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tv   9 News at 10pm  NBC  January 3, 2016 10:00pm-10:30pm MST

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>> this game is rattling my nerves big time. >> reporter: devoted followers watched from the parking lot. no problem. >> i don't have this is my spot. >> reporter: there's still an uncertain road ahead for the team and the star quarterback, but fans are looking forward to the playoffs. >> limiting mistakes. i think that's the biggest thing. and we can win a super bowl. definitely have it. >> nothing against osweiler but >> great. peyton manning is back. love it. >> reporter: victoria sanchez, 9news. >> coming up on broncos tonight at 10:35, drew, rod, and mike look ahead to postseason. 9news at 10:00 is next. a four car crash. the bizarre moment s that led up to that event. >> a fire at an office in arvada. >> this week president obama is expected to announce executive
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>> here at home we'll see warmer temperatures before our next chance for snow. plus -- >> i could feel where he was back. he was ready to go. >> participate -- peyton returns to lead the broncos to the number 1 seed. 9news starts now. eastbound c470 is closed at alameda after a deadly crash. state patrol says a man was walking in traffic when he was hit by a car and killed. the driver who hit the man did stay on the sceechb. we -- did stay on the scene. we don't know when it will reopen. what started with a 911 call about a driver asleep at the wheel end would a crash that injured six people and killed two others. witnesses saw how it happened. >> firefighters say when they tried to contact the man sleeping in his car, he took off. firefighters followed and what happened next left witnesses stunned.
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caused this much damage happened so fast, kevin robbins still can't exactly say how he's walking away unscathed. >> i had the green light and i got almost through the intersection. all of the sudden one of the cars hit me. i'm shaken up. i'm thankful i'm not hurt. >> reporter: denver fire said it all started with a 911 call. someone report adman sleeping at his car on colorado boulevard and yale avenue. >> when the responders went to talk to the person in the vehicle, he sped off. denver fire followed the man driving. which ended up turning in to a massive four-car vehicle accident. >> this car accelerated in to stopped tracker. >> reporter: randy decker was on the sidewalk and watched it all. >> i could see the cars going up like that and i could hear the noise. i would have closed my eyes if i'd been any closer.
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first responders arrived on scene. >> i watched them pull people out of the car on scene. >> reporter: five other people including two children were able to crawl out of another vehicle. in all, two people are now dead. six more are in the hospital. >> we don't know if there was alcohol involved or any other drugs or alcohol but that is still under investigation. >> officials also don't know if the driver had a medical emergency. they're not releasing the names of anyone involved. >> not specifying whether one of the two people killed was that driver seen asleep behind the wheel originally. >> we have no other details other than what we've reported. an office building damaged by fire in arvada is in such bad shape, crews have not been able to go inside to look for a worker who's been missing since. a specially trained dog was sent in to the building to search for that person. the fire was near 64th and wadsworth. the manager in one of the buildings said the
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unaccounted for. >> there's a search dog that's doing work in the building. the building is very precarious. there's an imminent collapse. so it's not structurally safe for us to enter this building at this time. so the dog is doing some search work. >> crews plan to bring in heavy equipment to help with the the building will have to be torn down. snow on the ground helped slow a fire. the home itself was a total loss. the only person living inside got out safely. the 3 to 6 feet of snow around the house helped keep the fire from spreading in to the trees. about 179,000 passengers were expected to pass through d.i.a. today. that would make it the second busiest day ever for the airport. that's about 33,000 more passengers than normally pass through in a day. kathy sabine joins us. for people coming back home, nice to have a day like today.
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just a great day to head back to work or school as we shift gears after the holidays. outside, calm and quiet in the city. we have clear skies, dry pavement. that's what you'll find tomorrow. temperatures coming out of the deep freeze. last week, teens and 20s. we managed 41 and almost 50 today. just as warm tomorrow. temperatures still fairly comfortable out there. 32 in aurora. 32 in broomfield. 26 at d.i.a. and 29 in dove valley. you wouldn't know there was a storm coming but i'm tracking one in southern california. winter weather and travel advisories out to the west of us. our changes come later in the week. a few snow showers for travelers coming in and out. no big weather issues on such a busy travel day. high clouds tonight, a little bit of light wind and really a chilly night but not nearly as bitter cold as it has been. for tomorrow morning, temperatures in the mid teens and lower 20s from 5 a.m. to 9 a.m. where temperatures are going to springboard above freezing then we'll get close to
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i'm going to talk about. a mild weather start to the new week, the new month, and the new year but it won't last long. i'm always tracking another storm and that california storm will bring cold and snow. i'll tell you which days, how much, and give you the timing as we look ahead to our first full week of january. >> i know, and the first week it hasn't been so bitterly cold that you didn't want to go outside. >> and the car stayed clean. i could stay out the windows. at least nine businesses along south broadway in englewood were hit in a series of smash and grab burglaries overnight. a worker at billy's hotdogs says their door was open using a rock. criminals didn't get away with much. they took a few beers. >> i didn't know how bad it was. i was like oh, my gosh. i didn't know it was just a door. i was think ing windows. >> police say in a couple of cases, cash drawers were stolen.
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didn't have cash on sight overnight. investigators didn't have a suspect description to share with you tonight. tens of thousands of birth certificates previously sealed as part of closed adoptions will be available starting tomorrow. adoptees, regardless of the year they were adopted, can apply with the state to get their certificate. the process will take about 30 days. betsy pierce was adopted when she was 5 weeks old. she loves her adopted parents and loves her birth father. for her it's important to get her original birth certificate. >> i just think it's important for adoptees to be able to go and get their birth certificates whether they do know anything about their birth parents or not are. >> particularly for adoptions that happen in the last half of were sealed. and you had to get a court order. you had to hire it's hard to start your life from
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>> this is the final step in making all records accessible to those who have been adopted. passed in 2014, colorado department of public health and environment is expected to have starting monday. we have those links on president obama is reportedly moving ahead with plans to use executive orders to tighten gun control this week. tomorrow the president will meet with attorney general loretta lynch to map out what he can do under the law. they're expected to discuss an executive order to expand background checks and verdict gun sales to some criminal suspects. nbc learned the president will officially announce his plans tuesday. he has a town hall scheduled for thursday night. anything the president does on guns by executive action is likely to be reversed if a republican moves in to the white house in 2017. a standoff has not ended at this hour. protesters have taken over a federal building at
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they're willing to stay indefinitely. it's not clear how many protesters are inside the building. the local sheriff believes outsiders are responsible, trying to spark a movement to overthrow the government. local law enforcement is working with the fbi. although there's been nothing said about how or when they plan to remove the protesters. rtd's flatiron buses are taking passengers between denver and boulder. service on the new rapid transit service began today. next on 9news at 10:00 -- >> new research reveals how much garbage is floating in the pacific near hawaii. a 21-year-old has a plan to clean it up. >> a nice change. sunshine. mild weather to start this week. but we've got snow and cold to end it. i'll tell you when the next storm arrives. >> which quarterback would you choose to start the broncos' first playoff game? see who agrees coming up on broncos
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for months researchers have travel on boats between the west coast and hawaii. they're studying a large garbage patch. best guess it's 1.4 million square miles. that would be five times the size of texas. the state contains 8 million tons of plastic. there's work underway to clean it up. 21-year-old boyen sless founded an organization called ocean cleanup. he said he's creating the largest ocean barrier ever beemployed ploy -- ever employed to try to capture that plastic. >> this is part of what we pulled out of the ocean. everyone is running around saying how are we going to clear up the ocean? and you come around and you say, why don't we just clear it up?
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lot of action involved. >> he says his organization hopes to have that massive cleanup barrier in use within the next few years. the fact that no one matched all the powerball numbers on saturday shows how hard it is to hit it. the jackpot is going to be an estimated $400 million for wednesday's drawing because there was no grand prize winner in yesterday's drawing. that jackpot was $334 million. the odds of winning on wednesday are about 1 in 292 million. there have been several powerball jackpots bigger than this one. the biggest ever was in 2013, $590 million. >> we had an office pool at 9news that year. adele was in. my thought was i'll stay out. when you cash in i'll run the joint. >> i've been talking him in to buying a ticket. i don't think i've been successful yet. >> it's okay. i always do what you do. he'll be sitting here by himself.
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lonely at the top but you can do this. speaking of the jackpot and the lottery, we really hit the weather jackpot. remember the days of freezing fog, cold temperatures, ice and snow? it's pretty but it was a pain for the last few weeks and now a completely different weather pattern. january is a cold month with temperatures in the mid 40s, lows in the mid teens. it's our sixth snowiest month with about seven inches of snow on average. dry pavement. that's what you'll find tomorrow morning. temperatures today above average for a change. 46 in denver. 50s on the map in east central and southeastern colorado with 30s in the high country. you can see how the numbers stack up against the averages for today. these are the numbers that will go in to the books where we keep the official records for the denver metro area. winds increasing out of the southwest. that brings us to 26 at the airport but creates a wind chill of 18. we're not going to get a whole lot colder tonight. in the high country, a beautiful day to go skiing especially with the little ones.
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going to add to the snow pack in the next 48 hours or so. we're going to see 2 to 4 inches of additional snowfall with a california storm that's beginning to creep onshore across the southwest. you can see the leading edge of it coming in to areas west of the continental divide. this system bringing beneficial rain to a drought ravaged state. it's digging so far to the south that really we're not going to see a lot of precip and energy until what that means for you is another mild dry day. with the storm track to our north, look how limited the precipitation is. the biggest travel issues tomorrow will be across the gulf coast, florida panhandle and in the northwest, as well as portions of the northeast where cold arctic air is sliding down from minneapolis and chicago. they're getting the cold air now. highs in the 20s while we enjoy highs close to 50 in the city. cooler than average readings across the southwest. that's where we're going to see the heavy weather tomorrow and really the big travel issues.
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few high clouds, a little bit of wind along the front range foothills, we have a beautiful day. i-24 corridor and i-70 heading up in to the high country, no issues. late in the day notice how a little bit of snow starts to show up on our futurecast in the southern mountains. no winter weather or travel advisories yet. just know the weather pattern will be shifting. the big story appears to be the cold. we'll stay in the sierra there. 16 for a low in fort collins. notice the highs again, above average. some 50s possible. about 35 for junction. those of you in the foothills with all that snow cover will look for highs around 42 in blackhawk and 38 in certainly a cold day coming up in walden and grand lake with temperatures in the mid 30s. fair skies, low of 18. sun is up tomorrow at 7:21. we bounce right in to the low 40s by about noon. then i think mid to upper 40s are possible by
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weather trend continues to monday, tuesday, wednesday. then a cold weather pattern shaping up for the second half of the week. highs sliding in to the 30s with a few flurries. right now the storm looks too far to the south to bring accumulation. i do not have accumulation in but definitely colder weather settling in heading in to next weekend then yet another storm we're tracking for early next week. we want to ease you back in to the work and school regime. i thought these three moose showed us maybe stay in bed a little longer. set the alarm clock. although this bed looks cold. >> not even a three-dog kind >> a three-moose night? >> i three-moose night.
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from colorado's sports leader, here's drew soicher. >> the broncos will host either the steelers, texans, or chiefs in the second round on sunday, january 17th at 2:40 in the afternoon. broncos came from behind to beat the san diego chargers in the regular season finale with brock osweiler running the offense, denver turned the ball over five times. head coach gary kubiak suddenly realized he had another option and sent five-time nfl most valuable player peyton manning in to his first ever relief appearance. it turns out manning is a pretty good closer. the team immediately responded to his leadership. everybody started playing better. broncos win 27-20. 9news sports reporter rod mackey is still at the stadium. >> the players know the questions are coming, two straight weeks of it. who's going to be the qb? brock wasn't that bad but the broncos
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provided it but now what? >> you'll hear the roar. >> i don't know. look, we got two weeks before we play again. i got to see how i feel tomorrow. see how my foot feels. i've got a good welcome back to on the field football. somebody hitting me hard and left a little message as he was getting up. i'm glad we won the division, glad we won this day today. that would have been pretty sickening and just been a different year, and i was glad way today. >> coach kubiak came over to me after the first series in the 3rd quarter and told me hey, now. brock, you played well for us, but we're going to try to get a little spark. did. >> you guys won the division for a fifth straight season. the question is after the week quarterback? >> right now we're going to enjoy winning. it's taken
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football team to get to this point. it's going to continue to take everybody. we'll enjoy winning then get back to work thursday. >> he's one of the best in the business. he's always been that way. when he got the opportunity to come in, you know he played his tail off. got to give it up to him. >> you guys try to make it about one guy. it's never about one guy. it's about the team. and no man is bigger than the team. we've got one goal and one goal only. that's to bring a super bowl to the city of denver. everybody is in no matter who the guy is. >> you get the feeling that the players truly don't care if it's 17 or 18 under center. they just care about winning. now it's up to gary kubiak to decide whether quarterback will help the broncos do that. still at the stadium, rod mackey, 9news. the broncos were able to snag home field advantage in the playoffs away from new england because in miami today the patriots were upset by the dolphins. tom brady got knocked down six times and was held
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first time this season. pats lose 20-10. in kansas city the parachutist crashed on the field but held on to the football then the chiefs beat the oakland raiders, extending their winning streak to a franchise record 10 games. kc wins 23-17. they'll open the playoffs at houston. nuggets lost their sixth game in a row tonight. nugs were beaten by the portland trailblazers in denver. could have used peyton manning to come off the bench and save the day but he was unavailable. nuggies lose by a final score of 112-106. college hoops tonight. colorado beat stanford and collected its first pakistan -- its first pac 12 victory of the season. buffs beat the cardinal 56-55. nick's pick was wrong this week. nick the sea lion at the denver zoo incorrectly predicted the broncos would lose their game with the san diego chargers. he finished the regular season with a lousy 7-9
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and randy greenwood of highlands ranch is the new undisputed soichial media champion of the world. he won our guess the score contest by predicting the broncos would win 27-20. got it exactly right. if you'd like to participate in the playoff version of this silly game, simply follow me on twitter on soichial media, the world's only 100% spring loaded technology. >> that doesn't happen exactly right. >> a few times a year. first time in two decades that peyton manning will remove the 9 health fair band-aids now that he's healthy -- peyton manning came time. he was a freshman at the university of tennessee and came on in relief of how about that, todd helton, who was quarterbacking at the time. todd helton never picked up a football again. >> brock will pick one up again. >> i would think so. probably for the
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but you never know.
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