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tv   9 News at 5pm  NBC  January 4, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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two people died at one of timber's busiest intersections after police -- denver's busiest intersections after police find the driver asleep at the wheel. the search for a missing employee after a fire. that is next on 9news. the man accused of causing intersection of colorado boulevard in mexico avenue is under arrest at the hospital tonight. he is being investigated for vehicular homicide and for driving under the influence. firefighters went to check on him after there were reports of a driver slumped over the wheel at the intersection at colorado boulevard. the driver took off and crashed into a car that was stopped at
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killed. going 70-80 mph. >> anytime you have a vehicle of that size that is speeding, it carries a tremendous amount of energy behind it. the impacts or greater.>> reporter: the two men who died have been identified as mills. six other people were hurt in crashes triggered by the original condition -- accident. they are expected to recover. the light rail is closed after a train hit a pedestrian. station platform and he appears to have fallen and suffered head trauma. the rtd d line is not running. a bus is being used to intercept the tween the stops between downing and 18th in california. unaccompanied children showing up at the border is climbing.
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spring and summer. matt rodriguez tells us that colorado is one of 4 states where these children where but -- will be temporarily housed. federal officials tell us that up to 1000 unaccompanied federal center in lakewood. it is the possibility they are already preparing for. house the children. the u.s. department of health and human services is in charge arrive here. we were told today that the facility will not just have beds, but the children will receive educational classes and health screenings. they did not have a total estimate as to how much it temporary housing facility up and running. running, on average it would cost $223 per day per bed.
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prepared before the children begin arriving at the border like they did in the past several years. >> we are looking at the number of children pat -- crossing the border at this time of year. traditionally the numbers are low and we have seen a large number crossing the border at this time. so, when we look to the spring and summer, when the numbers are higher, we anticipate that we need to have shelter in place is ready to take care of these children. >> reporter: on average, each children spends about one month and a temporary facility until they can be placed with a family member or sponsor within the u.s. it could be a lengthy process in the immigration court system whether it will be ultimately decided if they can stay or not. the facility is expected to be open by april. in lakewood, maya rodriguez, 9news. colorado has no authority over the housing of the minors.
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services to hold a community meeting to answer questions from the public. of fire destroyed a building in arvada. the flames took over so fast that firefighters cannot get inside. a man that worked in the building is missing. he worked at the building at 69th and wadsworth and we have heard they have found a body.>> reporter: a few minutes ago comedy officials confirmed they did find a body in the building here at 64th. it has taken a couple of days. they brought in excavators and a crane to pull down part of the building and to get stable access. a couple of search and rescue dog showed up and shortly after that the corn nor arrived. police have not real -- the corner -- coroner arrived. police have not identified the identity of the victim.>> it is hard to be positive. they allow that. they give you hope. >> reporter: they are the counselors at creative
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one of the counselors is john ruther who has spent the last 15 years trying to give addicts a second chance. >> john was a good guy. he was passionate and he loved what he did.>> reporter: the fear is that behind these walls the crews will find john ruther. could've kept him from getting out of the building. >> bete -- by the time we got out, it was black in the hallway. you couldn't see or breathe.>> reporter: she is worried about the worst-case scenario. she knows that she has to continue doing what john lived to do. >> we are trying to get the word out that we are available for services. >> reporter: they will set up temporary meeting places for people to continue to get that fresh start.
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center has been here. since investigators really have only gotten into the building in the last hour or so, there is a lot of work to do in determining the cause. that will take place over the next several days. counselors want the people who have been receiving treatment to go to their website which is -- to their website for more information. smash and grab burglaries in denver. burglars are smashing windows and grabbing money and merchandise and taking off. to stores were targeted and sheridan at the intersection of santa fe and hampden. police released surveillance video of the burglars who broke into the verizon store and stole phones and accessories.
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a green ski jacket. another story they only took the cash register which had about $200 in it. >> i don't know why we were targeted. we have our lights on overnight in the building so that people can look into the window for window shopping or something of that nature. also, we thought that would help secure it somewhat.>> reporter: police believe that a rock was used to shatter the window of truck logic. anybody with information should call crime stoppers at 720-913- stop. corrie houck wanted to run for the city council and she forest signatures.
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reporter: when the election commission looked into it, they found that more than half of the signatures on file did not match. three of the voters have been dead for sometimes -- for some time. corrie houck said that she was using big bird as well as bert and ernie signature as well. did not claim that she was using those for real.>> on the one hand, there is a sense of disappointment that we even have to be here today and talk about the fact that these allegations have been made against his former candidate. on the other hand, i think that people can have some sense of security in knowing there is a process to watch for violations in know there is a process in place to make sure everything is done right.>> reporter: according to the denver election commission, corrie
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the first time it was rejected because it was incomplete . the second time was the next day when the signatures in question were submitted.>> she did not make the ballot?>> reporter: she did not because she did not have enough signatures. they say they will seek clemency from president. obama. dwight hammond and steven hammond submitted to prison today. there is a fight over the use of public land in oregon.>> the family here in the county has been put under duress by multiple federal agencies.>> reporter: schools in the area were canceled for the week because of safety concerns. protesters say they are
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years. the fbi and local authorities want to resolve the standoff. saudi arabia is cutting ties with iran. this comes after saudi arabia executed a prominent shiite cleric . then iranians bombed the saudi arabian embassy in iran. this has a big impact on the biggest problems there now. the syrian conflict and the rise of isis. it is time for the u.s. government to look at its involvement in the middle east including its relationship with the saudi's.>> the question is, are the us -- the u.s. policy, goals and objectives best served with the alliance with the dictatorial regime's? is it time to shift course and think about a new policy? what is best for the region and our policy as well?>> reporter: they say that the u.s. needs to
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between saudi arabia and iran from escalating. ahead is the rush to buy a ticket for the -- for what
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federal aid is headed to flood ravaged missouri. president obama has approved the request from jay nixon to approve federal funds. the missouri national guard will oversee the u.s. corps of
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debris that has rolled in with the floodwaters. the mississippi and other rivers flooded last week. bill cosby's wife has been ordered to testify in a defamation lawsuit filed against her lawsuit -- her husband. the judge has ruled that camille cosby must testify in the case filed by seven women who say that bill cosby sexually assaulted them years ago. they shut down the request from camille cosby to shut down the subpoena. the comedian allowed his representatives to paint them as liars. cosby countersued saying that the women were making false accusations for financial gain. it could be a lucky year for someone. there is no match on the
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powerball prize on sunday. one keep in mind that the multistate lottery association -- keep in mind that the multistate lottery association [ indiscernible ] sdh -- the sheep found in the australian wilderness for six years have grown so much will that she could barely move. she had been lost since 2010. a man who lived in the area found her by the side of the road. i pulled up and i got out. it was very narrow.>> she had a lot of mats and sticks and that sort of stuff.
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that she has been in.>> she was shared today in the wall -- will -- wool weighed in at over 40 pounds. the record was over 90 pounds.>> if she wakes at you, then you know -- winks at you, the you know she is alive. the first full week of the new year has changes. it is cooler weather and maybe a
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hello and welcome back. i in meteorologist kathy sabine in the 9news backyard. we have pictures of beautiful winter scenery from the mountains. you know this is one of the snow warrior month on average. -- snow warrior -- snowier month on average. we have 47 and pueblo and 25 in eagle. looking at than almanac numbers, you can see how the
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average first for this time of year. dia is where the official weather station is located. the wind are northeast at six with the wind chill it feels like 23. there is fog on eastern plains and hayes -- haze. a spectacular day in steamboat. we will add to the numbers a little bit. mainly in the central and southern mountains. no winter weather travel advisories have been posted. 2-4 inches of snow are expected from vail to telluride. the snow numbers are above average for many of your favorite resorts. the storm we are tracking is coming our way from the southwest sending cloud cover into western colorado. we will see flurries wednesday night. there is a cold front to the north which will bring cold air and pushed temperatures into the 20s by the weekend. i will have travel advisories
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in the sea areas and there is a store morning posted there. also south in new mexico. the moisture is limited initially, but california will see rain between now and the end of the week as a series of storms come off of the pacific bring in the heaviest rain north of the bay area and into the portland and seattle areas. first comes the low from the southwest and then the front from the north and they collide to bring unsettled and cold weather to the second half of our week. it is close to 50 in the city and we will see those numbers headed into wednesday. numbers change wednesday night. if you are headed to the high country, snow showers are expected in the southern mountains by late in the day. there are no advisories for travels as of yet, but that may change by thursday morning. it is 13 and vail and 23 in grand junction. the high temperatures will
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not too shabby for january. it is typically one of the colder months on average. area. we will have fair skies and it will be hazy mack -- hazy and cool. the sun rises at 7:21. we get to the mid-40s by 3:00. we will see these numbers on wednesday. wednesday, 30s overnight. we have a cold weather trend heading into the weekend. claire and cold for saturday and sunday with highs below freezing and in the mid-20s. that is what we call stock show weather around here.
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looming start to the start for wall street. -- a gloomy start for wall street.
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hi everybody. if you want to know who the broncos quarterback will be for the playoffs, you need to ask your nationwide insurance agent. how else can you explain that peyton manning's epic comeback commercial was following -- followed by his epic comeback. gary kubiak has until thursday to decide who will be the starting -- quarterback for the playoff game. manning was sent in for brock osweiler during the third quarter of the finale against the chargers and he sparked the team to victory. >> you get a feel for the football team and what is going on and you have to make decisions as a coach. you make them and you go forward. our football player has a lot of players on the team and not just a few. i can say it has been a good
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you just keep working and our football team has kept working and we have stay positive. we have talked about team all year long. i think our guys have done a great job. the steelers or seconds will have nothing to do with his -- or texans will have nothing to do with his decision. mike cliff is in our sports office and you are convinced it is going to be peyton manning. right?>> it was an emotional moment where manning had just come to the rescue. he rode in on his white horse and saved the day. we will see how we is after he has slept on it. let's take it the other way. if you start rock osweiler, what happens question -- brock osweiler, what happens?
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you hate to start a game where everybody is anticipating and waiting for the backup to come in. i think you start peyton manning from the get-go.>> you have been protecting -- predicted -- predicting brock osweiler. what has changed?>> the broncos have the number one defense and they have proven that all year long. it is january. the defense is team, even in this modern era, is passing in the nfl. the defenses still win the day in the tournament. also, i think there is a positive five with this team after what many did yesterday coming to the rescue. it seems like it is just uplifted. the team and the entire town. there was positive energy for the broncos going into the game.
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foxboro in late january.>> make the super bowl? >> i am not overly optimistic about the carolina panthers for the seattle seahawks for that matter. >> i think know which -- that i know which quarterback that drew is pulling for. this is peyton manning rescued from a burning building.[ music ] . [ laughter ], that is just great. >> outstanding.
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