules. issued in july of next year. it would be part of broader system to track
5:56 pm
including u.s. citizens. the plan should not have to submit to scans simply as a condition of exercising their constitutional right to travel. the trump administration says the face can require element crack down on travelers with fake documents and help authorities identify criminals several days of rain has caused part of a california cliff to collapse. trains run dangerously close to the drop off. over the weekend train service was shutdown as engineers tried to sure up the cliff. he said the work being done is important but he also said it is a band-aid that will eventually need to be permanently fixed. take one step and fall train into the edge. how close do you want to have a train to get to a failed area. >> transit officials say the tracks are safe and unaffected. when trains go through the area they are slowed to 25 miles an hour just to make sure that everything is safe.
5:57 pm
an american woman who says she had sex with britain's prince andrew after being trafficked by jeffrey epstein is detailing her allegations on british tv. >> it is the royal scandal that is not going away. just two weeks after prince andrew told the bbc he did not recall ever meeting virginia roberts, she is holding her own bbc interview repeating accusations the pair had sex on three different occasions starting in 2001 when she was 17 years old. and prince andrew was in his early 40s. >> it was disgusting. um -- he wasn't mean or anything but he got up and he said thanks and -- walked out and -- i sat there in bed just horrified and ashamed and felt dirty. >> she said she was working as sex slave for jfrey epstein when she was trafficked to some
5:58 pm
of his high profile friends including prince andrew. buckingham palace is pushing back issuing a statement reading quote it is denied that the duke of york had any form of sexual contact or relationship with virginia roberts. any claim to the contrary is false and without foundation. >> there is only one of us telling the truth and i know that is me. >> he is reportedly willing to speak to investigators if asked. back to you. a stolen truck rammed right into the front of jewelry store not once, not twice but three times smashing open the wall to give thieves access and free reign to ransack the display cases inside. >> it is really unsettling.
5:59 pm
it is very -- heartbreaking to hear when any kind of a store gets damaged in this way. >> tonight investigators are pouring over surveillance video of the daring burglary looking for clues. good evening everyone. >> it happened just before 3:00 yesterday morning. now to more of that dramatic video. >> in the surveillance video you see a truck back up into the front of this downtown jewelry store triggering the alarm. then it crashes through another time and finally a third time launching the truck farther into the jewelry designs early monday morning. you then see two men climb out and go after some jewelry. >> there is one of them breaking the glass. uh -- here comes the other one.
6:00 pm
he has hammer too. hammered the cases. then this guy starts putting things in his pocket. >> the owner who didn't want to be on camera says it took the thieves less than 60 seconds to steal about $200,000 worth of merchandise. >> gold, rings, pearls. they smashed one, two, three windows or three cases. >> the truck which police say was stolen from san jose was abandoned, left wedged in the store front and the burglars got away. another camera captured the truck driving up followed bay white bmw. his shop has now been hit three times in the last four months. all while the owner says he is battling cancer. >> i have been here through rough, bad and good times and -- i don't think that is right. >> this is what the


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