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tv   9 News at 5am  NBC  January 5, 2016 5:00am-5:30am MST

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closed north of loveland. c-dot says it's because of police activity. 9news traffic reporter amelia earhart is here with the details. amelia?
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learning more about president obama's plans to meet with a colorado about gun control. the president will also announce his plan for sweeping change, today. 9news reporter tarhonda thomas is here with more. president is proposing several new measures. expanded checks... even by private sellers at gun shows. colorado already checks. presidnet will meet with one of the legislators who
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representative rhonda fields got an invitation to meet with the president at the white house, today. fields became a state representative in the years after her son was shot to death. she's made a name for herself as a gun control advocate. president obama is hoping to win support by meeting with her-- and doing several public events this week. "this"-- as we expect to hear specifics on the presidents gun control plan. he's using executive orders to pass those laws... ...bypassing republicans in congress. "they" say-- the president's plan is unconstitutional. we've learned, so far that-- in addition to expanded background checks-- the executive orders would seek to hire more f-b-i agents to conduct background checks. it would also change laws to prevent people with mental health restrictions from buying guns. the president will need help from congress on part of his plan. he's asking for
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mental health. gary-- it would be up to congress to approve that request. guns stores are busy.. leading up to the president's expected executive action. we got in touch with several local gun sellers... most said they are selling more... and pre-christmas sales were also busy. the owner of longmont's "grandpa's pawn and gun" told us he thinks the increase is linked to the san bernardino mass shooting... but he also said... sales tend to go up when gun control is discussed at both the state and federal level. in colorado, background checks for gun sales have
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coming up in the next half hour... we'll show you just how many more people are getting approved for guns... and how many more people are also rejected. two teenage girls were arrested in december... suspected of hatching a murder plot. they attened mountain vista high school. this morning - one of those girls will be in a douglas county courtroom. 9news reporter colleen ferreira is live outside the courthouse. colleen - it's possible formal charges could be filed today. this hearing will take place right behind me at 8:30 this morning. we are hoping to learn more details about the case today. documents have been sealed but we filed a motion to have them unsealed. this all started back on dec 12- when two students at mountain vista high school in highlands ranch were taken into custody in connection with a threat at the high school. we know someone send a text message about the alleged conspiracy to douglas county...investigat ors determined it was credible and took both girls into custody. one of the girls was later transferred to jail on suspicion of conspiracy to commit first- degree murder. she appeared in court on dec. 17... at that time prosecutors asked for a delay.,.before making a final decision about filing charges. we don't know the status of the second teen authorities say she was in a "secure facility." a judge previously ordered both of the girls to undergo psychiatric evaluations and prohibited them from having any contact with each other. it's possible formal charges could be filed at the hearing.
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police officer... want graphic photos of the victim barred from his murder trial. james ashby is charged with shooting and killing jack jacquez while on duty. his defense team says photos of jacquez's injuries
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investigators say in october 2014... jacquez was going into his mother's home when asbhy followed him inside... and shot him in the back. ashby told investigators he thought jacquez was a burglar. his trial begins monday. a series of smash and grab burglaries have been reported in denver, englewood and sheridan. there have been more than 20 incidents in recent weeks. now we're getting a look at the suspect in yesterday morning's burglary at the verizon store in the river point shopping center in sheridan. the surveillance this blurry photo of the suspect. through the door phones. around the same time, a thief threw a rock into a store called "truck logic" in the same area. the owner of the about 200-dollars in cash was taken from the cash if you know anything about crime stoppers at 720-913-stop,
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reward and you don't have to give your name. police in wheat ridge say they've also seen an increase in break- ins at businesses. 12 burglaries or attempted burglaries were reported in december. police have stepped up patrols in response. minor was arrested - accused of breaking into a few gas stations in december. volkswagen could be hit with 18- fines. epa and justice suing the auto maker over its emission cheating software. there are about 500-thousand diesel from volkswagen brand audi that violate the rules, according to the suit. only civil damages but the epa and justice say they the door on a possible criminal action. with amazon and an company to give ford owners access to their connected-home devices from their cars, and vice versa.
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sync connect system to open a garage door, check a thermostat setting or turn on lights inside the house. while at home, the owner could find out how much gas is left in the tank..and more. and general motors and the riding-hailing company lyft are giving each other a lift in a new partnership. lyft says g-m has invested 500 million dollars in the company. g-m gets a seat on lyft's board and access to the three-year-old company's software. it also becomes a preferred vehicle provider to lyft. together, g-m and lyft plan to open a network of u-s hubs where lyft drivers can rent g-m vehicles... giving g-m the chance to get more consumers behind the wheel of a chevrolet, buick, gmc or cadillac. today - you'll notice that the so-called "brown cloud" is sticking around denver. this is what it looked like from sky9 yesterday. it was tough to even see the skyline of denver. restrictions in afternoon. marty - how long do you think this
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we do want to let you know that southbound i-25
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has been re-opened. we're still working to learn what happened there. a former denver city council candidate is in some trouble this morning. we'll tell you the fictional characters she's accused of citing as supporters. a former denver
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picked up by police - unless she turns herself in first. corrie houck is accused of submitting election documents using fake signatures: names of people who have died - and sesame street characters. the denver elections division found more than half the signatures submitted-- did not match the signatures on file for the voter. it also found three names listed on the petition belonged to people who had been dead for some
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her paperwork-- houck apparently told the elections division employee that she was using big bird's, as well as bert and ernie's signatures. it didn't appear she was claiming those were real. according to the denver elections divison, houck submitted her petitions two different times. on march 10th her paper was rejected because it was incomoplete. she resubmitted the petition the next day. the u-s postal service will honor a latino educator who worked with inner city students with a postage stamp this year. jaime escalante's work inspired in 19-88 film "stand and deliver." escalante worked hard to help los angeles students master advanced placement calculus.... and u- s-p-s says his legacy makes him an ideal candidate for a stamp. he died in 20-10. here's a strange story out of illinois... police are searching for president abraham lincoln's stolen hand! well, it's a stolen plaster sculpture
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hand. it was taken from a small town's museum in december... and police hoped it was a prank. but the hand still hasn't been returned. the artist that created it was planning on building a huge statue of lincoln. but the great depression stopped his plans. museum workers say if the thief would just leave the hand in a bag near the museum... all would be forgiven. the 2015 season is over for the san diego chargers, oakland raiders and st. louis rams. so now they're all turning their attention toward a potential move to los angeles. the nfl confirms all three teams filed for relocation monday. league owners could approve a move to la for one of the teams next week. today - the texas teenager known as the "affluenza
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his mexican lawyer for the first time. ethan couch was arrested in mexico last week... after fleeing texas more than a month ago. today's meeting will determine whether the deportation process takes weeks or months.... or if the teen agrees to drop the appeal and be deported. he disappeared last month after video surfaced online of him at a party with alcohol. that would be a violation of his probation... from his 2013 conviction for a deadly drunk driving crash. couch's mother was deported from mexico to la last week. she'll be in court today for an extradition hearing. this morning... france's president honored the 17 victims of the charlie hebdo attack. tomorrow marks one year since the terror attack at the offices of the french satricial magazine. french president francois hollande unveiled commemorative plaques in memory of each victim this morning. a special edition of the magazine will be released tomorrow... the
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assassin is still out there." no electricity... no water... and unpaid bills are the newest problems in rio... ahead of the 20-16 summer games. the games are 7 months away... and the track and field stadium is without power. the brazilian media says the stadium owes about 225- thousand dollars in outstanding utility bills. and now, the city is pointing fingers at rio soccer club botafogo. in a statement, the city says the soccer club has been responsible for the bills since may. if you had to pick a celebrity neighbor, who would you want? well - gregg has america's answer
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who they don't want to live near. but first, lets check in with marty and amelia. in money news: google and solar
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google likes to bill itself as the place you can go to ask anything. and now, that "anything" includes whether it's worth your while to install solar panels on the roof of your house. it's called project sunroof and the service expanded last month to analyze properties in colorado and 14 other metro areas. more than 200 million computers, tablets and other devices now have windows 10 on them. its only been five months since the july release of its latest operating system, but windows 10 is seeing faster adoption rates than earlier windows versions.... microsoft is hoping the new software helps it regain ground as it battles apple and google for consumer loyalty. if you had to live next to a celebrity, who would it be? according to zillow -- it's taylor swift. she tops real estate site zillow's online poll of most desirable celebrity neighbor. jennifer lawrence
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amy schumer was third. the person who tops the poll as the least desirable trump. kim kardashian and kanye west are bieber is third. also point out that fourth as a and swift sixth as a neighbor. let's check in with marty. visitation at rocky mountain national park jumped 21
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visitation at rocky
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park jumped 21 percent in 2015. for the first time ever the park hit 4 million visitors... and that doesn't even count december. overall visitation to the country's national parks is expected to hit 300 million once december visitation is counted. that would beat last year's all-time high of nearly 293 million. the park is now bracing for what could be an even busier 2016 - as the national park service celebrates its 100th birthday. the broncos are officially in the playoffs this season... and you still have a chance
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we'll tell you how... in about 10
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