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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  December 9, 2019 9:00am-9:58am PST

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jackets to donate. oakland's jack london square. any big o tires store. outraged by a new development in their community. >> it turned our world upside down. everything we wanted, that we thought we were going to come here for, is gone. >> reporter: what some neighbors are saying about the addition of a tiny home shelter project. plus, honored with a huge award in the world of sports. >> everything we do on the field and off the field. i think this is all going into it. that really means a lot to me. >> reporter: what soccer star megan rapinoe had to say about being named sports person of the year by sports illustrated. and another nailbiting win clinched by the 9ers. we'll have the highlights from the game against the new orleans saints that had fans on the edge of their seats. >> if you watched that game
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yesterday, i was wearing my apple watch and it has a heart rate monitor on it. an thathole last series. that game was phenomenal. a lot of people saying it was the game of the year in the national football league. that one highlight we throw it o kittle. he says mask. that's the only way they could stop him. >> doesn't bother him. as soon as that first offender jumped on him, he went 20 yards. one of them jumped on him. couldn't get him down. >> they had to stop him somehow. take the penalty because if he would have gone to the house it would have been over. we're a little passionate. >> we were getting our tree and drinking hot cocoa and playing uno. >> uno can get heated. >> you know.
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let's check in with steve paulson. fog the story weather-wise. >> big time. dense fog advisory goes till 10:00. another hour. not everyone is in on it but almost everyone was at one time or another this morning. mostly sunny. that's the good news after kind of an off and onrainy weekend. we get a little more sun if you don't have that fog. cloudy tomorrow. light rain developing. lots of fog this week. not as rainy but i do think there's a couple systems that will keep light rain going. it is going to drag tomorrow. humidity continues to be very visibility is improving for most except petaluma. fairfield. conqueredcord is okay. livermore still around a quarter of a mile. half a mile at san carlos. better for hayward and san jose. half moon bay at one time was
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zero. now there are 3 to 5 miles visibility. a little east wind might start to kick in. that can bring that fog back in. something to watch. but much quieter in southern california after a weekend of a lot of cloud cover and rain. a few high clouds spilling over into the sierra nevada but no snow or anything. that next system will drag across tomorrow. there will be some going into friday and again saturday. 50s, 60s on the temps. days are very short now. any 60s don't last long. light wind late tuesday, wednesday. another one thursday, friday. i think the fog is going to hang around here for a while. we'll go now to new zealand where police say there are no signs of life after a volcanic eruption at a popular tourist site. ktvu's alyssa harrington with video of the eruption and five people areed dead. >> dozens rem missing and there are some reports that say up to 30 people may have been killed in this eruption. terrified tourists shot video of that event on their cell phones.
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the volcano has been showing stronger signs of activity recently. it recently elevated its alert status three weeks ago but volcanoes are still so unpredictable. the person who shot this video was with the tour group. his twitter account says he's from san francisco, shot video of tour guides in striped shirts trying to get people to safety. he said he'd just been at the edge of the crater 30 minutes earlier. officials say nearly 50 people were exploring the volcano when it suddenly erupted. about half of those were from australia. only 23 were rescued. some suffered severe burns. five were killed. the rest remain missing or were stranded. and officials say they do not expect to find more survivors. it's still too dangerous for
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rescuers to return to the island. >> it's currently covered in ash and volcanic material. we're taking expert advice with regards to safety of any rescue attempt. >> we know there were a number of tourists ot the time, both nw zealanders and visitors from overseas. i know there will be a for those who the time and i can assure them police are doing everything they can. >> at least two americans are among those injured. family members of newlyweds from richmond, virginia say the couple was on hair honeymoon. they were taken to the hospital with severe burns. the island attracts about 10,000 visitors every year. the impeachment hearings against president trump are continuing on capitol hill today. the house judiciary committee
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began its second public hearing. >> you're going to try to overturn the result of an election with unelected people -- >> reporter: the hearing began with fireworks between lawmakers and protest from an audience member who supports the president. >> [ yelling ] >> reporter: democrats and republicans both have a lawyer laying out their case for and against president trump's impeachment. >> the evidence is overwhelming that the president abused his power by pressuring ukraine and its new president to investigate a political opponent. >>o impeach a president who 63 million people voted for over eight lines in a call transcript is baloney. >> reporter: chairman jerry nadler opened the hearing arguing president trump betrayed his oath of office. chairman nadler was referring to president trump's request to his ukrainian counterpart to
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investigate former vice president joe biden and his son hunter. >> president trump put himself before country. >> reporter: republicans in the judiciary committee defended president trump, saying the impeachment hearings are an attempt to overturn the results of the 2016 election because they say democrats don't like that president trump won. >> they can't get over the fact donald trump is president of the united states and they don't have a candidate that they think can beat him. an update now to a deadly shooting at the pensacola naval air station. the fbi now says it is investigating the attack as an act of terrorism. three people were killed. eight others injured. the gunman has been identified as 21-year-old muhammad saeed, a second lieutenant in the royal saudi air force. investigators say he hosted a dinner party before friday's shooting with saudi nationals during which they watched videos of the mass shootings. one of the saudi students recorded the shooting from
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outside the building as it happened, while two others watched from a it was purchased. i've told you it is a .9 millimeter weapon, glock 45. it was purchased lawfully. and that's the information we have. >> the saudi government is pledging full cooperation in the investigation. several students who were close to the shooter are also said to be cooperating. today police in santa rosa are expected to question one of their own. a police officer accused of firing shots at a man holding an umbrella. police rushed to guerneville and fulton roads because of reports a man was pointing a gun at people and vehicles. as police moved in trying to stop the man, officers say they mistook the umbrella he was holding for a gun. one police officer fired three shots at the man. he was not hit but taken into custody. san francisco police this week will hold a community meeting about an officer involved shooting on saturday morning that ended with both the suspect and the police officer in the hospital.
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police say the man was seen trying to break into a house near 23rd and mission and then attacked police. that's when he was shot. he was treated for life-threatening injuries. the police officer's injuries are not considered life-threatening. now to hayward where police are investigating two separate deadly shootings over the weekend. the first happened saturday afternoon near amador way and yolo street. a man had died from gunshot wounds by the time police arrived. later that night, officers found another man suffering from gunshot wounds on belvedere court. medics pronounced him dead at the scene. police say the homicides are not related. these are the third and fourth homicides in hayward this year. a barber hit in a hit-and-run after an argument over a haircut a. gofundme has raised $4200 after the antioch barber was run over by a customer last week. the owner of the delta barber shop was hurt when the mother upset over her son's haircut rammed her car into the storefront last weekend. police are still looking for the
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mother who they have identified as 28-year-old ruby. the palo alto city council is expected to discuss a measure to ban vaping devices at its meeting today. menlo park will consider a similar ordinance tomorrow. officials in both cities say parents have complained about the rampant use of e-cigarettes by students in middle school and high school both in restrooms and classrooms. now they're cracking down on real estate agents who put out many open house signs according to the east bay signs. right now the only rule about signs is they can't be up before noon on weekends and they can't block sidewalks but there are no rules as to how many signs an agent can put up. a few retailers have reported competitors have put their signs out as early as 6:00 in the morning. ag because it's safer. there's less traffic at that
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time. they say their competitors are just jealous of their success. bringing awareness to victims of the camp fire. now green bay packers quarterback, former chico native aaron rogers is helping the victims in butte county. 49ers fans took to the streets of new orleans. how they're reacting to the narrow win against the saints.
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the new miss universe is south africa! >> this year's miss universe is miss south africa. the 26-year-old activist said she wanted to give children who looked like her the chance to see their own face in hers and know that they're also beautiful. ms. mexico and ms. puerto rico were the two runners up for the ms. universe crowd. the night didn't end without another mistake in an announcement at steve harvey's expense. >> here's a look at the winner, philippines. cake and oranges and potato chips. this is a lot. yes. philippines. it's malaysia. >> okay. well, let me explain something to you. i just read that in the teleprompter. ya'll got to quit doing this to me. >> the national costume contest
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club appeared to frustrate harvey as he went on to say this is the same kind of mixup we saw when he announced miss columbia as the overall winner instead of miss philippines. they clarified harvey was correct and miss philippines was the winner but she couldn't be on stage in costume since she was a finalist. a four-year ban has been imposed on russia for global sports after a cheating scheme that went on for years. russia is barred from using its flag, anthem, and team names at the olympics and other major sporting events. the country is also banned from hosting international sporting events. russian athletes who were not implicated in the doping scandal will be able to compete as individuals. >> i feel in a way this year, particularly the world cup, gave people not only a motivation and inspiration, almost like a path
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forward to doing something. doing anything, in a time that feels a little bit paralyzing. >> two-time world cup champion megan rapinoe has been named sports illustrated sports person of the year. team usa's midfielders scored the winning goal but is now just as well known for her outspoken stance on equal pay for women. she'll be featured on the december 16th sports illustrated issue which will include all of the recipients of this year's awards. new orleans yesterday down the street. dozens of 49er faithful fans made the trip to louisiana and lined the streets of new orleans. this is taken just after they won that game coming back in the final seconds to win 48-46. the 9ers now sit at the top of
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the afc west after the seahawks lost to the rams. the san francisco 49ers are tied for the best record in the nfl. sara has been gathering reaction from people who watch that game. >> some are actually calling this the game of the year. it was a very exciting one. but this win did not come easily. >> you never totally enjoy the middle of it like you don't enjoy a south in the middle of it. you but you enjoy a challenge. when it's all said and done, it's pretty cool to accomplish something like that. >> the outcome is so unpredictable, 9ers fans didn't think they could pull it off but they did. the saints had a 46-45 lead with less than a minute in bon the g. in both of the 9ers' losses this year against the seahawks and
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ravens, they were on the wrong end of the game deciding field goal in the last play of the game. this time they were on the side. jimmy garoppolo's completion for a 39-yard gain and defensive face mask penalty helped set a pick. jimmy g threw for 349 yards including a 79-yard pass to emmanuel sanders. we talked to one fan this morning who said he had to make a quick stop at the store at the very end of the game. >> it's crazy. we were out at the supermarket. had to go to a party. we stopped by the supermarket. everybody in the whole supermarket was standing there. like 50 people watching the last minute of the game. pretty incredible. >> the 9ers made history at the super dome. never in the nfl's 100 years has a game been decided by a final score of 48-46. fans are still riding yesterday's high but there's still a lot of work to do if the 9ers want to ensure a buy in the
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surveillance video captures thieves stealing thousands of dollars worth of electronics and valuables from a small business in san jose. it happened at the peak of its busy season. >> i'm actually very disappointed. i think i'm very disappointed because it's just something that you're never prepared but you're never expecting it either. >> the heft happened at a flower shop in willow glen neighborhood early friday morning. as ktvu's azenith smith reports, the theft couldn't have happened at a worse time. >> this is the biggest moment for us during the holidays and pretty much during the year. >> reporter: it's primetime for the company in san jose. they booked with back-to-back events. but thieves are ruining the busy season. last friday around 4:40 in the
9:23 am
morning, owner efren escalante noticed things missing. it wasn't until he saw security footage he realized the warehouse had been burglarized. >> they go for the vessel, the computers, the bags, the paperwork. >> reporter: security cameras capture the thieves make off with several items. the owner says it took 12 minutes but he wants back most a family. >> one of the clients brought it. the value goes over $1500. so it's like, they knew right away what kind of vessels we had. >> reporter: he suspects the pair have been at the store before. they stole only from the office. his biggest fear, the computers contain clients' information. he's dubbed them red riding hood and the grinch. >> she's wearing a full hoodie, big long hoodie and it's red. and he looks just like a grinch. >> reporter: after posting the surveillance video on social media, he says he's gotten tips from people familiar with the duo believed to be transients. >> he goes by the name of pops
9:24 am
and he's likes to collect all te stuff, steal around and then go to the homeless and sell everything quickly. >> reporter: but no one knows their whereabouts. the owner says he spent all day sunday searching for them. >> they ended up pushing it and pushing it and then this one just came up. >> reporter: the culprits came in through a loading dock door, left unlocked in the hustle and bustle of the season. he says lesson learned. >> we were done by 1:00 a.m. so it was just like, let's get out of here. we'll come back early. so by the time we came back, it was too late. >> azenith smith, ktvu foxan fre department no longer has jurisdiction over dog attacks on federal to the san francisco examiner. the legal challenge ended in a halted agreement that allowed dog cases to be heard by sfpd. federal land includes many
9:25 am
popular dog spots. even though the bay area has some of the wealthiest communities in the nation, it also is home to 10 of the poorest neighborhoods. a majority of them are in the east bay. this is according to a new report in the east bay times. it found berkeley's south side neighborhood had the highest poverty rate at 67%. oakland made the list with six different zip codes falling below the poverty line. richmond made the list. only two zip codes on the list are not in the east bay. one is near guadalupe river park. one is near watsonville. it appears b.a.r.t. is cracking down on fare evaders who squeeze on to trains. the chronicle reports there have been dozens of sweeps over the past three months on morning trains. b.a.r.t. police board a train and check tickets and clipper cards and score people off who haven't paid. b.a.r.t. estimates are moving up to 100 people during each sweep. honoring a u.p.s. driver killed during a police shoot-out
9:26 am
with carjacking suspects. how drivers for u.p.s. as well as fedex will be remembeng the man and why his family says his death could have been prevented. residents of a solano county community are upset over a new development coming to the neighborhood. why they're concerned over tiny houses being built. (danny) pet care ain't easy. 12 hours? 20 dogs? where's your belly rubs? after a day of chasing dogs you shouldn't have to chase down payments. (vo) send invoices and accept payments to get paid twice as fast. (danny) it's time to get yours! (vo) quickbooks. backing you.
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the markets are down. the dow jones industrial is down
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about .2%. i noticed that apple is down almost 2%. they're having a rough start to the monday trading session. back to our developing story. that volcanic eruption in new zealand at a tourist site that's believed to have decimated everything in its path. already five people are confirmed dead and we know a couple from the united states has severe burns. reporter benjamin hall has the latest. >> reporter: a volcanic eruption in new zealand, shooting ash and steam more than 39,000 feet into the sky. in addition to casualties, many people are injured. some severely. mostly from burns. some of the affected people are new zealanders although many are overseas tourists. passengers from royal caribbean's ovation of the seas cruise ship. >> reporter: another boat completely turned to ashes and we were really lucky. >> reporter: officials believed
9:30 am
50 people were on the island. initially search teams were unable to reach the site because it was still too dangerous. authorities are casting doubt on the possibility of survivors. reconnaissance flights reportedly show no signs of life. >> we went back to the island to try to help the people who are still here. i'm not sure if there are still people. i'm not sure they managed to rescue everyone. >> officials do not expect much ash to reach new zealand's mainland from 30 miles away mostly because of the nature of the eruption. >> it was kind of almost like a throat clearing kind of eruption. >> reporter: experts recently warned about the island's instability. one monitoring group raised the alert level from 1 to 2, noting an increase in volcanic rumbling. the alert level is often raised and dropped without any eruption. new zealand touts white island as the country's most eruptive
9:31 am
volcano. in london, benjamin hall, ktvu fox 2 news. happening now, impeachment hearings enter a new phase this morning with the attorneys arguing for and against charging the president with high crimes and misdemeanors. >> a live picture of what's going on in washington before the house judiciary committee. there you see steven castor. he's the attorney for republican lawmakers. he's in the middle and kind of wrapping up toward the end of his 45-minute presentation. he's making the case that the house should not impeach president trump. an attorney for the democrats made the hearing is similar to a court case of sorts with both sides arguing for and against the house impeaching president trump for corruption, abuse of power, and obstruction of congress. today's hearing is one more step in the impeachment process.
9:32 am
not surprisingly at times, it's been as rancor as you would expect. things got off to a slow start after house republicans tried to delay the hearing by introducing various motions over procedure. >> he's talking about the motive and the character of the president -- >> gentlemen will suspend. rules adecorum apply to members of the house not to witnesses. >> at the heart of the inquiry, president trump's dealings with ukraine. trump is accused of pressuring the president of ukraine to investigate joe biden and his son by withholding u.s. military aid to ukraine. >> $391 million infunded congrey appropriated security assistance vital to ukraine's ability to fend off russian aggression. >> there is no clear evidence that president trump acted with malicious intent. overall at best the impeachment
9:33 am
inquiry record is riddled with hearsay, presumptions, and speculation. >> the president's lawyers will not be taking part in this hearing even though they were invited to. the white house refuses to participate because it says the impeachment inquiry overall is, quote, illegitimate and partisan. this morning president trump is responding to all this on twitter. one of his tweets said only read the transcripts, referring to the summary his office released of a phone call between him and ukrainian president zelensky. an attorney for democratic lawmakers has included treatment of different texts and e-mails from people in the trump administration who have testified against the president in prior hearings as part of this impeachment inquiry. depending how things go today and the next week with these hearings and committee, a full house could vote to impeach the president by christmas. live in the newsroom, allie rasmus, ktvu fox 2 news. president trump is now warning north korean leader kim jong un about violating their own, quote, special
9:34 am
relationship. this comes after north korea tested another missile over the weekend. just the latest in a string of actions by north korea which has conducted a series of short range missile tests over the last few months all in an effort to pressure the u.s. to offer relief from sanctions before an end of the year deadline. that's when kim jong un has said be finished with negotiations. >> i'd be surprised if north korea acted hostiley. i have a very good relationship with kim jong un. i think we both want to keep it that way. he knows i have an election coming up. i don't think he wants to interfere with that. >> north korea's ambassador to the united nations says negotiations with the united states are not needed and denuclearization is already off the table. new information this morning about the former executive director of the oakland coliseum authority. new documents show scott mccibens spent hundreds of thousands of dollars without thrgz. he authorized a $25,000 payment to the son
9:35 am
of former state senator. he has not explained what work perata did. last week lawyers filed criminal charges accusing him of helping deal. former chairman of the federal reserve bank has died. volcker worked in the treasury department under john f. kennedy and served under president obama's economy recovery advisory board. his career spanned 10 presidents. paul volcker was 92 years old. attorneys representing many of the survivors of the north bay wildfires from 2015 through 2018 held a meeting in santa rosa yesterday to provide details on the settlement. people who lost their homes say they have questions about the u? what's the time?
9:36 am
and what's the range of those payments? that's what i came for today. >> $6.75 billion cash. $6.75 billion in stock will go into a trust fund that is established for all the victims. >> the deal took three years to put together. attorneys say if things go according to plan, survivors could start receiving payments late next year. bay area u.p.s. drivers and some fedex drivers say they're honor frankrt working at 2:00 ordonez, the u.p.s. driver who was killed on a florida highway during a shoot-out between police and the two men who carjacked the delivery truck. his family is demanding answers on why the shooting happened at all. >> the way the police handled the situation, it was a nightmare. >> where was the s.w.a.t. team that normally handles all the hostage situations? where was the lost sniper?
9:37 am
where was the hostage negotiator? they came in full force. >> police say the two suspects are responsible for the violence. tomorrow the solano county board of supervisors plans to vote on building a new tiny homes building. >> everyone here that's lived here and bought a house has tried to improve reporter: bob t door to this property, formally housing a residential group home, for the past four and a half years. he says this is his dream home but now he worries about his family's safety as a proposed tiny shelter project may be opening up next door. >> everything we wanted that we thought we were going to come here for is gone. >> reporter: back in 2018, the solano county board of supervisors gave the approval for shelters to be built on county owned property on brown
9:38 am
street in vacaville, housing 10 people. soon after neighbors living on the street voiced concerns, including the project's proximity to schools, diminishing property values and overall safety. >> they didn't get what they wanted over there and it's not that this was an empty lot that nobody wanted. there's people that want this lot. >> but now according to staff reports, the county is hoping to acquire the property for $550,000 plus closing costs to be used as emergency shelter and transitional housing to address the expanding need for shelters. supervisor skip thompson who spearheaded a brown street tuff shed project confirmed over the home the tiny home project is included in the new shelter. et it's concerning to substance abuse issues. >> everybody here is compassionate. we all understand that people fall on difficult times.
9:39 am
>> reporter: they're asking for more transparency from the county in hopes something can be done to prevent this project from breaking ground. >> everybody that lives in this area deserves to know what the plan is so they can make sure their families are safe. >> all the wildfires here in california increase the overtime pay for firefighters by 65% over the last decade >> reporter: a new study found firefighters are among the best paid government employees. green bay packers california native aaron rogers and helping raise awareness and money for wildfire victims in butte county. rogers was born in chico.
9:40 am
he chose to wear custom cleats to bring awareness. cal fire took to twitter thanking the possible future hall of famer for his efforts to help the community which is still in the process of rebuilding. coming up on mornings on 2 the 9, so many of us grew up on sesame street. it was one man who brought two of the most popular characters to life. the man who was behind them both died and we take a look back at his almost 50-year career and the honor sesame street just received. you know when you're at ross and you find their favorite hero...
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today t-mobile will be in court challenging 14 state attorney general's over its plan to buy sprint. it has already received approval for federal regulators but state officials say american consumers would end up paying higher prices for wireless service if the two companies are allowed to merge. the state attorney general says that's because there would be less competition in the
9:44 am
marketplace. a federal judge in new york starts hearing the case today. it's expected to last several weeks. walmart is apologizing and removing a christmas sweater from its canadian website after the sweater's depiction of santa doing drugs went viral. the image includes a santa claus sitting at a table with three lines of a white powdery substance. underneath, we see the words "let it snow." walmart blames a third party seller for the sweater ending up on its site. the haunted attraction at disneyland will be closed for several months beginning in january. the haunted mansion celebrated its 50th anniversary this year. it willanuary 21st and is scheduled to reopen in late march or april. disney says the restoration work will include> 61% of people dree holiday season because of the cost. lending tree s concern the average consumer spends more
9:45 am
than $600 on gifts and close to $900 for parents with children under the age of 18. lending tree recommends saving money and stress by setting a budget. choosing quality over quantity. and think about giving some hand-made gifts. according to a survey by the pew research center, many millennials find some christmas traditionerize more of a burden than a joy. millennials do enjoy putting up christmas trees and buying gifts, more than members of the gen x or baby boomers. but when it comes to carolling or sending out holiday cards, millennials would rather pass. >> i hate writing out the cards i feel like i have to keep doing it because i started it. >> fewer people are commemorating christmas in a religious way. that's fully consistent with what we know is happening in american society as a whole. >> some older generations are reminding people to keep these
9:46 am
traditions alive, saying they'll mean more later in life. new research takes a look at how teenage eating disorders are affected by social media. while the study does not prove social media use causing eating disorders, it raises red flags. after looking at 1,000 middle school students, researchers found the more often young teens turned to social media, the more likely they are to have an eating disorder. the study was established in the international journal of eating disorders. a new medical study is finding a link between living in cold wet regions and increased rates of cancer. researchers collected data on various cancers and adjusted their analysis. they found a strong association with increased rates of cancer and cooler areas with more precipitation. scientists say they believe these climate factors, quote, may increase the exposure to carcinogens by acting as carriers or by increasing the natural generation of
9:47 am
carcinogens. "sesame street" was inducted into the hall of honor but it comes with a sadness. we remember television icon of sesame street that cements its place in tv history. >> it says right here. t-hanks. that spells thanks. >> sesame street became the first television show awarded at the honors sunday night in washington, d.c. the ceremony was a bittersweet one. earlier on sunday, the original big bird and oscar the grouch voice actor and puppeteer died at his home. for nearly 50 years, spinney gr. >> the first show, it was going to be a the
9:48 am
two muppets from their inception in 1969 when he was 36, and performed them almost exclusively into his 80s. >> the child, who's 80 feet tall, or oscar who is about 2' 8" and lives in a trash can, it's so much fun to play them. >> the sesame workshop said in a statement the legendary puppeteer had been living with dystonia which causes involuntary muscle contractions. the performer who succeeded spinney tweeted prior to the ceremony, saying carroll taught me me to keep an innocence and childlike quality alive, not only in big bird, but in myself. >> sesame street cast members who attended the kennedy center honors wore yellow feathers in his memory. >> i love big bird. >> i was more of an oscar the grouch kind of guy. but they're both the same guy.
9:49 am
so very talented. >> a documentary out there. it's called "i am big bird." if you want to learnhe does the ta. check it out. coming up on mornings on 2 the 9, a big day for streaming services. the nominations for the golden globes are out. we'll look at the surprising nods and the snubss for the award show in 2020. a major win for stanford women. the final moments as a national title game came down to the wire.
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talking about. don't forget, if you're the big winner, please take a photo with your mug so we can show the world you won this nice mug. >> very sophisticated. los gatos streaming service netflix dominated the golden gle this morning with 34 nods including for best picture. a look at the leaders and who got snubbed for the 2020 awards show. >> it's time for hollywood's party of the year, honoring stars of both the big and small screen. here's a look at nominees for the 77th golden globe awards. marriage story leads the way with 16 nominations including scarlet johannson and adam driver. rounding out the top drama category are the two popes, the irishman, and the dark thriller
9:54 am
joker. going for best motion picture, musical, or comedy. rocket man, murder mystery knives out. the dark comedy jojo rabbit. >> my son is dead. >> contenders for best television series drama are big little lies, the crown, killing eve, succession, and the morning show. vying for best comedy, barry, flea bag, the cominceky method, the marvelous mrs. mazeal, and the newby here is the politician. noticeably absent, the final season of "game of thrones." julia louis dreyfus is missing from her usual category. and limited series, when they see us. kate blanchett with "where did you go bernadette" and kirsten dunst on "becoming a god in central florida." jennifer lopez joins award season
9:55 am
with "hustlers" and meryl streep breaks her own record with a 34th career globe nomat air jany 25th, hosted by a fifth time by ricky gervais. elsa, get out of there. >> you can't follow me into fire. >> then don't run into fire. >> frozen 2 continued to dominate the box office with $34 million this weekend. the disney animated sequel is getting closer to the 1 billion dollars global sales mark. the murder mystery "knives out" and "ford versus ferrari" round out the top three. the trailer for the highly anticipated sequel of "wonder woman" is out. >> think about having everything you always wanted. >> "wonder woman 1984" is expected to hit theatres in the
9:56 am
summer. the movie is set in the 1980s. the most surprising reveal, her previous love interest appears in the new trailer. wonder woman was a box office giant of its own, grossing more than $820 million worldwide. remember the so-called artwork that was a wheeled banana duct taped to a gallery wall in florida? the display has changed a little bit after a new york performance artist walked into the gallery and ate the banana, calling his performance hungry artist. french art collector had paid $120,000 for the banana and the duct tape so when the gallery owner heard the banana had been eaten, he was outraged. stanford women's soccer team is celebrating its third national championship.
9:57 am
>> stanford has won their second national championship in the last three years. >> last night's match against north carolina was scoreless in regulation and was eventually forced into penalty kicks. that's a first for a women's college final. the shoot-out was tied 4-4 when katie myer made a save. the 5-4 victory over an iconic program. tons of snow is dropping in berkeley over the weekend, making both children and adults very happy. it was all part of the 11th annual snow day. about 2,000 people played in the snow and enjoyed other festivities. children told their holiday wishes to the snow queen and made holiday crafts and there was also plenty for the adults including a one-of-a-kind holiday gift from the local art and craft sellers and artisan food vendors. it was all part of keeping the holiday magic alive.
9:58 am
we have found it very confusing for small kids to see too many santas so we don't have santa. we have a snow queen. >> the snow festival also featured a snowball booth. each snowball had a prize inside. one lucky winner was treated to a surprised diamond ring inside the snowball. that ring was donated by local jeweler. an 11-year-old boy is helping the less fortunate this holiday season for the 5th year in a row and is asking for your help as well. the annual toy drive got underway yesterday in the hometown of vallejo. the donations began coming in early sunday morning at sonoma boulevard. the event ended in the afternoon but mesai's merry toy drive continues. people can drop off toys until december 20th. make a wish greater bay area held its annual brave the bay event in san francisco this weekend. on saturday people of all ages came to challenge themselves with either a 5k walk or a
9:59 am
plunge into the chilly bay waters. organizers say this event is a fun way to be active while raising money at the same time. the chapter has granted 8,000 wishes since 1984. ktvu has been part of the one warm coat drive. we'd like to ask you to look into those closets to see if you have any spare coats or jackets you'd be able to donate. go to for a complete list of the drop-off locations. they do include the ferry building in san francisco, jack london square, and santana row in san jose. you can also stop by bay street in emeryville. participating u.p.s. and big o tires stores. the one warm coat drive lasts until the end of the month. >> we all have young children. those little ones grow out of the winter coat by next season. 100% little coats needed as well. thanks for joining us. stay with us because wendy williams and up next here on ktvu fox 2 news. we'll see you back at noon.
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