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tv   9 News at Noon  NBC  January 4, 2016 12:00pm-12:29pm MST

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this is 9news. if you've got broncos -- playoff tickets are now on sale. they went on sale right at noon and you can be sure they are going to go fast. the big game is sunday the 17th. right now you can buy tickets on the ticketmaster website or by calling their phone number. if you're hoping to score seats for the game, you have to have a billing address in the rocky mountain region. ticket prices range from 80 to $230 for reserve seats, 275 to $470 for club level seats. and, yes, you can expect those prices to only go up once they hit the secondary market so if you want them, get to it right now. the broncos are not going to play this coming weekend. they got a nice break to gear up for the playoffs. yesterday with that win over the san diego chargers, the broncos secured the number 1 spot in the afc as well as the first round bye in the playoffs. after a tough half for
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coach gary kubiak brought in peyton manning who led the broncos to a 27-20 win and that locked up their fifth consecutive afc west title. the coach spoke at a press conference from the uc hub training center today. he says there will be tough playoffs. >> tough decisions to make, this game is tough on everybody, coaches, players, i mean, it's a grind. the nfl is a tough season, everybody is good, it's hard to win in this league but you do it to get to the point that we are at today. so like i said, i'm excited for the organization, the football team, the players, they have worked really hard to get here, the coaches so we are going to enjoy this, we are going to get back to work and i think it's going to take everybody we've got. >> the team has a couple days off, they are back at work on thursday, kubiak stressed he has no time line at this point for deciding who will be the broncos starting playoff quarterback. he says he's proud of both of his quarterbacks, but peyton and brock and that when it comes to making that call, he
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denver police say one person is now in custody morning. police say a child about 10 yosemite. the driver took off and then a tow truck driver heard about the incident and blocked nine hit-and-run -- the hit-and-run driver at i-270 and vasquez. the victim's injuries are not considered to be life threatening. denver police have also arrested the driver they say was responsible for a fatal car crash yesterday afternoon. police say 55-year-old sameer dawit was slumped over the wheel at evans and colorado boulevard and when firefighters arrived, he took off and crashed into two other cars that were stopped at a red light. two men died there. six others were injured in the crash. dawit is being investigated for vehicular homicide. he is under arrest at the hospital where he is in serious condition. well, we are finally starting to thaw out. doesn't it feel nice to have
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if you've got big chunks on your patio, they might go away the next couple of weeks before it gets cold. >> the temperatures today, the average high should be around 43 degrees, we are going to be above that, not only today but at least through wednesday. let me show you what we are at right now. current temperatures in the downtown area, close to 50 degrees, we already made it to 40 out at dia, it is cooler in northern colorado and up towards northeast colorado, sterling, i'm looking at you, you're at 27 degrees, temperatures closer to the foothills in the 40s and 30s. this afternoon 40s up and down the i-25 corridor, could even get warmer in some spots, look at littleton, 50 expected to be the high for today, also some mid to upper 40s closer to the foothills. in the metro area, expect for that sunshine to continue, skies turn partly cloudy overnight but it's still very -- a very dry forecast for you. ft. collins, the mix of clouds and sun, making a beautiful day towards csu and dry towards colorado. the first in a series of
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way so bring a chance for snow in the mountains today, a better chance for snow in the city by the end of the week and also some colder temperatures so strap yourself in. we are going to take a ride on the colorado weather coaster. more details in a few. >> thank you so much, belen. also looking at stocks today, it's far from a happy new year on wall street. the dow has already had its worst opening day in 84 years. here are the current numbers from new york, the dow is down 370 points. about a half hour into the trading day, though, the dow fell 450 points. earlier today china's main index fell 7%, forcing an emergency trading suspension. the fall was triggered by weak chinese manufacturing data and just adding to the jitters today, all the tensions in the middle east, which pushed up oil prices. saudi arabia has cut now diplomatic ties with iran. that development could potentially threaten oil supplies. but tensions are growing.
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over saudi arabia's execution of a shiite cleric. protesters in india are bahrain, shiite crowds called for the death of the saudi royal family. saudi diplomats have left iran now after crowds burned down the saudi embassy. the u.s. is now very diplomatic ties have been cut but the effect that could have on the war in syria and planned peace talks. iran and saudi arabia back different sides in that war. smash-and-grab crimes are on the rise here in the metro area. that's where burglars smash in a window, grab some money or merchandise and take off. there have been more than a dozen in the past few days at businesses across the metro area, just this morning two stores in sheridan were hit. 9news reporter colleen ferrara talked to the owner of truck logic where thieves threw a rock through the front window. >> reporter: i'm outside truck, that's off of santa fe and hampden. this is the latest business
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and-grabs here in sheridan. you can see this door over here. they are going to start boarding this up soon because all this glass is gone from that smash-and-grab earlier this morning. the suspect or suspects used one of these rocks from the landscaping outside to get in, just smashed through that door and i want to show you, there it is, there's that culprit right there, the owner saw that right when he entered this morning. take a look at this video because it will give you an idea of what it looked like when the owner got here very early this morning. you see the glass from the door, just shattered, glass everywhere, and let's take you around to the cash register. when the owner got here, he tells us that the cash register on the floor and empty, he says that the suspect or suspects got away with around $200. but nothing else from this store. he says he was just sleeping when he got a call from police. >> they said your business has been broken into, we will stay here until you arrived and so i
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didn't ask a lot of questions. i thought they had -- i just wanted to get here quickly. >> reporter: about 150 yards away from this store, sheridan police tell us a verizon store morning. they are cleaning up too. just a lot of shattered glass, broken glass from the suspect or suspects breaking in through that door over there. so far, no suspects in custody with any of these break-ins here in the sheridan area, all investigation. police inside this store now just taking fingerprints, trying to find any evidence as to what happened here early this morning. in sheridan, i'm colleen ferrara, 9news. >> thank you. police are also investigating 9 smash-and-grabs in inglewood around south broadway. these happened saturday night into sunday. police have some surveillance video but no suspects in custody. and then in denver police are investigating about a dozen burglaries that happened early last week along hampden near i- 25. they have good surveillance
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grabs but they are looking for more information. if you know anything about these burglaries, please call crimestoppers. denver police say one person is now in custody following a hit-and-run this morning. a child around 10 years old was hit on colfax and yosemite. the driver took off and then a tow truck driver heard about the incident and blocked the hit-and-run driver in at i270 and vasquez. child's injuries, not considered to be life threatening. on his first day back to work following the holiday break, president obama is focusing his attention on gun control. he's expected to meet with attorney general loretta lynch today to outline a strategy for tightening gun control in the country. not everyone is on board, though. the president may try to bypass congress to make the changes happen. in fact, he's expected to discuss an executive order to expand background checks and restrict gun sales to some criminal suspects. now, if a republican takes over
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executive order may not last long. >> the president of the united states, for example, on my very first day, i am going to repeal whatever unlawful or unconstitutional executive order this president imposes to try to undermine the second amendment. >> president obama will deliver his final state of the union address next week. some spots along the flooded mississippi river and missouri still seeing the waters rise. the latest coming up. also ahead, is the world ready for the very first smart bra? there it is. also, belen is here with some great news for those of you who are kind of tired of
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happy monday, everyone. belen de leon out here in the back yard under this beautiful blue sky, lots of sunshine, the temperatures, though are still feeling a little on the cool side. we have kicked off a brand-new year, a brand-new month and joan is the fourth -- january is the fourth snowiest in january, when we get about 7 inches. the average high, 44 degrees, the average low 17. our highs for today going to be close to that which leaves us to really enjoy the weather outside while we can. we know it's going to change, right? the weather across the state, that snowfall that we had in december, just dramatically helping out our snowpack. right now about 112% of average, so we are looking really goods in some of our basins and if you don't believe me, just look out the window, if you live in steamboat, beautiful up at mount warner for the folks maybe taking in
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range, blue skies over our head, so if your new year's resolution was to get back in shape, the weather for the next several days is going to be pretty nice so get a run outside. the temperatures in the metro area, 40 degrees, 30s, 20s in northern colorado, 30s and 20s in the high country as well. right now a goose egg in gunnison, but gunnison, your temperatures have been much colder than that so we are starting to see a bit of an improvement in some of our mountain valleys as far as our temperatures go. the highs for today in the 40s up and down the i-25 corridor and out towards the eastern plains, in the high country we are looking at 30s, 40s in some spots like slidea -- celina. the clouds will increase in the mountains, high clouds over the city through this afternoon. you will notice we will see that chance for snow already down south near durango and overnight hours but the amount of snow that we are going to see is going to be from light to moderate and the snow forecast amounts through tomorrow morning are going to be on the light side for that area as well. the rest of the state is going to stay dry, the snow forecast
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one to 3 inches down south out towards the san juans and even the san decristos. the wind will come in from the south but want to pay attention for what's going to happen for the end of the week because the storm pattern is going to shift to the south of colorado, going to bring in snow to the state, a better chance to see it thursday, friday and saturday but look at tomorrow, 52 degrees, get out, enjoy it. wednesday 45, we start to see the cooler weather arrive on thursday with a chance of snow lasting through the weekend.
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the food and drug administration approved a record number of first of a kind drugs in 2015. in fact, 45 drugs with never before sold ingredients were approved last year here in the u.s., which was the largest number in 19 years. experts say the rising figures show there's a new focus on drugs for rare and hard to treat diseases. so most of you have heard of the different fitness trackers out there right now, the fit bit -- fitbit, app watch or peed sisters on your -- pedometers on your smartphone. have you heard about the smart bra. a company is hoping the first smart bra will help women track their fitness through a piece of clothing they are already wearing every day. it was introduced at the consumer electronics show out in vegas right now. the smart bra has a device that can snap onto the ribcage to
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the bra is expected to be available to buy in the spring. it will cost about $150. if you unwrapped a new drone over the holidays, you may want to check your homeowner's or renter's insurance policy before you take flight. here is liberty sa salah -- zavala to explain. >> the first couple of flights i did break blades. i got it stuck in a tree. >> reporter: like many new drone owners, adam thompson says flying his drone wasn't so simple at first. >> the drone got too far away, got out of my site and it was windy, so it was just a catastrophe waiting to happen. >> reporter: as drone use soars, so does the opportunities for property damage or serious injury. this drone nearly took out a professional skier and in january this drone crashed on the white house lawn. in a crash the department of insurance says you could be liable and recommends checking with your insurance.
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drone with the faa. neighbor's car, breaks through a window or tangled up in someone's television antenna or something like that. a lot of them don't recognize the potential for danger. >> reporter: and that's why the academy of model aeronautics is offering drone owners a $2.5 million liability coverage option for a year. something that thompson says he will now look into the next time he flies. >> the next time. i went to to find out more about insuring drones and many home insurance policies cover personal property and while there's an exclusion for aircraft, model aircraft that are not design people with cargo are included in policies. if you got a drone for christmas, you're supposed to register with the faa before its first flight. don't know if a lot of people have done that yet. so a little bit of bad behavior at the game last night back fired on one buffalo bills
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search teams in illinois have found the body of a second teenager missing since massive flooding hit that area last week. yesterday crews found the body of 18-year-old brandon mann just days after finding 18-year- old devin everett. it wasn't until the waters final le receded that crews found their body. some spots along the flooded mississippi in missouri and illinois still seeing the water rise. the death toll in both those states now around 25 and flooding is expected to worsen in many nearby states. the water is starting to recede in some areas. crews say cleanup and damage assessment, though, could take months. in the hardest hit towns, neighborhoods streets look like junk yards with hundreds of structures just damaged. at this point people have started to gut their homes and tried to dry out anything that might be able to be salvaged. now, if you're feeling lucky in this new year,
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the next powerball winner will claim one of the game's 10 biggest prizes, the jackpot has grown to about 400 million after nobody claimed saturday's $334 million prize. the odds of actually winning the powerball jackpot are one in 292.2 million, the next drawing is going to be held on wednesday. so you have a couple days to get your tickets. so a tantrum back fired for the buffalo bills kicker yesterday. this is why you should always try to keep your cool. dan carpenter threw his helmet in frustration during yesterday's game against the jets and, boom, the helmet bounced up and hit him right in the face. the ultraslow mo replay adds insult to injury, doesn't it? carpenter tossed his helmet after missing his sixth extra point of the season. the good news, the bills won and that probably helped smooth over that embarrassment. ooh, ow. pretty crazy how an elk ended up in a family's living room by the pool table. we will show you that story
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an elk came crashing into an idaho family's home. the homeowner says the 600- pound animal fell through a window well and right into the downstairs living room by the pool table. obviously the animal is pretty stunned. the homeowner was too. called authorities. they chased the elk outside and back into the wilderness but apparently they could tell he suffered a cut to his neck so hopefully he is healing. >> just open the door. >> and back up into that window? you have to go up the stairs, i guess or maybe they had a sliding glass door. i don't know. >> some of the downstairs basements have the doors they can walk out so mope flee -- >> poor guy. >> good picture, though. take a look at the forecast for today, the current temperatures right now at 40 degrees in the metro area, it is chillier in northern colorado and in the high country some of our mountain valleys cannot catch a break but i promise you, gunnison, even though you have a goose
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for the past several days so zero is actually balmy in comparison to where it's been. highs today in the 40s along the i-25. tomorrow actually gets warmer, the high 52 degrees and then we start to see that cooldown by thursday and friday with the chance for snow and you will notice into next week we are still going to continue with the cooler weather pattern, highs in the 30s. thanks for watching, everybody. we will see you back here tomorrow.
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