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tv   9 News at 10pm Repeat  NBC  January 5, 2016 1:05am-1:45am MST

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lookin' to catwalk catwalk ready for big talk why'd anybody dress like me tell me will you agree top get in and i win again tell me can you overhear it's hard to say who's having sex is anyone still having sex we do not know who's having sex
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the president hours away from changing the nation's laws when it comes to background checks for guns. tonight how the talk is driving sales in colorado. >> four cars, two killed, and now there's new information on the victims and the driver accused of causing this deadly crash on colorado boulevard. >> she wanted to run for office in denver.
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the police for using the signatures of dead people and sesame street characters. >> boulder puts new rules in force for anyone thinking about renting out their place on rental sites like airbnb. >> becoming a quarterback in this league, it's a process. >> and so is picking one for the playoffs. 9news starts now. tomorrow morning just before 10:00 our time president obama will announce executive orders to clarify and strengthen laws for background checks on gun sales. among the changes, required checks for guns purchased from unlicensed dealers even if they're bought online or at gun shows. the president will call on the fbi to help with processing those checks. he'll ask for $500 million in extra funding for mental healthcare. the candidates talked about the coming changes. >> it's not going to keep every
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criminal. it will potentially save lives. >> we don't beat the bad guys by taking away our guns. we beat the bad guys by using our guns. >> the president has not even attempted to point to a single mass shooting. these actions he proposes would have prevented. because there isn't one. >> the president plans to hold a town hall thursday and it's expected to be a topic in his final state of the union address next week. the biggest months ever for gun sales in the u.s. happened around president obama's elections and these impending changes to background checks. in november of 2008 when he won his first election there were nationwide. in january 2013 after his re-election, there were 2 million guns sold. nationwide last month there were 1.6 million guns sold as the president hinted at the changes this is a look at the number of background years.
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just over 200,000. by 2013, it was nearly 400,000 then dropping in 2013. during the same time the number of firearms denials has gone up to more than 7300 in 2012 and 2013. over that time on average about 2% of all firearm sales in colorado have been denied. colorado is one of eight states that already requires a background check for any sale. 9news reporter steve staeger talked to several gun shop owners. what do they have to say to you? >> most of the shops we called today said business has been booming. business is usually booming this time of year with the holidays. the owner says that may have had a bit to do with the events in san bernardino but he says his shop always tends to get busy when new gun control measures are proposed. he says customers are
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they say they want to own a gun before anything changes. >> when the government starts whispering about gun control, people get concerned. they have a right to protect themselves. we don't have the luxury of secret service agents to protect us. we have a god-given right in this country protected by the second amendment to own and bear arms. >> he says he believes new laws aren't the answer. he says the government should intend focus on enforcing the laws already on the books like enforcing a colorado law that punishes anyone who tries to buy a gun while knowing that they aren't qualified to own one. >> there are passionate opinions on both sides of the issue no question. >> absolutely. >> steve staeger in the information center. for a third night a federal wildlife refuge in oregon is under the control of armed anti-government protesters. schools 30 miles away are closed for the week over safety concerns. the protesters want control of a stretch of federal land. they say they're supporting two ranchers who report today prison today for
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part of the protest. >> it has been left to us to decide whether we allow these things to go on or whether we make a stand. >> ammon bundy is leading the protest. he's the son of cliven bundy who had a standoff over grazing rights in nevada. protesters say it will take action not just words to get them to leave. a former denver city council candidate will be picked up by police unless she turns herself in first. an arrest warrant has been issued for corey hauk. she's accused of submitting election documents using names of dead people and sesame street characters. more than half the signatures submitted did not match the signatures on file for the voter. it matched three voters who had been dead for some time. when submitting her paperwork
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elections division employee she was using big birds as well as burt and ernie's signatures. it didn't appear she was claiming they were real. she submitted her petitions twice, the first time on march 10th, but the paperwork was rejected because it was incomplete. the second time was the very nexz day and that's when the petitions with the signatures in question were submitted. denver police say the driver blamed for the crash that killed two people is on a police hold while he's in the hospital. they're looking in to whether he was under the influence of drugs or alcohol. when he stopped sunday. 9news reporter whitney wild looked in to the driver's two people killed. >> the coroner identified 42-year-old anthony mills and 29-year-old jonathan nichols. we've learned the driver, semere dawit had several traffic violations over the past
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>> reporter: it began with a 911 call when the driver, 55-year-old semere dawit came to, he drove off, likely at the legal limit. he slammed in to stopped traffic, killed two people, and hurt five others. >> we have made a preliminary arrest of the driver, semere dawit for investigation of driving under the influence and we're looking in to that dawit was the registered agent of advanced limo which changed its name to planet limo. the public utilities commission said dawit passed the test to become a taxi or limo driver. he has a long list of infractions. he's been cited for speeding in a
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he's been accused of driving without insurance and caught with expired plates. and yet police say dawit had a valid driver's license and no restrictions. tonight they're focused on his speed and whether he was fit to drive. >> we're also looking in to any possible medical issues. >> police say it will take about two to three weeks to get the toxicology reports back on this case. tonight a friend of jonathan nichols, one of the men killed, said he was a loving father and fianci who will be sorely missed. >> the tragedy is you're simply sitting at a red light. >> the police said the big takeaway is how devastating speed is. they said every 10 miles per hour you increase the energy behind your vehicle fourfold. think about how devastating a crash is when you're going twice the limit. >> just seeing the aftermath too. >> it speaks for itself. two days after a fire destroyed a commercial building in arvada authorities found a body inside. a man who works at
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has been missing since the fire. 55-year-old john ruther was a counselor at the center. they were not able to identify the person found today. firefighters were not able to look inside until this afternoon. firefighters are also still investigating what caused the fire. smash and grab burglars hit more businesses last night. two stores in sheridan are the latest target. nearly two dozen businesses have been targeted. the verizon store was burglarized. the thief threw a rock through the door and took several phones. a surveillance camera got only a blurry picture of the suspect. there have been more than 20 similar burglaries reported to police in denver and englewood in the past couple of weeks. from sky9 today it was tough to see the skyline of denver. the brown cloud is back and very visible. it should be no surprise looking at the haze that there were burning restrictions put in place through tomorrow afternoon. the air quality is listed as
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coming up in a few minutes kathy will show you if there's any relief from the poor air quality as a storm pushes its way later this week. boulder homeowners can rent out spare bedrooms to short-term renters legally. a new ordinance took effect today that victoria sanchez found out what that means for property owners. >> renting out a room at someone's house for the weekend is increasingly popular, with the use of websites like airbnb, craigslist. the city of boulder which used to have a ban on short-term rentals decided to allow them with a few rules. >> just provides an alternative for people who can't afford a hotel room. >> reporter: short-term rentals are a quick way to rent a room, make extra cash, or for renters, save some. in many areas vacation rentals bypass regulation and taxes. >> the city wants to be able to provide a legal approved pathway for people to do this.
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city of boulder says there's now a way for homeowners to rent spare rooms. there are steps and fees to make it legitimate that cost around $130 for a four-year license to operate. >> you will also in addition to receiving license, you'll also receive a business license with the city. >> reporter: a list of short-term rental licenses will be online for people to look up before booking a room. >> i think it's good. for me it would make me feel like there's a little more quality assurance, that i wouldn't be getting in to some scam or some place that hasn't been really vetted. >> reporter: even though it's legal to rent out rooms, property owners will have to pay accommodation taxes, just like boulder hotels, 7.5%. that doesn't make some future short-term renters happy. >> should definitely stay off the grid. i'm sure people will find ways around it. >> reporter: revenue from the ordinance fees and taxes will help pay administration costs and eventually enforcement. for
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want to educate property owners imposing fines. >> we're hoping to get the word out to people so if they want to rent their property on a short-term basis that they need to get a license from the city. >> according to boulder's municipal code, fines for not getting a license or breaking the ordinance rules start at $500 and can go up to $2,000 per violation. >> it is pretty steep. we'll see if that increases the prices of the short-term rentals in boulder. >> interesting to see how they handle it. still ahead at 10:00, wall street's first day of 2016 looked as though it might be the worst start to a year since the 1930s. >> a wine harvest that has to be picked by hand in the middle of the night and during the winter. >> freezing fog leads to a very cold yet spectacular scene with a strange weather name. plus kathy joins us with a look ahead to cold days this week and another chance for snow.
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and you will to when you see how
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the periodic table of elements has a few new numbers. elements 113, 115, 117 and 118 now fill out the chart that we all remember from high school class. the process of naming element 113 will be different than any other element before. it was discovered by a group of scientists in japan until now. the elements were discovered by researchers in north america, europe, or russia. they decided for that reason japan will get to name that new element. >> the number is not good on wall street today. the psychotic mark saw its worst first day of trading for the year since 2008. the dow was on its way to its worst opening day in more than 80 years after china's markets went in to a major sell-off over concerns about that country's economy.
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around tomorrow. asian stocks tumbled early in tuesday's trading. since then they're close to turning positive. the futures are predicting a much better open so far on tuesday for wall street. what could be the sixth largest jackpot in powerball history could be up for grabs. a $400 million jackpot isn't really that rare. this is the sixth time powerball has been this high since 2013. mega millions had three jackpots that were even larger than that including the all-time record $656 million. 44 states take part in powerball. the only ones that do not are nevada, alabama, mississippi, alaska, and hawaii. about 75% of tickets are quick picks. only about 1 in 4 choose their own numbers. if there's only one winner and they decide to take the cash option, after taxes it would work out to be $183 million. >> after the government gets
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that's pretty good. finally cold enough in part of europe for a very special wipe harvest in austria. volunteers went in to the freezing cold for the annual ice wine harvest. ice wine is made from letting the grapes freeze on the wines, concentrating the sugars in the grapes. everything has to be done very quickly. if the machines are too rough, all the work has to be done by hand. from here the grapes are crushed while they're still frozen and yield only one small drop of what becomes ice wine from each grape. i bet it's fabulous, mark. i'm meteorologist kathy sabine outside the 9 backyard. a beautiful night, a dry night in denver. hazy skies but so many of you sharing beautiful winter scenes up and down the front range over the higher terrain of this beautiful january week. temperatures trending above average for a change. departure from the pattern we saw through november and december. 45 in denver. almost 50 in pueblo. close to 60 in lamar. the temperatures have been trending
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this time of year in january. this warmer temperature trend is only going to last for about 48 hours. temperature below freezing at d.i.a. winds are light out of the southwest. pressure steady. up in the high country, perfect for skiing and snowboarding conditions. i checked the mid-mountain snow numbers for you. they're above average. we'll add to the snow pack with the weather system approaching from the southwest. it's going to bring 2 to 4 inches of snow to the extreme southwest corner initially then spread in to the central mountains by wednesday night and thursday morning. the numbers as i mentioned are pretty impressive especially for the southern mountains, really benefiting from this current weather pattern area like telluride, silverton, monarch doing very well with the southern el nino jet stream. two storms we're tracking. one sending short waves over southern california, a drought ravaged state that really could use it. second is a system that's going to bring in cold air. a host of winter weather and travel advisories in effect across much of the northwest and west.
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is the area shaded in blue. the heaviest snow is expected. i think the big thing you're going to notice is really the lack of precipitation for a couple of days which is really going to increase around the bay area up in to the pacific northwest and then the temperatures which are going to start to trend downward. as a matter of fact with the arrival of this kind of weak arctic front on thursday, temperatures here are going to take a nose dive. as a matter of fact, i wanted to show you some beautiful pictures that are coming in out of minnesota of the cold. it's a deposition of water vapor and that's from air of low humidity. these pictures are so beautiful coming in from minnesota. just kind of a reminder of how wonderful the weather can be this time of year. we're going to continue to watch those temperatures kind of trend downward. initially the low coming in from the southwest will bring little short waves across the region. that's going to bring snow to
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temperatures won't fall here until thursday in to friday and that's when we're really going to see those numbers come down a little bit. low temperature forecast for tonight, not nearly as cold as we have seen especially in some of those high mountain valley areas. 13 in vail. 12 in leadville. 20 in denver . temperatures tomorrow close to 50 in denver, 60 in pueblo, and mid 50s in southeastern colorado. low 50s along the front range foothills but grand lake and walden, temperatures will hover around freezing. tonight partly cloudy, hazy, cool. our low at 30. temperatures tomorrow will climb out of the lower 20s in to the mid 40s by lunchtime and hover by 50 by about 3:00 in the afternoon. warm weather trend continues for tuesday and wednesday. colder air settles in thursday with about an inch of snow expected thursday. light snow on friday with temperatures in the low to mid 30s heading in to the weekend. skies clear and even with sunshine over the weekend, i do
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mid 20s for saturday and sunday. the start of stock show weather. pretty typical for this time of year. as we look ahead to the middle of next week, that's when we track our next weather system and next chance for snow. but again, the beauty seen in the colorado high country this time of year is pretty amazing. something i didn't add in the weather report, the air quality is poor. and out here in the backyard, the smoke and the cold, it's like the second night, just kind of catches you when you come out here. we need some wind to mix that brown cloud so evident today. when you come out, as the catches you. come on back . tickets for the playoff game according to ticket master's website, as of a few minutes ago there are still a
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the club section from $425 to $550. there are plenty for the game on sunday, january 17th. prices for those seats range from $220 up to more than $3,000, close to where drew sits in the press box. as for who will be the quarterback that day, that's a different question and drew is going to get in to
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from colorado's sports
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>> hi, everybody. in order to score 600 goals, you got to get lucky a few times. maybe even avalanche beat the los angeles kings tonight and jerome iginla made hockey history with an extremely fortunate bounce in the 3rd period. >> he scores, number 600 off the skate of buzzin! >> that's what i'm talking about. now 40 with colorado. add them all up and iginla becomes just the 19th player in nhl history to join the 600 club. avies win 4-1. >> i was going to take it to the net, i believe it was landy's stick in front. i was looking for him, trying to put something through for him and put it toward the net and obviously a very fortunate bounce but felt good and it feels pretty cool. going back to brock
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like steve harvey interrupting the miss universe beauty pageant again announcing he was right in the first place and returning the crown back to miss colombia. gary kubiak has until thursday to decide who is going to be the starting quarterback for the first playoff game. peyton manning screwed up the whole plan by entering yesterday's game in relief of osweiler and leading the team to a season-saving come from behind victory. >> if you get a feel for your football team and what's going on, have to make decisions as a coach. you make them and you go forward. our football team believes in a lot of players on our team, not just a few. so it's been a good thing for us. >> is there a manual for this situation? >> i don't have it, i can tell you that. you keep working and our football team has kept working and stayed positive and we've talked about team all year long and i think our guys have done a great job with that.
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klis laughed and completely dismissed me as a moron a few weeks ago when i suggested the playoffs. and tonight on the pages of his notebook, mike is acting like it was his idea all along. >> gary kubiak did not announce quarterback today because he wants to tell his team first. thursday. kubiak has to start if he goes with brock osweiler, everybody in the stands, more importantly, everybody on the broncos sideline is going to be waiting for kubiak to put in the living legend off the bench and that's no way to start a playoff game. in a perfect world kubiak would keep his starting quarterback a mystery because peyton and brock are two different styles. brock has a stronger arm and is more athletic. you would play more of a zone defense against him. manning is more of a surgeon with the way he operates. he
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athleticism osweiler has. a defense a more apt below the box and play a tighter coverage so you'd like for a defense to prepare for brock then play manning. osweiler won't get a fair shake in all this but you only have manning for 30 more days as a bronco. you got to use him. mike klis, 9news. nuggets will have a great chance to snap their losing streak on wednesday at minnesota. the timberwolves stink and lost to the philadelphia 76ers this evening, the worst team ever assembled. row. head coach michael malone is so disgusted with his team's lack of hustle that it sounds like he wants to choke somebody. >> i thought we had no energy, no effort. very flat. as a coach i can't coach effort. that's one thing i can't do. we didn't defend. we're just a bad team right now. >> yikes. >> here's
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calgary flames jersey. mike shanahan introduced tomorrow with the miami dolphins. >> one of your best bobbles.
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megyn kelly glammed up and ready to take down trump again. >> opening up about their friendship before the feud and
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send her, now on "extra." >> the queen of fox news targeting trump in "vanity fair" as his new attack ads hit the air. megyn reveals why their first gop face-off almost didn't happen. kardashian. >> how is that healthy? >> then from kim to j.lo how the stars partied on new year's eve. >> bringing in 2016. >> kendall jenner all over one direction's harry styles. miranda lambert confirming her new man and bieber's new hookup. why does one of the girls have a black eye?
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seasons. plus, live with a.j. from our times square studio. miss universe. >> you are all on the jumbotron. >> have to make sure i look good. >> you look good. now on "extra" from universal studios hollywood, the entertainment capital of l.a. >> hey, everyone, welcome to "extra." i'm mario lopez. come willing up, new year's couples new, from making out on a yacht and miley and liam hemsworth. >> also coming up, how theresa guidice spent her first new year's out of prison. >> but we are just weeks away from donald trump's gop rematch with megyn kelly and the fox newswoman is ready for battle. jerry has megyn's new trump talk making headlines in the new "vanity fair." >> we will make america great >> she's ready for round two. >> when did you actually become
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>> as fox news star covers
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