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tv   9 News at 6pm  NBC  January 4, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MST

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away, and that's not right. >> reporter: -- follow s his indistincts and saying he was in his truck at i-70 and quebec and overheard the conversation. >> i said, hey, man, you ran this kid over. you need to go back. and the guy rolled up the window and took off. >> reporter: that was all he needed to hear. want getting away especially when he did to the kid. >> reporter: justin said he followed the driver and after a mile and a half he caught up with aim at i-270 and vasquez. >> i cut him off. >> reporter: right there, he was in the white van that moments before hit a 10-year- old boy. justin got on the phone and called police. >> you can't get away with
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>> reporter: justin said he is a father and only did what any father would do. >> i got kids. i would want someone to chase someone down if they did that to my kids. you hit a child. you should pay for it. >> another driver stopped behind the van and kept him from backing up. police say that the boy will be okay. the man police say is responsible per sunday's fatal crash at colorado boulevard and mexico satisfy at the hospital. semere dawit was found slumped over the steering wheel of his car, took off when firefighters got there and crashed into a
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both men in that car were killed, identified as anthony mills and jonathan nichols. investigators say there were no brake marks on the road benefit the impact. >> for this particular situation depending on what we find out, we caution people to follow the speed limits. really, is getting somewhere a couple seconds ahead of time worth the risk? >> six other people were injured in the accident that triggered the final collision. and the metro area is dealing with an increase in business burglaries. wheat ridge police are stepping up patrols in response to the rise in break in, and officers are using a pro-active approach to keep the burglars away. >> we have done tons of
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>> reporter: security barred bars are part of the upgrade saying it was necessary. >> they took a good 4th of our product, took a whole chef and put it in their backpack. >> they also took our cash register but we didn't have any money in it. >> reporter: it could have been worse but for a store owner who opened just five months ago while going to college, it was a big hit. >> it was like i just got robbed. >> we had a number of overnight burglaries. >> reporter: 12 incidents in december and a few more in the past couple days ranging from gun shops to gas stations. the pattern of crime prompted proactive approach. >> we will come out to the security inspection and an business with you.
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will give you ideas on doors, locks, lighting, security cameras. >> reporter: the prospect vape lodge has cameras but they were not working. officers say they hope business owners will take advantage of the offer. >> it's never a good feeling to find out that your place of business was burglarized. >> reporter: jessica oh, 9 news. >> a minor will be charged with two counts of burglary after police say he broke into a few gas stations in december. investigators have confirmed one person died in saturday's fire at 64th and wadsworth. they found the body late today after they tore part of the building down. police have not identified the body but it's believed it's john rutter by his prendzs.
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counselor there for 10 years. those who knew john stopped by the building today. >> they allowed us -- they gave you hope. they do a wonderful job and have been here for 18 years, and i hope they find another place to relocate. >> the treatment center will open temporary locations, for the list. and more victims falling victim to smash and grab robberies in denver, englewood, and mt. sheridan. a store called truck lodging and a verizon shore was broken into at hampden and san jose.
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the boulder county district attorney is hoping to cut gun violence by putting more emphasis on enforcing gun laws saying background checks are not being enforced as carefully in boulder county as they should be. he wants to make sure that the county prosecutes cases. if someone applies for a gun and knows they don't qualify, the crime is a misdemeanor, 18 months in jail and a $5,000 fine. today is the last chance to register as a democrat or a republican if you would like to take part in the caucuses in march. brandon rittiman has more on what you need to know about the caucuss and how they influence the presidential race. >> reporter: these are unaffiliated voters.
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party but they're allowed to make payments. why would you want to caucus? this has been a relatively important part of picking the nominees for president for each party but it's just a neighborhood meeting with people gathering and talking about who they want to be president and then pick delegates and they will pick more delegates, and then eventually, you have the delegates for the national convention when they say colorado goes for candidate so and so at the convention. the other caucuses are picking winners, but colorado won't do that this year. no candidate is claiming to have won the caucus. you have until midnight if you want to join a political party and participate in the process, so it's super easy to do. just go to the secretary of state's website. if you have a colorado id, you can register online or look up
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make changes to your address and, yes, party affiliation. we have a link on, and you can scroll down to the register to vote link. again, midnight tonight is the deadline to join a party and colorado. brandon rittiman, 9 news. >> again, the colorado caucuses are on super tuesday, the first in iowa coming up in less than february. frustrated fans of bronco's playoff tickets could become very hard to get. >> and why we may soon see prices increase for dairy products. >> and a visitor that the family in idaho discovered when
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a piece of bad news. milk will cost a little more. the recent weather in texas killed 30,000 dairy cows, and farmers were able to reach the snow. milk, cheese and other dairy products will jump in price. and an unusual guest made a surprise appearance in an idaho family home. the family found an elk in their basement. the 600-pound animal fell through the window well, and once they got over the initial shock, they chased the elk back into the wilderness. >> to see a fuel sized elk standing in your downstairs living room when you get down expect. we are kind of trying to shuffle it up the stairs and
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we had barricaded our furniture all on end and we're trying to give it one path to go. it wasn't taking it. >> the elk did suffer a minor cut to the neck, and other than the window and minor furniture damage, the siegel family is fine. >> luckily. >> luckily. bronco's playoff tickets went on sale at noon and the majority of the approximately 6000 tickets available were sold out in 15 minutes. $220 on the low end and $3,000 on the high end. the broncos will play in the playoffs for the 5th consecutive year. they could face the texans or steelers depending on the week's turn out.
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play and put it on the wish list. >>ia. everybody likes those 6th seeds. >> yeah. these warmer days will soon give way to another cold snap. >> how much colder it will be
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hello. meteorologist kathy sabine outside in the 9news backyard, one of the milder nights in several weeks that we've had. good travel weather across the city tonight and that's what you'll find again tomorrow. mid-50s on the southeastern plains. temperatures tomorrow very similar considering how cold it was for much of november and december. the temperature trending upward is a nice change but will only last for another two days and we have another storm on the way. dia, 30 and currently northeast winds at 5 and the wind chill at 25. the humidity is high, and you will notice a little haze in the atmosphere. the high country, white gold and we will add to the snowpack with about another 3 to 5" of snow between now and wednesday afternoon. even with the california storm on the move, no winter weather travel advisories posted yet
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depth numbers are impressive for this time of year. the central and southern mountains rel benefiting -- really benefiting from the active. we have a series of low pressure on the move and we're tracking a weak cold front to the north of us, and that's the one you'll feel thursday into friday. winter weather and travel in the sierras. so the winter storm warning is posted and a watch posted north of las vegas. you'll notice precipitation continues to increase across california, arizona, portions of new mexico and around colorado. but we stay high and dry for 48 where it is. much of the activity is south colorado. so we enjoy another warm and
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above average and in the 40s. cold air riding a jet into the midwest and we'll have high clouds in denver and partly sunny day in the front range and eastern plains tomorrow but the central and southern mountains will see the snow fly by midday. just enjoy the great powder conditions. we'll have snow showers in the southern half of our state. we'll be below zero in the high mountain valleys, and running above average for denver, greeley, and mid-30s in the mountains and some of the foothill locales, chilly. in the denver metro area, 34 tonight and fair skies and hazy and cool conditions with our low at 20. the sun up at 7:21 and clear skies and partly sunny. the highs mainly a few degrees warmer than today, close to 50
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that will play out tuesday and wednesday as well. accumulation may affect your drive on thursday morning but this is a light snow coming in, snow likely thursday into trending downward. we clear for the weekend, but right now, high temperatures look to be below freezing for saturday and sunday, and we kind of break out of that a bit by the first part of next week but definitely a cold night on the plains tonight. hi, everybody. if you want to know how special the victory was for peyton manning, just look under his life arm. after leading the broncos to a save the season victory against the chargers, he was holding a game ball something he normally does after a significant milestone and gary kubiak is leaning towards starting manning over brock osweiler in the playoffs.
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i'll never put them in the dark, and they'll know what we're doing and what direction we're what doesed. the nuggets stink, and head coach michael malone know its. nugs extended their losing streak to six games last night, beaten by the portland trail blazer this is time, and malone is so disgusted with his club's lack of plfl he's ready to snap. >> i thought we had no energy, no effort, very flat. as a coach, i can't coach -- that's one thing i can't do is coach effort. we didn't defend. we're just a bad team right now. >> wow. the avalanche need to get things turned around quickly but as 9news sports reporter aaron matas shows us, they might be hosting the wrong team tonight. >> reporter: they're not exactly great but the new year begins with the avalanche fighting to get banning in a
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>> you know, we're six points away from catching nashville. this is important for us. >> reporter: it's the l.a. kings tonight, the hottest team five straight victories. >> we need to get back on track and we have two games left in the homestand. >> reporter: jarome iginla is still stuck on goal number 9599 and -- 599, and he did take part in the state but i think he is done talking about goal number 600 until it happens. >> it's something that will happen naturally. i remember trying to win the 300th game, and it took 3 or 4 games, and sometimes, i don't want to focus on that. i want to focus on the team. >> he wants to help the team any way he can. >> reporter: being, scoring a goal and reaching that
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with a much-needed win over los angeles. aaron matas, 9news. the broncos are 5-1, it is 4th highest odds among the remaining 12 teams to win the super bowl. only the patriots and cardinals are higher. >> i think they are going to the super bowl because their defense is the best defense in the national football league. >> now they're going to the super bowl? >> yeah. >> you've been wanting that all season. what? wow. wow. >> mike thought he could put that by with nobody noticing. >> you didn't. >> i called him out on that, and speaking of super bowls, the man who led the broncos to two championships, mike shanahan, was invited back to miami tomorrow for an interview with the dolphin who is have a head coaching vacancy. >> oh, really?
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>> not a bad life. >> he can afford one of a massive global stock sell off made its way to wall street today. the dow finished down 276
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wow. a nice day tomorrow and wednesday. but it's the end of the week that reminds us what time of year it is, january. >> saturday and sunday? >> did you see my highs? >> yeah. >> good thing the broncos don't have the playoffs then. >> entertainment tonight's
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ann hathaway pregnant and in a bikini. >> and new years romance are miley and liam back together two years after th split? >> they're very affectionate. >> cyrus' surprise holiday with her ex-boyfriend down under as celebrities racy in the caribbean.
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