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tv   9 News at 6am  NBC  January 4, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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police may have a serial smash and grabber on their hands. shattered glass and stolen cash plague an area of anglewood. the evidence police are using to connect dozens of crimes. tens of thousands of birth certificates previously sealed as part of closed adoptions today. moms to be want to have their baby born as the last one of the calendar year, others want to have the first baby of the new year. one mom to be got the best of both worlds. good morning, everybody, happy monday. i'm cheryl preheim along with corey rose, gregg moss. marty coniglio is in a much warmer backyard and in the traffic center, a familiar
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face, amelia earhart is back home, back with us this morning. >> so happy to be here. >> good to have you, you have been traveling the world a little bit and doing other fun things. >> traveling the world, flying lots of airplanes, back home with you now. feels good to be back in the saddle. >> you picked a good week. breaking out the shorts? you may want to. you go. >> you do it. >> that's the challenge. i'm going to do it. >> do what feels right. around here, it is relatively nice, after the super cold weather we had over the last couple of weeks, it's fairly nice around here today. we have a pretty good size system going on in the west, snow in arizona, nevada, california, going to see heavy
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looking for 1-2 feet of snow. we start off dry around here. from denver to boulder, up towards loveland and fort collins and greeley, temperatures in the 20s and 30s this morning, topping out in the 40s this afternoon. it won't be clear blue sky. yesterday morning it was gorgeously clear. the high clouds drifting late in the day. those will stick with us through the day, we will do this with very little wind. wind gusts today in the single digits, not only here, but in the mountains and foothills. that is an odd combination in january to get mild temperatures and no winds. if you can't get inside, might lunchtime. sky 9 is over i-25 u.s. 36, as i said, best seat in the house, they got a nice clear view this morning, typical delays a as we get out of the holiday drive, back in to the
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real first drive of new year. as we kick it off, a look at the maps across the board, clear start, we are starting to see small incidents popping up. details coming up on the north end in a few. keep in mind, we will see additional drive times adding up quickly, 25, 70, 225 rs fort collins and colorado springs and across denver. mostly dry roads and sun glare. follow 9 news on twitter for the latest traffic updates and we will have those throughout the morning. c470 is open after a driver hit and killed a man walking in traffic last night. state patrol didn't know why the man was walking on c470. the driver stayed on the scene. also bringing in equipment to assist with a fire investigation and a search for a missing person. the building near 64th and wadsworth is not structurally safe. a crane is being brought in today. the professional building 1
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caught fire on saturday, one of the people who works there was supposed to be there and no one made contact with him since the fire. what caused the fire is under investigation. tens of thousands of people in colorado have spent their entire lives without access to one thing, their birth certificates. whether adopted as kids or infants , the birth sets in the lowed -- certificates in the closed adoption remained sealed. today that all changes. this is a big deal. all they need is a computer. they can request their berth certificates. they added toilet the list of documents requested on the website. it's the kind of access that betsy pierce has been waiting for, for years. she was adopted as an infant. like others, her adoption records were sealed. senate bill 51 changed that.
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bill making it possible for adoptees to access the birth certificates. the last group of adoption records will be made available. though she knows her birth father, betsy says her birth certificate is the missing piece. >> there is just something about being connected fully throughout your life. i think you just have to have that connection. >> reporter: there are specific years for the adoption records that will be made available today. they are from july 19 67- august 1999, any adoptions before 1951 of july. we have the link where people can access the records requests on 9 a trend in crime in the metro area is spreading. police say it needs to stop now. we are talking about smash and grabs. that's where burglars smash a window, perhaps a door and grab
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money or merchandise and take off. 9 tarting businesses in inglewood over the weekend. one week after a string of similar crimes hitting the east ham den corridor. a dozen businesses were colleen ferreira is eke whiching out new reports of -- colleen ferreira is eke smash and grabs. >> reporter: we confirmed two more happened overnight. morning. i want to take you to the scene, sheridan police on scene of this business. you can see that door over there, just smashed in. it seems it was a rock of some sort they busted in there. we are getting reports from sheridan police of one more in the area. i'm on hamden and santa fe. 20 minutes ago , the other round of smash and grabs happened in inglewood.
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the area south broadway, 9 happeneded from saturday in to sunday morning. police working with little surveillance video from over there. most cases, the suspect or suspects were trying to target those cash registers, not sure how much they got away with. last week, a dozen of these happened in denver at all kinds of businesses, restaurants and bakeries. that what police are looking at now, a lot of the video coming in from those, we bring you back here to sheridan, police are dealing with really new information. they got calls telling them about this one now, they tell us they are working with the business owners to try to figure out what happened. now no word on any surveillance video coming out of the incidents here in sheridan. call crime stoppers if you know
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many of these, we are over the 20 mark. number 18 returning to the field yesterday with broncos down, payton manning helped lead them to a win as well as a 5th consecutive afc west title. >> after a good opening drive. >> they should have lost the game. i can't remember a team heading in to the playoffs with the number one seed that has a quarterback controversy as they head in to the playoffs and i think people are, they don't know what to make of this. they don't. the story, it's a story not just locally but nationally,
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after the 5th turnover, a few of those were not -- he got the quick hook. manning, if the roles were reversed wouldn't have had the same hook. he came in, though, and he was 5 and 9 for 69 yards. what happened wases he did create a spark they stopped turning the ball over, they got one turnover themselves, interception late in the game that led to the win, a win they had to have and has them as the top seed which is incredible. i will tell yous having followed the broncos for 40 years, i can't remember in the afc, going in to the playoffs, a season where it's more wide open than it is this year. lisp, you can make a case. i was talking with a friend of mine, you can make a case that the five and six seeds, pittsburgh and kansas are the
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new england and denver because of the obvious deficiencys that new england and denver bring with them to the playoffs. it's a bizarre situation. debra wakes up today, the players, they don't know who the going to quarterback. probably won't know this will lay the -- know until later this week. >> i was going to ask you about how he looked health wise. tickets. you can get tickets for the game on sunday the 17th, on the ticket master website or by calling, that happens today. tickets won't be available although the office until tomorrow. that's if there are any left. tickets will be available to those at the billing address in the rocky mountain region, you can only buy a max of 4, reserve seats will cost you 80- $230, 27 5- $470 for club
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seats. you can expect those prices obviously to skyrocket in the secondary market. those go on sale at noon today. by 12:0 1, i have a feeling they will be gone. >> just talked about the winks the lack there of. that's what we are seeing. calm wind. despite that, still anticipating okay air quality today. no wood burning restrictions are in effect. through the day, 20s, 30s by mid-morning. spending the afternoon in the 40s which is going to be nice around here, tomorrow, we can top 50 degrees. greg is wearing shorts. mid 40s wednesday, thursday, some light snow moves in. we drop in to the 30s, now, inch or two of snow. not a big thing. we could see light snow friday, saturdays more in the planning forecast. we talk about the need to have good insurance for your car and home.
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else you need to consider. the drone insurance. they can cause a lot of damage. experts are cautioning users to
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quiet around here. getting active as far as weather goes in utah, arizona and nevada. california, above 6000 feet. anticipating the heavy snow. it's dry in colorado right now. big spreads in temperatures, what we have seen with no wind is the cold air likes to sink in to valley areas, that's why you are seeing gunnison and central grand county, going below zero. single teens and 20s around here. almost 30 at dia.
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high clouds over us, dry, little wind, mid 40s to 50. cooler, northern colorado with mid 40s in the foothills. statewide, dry all day, then tonight, you are going to see some light snow, moving to southwest colorado, cortez, durango, a snow, an inch or so. 3 inches north aspen tomorrow during the day. 40s here, 50s south, 3s for the mown -- 30s for the mountains and west. high clouds stick around. not a bad looking day. tonight, partly cloudy, low to mid 20s. i think we can top 50 tomorrow. mid 40s wednesday. light snow and it looks like inch or two each day, if anyone of the days, liter snow, saturday, because it looks like it will end earlier in the day. seems like eveverybody is behaving well going back to work.
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>> you wonder why. look at this view. the broncos, i-25, traffic was very busy after the game last night. today we are back to normal. roads are nice and open. keep in mind, we are back in the swing of things, after a long holiday break. the rest of the commute, heading down ground level, i- 25, jewel. smooth conditions, nice dry roads, travel times this morning, across 225, absolutely there. a couple of days to wash the car heading back to the office this week. greg, monday, tuesday, wednesday, and that is it. everything changes on thursday. >> i'm worried about the swrowd outside of the car and the inside of the car. >> my jean cut offs making the debut tomorrow. flat iron fliers are taking passengers between denver and boulder.
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service for the transit service started yesterday. 6 routes along u.s. 36, one way fares from $2.60 to $4.50. did you unwrap a new drone over the holidays. millions of people did. check the homeowners or renters insurance before taking off as the use of drones soars, so does the opportunity for property damage or serious injury and a crash you could be liable for any damage and the smart thing to do is to check with your insurance carrier to see what is covered. you must register the drone with the faa. >> if you seen corey rose fly her drone, it's scary. >> my son doesn't have to register because it's under a certain weight. he flys it around the house. typically robbers don't want
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but a man clearly department
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the colorado secretary of state's office has information about voters released on the internet does not compromise anybody's identity. it's public information, the notice came after a data base
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anybody can buy the state's voter registration list for $50. names gender, addresss, phone numbers and whether they voted in the election. search teams in illinois have found the body of a second teen missing since massive flooding hit the area last week. crews found body of 8 18 year old brandon man after founding devon everett. they were missing a week and it wasn't until the water receded that crews could find their bodies. some spots along the flooded mississippi river in missouri and illinois are still rising. the death toll in both states is 25 and flooding is expect #- d to worsen in arkansas, kentucky, tennessee and other southern states. in the meantime, the u.s. coast guard is helping to patrol 500 nautical miles of river looking for anyone that's in trouble. the water is starting to reseed in most areas, crews say
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could take weeks in the hardest hit towns, streets look like junk yards and hundreds of structures were damaged. people started to gut their homes and dry out anything that could be salvaged. for fans of the series called making a murderer, a spoiler alert this morning. that series follows the saga of a wisconsin man, aviary, he was released from prison in 2003 after spending 18 years behind bars for a sexual assault he says he did not commit. two years later, rearrested for the murder of a 25 year old photographer. he swears he did not do the crime, after watching the snow, fans agree. so much so, there is a petition on line for the president to pardon him. that petition received more than 150,000 signatures on probably isn't a guide book on how to rob someone, i mean,
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police in the pacific grove area of cray california say this man -- california say this man did those things. he was one of three men who took part in an armed robbery, police say they ripped off four people, of all the things they had before they ran away. this man thought one female victim was so attractive h he asked her for snap chat and selfi with you. police were able to catch him and the other suspects are still at large. some ways it's good they did those things. because it helped catch him. i'm blown away by that story. like many twins, some siblings were born a couple of minutes apart. these twins were born in different years we will have the story by first checking in on weather and traffic. start.
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may as well be easy weather. it's 29 at dia, in fact it's not especially cold, even moving in to north western canada. temperatures below zero. where i like to look for the next outbreak s central alaska, we are not seeing anything exceptionally cold. there for the next few days, yes it's going to get colder, temperatures in the 30s. no big arctic plunge coming up in the next few days. we will moderate and drop down from the 40s and 50s. it's nice to have an easy day to get back to work. sky 9 was up and over hamton and santa fe, checking out word of a crash. moving smoothly. speaking of moving smoothly. a nice clear start across i-70, 25 out to pennia boulevard, easy speeds, upper 50s, lower 60s.
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having the last baby of the year is special. >> one mom managed to do that, both of them. >> diapers forever. >> jaylin was carrying twins, dliffed up with new years eve, 11:59, the other 12:01 am new years day. they were due at the end of january. doctors called her in because one of was breech position. the little boy and girl are happy and healthy. >> it's nice, they don't have to share birthday days. they get their own day. that's fun, too. sheriff is back in town,
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road to the super bowl is going to come through denver.
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this is 9 news. armed protesters took over a wildlife refuge building in oregon. the reason two ranchers are behind a militia takeover of the building. a series of smash and grab burglarys are hitting the metro
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area this morning it is sheridan, we at the scene of the latest smash and grabs. listen to that crowd, the sheriff returns, a mile high, and leads the broncos to an afc west title. >> it's nice to start with a broncos win. >> and clinch the title. greg, cheryl and corey with you. marty coniglio is in the backyard. familiar face in the bottom right hand corner of the with us. >> good to be home. like i never left. >> life comes full circle, it's a good thing. like normal. >> maybe i slept for 45 minutes and another 30, i had 6 alarms set. >> marty, let's begin with you.
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first three days of this week, workweek, looks nice. if you are headed out the door, temperatures in the 20s, we will be above freezing before 10:00 this morning, heading in to the 40s by early this afternoon, a nice looking day. average high, for early january, is 43, average day is decent around here. we will do that a little bit better late in the day. as far as the state goes, dry conditions during the daylight today. as we get past sunset, we will see rain and snow moving in to southwestern colorado, parts of the san juans, to the elk mountains, light snow tomorrow morning, we are looking in the 1-3-inch range, in mountain areas, really light snow showers, down at lower terrain. very light snow anticipated there. calm wind here. we are going to start seeing southerly winds developing
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it's calm and docile, things are ripping on the plains, 15- 35 miles per hour, so some of the warm temperatures on the eastern plains won't feel so great with the wind cooking along at those speeds. speaking of those speeds, how are we doing on the highway? >> dos docile is a good word. a accident along hamton, no major back ups, we will keep an eye on the view, they got the birds eye perspective and up next , the rest of the drive northside and southside included. let's go to the maps, travel times, cameras across 36 and broadway, nice clear start, speeds down to the 30s, now, no complaints, travel times across commerce city. this is first to load up in the morning, 6 or 7 minutes, speeds in the 50s, about to drop in to
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let's hope it stays green. 6:33 now, the road to the super bowl goes through denver. yesterday, without a doubt, one moments. denver down 13-7 against san diego. manning returned to the field to lead the broncos to victory. now. lift. >> now what? know. no one knows. only one man knows, gary kubiak, he is probably undecided at this point. he is probably i'm glad we won and got home field. i'm sure when the second play of the game, 75 yards, 7- 0, everybody in the stadium thought, this is going to be
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one of those games where we came to play and got it rolling. anderson fumbles too much. the running game was phenomenal. you cannot turn it over as much as the broncos are doing. we will talk about that in a minute. it's 13-7 after the turnover, on manning. 10 points, they got the lead. tell me what happened here. first and 10 from the 20, williams wide open, 80 yards, touchdown, that was absolutely in excusable by the broncos defense. they come back behind manning, 5 of 9 for 64 yards, pedestrian, but they had 5 turnovers, and didn't have turnovers, the biggest play of the game, the game was tied at 20, by shiloh, on the scrap heap a few webs ago, through the hands to williams. hands it to ronnie, he went 23 yards. they both went over or near 100 yards.
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here is the deal. they turned it over five times. you are going to lose 9 times out of 10 when you turn i over 5 times. they turned it over 26 times this year, that's the most of any team in the playoffs. i don't know how the playoffs are going to go. if they continue to turn the ball over at that rate, they will not get to leave stadium in february, which is what the goal is. they have to be better with ball security, one of the reasons why manning came in the game yesterday because though you can't tag all those turnovers, he threw a couple of picks and they won, great in the last 6 games, of not turning the ball over, ball security an issue yesterday. manning came in, there was a spark, and they did just enough. they are in the bizarre situation of being the number one seed, what you play for, not knowing who the starting
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quarterback is, knowing they team. never gotten better. they took out scofield in the second half. they have two weeks to figure out some big issues and try and figure out a way to win a ball game to get the afc denver. nothing is sure. >> you can make a case, you can name one of the 6 times in the afc, i can make you a case that they will go to the super bowl. that's how wide open it is. >> i want to hear some of that. >> stick around for the next hour. we don't know who the broncos are going to play in the second round. it will be steelers, texans or the chiefs, they will play sunday january 17th, plan the party now.
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>> plan the party. >> some people want tickets. >> sale at noon today. set your alarm on ticket master's website or call the ticket master office. tickets won't be available at the broncos ticket office until tomorrow if there is any left. only available to those with a billing address in the rocky mountain region, includes new mexico, utah, wyoming nebraska, south dakota and western kansas. maxed out at 4 tickets. ranging from 80-$230 for reserve seats and 27 5- $470 for club seats. you can expect those prices to skyrocket in the secondary market and they will go fast today at noon when they go on sale. it's become a trend in weeks. burglars smashing their way in to local businesses, taking whatever they can grab and taking off. the most recent wave of crimes hit inglewood this weekend. we are hearing about another
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colleen ferreira is there this morning. >> reporter: police have confirmed two of the smash and grabs overnight. we are standing inside truck logic, that's the latest one where it happened. see, the door smashed in. the suspect or suspects grabbed a rock from the landscaping outside, and threw it right in here and i can show you the path of the rock. that is the rock they say smashed right through this business. i want to bring in the owner of truck you've had such a gruesome night thinking about getting the phone call in the middle of the night saying your business has been broken in to. what did you think? >> i wasn't happy, first of all, i was hoping it wasn't too extensive. when i got down here, i noticed that the only thing missing was the cash out of the cash register. >> reporter: take our viewers to the cash register here. it is empty, it is on the
6:35 am
floor. there? >> probably $200. taken? >> not that i can tell. >> this is the 22 or 23rd that's happened in denver, engle woo and sheridan. guys. it's not something i would like to see happen to any other businesses. it's something we don't need. >> thank you so much. i know you are so tired, you got the call in the middle of the night that your place has been broken in to this is what they are dealing with. so many happened in the past week, talking 23, 24, another business sheridan police saying store. with. if you have information about this, call crime stoppers
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offering a reward of up to $2000. >> so many in a short amount of time, it's heart breaking for the business owners. this morning's burglarys come after a string of smash and grabs, 9 businesses were hit on saturday. in a few cases cash draws were stolen, most of the businesses don't keep cash on site overnight. investigators didn't have a description of the suspect or suspects to share. denver, police are investigating a dozen burglarys that happened near hampton and i-25. they are working through the evidence to dem if they are connected -- determine if the burglarys are connected. if you have information, call crime stoppers, the number is on the screen. you can be eligible for a reward of $2000. we are saddened to report the death of former columnist penny parker.
6:37 am
she died at the aim of 62. known for her on the town column in the rocky mountain news and joined in the 90s after leaving the denver post. she covered everything from chefs and dining events to john elway and wellington web. she launched this on the town web site. memorial services are pending. a militia took over a wildlife refuge office. fbi is hoping for a peaceful end to the standoff. armed anti government protesters took over the federal building after a rally on saturday. joe friar is in oregon with the latest on the situation. >> reporter: good morning, authorities are urging the public to stay away from this refuge, no visible police presence, fbi wants a peaceful resolution but releasing little information beyond that. the protesters here say if necessary, they are willing to stay here for years, this started over the weekend, the
6:38 am
armed group took over the headquarters at the national wide life refuge, closed and empty at the time, they want local control of the federal land. they are protesting the case around 2 local ranchers, who are supposed to report to prison today. convicted of setting fires on federal land near their ranch. a peaceful rally on saturday for the ranchers, a group took over the refuge. this is having ripple effects, schools have been cancel #-d for the entire week. thank you, so much. it is 6:43, united arab emirates news agency says the country will downgrade the diplomatic ties with iran. we are waiting to learn about what that will mean. after saudi arabia said it was cutting ties with iran after
6:39 am
saudi embassy in tehran. tensions between the middle east powers have intensified since the saudis announced execution on saturday of a popular shiite cleric. after that announcement, angry protesters and iran set fires and destroyed documents at the saudi embassy. security forces were able to restore peace more than 40 people were arrested. iranian president criticized the embassy riot calling it disrespectful to the country of iran. this is having an impact on the financial markets, trading halted on shanghai composite. a circuit breaker system was triggered because the composite nose dived 7%. disappointing data about manufacturing activity and the middle east. we are expecting the impact in china to have impact on u.s.
6:40 am
markets when they open up at 7:30 mountain time. starting off the workweek with a mild day today. not much wind. we are going to get light snow week. we are cracking 30, 32 degrees, parts of town. it's comfortable. teens in northern colorado, now 13 below zero. grand county and jackson county again, very cold. snow, hanging off to the south and west now, winter storm watches for arizona, nevada, and in to california, in the southern california mountains, above 6000 feet, they could see up to 2 feet of new snow, by the end of the day tomorrow. for us, high clouds today, look for mid 40s, just about 50 degrees. if you have to go back to work, not a bad day to do it. >> here, snow blower snow in the high country. for decades, coloradoans adopted have needed a court order to access their birth certificates.
6:41 am
today, all of that is changing. we will tell you about the new
6:42 am
looking around the state, mostly occasions re -- most locations reporting clear conditions, cold now in and around grand county, jackson zero. cold in the gunnison area. mountain areas are not that bad at all. we are anticipating snow to move in to the southwest part of the state late tonight, it will be pretty spotty and scattering tonight and tomorrow, it picks up on wednesday, and by the end of
6:43 am
southwestern sections of utah and sierras, good snow around here. gets going wednesday in the colorado mountains and picks up thursday, looks like sky 9 is on to something he . the drive is picking up after coming out of a slow two weeks over the holiday season, back to a typical monday start. over 225, i-70, on their way to commerce city checking out a crash around 270 and vasquez, the details in next update. 225, southbound, parker road, a big crash, blocking two lanes on the approach towards the i- 25 and 225 interchange, expect the gridlock delays, alternate routes, cherry creek down road or head across hampton to link i-25. we got money news. 6:50 now, today marks the important turning points when it comes to price drops, money man mat granite has last chance
6:44 am
bargains we need to take care of today. >> reporter: good morning, greg. i'm really fired up, because before we can move on to amazing year of savings here on 9 news, we are going to dwell on the past a little bit. we took a look at the most popular holiday items from 9 news viewers, i found a way to get them one last time. take a look at what has me fired up. i doesn't take much. all of the items from the holiday season, the three hottest are on clearance now. from the holiday corridor, let's start with beats. this was popular in our area, 50% off, is what you are going to find. prices $10 better than black friday and cyber monday. blue tooth ear buds under 30 bucks, part of the mix. a tablet or ipad for christmas or hanukkah, the best deals of 2015, are in stock one last time, i have listed those on 9
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as i leave for the consumer electronic trade show to start sourcing new gadgets, couple of items not to buy yet, dash cams, are going to be a great buy this week. the virtual reality head sets that seems like everyone is asking fors one of the hottest items at ces, i will have these for under 40 bucks, 60% off price drop went we reunite monday. the key is to look like less of a moron than i regularry would. i'm pumped for the savings. it's 6:51, president obama is reportedly going to move ahead with plans to use executive orders to tighten gun laws, he is going to meet with attorney general lorretta lynches to map out what he can legally do. expanding background checks and
6:46 am
restrict gun sales to criminal suspects. the president will officially announce his plans tomorrow. it's a huge day for tens of thousands of people in colorado. today birth certificates and unsealed. for so many adoptees, birth certificates have been the missing piece for them. >> they have been hard to get. in those case, adoptions where the records are sealed, it takes expensive navigation and a court order to get a birth certificate. now people adopted in colorado can get the birth certificates as easily as everyone else. request them on line, starting today for one big group. the birth certificates are unsealed as part of a that passed in 2014. betsy pierce, it's the end of a long ordeal. adopted as an infant she wanted to access her records for a while. starting today, she and other adoptees can request the
6:47 am
certificate on line. >> it's important for adoptees to be able to go and get their birth certificates when they do know anything about their bit parents or not because it's a part of who you are. it really is your information. why shouldn't you be able to have access to it. >> the birth certificates will be acceptable to adoptees and sect family members only. we have a link on 9 >> a lot of people need this information and want this information. this is a huge day. after the break, we will help you get your workweek started with a look at weather
6:48 am
welcome back, as we go live to sky 9, we spoke to dpd, a colfax, hit and run accident has made its way to 270 and vasquez in the north and westbound direction, we have it looks to be all lanes blocked across 270. hit and run, ended up near on commerce city. and i-70. directions. north and westbound, one lane getting by on the right side of the highway. a look at the 225, c dot camera, across the southbound commute, parker road, major delays because of the crash on the approach to i-25, a look at probably a 15-minute drive in the northbound direction because of the curiosity delay, 35 minutes southbound, 20 miles
6:49 am
we knew it couldn't last. very pleasant weather around here. we are seeing snow developing in the utah, arizona, southern california, expecting heavy snow in the mountains surrounding los angeles, up to a foot or two of snow by late in the day tomorrow. hd doppler, dry across our state, we are seeing snow in south central portions of utah. below zero in the usual locations in colorado central valleys, singles, teens, 20s over eastern colorado now. the mixture of clouds and sun throughout the day today, the heavy cloud cover we have will thin a bit during the middle of the day. that helps us get to the low 40s north. mid 40s to 50s here, 40s in the foothill. snow hold off until after sunset in southwestern colorado, durango, cortez, starting to see light snow. by tomorrow morning, an inch or two. 30s, 40s over the northeast,
6:50 am
30s mountains and west. low to mid-40s here, warmer in southern colorado. 46, partly cloudy, very little wind here, however, it's going to be extremely windy on the eastern plains especially east of lieman this afternoon. partly cloudy tonight, to the 50s tomorrow, sliding slowly as the southern california cray storm makes its way our way, light snow, thursday, friday, saturday, an inch or two each day. not a huge snowstorm for us for the tail end of this week. here is a look at the top stories. >> sheridan police are investigating two smash and grab burglarys that happened overnight at this one business over here near hamden and santa fe, they took a rock from the landscaping and smashed through this window. see the rock in the store. the owner tells us, a couple of
6:51 am
another one in sheridan happening in a verizon store. these two are coming after 9 that happened over the weekend and a dozen that happened last week in denver. police are standing guard at the scene of a weekend fire, a live look this morning, the scenic heights professional building 1 near 64th and wadsworth is fenced off, the building could lapse at any moment. the fire department is bringing in a crane to find a missing person who maybe inside the debris. an employee was at the rehab clinic in the building when the fire started saturday. from sense. it's back to work for a lot of people today, the first since the holidays. couple of weeks marty, but a nice way to start. said that. week. light snow, tail end of this week, not a big deal.
6:52 am
week. whatever little bit of sn we get will be sticking around in to next week. >> soak in the 52. shorts. see you on channel 20s have a great day. good morning. breaking overnight. donald trump's first television ad of his presidential campaign out this morning, and the republican front-runner is pushing all the buttons. >> the politicians can pretend it's something else, but donald trump calls it radical islamic terrorism. >> as former president bill clinton gets set to hit the trail solo to campaign for his wife. and the candidates hone their messages with the iowa caucuses less than a month away. 00erring down those armed
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